The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 20, 1921, Page 5, Image 5

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Gol Itoad t INHlland
Ivan O. Martin who returned
Saturday from Portland, says
there are now paved roads all the
yay, with the exception er about
half a mile and ths bad crossing
over the Southern Pacific tracks
near the Valley Tacking com
pany's plant, . , tif
Harness, .Putters, Itttr Rag
Cloves, belts,' purses, suitcases,
robes, c. for Christmas gifts.
bnaieri Harness Stoe, 170 S.
Commercial. Adv.
- .
Believe In Max '
A." P. South wick or Ilickreall,
who has been in this country but
a few years, lias already become
convinced that tlar is a 'profita
ble crop. He has signed for 20
acres with the Willamette Valley
Flax and llemp Growers Cooper
ative association and also ' for
91,000 of the common stock of
the cooperative body, organized
as a holding company with the
Thanksgiving Potter Here
' The lobby of the Salem postof
tice has been decorated with a
number of artistic posters, all
showing a Puritan family giving
thanks about 300 years ago. The
"The Invisible
-Original Funster
rathe Hews
V- ;
Fruitlarid Nursery
has sales yard in bark of office,
540 Stale St. South of court
Hartman's Glasses
Easier and Better
Wear them and see
Phone 1255 Salem, Oregon
gpitalrs it K2H V. Commrcil ttnei
Chop Baey, - Noodles and American
DUnM, ice cream and drink, , c
Opn 11 Jn. to X is. -Special
r SAVE $ $ $
by buying your hardware and
Jurniture at The Capital Hard
ware & Furniture Co., 285 N.
Commercial, street. Phone 947
Tor Spring Planting Order Prom
428 Oregon Building
Phone 17 6 S
We pay highest pries. -1
We boy and sell everything.
We sell for lee
IB Center St, Fhon 898
Let us supply yon with
Shoes Hosiery Hats
Dishes, etc.
at the Lowest Prices
, 373-77 Court St. ?
Household Goods
. Iron
; Rags
Bottles .
: Clothing- .f .
' Auto parts . !
Etc, etc. ;
; Steinbock .Junk Co.
! "The House of Half a
Million and One Bargains
' 402 North Commercial
i . . Phone 623 '
posters are from the postmaster
general's department at Washing
ton and call attention to the won
derfully prosperous country in
which , Americans live, compared
to the hard time3 and privations
of the Puritans during their first
Thanksgiving services.
Hats Xot Over $.
Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday.
Special; Thanksgiving prices, any
hat in the store not over $5. Mrs.
L. G. Curtis, 123 N. High St.
Adv. i
Xo School Thi Week
As this week is Marloa county
teachers' annual institute week,
there will be no public schools iu
session in any school In the coun
ty. The law requires that all
teachers attend the institute.
Card of Thank
We desire to express our grat
itude to the many friends who so
graciously ministered to us in our
great bereavement and sorrow;
also the choir who rendered the
favorite hymns and those who
gave the many beautiful flowers.
Mrs. James H. Wilson, S. C. Wil
son, Mabel Morford. Adv.
Move To Salem For Winter
A. Q. Spence and family of five
have recently, moved to Salem
from Gaston and will make their
home in the city during the win
ter on North Broadway.
For the Iluxy Rutdiess Man
, Our tudlo will be open for sit
tings, by appointment, evenings
and Sundays during the holiday
period What's better for a gift
than a good, well made portrait?
Parker-Shrode Studio. Adv.
Realtors To Oregon f"?.y
As the Marion County Realtors
association ill hold no meeting
next Thursday, many members of
the association are planning to
attend the meeting to be held at
Oregon City Monday, November
28, when realtors from Marion,
Clackftmas and Yamhill counties
'will hold a Joint session.
I 1IEI '
. I
HILBORN At the residence, 344
North Twenty-third street, Sat
urday evening, November 19.
Ira Luthehr Hilborn. age 50
years, husband of Mr3. Millie
E. Hilborn, father of Mrs. E
W.! Hunter. Miss Fay Hilborn
M. Dale Hilborn and Nile W.
Hilborn. all of Salem. The
body is at the RIgdon mortuary.
