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Districts Tn f'imfir
Mission Bottom school district
nd the Clear Lake district repre
sentatives -will - rneet'Novembsr
4 before the county district board
to eetle the question whether
children from the southern part
of Mission Hottom district may at
tend the Clear Lake school. It
srems that during: the winter It is
difficult for some of the pupils In
the Mission bottom district to get
to their own school, on account of
high water and a slough. It Is
much more convenient for them
to attend at the Clear Lake
school. .
A Hox of Candy
. One pound and three-quarters
for. one dollar' and a quarter.
IIa3s Home Made Special. The
Ace, 127 J."Highr street Adv.
SlxM-lal Bargain!
Used Oldsmobile '" coupe, like
new. Seats four passengers com
fortably and an Ideal car for the
h Heart-Gripping
; Drama of Home -
J24-r5i45--7:30 and
. See It From The Start
Hartman's Glasses
Easier and Better
Wear them and sea
'frhone- 1265 Salem, Oregon
fistiln at 162 ST. Commercial stmt
Ohtp 8oy, HoodlM and Amwliu
lUbM, . U cretin and drinks.
, ; Open Jl ua. to 1 sjb.
' Bpeeiil 8adiy .
for Spring Planting Order From
t 428 , Oregon -Building
Phone 1763
by buying your hardware and
furniture at The Capital Hard,
1ware& Furniture Co., 285 N.
'Commercial street. Phone 947
A DTI UD Phone
A1V111LU 930
A 1 lVrVlUl -iAV
W M0T6,
Pack and Store
Do you take
: If not, why not!
No other baths or treatments
can: produce the permanent re
lief to the person suffering
from disagreeable cold or all
meats of the, flesh or body like
the Turkish Baths will.
Open 8 a. m. until 9 p. m,
Lady and Gentlemen attendants
We pay Mgbert price.
We bay and sell everything.
We sell for lcs
113 Center St. Plum 898
School Supplies
For Teachers
: - 3V - - V"'
Monthly school report cards
each .......... . . . , lc
Yearly school report books, '
each............ ,,.2Ke
Manila envelopes for either,
;each He
Teachers examination ques
tions for one year certifi-
; cate, each . . . 80c
"Western Songester; a splen
did song book for school.
Institute or community sing
ing, each , . 25c
Per dozen .... ; far
Per 100..... f 1JL50
Any of the above supplies';
will be Bhlpped same day as
order is received. ' '
; School annuals and, diplo
mas printed in a thoroughly
first class manner. -
213 South, Commercial St.
Salem Oregon
iom;ng winter weather. Also a
new Chevrolet at a very low price
See our line of new ami used
cars. Vick Uro3., Trade and
High street.
To KjK-nk Monday
George A. Mansfield, president
of the Oregon Farm Uur.?au fed
eration will be the speaker at the
Monday noon hincheon of the Sa
lem Commercial club. He will
discuss, farm bureaus and alo
standardization. He has been in
this part of the state for some
time organizing farm bureaus and
will be engaged next week in talking-
to farmers in Marion an3
Polk counties.
And mill wood, 16-inch, $11.25
r r
Tracy Wood Co. Phone 520.
Wood Special
Four loads 16-Inch ralll wocd.
one load planer trimming?, all for
$11.50. Tracy Wood Co. Phone
52 0 Adv.
Marriage Bureau Business Rod
The- past week has been an es
pecially slow one at the marriage
counter in the office of the coun
ty clerk. During the Whole week,
there have been issued only five
marriage licenses. In September,
five licenses were considered a
regulation Saturday's business.
Five loads IS Inch mill wood
$13.73. Guaranteed two-thirds
cord per loa,d. Prompt delivery.
Spaulding Logging Co. Adv.
Sunday Morning -
Sacred recital this evening at
First Congregational church y
Mrs. K. F. Morris-Cleaves of Cal
ifornia Adv.
Sues For $208.43
D. G. Barrow and Thomas Mc
Gilchrist have brought suit
against N. C. Kuhn, alleging work
done in baling hay at the rate of
$2.50 a, ton. They hay is located
within the state fair grounds and
is held on mechanic's Hen, filed
against the hay August 1.
