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    FRIDAY MORNING. MAY 12, 1922
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S0U1RE :EDGEGATE Two Back Door Customcn Come Together
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CARPENTIER knogks out kid
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' LONDON. May 11 (By The
f Associated : Press) Georges Car
ppntier tonight knocked out Ted
'Kld" Lewis In the first round of
what was to havettocen a 20-round
tout for the; llgjht heavyweight
championship of "th -world, held
I by Carpentler. The end came
when Carpentler. in breaking
i Atom a. Clinch droVe k'shnrn rlvhi
tt'Ui- the point of Lewis jaw. The
Englishman toppled -over back
ward and lay 'motionless on the
floor Until the referee counted
.O. Tben Carpentier picked up
Jhis fallen foe and aided In carry
ing him to his corner.
The spectators were slow, to re
alize; what had occurred, but when
. finally they comprehended that
fcth battle was over and that
t Lewis was defeated there arose a
.storm of booes and ' cries of
.'."four from all part of the Tast
auditorium, which drowned out
" the comparatively little applause
Carpentler was receiving from his
partisans. - ; '
-' Dempsey 8eca llout
From the sound of tbegong to
the end of the referee's count, two
minutes and 15 seconds Interven
ed.' Carpentler weighed 175
pounds, the 'light heavyweight
limit, while Lewis tipped the
scales at 175 pounds, with his
' clothes on when the fighters were
weighed in this afternoon.
Jack Dempsey. the world's hea
. vywelght champion, was the first
man after Francois' Descamps to
, congratulate Carapentler ' ( after
the knockout. Carpentler left the
rlAg and proceeded to his dress
log room through lanes of hissing
and booing fight fans. -V
Royalty Represented
; The great Olympia amphithea
ter held a record crowd, for the
hatt'e and attracted widespread
interest. Hundreds of handsom'y
gowned women were among the
. spectators, and evinced keen ' dis
appointment ; at ' the quick work
made of the1 British favorite by
Ijhe Frenchman.- Among ' others
present were . the " Duke of York
and Prince Henry, who were seat
ed at the ringside.- Jack Dempsey
was .applauded as he entered the
arena and was i shown to a seat
-near the royal personages, to
whom he was later introduced.
He chatted with them for a mo-
' "ment. ' : -:x-.."'.
'i When the gong sent the fight
ers to the center of the ring, Lew
is' took the aggressive. He sent a
For Every
Service, A Made
to Measure Suit
J25 to45
will give you the satis
faction you expect in a
good suit of clothes.
You have unlimited
choice of materials, then
have it made in just the
style that best suits your
individual taste. ,
They cost no more than
mere clothes made for
anyone and no one in
particular. ,;
Let us take your, meas
ure today.
426 Slate Street
righ lab to the neck,' followed by
a left to the body. There was a
clinch, and the referee, Joe Pal
mer, called upon the men- to
break. He then jumped In be
tween them and pulled them
apart.- Immediately the fighters
again went Into a clinch, jabbing j
fiercely. Palmer forcibly pried !
them apart again and then odmln-
istered a caution to both.
Lewi Pu-ihea Fight
Lewis continued the aggressor, j
He got in two lefts on Carpentlpr
and the crowd madly cheered him
Carpentler closed in and held on.
The referee reproved bim. Lew
is forced the Frenchman into a
corner. ami there was a rapid ex
change of body blows In which 1
Lewie had the advantage.
Carpentler then forced his op
ponent off the ropes and Into the
center of the ring. The French
man missed a right and Lewis
sent his right to Carpentier's neck.
Another clinch followed and the
referee stepped in and separated
the men. Carpentler uppercuted
Lewis. He also sent In a hook as
they were coming out of the
clinch. Lewis glanced appealingly
at Palmer. Then, following the
Frenchman's' tactics, Lewis jabbed
as ihey separated.
Lewis Goes Down
It appeared as If Palmer again
was going to warn the fighters as
they broke awey. Lewis had
dropped his guard and Carpentler
feinted with his left and simulta
neously flashed the right from his
shoulder to Lewis' jaw. To those
sitting at the ringside, it seemed
the merest tap, but It had suffi
cient force - behind it to send
Lewis backward upon the canvas
for the count of 10 and for the
fifth knockout victory for Car-
I pentler in less than one round.