Notice of funeral later.
Webb & Clough
Leading Funeral
Expert Embalmers
Leading Morticians
You're Not Too OldTo
Many JLfm3s w ar? k? '
tajs question "Am I too
old to learn?"
The will lo'take hold is
not governed by age. The
older person generally has
a greater stimulus, a differ
ent outlook on life and can
see the usefulness of each
part of our course.
We have had maiy older
leople and always find the
aro eminently successful in
tho field they ultimately
choose. Call at the office
and let us tell . you about
some of these older people.
Capital Business College
I Salem, Oregon
The Stovebuilders'
Lang's Langwood Range
Bakes and holds fire twice as
long as any other range with
less wood, or your money back.
If, your dealer will not supply
Lou, send for catalogue and
price list.
We sell ranges that save yon
money.; t , a
271 N. Com51 St. Salem, Ore
May Start Something
R. O- Snellihg, secretary of the
Salem; Rotary club, says the meet
ing ffext Wednesday noon will be
a special open forum meeting- As
several Rotarlans have something
special to tell they will be given
the opportunity. The meeting
will follow -ubjeets broached
two weeks ago when there were
several suggestions as to what
should be done for the good of
Only Five ltv .Weeks
Till Christmas. If your sitt
ings for holiday photos haven't
already been rnao, better arrange
for them early. Onr first holi
day delivery of finished work will
be; made December 5. Parker
Sbrode Studio Adv.
What Can You Iiuy
For five or six dollars that will
go as far towards supplying
Christmas presents to your friends
as a dozen well made portraits?
the most acceptable thing you
can give. Parker-Shrode Studio.
Mave Heard of Our Ways
Real estate dealers living in
Redmond have heard of the work
now being done by members ot
the Marion County Realtors asso
ciation, in what is termed the
multiple listing plan of listing
real . estate. They have ssnt to
tne local association for a copy
ot its by-laws and constitution
and also for some information re
garding multiple listing.
"Birds of Orron"
In beautiful colored pictures.
this evening at First Congrega
tional church.
Many Saleniite Saw Game
All who went to Eugene to see
the big football game did rot tra
vel In automobiles. The Oregon
Electric sold S7 round trip tick
ets with a number of one-way
fares. i
Hobol Travel Increasing
; According ! tora!lroad men,
travel Is heavy to the south, es
pecially the hobo travel. Many
freight trains show quite a sprlnk
ling of passengers between cara
and on top of coal cars all head
ing towards the sunny south.
Shell Company Report
The Shell company of California
has filed with the secretary of
state a statement showing that
during the month of October the
company sold in Oregon 250,415
gallons of gasoline and 2065 gal
Ions of distillate on which a total
tax of $5039.28 was paid.
We Wish to Titanic
i The merchants for their hearty
co-operation and liberal donation
for our 10th anniversary celebra
tion Friday evening, November 18
1921. Salem Heights Improve
ment League. Adv.
Recovering From Operation
Mrs. S. E.IFleener Who under
went an operation November 14
at the Willamette sanitarium.
was reported yesterday as making
a very satisfactory recovery. She
lives ; at 2090 North Fourth
Layette Quota Complete:;
: The last box of infants' layettes
made by workers Tor the Red
Cross in Salem and vicinity, is
already prepared for shipment
and will be forwarded tomorrow
to the relief j commission for Eu
rope. ; The box will be shipped to
headquarters! in New York City.
First shipments with 54 layettes
were shipped! some time ago, and
the shipment of tomorrow will
contain 46, completing the local
Red Cross quota of 100 layettes.
Each layette Is a complete infants'
equipment, it is thought that a
large proportion of shipments
will be made to Poland and other
central European countries suf
fering severely from the late war.