Highland Bus Line
See schedule in classified ad.
The Eden, New, Price $119.75
Best electric washing machine
makes a record drop in price. See
us about it- Salem Electric o
"If it's electric, come to us."
Adv. "
Community Organization Formed
A community club has been or
ganized in the North Howell dis
trict and arrangements are being
mn H a tnr at filiation with the
Marion County Community feder
ation. At a meeting held Friday
evening at the community hau,
presided over by Miss Helen C.
WnirfimaTi. It. was decided to send
delegates to the next meeting of
the county federation.
FOSTER Mrs. Nannie A. Foster.
of Salem, route 4, at a local
hospital, October 22. 1921, age
4 6 years. : She leaves ; a hus
band, three sons and one
1 daughter, all residents of Sa
lem. The body is' at the Webb
and Clouch parlors. Announ
cements will be made later.
Funeral services for Mrs. Sarah
Hargraffin, who died at Quinaby
October 20, will be held Monday
afternoon, October 24 at 2 o'clock
from the parlors of Webb &
Clough. The services will be con
ducted by Rev. G. 1. Lovell and
burial will be in City View cem
Webb & Clough
Leading Funeral
Expert Embdmers
Leading Morticii&j
8. C. STOHE, M.D
Cnre Cancan
na doet gen'
ral office pro
Office. TTler'i
Irujr Store, 151
south Commer
cut itreet.
How Do You Spend Your
: - i .- " --r; f
These long winter even
ings are an asset if you use
them to the best advantage.
We offer courses that -will
help you toward attaining a
better-paid position. ' '
Our. classes in shorthand,
typewriting, y bookkeeping.
spelling, penmanship ' and
arithmetic $vil -begin tomor
row, October 21. '
Investigate at the school
Capital Business Collie
Salem, -Oregoa.
f' V A-
II illlliiMlBl T Jtlilli liillllSWIi
111.' ' I
New Price on Th Iklen
Wautiiugtou machine, the best
electric Imacbinu on ihz iuark.t.
J11'J.7G.: I Saiuni Kiar trio Co. U
it's electtic, come to us." Adv.
, i
Attending CoquilU- Institute
In the icase of W . O. l isher, J
Ktsni? and Will. E. Purdy
against the citizens' Investment
compaDyjiu which possession of
Uu"rl21der truck was involved
anu a null given in part payment.
alter hearing the evidence ou
both: sides, the court dismissed
he case; on the grounds that the
plaintiffs! had not made a sutfi
cient showing.
Salmon For Canning
For best quality and lowest
prices at Fitts Market. 444 Court
St, PhOhe 211. Adv.
Used Fordson
In goOU condition at a special
low price, See It at Vick Kids.
Adv. : h
Recorder's Office liusy
The past week has been an un
usually busy one at the office o
the Marion county recorder. The
total number of instruments filed
number 160.
Used Clctrac Tractor-
Used i One season for
sale at
Vick Bros Adv.
Big Itcutl Estate Transfer
A warranty deed was tiled in
the MaHon county ; recorder s
office I yesterday in which Amelia
A. Cornjck, formerly Amelia A.
CornlCK. Glover, and husDana,
Theo Cbrnick, sell to Margaret
Frank, i 80 acre3 in Sections 33
and 34.! T 8 S H 1 W. This lana
is about a mile west of Stayton.
The Cray Belle
Will 'serve fried chicken
ner all day today. Adv.
Neimeyer, Drugs, now open for
business : at 175 N. Com'l bt-
AdV. :
Fifty-one Study
The Willamette university law
school now has a registration o
ol. And just to give the young
students practice, there is held
a moot; ; court every Tuesday
night at the Clarion county court
house, j At this court, there is a
regudlar trial proceedure. and the
young attorneys thresh it out as
they hope to later in real life.
The public is invited to attend
the moot court at any session.
Dr. L. G. Altman, Phone 147
Homeopathic physician. Adv.
. . Sieve1 Grip Samson Tractor-
Three wheel type. Pull3 three
14-inch plows, in good order at
?350.i ;See Vick Bros. Adv.
