The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 12, 1922, Page 8, Image 8

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friday: morning; may "12. i922
Candidate's Connection With
Telephone Company Is
Held Embarrassing
' Pointing out the embarrassing
position ot Charles A. Hall, can
didate for governor, because of
his connection with the Coos &
Carry Telephone company as Its
president, W. E. Burke, campaign
manager for I. L. Patterson, one
of. Hall's opponents, has written
Hall challenging him to meet Pat
terson In debate. His letter to
Hall follows: , ;
"I am enclosing a statement
taken from the report ot the Coos
ring Medicine
'. ' ": . i r.. -. ... ' '
9 Oarsa-,-.p
Puriflca the
& Carry Telephone company for
the year 1921. filed with the pub
lic service i commission , March
last. ' ' , ' ' .
."According to ;thls report, the
Coos ; A Curry Telephone , com
pany fof which you are president,
is controlled by officials of the
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
company. It is shown plainly, in
fact, since C. E. Hickman, division
superintendent of the Pacific Tel
ephone & Telegraph company, of
Portland, voted all the preferred
stock and one share of the com
mon stock as shown by an extract
from the minutes of the meeting
of the7board of directors on Jan
uary 16, 1922;. and of , the divi
dends declared for the year 1921
the preferred stockholders, all of
which stock was voted by C. E.
Hickman, received 110,000 and
that the common stockholders re
ceived $4,800.
"This report would naturally
put you in a compromising posi
tion .before the people at this
time, as'there will be a bill before
the people at the fall election
which, in case it should carry,
would make the public, service
commission appointive by the gov
ernor. "Senator, Patterson expects to
speak at a public meeting Un Or-
; egon "City, in the evening of the
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Commercial and Court Streets -
13th, and at Astoria on the even
ing of the 15th. and he would be
very glad to divide time with you
at any or all of these meetings. -"As
time Is short I request an
immediate answer from yourself
or your manager, Hamilton Johnson.
Pioneer Woman Replies
Editor Statesman.
I speak for the women of this
city who are supporters of George
White for governor. It seems the
opposition press, mostly Demo
cratic, have only ridicule for him
'and. his friends. Service men get
nothing but. ridicule and abuse
from the Capital Journal. If that
is the real spirit of the people of
Oregon I am much mistaken.
Where shall we find men in ru
ture to serve their country In time
of need it we heap abuse and bur
lesque upon every ex-soldier who
shows his head in public affairs?
Are the civilians alone worthy of
fair treatment? As to a military
man for governor, Was not Gov
ernor Lord, a trained soldier, one
of the most popular governers the
state ever had? I have looked in
vain for praise and commenda
tion by the Capital Journal for
any of the candidates for gover
nor, and it is indirectly support
ing all but George White. It has
no material for praises in the rec
ords of any of the candidates
two senators, two representatives
and the present governor, the men
who nave been making- Our laws'
ana running up our, taxes It has
only condemnation for White and
that beeadse he was a soldier. Is
that fair to the people? It cannot
deny that he has a record of sav
ing $90,006 to the taxpayers of
the $140,000 the state gave him to
conduct the draft In Oregon. Can
it show where any of the old
guard lt'is supporting. Republican
or Democratic, ever handed back
any money entrusted to them? Is
it not a fact that the Democrat it
is supporting for governor was
the only member of the state
draft board who demanded and
took pay for his services? The
Journal will swallow any of the
old state house machine that has
run the legislature for the last
ten years and given us the high
est taxes in the United States, If
it can only succeed in defeating
White for the nomination. I am
one of the women who can see
through, this sham of a reform
and socalled Independent news
paper that is really the organ ot
the old bi-partisan machine that
has never done the people any
justice except to keep its unprin
cipled politicians in the fat places.
We love George White and they
hate him because he has had the
kind of training that would make
all that kind of patriots respon
sible and, after trial on their rec
ord, they would be asked to walk
out of office. White Is the only
man the old legislative machine
workers, who take the last dol
lar in sight and then cry for more,
fear. They can manipulate all the
rest as they have done in the past.
