The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 01, 1922, Page 8, Image 8

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    'iliti 'OREGON SlAli.UAN. bAUUl. OUKGOtf'
II f
Records of Last 28 Years
Show That Weather Man
is Usually Kind
Conditions Over Period of
Last . Eleven Years Are
' Shown in Report
t Tba old-tlmeri will often claim
that the climate of this part of the
Willamette valley la changing and(The arerage minimum tempera
that it Is becoming eotaer.-ln win
ter and wanner-1 mauMr
But when the pioneer la con
fronted withl the actual weather
reports of , th governing nd
observation made in, Salem na
vicinity tar tfc past 2 years, the
claim that, th weather Is chang
ing is not sustained.
The past month of January, ac
cording to government records or
1 1 years, was just about an aver
age month, with a little less rain
fall than usual for the first month
of the year. -Records show that
December is the real rainy month
of the year, with January ranking
second for precipitation.
The month jaet passad exper
ienced a rainfall rather below the
average of t'ae past 11 years as
its total was 3.01 inches, while
the average rainfall for the month
since 1S12 has been 5.30 inches.
This average has been brought up
by the heavy precipitation in Sa
lem during the month of January.
1921, when the total was I0.i
The night temperatures of the
past month have been on the av
erage lower than any for the past
" ... . . . Ad Inn
11 vears. witn dui one
tum which neraJly-registers be
tween. 4 and- & o'clock- of morn
ings." for Jaanary just past was
29 degree. i In January; of 1816.
the mean low temperature was 28
degrees above. The mean masi
monx tempera in re of the past
month was about the same as in
the -past 1 If years;
The official records of mean
maximum temperature and man
minimum temperature, in Salem
and also rainfall for January of
the past 11 years according to the
government'! record is as fol-
inif ifii ir n in
tit fine
j Domestic Science Girls at
Chemawa Provide Lun
cheon for Members
Mean Mean Rain tall
Year Max. Min. In inches
1912 47 37 5 77
1S13 49 35 4.36
1914 48 40 .72
1915 45 34 4 08
1916 38 28 4.69
1917 48 34 1-30
1918 49 39 4.39
1919 46 33
1920 47 f 34 2.9S
1921 46 33 10-3e
Real Value in Men's
Tfee Long Life Shoe ; made by. the Lewis; A.
CrossettCoM A high quality, all leather shoe.
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; Other Fine Grade Shoes
now; 1DACC17T
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Kvppenheimer Hoase in Salem
Citizenship Applicants
Will Apply Next Week
On Tuesday. Feb. 7. one week
from yesterday. 24 applicants for
eitlstmsbip will appear before
Judge Geonje G. IUngham and
give testimony as to their fitness
to become s American citizens.
Twenty of this number have made
their appearance before the court
and have had their case continued
for several reasons.
The four who will make the?r
first appearance and rive testi
mony as to. their fitness to be
come real American citizens are
Frederick William Moore, born in
England; Frederick Wilhelm Otto
Members pf the Kiwanis club
who attended the luncheon yes
terday given in their honor at
the Salem Indian school at Che
mawa. under the auspices of Har
wod Hall, superintendent, are
loud in their praise of the cook
ing of the Indian girls in the
ninth and tenth grades or the
The girls, who are students of
the domestic science department,
served fried potatoes in milk,
meat loaf, ice cream, salads, fine
biscuits, cold tongue, corn, then
ljs cream, jellies, coffee and
most excellent fruit cake.
Following the luncheon there
was the singing by the Indian
quintette, recitation of th& "Mes
sage from Garcia," by Frank
Johnson, who came to Salem from
the extreme part of northern Al
aska, and a recitation by Kleanjr
Hawk, a girl from the Blackfoot
tribe of Montana.
Following the luncheon the
Klwanians, under the guidance of
Superintendent; Hall, were shown
through the blacksmith shop, elec
tric shop, laundry. Hewing rooms.
and other buildings, the super in-
the eTent a success. IThls year,
tor , the first, time., the domestic
science, department of the high
school will hare charge of the
The program scheduled for the
stay of the Willamette deputation
team is as follows:
Friday, assembly at SUverton
high school at 2.30; father and
son banquet at 7 p. in.
Saturday. 10 a. m.. hike of Hi
Y toMonopo lake; afternoon, bas
ketball game, which has not yet
been arranged; 7:30 p. m., pro
gram and singing at high school
Sunday. 3 p. m.. boys meeting
at Methodist Episcopal church;
6:20, union young people's meet
ing; 7:10. union services at the
Christian church.
Peculiar Case Before Acci
dent Commission Decid
ed by Supreme Court
tioa be allowed. . The commission
appealed. . -
i Other ' opinions were handed
down today as follows;!
1 Selma L. Wallace vs.; Portland
fikllway Light & Powerd company
appellant: appeal from Mttltno
njah county; action for damages.
Opinion by Justice McBride.
Judge C. r. Gantenbein reversed
tained In part in opinion
tlce Brown. V "
by Jul- i f
Pacific Coast: Lumber
. a . InnMiti
uompany uiven uw
- ) , rl
PORTLAND. Or... Jn. 31. .
Federal juace j. .wv..mii
tniiT iaiid an ordeii apprtm
the creation .ot,tne racuic uw
Income Tax Laws for Two
States Are Contemplated
SEATTLE. Wash., Jan. 31.
visability of recommending
the legislatures of Oregon
The state industrial accident
commission must rovide benefits
under the workmen's compensa
tion act for Mrs.: Wunsa Stark
of Portland, whose husband,
whom she was suing for divorce,
died as a result of a friendly
scuffle in a shipyard.
