The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 20, 1921, Page 13, Image 13

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Glenn jVoliva Puts Radical
Ideas Into Practice in
Church Schbols
School Teachers Tell Young
sters That All Modern
Theories Are Wrong
ZION, 111., Not. 17. Zlon
schools, of. -which Wllbor Glenn
"yoHT. th OTeraaer of the colony.
la resident, hare adnnterf iim now
theories of a flat world and the
absence of cavitation, and the
1000 grade and high school pupils
believe them imDllcitlv. nrmrAine
to their teachers.
The DUbllr; schnol malntainpil
by the state board of education
and attended by the children ot
non-members of Voliva's Christian
Catholic Apostolic church still
teaches however, that the world is
a globe moving through limitless
space and that it was the attrac
tion of gravity which caused the
apple to fall on Isaac Newton's
Study Courso Shown
At the Zion schools the new
coarse of study teaches that:
The earth is a flat, circular
world, with a north pole in the
exact center, no suth pole, and
surrounded by a wall of ice which
keeps venturesome marfneta from
tailing oil the rinv
That the earth has no motion,
but remains stationary in space.
That the sun is not millions of
miles in diameter and 91,000,000
miles away, but is really a little
orb 32 miles across and only 3000
miles from th& eann.
Motorcycling the Children to School
STORMY weather or bad roads won't kefep the child
ren out of school when there's a Harley-Davidson on
. the farm. And this handiest of vehicles is cheaper than
car fare, shoe leather, automobile, or the "horse and buggy
way."; - - -.. .
A Harley-Davidson will serve the farmer and his family
eyery day of the year, for years and years. For hurry-up
. . trips to town, railroad station, creamery or neighboring
farm with the roomy sidecar full of luggage a Harley-
, Davidson combines speed, comfort, economy and depend
, ability. 50 mites for a dollar including gasoline, oil and
tires. You can't beat that for
cheap mileage.
'-. .
Com in mnd inapyct Uw 1923 models.
Pricti have hn raducad 25 pmw cant.
"The Cycle lHan"
147 South Commercial Street
That the law of gravitation is a I
fallacy and when objects are!
thrown into the air they cintinue
to rise until the force which pro
pelled them is expended, and then
fall back to earth because they are
heavier than air.
Mrrrakor "ErrctV
A standard; map of the world,
on Christopher's projection, is
used in the schools to demonstrate
the flat world theory. This map,
which is used ; by navigators and
scientists in making time and lon
gitude calculations, differs from
the usual Mercator's projection
familiar in other schools, in that
it shows the earth as it would
look to an observer directly above
the north pole, with the conti
nents and seas projected on a flat
plane. As a the north pole
is in the center, and instead of a
south pole the Antarctic regions
are indicated by a white ring
about the outer circumference of
the circle. This ring, according to
Voliva ,is the ice barrier which
keeps mariners from falling off
the edge of his flat world.
Polar Region Eliminated
The Christopher projection was
made 30 years ago, prior to the
discovery of the South pole and
before much was known about the
Antarctic regions, so only a bare
outline of portions of. the southern
ice band is shown.
Miss Mary Thompson, principal
ol the Zion school system, and an
ardent believer in the Voliva theo
ries. has propounded a question
which she believes will trip scien
tists and naVigators. Showing on
her flat map that the tropic of
Cancer, 43 degrees from the north
pole, was a much smaller circle
than the tropic of Capricorn, 4 7
degrees farther away, Miss Thonip
son says : j
No Curvature
"Navigators on a globular earth
would find If they were to sail
completely around .either of these
tropics that they would be identi
cally the saine length. On a flat
earth, however, the tropic of Cap
ricorn would be much larger than
the tropic ot Cancer, and would
take much longer to sail around,
because on a flat earth Cancer
would be nearer the center, or
north pole. Why don't some of
the globular, earth believers try
sailing around the two rtopics and
find out whether they or we are
correct? The globular people cer
tainly can't prove curvature of the
Miss Eva Baker, teacher of ge
ography, ; demonstrates to her
classes that the sun Is only a tiny
orb a few thousand miles away.
Instead of an orb millions of miles
in diameter and 91,000,000 miles
from the earth. If the sun was so
large, she says, it would light up
all the world, instead of confining
its hottest rays to a 3000 mile
wide belt between the two tropics.
Voliva himself, in a recent ser
mon at Shiloh -Tabernacle, said
God certainly would not have
made a sun to light tlie world and
then placed it so far away.
f A man would be a fool," the
Specialized Training Would Relieve )
Unemployment Says Keystone Educator
There Will
Be Few
in ths
Bread Line
Who Know
How to
0ne Ihing
Attractive Display Seen
At Valley Motor Company
The 'display of the Valley Mo
tor company showing just how
comfortable a closed, car may be
in winter, is attracting much fa
vorable comment.
