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    :SECOND NEWS SECTION tfifa(1 ItiSiiA -tfX A J'i P : 1; -' '" '"t?;;'';''
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1 1 i i
HI series of six organ concerts
jf will be giren by the Music
Teachers' association dur
ing the winter beginning with one
y Edgar E. Coursen of Portland
who will; appear here November
t. The conctrts will be given in.
the First Christian church. Miss
Elixabeth, Levy will be the .assist
ing artist at the first concert.
,l Others who will appear in Sa
lem daring the winter at these
concerts are Mrs Gladys Morgan
Farmer, Fran!; Churchill, Lucian
Beefcer nd "W. R. Booth,' both of
fortland and Prof. TV S. Roberts
of 'Salem, ' The concerts will be
given in each case on tha first
Sunday of .the month and admis
sion will be (fee. The Salem mu
sicians hope, to , give a musical
treat to local people and at the
same1 time provide . entertain
ment, j
- The Woman's auxiliary ot tho
American . legion .will " participate
with the legion, in a Hallowe'en
armory Tuesday evening.
Dancing and various other
forms of entertainment will te
provided for the guests. Refresh
ments will be served and the re
turns from the evening will ' be
given to the Women's Auxiliary.
Patrons and patronesses for the
affair are Governor and Mrs. Ol
cott. Mayor and Mrs Halvorscn,
Dr. and Mrs. D. F. Pound, Mr. and
Mrs. D. J. Fry, Mr. and Mrs. R.
T, Boise, Mr. and Mrs. Franfc
Durbln, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hen
drlcks. Mr and Mrs. William Mc
Gilchrist,' Sr., Mrs. Fred Steward,
Mrs. J. A. Carson, Col. and Mrs.
G. A. White, Mrs. C. D. Gabriel
son; llrs. John Griffith, Mrs.
CSharles Jones,"- Col."4 and Mrs.
Hofer, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas,
War' Mothers are to be special
honor guests of the legion rnd the i
auxiliary. It is planned to hold
a party similar to this one each
month, according to the commit
tee in charge which is composed
of Mr. and Mrs. AlbertT. Ander
son, Dr. and Mrs. Will Mott, Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Kirk. Mr. and
Mrs. J. Ebberly. Jack Elliott,
Mrs. Dan Fry.
Hallowe'en decoration formed
the setting for .a delightful party
at the home of Mr. L. H. Comp
tin whon she !n company with
Mrs. James Lewia entertained
Thursday afternoon.
A. tew tabic, of (!v3 hundred
were arranged fo and the after
noon was given ovrr to a social
good time. Refresh merts were
served to the hoatossea.
Those present vera Mrs. W I.
Staley, Mrs. Frank Powers, Mrs.
J. A. Mills, Mrs. Paul Johnson,
Mrs. Fannie E. Graham, Jlr. Sey
mour Jones. Mrs. Bliss Darby,
Mrs:. Wilson Darby. Mrs. F.
Craig. Mrs. D C. Mlnto, Mrs Her
bert llaid, Mrs Harry Brum
baugh. Mrs. Arthur Moore, Mrs.
R. B. Goodin. Mrs. A. F. Marcus,
Mrs. R. E. Downing, Mrs. Grace
Eof f.' Mrs. Ben Eilers. Mrs. R. E.
Anderson, Mrs. John Farrar, Mrs
W. J Busick, Mrs. Fred Thomp
son, Mrs. L. S. Sheldon, Mrs. Jthn
Harbison, Mrs. Henry Co.-npton,
Mrs. II. S. Poisal, Mrs Dudley
Purvine. Mrf. H. Dayton. Misfl
Sarah Bowman, Mrs, D. F. Wap
oner, MrV. Frederick G. Brock,
Mrs. James' Lewis and Mr3. L. H,
Among the Salem people at
tending the O. A. C.-U. of W.
game in CorvaUla "yesterday were
Hi "K VV;
ThatlAtira&tthe finvyofYour
No wpndci Eey envy your good fortune
who wouldrVt want a rich, lustrous seal skin;
or a charming brown mink fur or a Stone
Martin Choker with its distinctive ' air of
beauty, or the dainty, always popular grey
squirrel furs? The prices are within the reach
of alL' We invite your patronage.