The case was appealed from
Multnomah county, and an opin
ion of the supreme court yester-1
. - i a
and cs remaaueu. . L J ciconots
i v nmhpr comnanv. an ivuu,ff ,
Mary H. Couch vs. the scanai- i r tne h0ldini
navian American Bank et al. ap- J ot tne c. A. Smith. Lumber cp J ;
Winanf- nrvi from Multnomah ;nv and all possessions ofttj
county; objections to cost bill sus- ' old Coos Bay LumWr company, j
Washington enact income tax laws firms Judge Robert vS. Morrow
rtnrtnla hnrn In fiprmanv Kmil
Bonner, born in SwiUerland and indent calling attention to the
Arnold Augustine Schoenbaechler, "'ne worK oeing aone Dy tne stu
Kon (n cit.i..j I dents.
Fred Erixon called attention to
the fact that . the Salem Indian
school was of great benefit to
Salem and vicinity and suggested
that Klwanians should hereafter
be more interested in what the in
stitution is doing.
At the meeting of the club next
Tuesday a resolution will be
voted on in ; which Klwanians
pledge themselves to call the at
tention of Oregon representatives
in congress to the needs of the
Institution and towards securing
an appropriation of $150,000 for
the building of additional school
facilities. Superintendent Hall
paid he hoped with' one more
building, to accommodate 1000
students, thus making the Cher
mawa school the largest Indian
school in the United States.
John Rundberg. steward of the
Commercial club, was voted an
honorary membership in the Ki
wanis club for the good work he
has been doing this past winter
in .charitable work. Roy Shields,
president of the club, said that
Mr. Rundberg has biven more
than $500 towards charity the
past winter, and that as he. was
working along the same lines of
the Klwanians. he was glad to ex
tend an honorary membership in
the club.
was discussed at the second day's
session of the joint meeting of
(he Oregon and Washington tax
investigation commissions here
The Oregon commission, it was
indicated, plans to urge passage
of such a measure by the next
legislature of that state. Mem
bers of the Washington commis
sion discussed a proposal to sub
stitute an income tax fdr the pres
ent poll tax in Washington. Dr.
S. B. L. Penrose or Walla Walla
and Frank D. Oakley of Tacoraa
declared themselves In favor of
continuing the poll tax. No de
cision was reported at the morn
ing session,
born in Switzerland
Others who had their cases con
tinned at the f'rst appearance and
who will make another attempt
at citizenship, are as follows:
William Welnrich. Henry Purdy.
William Gengeroth, Anton Han
owskl, George Edward Schopf,
Edward Klimmek, Jacob Biersack,
Herman Spricd, Gerhard Fritz
William Party and Henry Fred
Pardy, all bora in Germany.
Those born in Austria who will
seek citizenship are Frank Calaba,
Frank Gringsbgl. Emerich Shatz,
Frank Rada and Josef Dolezal.
William Walter Psetak. another
wno win seel citizenship, was
born In Canada. Nicholas Maguin
was born in Belgium and Charley
Johnson, In Sv.-eden.
of the lowr oour$.
Stark, in the scuffle, was fa
tally injured, when a fellow em
ploye applied an air hose to his
In deciding against allowing
compensation for Stark's depend
ents the accident commission held
that Stark was the instigator of
the scuffle and further noted that
.his wife was not living with him
at the time of his injury and
death. ,
The lower court held that
Stark died while in the perform
ance of his duty and that legally
Mrs. Stary had not deserted him.
and ordered that the eompensa
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Men Who- Have 'Presided
Over Elks Meet Thurs
day of This Week
According to the rules of the
Benevolent and Protective Order
of Elks, the meeting held on the
first Thursday of February is
known as past exalted rulers'
night. On that evening past ex
alted rulers fill all the chairs, and
there are stories told of what
happened years ago.
Holding down the honored po
sition of exalted ruler of the Sa
lem Elks' lodge is almost an as
surance of long life as all the
alted rulers of the lodge who
have served since 1896, the"or-
ganizatlon year, are now living
The first exalted ruler of the
lodge was John Knight, who held
the office during the official year
1896-97. He now lives in Port
land and is hale and hearty and
is expected to visit the lodge on
Thursday evening.
Other exalted rulers following
John Knirht. in the order in
which they served, are as follows:.
W. J. D'Arcy, Frank T. Wright
man, P. H. D'Arcy, W. D. McXary.
Frank W. Durbin.. Dr. W. H
Byrd, Dr. H. H. Olinger, George
L. Rose, Al H. Steiner, C. L. Mc
Xary.MV. Carlton Smith, H. E
Ab-t. Ben O. Schucking. ATthur
W. Benson, Charles V. Galloway,
Roy Buckingham, August Hucke
e n. M'lton L. Meyers, A. J
Acdcrton, Louis Lachmund, Wal
te E. Keyes. H. J. Wenderoth,
Charles R. Archerd and E. A.
Kfcrtz. Dr. Roy Df Byrd is the
present ezalted ruler, his year, of
service ending April 1.
Willamette Deputation
Team Goes to Silverton
SILVERTON, Or., Jan. 31.
(Sryxial to The Statesman.)
The Willamette deputation team
has been secured by the Silverton
Hi T club to come here for the
dates of February 10, 11 and 12.
Two years ago the Willamette
team staged a very successful en
tertainment at the Silverton high
school. It is , expected that the
program scheduled for this year
will prove just as interesting as
the former one.
The Silverton Hi Y club has
gained much in every way during
the past two years since its or
ganization. Probably one of the
most popular of the club features
is the father and son banquet
which It has been putting on. The
third one of these will be held
February 10; S.., The Willamette
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