The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 06, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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I- BBB. ,BV a SBf - aBaSH BBBW BB,BBaBBBL H ammm ,
nnrn r i i i in i i &v
Fre Dance . -
v- Aubura hall tonight. Adv.
iflate the price
of the finished
Hatter Tumbl
Creamery Gutter has taken , a
tumble-this wetk: until it Is quot
ed as low as 35 cents a pound in
some of the bargain stores. .This
however, . Is , below the. standard
price, though the market has fal
len t'erf materially, so that the
old price ot 41 to 4 5, cents, cur
rent only a few days ago, is a
thing of the past. . Spring grass
has come to increase the produc
tion of milk and New Zealand
and European butter comes to de-
Jack Cafe '
163 S. Com. SL A good place to
eat. Tables : and counter. AdT.
Auburn hall tonight
"Chasing The
' "Moon"
Veteran Meet Today
' The Marion Cfcnnty Veterans'
association is to meet today at
Woodbunt, for its regular annual
session at that place. A. C, Hn del
son, prominent in -the Grand
Army. Is the president ior mi
term, t ' The association , , meets
three times a year. In Silrerton,
Salem and Woodburn, and Is
made up ot the soldiers of all the
American wars, with their wires,
sisters, and othr womn folks. A
numbr.of Salem people plan to
Used Washington
Frank Sheehan, of Salem, yes-
terday deposited ISO bail for his
appearance in Justice court on a
charge of driving his car with a
1922 Washington license. It is
charged that Sheehan is a resi
dent of Oregon. His hearing will
be set at a later date. Judge G. E.
Unruh announced. Many Oregon
residents have discovered that a
Washington license may be pro-!
cured at a saving of about 50 per
cent, it has been reported.
CS't r t Amnn
. Poor Families, Chan
ties Report
SMnMii i rerv nrevalent. New
eases are belnc brought to the
Fitted at Tyler's Drug Store by! attention of the Associated Chari-
an expert In the business. AdT. ties every day, but funds are prac
tically nil. according to ur. nouu,
dominating FetWo Blanks Morris, vice president and secre-
' Secure them at the Statesman I tary of the association
(legal dept.) upstairs. Adv.
Iet'g Co, Tomorrow Night
Discharge Filed
Albert E. Mons oi Amany, yes
terday filed his army discharge
Grand theater, 8:15. Hoosier I certificate showing that he enter
CoTiAAimaator Admission. 50c. 1 A t ha United States army. June
.. iu - r '
"R.S. V. P."
AdT. ;
. , -
uaj your irioici
and get ahead of , the summer
rush, also the anticipated adTance
in price.- 5 loads 16 inch about
85 'per cent fir $12.50. Chas. K.
Spaul.i:ng Logging Co. AdT.
Clear Store Change Hands
,v.The Terminal Cigar ; company
which was formerly owned jointly
by Willianson and Wilson is now
owned solely by A. Williamson,
Mr. Williamson having purchased
the Interests ot Mr. Wilson.. y
. .
Tjaree Easter Babbits, 10c
The Ace, Masonic Temple.
AdT. - v
24. 1918. He was 32 years oia
at the time of entry into service
and served tin the United biaies
until time of discharge, May is.
1919. . .
UarTkmnld'a Farmer Almanac
V At Tyler's Drug store. aov.
Estate to Appraised
John Thoma, Everett uaraner
and J. W. Mayo, appraisers oi
J.'E. Sloper estate, yesteruay rt-
ported to County Judge Busney
an appraisement ot property val-
ued at $2419.
Drew, was emphatie " . over the
phone. It might be remarked
that for some time previously the
queen of the stage had failed to
answer her telephone .
am sorry, but I never talk
to newspapers."
"Yes, never. Besides which I
am very tired and am resting."
That was all.
Perhaps Ethel 'Barrymore Is
above talking with reporters.
Maybe so. She has played during
her life, more than 42 years, most
of which has been spent on the
stage, with such well known act
ors as Henry Irvine and others
and likely she thinks her career
cannot be hurt by not talking with
Ain't it fortunate all of them
are not only big and great but
Just a little human as well.'