Westfif Co.
521 Court Street
Phone 1628
Mr. and Mrs. ' Paul Hauscr and
Mr. and-Mrs. Leo Gilbert.! They
were guests of Oral Hauser and
attended the Sigma Nu dinner
last Drtght.
; The Leslie church will give a
''Pot Luck Dinner" at the church
Thursday evening at six o'clock.
This is to be the first of a series
the coming season.
!' An Informal reception for the
hew r students of the Kimball
Hchool of Theology was given in
ithe school assembly hall Friday
evening. The new students, the
Bpeclal students attending from
Willamette university and the
wives of the students were
guests of honor.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Clark gave
addresses of welcome to the new
students and their wives rhich
vas responded to by Ralph I. Tho
mas, who is a graduate of Wil
lamette university with tho clas.
Of 1921.
i The more than 60 students of
the school were present and light
refreshments were served during
the evening. Addresses wore giv
en by Dr. E. C. -Hickman, presi
dent of the college and by John
The Parent Teachers associa
tion of the Lincoln and McKlnley
schools will 'give a reception in
the Lisle Methodist church Tues
day evening. New patrons of the
schools, the teachers- and others
will be guests of the organizattion
for the evening.
Special music will be provided
for the evening and all interested
are invited to attend.
Dr. and Mrs. G. C. Bellinger
were hosts Wednesday evening at
a dinner party. Eight covers were
laid and the decorations were gold
marigolds and autumn leaves with
colored candies. Cards were play
ed during the evening.
The guests were Mr. and Mrs.
William McGilchrist, Jr., Mr. and
Mrs.. Miller McGilchrist, and Mr.
and iMrs. Roy Burton.
,: Miss Maggie J. McFadden, sis
ter of Mrs. J. P. Fri2ell, w"ho has
been living with the latter at 248
North Summer Street, has left the
city for a visit to her old home
in MIddleton, Penn., where she
will stop with her brother until
spring. She expects to arrive in
West Middletown In time to cele
brate the anniversary of her leav
ing that community for Oregon 38
years ago. Miss McFadden is
rWWl-knownn this- eoommirrm
a! former teacher at the b'ind
school and as a former matron at
the Indian School at Chemawa.
tMiss Helen Hardy was hostess
for a delightful Hallowe'en party
Friday evening. Corn stalks,
pumpkins and witches were used
la decorating the rooms." Refresh
ments, consisted of doughnuts, ci
der and apples.
i Those who enjoyed the frolic of
the evening were Miss Louise
Sehrieber, Miss Zeda Rhoten, Miss
Evelyn De Moss. MIbs Ruth
Schaefer, Miss Ethel 1 Mocraft,
Miss Zenda Busch, Miss Irene
Boje Miss Wllma, Spence, Miss
Dorothy 'Ellis, Miss Grace Gasper,
Miss Lola Houslery, Miss Beryl
Marsters, Miss Lovena Fox and
Miss 'Elsie Smith.
Under drOoptng' "boughs , of
greenery Salem folk danced in the
armory Friday night at the an
nual .Guild dance.. Music., was
furnished by an eight-piece Or
chestra and special musical num-
w- 4 ' VI!
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Kayser Pure Thread Silk Hose.
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Salem Woman Wins Golf Championship of Oregon
1 ,'
4 . -v f
Ij, .t. ,f
- -T' y
i ?
street and Mrs.
Mrsi Ercel W. Kay who won
the tvomen's championship in
the state tournament held in
Portland last jweek. Miss
Phoebe Tidmarsh of Seattle,
Mrs Kay's opponent in the fi
nals; recently won the north
west woman's championship
which was also,' held on the
Waverly links j iin Portland."
Mis3 Tidmarsh ! was Oregon
state champion! last year.
entertained Sun-
on Academy
Helga Lindahl
day evening with a wedding at
her home on Lewis street. The
young couple will make their
home in Dallas. -
John E. Peters and Miss Kath
trlne Jlildebrand were! married
at the Dallas M ethodist Episco
pal parsonage at 7:30 f o'clock
last Friday evening. TiU young
couple are well known in Dallas
and have gone to housekeeping at
4 00 Washington street.
