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Entered at the Postofflce In Salem, Oregon, as second class matter.
There are indications from Washington that understand
ings are being reached in the matter of enacting the pro
tective tariff bill. It is certainly high time. Yes, high time
and carry nearly 365 days. What may be done in March or
April or May, 1922, should have been done in March or May,
1921; for which the people at the polls in the previous No
vember had given the mandate, which President Harding,
in one of his very first messages, said required "instant ac
tion." Procrastination, the arch breaker of the law given
in the eigth commandment, the thief or time, is not without
respect among the importers of foreign goods in this coun
try; nor in the circle of the obstructionists in the federal
halls of legislation.
conditions that made its action
conform to the mandate of the
A writer in the Springfield Ke-
few alleged statesmen to take the
treaties all apart to see what
makm them tick. Then there
will be the job of putting thero
publican finds a perfect prece- together again and making the
dent for this treaty In the con
vention between the I'n'ted States
and Great Britain to limit the
sire of their respective naval
forces on the Great Lakes.
has stood for over a century. At
any time congress could have up
et it by legislation; once or
twice such legislation has been
parts all fit. There will be much
florid conversation before this
thins is over. Los
The young lady across the way
says she fairly dotes on "The
Three Musketeers." that Shad
rach, Meschak and Abednego had
always appealed to her.
Congress will continue in ses
sion until June. A legislative
program has been outlined that
must be completed before the
garel falls for the summer recess
for the effective cure of cancer.
i seriously proposed. But the pop-i
! And
has been offered by Lord Atho;-j,:lar instinct has been to ma.n
stan. owner of th Montreal Daily ta n the agreement in its original
Star. The decision is to be left Integrity, and congr-ss has bowod
to the Royal college of physicians
and surgeons. London. England.
Secretary of War Weeks has submitted to Congress the
offer of Henry Ford to take over and operate the government
property at Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and the committee on
military affairs of the House is now considering the matter.
In order that the ordinary reader may understand how im
portant the transaction is, there is given herewith a brief
statement of expenditures to date at Muscle Shoals,, the pro
posed additional expenditures, and Mr. Ford's offer:
Government has invested at Muscle Shoals in
Nitrate plant No. 1 .-- $12,888,000
Nitrate plant No. 2 69,674,000
Warrler steam generating plant 3,721,000
Waco quarry 1,179,000
Railroad and transmission line 955,000
Uncompleted dam No. 2 Wilson dam) 17,160,000
Have you sent any copies of the
Opportunity Edition of The
Statesman to eastern friends to
show them the epportunities of
fered by Saiem and the Salm
istrict? Many have. At least.
mail your own copy. That will
help to make a large distribution
nd do a great deal of good in
bringing desirah! new people
The Democrats are preparin
to boost Woodrow Wilson in the
coming campaign, so at least the
report runs, but we fear there H
no such good luck in store for
the Republicans. Exchange.
, .
, " $105,577,000
- - - It is proposed to spend, in addition
For lands and flowage rights $2,000,000
For completing dam No. 2 25,000.000
For constructing dam No. 3 25,000,000
y ' $52,000,000
Final total investment by Government $157,577,000
- Mr. Ford offers
- To complete dam No. 2 and construct dam No. 3, to be
reimbursed by government at cost.
To furnish electricity for operating locks,
v To maintain power nouses and equipment.
To operate nitrate plant No. 2 at present capacity in pro
duction of fertilizer and to sell product at not more than
8 oer cent Drofit.
v To buy nitrate plants Nos. 1 and 2, Warrior steam plant,
and Waco quarry for $5,000,000.
. To lease for 100 years dams Nos. 2 and ,3 . and make an
nual payments to the Government as follows :
; Rental,-4 per cent of completion cost.... $2,000,000
. For upkeep of . dam No. 2;..L.:....: 35,001
" For upkeep of dam No. 3.;...... 20,000
r Annual sinking fund 46,746
A prominent fruit grower sa'd
yesterday that the fruit prospect
at this season were never better.
The fruit trees were never before
so nearly dormant at this date.
So the blossoms are likely to
come on after danger of frost has
passed. A bumper fruit crop all
down the line will help this city
and section wonderfully. Oh.
yes; with the addition of good
prices for the fruit.