When Lewis was .taken to his
corner and placed on "his : chair, he
sat dazed, but with - his eyes
blinking, as Carpentler walked
about the ring smiling and ac
knowledging the mild applause
accorded. At the safiie time sup
porters of Lewis crowded about
the ring side and protested to the
referee and ring officials against
the decision, declaring it was un
fair.)"'," " - rv ' -
: Dempsey Makes Comment
Before the fight Lewis got such
a prolonged ovation from the
crowd that the spectators did not
see Carpentler until he was climb
ing through the ropes. The
Frenchman then was accorded a
greeting but somewhat less hearty
than that given to Lewis.
"It was merely a matter of a
game ,little man against a good
big man," said Jack Dempsey aft
er the fight.
Dempsey was not looking at tho
ring when the knockout was
scored. He was busy autograph
ing a 'program. "Therefore, he de
clined to comment on the fairness
of the blow which laid Lewis low.
Receipts Not Published
On the other hand, Jack Kearns
Dempsey's manager, asserted that
there was no question about the
blow being a "clean knockout.
Kearns added that Carpentier's
sensational win enhanced the
chances of a second Carpentler
Dempscy match being arranged
shortly. He said, however, the
terms for such a meeting had not
yet been discussed. With regard
to other possible matches Kearns
said that one would be definitely
arranged either . In - America or
Europe. Deschamps, when asked
who would be Carpentler a next
opponent replied:
"I don't know, perhaps .Demp
The management of -the fight
declined to make public the
amount of the gate receipts or the
percentage of them which would
go to the fighters.
Juniors Beat Sophomores
$in Interclass Ball Game
The Juniors of Willamette uni
versity had the edge on the soph
omores yesterday afternoon when
they ran up a score of 10 against
2 of the sophs In the interclass
htteball Contest. Robbins and
Ellis were the batteries for- the
juniors and Patton and Towner
filled the same position for the
lower classmen.
Both sides showed great wtld
ness at -times that made .the
bleachers think of a score that
would be too big for ordinary
score cards. Robbins had the bet
ter of the deal with his experi
ence and- control.
Charles Coryell, playing for the
sophomores, made a spectacular
catch in left field when Patton
was knocked from the box. This
play saved the hide of the lower
classmen. Bases were full and
everyone on tiptoe to come across
the home plate. ...
At Des Moines 11: Oklahoma
Clty.l. -
At Denver-Tulsa,-, postponed,
At Omoha Vf t. Joseph .
At Sioux City 10; Wichita 6."
Inter-natl Cartoon Co,
W. L. Tk 17 12
Smo FranrUeo 21 15
V or noil IS 13
m Anielea 19 18
8UU . 17 18
Oakland IS SO
Sacramrnto 15 22
Portland 12 1
.54 .
Nw York
St. Looia
Brooklyn ...
Philadelphia ....
Cincinnati ' . ....
18 5
13 10
13 10
. w. U
Now York j. 8
St. Louia .jt JT. 17 9
ClMrlanU :.. 11 12
Chicago 11 13
Philadelphia n 13
Itroit JI 14
Boston u 9 13
Wathington 9 17
Class at Local School Com
peting With Racket for
Honor Place
The senior class racquet wield-
ers of the. high , school was vlc
torius yesterday in the first of the
idterclass tornaments which was
played on the state hospital
courts. The upperclassmen took
one of the two single matches and
the one double 'match.
Complete results of yesterday's
tournament are:
Singles Oakerberg vs Ehmer,
6-0, 6-1; Scott vs Nunn, '3-6, 6-2,
Doubles Oalferberg and Nunn,
seniors vs. Scott and Ehmer, so
phomores, 3-6, 6-2,' 6-0.
The seniors will meet the Jun
iors for first place Saturday morn
ing at 9 o'clock and the loser of
that tournament will meet the
sophomores for second place on
Tuesday of next week.
The upperclassmen were given
a fairly close battle in the doub
les In the first two sets when the
seniors did not seem to warm up
to the game. They came back
shortly after the middle of the
second set and won the last three
games of that set and the six of
the next in one continuous string.
Ehmer fell an easy victim to
Oakerberg In their single match,
Ehmer scoring but three points
In the first set and winning but
one game in the second. Oaker
bery easily outshone in ability any
other player on the courts.
Tennis Games Are Won
By Oregon's Net Team
The University of Oregon tennis
team composed of Kennath Smith,
Clem Culbertson, S. Williams,
George Hayden, defeated the Reed
college racquet, wielders on the
tatter's course last. Friday 5 to 1.
The 'University ef Oregon team
continued its winning streak by
defeating the Washington State
net stars Monday 4 to 1.
