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    The Statesman- metres the leased
wire report of the Associated
Press, the greatest and most re
liable press association . la the
world. ,
OREGON Tuesday rain or
mow, ; colder: fresh to strong
southerly gale shirting to north
westerly. , ;.; ' : ' ', t?
QTi n rn
, ! -.
: . .
1 -
Bolshevik! will attempt to pre
sent Dignified Appearance
, at Genoa Meeting
MOSCOW. Feb. 6 (By the
Associated Press.) Special In-
Scventeen Police Officers
structions have been issued to the
- Among Casualties in
Struggle for Amnesty
from Government
Attempt to Seize Town Hall
at Barejlly Brings Bat
tle With Police
i.nnoN. Fen. ft. (By The
Associated. Press) Renewed riot
Russian soviet delegates to the
Genoa conference that long hair
should be trimmed and leather
jackets "and top boots discarded
and that those In the party should
dress In a dignified manner,
All the delegates are buying
new clothes to present a good ap
pearance and to show the world.
as one expressed it, that the Hoi
shevlkl are like "ordinary peo
ple." Money also has been pro
vided for addition to the stock of
clothes at Genoa.
The soviet- delegat'on j Is pre
paring to leave Russia by way 01
the Black sea. going direct to
Genoa "in order to insure against
attaeks to which it might be sub
ject, if the overland routs were
taken. Much secrecy is being od-
rvef concerning the port or
Treaties Signed, President
Makes Address and Dele
gates Prepare to Leave
for Their Homes,
Leader Does Not Believe
Naval Holiday Will Ex
pire With Pact
T" ' " ' t . '
f t 1 "I, r ;
Daughters of American Revo
lution to Guard Instrument
Used' in Signing Treaty
WASHINGTON.' Feb: . ( By
the Associate Press) The "flag
staff" penholder used by Secre
tary Hughes today In signing the
five treaties will be presented to
posterity", la the custody of the
Daughters of the American Revo
lution, probably in memorial con
tinental hall, where the treaties
were signed.
The penholder, made of native
woods from 28 states and terri
tories, was decorated with mini
ature flags of 28 nations including
the nine represented at the con
ference and several of the allied
powers in the World war. The
woods were collected and fashion
ed into a penholder about 14
inches long by David Fairbanks
of Chicago, 111.
Archbishop of Milan Chosen
Supreme Pontiff of Cath
olic Church and Will Rule
as Pius XI.
ine in aeveral Darts of India, In-1 embarkation, and accompanying
volvlng the killing ot at least 17 tnw delegation are a number of
police officials, and four members men ana WOmen members of the
of attacking parties in addition to cbeka In nBguiBe.
thjwpunding ot m numoer pr
tnna and soma destruction of
nronertv. occurred over the week
end. simultaneously with Issuance
of a declarsUon by the uon-coop-rationist
leader. Gandhi, that
-civil disobedience would.' become
effective vnlesa the government
granted amnesty.
. On Saturday police officers at
Chaurl' on the Bengal northwest
ern railway, were stormed by In-
Ulan natlonalltst volunteers. The Change With Quarters utter futility."
a watchman and eight armed po-
Mcement; who were rushed to the
scene " Then the nationalits burn
the offices and stripped the bodies
of those killed and burned tnem
. ' 1 ' Magistrate' Vk'oundrd
the Associated Press.) Its cove
nants finally signed and sealed,
the Washington conference was
passed Into history today by Pres
ident Harding as "an example to
imbue with new hope all that
dwelt in apprehension."
Speaking before a plenary ses
sion which brouKht to a close the
negotiations beginning 12 weeks
ago at his invitation, he declared
that the 'record of achievement
voiced in courageous tones, the
first deliberate and effective ex
pression of great powers "in the
consciousness of peace, of war's
Custom of Over Half Cen
tury Broken After
nouncement Made
Head of Silverton Commit
tee Points to a Candi
date's Qualifications
Now Occupied by Treasur
er Voted by Council
(Special to The Statesman. )'
C. W. Keene, chairman of the
committee which has elected to
give George W. Hubbs its back
ing for the state senatorship. has
given out the following state-
ROME. Feb. 6. (By The As
sociated Press) Cardinal AchiUe
Ratti, archbishop, of Milan, has
been chosen supreme pontiff of
the Roman Catholic church to
succeed the late Pope Benedict
XV. His coronation as Plus XI
will take place Feb. 12.
