The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 23, 1921, Page 5, Image 5

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Referred to Hoard
The Bupreme court yesterday Is
sued an order referring to the
board of examiners of the State
Bar association the application of
Lee Roy E. Keeley, Portland at
torney, for admission to the prac
tice of law in Oregon. The board
of examiners is asked to submit a
Tho. Spa
WH I serve Thanksgiving dinner
f rota' 1 p. m. till 8 p. m.AdT,
Overcoat Stolen- . . . , . ,, ....
It. K. Mann, of 444 South Com
mercial street, reported to tbe po
illce last night that bis overcoat
had been stolen from a local res
: taurant while he was enjoying his
r ainner. The coat Is a gray gar
ment with a black belt.
a letter from the Veterans' fjfe
and drum corps that appeared in
Salem on Armistice day, thank
ing members of Capital post iio.
9, American legion, for courtesies
extended. W. II. Brooks and J-
S. Vaughn of the corps played
at the funeral of Lincoln, while
T. M. KellogR was in the regi
ment that captured Jeff Davis.i i
Mr. How will I
A different musical instrument
each evening at the First Chris
tian church. LeGrand and Howe
are worth hearing. Adv. j !
So Luncheon Tomorrow tended visit. But If he does not
Astomorrow is Thanksgiving day keep up a regular remittance of
and everyone Is expectec to eat $25 a month, as ordered by the
at home or with their neighbors, court, the permit to visit hischil-
the Marion County Realtors asso. dren is revoked. He is also or-
Ciation has postponed for one dered to return to his former
week Its Thursday noon luncheon I wife her wrist watch and soma
at the Marion hotel.
Dr. R. I. Kd wards
; Physician and surgeon, 406 TT.
S. Bank building. Special atten
lion given diseases of children.
Mnmmari MIimw Pic
For Thanksgiving. Mistland
Bakery. Phone 544. Adv.
Waser. Mr. Waser is a cheese
maker by occupation.
Girl From God's Country
Thanksgiving at the Liberty.
Adv. A
Th Foruanl Movement Program
Wa Worse in IKfll !
Gen. W. H. Byers, who can re
member pretty well bck into the
early days of Sfalem, tells hia
friends that compared with 1861,
the present flood is a small af
fair. During the 1S61 overflow.
Offering the $F000 and several
Other things, and then the final
wording is, "upon conriction."
) .on at the First Christian j he says, people traveled between
church, : Hear LeGrand and Howe
tonight. 7 : 3 .Adv. ' ,
On Marriage License
Just one marriage license was
issued yesterday and they will
be married Thanksgiving day. It
was to Leonard C. Mahony of
Gervals. a farmer, and . Shirley
Crookham. of Woodbarn.
T1m Spa
Will serve Thanksgiving dinner
from 1 p. m. till 8 p. m. Adv. -
Appreciated the Court cy
; Fred K. Mangls is in receipt of
Liberty and Commercial streets
on a raft. In those days tbe
court house grounds wero sur
rounded with a picket fence and
deep muddy roads.
Tlw Gray Rrlle
Will s erve roast turkey dinner
all day Thanksgiving; $1 per
plate. Adv.
Barometer Rising
For the first time since last
Friday noon the barometer was
risirtg last night and indicated
clear weather for today. The
reading last night was 29.9, the
highest it has been since Friday
noon when it wag 30.
Wild .Animals Loose-
In "The Girl From God's Coun
try." at the Liberty starting on
Thanksgiving. -Adv.
Constance Binney .
"The Case of Becky"
Thursday ;
. "God's Country and
The Law"
Service Impaired-
It Is probale that the Oregon
Electric will not operate south of
Talbot for several days. This is
due to the fact that a small bridge
is out not' far from Talbot and to
the washing away of several hun
dred feet of track. Workmen are
now on the Job repairing the
Library Clos"d j-
The Salem public library, fol
lowing the example of all state in
stitutions, the court house and the
postoffice, will be closed all day
Thanksgiving -day.
There Are Strings to the $5000
j For those who are dreaming of
capturing a mail robber and secur
ing the 5000 award of the post-
office department, a careful read
ing of the placard in the lobby of
the Salem postoffice will show
that the big award is not to be
Banded over until there is a ocn-
viction. The notice tells air about SuIt for Appraising Property
Home-made Mince Pie
For Thanksgiving. Mistland
Bakery. Phone St 4. AdT.