J : -i ! - V $2,101,746
' Tho payments and interest on the sinking fund are ex
pected tt reimburse the Government at the end of the lease
period for the cost "of the' two dams. Other indirect benefits
to the government are that Mr.. Ford agrees to keep nitrate
plant No. 2 in condition for. manufacturing explosives, anc
tne iacc mac navigation on me xennessee river win ue gi t-ai-
.ly Improved by the completion of the two dams.
I Other offers for the properties are pending in addition
to: that of Mr. Ford, but his appears to be the most compre
hensive and.responsible. The report of the Secretary of War
shows the close scrutiny given to the proposition .by Mr,
Weeks, and his careful conservation of every right of the
United States in the property. He calls the attention of Con
gress impartially to the benefits that would accrue to the
government through the acceptance of the Ford offer, as
well as the huge losses that the government must write of
if the nitrate plants are sold at the Ford figure. Whatever
may be the final disposition of the matter, the people may
rest assured that their interests have been in competent
. hands, v ?
General Dawes, as the archi
tect of the new national budget
does not mince any words in de
nouncing the federal bureau
chiefs who have either failed to
follow h's advice by chopping ex
penses or did it with sucn poor
grace as to arouse comment. The
sympathies of the voters and tax
payers of the country will be with
Dawes in his effort to wipe out
millions of dollars of unnecessary
A French paper conducted a
query as to what quality was
most to be desired in a wife.
Thousands of answers were re
ceived and the largest number
placed health as the first essen
tial. Strange to say. courage re
ceived the nest highest vote, al
though it would be an inconse
quential factor in, a qutz in this
country. Fidelity, wit and clev
erness came r.ext iu; order with
French husbauds, Wealth and
beauty were well down at the
bottom of the list. Possibly the
Frenchmen think that if a wife
has good health she can be made
into a good took andhousekeepar,
and nothing else matters. It is
certain that an American inquiry
would make a different showiug.
There would be more sticklers for
wealth and beauty.
to the popular will.
The Canadians are proud of
their constant increase of popu
lation by "indirect immigration."
The net natural increase in the
population of Canada in the first
six months of 1921 was 47.427.
according to a statement iss'ued
by the'r bureau of statistics.
Births for this period numbered
&2.134. while deaths totalled 34.
707. The greatest number of
births were reported in March,
and the smallest 'In, February.
The heaviest mortality was re
ported for March and the light
est for June.
Congressman Bourke Cockran
finds a source of worry in the
five-power naval treaty because
it violates the constitution. Every
one should have ben prepared
for this. The Cockran resolution
calls our attention to paragraph
13, section 8, article 1:
"The congress shall have
power ' to provide
and maintain a navy."
This tower is unqualified: it
can neither be added to nor sub
traded from. No treaty can de
prive congress of us powers
ranted by the constitution. It
follows that after the five-power
treaty were ratilied. congress
could ignore it at any time and
make the navy as big as it
pleased. Such obviously is Mr.
Cockran's argument.
The argument is sound, const!
tutionaliy speaking. The su
preme court has decided that an
act of congress subsequent to the
ratification of a treaty overrides
the treaty in case congress legis
lates on a subject placed by the
constitution within its jurisdic
tion. But while congress would
have the power to annul this na-
The closing paragraphs of Lin
coln's second inaugural address
may easily serve as a text for the
present times. The great pow
ers of the world have just con
cluded a conference that must
have a lasting effect upon, the
peace of civilization. Therefore
let the words of the martyred
president be recalled. Ha said:
"With malice towards none,
with charity for ail. with firm
ness in the right, as God give?
us to see the right, let us strive ,
on to finish the work we are ia;
to bind up the nation's wounds;
to care for him who shall .have
borne the battle and for his wid
ow and orphans; to do all which
may achieve and cherish a
and (lasting ipace araon? our
selves and with all nations."
The American delegates to the
Washington conference entered
that parley in the frame of mini
e3ired by Lincoln. They had
malice toward none and charity
for all. When diplomats get to
gether to barter and heckle, it
may be in the name of peaco.
at it really spells war. When
Christian gentlemen gather with
no malice in tneir minds and
only broad charity in their
hearts there is no paring or chaf-
ng. America is .willing to go
more than half way in achieving
the just and enduring peace which
Lincoln so eagerly desired.
Were Lincoln in the White
House today he would have gone
at least as far as did the present
administration to ease the world
of iti naval and military bur
Dicky waved his hand airily at
me he had been carefully study
ing the effect of a new cravat in
the mirror as he talked and
hiaw me a. kiss with th last
AngeltJ word.