Willamette Bearcats to
Play Pacific U Today
Coach Roy Bohler of Willam
ette university will take the Bear
cats to Forest Grore this after
noon to do battle with the Beavers
of Pacific university. Although
not overburdened with great
expectations at making a big score
the Bearcats have an opinion that
they will give Coach Franck's
men all they want to handle in
the line of baseball fight.
The Bearcats are coming up in
the ways of baseball each game
they play. This is evidenced by
the fewer errors of each game.
The first two or three games of
this season were veritable brain
storms when it came to errors.
A tough proposition ' will be
placed before them when they
play ML Angel college. Mt. An
gel has been going strong and
walloping all comers, . barring
none. The, Albany college team
was beaten c by them so ' badly
that the Albany players hope that
Willamette would grab the scalps
of the Mt. Angel players. v
Saturday afternoon on Sweet-
land field at 3 p.m. the Bearcats
will play Linfield college. Once
before during this season the
Bearcats took a good score from
this team and expect to do it
The men to take the trip to
Forest Grove are Ashby, Towner,
Shepard, Edwards, Logan, Isham,
Dimick. Gillett. Regele and Ellis.
Cardinals Win from New
York National Team in
Game at St, Louis
ST. LOUIS. Mo., May 11. Bill
Doak held the champion Giants
to one .hit today, the Cardinals
winning 2 to 0. The line knock
was made by Bancroft in his first
lime at bat when he placed a per
fect bunt along the first base
line. Two years ago Doak was
robbed of a no-hlt game on a sim
ilar play.
Score R. H. E.
New York 0 1 1
St. Louis 0
Douglas and Snyder; Doak and
Philadelphia, 11; Chicago, O
CHICAGO, May 11. (Nation
al. 1 Chicago dropped from sec
ond to fourth place today when
Philadelphia took a 10-inning
?ame. 11 to 9. while St. Louis
end Pittsburgh won their games.
Walker's single with the bases
filled in the last inning, a result
of Keen's wildness, enabled the
viritpr8 to clinch the game.
Score R. H. E.
Philadelphia 11 10 1
Chicago 9 11 1
Hnbbell, Betts. Winters and
Henline; Osborne, Kauffmam
Freeman, Keene end O'Farrell.
Cincinnati. 0; Boston, S
CIXCINNATI. Mav 11. ( Na
tional) Cincinnati defeated Bos
ton In a slugging match today 9
to 5. The game was featured by
i trlole tlay when Bohne was
headed off at the plate after two
men had been ret'red by Kopf.
Ford and Holke. Boston used
five pitchers and Cincinnati two.
Score R. H. E.
Boston . ". . . . r 9 2
Cincinnati 9 14 0
Watson. Oeschger. McQuillan.
Lansing. Braxton and O'Neill;
Couch, Rlxey and Hargrave.
Pittsburgh. 12; Brooklyn, fl
tional.) Brooklyn's errors were
costly and the Pirates made it
three straight from the Dodgers
by winning today's game 12 to
6. , Maranville's single in the
fourth inning made It 18 con
secutive games In which he has
hit safely
R. H. E.
catur and
fi 1 3 5
12 18 1
Vance, Gordonler. De-
MUler. Hungling: Ad-
ams and
At Milwauke 6;
Poul-Toledo, postponed.
At Minneapolis 4; Columbus 1
At Kansas City 9; Louisville 5
San Francisco Beaten 5 to
3 Seventh Proves to
' Be Lucky Inning
Salt Lake won the second . game
of the series from San Francisco
today, 5 to 3. The Seals madei
their three runs in the first ln
DE i-Oi
ning and the Bees tied with three
home runs by Vltt, Jenkins and
Sand. The locals, bunched three
hits for two runs on Geary in the
seventh. The playing of Oscar
Vitt at large was a sensational
. 3
. 5
H. E.
7 1
10, 1
San Francisco
Salt Lake
Batteries Geary
Kallio and Jenkins.
Los Angeles 6, Sacramento 4
SACRAMENTO, Cal., May 11.
The Senators outhit their oppon
ents from Los Angeles today but
the game ended with the Angels
on the long end of a 6 to 4 score.
Shea walked six men. while Thom
as, Los Angeles, permitted only
one to pass. Sensational fielding,
with three fast double plays, fea
tured the playing the Los Angeles
R. H. E.
Los Angeles ........ 610 0
Sacramento 4 11 3
Batteries Thomas and Dalley;
Shea and Cook.
