The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 03, 1922, Page 6, Image 6

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Nevf Rates on Barrels T "
' ' drdered! by, Cpnrnjssiqn
Barrels tp be used for cfder aad
otber shipments are accorded a
decrease In freight rates br order
of the public sarvica commission-
yesterday. The ' decreases , were 1
applied for br the Southern Pacif
ic" company.
100 pound are. is' f follows, al
The new" rates -ier
shipments originating; Ja ;PF
land: . . -
To Salem 17 1-4 cents,, red need
from' 25 cents; o '.Eugene, 2
cents, reduced, frpm 4'4 scents; to
Stxtherlin, 37 1-2 cents, reduced
from 64 1-2 cents; to Roseburg,
37J1-2 cents, reduced from 67 1-2
cents; to Grants Pass,' 45 cents
cents, reduced from 90 1-2 cents;
to? Talent, 45 cents, reduced from
921-2 cents; to Ashland 45
cents, reduced from 94 cents; to
Cornelius, 12 1-2 cents, reduced
from IS crfits; to Sheridan. 20 1-2
cents, reduced from 27 'cents; to
Newberg 14 "1-2 ' cents, re-faced
from 17 12 cents'; to West Salem
20 1-2 cents, reduced from ' 27
.The new1 rates were ef tecthre
yesterday.- '
Salem Man Hereafter to- Be
in Charge of County
Y.M.C.A, Work
Emmons and Southworth
Team Selected for Semi
final Argument
.lit ; .
' ;:'V'
VII, !
Demonstrate the
. . , .., ,
... ."!:. . ' -
: ; !.-; '';
1A UU1UUU . tUVV I Edwin Socolofsky. for the oast
four; months employed on special
i organization work' with the . Mar
lion' county' Y.M.C.A., will' here
after be! In charge of the county
woj-k program' in Marion" county,
it "was announced following the
i quarterly "meeting of 'the 'coifnty
t'T!' committee at the public 'li
brary1 last night. -
Socolofsky -succeeds John' H.
: Pndd of Portiand who ' came to
Salem last ' September to tike
charge of the coountr work pro
Isram. Hudd had asked to bare-
If yott,. 8Wu JTiptured, your leased, by th county committee In
bijr opportunity has now ar- order that he might give his ;en-
riVed. If you WOUld like to tire time to his duties as inter
be f ree from the slavery of "e"nuJ7d Ifd!hoc0.unt3r 7?k
. . ..t.JVf for. Oregon and Idaho. -
gouging pinchinsr, Chafing " ; socolofsky was active in depu-
trusses.tnat make life a bur- tatfon work with the xm.c;a;
den, 'then HERE and NOW is while a student at '.Willamette
the? iimQito act. V . :' university and has been" itlrly
4-. t .u . , f V ! ; Interested In the work, for several
"''Mr. and MrsJ F. & Wil- y "he quarterly meeting and the
llams, experts 4 in . rupture tct that j. c. ciartr boys work
cases, trained under the per- secretary 'for the y.m.c.a. :in
snnal direction of W. S. Rice, Shanghai; China, was-'to be the
of Adams, N. Y4 the famous
discoverer Tof the lUce Non-
Surgical Rupture! Method, will
be at the THarion Hotel, Sa-
IMfaj. Free
J .'.! "' " , ; - ' "'"
Calks at Hotel
Salem high school debaters will
meet Grants Pass In Eugene next
Friday night in . the semi-finai
contest for the state chsrapion
Bhlp,' according to word received
here yesterday frpm , pan Clar
secretary ot the state association
Salem defeated Forest Grove last
Friday, thereby wlnnfng'the rifb:
to;; enter;, thje": seml-final$ aad
Grants Pass defeated Roseburg.
According ;tp, tlhofflciai; word,
the Grants Pass team Is composed
bt two unusually strong pirls; vrhr
who have established an enviable
record against southern Oregon
teams. They are champions of
southwestern Oregon.
Ralph Emmons, negative lead
er in the district debates, will cap
tain the team against Grants
Pass, debating with Ward South-
worth, affirmative leader in the
district debates. Critics' claim the
two form the strongest team ever
sent out by the local school, whici
is substantiated by: the showing
against Forest Grove in the first
of the inter-district contests last
If the local orator should b"
successful in the next debate they
will participate in the -hampion-sbip
debate to be held In Kugf ne
May 19 against the champion of
eastern- Oregon. ': Th9 debate ot
Eugene Friday will be closed lo
the public In order that the argu
ments of the winning team will
pot be" revealed before it meets
the opponent for the state title.
