The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 14, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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Fallrnt Walk Away
John a Whlppen, for more than
three years a paroled inmate of
the State Hospital, on Monday
bought a ticket, over the Oregon
Electric that would start him on
his way to his old homeat Dufur
He ws located, however, and re
turned to the hospital as the saf
est home for the present. He has
been with the kitchen service at
the hospital.
Wanted to Buy
A few cars good grain hay.
Spaulding Logging Co. Adv.
Banquet Li Planned
There will be a Father's and
Son s banquet in the Court street
Christian church tonight at 6:30
J. A. Bennet, pastor of the Chris
tian church of Silverton will be
4he chief speaker.
Taper Is Enjoyed
At the meeting of the Minis
terial association Monday, the
phief thing of interest was a
paper by Prof. Hertzog of Kimbal
school. His subject was "What
Constitutes a Successfull Com
munity Church?" He gave a very
fine exposition of the reee dif
ferent types of community chur
ches now being established In
various communities throughout
the United States.
Car Loganberry Wire .
Special price out of car Tues
day and Wednesday. H. Pohle
& Son. Adv.
Banks Remain One
Had It not been for the obser
vance of Lincoln's birthday by
the state departments, Salem
people would not have suffered
any inconvenience as the result
of Governor Olcott's proclamation
declaring yesterday a legal holi
day. The Salem banks were open
as usual, as were the county and
city offices. Special Lincoln Day
programs were given In a number
of the public schools.
Trees in Fine Shnp
' Peach trees in Mission bottom
are in fine shape, according to
Alex La Follett, - who has fre
quently .been called the peach
king of the Willamette valley.
Due to the continued cold weath
ir, no sap is running yet, and
this all looks good to the peach
jrower. According to his estl-
Hartman's Glasses
Easier and Better
Wear them and see
Phone 1255 Balem, Oregon
iy buying your hardware and
furniture at The Capital Hard
urare & Furniture Co., 285 N
Commercial street. Phone 941
fMUln at lMtt V. OommareUl BtrMt
Chop Boer. Noodles and Aawieaa
)UkM, Im Crtm aid Drinks.
Opa 11 to 1 ..
SpoeUl 8tmdT "
Wo pay highest price.
Wo bay and sell everything
Wo tell for lest.
215 Center St. Phono 898
We want them and want
them bad. Because we do
we will pay you the high
est v price obtainable any
where, Bring us all you
Also old clothing, furniture
and junk of all kinds.
The House of Half a Million
and One Bargains
402 N, ComT, Phone 523
Look' around in your
attic or store room and
you will find long-forgotten
articles, useless to
you, but very useful to
Turn these articles In
to cash or exchange them
for something useful.
A classified ad. in the
Statesman will tell hun
dreds about it.
. You can telephone your
mates, the peach trees should not
bloom until about the middle of
March. There have been years,
he said, when the trees were in
full bloom in the middle of February.
Kozer Visit Metlfonl
Sam A. Kozer, secretary of
state, passed yesterday at Med
ford, where he attended the Lin
coln day banquet given by prom
inent republicans of Jackson
county. Justice Lawrence Har
ris of the supreme court passed
the day at Seattle, while many
other officials were absent from
the capital city.
First Rehearsal Tonight
The May Festival chorus at
First Congregational church, 7:30
o'clock. If interested in good mu
sic please be there. Adv.
Engineer Plans Trip
Herbert Nunn. state highway
engineer, wHt leave here Thurs
day for a trip over the Columbia
highway. He will inspect the
progress that is being made in
removing snow and ice from the
highway at a number of points
between Portland and Th
Oratorio Creation Rehearsal
May Festival Chorus. Tonight
at First Congregational church.
7:30 o'clock. Dr. John It. Sites,
Leading New Itooks
Among the new books just re
ceived by the Salem public lib
rary are the following: "Why
Die So Young?" "How Animals
Talk," and "China, Japan and
Twins Horn
There was born Fein n trv 13 to
Mr. and Mrs. Arch!.-; Ft. Ewing.
twins, both boys. Ewing is
foreman of the Wallace orchard.