After the announcement of his
election, the pope appeared on the
outside balcony of St. Peters and
bestowed the benediction on the
thousands who had waited pa
tiently in the rain in St. Peters
square the first time this has oc
curred since the breach between
th BtatP, and the churcn m m.
-Dr. I for 52 years the blessing had been
WASHINGTON, Feb. 6. Declaration was made today by
Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson of the Third United States
cavalry, that he had sent a letter to President Harding charg
ing that "the army is suffering from a reign of Prussianism"
but at the White House and war department it was said that
no such letter had come to the attention of officials. The ma
jor whose home is in Portland, Ore., but who is a patient
at Walter Reed general hospital here made public copies of
h's letter, which he said had been directed to the president
at the risk of court martial formsubordmation.
His letter declared a "veritable reign of terror exists
amoncr iunior officers of the army today," and that "this i3
caused by the unhindered power of the clique to have any of
ficer discharged from the service by operation of what is I
known as the class B law."
"Prussianism and inefficiency flourish in the army, be
cause men rise to power by favoritism instead of efficiency ,7
the letter added.
"Classmates and friends are appointed to lead instead of Assocaited Press.) After a nam-
the most efficient man for the job." her of Important conferences today
Series of Conferences Ln
London Yesterday, Vith
All Factions Present, Fails
to Decide Issue.
Lloyd George's Language i:
Quoted in Communication
to English Premier
LONDON, Feb (By the
On the same day. . noting oc
curred jat ar.lllfcja the middle
United provinces, where several
attempts "yir made by a large
crowd of volunteers to seize the
; town : halU;: Insufficient r police
forces charged them without suc
cess and then were ordered to tire.
The mob eventually, was put to
rout after two persons had been
killed and (Ire others, wounded,
moai them the district magis
trate and the superintendent of
police :
Gandhi's , declaration was
ynade In a letter o the viceroy. He
said he was prepared to advise
postponement pi civil disobedience
until the situation was considered
anew if the viceroy was ready
wlthhrseven days to declare all
Dolltical nrlsonerg liberated and
the freedom or association and
.press, restored.' H.e asserted that
the covernment's reprieve policy
xnade the " adoption of civil dlso-
i bedienoe Immediately Imperative
. ! and that the non-cooperators un-
der ettstlns 9 circumstances were
(Continued on pare 3) 1
Time turned backward in tne
city council chambers last nigm
and the shades of the architects
and special committees who plan-1 standing' accomplishment
w the nresent city hall many one of them alone would
years ago. saw a least one of Justified the conference. But the
their pians aaopvevi. , tne atmosphere that it will seem
For the city, aiaermwn. oy im e breathing the refreshing air
larre majority, last night voted toiof a new morn of promise,
tnatall nollce headouartcrs in the "It may be that the naval holi-
room now occupied by the city "f cwlfie. "p.,rc
- " - warn tnA vaow rH r m r
Treaties Siencd
Before him lay, newly signed.
the treaties by which the world's
predominant nations engaged to
limit their navies, to guarantee ment
a new deal for China, and to set -in Mninr forth sir. Hubbs
up an international consortium ror .he office of state senator, we
to Keep tne peace f n the Pacific. feei that we are only crystallix
ii matters mtie, ne saia.
what we appraised as the out- county for the reason that Mr.
Any Hubbs is so well known and his
have nnllflrn.timiB are eenerallr Jo
bestowed from within the basilica.
0ConneI Too Irfite
The election was completed
without American participation,
Cardinal CConnel, archbishop ot
Rntinn arriving when the new
pope was blessing the multitude.
Policy Outline!