T havir beenr sT mUbffHW? -e?ot tBS flSense'of beef
nation, for year and Is doing
much to establish he newer aad
more progressive civilisation.
Clark, told how tha boys, of
Shanghai, under the auspices of
the Y. M. C. A: had', aided in
spreading - health ' propaganda
about the city duringr a cholera
epidemic and ot other work Into
which the boys of th city were
No one stands so well n China
as the Americans, declared Clark
who expressed th bepe that the
friendship between his ' nation
and China would never be Interrupted.
White is Toastmaster
At Portland Banquet
Colonel George A. White leaves
for Portland . today to attend a
meeting of regular army, nation
al .guard and reserve . corps of
fleers who meet today to enter
tain Major General Charles G
Norton, commanding; general of
the Uinth corps area with head
quarters at San Francisco. ,
Following the meeting a din'
ner party is being given' in honor
of General Morton by the asso
ciation of the. Army of the United
States. Colonel White, who is
president ot the association In
Oregon will introduce General
Morton and other speakers.
speaker of the evening, -drew a
number '' of committee .members
and members of HI-Y clubs from
towns all over Marion county; "
lq; Ore May 5th and 6th. piTrjQTrEPj-R g pjg
lMt. and Mrs Williams are
ittkts'tti aH ruptured people
what the Rice Rupture' Meth-
oa can. accompusn. iou uave.
no doubt; heard and read much
hrtnf f bi famnnw Mef YifA and
the cures which ; thousands
, have reported from. it. Now,
you have the chance to find
nuf all nrViilf if f n Vinve "It.
demonstrated tot you and to
tice what 4t can da fn: TOUR
OWN case. Just call at the
hotel and these experts will
inve you their personal atten
tion, best advice and complete
demonstration ' a b s 0 1 u t el y
without charge: ' 1
Are you tired of that bind-
able truss Z Would you like to
be free of it forever? Then
investigate this. Rice ; Method
nnA f'wA Aiit tiAv tvaRihil!ties.l
Will S1VI V w va V f rm -- -
it holds out.TSurely. a Method
that could -eause so - many ;
: thousands of former; rupture
sufferers !foetkrt cures must
be worthy w your; luii 'ana
complete investigation
CU1U K.4 U4 Void bmuiucV
itUkmvt mham riixa, i- m
Soothes aad hsaLSj
L cbzps andchilpUins
.-,. .
Trucking from the Santtam
. Mines Will Begin jn a
Very Short Time
Shanghai Y, MC. A. Leader
' Talks to Marion Coun- ,
H. H. Lots, the " mining engin
eer of the Lotz-Larsen ; Mining
company, was in Salem last night
on his way back to the Saatlam
mines, from a business visit to
Tacoma, -Portland : and other
While at Tacoma ' .Mr. Lots
signed up for his company a con
tract for delivering 500 tons
month of ore to theTacoma smel
ter. The contract for hauling the
ore has already been "let to Mc
Intlre Bros., who will use two
trucks and two trailers, as men-
tioned in a Statesman 'news Item
some days ago. The ' will haul
five, tons r to a .trrDtd-'thw rail
road. These men are experienced
in trucking.
. The snow is gone" now at the
Lotx-Larsen mine, hich fs'atthe
Junction, of Gold Crefek wlth.wthe
Little North Fork of the Santism;
but the'r6 is two or three or mdre
feet of enow a little above them
-and they are' fearing that,
warm rain may make high water
in the creeks and rivers and, 00
some damage to the ' roads - and
They will have to do some work
on the roads above Elk'bbnr, be
fore beginning the trucking .0
the ore, and Marlon county should
A new China la dawning. . J. C.
Clark? i6ys w"orltw secretary for
the Y. M. C. A. at Shanghai, CM-
na, , told members of : the Marion
connty Y. M. C. A. committee at
their quarterly meeting In tM
public library Monday night.
'The- hope ot tho new ' Chlaa,
Ctark explained, wis founded up
on the students of the nation
whom' he described as boys and
men" of keen mentality af d highly
patriotic, ' although to a certain
extent entrenched.'", in. the ancient
customs of China, which date back
400& years." .... .". 1
Clark has been engaged In Y.