Will be Quiet Thursday
Not even the grocery stores
will open Thanksgiving day. The
meat .markets will remain open
until 10 o'clock, and then close.
All public offices as well as banks
will close, and at the pos)ffice
there will be only the general da
livery held open from 9 until 10
o'clock a. m. for transients.
Experienced Waitresses Wanted
For steady work, The Gray
Belle. Adv.
Take Turkey Dinner
At the Gray Belle tomorrow.
J. S. Gilkey and F. L. Buan,
doing business under the name
or the Standard Appraisal com
pany, have brought suit against
the Salem Laundry company for
$1."0. The plaintiffs allege thit
at the request of the Salem Laun
j . i i .
Campaign Kxtrmlrd ! 1 compnay iney appraiavu iu
On accoount of the extremely I property oi me iaunary lasi rcu-
bad weather since last Friday, ruary and that; the services were
those in charge of the annual Red worth SloO. and that the sum nas
Cross roll call have decided to ex-1 not been paid.
tend the campaign to close next
Saturday night. It was originally
planned to have the roll call close
On Thanksgiving eve. With the
new plan, it is probable there will
be booths established fh the down
town district next Saturday.
Home-made MJnce Iic
For Thanksgiving.
Bakery. Phone 54 4.
Marion Hotel Serves
Special Thanksgiving dinner to
morrow, 4 to 8 p. m.; $1.50 plate.
Make your j reservations now.
t'nlon Son ice Announced
A union Thanksgiving service
Will be held in Jason Lee Metho-
The Free Methodist and Highland va8n,nBlon
Friends church will join in the
service. Rev. I. G. Lee will speak.
All residents of North Salem are
Coming to the I'nited Stat
Russell M. Brooks, vice consul
at Newberg-on-the-Tyne, Eng
land, has been! granted ,a short
leave of .absence. He visited wiih
his wife at Bordeaux. France, her
former home, and lft for this
country on November 20. On ac
count of his limited leave of ab
sene he will not be able to xisit
Salem, and will have only a few
days to transact business in
Another Ricy cle Is Stolen
Donald Lock wood of 1133
Court street reported to the police
yesterday that his bicycle had
been stolen from the parking strip
south of the Y. M C. A. building
on North Commercial street. The
many bicycle thefts reported re
cently are attributed by the po
lice to youths who seize wheels
and abandon them a short time
Mr. Heinz has extensive walnut
plantings near Scotts Mills.
"A. R. Porter, ferryman in
charge of the Euena Vista ferry
was a visitor in the office ot
County Commissioner J. T. Hunt
Charles Smith, ot AumsvIIle.
has been visiting in Salem during
the past week
Mrs. David H. Looney of Jef
ferson is in the city for a short
visit with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Hocken-!
smith of Albany will spend!
Thanksgiving in Salem, at the
Jpme of their; daughter. Mr
ames.H. G. Ewing, 1565 South
Cottage street
R. O. Snelling of the Associat
ed Oil company was in Albany
Charles Mr Atwater, business
man of Monmouth, was in Salem
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. C. Conner
arrived in Salem last night and
are visiting at the home of their
daughter and son-in-law. Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Goodwin on North Com
mercial street.
Stlffler to A. Mackaben, lot I.
block 3. Oak Lodge addition to
Salem, $10.
P. E. and Ora F. Thomuon to
William Davis. 25.08 acre 1p
section 34-8-2-W., $2100.
Reuben P. Boise et al to J. B
and M. L, Sullivan, lot 1. block
55, Bolse'a subdivision. $10.
Eltxv Zimmerman, to X. JL an!
I ft it. Bengaman. part of block
5, Roberts addition to Salem,
30ti ; Federal Rugged Tires
$13.90 at VIck Bros. New stock
Five Serure Beds
Five transients, Lee Nelson, Al
fred Batts, Joseph Bernard, 3.