Photo by Gunnell & Robb
ber3 were Riven by a women's
quartet composed of Miss Ada
Miller. Mrs. A. J. Rahn. Mrs. W.
li. Trunk and Mrs. Carlton
Smith. They sang "Fepsy O'
Nell." "My Mammy," "Alexan
der's Hag Time Band." "Lazy
Mississippi," and "My Love Is all
for You."
Punch was served from a booth
in one corner of the auditorium
under the direction of Mrs. G. E.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Lamport re
turned this week from Los
they , went two weeks'
ago to attend the National Bank
ers' convention.
Mr. and Mrs. T. II. Adams and
son Junior of Vancouver, Wash.,
are guests at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. F. A. Ilaker. Mrs. Adams
is president cf the executive board
of the Vancouver Y. W. C. A. and
was a gaets at tho Y. W. cafeteria
Mrs. Laura Jones Newton of
Pennsylvania is a guest at the
A. E. Watson home. Mrs. New
ton is a consin of Mr. Watson and
will spend the winter in Salem.
J5- if
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Lamport
were hosts at a delightful dinner
parly at their home Friday eve
ning, honoring Mr. and Mrs. Brey
man Boise. The guests were Miss
Catherine Slade, Frank Durban
and A. Holt.
Blue birds were used in decor
ating and blue and pink formed
the color scheme for the dainty
table. Following the dinner the
party attended the Guild dance.
Two Portland women, Mrs. C.
K. Peck and Mrs. W. T. Neil were
guests at two parties In Salem on
Thursday. Mrs. D. J. McKinnon
entertained with a bridge lunch
eon party in their honor at noon.
The table was decorated with var
ied color cosmos and dainty can
dies. Guests at the luncheon were
Mrs. Peck. Mrs. Neil, both of
Portland, Mrs. Karl Smith, Mrs.
Roy Mills, Mrs. miss Darby. 'Mrs.
H. A. Corooyer, Mrs. William
Hamilton, Mrs. E. Iedy. Mrs.
Merlin Harding and Mrs. William
A pleasant party of ' friends
gathered in the evening at the
William Hamilton home and a so
cial hour was eajoyed. Mrs. Peck
Mr3. Dickman nee Miss Minnie
fichailer) Mr. Leon Jennison, Miss
Trir.ta Wengrr, Mis-; L?tha Dris-
coll, and other pupils with fine
voice who will make their first
, The F. E. F. H. club mt Fri-i
day evening with Mr. and Mrs. C. !
E. Barbour. High score was won 1
by Mrs". Roy Campbell and Fred!
Bozelle while low score fell to
Mr3- Fred Bozelle and Mr. Roy
Dainty refreshments were serv
ed by the hostess assisted by her
daughter Geneviev Red carna
tions and white rose buds were
eTfSctfvely used around the
rooms and on the tables.'
The club members are Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Jermann, Mr. and Mrs.
C,arl Mcrhren, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Bozelle, Mr. and Mrs. E. Angel,
Dr. and Mrs. O. L. Scott, Mr. and
Mrs- T. W. Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
George Skeels.- Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bar
bour and Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Ferrel. The rext meeting will
be. held October 31 in the form
of a Hallowe'en party.
. 4r
Miss Edith McGee of Salm end
Avery Hartzell of Cottagj Grove
were married G:tber 15 at the
Congregational parsonage. Rev.
Kantror officiated.
Mrs M. B. Her:ri...k and Miss
Ella Hendrick of McMinnville
were guests this week at tho W.
C. Kantner home.
Mr. and Mr3. R. E- Anderson
were hosts at a delightfully in
formal dancing party at their
home in Morningside Tuesday
evening. Refreshments were
served during the evening by the
Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. C. D. Purvine. Mr. and Mr).
James L,ewls, Mr. and Mrs. IT. F.
Poisal. Mr. and Mrs. V. 17. Fitch
and Mr. and Mrs. B. I. Eilers.