M. C. A. work in Shanghai for the
past. U years, being head of the help In putting and" fceeplng'the
largest boys'- division In the world
with supervision over 46 points of
activity in addition to the work fn
the "Y" building.'
The new generation In China,
Clark declared Is disgusted with
the habits and ' 'eurfoms which
county's part' of the road in con
dition, from Elkhorn to Mehama.
Mr. Lota says the smelter peo
ple are anxious to get the Santlam
ore, and that they would gladly
take 5000 tons a month it they
1 could get it.
'wtmld die oof Tfairs eomraitiee the'cluby 'told
overnight. of the erection of the sign,. the
But I do not talk ot soldierly I metal work for which was donated
titles, any more, he says . "One by Nelson Brothers, and the sign
who did his duty, has only, one itself put up by the Indian school
title that is worth while.": lads. .
Supervisor Crosa Coest
W. N. Cross, supervisor of-In-J
dian education In the Pacific
coast district, was a guest of. the
evening, and spoke briefly, urging
He has refused to be photo
graphed, saying that this is van
ity and idle boasting.
HOST TO KIWANIANS closer cooperatnon of the citizens
(Continued from page 1)
niw 16 years of age and with her
brother, also In Chemawa, came
out from 200 miles beyond Nome,
driving their own dog team, to
come to Chemawa.- The way she
handled her subjects, "Da Great-a
Game," a story of baseball from
the Italian banana peddler's
standpoint, and his brother's tale
of woe against the Irisher boy
whom he hated, was a real reve
lation In dramatics. If they pro
duce that kind ot dramatic fire
up so closoe to the Pole, Alaska
was a mighty good investment for
the United States.
Riley Poem Interpreted
Little Charlie Hall, 9 years of
age, gave a line rendition of Ri
ley's "Seein Things at Night,"
that made a hit. He must have
gotten that scary little voice with
which be pictured the scary little
lad of the story, out of memoirs
of Edwin Booth; the tragedian
himself coouldn't have been more
delightfully scared. Frances Nich
ols, a big-eyed little Indian lass
of eight years, rendered "When
de Folks Am Gone." and "The
Moo Cow Moo," with real tragic
interpretation. ;
When Superintendent' Hall an
nounced that thesei twoi little dra
matic stars had been trained by
one of their Chemawa graduates,
Miss Eleanor Hawk, who later at
tended the Salem high school and
then returned to Chemawa to
teach, the crowd gave her and her
proteges a rousing tribute.
The Chemawa dinner was held
to dedicate a hugs sign that the
club' had erected on the Oregon
Electric, west of the school to ap
praise travelers of the nature of
the school that so many have
seen but could not identify. Fred
Ertxon, chairman of the public af-
wtih-the school." He told of how
it was the strong sympathy of the
Quaker people or Carlisle, Pa
with the Indian school at Carlisle."
that brought that famous school
so prominently-before the people
of America. He urged that the
people of. Sajem become more
closely-' Interested, ia the school
b.ereafe as ' to chre-the, students
wno rtutn: to their homes; a real
aadTJvinaensebrtbe reality of
American thilltatfoa fd good
will.-' ,: ; ." :". 1 - . , .
Tbey are part ot ns.T be saw.
Thej", were here before us; they
deserve and are splendidly worth
our .cooperation In ; baildlng ; P
America:-"'" "- ;'.' -T
' Cberrlan Magician Appear
Hehai 'tie toagklan 3 ot the
Cherrlngo. jthe gneat ojc Cooke
Patton. gare the crowd some In
teresting slight of- bond magic
Pr.ftirinr n SuDetintendent Har-
wood Hall, he. plucked him ot
hales of cards, of strings ot dutchy
hamburgers aand of other Incrlm
InaUng. things that the Hall mem
ory couldn recall, Some of tbese
tnnts will doubQesa appear at the
Cherringo. though with another
victim. The Chertlngo was hear
tily endorsed by the club,
L i pcnnJgic sciatic
; -anldV rEeumatio
pains, heaUche,TT)ackache
all other aches , arc ' Quickly rt ;
lievea pX,':- t -' - - - ' ' .
Dr? riilcs' Anil-Paln.Pins
Cbrltaiii'pPdroui "habi- 4
fornun;lrug$, v pwi t you
'try' them rWs - ".' - .