There are now four children in
the Ewing family and 211 are
Speaks On Lincoln
President Carl Gregg Doney
was the chapel speaker at Wlllam-
It's a Real Picture :
Nervy, if fel
ler's s sve fish
h'i willing to
straggle upstream
It'a the ci man
that drifts to
ward the rockt.
One min
ute essay
on health
by O. L.
Scott, D.
Five Words To
The Wise
Five words to the wise are
"try chiropractic spinal ad
justments first." When chir
opractic first became known
it was only tried after ev
erything else had failed.
In twenty-five years it has
built up a marvelous record
of results with cases pro
nounced incurable.
No health method ever
had a tougher assignment,
and that chiropractic suc
ceeded is the finest tribute
in the world to its sound
scientific basis as a means
of restoring the conditions
of health. It is beyond the
trial stage. It now becomes
the science of health which
should be tried first. To
"try chiropractic spinal ad
justments first" is to save
time, money and health
Act for your health, today
by telephoning 87 for an
a wJiea
7 for u
Is without
. tAHS
. miir
lrnre v
Dr. O. L. Scott
414-19 U. S. Bank BUg.
Phone 87
ette university yesterday. His
subject wa Abraham Lincoln.
President Doney spoke of the
many sided man as being the
greatest of world heroes, that he
was understood not only in Amer
ica but in England and all parts
of the civilized globe.
cates that the Salem district and
Marlon county is soon to develop
a great poultry industry.
-New Coarse Off-w!
Dean Clark of Willamette uni
versity Is offering a course in
"campus management" according
to an announcement on the bulle
tin board in Eaton hall. It i3 fur
ther stated that no less than one
and no more than thrc-e students
will be enrolled in this course.
ounted to $205,000,000,000. Hy
1919 it had reached 2S,oo.-
000.000. and in 1921. the total
amount of $3s.0oo.oio.00O. j
Clorel Man Threatenel
Slight CorreetHin "Nigger! Don"t forget who vou
It requires two bushels of flix are an(j wnat you are where you
reed to the arre ami not are and Beware!" A colored
pounds as .stated one-? upon a tim. 'practitioner of the humble art of
Th Willamette Valley Flax & chiropody, yesterday found this
Hemp Growers association will card beneath the door of his ol
have signed up within a short . fjce in the Patton building, ac-
t:me acres tor me cumins , cording to a report filed bv C. J
Charles Cobine to Have
Trial Under Booze Law
Foster at the police station yes-J
jterday. Foster, the chiropodist.
Record Exchange for I.V- told the police that he had no
At Moore-Dunn music store. knoledge of any reason why the
Adv. card was attached to his office.
A Classified Ad
Will bring you a buyer. Adv.
Fourth Lecture GIvci
The fourth of a series of lec
tures given by the faculty of Will
amette university was given last
night at Waller hall chapel. Prof.
Moulton E. Peck was the speaker,
his subject "The Poetic Aspect of
the Principles of Evolution" was
well illustrated by readings and
poems given by Miss Martha Fer
guson. The next lecture will ho
held February -27 at Waller hall.
Professor James T. Matthews will
deliver his address on "Love,
Courtship and Marriage." Admis
eion ia free to these lectures.
Ituys Home Lals Leave Homes "
A. W. Rookstool has purchased j Everett Vanderhoof
from George R. Cernik. a home Bellevue street and Floyd Wood
at 1040 North Twentreth street. of 305 South Sixteenth street are
The consideration was $2100. ! two runaway lads who have de-
serted their Salem homes for un-
Is Rewverinz known destinations, according to
vr,i w revived hv the Sa-! a report flied at the police sta-
DALHS. Or , K-b. 13 Spe
cial tf The Statesman, i Tbarlri
Cobine. a resident of Bun?a Vita.
was arrosad by ?her ff John W.