Davi sand Joe Canby were book
ed for beds at the city jail last
n'.ght Lee Nelson, one of the
quintet, is an itinerant street
preacher who visits Salem, semi
occasionally. according to police
records. When he applied for a
bed last night, Mr. Nelson plead
ed the cause of a small dog that
had followed him, and the home
less canine was also booked for
! Reported by Union Abstract
Mome-made Mince Pic
For Thanksgiving.
Bakery. Phone 544.
Henry Souvaine
America's greatest pianist, at
armory tonight, at 8:30 p. m.
.i j I Plays exclusively for mpico repro
MistlandL,jL J.
ducing piano. Adv.
The Spa !
Will serve Thanksgiving dinner
from 1 p. m. till 8 p. m. Adv. I
Estate Appraised
The estate of Mary M. Hunt
has been appraised at $3433.35.
The one-third interest in the 13
acre3 in section 14, T. 7. S. R.
3 W., was given a value of $2000, !
MARION Portland arrivals
were Soe Richardart, H. D. Flary,
C. A. Pearl, Mrs. R. Bermtield,
Vorf hu-pkt Sif orv .
"The Girl From God's Coun- pis car wmcn naa Deen veil siana
try" at the Liberty starting
Thanksgiving. Adv.
Band M ay Organize at Turner
Msicians who can play norns
parked Car Struck
ments, reported to the police that and the one-third interest in lot Mr and Mr. A. N. JV yong . A
o, in diock z, city oi aiem, vai-
ing in front of the apartments had I ued at $1033.35. The appraisers
been struck; by a passing antomo- I were W. C. Winslow, S. M. En-
bile late yesterday afternoon. The dlcott and Gabrielle Clark.
car had not stopped but a witness
turned in the
21237, Oregon
number as being
license, this ma-
and other Instruments are talking Lhine recorded In'the name
oi organizing a lurner.uduu..- bf the 8tate niKnway commission
Salmon 7 Cents
Fitta Market. Phone 211. Adv.
eral of the Turner musicians have
it . ini I recently been playing with the
naJlinail S VJiaSSeilT lberty band. As soon as the Tur
Easier and Better ner band Is fully organized, it will
IA front axrl of the McKlnea car
was bent ahd the car was thrown
onto the parking.
Woar them and see j cooperate occasionally with the Tnrlpy yun
Phone 1255 '
Liberty players
CiUm Oreron I Tlianksglvlnz Dinner .
p 4,;.., . n,!.. ,j.,xt
Marion JIOIKI, luursuajr, iut,
24. 5 to 8 p. m.; $1.50 plate,
Come and bring your; family.
Adv... 4, w i i.i
At the i Gray Belle
I Thanksgiving; $1 per
Court Orders Sale
in the suit of H. M. 4 Ingels
against-Bertha B. Fell and seve
ral others, the 'court has ordered
the sale by auction of the south
half of lots 5 and 6. in' block 16
all day nf rnlvpraitv Addition. Salem. The
plate. I Sale is ordered to be made by
O. D. Bowers, sheriff.
Van Bostkirk. O. M. Brewster,
Frank H. Rhodes. I. T. Olsen, J.
R. Reed, C. H. Brakeman, L. W.
Damon, Scott Kent, H. O. Barr,
H. W. Underhill, E. M. Pugh
Others registering were F. N
Marks, Albany; Helen S. Smith,
Eugene;; Miss L. Young, Ethel
Martelle, F. F. Moore, San Fran-
Homer and Taullne Harrison to
Frank W. and Mabel L. Bath.
54.87 acres John Stipp DLC 7-2-W.
$1 and other.
Sarah E. A. Stayton to G. E.
and Emma Thomas. 399.59 acres
land in sec 1 1-12-9-1-W, $1.
aran E. Stayton to G. E. and
Emma Thomas, part sec. 11-9-1-W
Carrie M. and L- A. Thomas to
G. E. and Emma Thomas, 399.59
acres sec 11 and lZ-s-i-w,
J. W. Thomas to G. E. and
Emma Thomas, 399.59 acres sec.
11 and 12-9-1-W $1492.51.
Emma Hurst et al to Geo. O.
Hard wick, lot 1, block 3, Engle-
wood, $200. i
11. W. and Anna L. Smith to
Seth H. and Nellie M. Baker, lot
in Turner, $4500.
