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world pledge
French Premier Lays, Down
Only Alternative to Main-
taining Big Army
Hope for Written Agreement
J Held by France, Is Not
WASHINGTON, Nor. 23. (By
the Associated Press. )Facin
each other m an executive session,
delegations of the" great t powers
exchanged opinions today on, the
limitation of. armies as it; touches
KuroDA. but adjourned without
making a joint declaration of pol
icy, either as to Knrope; or gen
eral land armament.
iTremier Ilriand of France, malt
Ina his last appearance in the
conference before leaving, reiter
ated reasons that move his coun
try to maintain the world s larg
est army and suggested that tha
only alternative would to a
pledge by the powers to aid
France should rjerrnany or any
other nation again threaten 'civil
ization. Moral Support l'lofll
To- this representatives of the
United Stitos. Great Dritain,
Italy and Japan replied with re
newed expressions of regard and
bympathy for France, declaring
their governments firmly com
mitted to the defense of free in
stitutions and giving assurances
that the French people hadth.
mora! support of all the powers
In facing their problems. Hut no
one came forward wUh a proposal
to write such a pledge into a pub
lic and joint declaration of pol
icy fiuch as M. Briand indicated
would be asked to induce France
to reduce its army beyond the
point already contemplated.
Neither was there a move to
formulate a comprehensive pro
pram for land armament reduc
tion like that under consideration
for naval forces, and the meeting
ended after designating sub-committees
to handle collateral sub
jects of aircraft, poison gases and
rules of warfare.
Rriand Satiated
Tonight M. Briand declared
himself well satisfied to take
home the oral expressions of mor
al support by the representatives
of the powers today made in Mon
day's open!
indications i
Hrench had
session. There were
some of the
ho might take
along a formal ipwritteii pieces.
but the premier fas said to have
realized thl; restraint? under
wmen tne other siational croups
found thernsefvesias to the sub
In any Case, hk apparently
leaving confident
pal object in conii
that his princi-
asr has leen ac
complished, and ihat if any at
tempt Is made toJ
tail the question
ment, the negotiations never will
tae a trend inimical to the army
of Franca.
New f Ireiri.'iits Knter
Designations o
tees to deal wRh
ga3 ana '1110 ru
brings into he negotiations seve
ral new elements
Bo You Remember
'Back to Gods Country ?S
.; . presenls v ' , &C.
be difficult for
to make anjagreepient on any of
those subjects without having the
fcancf on of lali the other nations..
that the work
done here will bat merely a foun
dation for a possible world-wide
conference to haidle such prob
Aircraft development as pro
eeeding under thrf direct supervis
ion of the various governments is
counted universally as giving a
take up In de
of land arma-
suca coinmit
aircraft, poison
es of warfare
One Physician Thinks Rappe
Girl May Have Been In
jured By Bath
Since it would
he five powers
General Interest in Trial of
Movie Comedian Appar
ently Renewed
promise of swee;
the commercial iorld and it is
taken for granted
ure will be proposed that would
seriously curtail
ment. The discussion of use of
gases is expected
beginning for a
and the problem
rules of warfare
opinion of the delegates, either
put later into the
tinuing commlsHidn or referred to
a world tribunal.
ing effects on
that no meas-
that develop-
merely to be a
tforld discussion
of revising the
must be, in the
hands of a con-
r 4.:
Bandit Pleads Not Guilty and
' Asks That His Mentality
Be Tested
' Directed by KH1 SIHPMAM
end BEST Vam JVYIB Ihrnicn.
criminal story by Miss Shipment.
ATI tVr tW(1! piP
'Bi&tofods Country , ml ') v
l f I'll L, , , i
.Hill..1 I. .1 'lHh -mtt ..T. T :-. LJ B
rjiW - s
f 1 - xi ,i in j -' -in, rmnwnii- rv" J-aiB'jn;ii , - imr nr 1 1 n in n " ' 1 m to m 1 ft 1 tMtf jnni
SNOOKY, The Humanzee
I in the first of his new Comedies
International News-
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PHOENIX, Ariz., Nov. 23. 4
Two indictments, one containing
four counts, charging Roy Gard
ner, escaped convicted mail rob
ber of attempts to rob the United
States mails at Maricopa, Ariz., on
November 3, and at Phoenix on
November 14 were returned by the
grand Jury In the United States
district court here late today.
Gardner pleaded not guilty to
Dotn indictments.
Immediately after Gardner en
tered his plea to the first indict
ment, his attorney, Carl A. Davis,
asked and received permission to
file a written motion in which
Gardner asked the court to have
a Jury determine his sanity at the
time of the alleged offenses.
The written motion tiled by
Gardner's attorney contained a
statement by Mrs. Davis which
declared that the defendant was
not guilty of the offense charg
ed against him, for the reason
that at the time referred to in the
indictment he was mentally un
sound and did not have a criminal
intent." . i
Attorney Davis! asked that ihe
case not be set for trial immc-d
lately but that a delay of a week
or ten days be granted.