Round Trip Fares to Cost
Less After pnl 15, is
"We need all kinds of women's
and children's wearing apparei
and we can use more groceries,
TV Mnrrta atated last nlcht. "We
have enonah money to pay ou
March bills. We hope to have
nniifh to oar our April bills, but
that remains to be seen. There is
much sickness and new cases are
hmnrht to our attention every
day, persons who have not neeaea
help before, but our resources are
Recent, contributions were an
nounced as follows: First Method
ist church, $5, and W. C. T. U.,
$5. '
Feels Like New Woman
"I was a sufferer from kidney
trouble for several years," writes
Mrs. Arthur Demulle, R. F. D. 1,
Orasmere. N. II.. "and suffered so
much 1 felt completely lame all
Since I have been taking
Wanted to Secure
S1600 loan for three years on
$4000 Salem residence on paved p j " Kidney Pills I am not so
Phone 970.Socolofsky-
Johnny Knows!
Every time ' DadJ send3
" Johnny to the corner for
a jJaper Johnny ; comes
back with an . .
i . - ' . 'v :
, Boys Captnred
Twd boys whoraped yester
day from the stats training
school were-captnred and return
ed to that Institution' last night.
according to a report filed at the
police station by. Snperintenaent
W. U Kuser ot the school.
Seniors Win Oratory
fv senior class of the nign
school wna -victorious yesterday
when the three classes of the
high school met in the annual
nloca oratorical contest: waru
Southworth was the seniors' rep- gold everywhere. Adv.
resentative. Bernice Muivey, re
presenting the sophomore class.
ivil second place and Lois Mv hnrir acnea au
tiniA and my eyes were all a blur
Now I can see fine and feel like
a diffemt woman. Since I have
taken two bottles, of Foley Kid
ney Pills I don't have that tired
feeling. I can do my own work
- . t t aAsii1ta
now. lney ormg
. vf a nAinv.a
iAUio nswer. ! ruuucr- . ir""r wt Innior
Wanted at Oleson-Rookstooi i reuows,
173 s. Liberty. class, was awarucu
Auto Exchange,
A ClAMlfled Ad
Will brinr Ton a buyer.- AdT.
People Vm, Swift's Fertiliser
Because it maaes msu """-
See C. S. Bowne or phone tbl
I Ira rrr n .Vfafnerrian Ralph Rime waias Away . Itui inrtl
VV6W Ralph Kline, ot the state scnooi -"T -olcott na9 l8811ed a
for feeble minded, eiopea irom r-'V"; ' the governor of
that place last night accord Ing to ?ttlt5I to Ore-
a report illea at me ponce i TOmi.m t Qherrell. Who
l Ralp1? is a perseryeringeloper W.
from the school, naving oeen cap- w " Pat Keeean
iured and returned after a simi- of larceny. Officer Pat Keegan
lar episode several days ago. . is the officer who ,wTO be sent
wt I'aui in la iui
'V-" ' ,. .
alleged thefts ot snerreu UUI"
And why?
Johnny's -wise '
lie knows where to find '
The Junior Statesman
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TURNER, Or., April 4. G. A.
O. Moore and wife spent the week
end at Mill City. ,
Mrs. I. L. Robertson and Mrs.
A. E. Robertson spent Saturday
In fin 1 Am. v
Mrs. W. T. Riches went to Port
land Friday for a tew days visit
with her sister Mrs. t;iara vu.
mack. ,' ,
Jolin Watson Jr., has reiumw
to U. ot O. after spenaing nis
Mrs. John Schfndler and daugh
ter Helen, drove to Portland last
Wednesday and returned home
Frank Mipes made a business
trip to Woodburn last Thursday,
Mrs. J. L. Oliver and daughter.
Margery, spent the week-end In
Salem, visiting relatives.
J. K. Sears of Salem Is spend
ing the week at th w- D. Gors-
line home.
The Brush College Helpers met
at the home of Mrs. Charles Smith
last Thursday, and busied them
selves tielng a comfort. Mrs.
Charles Park of Salem was a
welcome guest of the club.
Walter Mills, son of Mrs. Kun-
Kel, Is seriously ill with' pneu
Born To Mr. ana Mrs. F. C.
Ewing on March 28, an eight-
pound girl, who has been named
Margaret Helen.