J. H. and Olive J. Moser to Gil
bert R. and Minnie Moser, part of
lot 1, block 5, Davenport add to
Silverton, $1.
Willis and Stella Caldwell to J.
L. and Eva Quinn, lot 1, block 3,
Holilster's add to Stayton, $200.
Gottfried Horn to Luclnda
Horn, lots 3 and 4, block 3 Boise's
first add to Salem. $1.
J. D. and S. C. Barber to M. T.
and Mary Irwin, part of lots 5 and
6. block 16, Geo. H. Jones add to
Salem. $10.
Mrs. Margaret M. Huffman to
cisco; F. A. Wintz, Anna Tanger.
Newberg; Elbert Bede, Cottage Albert and Helen Meyers, part of.
Grove. block 73. North Salm. $300.
BLIGH Portland arrivals. C. Winnie Pettyjohn to W. E.
W. Robery, ll. W. Wright. J. A. Smith. 37x100 feet in block 33.
Lindsay, E. C. Clark, R. L. Han- University addition to Salem. $10.
sen, Z P. Lee. L. M. Flint, G. W. Mary Anderson et al by Bheriff
i Moore. J. J. Graff. Others reg- to Flora Woodward Burns, lots
istering were Marian Chase, Cor-
vallis; G. L. Faxron, Newzerg;
r. and Mrs. J. E. Elliott, Se-
tpUlrs tl62H V. CommwcUl strMt
Chop Boar, Koodlai and AJBaricaa
Xllaliai. 1C - crams ana anuu. j l i
Ooaa 11 to .lxJa. t Ailia
Special Bandar
Drivers Blame Kach utner Aint tW iftfti CTnAri
ueorge ti. uraves oi oo .wui A N Moor ts that durins
li y,fT' .Trrp Pe bi floodlrofS'SL aterlattle; Zeta Prichard. Stayton; A
while driving west on Center I . " , . . ! cm , r TtriK.
street he was struck by Henry
came into the basement of the4Bok.
StortmaKrj' 257 7Vorth? Chlttk 5n.V the VWood burn; Mr. c
November 22, 1921, Annie Flu- reported the mis,hap apd ,each
Silverton; G. F. Wright,
ahd Mrs. Claud
Ev R. Eldridga,
placed the f blame upon the other
by buying your hardware and
furniture at The Capital Hard-
Ware & Furniture Co. 285 N.
Commercial street. Phone 947
. Tor Spring PlanUng Order Prom
428 Oregon Building
Phone 17 63
bacher. at the atfe of 42 years,
She Ts survived by a Drotner,
Carl Flubacher. of Sydney, and
three sisters. Lena Flubacher,
r Svdnev: Friedi Flubacherl of
, Estacada and Mrs., Bertha Ifl"-
nnc npr ni unaua. utj .
will Ue held from the Flubach-
tr ilOIII till Houaj L. .. nui nnfil imn .
Rev. F. W. Launer, of halem j Towns such as Turner. Jeffet
Evangelical church, officiating. B0t Marion and Mill City and 8 The
Elks Attention !
Don't forget the big dance Wed
inesday evening at the Elks tern
pie, beginning at, 9 o clock.
mittee. Adv.
above the zero: mark. That big I Asbury Park, N. J
flood, he Bays, was" not caused by
a sudden downpour, but by . steady
rains and the j melting' of snow
in the mountains. The Moorea
family was then living in a house
Cord-Ion the lot novf occupied by the
parsonage of the First Methodist
church, and the water came up
to the first flooir making it neces
sary for the family to move out.
water crept up on Ferry
Interment will be at the Sydney few others! that have been shut street and around on State almost
We p7 highest price.
We buy and sell everrthlBg.
CVe veil for lea
gig Center St. Itum 898
cemetery. Services ana ounai . frnm man (tpiive.rv on account under direction ot tho lf the rjppled condition of the
railroads, will get mail in a aay
nr two. I'ORtmaster tiucKesiein
WARMOTH At a local hospital h uken up with the department
Tuesday, wovemoer js, the matter of delivering and re-
Mrs. E W. Warmoth, at the ..
motla frnm thftRo tnwns
age of ze years, nooy at ,
o r, u ..t.MI.1imBn( TiS.n. l 1.1 uv. .v..