"I understand that you desire
this delay!" said Judge William
H. Sawtelle. whd presldedj "in
order to secure the presence ot
witnesses from outside the Juris
diction of this court and for that
purpose alone." j
"Yes, your honor," replied Mr-Davis:
Both cases tfcen were set for
trial on December 5.
Thomas A ! j Flynn, United
States district attorney, previous
ly had announced that hi office
was Teady to proceed "with," the
case immediately. ' "
After the cases had beeii'set
for trial, Mr, f FJynn " asked that
both case's be tried by the same
jury at the same "time. To this
Mr. Davis objected and the court
announced that it would rule lat
er on .this point.
When asked to plead to the sec
ond indictment charging Gardner
wun naving committed a robbery
at Maricopa, the defense asked for
time to examine the indictment
before entering a plea. The court
said that a plea of not guilty
could be entered today bat that it
would allow the defense two days
to file any demurrer to the indictr
ment. With 'this understanding
the plek of not guilty was entered.
"I don
at all,
wun a
his reply!.
ft like these photographs
he said. "I look like an
The court session today in the
manslaughter trial of Roscoe C.
(Fatty) Arbuckle. growing out of
the death of Virginia Rappe. end
ed with the completion of evi
dence of Dr. Asa W. Collins, med
ical expert for the defense, after
three hours of examination.
Adjournment was taken over
the Thanksgiving holiday.
l ihbact On Stand
The principal evidence was of
fered by Fred Fischback, a -guest
at the Arbuckle party, and Ar-
buckle's room mate at the hotel
St. Francis, during the period re
lating to the trial and Dr. Collins
who told the causes of injuries,
similar to those suffered by Miss
Rappe. Fischback denied that
Miss Rappe complained of pain
after the injuries were alleged to
have been inflicted by Arbuckle.
lie said, however, that he raised
her in a manner intended to re
lieve her and that he assisted in
giving her a cold bath for the
same purpose.
A previous statement which ho
admitted he made to the distri'
attorney was introduced and in
it he was alleged to have said:
"Miss Rappe appeared to be in
agony." He said the statement
evidently had quoted him incor
rectly. Fischback said he had
known Arbuckle for several
months, but had not met him
socially or in a business way but
a few times.
Honored by Arbuckle
Mrs. Fischback and myself
were entertained by Mr. Arbuckle
once or twice and considered it
an honor," he said.
Fischback admitted having in
vited Miss Rappe to the hotel
party in which the fatal injuries
were said" by the prosecution to
have been inflicted. He was on
an automobile ride while the
party was in progress, he said,
and returned to find Miss Rappe
hysterical on a bed in Arbuckle"?
"She was making a noise," he
testified, "but I don't know
whether it was moaning 01
screaming or what sort of noise
it was."
Expert Called
Most of his testimony concern
ed the initial relief measures ap
plied to Miss Rappe after the
biadder rupture which constitut
ed her injuries and. caused her
death four days later. The prose
cution alleges' Arbuckle caused
these injuries through the applica
tion of force.
Dr. Collins was called by the
defense as an expert on bladder
ruptures. He testified that spon
taneous ruptures of the organ
Were possible when it was over
distended. In such a condition
he organ might be rent by a hy3
erical outburst, alcoholism, or
he shock of a cold bath with its
elated muscular contraction, he
Intoxication Indicated . .
According to evidence adduced.
liss Rappe was hysterical, and
howed evidence of intoxication
nd was given a cold bath on tha
ccaslon of the party.
Dr. "Olva Kaarboe testified for
he defense that he attended Miss
Rappe after her supposed Injuries
and found her suffering no pain.
The general interest in the
trial was greater today than on
any other day since its begin
ning. The seats were all occu
pied 15 minutes or more before
each session, and hundreds wait
ed In the corridors. Arbuckla
seemed to take little interest in
the proceedings.
A feature today was a visit by
judge, - jury, counsel and defen
dant to the Hotel Et. Franci3
rooms involved in the trial.
,($ . - T fi
- V r- ?v: .-.ib -S
WWW MU-WA1 yyiMyJUiilJiyWIJ'IIIIIH IMHV.V.W W'W !y,.tf.M-M? ' I
Washington at Seattle and Wash
ington and Stanford at- Stanford.
The annual traditional game be
tween Oregon and the Oregon
Aggies wll be played at CorTalit
but there is talk that the "big
game" between Stanford, and Cal
ifornia may again be played in
the Stanford stadium, if the pro
posed California stadium is not
completed in time.
to.xlientaahe .halrleaa- ,
ness. -London Punch. ..!:
Plans Are Completed for
Reception of Marshal Foch
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 23.
Plans were complete today for the
reception and entertainment o
Marshal Foch on his visit here De
cember 1.