Orr in Indpndencj iato Friday
n"s.M c.n a charge of .-filing moon
shine. Cobine is blitvc-d to be
one of the pan's that has been
operating abovt Independence for
some tiw- ai..i both the Polk
county authorities and city et'ir
ials of Independence hat nt -n
upca a to brek up f
ring, fobine wis given a h
i 'tis before Justiof of th Pe.-e
of 1420IJakr cf that city ar.d hi bail
was tixed at jr.ou. lie v.ii! have
a t:ial at Indepcndriicc toaior
i ow.
tion. No word
lads have been
concerning tne
received from
lem Elks lodge that C. Harvey
oib- In Port.
lanTis mS a satis7actory re. nearby cities where police offic-
covery and that he Is now abl." uul"'cu'
to be up and about.
Preparing for More Iluiness
W. Uotnicke, who has been
Xever Wants Anything Ki-'
"I tried many different k i, N
of cough medicine." writes Mi.-..
E. K. Olson. 1917 Oh:o Ave.. Su
perior, V.'is.. " but I never want
anyth'ng else than Foley's Honey
and Tar. I us-d it for all niy
children and also for my grand
child. It-haa always done fine
work. holey? is a pure, whole
Son Is Horn
A son was born February 12
to Mr. and Mrs. William H. East
or 11 GO South Commercial street.
He has been named Robert Clark.
Mr. East is in the postal service.
tko pai- vn ppodI-g ! 'Janufacturinir candy at his home
society will hold a Valentine party 1 " Eighteenth street, has taken iBome aml absolutely safe remedv
tonight at the home of Mr. and i the building on South Com-, for the reiie(,of co!ds CTOup and
Mrs. V. E. Kuhn, 63 Norm in-,'-'udi sut-t-i r""- a jwhoopine cough. Children like it
ter street. The party is for mew-j iture hospital, and is putting in . and u checks sn?ezing and snuf-
hr and frionda nf the POCietv. i euuipmeni lor mar. Ul aciurui '
i candy on a larger scale.
Income Tax Statements Prepared j
G. Ed Ross, public accountant ;uejs t ItKhou Home
fline;. Sold everywhere Adv.
THE during test of love is provision
for ne permanent comfort and hap
piness ot those you care for, not in send
ing valentines to them.
The husband and father who exercises
ard his family the protecting love
makes him save and invest to pro
them with an independent income
case of his death, is showing the real,
ngible affection.
United States National offers you
services in this connection.
Urritef Sates moita!Ban
l tou
U that
iK vide
and auditor, phone 2098R. Adv.
Vacation of I load Wuntetf
Notice has been posted on the
bulletin board of the Marion
county court in regard to the mat
ter of W. is. Brown and others,
in which they petition for a va
cation of a portion of the county
road leading from the Parkar
ville and Matheny Ferry road to
the county road from the Pacific
highway to Wade's lane. The
hearing will be held at 10 o'clock
in the morning of April 10 in the
court hous3.
Slay Festival Chorus
First rehearsal at First Con
gregational church. Liberty and
Center streets, 7:30 tonight. All
interested in good music urged to
attend.- Adv.
T. A. Formal
At the Maripn hotel, on the
evening of February 18, the T. A.
girls' society of the Salem higb
school will hold a formal party.
The patrons and patronesses are
Dr. and Mrs. L. F. Griffith. Mr.
and Mrs. J. C Nelson and Mr.
and Mrs. W. L. West.
Weatlier a Year Ago
For those who are not satisfied
with February weather so far this
month, it might be well to take
notice of the fact that according
to the government's report it
rained every day in Salem during
the first 15 days of February.
1921. And out of thf 2H days ot
February. 1921. it rained 22 days,
with a total of 6.90 inches of rain
during the month.
Cherrians Meet Tonight
The Cherrians will meet tonignt
at 6:15 o'clock at the Commercial
club for the regular monthly din
ner and business session. There
will come up for difcussion plans
for the coming season and oth3r
interesting matters, including the
collection of the first assessment
of the year, 2.