"I say. old dear." he went on
and i uw that he was in one
i of his jocular teasing moods, when
! there is nothing for me to do but
BITS FOR BREAKFAST ! inaturedly as 1 may "why don't
i von pattern yourself after Kath-
erine a little more? There s a pa
tient Griselda for you. She almost
weeps with delight when Jack
gives her a smile, and trembles
with fear at his frown.' Gee. 1
wish I had you trained that wen:
Wouldn't I gd out and have one
whale of a time."
'Katherine doesn't have that
particular type of a husband." 1
put in slyly. "1 don't suppose he
lias even looked at another wo
man since he first began to care
for her. And she Is not a door
mat " I could not repress a lit
tle indignation even though 1
knew that D cky was only fooling
"but she has put down her own
feelings because Jack was not
"I, am not well, either." Dicky
asserted. "I'm a sick man, nerves
then it rained.
"The hooded clouds, like friars.
Tell their beads in drops of
The way the extra copies of the
Opportunity Edition went to the
four corners of the earth yester
day, they will not last long.
But that is what they are for
as long as they last. Every copy
should go to tell some one looking
this way of the opportunities of
Salem and the Salem district.
Th thines we can do and the
things we can grow exclusively or
to better advantage and greater
orofit than other sections that is
the gosDel of progress for this jail shot to pieces, and I
citv and district. The doing and that if I could just give you one
growing of these things will make good walloping it would make a
gram was given by different so
ciety members.
The opening number was "Life
of Abraham Lincoln." by Charles
Gilbert; recltaton. by Fred Fish
er; p'ano solo, by Florence Fish
er; "Origin of St. Valentine's
Dav." by Ellxabeth Moarman.
The program was cloeed by U
Had That Tired. Wom-Out Feel
ing. Do you know that "awful tired
feeling," languldness. lame or
weak back, sore muscle. stiff
or swoolen Joints, or rheumatic
pains usually "Indicate kidney
trouble? Foley Kidney Pills net
promptly and effectively. Mrs.
Roberta Lilly. 70$ Alton street.
4itnn in., writes: "For three
years I had a tired, worn-out feel
ing. Various treatments failed.
I began to Improve on the second
dose of Foley Kidney PHI, and
today I feel like new." boiu
everywhere. AdT.
- X
Phone Rate Increase is
Denied Temporarily
this a big city and a great
solidly prosperous country.
Oh wind, if winter comes, can
spring be far behind?"
The hunt for a cure for caucer
goes on unabated, and will con
tinue till successful. A prize of
$100,000 to the graduate or stud
ent of any recognized university
who, within five years, is the first
to discover a medicinal treatment would never do it except under
Copyright, 1022, Associated Editors
The Biggest Little Paper In the World
Edited by John H. Mfflar
! frayed. It's a great business, be
ing a blotter!"
"Don't get sour on the world."
said Bin 3 Blotter 'ying beside it.
"You think a blotter can never do
anything heroic. Well, listen.
"Once there war a Green Blot
ter that was lying on the mahog
any desk of a certain business
man. He was a very nioe old man,
and the blotter didn't mind work
ing for him at a?:, r - was alwav
writing out lfttle checks for out-of-luck
people and hard-up fami
lies and bier checks for charitable
societies. H was always writing
nice, cherry little notes to d:s-our-"ed
friends. I was surorisinc
How well do you know adver
tisements? Play the Ad-Game and find out.
Tear out 20 or 30 good blzod
advertisements, preferably .those
with4 pictures in them, from the
magazines. Choose only advertise
ments of , those articles best
known to the average boy or girl.
Clip out of each advertisement
the nante of the article represent
ed.' But leave Ihe trade-mark and
such descriptive mnttcr of the ar
ticle that does not contain the
name of It. Wherever the name
doos occur, clip It out.
Do not allow a .picture of the
advertised article to remain. : In
an advertisement .of a . certain
kind of soap In which a jitHo grl
Is ihe trademark, cut out the plc-
ne ot tue;har of soap, and also
tn. nn oMb twnn, but .leave
the picture of the little gfrlr It U
familiar that it sbouJd not tie
nuiicait ior the. Ad-Game players
tired It. . .