Just to make tha atmosphere
true to a winter scene, there is
what appears to be real snow, not
only partly covering; the car, but
the scenery surrounding.
And to make the scene more
real and lifelike, the display
shows a woman comfortably clad,
but without hat, seated at the
wb?el, just as pleased at the
surroundings as if she were in the
comfort of her home.
The entire scene is one to im
press the average driver that for
real comfort in driving there is
nothing more to be desired than
a closed Ford car, especially for
driving during the winter months
in this part of Oregon.
of laps they hare covered and the
like. ,
"Would you advise mi to travel
for my health 5 '
"No," replied th doctor. A I
maa wants to be la firstt-elats "V
physical condition before be take
oa the worries' t trarel ow-Vj.
daya.M The expositor. -j ; j
Pennsylvania State Supt. of Public Instruction
u Ttrr n
' - rZ&orlc9s CJtampiort Motorcycle
TTT . 2 jm L
" Thanksgiving
Begins November 23rd Wait
IF more men had special training
in some one line oi work, the
country would not be worrying so
much about its unemployment prob
lem." This opinion was advanced by Dr.
Thomas E. -Finegan, Pennsylvania
State Superintendent of Public In
duction, after a recent inspection of
he imernptional Correspondence
Schools, of Scranton
"There is a very real relation be
tween unemployment and education,"
said Dr. Finenan "Ii m.ire men had
devoted thnr spart Mine to study dur
ing the ksi decade there would be
fewer out of -mplnyment tcxlav. The
trained man it 'he last one to be laid
off. and "he fir one to be hit rd again.
Emi'lojrt- retard trained men as
set - hM tViTTi Jnnc it
humanly possible. lVriods of unem
ployment threaten them far less than
the untrained worker.
"Some young men fail to recognize
now earnestly their employers want
them to devote their spare time to
specialized training and preparation
tor advancement. They might be
impressed if they could talk with the
many employers of Pennsylvania who
are paying for any correspondence
school and university extension
courses their employes wish to take,
and who regard this cost of training
tneir men as a good business invest
ment. "The workers who have taken
advantage of some one of the many
opportunities for speriali7ed training
are usually found on some payroll
San Francisco Opens
Newest Auto Speedway
overseer added, "to build a house
in Zion and place his parlor light
in Kenosha, Wis."
Miss Thompson, principal of the
schools, says the children prefer
their new flat world to the old
fashioned round one in which Co
lumbus believed.
"The students in the Zion
schools," she says, "grasp the the
ory of the flat earth readily be
cause their minds are not full of
globular earth teaching such as
older folks have had drilled into
them. Therefore, they accept the
flat earth teaching without ques
tioning, not because they have to.
but because it appeals to them as
rational. I don't believe there is
one student in the grades who
has questioned it. The flat earth
seems more reasonable to them.
The globular, unreal"
Wilbur Glenn Voliva, who suc
ceeded John Alexander Dowie as
overseer of Zion on the latter's
death in March, 1907, was born
near Newton, Ind., March 10,
1870. In 1897 he received his
B. A. .from Hiram college, Ohio,
and in the same year a degree
from Union Chrustian college at
Merom, Ind. In 1889 he had been
ordained a minister in the Chris
tian church at the age of 19, and
held a pastorate at Linden, Ind.,
from 1889 to 1892; Urbana. 111.
1892-3; studied theology at Stan
fordsville, N. Y., 1893-94 and sup
plied the pulpit of Chestnut Street
Christian church at Albany, N. Y.;
filled a pulpit at York Harbor,
Me., the following year; and was
paBtor of the Chirstian church at
Washington C. H Ohio, in 1897-
'Hn 1899, Voliva joined Dowle's
church and was ordained an elder
ad placed in charge of the iZon
tabernacle in Chicago, in 1900
afph 1901 he represented Dowie at
Cincinnati, and then was sent to
Australia as overseer of the
Dowie . settlement of Zion there.
He returned to Zion. 111., in 1906
as assistant to Dowie.
Preliminary speed trials will be
held December 1, 1921, on the
new automobile speedway being
built near here by the Greater
San Francisco Speedway associa
tion, it was announced recently.
Drivers intending to enter the
first speedway race, December 1 1
must make at least 100 miles an
hour in the trials December 1.
Speedway association officials
have announced that an electric
scoreboard, to be operated at the
track, will show the speed being
maintained daring the race by
the various drivers; their relative
I.osition in the race, the number
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1 : Stewing "
ofAthe FW&Tourhi&Car Designed and Produced
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