Vcw Pianos, $2f8
Easy terms, standard makes.
Tallman Piano store, 121 S Cora'l.
Christian Clmrch firowing
The Court Street Christian
church. Seventeenth and Court
streets, now has a membership of
320. according to R. L. Putnam,
pastor. During the year 1921,
the increase in membership was
f6. Within the past three years
the church membership has grown
from "5 to 320. The present
building will hardly accommodate
the regular Sunday attendance
and the members hope in the near
future to erect a building that
will care for the rapidly increas
ing membership. The church pro
perty is entirely free fronji debt
and all paving assessments are
paid. The average Sunday school
attendance is 190. For regular
morning services, during the past
year, the average attendance was
Mrs. I. W. Starr is visiting her
: brother. C. P. Bishop for a few;
idavs. Mrs. Stair's daughter,
j Mrs. Dean Morris, is also a guet
1 at the Hishop home.
j Highway Now Open
j Thi California highway depart
I meat yesterday advised official
i of the Oregon public service com
I mission that Shasta Summit, on
the Pacific highway, is now open
to motor vehicle traffic. T he
highway at Shasta Summit was
cloted to traffic last Friday as the
restil of i snow storm in that section.
People Use Swift's Fertilizer-.
Because it makes them money.
See C. S. Bowne or phone 353.
Will Meet at 4:30 P. M.
Members of the Whitney Boys
chorus will meet this afternoon at
4:30 o'clock at the auditorium of
the high school, for the usual
drill under the direction ot Dr. H.
C Epley. He has accepted the in
vitation by which the boys will
take part in "Music Week" in Sa
lem. The boys will also take part
In the big chorus singing of 2,000
to be held in Portland May 12-14.
Those who expect to get in on
these big events must enroll ot
once, Dr. Epley says.
Down 4n Cuba Land
Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Lamport
who have been visiting in New
York for several weeks, are now
taking in the summer climate of
Cuba. Word has been received by
friends of Mr. Lamport that Ha
vana, for various reasons is quite
different from anything In the
United States.
FSjiures Alarming
R. H. Thomas, deputy scout
commissioner of Portland, in ad
dressing1 the Commercial club yes
terday noon, gave these figures:
Th national debt of all nations in
the world in 1913 was 43.262.
000,000. Bj 1918, this figure am-
Simply drifting along
life's current because you're
not man enough to con
centrate! Is that you? And
did you ever stop to think
that it's simply impossible
for a man to concentrate
every effort on his work
when those dull, monoto
nous headaches persist?
Perhaps that's your trouble.
When analysed it is highly
probable that a large per
cent of our failures can be
traced to defective eyes.
Think It over. Let us talk it
over with you. Phone for
204-211 Salem Bank o
Commerce Building
Oregon's Largest Optical
Phone 239 for appointment
Marion County Poultry Industry
Yesterday was opening day for
the 1922 season at C. "N. Need
ham's baby chicks' brooder and
sales rooms on State street op
posite the court house and -the
thousands ' of chicks leghorns.
rocks, reds and other varieties
presented a very animated scene.
Among the larger sales made were
2500 white leghorn chicks to
loel Sprunger, route 6, Salem, and
1200 barred rock chicks to A.
H. Wright of Aurora. The first
shipment by parcels post com
prised -.100 chicks to a distant
purchaser and although the pac
kage-weighed 13 pounds and
was shipped rn the 13th day of
the month, Mr Neeuham is sat
isfied wkh the opening day's bus
iness and is looking forward to
an unusually lively season in the
baby chick business, which indi
BALLWEBER In this city. Ron
aid Ballweber, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Leon Ballweber. of Wood
burn rout a 2, at the age of
three years. The child died at
a local hospital following an
operation. The body will be
taken this afternoon to the
Ballweber home near Wood
burn. Interment will be at the
Woodburn cemetery tomorrow
4AHERNS In Potrland. suddenly
February 10, Ernest H. Ahrens,
age 63 years, brother of John
Ahrens of Turner. Funeral ser
vices will bo held Tuesday aft
ernoon at 1:30 o'clock from the
Rigdon mortuary. Rev. George
Koehler officiating, concluding
service City View cemetery.