State officers of the American
legion and executives of the
Chamber of Commerce have ar
ranged all d etails.
There will be a parade on his
arrival, a banquet at 6 p. m. in
the Chamber of Commerce and a
meeting in the armory at 8:15 at
which Marshal Foch wil lspeak.
Lane Goddell, commander of the
Oregon department, American le
gion, and Edward J. Elvers, de
partment adjutant, will meet the
allied generalissimo and his party
In Seattle, November 29, and es
cort them to Portland.
The most recent photograph of General Budeny, noted Lenine
leader, who as recently smashed robber organizations in the Kuban
and Don districts of Russia,
New Offer of Railroads to
Commerce Commission
Carries Wage Cut
Slashes in Lines Other Than
Agriculture Promised as
Soon as Possible
be made until there is a reduc
tion in operating costs."
This proposal was made by the
carriers, the application. ; pointed
out, to aid In the economic read
justment and relieve the 'serious
economic distress" of the agricul
tural, industry, despite? the fact
that the financial conditions of
the railroads does not Swarrant
such a move.
"In the net operating inccme of
the railroads in 1920 amounted
to $02,000,000 as against a nor
mal in other years of more than
$900,000,000," the application
photographer favored him
glance of lofty disdain.
You Should have thought of that
yon had them taken, was
WASHINGTON. Nov. 2?,. A 10
per cent reduction in carloa l
freight rates on farm products,
coupled with reduction in railroad
wages, was proposed by the car
riers to the interstate commerce
commission today as a sub.'tituta;
for the order of the commission
dated 'October 20 reducing; rate3
on hay and grain shipments.
The substitute schedules will
be effective "for an experimental
period of six months." The com
mission was asked to reopen Us
decision of October 20 in order
that argument might be given in
behalf of thov other proposal.
Any reduction in rates made
since September 1, 1920, would
"constitute a part of this 10 per
cent under the railroad's sugges
tion. "The effect of this proposal."
said the application, "will be an
immediate reduction in carload
rates on the products of agricul
ture and the products of animals,
but, as son as. and to the extent
that a reduction in wage3 is ob
tained from the labor board on
the proposed application, a fur
ther reduction in rates (except as
meanwhile put into effect) to be
distributed among users of trans
portation in such manner as this
commission may determine.
"The proposal thus deals im
mediately with the needs of agri
culture and undertal es to make
further reductions not confined to
agriculture as soon as further re
ductions are made posssible."
"Your petitioners ' the applica
tion continued, "submit that, if
there is to! be a reduction :n rates
for the benefit of agr-'culture
there seems to be little justifica
tion for confining such redaction?
to grain, grain products and hay,
or to any particular section. The
economic reasons in favor of re
ductions apply with equal force
to other products of the farm and
to other Sections.
"Your petitioners, in view of
the conditions and of the special
needs of the transportation in
dustry do not believe that any fur
ther reductions in rate:; than
those herein mentioned, should
Representatives of Pacific
.Coast Colleges to Ar
range Schedules
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Salem Woman's ' Club Chorus,
Grand Theatre, Mon. Dec mii
Prices:, Floor $2.50 $J $1L60
Balcony f 2. 50 ?2
Gallery $1.
Add 10 percent war tax
Mail orders filled now if accom
panied by check and stamped en-
veope, sent to Salem Musical
Bureau, ! -
1491 COURT ST. "
Box office, sale ;Jecember 3rd.
t " 1 : 1
i j . ! r
1 . ... . ,1,,,!,, - , j,
2 Big Acts 2
i 1
New Pictures
j 1
r I
-v- I
II' v-
BERKELEY, Cal., Nov. 22,
Far Western inter-collegiate foot
ball, track, basketball and base
ball schedules for 1922,; will be
drawn up at a meeting of the Pa
cific conference at Portland, Or.,
December 10, it was announced
at the University of California
Coaches and managers will at
tend from the six conference
schools, University ' of Oregon,
Oregon Agricultural college, Unl
versity of Washington, Washing
ton State college, Stanford univer
sity and the University of Califor
nia. Smaller schools, "outside the
conference, will also have repre
sentatives in Portland at the same
time to arrange for contests next
year with the members of the or
ganization. University of Southern Califor
nia, it is thought, may send dele
gates to the meeting to make an
other application for membership
in the conference. Last year at
Berkeley, the organization refus
ed membership to U. S. C. and
told the southerners to : wait a
Football games discussed or
tentatively planned for I next year
are between California and U. S.
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w v. . V - i ; '
1 : ! nni 1
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tr -
Our Store Will Be Closed
All Day Thursday :
To Our Customers and Friends
We take this means of thanking you for ycur con
tinual patronage. May this festal Holidav be an
enjoyaoie one ior you au.
' . "Arthur Griffith talting to XL J. Daggan, chief liaison officer ot the
Irish BepMillcaa.Army, oa vay ta Londo nciuer encaj