. aV. VjltlUAlI comwJiouiuHn .
eral announcements later.
Special Sale lriee j
30x3 Rusged Federal Tires at
Vick Bros. New stock. Adv. i
W(bb & COlfifA I Win Keceive Approval
' ' .i II Eighty of the 133 sc
Leading tuner al
Expert Embalmers
ighty of the 133 school dis
tricts in Marion county will re
ceive this j week diplomas from
the office of the county superin
tendent entitled. "Public School
Award of Honor." These diplom
as are sent to each district hav
ing an attendance of 93 per cent
or more during the school month
closing November 4.
to the present location of the Sa
lem public library, Mr. Moores
RIGDON & SON .-gffi5-. wwm -t-
flee. Catalog on application.
Leading Morticians
Let us supply yon with
Shoes Hosiery Mats
Dishes, etc
at the Lowest Prices
373-77 Court St.
Household Goods
Auto parts
' Etc., etc.
Steinbock Junk Co.
The House of Half a
Million and One Bargains
402 North Commercial
Phono 523
Schaefer's Throat and
Lung Balsam, selling for
25c, 50c and $1.00. Pro
duces quick relief for the
worst cough. Pleasing to
take; beneficial to the
system and a sure cure.
Get a small bottle today.
Scbaeiefs Drug
Sole Agent
Gardes Court Prepaitiona
135 IT. OomX Phone 197
Divorce Cirantu
The circuit court has granted
a divorce to Estella Lundeen. in
her suit aEainst Harry Lundeen.
She was given the custody of the
two children, and $2. a month
for their sUDDort. The father is
to be permitted to visit the chil
dren upon giving notice ot his in-
It is I Jidle.s Day Today
Today is ladles' and girls' day
at the Y.M.C.AJ The high school
girls will have swimming and
gym work beginning at 9 o'clock
this morning. At 10 o'clock will be
gymnasium work for women and
at 10:45 o'clock, swimming. Be
ginning at 1 o'clock in the after
noon there willj be swimming for
the high school girls until 3
o'clock. At 4 o'clock, there will
be swimming for the smaller girls,
all to be in charge of the Y.W.C.A.
At 7:30 o'clock in the evening,
there will be gym work for the
larger girls and swimming until 9
o'clock. 1
Turkey Dinner
50c, White Cloud Tea House,
110 Com'l St. Adv.
Alout Turkeys-
The retail price yesterday in
Salem for dressed turkeys was
from 42 to 45 tents, according to
the turkey. Tho opinion among
dealers is that this is about the
price that will prevail for the re
mainder of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. B rot ton
were guests Monday night at the
A. C. McClain home- Mr. Protton
if. physical director of the Eugeno
Y. M. C A.
Robert A. Eakin of La Grande
is a visitor in the city.
Mrs. Ft. L. Mathews left Mon
day for her home in Seattle after
several davsvisit with Mrs. John
Ft. Sites.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Astill had as
their guests over the week-end
Mr. and Mrs- James Johns, Jr., of
Mrs. G. E. Terwilliger went to
Oregon City j-esterday in the in
terest of the women s Keller
corps of which she is a depart
ment officer.
Sid Russell, of Marlon, tran
sacted business with the Marion
county court yesterday afternoon
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Cllne and
family, of Mt. Angel, were Salem
visitors Tuesday.
John Kimsey of Macleay. who
is road patrolman for district No
60 conferred with County Road
master W. J. Culver yesterday
John Davenport, of near Silver
ton, visited Salem friends Tues
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Hunt of Su
bllmity. are visitTng in Salem at
the J. T. Hunt residence.
Charles Heinz of Scotts Mills,
was a Salem visitor yesteTuay.
2. 3. 7, 9. 10 nad 11, subdivision
of block 27, University addition
to Salem, S1857.16. ., . ,
Helen M. and J. B. Perrott to
Vlletha and Charles A. Bort, lots
5 and 6, block 14. McClaln's ad
dition to North Salem. $10 and
other considerations.
Harvey and Nettie N. Good to
Cornelia Galbraith, 1 V4 acres in
P. Cox donation land claim 6-1-W..
$10 and other'considerations.