New Fixture Installed
i Some beautiful commercial type
of lighting fixtures are being in
stalled about town by the Salem
Electric Co. With shop in the Mi
sonic Temple. One of the latest
and best of these fixtures has
just been installed in the French
Shop on High street. Adv
Musid for Thanksgiving
For the i union Thanksgiving
services to t be held Thursday
of the Christmas Shopper
We're already beginning to think of the Christmas shop
per, and have prepared ourselves for the biggest Christ
mas business in our history. Accordingly,' wex have
stocked our shelves to the limit with attractive gifts for
everyone and economical Christmas buyers cannot af
ford to overlook ouur offerings.
A complete line, from the plain, everyday sort and small
Christmas candles priced as low as 15c a dozen, to
fancy artistic ones selling as high as $2.50 each.
We made an exceptionally good buy on carrom and cro
kinole boards this year and can offer them to you at
a saving. Our prices range from $6 to $10.
Commercial Book Store
163 North Commercial St.
morning at 10 o'clock at the First
Congregational cnurch, a male
quartet will render special music
and will lead in the singing. The
quartet is composed of H. B.
Glaisyer, R. H. Robertson, Albert
H. Gile and G. N. Cone. Miss Lu
cile Ross will accompany on the
organ and will play several se
lections during the morning pro
gram. Tnere will te responsive
singing by the audience and the
male quartet will sing two Thanks
giving numbers.
Big Dance
Wednesday evening, Nov. 23.
Special masquerade dance Friday.
November 25. Elite hall. Adv.
Dr. It. Ii. Kdwanl '
Physician and surgeon, 406 U.
S. Bank building. Special atten
tion given diseases of children.
Xorth Howell District Progresses
The North Howell school dis
trict is progressing. At a social
held Frirday night at the school
house, there was organized a Par
ent-Teachers' association. The
program and basket social of the
same evening realized about $35,
which will go Into the general
school fund for the purchase of
athletic equipment, play ground
apparauts, etc.
Fitted at Tyler'a drug store by
an expert in the business. Adv.
Where is Czecho-Slovakla?
For those who are a little weak
on their geography since the map
of Europe has been made over,
there is a large volume of maps
al the Salem Public library. It is
Rand-McNally's largest and latest
edition of maps. It shows ex
actly the many new boundaries in
Europe and sets rigbt just where
one may find the Serb-Croat-Slo
vene state and other countries of
unuaual names.
Box of Candy
One pound and three-quarters
for one dollar and a quarter.
I lass' Home Made Special. The
Ace, 127 N. High street. Adv.
Old Third Oregon to Meet
The Old Third Oregon regiment
will meet in Portland December
10, according to an announce
ment made yesterday from the ad
jutant general's office. Among
those who will attend are Colonel
George A. White, adjutant gener
al; Colonel Carle Abrams. Cap
tain H. C. Brumbaugh, Captain T.
E. Rilea, Walter A. Spaulding.
Louis H. Compton and Major O.
Miller. Efforts will be made to
have as many as possible of the
old Salem company M attend the
reunion. , The old Third Oregon
holds two reunions a year, on Au
gust 5, the date it was organized,
and December 11, the date it
Sailed for France.
Dra. White and Marshall
Osteopathic physicians, U S Bk.
- Adv.
Will Have Busy Time
Dr, E. O.. Sisson, professor of
philosophy in Reed college, Port
land, will be in Salem the first
two days of this week and, accord
ing to his present' schedule, will
be kept pretty busy, Monday
morning he speaks to the Marion
county teachers' institute, and at
noon will appear before members
of the Salem Commercial club.On
Tuesday morning he will again de
liver an address to the teachers,
and Tuesday noon speak to the
members of the Klwanis club. On
Tuesday afternoon he appears on
the program at the teachers' Insti
tute, speaking on "The Final
Candy For Thanksgiving
Send her a box of Haas fresh
candy. Exclusive agents The
Ace, Masonic Temple Adv.
Red Cross Booths Next Week
Owing to the extremely bad
weather Saturday, no Red Cross
booths were placed in the down
town district, nor was any special
effort made to add names to the
annual Red Cross roll call. Braz
ier Small, general chairman for
the roll call in Salem, says the
booths will be placed Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday
weath -
er permitting. It is felt by those
in charge of the roll call In Sa
lem that many have not been
called upon who really appreciate
the good work of the Red Cross
Phone 64
and who would be willing to take
an annual membership at $1.