Paste each 1 the advertisements
on a piece ot cardboard, or , heavy
japer. Number each one. Pin
thera to thb window curtains It
riother doesn't object, or, it you
I ..9 Ad-Came ia school, the
ui course mey didn't hear him
But finally some one spItoh
blotter, held it uo to tho
and then Green Blotter told them
wno nad knocked the old ma
uuwn, ior xne oia man had used
mo oiean Diott-er to blot the
on. Dreather Pink Blotter
"maybe I can do something great
aim exciline like that Inn 1'
stop being discontented."
They are getting around to a
simple system in soviet Russia.
There if a man wants a divorce
ne can just rue a notice or re
lease or declaration of intention
and by paying a fee of 10.000
rubles have it all over with. The
fee sounds rather heavy, but 10.
000 rubles In Russia is hardly the
price of a shave. A man can get
divorce cheaper than he can a
haircut in Russia.
ayid I new man out of me. If you loed
your husband properly you'd be
willing to take a trouncing. No?
Well. I call yiu downright stingy.
But I'll tell you what will do Just
as well. I'M beat the daylights out
In spite of population losses if you in fennis if you'll come out
through war and cession of terri
tory, Germany is reported to have
as manv inhabitants today as in
July. 1914. This is due to the
high birth rate. In 1921 births
exceeded deaths by about 700.000.
Thi is what most worries France,
perhaps. German emigration.
however, is increasing, having
quadrupled between January and
September of last year.
Cat This Out It Is Worth Money
Cut out this slip, enclose with
5c and mail It to Foley & Co.,
2835 Sheffield Ave., Chicago. 111.,
wrtiing your name and address
clearly. You will receive in re
turn a trial package containing
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
for couchs, colds and croup; Fo
ley Kidney Pills for pains In sides
and back; rheumatism, backache.
kidney and bladder ailments; and
Foley Cathartic Tablets, a whole
some and tnorougniy cieansm?
cathartic for constipation, bilious
ness, headaches and sluggisB
bowels. Sold everywhere. Adv.
to the courts. We'll hava Just
time for a couple of sets before
What Dicky Brought.
It was the last thing I felt in
the mood for doing, but I fancied
thre had been an undercurrent of
truth runn'ng through Dicky's
nonsense that he imagined 1 had
been neglecting him a bit. There
fore I smiled up at him brightly.
"I'll be with you in five min
utes." I said.
"It will take me five to change,
myself." he replied, and took, off
his coat as he went toward his
room. Halfway down the hafl he
turned and came back to me.
"Here is a letter that ought to
interest you." he said. "But don't
waste more than two minutes out
of the game on it."
He tossed a letter to me ad
dressed in the unmistakable chir-
ography of Robert Savarin!
(To be continued)
The public service commission
yesterday issued an order denying
temporarily, pending further in
vestigation, an application of the
Lakevlew-Pine Creek Electric
company for authority to Increase
Its rates.
The company has Its principal
offices at Lakoview and furnishes
telephone service to Lakeview and
Lake county.
A paragraph of the order deal
ing with revenues says:
"The commission believes that
this utility's revenue Is not suffi
cient to produce such a return up
on the investment as is generally
considered adequate, but when
authority for a rate adjustment ia
requested, revenue and expense
should not be the only elemtns
considered. Due consideration
must be accorded general service
conditions and tin subscriber
ability to pay. otherwise the rate
might easily result in decreasing
the operating revenue. It is a
natural assumption that a Utility
will endeavor to make such fi
nancial showing as will Justify an
Increase In rates, but w-e roust In
fairness, and equity to the com
pany's patrons. emphatically
state that tho adequacy ot the
service also bears a direct and
important realtionshlp to the rea
sonableness ot the rates."
Hem id
Adcle Garrison's New Phaee of
Citizens of Duluth have formed
a vigilance committee for the sup
pression of booze. The enforce
ment of prohibition ha3 not been
satisfactory and those who be
lieve in sustaining the law are
volunteering for service in that
direction. They are going to put
the bootleggers" of business
if they have to hunt them with
bear traps and blunderbusses.
The treaties resulting from the
arms parley at Washington ar?
before the United States senate
for approval They have the ap
probation of the whole American
people and the civilized world,
but the United States senate wiil
be the last to hear or concede.
It will be first necessary To- a
Washington Governor
Will Attend Conference
"Ever study a blotter!
'. foolish."
"It's very absorbing."