'Universal pacification," is the
ire urn t'J"1'" I . . " lV: noTli'T.
ing the general sentiment of the - CUed
by Prince Chlgi, marshal of the
nTiclave. which made reference
He said Secretary Veeks said
while he had heard of the letter
he had not seen it and he was In
formed it had not reached the de
partment. While house officials
stated emphatically they had not
seen the letter although Major
Wheeler-Nicholaon said he had
mailed it special delivery Satur
day. Record Looked Up
Officers in the adjutant gener
al's department looked up the
record of Major Wheeler-Nichol
son today and found, they said.
j between the southern Irish lead-
that he had been patient at Wal-1 Premier Lloyd George and
ter Reed hospital several months, members ot the British cabinet,
having been transferred there, ac- between Sir James Craig, the Ul
eordinK to the records, "for ob- ster premier, and members of his
servation and treatment" after I cabinet and finally between'; Elr
having be?n shot by a caretaker James and Mr, Lloyd George a
while attempting to enter the solution of the difficulty over the
quarters ot Major Colby at Camp Question of fixing the Ulster boon
Dix, N. J.. one night to sleep after J"1 apparently - had 1 not been
his regular
Officers said
that the
(Continued on page J)
well understood that any state
ment along that line would per
haps be superfluous.
"However, as to some in the
county who way not be acquaint-
to the first blessing, bestowed by
Pius XI. Continual conciliation
inaugurated by his predecessor,
probable reconciliation of the
state and church, which has been
Mtranni for 8o many years, and
ed with Mr. Hubbs, I wigh to sayan appeal to all nations to restore
that he has been a resident oi i peace are said to constitute me
Silverton since 1902. and has I moBt essential aims of the Vatican
!. 7Z . " .ZJ - as . "e iuu0e ui us wU " gnent all of his business ure iniDolicv.
l gruBnu ."u ' " ' : another ; decade are more likely Urarl0n county. Oreeon. He is a Ordinal Gasoarrl will retain
f h!. office " to witness a growth in public practical, successful farmer Sand his office as papal secretary of
em poucw yim,c. I nninlon Btrensthened hv the npwlw.. i .. v.. ni .t.n th annnnncomonf came
ni,na f nTaf a nnartPI Ceu I r ' " UUIluen IUU1, nuu uoo tiucu uau 1 oiai'i. . -
V isns 01 over a qunrier vc 1 which will make na- 1 ,.v.i. Bt,na I imno( mmtHntlv nfter Piux
a ah bata Mmvvv art " m f 11 111111 im iil ai uiil iiusiiiuiid: ma 9 aimuDV a -
Wrj SrBiuW)i...rv- .onmM .Itl. llvtnir "71' 1, vt .,moH h hlh nonti-
fn. anrh location Of tOB BOllCe I " CUV couucitui.u 101 a. nuuiuc ui 1 -n-i mu ' -o- -
deoartment The tiny offfce now fnlfillmeht of God's high term8f and a8 8chooi director in ficate, is regarded as significant
OS 1? iolice headauartS.' is Mntent tban wlth &ni ot war the second largest school district Us Benedict XV required 24 hours
rare and destruction. 1. .,.,t. ) .iriif ar tne p.DDOimmem 01 taruium
1A I . J LI 11 V V M. J k HI O bU VI I "
rnderstmndlng World-Wide years. Ke is also a member of Gasparri. and never peviousiy naa
'Since this conference of na- . countv educational board of I a newly elected pontif f chosen his
ttons.nas pointed with unanimity i Marion county.
i 7 wuaj, u "it is per&aps tnrougn dis won
conferences In the future, under a. a member of the rood roads
appropriate conditions and with committee of Marion county that
aims 'well conserved and definite, jjr. Hubbs is best known. ; He
may illuminate the highways and mbrrA on this eeneral committee
pyways,oi numanp acuvuy; and on the select committee in
torches s or understanding nave this matter, and it was in a great
been lighted and they ought tolmeagure due to his efforU that
glow and encircle the globe. I Marion county has entered upon
The president1 delivered his mes- . era 0f road lmDrovement. In
sage soon after the formal signing other words, Mr. Hubbs has done
of tne treaties nad oeen conciuaea m0re hia part in Hf ting us
ana wnen ne nnisnea me comer-iot,t f tne mud.