Want to Become Citizen-
Thomas William Hall has filed
with the county clerk's office his
declaration of intention to become
an American citizen. He was
born at Hespeler, Canada, in 1869
and came to this country by way
of Detroit in 1901. His home is
at 1496 Ferry street and by oc
cupation he is a carder. Several
years ago Mr. Hall made his first
declaration of becoming a citizen,
but for some reason failed to ap
ply for final citizenship. He will
now have to wait two years.
Special Thanksgiving Sale
Trimmed and tailored hats,
Sat.. Mond.. Tues.. Wed. Miss
Larsen, 429 Court Adv.
Title to Property Confirmed
In the suit of A. A. Klinger
and wife agaiifst Josephine E.
Palmer and a dozen others to
quiet title to lota in Mt. Angel,
an order was issued in the circuit
court yesterday confirming to Mr.
Klinger title to the property in
fee simple..
A Clamifled
W1U bring you a buyer. Adv.
Amended Complaint Filed!
An amended complaint has been
filed in the circuit court by A. F.
Fellows, in which he brings suit
against Fred A. Kurtz and alleges j
that there is still due him for
cherries delivered in July, 1920.
the sum of $1834.65. The total
amount of cherries delivered
amounted to $3816.74 of which
Fellows acknowledges there was
$1982.09 paid. That was the year
Royal Anne and Lambert cherries
sold for 13 cents a pound.
Special Thanksgiving Sale .
Trimmed and tailored hats.
Sat., Mon., Tues., Wed. Miss
Larsen, 429 Court. Adv.
Taken I'nder Advisement
The Marion county circuit court
ha staken under advisement, after
the offering of testimony, the di
vorce suit of Lela E. Bolton
against Elmer L. Bolton. In the
divorce suit of Estella Lundeen
against Harry Lundeen, the court
granted the divorce and $25 a
month alimony for the support of
the two children. The children
were awarded to the mother.
Experienced Waitresses Warded
For steady work. The Gray
Belle. Adv.
Files Twentieth Report
The 19th and 20th semi-annual
account of the estate of W. D.
Claggett was filed for record yes
terday by Frank Welch, executor.
The 20th report shows a balance
ot S4.977.29 in the estate. .4
One License YesterCay
One marriage license was is
sued yesterday. The fortunate
ones were William I. Powers, me
chanic of Independence, living in
'Marlon county, and Mrs. Eva O.
Perkins, living in Marion county
L'aear Independence.
Legal Blanks
Get them at The Statesman of
fice. Catalog on application.
Attendance Good
Notwithstanding about the
rainiest day ot the season Satur
day, 59 children attended tne
story telline hour yesterday at
the Salem public library, when
Btories were told by Miss Lucile
Crockett, children's librarian.
Joint Party Held
The Chrestophilian and Chres-
tomathlan literary societies neia
a joint party In the Chresto hall
on the Willamette university cam-
ous yesterday atternoon. This is
an annual affair and the only
joint event ot this semester. The
hall, newly furnished and decor
ated, was filled with the univer
sity men and women.
Salmon 7 Cent
Fttts Market. Phone 211.
Armory Burglarized
The police department at Al
bany has notified local officers
rtnat the Albany armory was en
tered Friday night and army over
coats, raincoats and shoes taken.
The Gray Belle
Will serve turkey
Thanksgiving day. -Adv.
Horses Stray
D. S. Hildebrand, whose ad
dress waB not given to the police
has reported that two bay horses
are missing from his farm, hav
ing strayed away recently- The
animals weigh about 900 pounds
Gray Belle French pastry-
Official Permit iven
Harry J. Wiedmer, secretary of
the Salem Elks lodge, in response
to a request to dispense with the
meeting next Thursday evening,
received the following telegram
yesterday: "Suecial dispensation
granted Salem lodge 336 to omit
its regular meeting of lodge
Thursday, November 24. George
Neuner, Jr . district deputy grand
exalted ruler."