L-....V. 1 . t .. .
how many good things he could do j " ,c ,.L
numbered. The letters have beern
carlsay be set on. the chalk
lertre o( the blackboard.
ftfake list of the correct arti
cles and names advertised on the
Glvo each player a pencil and a
pieco of paper. The players pass
flora one card to another. guess
Ire the articles'" represented as
well as the trade names.
They number each guess to cor
respond with the number on the
card to which the guess refers. V
Give a . prize a box or crack
ers, or a bar of soao. or some.
other article referred to in the ad
vertisements, makes a good one -to
the boy or girl who has the
greacst number of correct ans
wers, , That's the Ad-Game.
JUOlner Join the tun when yon
play the Ad-Ganie. They'd en
joy It, ;;, .,
with his pen.
"Gree Plotter watched and
was glad. Green Blotter was just
a new blotter some advertising
company had -nt tho old man.
and he war. still very fresh and
clean, for his owner still stuck to a
dingy old Yellow Blotter that he
had had for a long time.
"One day a big hurley fellow
with very black evebrows came in
fo the office and stayed h long
time, arguing with the old busi
ness man and pounding his fist on
the table. Green Blotter didn't
like his looks at all. He was triad
I when he went away.
One eveinng. a ? w dav later,
when the rest of the office was
gone and the old man was closing
up his desk, the hie roan came
aenin, and again they had a lone
talk. The the business man took
divided into words. Letters 9, 1,
1?. and 20 spell word meaning
not short: 4. 6. 17 to unite with
stitches; 5. 11. 2, 7. a part of a
house: 15. 18. 14. 12. .. slight de
pression; 16. 10, 13. 3. 8. some
thing used in warfare: By guess
ing the correct words and then ar
ranging their letters in the proper
ordier you will find the saying.
Answer to yesterday's. Acre,
"Do ydu know
"So. do you?"
"Oh. yes. Hook
good f riends'
Col. Hook "
nd Eye are
You. might let Dad andioWk which b han,i,t .t..
. - .- , iiiii is v j i a
other man. anV h stood no to
"hV hJnis. The vir-Uor looked
at the check. Then he began to
lk f'ereHy. Th -xt thin
Green Blotter knew, the old mun
lylnr unconscious on the
floori and the big man wr nn-nn-
out of the room with his
"""Lr thre came mnv peo
ple. Tbjey took the old man
away, and they looked all over
the room. I can tell you! I can
tell jtmv cried Green Blotter, but
i "Fine chance I have to amount
to anything." said Pink Blotter.
"I Me around here and get cov
ered with dust and ink and get all
Una MwnF SHl THfc UDW T
tj m sane Tine
r . sii a si
Fhrnrr 15 to 10 InclatiTi
Chrittitn EndraTor ronTentmn
!frur.T 1. Saturday Salem
nift at I.alior I nion hall.
Kelirourr 1. Saturday Y.M.C.A.
lrpjs to h- 1-anqnrt at noon at as
sociation luil!tnz.
KfbmarT 19 and 20, Simitar and Mon
lm- Mwlln of K;sropal dKte at Si.
Pai'l'a rhur'h
K-hruary 21 m4 22Conrntion
nf Stat Retail Uealcri association at
February 21, Tueday Conrenttea of
Orson Retail Clothiers' aaoeiatkn in
February 21. Tueaday John D. Mirk!
to address South Salem Parent teaser
aatoriation at I,ei!ie. Methodist church.
February 21 and 22 Toeday and
Wedneadav. Apollo club in ronrert with
Gideon Hii-ss and Certrut' Hunteley
Green, pianist.
February 22. Wednesday Seraafenth
anniversary progTam by Rotariana at
Marion hotel.
February 22. Wednesday Washing
ton's birthday.
I'ebrnary -2. Saturday Wretstlinc
bout between r-ron t'itr hiah i'-hoo!
and (hmuii Indian srhool grapplera, at
Ch' .!.
February li, Saturday Marion rin
ty Hils.t-:n c.itt'e club meets at Com-riT'-fsl
-li b.
February J 7. Monday Professor Jame.
Mutthew. W!lrr hal' lerture. "ljorp.
Cm-Mnhip an! Marriage"
March 2. Tbnrtda' Aaanal Elks Elec
tion. Marli 1H, Friday Intrr-ol'ei'ate or
alortral coot "it at 1'acific collrKC, .w
March 17 19 Meeting of county Ban
day school coarentmn in Salem.