W. VV. and Clara Hall to Jiun
Baughnian. lots 12 and 13, blocte
1. Ben Hall s addition to saiem.
Ella and Frank McCaffry to
John J. and Agnatheo. Wiens. pt.
of block 57, N. Salem, $10.
Louis L. ahd Mary B. Ernst to
Claude K. Smith, 3 acres section
23-4-3-W., $300.
William W. and Maude M.
Game Boards
A special showing of car
rom and crokinole game
1oards at a very, special
price. Nothing "can make
a more acceptable gift.
See our showing now that
the best he not taken he
fore you have your choice.
$6 to $10
Commercial Book
' i
1(5.1 N. Com'l. Phone 64
A Classified Ad
W1U bring you a bnyeT. Adv. ;
Of The
Run Through to Mill City i
The stage lines managed to keep
up service yesterday to Mill City
by working transfers. The first
ride was to a washout close to Me-
bama where passengers were
transferred. Then to another
transfer just this side of Mill
City. The Silverton stage yester
day was taking the old road to
Silverton, as the Pudding river
was over the bridge. I
Xhk Bros. I
Have 30x3 4 guaranteed tires at
$9. Other sizes at corresponding
low prices. Adv.
lAtst a Hog
It ts reported that Mark Savage
who has some Ftock on an island
about two miles south of Salem,
had a hog or two drowned during
the big flood, along with some
other stock and quite a number of
Turkey Dinner
50c, White Cloud Tea
110 4 Com'l St. Adv.
May mean the turning point
in your success or failure.
What you do today may in
a large measure determine
the future.
The continued efficiency
of your eyes is a vital fac
tor you cannot afford to
overlook. Phone us today
for an examination that you
may KNOW the true facts.
204-211 Salem Bank of
Commerce Building
Oregon's Largest Optical
Phone 230 tor appointment
Son is Born
A son was born November 22.
to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Waser oM
Salem, rural route 5. He has ben
named Frank Earnest Joseph
For Thankigiving
Mrs. Porter's fig and
fruit pudding. The ideal
way to buy'it for your
Thanksgiving dinner. At
this price it is cheaper
than you can make it
while our stocks lasts
20f CAN
383 Court St. Phone 409
Established 1868 ;
! ' ' "
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
i ! i . 3i. - - : --. - . i
- : , t - ' ; i . ' .
' t
Owing to the very disastrous fire ia
our store on October 31, we are now oc
cupying temporarily quarters at corner
of High and Trade streets. Telephone
same. No, 1374. U ;
We will be able to take care of all
needs in a very few days.
Showalter & Jacobs
t TJ .V ''t
Silk Hoiersy
We have just unpacked a
bigger stock of it than we
ever carried before. And
we're going to sell it
these prices I r i ;
$1.10, $1.75,
kr--u i
up to $438 per pair
Short Dresses Demand
Attractive Silk Hosiery. . i
Winter Conditions Demand
The most moderate of prices
We Meet Them Both! .
U. G. Shipley Co.
Where it Pays to Pay As You Go
Salem, Oregon
Thursday, November 24, 1921
5 to 8 p.m.
Toke Points on Half Shell or Canape ala Trionon
Mock Turtle Aux Quenelles
Consomme De Steal ,
Stuffed Celery Heart
Burr Gherkins
Mixed Olives
Fresh Lobster ala Nerburff en ealae
Tommee Sauffle Sliced Cucumber ..
Small Baucheese ala Perigoux t
Thanksgiving Sherbert
Roast Oregon Turkey Chestnut Dressing Cranberry Sauca "I
Domestic Goose Dressing Prince Jam : " '
Prime Rib of Beef Yorkshire Pudding - '
weet Potato Victoria
Brnssel Sprouts Buerr
Whipped Cream Potatoes
Baked Hubbard Squash
Salade ala Marion
Hot Mince Pie I Fresh Mince Pie
Palmer House Ice Cream
Nabisco "Wafer I
EnglifihPlum Pudding Hard and' Hot Sauce
Mixed Nats Ouster Raisins
- Camembert Cheese Bent Water Cracker ,
' i Demi Tasse j . -
I.. i - " : i
' " . ! U0 Per Plate , ! .C-
: i