Roast or Fried
Chicken dinner served all day
today. The Gray Belle. Adv.
Will Attend Conference
At the annual older boys' con
ference to be held at Corvallis
the latter part of this week. Ward
Southworth of the senior class of
the Salem hh school will repre
sent the visiting delegates and re
spond to a toast of welcome. Am
ong those who will speak at the
conference are Norman F. Cole
man of Portland, Dr E. C. Hick
man of Salem. Dr. IT. G. Duback
ot Corvallis. Lawrence Todman
ot Shantung, China, and others
prominent in Y. M. C. A. and old
er boys work.
Mrs. L. G. Curtis
Is giving special Thanksgiving
prices Monday, Tuesday, Wednes
day. Any hat in the shop not over
$5; -125 N. High St. Adv.
Frank Seigmond. of Mehama, i
was a Salem visitor yesterday.
Phillip Fisher, foreman of
bridge construction for Marion
county, conferred with county
court officials Saturday afternoon.
E. N. Downing, of Shaw, pat
rolman of District No. 70, tran
sacted business I with the county
court yesterday.:
Chester C. Jefferson and Earl
Jefferson, "of Hone II, were
in Salem Saturday afternoon.
Judge Thomas A. McBride left
yesterday for Deer Island, iis
home on the Columbia river, just
below St. Helens.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Johnson
and daughter Julia, left yesterday
evening ror roruana to remain
Sunday and Monday.
W. J. Hadley of Turner was In
the city yesterday.
BLIGH Portland arrivals :
O. P. Rahn. M. Carle, Mrs. G.
Meyers, V. G. Chessmann. Jack
Adams. Roy Spencer, N. J. Hew
ett and Marearet McKinnon. Oth
ers registering ;were Francis Mc
Fadden, E. R.jFeiler. Donald:
H. B. BradenJ Bend; Mr. and
Mrs. F. B. Clark Medford; S. E.
Hoges, Oakland; C. G. Stout,
Corvallis. -
MARION i Portland arrival?
included R. Vj Lemon, Mr. pal
Mrs. Thomas. N. B. Sloembl, J.
Nelson, H. H. Hardman, James '
Wilson. G. B. Guthrie. W. W.
Whalen. P. B. Sibley, Vera Adams,
Bessie Rogers, A V. Wolcott, Mr.
and Mrs. D. R. Young, George
Underwood. Others were F. J.
Heyfron, G. M. Ballantinc. Se
attle; W. J. Greenland, C. Inl
and Dolley, Eugene; C. J. Lake,
Oregon City; R. B. Winslow, Sil
verton; Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Han
sen, Astoria: J. G. Davies, Ro
chester, N. Y. 1
1925 fair goes.
Portland takes on her share.
Now she wiQ ask the state to
take on hers, and this wllK likely
mean a special session of the leg
islature. S i
This is Thanksgiving week.
"The old tight" at Eugene war
a muddy and fierce one, for only
two goose eggs;
It was a wet day in Salem, but
a very busy Saturday neverthe
less. S fw
Salem's live business men have
a lot of Interesting advertising
this morning, telling about sea
sonable offerings and bargains. It
is going to be a busy holiday sea
son here. ;
The Salem paper mill manage
menria trying to keep up with
the orders- The mill Is running
night and ffayj every day in the
week excepting Sunday; employ
ing eigh hour shifts. But the or
ders on hand how will keep the
wheels busy till the first of Jan
uary, and new orders are being
pressed upon the sales depart
ment, which 1 unable to promise
deliveries for these till after the
opening of the new year. All ot
which makes the managers wish
for greater facilities for accom
modating the trade thai is so in
sistent for more machinery. Plans
are under ways for two naw paper
machines, which would double
the capacity of the mill. The
room has been served In the
main machinery building for these
new machines; it was provided
for In the original construction.
And stranger 'things have hap
pened than these two new ma
chines should I be installed in
1922; calling tor an additional
investment of; some $200,000.
This would make the Salem paper
mill one of the big ones in its
class in this country.
Si S
The census discloses that there
are of voting age in the United
States 27,661.880 men citizens
and 26.759,952 women citizens.