Marrh 17, 19 and 19 Marios county
Sunday school rnnrention, Salem.
Mar-h 20 Monday Stale convention
OresCMi Tax Rm-iion leac'ir in Portland
april.16 to 21 "Better Music" week
ia SaH-in.
April 16. Sunday Raster.
May 13.- Friday Primary elect ln.
June 29-30. July 1 -t'onrentinn of
Oreroa 1'ire Chiefs' assoriataoa at Marsh
Jalr 3 and 4 Monday and Tnesdav.
Stat roBTention of Artisans at Wood bora.
Sentawabor 21. 23 a ad S3 Psadleton
Koveniber T, Tse day General elec
tion. '
Lillian's "two or three days'
which Fhe had planned to stay in
Ihe city in order to trace the ac
llvities of tho man. .Take Wilsey
who had called himself Hridge-
ham to me. llambridge to Alice
Holcombe lengthened themselves
'nto more than a week. Jack and
Katherine had departed before
there was anr sIeti of her coming
back, although she had telephon
ed to me each day in order to bo
assured ot Marion's welfare, and
talked for a minute or two with
her small daughter.
I had been so occupied during
the visit of my brother-cousin and
his wife, with the peculiar life
problem involving them, that 1
had not worried over Lillian's ab
sence as I otherwise would have
done. But with the departure of
Jack and Katherine, and my re
lief at the outcome of my inter
view with Jack 1 found my
thoughts turning distractedly to
ward Lillian, wonderin why it
was that she. usually so swift in
dispatching any errand, had been
compelled to stay so long at this
one. Was it possible that she had
been unable to "scotch the snake".
a she had so confidently assert
ed, and that the venom of the
man was still abroad, waiting to
strike In some new way at Alice
Holcombe and me?
"What's rating you, old dear?"
D'cky demanded one evening when
npon comina; in from the train he
had found me with my face in my
hands, so dee; in thought that I
had not heard him come into the
room. "You're as abstracted as
though you wtre on trial for your
I'fe, and were tryln? to art as
your own lawyer. Come out of
it. and give me a k ss. You're
neglecting me shamefully lately."
I looked up. startled, as he
stooped to kis'rae. took hold of
the arms he put around me and
pulled myself to my feot.
"I'm I'm awfully sorry, dear
est." I stammered. "! really
haven't meant to.
Dicky grinned at mo roguishly.
"No. I absolve yon of th"t. but.
of course, these petticoated gods
of the mach'ne who go around
straightening out marital tangles
and sich can't be expected to pay
attpnt'on to a mere commonplace
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"I'm no great df-tec-a-tut,"
nicky retorted, "but It doesn't
take Sherloe'tian abilitUs to
dure that somebodv must have
laid old Jack out cold with a met
aphorical slung bot. Katherine
looked like one if t'i car.y'
Mans about to be thrown to the
lions when shs first landed lir
and up to the last twenty-four
hours. Then she blossomed out
Into a regular girl again, looking
and acting about firteen year-i
younger. And I don't know of
anybody else save your ladyship
who would care to . tackle His
Glooms therefore vmi vera th
Warm Your flloori
a poet nas said that "the. owl
for all his feathers was a-cold."
Some people for all their wraps
are a-cold whenever they are out-of-doors
even In normal winter
It is plain that they need the
warmth there Is pure. rich, red
blood, which reaches through ar
tery and vein, from head 16 foot,
all over the bod v. They could be
told by many people, from experi
ence, that to have this good blood
they should take Hood's Sarsapa-
rilla. The great medicine has
really macVi it possible for many
men and women, boys and girls
to enjoy cold weather and sesist
the attacks of disease. It gives the
right kind of warmth, stimulate
and strengthens at the same time
and its benefits are as lasting as
those of any tonic possibly can be
If there is bllliousness or con
stipation, which often occurs as a
result of the torpifying effect of
cold. Hood's Pills may be taken.
They are perfectly compatible
with Hood s Sarsapartlla. and are
gentle and thorough. Adv.
Oovcrnor Olcott yesterday re
ceived e telegram from Governor
Hart of Washington, announcing
that the Washington executive
will In person attend the confer
ence ot western governors called
by Governor Olcott to meet In
ortland March 4 to study the nar
cotic drug situation on the Pacific
coast. No other governors to
whom the Invitation was extended
have yet replied to the telegraph
ed Invitation.