Talks on Athletics
Dr. Carl Gregg Doney. president
of Willamette university, in n
semi-annual report to the board
ot trustees recently, said: "The
general criticism now current ot
intercollegiate athletes, does not
apply to Willamette. Our poverty
may have been our protection, al
though I think the university's
sense of honor would have kept
our athletics honest and clean;
but we have been obliged to com
pete with a condition which has
not made it easy to secure athletes
who normally would have corns
to us. The whole disgraceful mat
ter which has secretly existed for
years, is another appeal for relig
ion in our educational institutions."
MARION Portland i iv:il
were K. W. IMr.on. A. c'.. Ruben.
H. M. Wilk Tson, . W. K. White
tomb. Wm. Hall, t'has. V. W.-nto-worth.
W. Jl. Norton. H
Dwyer. V. V.i Pitts. C. .1. Holway.
F. E. Ackerman. T. W. :;an.mnnd.
J. F. Madden, D. K. Shoemaker.
(). K. Ponsen. Mrs. S. G. Lubliner.
J. W. Gates. W. IT. Kay, R. Hud
long, J. P. Newell, 11. V. Harr, F.
E. Jev.etts. Jack Altnian., Maurice
Winter. C. 1). East, M. J.fferson,
D. N. Heilman, II. O. Packard. F.
N. Watt. Others registering were
II . W. Spoors. Taeoma; Earl is.
Houston, Bend; N. G. Corin, Med
tord; S. M. Knudsen. Page Net;
Mr. and Mr. I). S. Lynet. J. H
Snarr, Seattle; W. E. Iniprey,
nver; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Heider,
Sheridan; J. L. Porte, Spokane,
and J. A. Betting, Portland.
BLIGH Portland arrivals were
H. M. Hand. W. Scott, W. L.
Good. F. E. Long. A. Taylor. S. A.
Carson, J. Cheistsen, Mrs. II. F.
Wallace. W. R. Hunt, R. L. Avada,
K. Benson, H. Hall. W. H. Wood
ward, W. D. Hammond. H. M.
Black. P. W. Black. R. C. Morri
son. Pallas; R. W. Bowman, Fal!3
City; E. Gaddis, Roseburg; W. H.
Elli-s. Bakdr; L. L. Liceallean.
Heppner; H. H. Nuhard. Seattle.
Will Speak to Kiwarjins
James Palmer, assistant secre
tary of the Portland Y. M. C. A.,
will be the speaker for the Klwan
is luncheon to be held today at
the Commerc'al club. Arthur M.
Rahn will offer the attendance
Legal Blanks
Get them at The Statesman of
fice. Catalog on application.
What's in a Xaine
When the famous William
Shakespeare propounded his fa
mous query "What's in a Name?"
he was not aware of the fact
that several hundreds of years
later there would be established
in Salem a grocery store called
"The Clean Cupboard" in this
particular Instance there s a
whole lot in a name, for the new-
store at 125 North High street
is all that the name implies. It's
clean, W. R. Ellis; the proprietor,
has so arranged his store with
this idea uppermost in his mind
and the result is a brand new-
stock of high grade groceries, on
shiny white shelves and In shiny
white bins. No housewife s cup
board is more tidy than this spick
and span little store and Salem
housewive's are going to find this
an ideal place to do their morn
ing shopping. Mr. tjllis has mov
ed his family to Salem and ex
pects to make this his permanent
GRANT In this city Saturday.
February 11, Alex Grant, race
horseman. Funeral services
will be held at the Rigdon chap
el at 3 p. m. today. Rev. W. T.
Milliken officiating. Interment
will be in City View cemetery.