Oakland 0, Portland 3
OAKLAND. May 11. Middle
ton's ascension In the seventh
frame, aided by Poole's costly er
ror, turned a 2 to 2 tie into a
victory for Oakland today at
Portland's expense 9 to four
Crumpler succeeded after four
runs had been scored and the
oaks nicked him for three more
in the eighth.
Sargent of Portland was chas
ed by Umpire Towman in the
sixth for making exception to a
callled third strike.
R. H. E.
Portland 3 'lO 4
Oakland ........... 9 12 0
Batteries Middleton, Crump
ler and Elliott; Ellers, Brenton
4nd Koehler.
Seattle 5, Vernon 4
LOS ANGELES, May 11 Seat
tie made it two straight from
Vernon here today in a loosely
played -game-, winning 5 to 4. The
Indians got to May in the first
inning, scoring three runs, and
the Tigers never caught up.
R. H. E
Seattle 5 9 0
Vernon 4 9 2
Batteries Gregg, Berger and
Spencer; May and Hannah.
Teams from Eugene. Cor-
vallis and Salem to Com
pete on Local Links
According to present plans of
Salem golfers, the first game of
the Willamette valley tournament
will be played Sunday at the Illi
hee links, near Salem.
Teams from the Corvallis
Country club, the Hlihee Country
club and the Eugene Golf club
will participate.
Committees from the local golf
organization will meet tonight for
the purpose of perfecting the pro
gram for Sunday's event.
Great Falls Leads in
Interscholastic Meet
MISSOtJLA, Mont., May 11.
Great Falls with 17 1-2 points is
leading in the 19th interscholastic
track meet, which opened on
Dornblazer field here this after
noon. Butte, Missoula. Manhattan
and Steven sville are tied for sec
ond place with 10 points. Five
places are coounted in each
NEW YORK, May 11. Jack
jBritton, welterweight chamolon
and Benny Leonard, lightweight
champion, were matched today for
a bout to be fought abaut June 1.
The promoters reserved the right
to make It a 12-round no-decision
affair for the ; J ersey; City trena;
or a 15-round decision match at
- the New York Velodrome.
Happy Felsch Takes Another
Step in His Suit Against
Chicago Sox
MILWAUKEE, Wis., May 11
Fires were rekindled in the base
ball scandal of 1919 when Oscar
(Happy) Felsch of Milwaukee one
o eight White Sox players ban
ished as a result of the finding1).
today filod an affidavit in Mil
waukee circuit court, a step in his
damage suit against the Chicago
White Sox to recover salary for
part of the year 1920 and for re
covery of special bonus payments
for the same year.
Felsch also will ask that he be
recompensed tor damages sustain
ed in an alleged conspiracy malic-
ciously to injure his reputation
and to prevent him from remain
ing a professional baseball player
In the major leagues.
Order is .ShjncU
Court Commissioner . Max W.
Notal siziied an order which will
bring President Comiskey to Mil
waukee Saturday to appear be
fore John J. Gregory, circuit
court Judge, and give reasons
why they should not produce the
books and records of the Chicago
club here In order to determine
the extent of the damages back
salary and bonus for the 1920sea
son. Attorney Raymond J. Cannon,
who started the action for Felsch
in the courts here announced that
he soon would begin' similar ac
tions for "Buck" Weaver. Eddide
CIcotte, and "Swede" Risberg ot
the banished Sox players.
Examination Wanted
Felsch in his affidavit states
that to perfect the complaint in
his original suit, he desires to ex
amine the defendant on a number
of points in connection with the
(harges of alleged conspiracy,
the "throwing" of games and var
ious financial matters.
Chicago Beaten When Break
in Seventh Inning Goes
Against Them
YORK, May 11. (Am--The
New York Yankees
made it
three, out of four from)
Chicago, winning the last game of I made, considering the quality of
the series four to 1. Both Jones 'arms the boys have been develop
and Faber pitched well and the ing. v .
New Yorkers won by reason ot
a lucky break in the seventh in
ning. With two out, Schang on
third and Jones on second. Mc
Clellan muffed a high infield fly
by Fewster, both runners
; R. H. EL
Chicago 1 -5 S
New York 4 8 1
Batteries Faber and Schalk;;
Jones and Schang.
- Detroit 5, Boetoa 3
BOSTON, May 11. (Americ
an) Detroit made it four
straight by defeating Boston five
V 3 today. Stoner relieved John
son in the third and proceeded to
pitch effectively, giving him Ms
second wn of the season.