epce closed, as it nao opened 10- ..i recoenition of his work as
vemhetfiz, wun prayer, wiinm lCommiUeeman for Marion county
a lew minutes some 01 tne ior-ih(, na been, without solicitation
eleh" delegates already naa ieitJnn ft nar hn,i. B momhor
Washington and most ot the oth- of the national rood roads com
ers wii go tomorrow. Jmittee,
Foun of the treaties and a sup- ..Hj- nrivate and nubile trans-
piement to me mm were given acu0ns have been fair and regu
final approval today, but tnwr nar and tne unjyersai approval
red wax seais naa oeen unacueu
for such a location ot ttte ponce - cuy couuenmau ior a numuer y. J";
used as police headquarters
more tban overcrowded and for
several months, lack of space cre
ated r problem for the police com
" Alderman John Giesey last
nlcht led the fight for the change
which has been proposed several
times during the past five years
I but always , defeated. 7 r
Att VAMatlUUaiS
LOS ANGELES. Feb. 6 A man said to answer the d&-1 advance and the "tire cere-
t; scription .of Edward F. Sands, alias Edward Fitz Strathmore t&rZnTinw rTmned and
lithe missing former butler of William Desmond Taylor, slain 1 the seventh and final plenary
film Hirwtnr and believed by the LOS AnSteles detective to session ended at 11:30 a. m.. one
iv.u u i, olnflnn nf fhp mnrrlpr. ia in nnflinl Nev 1 hour and 11 minutes after It was
;tonight, according to messages received by the Los Angeles ca,led Vtiu signed
police. -v W A In the order of their signature.
Mpsaairea from Carlin were fom Constable Berning of the instruments to which the pie-
k1ovv1 fn tVio nnliro Hennrtmcnt hre I ninotentaries attached the names
ilOTSCrTt HkMiST " : - . 1.! cWwille Slayer is
Tney SUttea wrasmme. omng wimuvcu - h pal Japanese islands from thei UlVen Llie impTISOniHenil Peters and shouted
i "i Done you erei
voiced on his selection as a candi
date for the important office of
state senator is perhaps the best
gauge to go by in determining
his fitness and qualifications. We
earnestly believe that Mr. Hubbs
rill be elected, and, if elected.
that he will be a senator of whom
the whole county can well be
secretary of state before two or
three days.
Advice Is Ignored
That the new pope has decided
to exercise his full authority was
shown when some cardinals, at
tached to what has become known
as the "irreconcllables," attempt
ed to persuade him not to appear
on the outside balcony. He lis
tened to the arguments and then
"Remember I am no longer a
cardinal. I am now the supreme
The diplomatic corps and papal
aristocracy Were received in the
Vatican this afternoon. His holi
ness passed along the loggias, ac
companied by his entourage and
escorted by noble guards in their
red) full dress uniforms, and the
Swiss guards in mediaeval cos
As the pontiff moved slowly
along, all knelt. He offered his
hand and It was reverently kiss
ed; then he proceeded to Clemen
tine hall, where others received
the papal benediction.
O'Comnel Jast Too Late
There was a touch of melan
choly sadness and disappointment
to hundreds of Americans ming
ling among the thousands in St.
Peters square when Cardinal i.s
Ieti, dean of the cardinal deacons,
anneared on the balcony of St
Statements issued tonight . by
Michael Collins, head of the pro
visional government in Ireland,
and the Ulster premier Indicate
they are still for from an agree
ment. it': ' ;
KmbairaMiment Threatens
Parlalment reassembles tomor
row and the new Irish crisis now
threatens embarrassments to the
government. In. official circles it
is expected Mr.-. Lloyd George will
comment on his Interviews Witt
air. couihs and Sir James Craig
In his speech before the house
of commons, tomorrow.
The msjorlties must rule." tht
provisional government head re
affirmed In a statement to tht
press regarding the boundat let
cantroversy. The Ulster premiei
fta. .iL.. i . ... w
Three Salem hotels and rooming houses last night were "hJh SJ. "
refused licenses upon recommendation of the police commit- George, after the Ulster cabinet
tee when the committee report was adopted by the council- meeting declared the uisterites
men in regular session. c?uld !"ot consent to alterations
The following named women proprietors and their places ":JIJ??
of business were listed: Mrs. I. A. Johnson, The Glen, 197 ernment of Ireland act off 1920
South Commercial street; Mrs. A. L. Van Allen, the Eldriedge must be looked to in defining th
and Mrs. I. F. Clark, of 144 North Front street. boundary of any deputed area.