SAVAGE At the home on 12 5S
North Fifth street, Marguerete
Jane Savage at 'the age of 70
years, wife of James Franklin
Savage, mother -of Mrs. B. S.
Martin of Salem, Mrs. Guy H.
Smith of Camas, Wash.; Mrs.
Dr. B. F. ound of Salem. Ore.,
Miss Grace Savage of Sal?m,
John I. Savage of Portland, Or.,
and W. E. Savage of Salem. The
funeral services will he held on
Tuesday morning, February 14,
at 11 o'clock from the Rigdon
chapel, concluding services at
City View iemetery.
Leading Morticians
Among .the new students who
have registered at Willamette
university for the second semes
ter are thV following: Adelia A.
White of Portland, coming from
the Lincoln high school of that
city: Franklyn J. Somer of Port
land, coming from the Jefferson
high, and Kenneth M. Graham of
Portland, who has attended the
University of Oregon. Two In
dians frcm Chemawa have also
registered for th's semester Ir
ving Shepard. who was born at
Cordova. Alaska, and who at
tended the Salem high school,
and Frank Paul Corbett. who was
born at Kimiah. Idaho, and who
attended the Kimiah high school.
William Knight registered from
Boise, Idaho, having had his prep
aration aNthe Coeur d Alene high
school. Anna K. Holm, born in
City high school. George F. Jr
Guldager registered from Albany
Salem Girls to Appear
In Posing Act at Bligh
In conjunction with the beau
tiful posing act of the Garrison
: . , . I. t l : i . i , ... I
iriLi, nit- iiiku lutttifr is p re
senting a novelty in the form ot
a beauty contest, with local girls
appearing in artistic poses. The
fact that the entrants are Salem
girls lends an unusual degree ol
interest fo the affair.
There will be six contestants
in the race, each 'one representing
one of Salem's leading business
firms and wearing gowns an '
different apparel from steref
they represent.
Babe Ruth, the miracle bo oi
the bat, will be seen in his big
six part photodrama "Heading
The fair sex, too, will admire
"Babe" Ruth as an actor for h"
is realsitic and has the s-oi' of
Douglas Fairbanks and is -v-ond
Charley Ray in the subii trt
of love-making. As a boy who
forced to leave his mother, sister
and sweetheart because of an in
nocent accident, but returns later
to win the respect of all who had
sneered at him, he reaches out and
seems to come to life. He is cap
ably assisted by Miss Ruth Tay
lor, a lovably and charmingly
sweet star, who as "Babe's"
sweethear captivated the audience.
Juicy Fruit, Peppermint
and Spearmint are certainly
three delightful flavors to
choose from.
new sugar-coated pepper
mint gum, is also a great
treat for your sweet tooth;
All are from the Wrigley
factories where perfection
is the rule.
Save the
Good for
"niui t
Webb & Clough
Leading Funeral
Directors l
Expert Embalmers
C. S. Hamilton was in Portland
yesterday attending to business
G. W. De Jardin, cashier of the
bank at Alsea, was a visitor in
Salem Monday.
. Miss Elaine Oberg was a Port
land visitor during the week-end.
Mfsa Margarette Legge was hos
tess to Misa Josephine Baurrrgart
rer at the Beta Chi sorority Satur
day evening.
Mrs E. B. Mason left yesterday
for Gravbull. Wyo.. where she
will make her home with her on.
P. S. Scheelar and wife left
yesterday for Spokane where they
will vis't Mr. Scheelar's mother.
. Mrs. Henry Roberts left yester
day over the Oregon Electric for
Zilla. Wn.
- Mrs. A. E. Oibbard and daugh
ter returned yesterday from a vis
it of several weeks in Michigan.
"The Afew York
Beauty Show"
Presented )jy Beautiful
Nifty Poses and Exquisite (iowns Furnished by
Salem's Leading Merchants
in a posing act of exceptional beauty, featuring the
most perfectly formed girl in the world
Also "Babe Ruth" in "Headm Home" .
v 1 "mm,y