There will never be an election
issue decided by the fact of tTiis
disparity of number.
Lecture Series Planned
By Willamette Faculty
The first of a series of lectures
to be held by the faculty members
of Willamette university will be
held December 12. These meet
ings are planned to bring the pub
lic of Salem into a closer acquain
tance with the university taem-
Schaefer's Throat and
Lung Balsam, selling for
25c, 50c and $1.00. Pro
duces quick relief for the
worst cough. Pleasing to
take; beneficial to the
system arid a sure cure.
Get a small bottle today.
Schaefer's Drug
Sole Agent
Garden Court Preparations
1S5N. OoeiX Phone 197
bera. The following is a list ot
the lectures to be held.
December 12. President Doney
"Palestine in Picture and
Prose," a stereoptican lecture.
January 9. Professor Erlckson
'Two Men of the Middle Ages."
January S3, Professor Sherman
Cbooetng a Personality."
' February 13, Professor Peck
"Poetic Aspect ot Principle of
Evolution.' .
February 27. Professor Mat
thews "Love. Courtship and
April 10. Professor Fake
"Vitamines and the Balanced
April 24, Professor Pannuntio
"The Conquering Jew."
The lectures will be held on
Monday evenings as shown by the
different dates in the chapel ot
Waller hall at 8 o'clock. They
will be free.
Extensive Sport Program
is Launched by Y.MJC.A.
An extensive program of sporta
swimming and recreation is be
ing arranged at the T. M. C A
for the public school boys this
week. The following is the ached
ile for the grade schools:
Park school, 9:30 to 10:30
o'clock. Loncoln, 10:45 to 11:45;
Highland. 1:30 to 2:30
j Richmond, 1:30 to 2:30; Gar
4 to S.
A basketball league is arrang-
ed for each class in the junior
high school. The teams will try
out Monday afternoon. Grant
from 1 to 2; McKinley from 2 to
3: Washington from & to 4. The
first games will be .played Tues
day. .
Washington vs. Grant ninth
grade at 1:30 o'clock; McKinley
vs. Grant eighth grade at 2:30;
Washington vs. Grant : seventh
Goods packed, shipped or stored.
Fireproof Storage. Prices to Please Yon
Vick Br ot heirs
Tire Specials
Tire prices have been reduced from
15 to 30 per cent
We have guaranteed 30x3 tires -all
the way from
$9 to $14
Other sizes in proportion
Don't Say "I'm Sorry" I
Just look a few month or a few years into Ihe !
future. Picture yourself seated in a large comfy
armchair after a hard day's work resting but i
unable to read, Those eyes so often misused and I
so neglected have long sinee given out; you must !
now comfort yourself by sitting in the big arm chair f
dreaming. But when that time comes don't say
"I'm sorry." 4 ! !
"We hope that for you that time may never come, j
That's what we're here for to give YOUR eyes i
that careful attention NOW that will enable them
to retain their fullest efficiency until old age.
Let us examine youfeyes now and youll oev?r T
hav to say, "I'm sorry I put it off." , ' JFl
' i . j
Phone 239 for appointment i
Oregon's largest optical institution
204-211 Salem Bank of Commerce Bldg. Salem, Ore.
grade at 2:30. '.
The second round of tho le&cu
will be announced later. .
Thanks giying
Begins November 23rd Wait
Special Chicken
Dinner Today
$1.00 Plate
.- SOUP:
Oyster . soup or cMckea
broth. with: green peas j
and Termlcelll t
Potato; Fresh crab or fruit.
: . CHICKEN: '
Roast chicken with cranber
ry sauce and dressing or
fried chicken with country
trtTT- , . t . j
Mashed potatoes, tweet corn
or creamed, cabbage ;
: i DESSERTS - '
Choice of: Home made pie,
Ice cream or cake
Our Utah Coal is going at
These prices are cash:
Utah Lump CoaU.$17.00
Utah Stove CoaU. 16.00
Utah Egg Coal 15.50
We guarantee all, our 'i
.';-'' k ' coals ; '