A baby girl was born to Mr.
and Mrs. Harvey. Crawford last
The home of William Crawford
was burned last Wednesday
morning. Nothing Wai saved ex
cept the piano, eewlng machine,
and two chairs. The fire was
raniaH hv a riofnrHva film V
D. A. Hoag bought property
last Saturday one mile west of
Frank Ma pes is kalsomining the
W. D. Gorsline home.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dempich,
from St. Paul, Minn., are visiting
at the Jake Singer home. They
have bought a 20-acre fruit tract
near Salem. They will live in the
house recently vacated by Jack
Olson until school closes. Their
two children, Barbara , and Joe
started to school last Monday.
Byron Harritt died last Satur
day evening, another victim of in
fluenza. His father was one of
Oregon's pioneers, and Mr. Har
ritt was born here, December 22,
18S4, spending his entire life in
What has long been predicted
as the old established transporta
tion companies' next move In the
passenger business, is announced
from Portland, in the new sched
ule of the Oregon Electric, to cut
passenger rates of one and one-1
half times one tare rate ior an
round trip tickets, beginning AP-
nril 15.
A cut ot only three cents, rromi
S2.78 to $2.75. has been made in
the Salem-Portland rate; but the
time limit has been extended to
8 days., This time limit prevails
for the sale of all round-trip
tickets costing above 50 cents.
The rate goes Into effect April
15. a week from next Saturday.!
At i definite'y announcea inai
the cut is made to meet the com
petition of the stage Jinea.
No change is made In one-way
fares under th's announcement.
and no change is made in the fam
ily and school commutation tick
ets sold for short-distance rides
to Portland, which have always I
sold at a low rate. It Is understood
that both'lhe Oregon Electric and
the Southern PaclTc lines, that
cover ao closely the same -terri
tory, have Joined in the cut. They
operate as far south as Eugene.
All New Show Sunday :"Tji f
First Grade Occupies
New Siiverton School
SILVERTON. Or., April 5.
( Special to The Statesman. )-
Three rooms of the new school '
building which is under construc
tion at Siiverton have been com
pleted sufficiently to be used and
are now occupied by the first
grade. It Is expected that the
building will be ready for use
about May 1. It is probable that
all the grades will, then move
in as they are so crowded In their
present quarters.
IF you have taxes, insurance, dues
organizations, etc that amount
f ixed, sum each year, why not estimate
its amount in the aggregate,, divide it
into twelve parts, and each' month Mle
posit one-twelfth i to your credit in' a
Savings. Account at this Daniel
Thus you .avoid worry, and possibly
barrassment. or the borrowing Of mon
ey at a high rate of interest to settle
your debts. .Think it over. ''
for j ,
Is the result 1if confining-and
directing energy along some
certain channel, v u one expects
to succeed in life he must di
rect his talents and connne
some special object. :- - v
This is iartlcularly trde. of
the business world. ; While no
field offera greater opportuni
ties ta the properly tramea
young person, . mere
chance for the untrained; man
or woman to succeed. ; ' '
Begin your' business training
now. , Let us tell you aoout mo
revival of business which Is due
this summer and the Increased
opportunities that wm resuiu
Write or call.
Capital Bnshess' CoDege
C v. Salem, Oregon
Hartman's Glasses ,n money Talue to bout ,8'
services from Terwllllger home
school tically every one in the neighbor- Friday at 2 p.m.. Rev. Mr. Mllllg-
an officiating. Burial In Lee
cation at home. 1
TAn fnlomsn and Wile II
tended the county Parent-Teacher thls community. His friends were
.t in c.i.m satnrdav. Mrs. al those wno anew mm. ocnooi
Ora Bear also attenaeo. w" 2 r" Lihor.
The San t lam sunaay kuu uj cc. - r" 7..
. . ..u , th Turner i nooa aiicuucu uu uuc. wuuu.
convention held at the Turn
r TulyZ7Zl .p tal Blanks- J tTuccess both in numbertand He was laid to rest in the zena
v"v . j. BtatAaman OI-l . V -.w. ii.,i anaakers cemetery, among ine.uuww.
W-- JT M
au. isiaie nmah Pol ore
ent Kuser ot me s 1 oTi Wnltney and Mrs. J
1 1 M n r. MTO 1 .IHI . . I . ... .