"J ; Ask jww 'drujgist t 1 . :' ,. -
HA Mliilltii ':
I I" . . . . , .-h.-,. . ;v ! 'Al . - I'
wlli sore, sour, blosta) stom.
acbi Food does act nounk
hslead it it a aoorce ot misery, cainiag
pains, hrlrhing, tfermfss sad head,
ad, f '
9 The pessos with a bad stomach
.ssoak be sstkfied wkh aotatng lets
' tW pa latfmg reEeL .
J The n&i noedy will ad opoo die
Gsiost of the stomach, enrich ths blood,
aid ia cajnag out m fatstrhal poisooj
aad strengiLea every bocHy hactjec.
J The large number el pesple who
kre toeeescfiBlly asad Dr. Hartmaa'a
famous atedtcme, recommended lot all
catanbal conditSon offet Ibe strongest
possible eadooemeat tor '
service rnr TEAKS
' The Rice. Method 'ia differ
ent from anything else. , It is
modern, up.- ta- the minute,
abreast of the latest scientific
developments. ' It is the one
Method that you' are not asked
'to talte on faith alone--lhe
one Method, that is positively
demonstrated to you, right on
your own person, without any
charge whatever.5 You do not
5pend a penny , unless, ; after
naving a ;f ull tind. -complete
demonstration, ;you decide
that 'this' is ther Metribd for
you.r And you you 4 alone-1-;
are the sole judge of that."
' '-'
""Jn justice. to yourself, come
'jri'and see these experts.' Re-
t member, they, will be here on-i
ly;-two days then your opppr-
:t unity will be gone. ' Grasp
it NOW. It may prove to be
'the wisest thing you ever did
and anyway,' it costs; you
nothing to'find 'out :;.'-'
r :.. -
,.' ' . ': . '.. '
V'.Remembeiv come to the
; Marion Hotel any day from 9
toU2 forenoons, 2 to 5 after
noons, or 7 to 9 evenings The
dates are May 5' and 6.
; " Pan't let this opportunity
gc-t away from you. .
. , . . W. S RICE, ;
' . Adams,- N. Y.
sa J J ' ' If' 1 '
C. G, Jackson, 93 Years Old,
f Has Watch Given 'Him
:: by Emancipator ': '
! When C. G. Jackson set sail in
an old sailing ship -from Sweden
In 1857, he certainly did not ex-
pect to spend 15 weeks on the
tempestuous" voyage, to fight at
Gettysburg, to get one bayonet
thrust through the body, and six
bullet wounds, to wear a lietnten-
ant-colonel's silver oak leaf epau
let, to be the personal body
guard and-personal friend of Ab
rabam Lincoln and to lire to
the age of 93 years and be as
hearty as most men of 50 years.
This is In brief the story bt C
G. Jackson, who is visitine in Sa
lem aad vicinity. He has a watch
given him by President Lincoln;
a beautiful, gold case, key-wind,
Swiss watch, with metal face en
graved with the Lincoln town
beuse at Springfield, . Hi. Mr
Jackson visited thels Springfield
plaee, once, after the war. He wasTI
6f the military -guard that escorted
the remains of fhe Great Emanci
patr to his final resting place st
his old house. The watch is to
be sent back to, Washington in
June,' as a part of vth"e national
Lincoln memorial collection that
will become a priceless .national
heritare.' ' '
Mr. Jackson knew Grant, Lin
coin, and all the Union leaders
who made Washington their head-
uarters during the great war.'
They were great men," he
says.' One could not write one-
one-hundredth part of the good
there was in President Lincoln
Mr. Jackson was the guest of
J. IL Lanterman at the Argo ho
tel, Monday evening, lie still has
the military bearing of the genu
lne soldier, and tne neath of '9
boy He makes milk hi 'principal
1 1 -.T
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Johnny to the corner for.
a paper Johnny comes
back with an
Oregon Statesman
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fM f ! -1: 7
- T
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Lct It mar four fortun JTT' J '
3ood a4vle tmn Saaaaapearen ? 'c
It! Jf
: ' 1 u-i.vj-1- r
'VlH';'-; -
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en tta y ' LnxsrUma Bs&ltJ
diet and If milk always made
1 wapon: appears, ymsLimc
such soldierly.' soldiers as he ia,
.4 i