Alderman Hal Patton attempted to come to the rescue of A1;" v '
the places when the license refusal was proposed. - ite. woui
Give them more time. Give them a chance to hear tnese laid down by the prime minister
charges. What are Chief Mpffitt's reasons for this action 7 n a letter to Eamonn De Valera
These were some of the exclamations and interrogations last July, namely that an Irish
firprl hv Mr Patton settlement must fully recognise
urea oyMr. ratton. ,he ulgtcT ..,,..... i.u-.
Carelessness in registering guests. Undeanliness m sev-iDOwer. bpii-.. ,
eral regards and the class of men and women wh(J occupy Ulster could abrogate, a signiru
these rooms, are a brief summary of the situation," said Mof- cant point about the letter Is that
fitt in replp to the alderman's question. - "I must add that iLf ' Ahe ITmeiii 0,Ire"
niese pcupic imvc ucch wucu iuuj n.s. ""V disputes and fails to allude to" the
the cause of much annoyance.
The recommendation of the po
lice committee was supported by
Alderman Baumgartner and
Thompson. The roport was adopt
ed by a two-thirds vote.
The Rutland hotel, renamed the
Bellevue, Mrs. C. X. German pro
was granted
renewal of
a three
treaty, which provides for a boun-
Idary commission.' ? ' , 't ' '
A communique Issued regarding
Charges recently brought against fEtF-SH??9 YY
two alleged booze distributors, "o Mr- "oyd 'Orge .as Jol-
said to hava been working from
(Continued on page 2)
: descriptions he had ead of Sands that the butler was in Car- scope of the pact; the five-power
' lin and had chosen that town as a place to hide from the Los naval limitation treaty; the five--Ankelea
authorities.. Berning said1 be believed friends" of iP01
""ZZZZ e nine-power
tne man ncic twyiu m vi . w.-x -
i.'j -Berning stated the man he suspected of being Sands
planned to leave for the eas$ tomorrow on a cyjutnern ra-
1 dlic wain wwvu ju wuwu uvomul -w
L03 ANGELES, Feb. . An Henry Peavey. Taylor's negro
tmMpn titled narty of men was
driven to the vicinity of the apart
; ments of William Desmond Tay
' i lot,' Dim director, the ' night he
; j -was murdered, according to s
I story lold the police today by a
, taxicab driver." " .
' ; 61x Ien Qnestionedl
What else the chauffeur told
J ' tha police, the laltsr did not
. . : . mk nubile, but tt was known
Hhat In the sesreh for the. slayer
f h motion picture director: the
y detecUves questioned tlx men to-
) Thes Include CnirleTEyton;
' general manager ot the Famous
; vivm-TLslrr eompanrr by which
house servant
ThA aneationlnc ot the tour un
named men, who include me
otianffmr wa in furtherance l
. t fill r oiiwrr run i ii
the search for Edward . btB I i).nMT December 13
tj a kk. niiniAri) Tav- 8 5neq uecemoer ia
Far Eastern treaty and the ntoe-
power Chinese tariff treaty,
Of the three other treaties re
sulting from the negotiations,
that relating to Shantung was
signed Saturday and these dealing
with cable rights In Yap and ' al
location of former German-Pacific
cables are yet to be put into final
form by direct exchange between
the interested governments. The
four power " PaeiflC treaty was
or Edward Fits Strathmore, Tay
lor'a missln former butler, j
The chauffeur's suspicions were
said to have been aroused after
reading of the murder and Im
parted his knowledge to the po
lice. He and a companion were
tn" secret conference with the po
lice several hours and took a hur
ried automobile ride with the de;
tectives. j
Two ot the four men were said
The address made by President
Harding at the concluding session
today; of the arms conference roi'
Mr.! Chairman and members of
the conference:
Nearly three months ago it was
my privilege to utter to you slnr
cerest words of welcome to the
eaplttf br of ;re"poWier W 8U'
gest the spirit In which yo were
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McMINNVILLE, Or.. Feb. 6.