' : . j i. KBTOi v - - I niivor vlaftoH arhnnl last WPPK.
r Oettlnr ready tor way oay " nrdenf of the annua y--' -A --;r
ATCHINSON At Portland. Or.,
April 4, 122, Merribel Margar
et, wife of Charles E. Atchln
son, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Hebel of -this city.' at
the age of 22 years. Funeral
' Mission cemetery.
1 V'
Easier land -Better
Phone 1255. Salem, Oregon
Songs Are
SAVE $ $
Commercial street.
the-Vpi7;t-ot the Willamette J- "0V tU'C
verslty student body at the pres- Thj next meeting will be at Me- m w"a " r .
ent time. Campus eommltteee. hama ln Juiy. . Harvey Stanton of Salem
work leaders and many Jolin Watson and u. u. " t last Wednesday with her
li.j. onmmittees are aiio.ij wpm in Kaiem sunuaj. I ' . . , , c.n.
- I UlUUa v. Z - . IJ" w " . mnin.F luri. L.UUH OUlllu.
by Bisi rmr hrdwro sm latest idea is the learning oi WiU Moore and famuy return RoBie Krall is out of school.
furniture it The wp - the freshman giee on6. ed from saiem r nua. .'..L imf ferine wik a bad attack oi
A tiwrnltnre Co, .no. ,a durinE the chapel penoa Rev. R. L. Putnam ana -
rnoM v. minnteg time u QeToieu were ud irom oaiem ou; i Threeular Grange meeting
i in7 nf o ttnnr. After all have I .amnnn. ' I .m w novf PrfflT ffveninr.
ICAIUIU w. , , . . . will UC ucm - . . v
been mastered there wm m gruuv The Laates Meinoumi ' Senator Patterson will be present dnriner. iunior week-end, Uietv are making big preparations T dd a
o...n."o . i ' .. . vaii at tne i " r.. ... n a
and visitors wm naie u "vi"" i ior tneir oaitaar iu . i Mr. and Mrs. w. r. ruuruiu ui
tnnlty to hear Willamette's new Masonic hall Saturday, a cii-u Salem were Sunday guests of Mr.
.ones I dinner ana evening mmu I aand Mrs. ai n. aieiner.
i . . . A n . n nrinui
iserreu bi iuuuci v
nnhlic is invited.
I-nirar " ... .v 1 " ' t IT.V mr,A
rm !..( tn all Will Da IUC I kbt. n. X. 1UUWH
u o...... T.rll n from Salem Thursday re-
coming lecture ni " 1 ""V 2 ,iBlt-
- ...til A . t n .. n i vni-Ki L . . f miininv ill, miitiua t . uv .
vane oi wiiwiubuo -... i o ;
fMUNSOf Margaret Munson died
four miles east of Salem, April
4 at the age of 66 years. Ar
rangements in charge of Webb
& Clough. Funeral announce
ments later.
LUNDEE? Andrew Lundeen
died at 2425' Broadway. April
5, at the age of 79 years. Ar
raangement in charge of Webb
& Clough. Funeral announce
ments later.
will buy anything you have
to sell
Loganberry and iop , wire
for sale -.''
"The House of Half a Mil
lion and One Bargains
402 N. Commercial St
Phone.' 523
i fr ... t aorfea of lectures I ed friends and assisted with
ine " . .I :mKr A(Lftnnr monies Sunday school So-
given Dy meavu.u, ':--':;',, of wr. and Mrs.
iSti'S: Z WcseDaVtment if R. Theissen Friday eveni.g
VuT talk on "Vit- and also assisted Mrs, Bond bar
...i... and the uaiancea i
The newly-married, the bachelor.
the housekeeper, the cooa anu w
vill find this an interesting iw
urday evening in an Easter party
tor the Junior league.
Mrs. R. M. Kiser and Miss G.
Davis were in Salem Saturday.
., , Established 18C3
? V General Banking Business :
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p.m. .