No wonder they weep and gnash
their teeth at prospect of retiring
if a main like White la nominated
May 19, as I hope he will be.'
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About Olcott
Editor Statesman :
The claim has been made by
Governor Olcotfs boosters that
he stands upon his record.
What is his record as to law
Why did he withdraw efficient
special agents January 1, on a
plea of economy?
What is Olcott's attitude on the
Portland roadhouse evil?
An editorial in the Portland
Telegram for May 10, outlines the
roadhouse situation, and follows
"The .roadhouse known as the
Twelve-Mile House - at Base' Una
road and Falrview avenue has
again been raided by the sher
iff's forces and its proprietor. ar
rested charged with maintaining
a public nuisance. The raid was
made In the early hours of Sun
day last, the natural time for such
houses to do their best business
under cover of darkness to be tin
tall operation. - The Old Homer
ctead, another road house
Rockwood, was raided at the same
ttme while a disorderly dance
was in progress. It is a matter
of .common .knowledge that both
these places are resorts for dissi-.
pation In "its worst forma. ,
"Why cannot these houses ' b.
permanently ' closed. emptied,
boarded up, put out of their ne
farious business for once and all?
Is It that they have not yet fiUrd
op the measure of their iniquity?
Is it that they hare not yet made
themselves sufficiently obnox
ious to the decent peopla who
live nearby?
"In Rockwood, a little rural
crossroads settlement, where de
cent people are trying to raUa do
cent children, this Old Homestead
is a moral smear. Here, where
children can but Inquire and
know what their neighbors are do
ing children hear talk about this
resort such as should never come
to little children's ears. A clean
mind is one of childhood's inher
ent rights. A child's mind, clean
of filthy information, is Impossi
ble where such houses exist..
,rWlthtln4 few rods of . the
Twelve-Mile House are seven
farm houses. Within 80 rods is
a rural school house. This road
house is built In a bizarre style
that marks it as an architectural
vamp. Is there a child of 6 years
of age and over in any of these
farm houses that has not inquir
ed and learned what this . odd
looking house is doing? Who U
responsible for this poisoning ot
the child mind of this fine farm
ing community?
"These houses, and three or
four others not far from them,
have long ago forfeited all right
and title they ever may. have, had
to -hang out a sign or offer enter
tainment of any kind. So long as
they remain open, they are an
cpen sore in society, infectious
and abominable."
terday by " Major James B. Dusen-
bury. United State; army, instruc
tor for the Oregon national guard
with headquarters at Salem.
"It is very essential, said Ma
jor Dusenbury. "thai these camps
be filled, for the onmber of ap
plications recetTtsd ' is , Indicative
of the attitude of the American
people toward '-civilian military
training." ; V ; .vi t , . -'' ' '
- With this in view Major Dusen
bury has 5 been requested to assist
applicanta in every possible way
in the accomplishment of appli
cation blanks and furnishing them
with information concerntnaj
white and blue courses to be git
en vat 1 Camp Lewis,' Wasatn&toa,
and the red course which wilj
given at Fort w Wordeh, Wash,;
this anmmer... .. - .
These courses are open to all '
iwen of military, age and full li
formation can be secured by writ
Ing to-Major Dusenbury at the ad4
jutant general's office, Salea.: j
MiiASm1 l- v":,
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You may win $500 and 14
other prises totalling f 1000 in tho
picture putzle contest.
There's still time to compete
for the cash awards to be paid by
The Statesman ' Publishing Co. in
the fun. provoking Observation
Puzzle. Can you pick out objects
id a simple picture? Can you
make a list of those things whose
names begin with 'R"?
Five hundred dollars and four
teen other prizes will be paid for
the nearest correct lists if quali;
fled In class "D."
Contest closes on May list.
Answers must conform to time
Commanding General
Anxious for Large Camp
- The. . commanding general.
Ninth corps area, desires to ob
tain as great a number of appli
cants as possible for the citizens
military training camps to be held
in this corps area this summer,
according to a letter, received yea-
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