R. II. E
Detroit 5 11 5
Boston 3 8 j 1
Batteries Johnson, Stoner and
Bassler; W. Collins and Walters.
fit. Louis 5, Washington 3 i
erican) St. Louis made it three
out of four- games by taking the
final of their series here today S
to 3. The visitors' runs all were
. scored in one Inning, four of them
I dne to fanltr field In r hr r.har-
Irity and Bush.
Pruett and Bayne
both were wild but the locals ob
tained only four scattered hits. .
R. H. E.
St. Louis .......... : 5 7 1
Washington . . ' 344
Batteries . Pruett, Bayne,
Shocker and Severeld; ,' Zachary,
Phillips, Brillheart and Charnty.
Cleveland 5, Phildclphl4
(American) -Sewell's home' run,
followed by Gardner double.
Woods' single an,d O'Neill's sacri
fice gave Cleveland two runs in
the eighth inning. and a five to
four victory over Philadelphia to
day in the final game of the ser
ies. R. H. E.
Cleveland, 5 11 2
Philadelphi a ...... 4 11 0
Batteries Lindsey, Morton and
O'Neill; 'Heimach, Eckert Roui-
mell and Perkins.
Lucky Stars All-Stars
in Junior League Game
The Lucky Stars yesterday won
from the All-Stars by a. score of
12 to 3. -The teams belong to the
Junior Twilight league. , John
George was high man for the win
ning team.
The line-up for the Lucky
Stars was as follows: Burt Walk-
er, catcher; Jim Fargo, pitcher;
Harold Olinger, first base; Lyle
Shepherd, second base; John
George, shortstop; Edward Fish
er, left field;' Howard Knrts," cen
ter field; and Tom Handly, right
field. -
Three-Base Hit Wins
for Montana University
SPOKANE. Wash., May 11. A
three-base hit by "Tarzan" Daylis
oL the University of Montana base
ball . team In the seventh inning
when Montana had three men on
bases and two out, won for the
visitors what had promised to be
a victory for the team from Gon
zaga university.
The game ended with a 6 to 3
score. Gonzaga made two scores
in the first inning and one in the
third, holding Montana to one in
the third and one In the fourth.
Montana made an additional run
In the last inning.
Score: R. H. E.
Montana ............. 6 10 1
Gonzaga 3 10 2
Higbee and Murphy; Downs,
Smith and Pacorovich.
Wabbles Attacks Shooters
At ' Weekly Rifle Tourney
The wabbles, a mysterious af
fection that sometimes attacks ri
flemen Just as they are in the act
of shooting at a target, came in
the form of a real epidemic when
the Salem Rifle club met last
night for Its weekly indoor target
shoot. The scores were about
the lowest that the club has ever
Some high grade target arms
have been, brought into the club.
but .even good guns and gunners
"Sum-Wot Knots" ;
Matinee 25c
"'' fi
get the wabbles at times, one ot
which was last night.
' Shooting: prone, Doe ' scored ?5
out of a possible 100, at the long
est range In the armory. 'Frank
Mapes got 92.: ' Ray Better 94.
Jake Richardson 8fr, Don Wiggins
80, and F. Klmlnsky 82- and the
wabbles got 'em all. '
Offhand, Doe made 45 out -of
a possible 60. Kommsky 4Mana
Wiggins 38. But It was In gen-
eral an off night -a -'wayloff
night. ; i ;- .'----
University of Idaho ... v
Again Beats Whitman
. . . -i ..- -.'.
MOSCOW, Idaho, May 11.
The University' of Idaho this af
ternoon won its second straight
baseball contest from . Whitman
college, a 3 to 2 score being the
result of an 11 inning game.
Idaho tied the ecore In the
ninth Inning, and Snow, the Idaho
fitcher. scored the winning run
in the Inst inning. on Kcudaen'a
overthrow of third , All bases
were full at the time. Snow kept
Whitman to four, scattered hits..
Score . . V v R-'H. 13.
Whitman ..... 3
Idaho ....., 3
Knudaen and Walthers;
and,Fox.-cL r;:. .,.
at Wholesale Prices
and Better
.. "i" ?,.. ... , ... ' . . ....
These are NOT ; SECONDS'
. but FIRSTS Standard I
Grade Full Guarantee
30x3 .
32x4 W
33x4'tt '
35x4 Vi '
912.33 '
924 JSO.
f 1K.7SL;
, 927.50
War Tax Included
We WlirtJIve You-a Better
': "Pro-luct for Less Money
I 6 I
Commercial ' and Court Sts.
Salem, Oregon '
Established 1917
In . .
Sennett Comedy
Evening 35c