MARION F. A. oeltman, L. C
votu p p. Palmer, u. e..
hamm. 1. F. Krotsic, Harry Lew
is!. E. D. CooK. u
W. Shepherd,
New Postmaster General
Believes in Following Re-,;
ligious Practices
MACK At the residence, 597
South Nineteenth street, April
S. Mrs. Clara Ada Mack, age
73 rears, wife; of Moses Mack.
mother of Mrs. C. W. Pierce of
St. Paul, Minn., Mrs. J. IE.
Champion of Salem, Mrs. E. S.
Bair of Newport, Ore., and Mrs.
A. R. Burt of Albany, sister ot
Mrs. M. C. Chadbourne of Miu
neapolis and ' Amos Colson o
Elk River. Minn. Funeral will
be held at 2 o'clock. Burial at
City View, cemetery. ; ,
: i
SARGfiNT At, a local hospital.
April 5. Mrs. Martha Rose Sar
gent, age 40 years, wife ot Fred
Li. Sareent. mother ot Mabel,
Wilma, Lawrence, Velma, Thel
ma and Glenn Sargent, sister of
John T. and Charles Harmon of
Dryden, Ore. L Deceased was a
former resident of Nallpee,
Wash. Funeral services will be
held Thursday, April 6. at 3
o'clock from the Rlgdon mortu
ary, concluding service City
View cemetery. Rev. W. T. Mil
liken officiating.
Trunks, Bags and Suitcases
at greatly reduced prices. See window display. .Extra
special Hand Bags in leather and Craftsman, priced
from. ,. ' , : ..." h; vi .k;'h,- .-!.:.'
$3.45 and Up "
French, Geo.
G C. Blackroell
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bruntsch, E. J. Present Sealer 0T Weights but he, settled
Hall: H. L. Griffith. J. C.McDev- MpasiirfiS Wnuld Be "me ? ?!
UIIU ,,ivw.wi '
Labor Commissioner
An interesting paragraph ap
pears' in one of the recent orders
from Hubert- WorJc, newiiy ap
pointed postmaster general to
succeed Will Hays, goh to the
movies. The new executive has I f ESSNER In this city April 4,
been less than a month iff office! Deminlck Messner age 37 years.
- V The Oregon Statesman
New Universities
How To Get This
"Dictionary -
ljW or the Mere Nominal Cost
m m -araa.rtriiiA inn uisur-
)l AlAUUaS)VMl a-
button : ' ' ' ' ' ;
3 98c
secures this NEW, authentle
Dictionary bound In black
seal grain. lUustrated with
full pages in color and duo
tone, " i
i Present or mall to this
paper three Coupon, with.
ninety-eight cents to cover
cost of handling packing.
clerk hire, etc
, Add for Postage:
Mail Up to 150 miles 7e .
Orders Up to 300 miles lOe :
Will Be For greater dis
Filled tances.' ask Post
s -, a v master rate for VS
ItL Portland: J. J. Light. Mr. ana
I . - a T a
IMrs. L.. V. Rex, Kugene; a.
Walter. Miss Wesla Woefer, Hub
bard: Percy F. Thomas uiymp.
Wash.; Leon S. L.yon, v. nw,
Seattle. ..
BLIGH R. J. Dyas, una r.
Dyes, Minnie L. Dyas, BeneTue,
inwi ' Wm. . Borrtel. Cottage
Rrove: Mrs. R. D. Osburn Dal
las: C. Gobonn Eugene: J. i
hffer. M. T. Csmpbeii. u. u.
Grant. A. Waller, Fortiana; j. i.
Reed. Astoria: R.-S. Derrlcr, Asn-
land: J. H. Smith. Marion.
his beliefs a long
might well judge I
from this quotation from an or
der relative to Sunday mail 'ser
"In view of the atutuae oi a
. . a. religious people, supported as it
William A. uamei, preset, , .M,,UInn
. fr.rmpr resident Of Gold Hill
Ore. The body was forwarded
today to Gold Hill for funeral
services and Interment by the
Rigdon mortuary.