Robert Hickson. arraigned on a
charge of murder for the kilUng
on December 24 of his wife. Effie
Branson Hkkson, through his at
torney today entered a plea of
guilty of murder in the second de
gree and requested that sentence
be Immediately imposed.
He was Sentenced by Judge Belt
to the penitentiary for lite, and
an additional request for a day's
time to visit his children was
Lee Canf ield Will B
Reappointed Of Board I of Vatican authorities
!- " 1 1 f cause of this service
Governor Olcott yesiar4ay stat
ed that he wlU reappoint hoe Can-
field ot Salem- as a member of
the state board of barber exam
iners when Mr. Canfield's term
expires on March 2. It will be
the third appointment for air.
brine you great joy."
The; words spelled consterna
tion to the Americans and a few
minutes later as Cardinal O'Con
nell's automobile drew up to the
large bronze gate on the right
side ot the Vatican, It was realized
that one more conclave bad been
held without American participa
tion. Cardinal Achille Ratti. arch-
bishon of Milan, who today at
Rome was chosen Pope to succeed
the late Pope Benedict XV, was
for several years papal nunzlo in
Poland, where his discharge of
Important ecclesiastical functions
when the Polish question became
acute earned for him the esteem
of Benedict XV and the gratitude
. It was be-
that the red
hat was conferred npon him on
June lC, 1921.
' Polish Assignment Roreived
Cardinal Ratti was born In De-
sio. Italv mi March 31. 1857. For
many years he was librarian of the
Vatican. In this position he re
(Contlnued on page 2)
I have held a: meeting with
those members or the cabinet of
northern Ireland who are present
in London to consider the ques
tion of boundaries as it now
stanls. Since th correspondence
began on the subject of an Irish
settlement, we have relied on the
sentence In your letter of July
20. 1921. to Mr. De Valera, which
runs as follows:
'"It (the settlement) must al
low for full recognition of the
existing powers and privileges of
the parliament and government
of northern Ireland which cannot
be abrogated except by their con
sent.' No Alteration Cowceded
"Although the necessity for
giving a final decision on behalf
of the government , of northern
Ireland does not arise until after
JACKSON, Miss., Feb. 6, A $100,000 damage suit alleg
ing seduction, filed by Miss Frances G. Birkhead against
Lee N. Russell, governor of Mississippi in federal court here our parliament has voted itself
today, was declared by prominent officials to presage one of t ot the free state, s the re-
the bitterest and most sensational legal and political fights iliSuli
in the state's history. i here throughout to this principle
Governor Russell refused to discuss the suit further than laid down by yourself. ' and we
to declare it "the most damnable blackmail conspiracy in the cannot consent to any alteration-
hlStory 01 Mississippi. -t wftnft lal agreement, tailing which, with
In her bill of oarticulars. Miss Birkhead asks $50,000 on ,n . tintorv i aim-
each of two counts. The first, alleging seduction, avers that Pute. the boundary win stand as
she was persuaded to "yield to his will and that as a result
"plaintiff's reputation and character were ruined and she
was caused to lose her employment and her health was
ruined, to her great damage in the sum of $50,000.,
In the second count Miss Birk
head alleges she underwent an' il
legal operation "at the instiga
tion of Governor Russell, which
ruined and wrecked her health,
causing her to suffer untold ian
guish and pain, and that she Is
now an invalid and must remain
so the rest ot her life."
8 worm Statement Made
In a sworn statement. Miss
Birkhead charges that the alleged
seduction took place In Mr. Rus
sel's private off iee In the state
house in July, 1918- '
Misa Birkhead alleges that,
soon after 'she accepted employ
ment as a stenographer In . Mr.
Russell's office, his attitude be
came more friendly " 'n1
declarations of love and promise
(Continued on page 2)
defined in the government of
Ireland act of 1920.
."I am sure you will agree with
me on the Importance ot prevent
ing any further misunderstanding
and I am accordingly sending a
copy of this to the press.' -'.
"Tours sincerely, ,
"James Craig." - ,
wlU be no St. Patrick's procession
here." The elty .'council today, de
cided not to Issue a permt for th-j
parade. ...
Taylor had ben employed, and
(Continued on page f )