Successful Play Given
By Epworth League Cast
Live Literary Society
In Operation at Shaw
SHAW. .Or.; Feb. 17. The Lite
rary societv which was organized
at Shaw February 1 among the
young men and women, had it3
second ,rt!gu'lar. meeting Febru
ary 14.
The roll was called and 10
new members were enrolled.
Instructions by Father Schr
bring followed the roll call. Af
ter the instruction a short pro-
CSpeclal to The Statesman)
The Epworth league of the Metho
dist Episcopal church gave a suc
cessful three-act plav, entitled.
"Safety First" at the Palace thea
ter Thursday evening. A good
crowd turned out anl made the
play a financial success. A num
ber of high school students were
among those taking part. The
cast follows:
Mrs. J. Montgomery. Vivian
nankin; Virginia Rridger. Berly
Smith: Mrs. Harrington Brldgef.
Gladys Smith: Zuleika. the Tur
kish maid. Mahema McKee; Mary
Ann O'Flinnierv. Irish maid. Elea
nor Adams; Mr. Jack Montgom
ery. Russell McCullough; Jerry
Arnold. Frank Alfred: Elmer
Flannel. Uay TibbHs: Abou Ben.
Mocka. father pf Zuleika. Leon
ard Graham; McN'utt, a detective.
Lee Alfred.
Classified Ads. In The
Statesman Bring Results
t'Ircuit Court
DALLAS. Or.. Feb. 17. Sam
uel S. Houston vs. the city of
Monmouth. The plaintiff satis
fisd the judgment rendered there
in against the city of Monmouth
diirinx; the last term of -o-irt.
Plaintiff sued the city of Mon
mouth for $252.75 and co. ts and
disbursements, alleging that tha
amount due him on services per
formed a.s civil nKineer for the
city; but the court gave plaintiff
judgment in the sum of $100 and
costs, it having been ct'pulated
b?tween the rallies tha.. they
would not reiuire a jury.
Theodore O. Loveland and J. L
Records, doing business rnder the
firm name of Hrenard Manufac
turing company, vs. M ('. Peter
son. After considering the de
murrer, filed in th's cas wherein
it is alleged that plaintiff have
no legal capacTty to sue, and that
the complaint fails to state fact"
sufficient, the court enters! an
order sustaiuing the dennrrr
and giving the plaintiffs ;o days
in which to answer or ota-jrw'se
the plaintiff later loaned money
to the defendant wh'ch the de
fendant has neglected to return
to th-? plaintiff. After reciting
other financial difficulties with
the defendant, plaintiff pray the
court for a udxment against tha
defendant as follows: 1. For the
sum or $91f.30f with Interest;
2. For the sum of $100. with in
terest; 3. For the sum of $113.15
with interest; 1. For the sum of
$232. w ith interest: 5. Fc the
sum of $26. with interes' tnd
costs and disbursement Incurred.
T. 1. Call vs. J. L. Linn and
S. K. 1 ever ill. Transcript of
ndgntent from the circuit court
of Yamhill coity was filed by
the plaintiff and alnst the de
fendants in the tim of $Jl''.S.
face, and $53.50 costs.
A. M. Lady-vs. James M. Hil
Hard. The plaintiff filed his
compla'nt that he has performed
work for the defendant to the
reasonable value of $1239.30. acd
.fddess of the macliine, Q. e. D.that 1919.30 is jet due him; thai
E. C.
Probate Court
the guardianship of
an Insane person.
having apiV'lnted
guardian of the insane per
son and directed that letters of
guardianship issu to him upon
h:s filing a bond In the" sum of
$2400. ruch guardian riled with
ihe court Ihe bond In that am
ount with C. L. Crider and Con
rad Strafrln as sureties.
In tho gcard'anohip of Virgil
Hurson. Floyd Burson and Rirby
Hnrson, minors. The guardian
of the above named minors. Mat
tie Harvey, petitioned the court
some time ago Tor an order of
sale of real estate belonging to
her wards.. The court ordered
that ctlation Issue to the next of
kin, which Was done, and furth
er set February 11 as the time
to hear objections to entering an
order - for the sale of ths realty.
The court entered an order di
recting the guardian to sell th
real property belonging tho her
5 :
5 1
: v
; f
. J,
' 5
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t i
- f