Matinees 35c Children 25c
Evenings 50c Children 25c
War tax included ;
ziei, Presem uc- - - ftdltlo .nd KOOd usage.
puty state seaier oi wgu together with our belief that . nal ,. Mr9. A.
measures, yestenw ' w"t there Is more to this life than "s - tlds will ks held in the Webb
secretary m si u dnratlon ' the postmaster general v,,.!, fneral narlors. April 1.
as a candidate for tne oiucn u. employes to 4 . Rer. M. C. Wire of
am m lonifin yr (i m ihii nuu s . a t , MMa am i -
I vutuuiaswuv " -
r of factories and n
MA practical man for
A v & cuinHmf nr fannd in I . ffi.udno - Tin rial will
- . m I encuiiili&w ia7 a - AeWDviKr 'uihwwwmb'
tor of factories and worsUops. -ommunitles. for Sabbath ob- ,n tha 1.0.OJ. cemetery.
a practical i -- - I - ,
m- 1 lanr.nM
Job" ta his slogan. a P"' Thera ls 1Ittie work as pos-
he makes the following statement:
"To the best of my aniiuy tear-
V. Dow. Mr. and Mrs: F. Brercn, lealy and- impartially to eniorce
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Lee. Mr. and 1 .ir 1... rnminc under the luris-
Mrs. H. L. Harmington, Portland; dietion ot this department, and
P. P. Boon. Dallas. endeavor at all times to use care-
ifnl indement and common wsn
. . - a a mm m m 1 " ..a m.- m wa aa
Land BOard HOldS NOteS in matters pertaining to .
a a at nan .-..'
on over seven Millions r naiziei was . candidate for the
..mimtinii aeainst Charles A.
State funds represented by out-1 nram .nd was defeated by Gram
standing notes neid Dy tne siaie 191g
land board on Marcn 31. totaiea
.S7.S70.S76.87'. according to
statement prepared by George u
Brown, clerk of th,e board, in
th common school fund is the
sm of $6,879,060.87. rural credit
fund $444,221. college fund
. . In witn
f 80,145. ' - , , .... ' Ivt. r infnrmation which the
Tne lunas loanea in mo I . " "T . ,
counties are as follows: K i 10 v SZitr to
riti.ena have feel It Is beneath their dignity to
borrow fila.705 from the com- tal:wlth .uch
vaI IiiiiA 111 from las reponers. eu
. ju . ji ajaAA I m av to maaa
ne rural creuii IT- ---'r'LL.T,' f.iv
. a?na i . " - t 1 Kill BUI I T UU
in Polk county, loans from the with-newspapers .The fuUjich
..Vnnl fnni fntal ril RZ-- ITOICB OI Airs. I US3rj u.uinvu
Oueen of Staae Scorns
to Talk With Reporters
vrhnm does the reporter like
fM.l - W M M M T I eni I O arsm - TUT1U I ' w m
Tha funeral of Mrs. Emily Wel-i
sible done in the Salem office on ler wlu be held at w .
Sundays. All special delivery let- EBiscopal church. AprU at.f2
ani . nil mom 1 i-c av n . u. Vuaut v v.
uu ,ev l k. ia. - - r ... . a v a
itlng. Burial 1 will ne ' in iu
mntae anvi t n a zeuertt.1 1 w . - a..a
,ervice is fntended oniy ior -"7-Arrangement, in
OUt-OI-lOwn cauers w i'.'- r w-hh a Clourh. -
who has no regular address tna cn.r - "
the postof flee keeps on recorn.
The outside lobby of the office IS
never closed, and drop letters are
always taken care or, nut ior can
days and holidays the work is
cut down almosi to the Irreduc
ible minimum.
Yamhill River Bridge ,
The atate highway commission
that the bridge over
the Yamhill river between White
eon and McMinnvnie, on the west
side highway, has been compietea
and twel between -Amity and
McMinnvnie may now use the
through route instead of ' the de
tour byway of Bellerue, wmcn it
has been recessary to u?e for tie"
Leading Elortidans
Webb & Clough
Leading Funeral
Ep4wva t?---!!
' SSSSfe I
aether v -
The laU day to
they aat at the table in the resunrint
where they bad danced together so often, ' '
and knew that thia afternoon together .
was their last-There had been goeaip .
of the sort no woman can resist. Small
wonder ther were diatraiL They wouW
hare been more ..".K
foreseen the end of the affair which i
t ao prominent a part of
. Adapted tf June llathts from CZisco lia?icz h'ci'cl
1 IRppT,f
ATI T)-?"r.r.ric3 Vuhlishcd rreious to this one are out
. , r r