The music during the evening was
by Miss Mildred and Miss
Blanche Davenport on the piano
and victrola.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dewhirst
of Portland are guests for the
week-end of Dr. and Mrs. J. D.
MrCormack of Kimball School of
Mrs. B. A. Cathey of Condon
is a guest of Mrs. Marie A. Flint
for a few days.
Mrs. E. E. Reeves of Lebanon
visited with relatives in Salem
this week.
Prof, and Mrs. Sam R. Warner
were Mrs. Jack liatton, Mrs. Phil
Brown. Mrs. Tracy Savcry and
Mrs, Ray Mitchell,
.Saturday afternoon at 1:30
o'clock Lee Eggleston of Mon
mouth was uniteil In marriage to
Mlssi Irene Bowrjan ol Falls City
at the home of iiack Hatton, 102
Orchard avenuej. Rev: Frank
James of the Met'codist church
performed the ceremony, after
which a two-course luncheon was
served by Mrs. Hatton. The young
couple left immediately for a few
days wedding trip, after 'wttlclT
they will be at their home in
Monmouth. Thbse present were
Mr. I and Mrs. E.1 F. Tice, Mrs
Hazel Courter of Falls City and.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hattcn.
Frank Johnson of Dallas and
Miss Anna Hagstedt of Salem
were married at; the Mathodist
parsonage by Rev. Frank James
Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Following the ceremony a two-
course luncheon was served at
the I home of Mts; Roy Plummer
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Honoring one of thl- num
ber, the resident? of the Y. W. ('
A were members of a birthday
party Friday evening. Miss Doris
Siler wa3 guest of honor. Others
In attendance were Mrs. Etta
Bradford, Miss Eva Scott. Mrs.
Sadie Keyt. Miss EtsJe TJeckner.
Miss Edna Beauehamp. Mrs.
Fales and Mrs. Minnie Slocum.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilar.y Scott were
hosts Friday. cvenlng4t the First
M. E. church for Mr. Scotf3
scout troop. : T'i lioys nss.'ifd
in preparing thi meil and l:i:er
took part in boxing; and,wrstliEB
St;V??al new ni.'.nwrj were vott
t-tl 'In at the regular meeting
wh'ch followed the stipprr.
w .r
'Mres Minnetta Mapcers will pre
sent a number of pupils in concert
in the near future. Fred Hoyn-
on. tenor of Portland, who has
been most enthusiastically re
ceived on many programs there
will sine a group of songs among
them the tenor aria from Rigo
letto. Miss Eva iPttman. also ot
Portland, coloratura soprano, will
sing. The following well known
Salem singers 111 appear-In excel
lent numbers: M.Iss HHdaAm,ster;
week for a day's visit.
Mrs. WJ A. Xorris of Berkeley
Is a guest at the home of her sis
ter, Mrs. E. N. Weller. She will
be here for a month.
Miss Margaret Griffith is spend
ing the week-end with her par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Griffith.
Miss Griffith is attending the
University of Oregon.
Mr. and Msr. R. E. Downing
will leave this week for southern
' Mrs. Richard Cartwright re
turned early in the week from
Eugene where she visited with
her daughter, Miss Florence Cart-
DALLAS. Oct, 22. A "Conun
drum supper" was given by the
women's auxiliary of the Ameri
can legion Friday evening. This
was followed by a dance. Rose
briars and autumn leaves were
used to decorate the ' roorrf3
Other affairs to which the public
will be Invited are being planned
by the women of "the auxiliary
for the coming months. !
' "Those" In "charge " of the affair
The Store for
Cooking Utensils
The Store oif Housewares
Opening Announcement f
The Swedish! Mekano-Therapeutic Institute
Located in Oregon Building; will be opened Tuesday, '
; November 1. 1921 I
Rheumatism -" f ' "
Neuritis . -
Nervousnpsa I
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Convalescence f
Stomach Disorders :f
Obeisitv ' ' i
Treatment driven at home byjappointment "
The Swedish! Mekano-Therapeutic Institute
Drs. G. Ruth O-San Brown, Props. ! :
Hours 9 to 12 1 to 6 301-3 Oregon Building;
' Swedish Massages
Steam Baths I
Light I
Vibration 3
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I All -J
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