Just Stopped Ov
H. P.- Jewett of TaiePt. stopped
in the city a few hours yesterday
to renew acquaintances. He "was
on his way to Corvallis to witness
the big; game. Mr. Jewett is a
1916 graduate of the University
of Oregon and is now teaching at
Talent. ;
In Onr "Jfew Ixcaioni
; Neimeyer Drugs, now at
N Commercial streets Adv.
Servo Gray Belle-
French pastry. Adv.
American Dollar Standard
Instructions have been received
at the Salem postof fice - that in
the issuing of money orders for
Canada, ithe American dollar will
be the standard. That i3, when
a Canadian wishes to send $100
to this ; country by money order
he will pay the extra exchange ol
$15 or whatever it happens to be
when ; buying the money order
Sending from this country to Can
ada, if $100 is paid here for the
order, there would be paid that
much and then in addition, the
difference in exchange between
the -two countries.
Trusses - y
Fitted at Tyler's drug store by
an expert in the business.- Adv.
Thesei Cold Night:
i Feel, like a new comforter
would bp fine. We have cotton
and Wool bats. C. S. Hamilton,
Good ! Furniture Adv.
Registration Growing
! Registration at Willamette uni
versity reached a total of 522
yesterday. The last three to en
roll are ; as follows Sergeant
Clyde R. Ellis of the Salem police
force. He is from Vale, Or.,
high school and is now in the sen
ior class of the university's law
school. IMrs Annetta J. Beyerle
of Salem, entered for the fresh
man class in the law school. Amy
Lueders of 228 North Capitol
street, formerly of the Newberg
high school, entered; for liberal
arts. ! : ; i
Willamette Hardwood Floor Co.
I R. LA. j Deland, manager. New
hardwood floors furnished, laid
and finished. Old floors refin
lshedi two . sanding machines.
Phone. 663. 210 Oregon Bldg.,
Salem. -Adv.
Dra. Whit and Marshall
; Osteopathic physicians, TJ SBk.
Adf . i
Children's Hour at Library
U Mlas Lucile Crockett, who has
fcharge '. of children's work for
Saturdays will begjn on Novem
ber 5. 1 For the first Saturday,
children of the grade schools "will
tell the! stories, but on following
Saturdays Mis? Crockett will tell
the stories. The hours are the
same as last year, the first hour
beginning 9:30 and the j second
honrjatrlOtSO. Mis? Crockett is
a recent graduate of the Syracuse,
N.. Y university library school.
& Classified Ad
i ; , Will bring you a buyer. Adv.
Lost English Brindle ball Dos
: j Female- Phone 1014.4 Adv,.
Hospital . ProRressinR
The first floor ol! thej ftilem
hospital will be poured Monda
And those who .wian ,tosee some
thing in the yray of a!new kind of
i floor are Invited to attend. The
" i 1
floor is to be a combination of
concrete, tile, steel and wire and
is thought to be .the firt of thl
kind ever poured in Salem.
Legal Clanks
Get them at The Statesman of
fice. Catalog on application.
Open Till Noon
G?t yo;ir chrysanthemum",
carnations, etc., early today. We
specialize in funeral design
Plant's Floral Shop. 121 S. Com'l
St.' Phone 1G.9. Adv
liirtchett Makes Arret
Homer Pptf lniipr nf Woodbnrn
-aa arrested yesterdav br Officer
Dirtchett on a charge of cutting
the corner at Court and High
streets. Mr. Settlemier deposited
$5 as bond for hi3 appearance In
N'ight School Pays
mg dividends, vvhy not join
the new elates which are begin
ning at the Capital Business Col
lege tomorrow night, October 24.
Room Is Robbed
That the sum of $18 had been
taken from their room at a local
lodging house was reported to the
police yesterday by Kenneth Day
and .F. A. Lane of Portland.
Cotton and Wool I tats
At Hamilton'.-, priced low from
$1',G0 up. C S. Hamilton. Adv.
Car Found in Yard
J. W. Dame of 1595 Chemeketa
street reported that a car had
been left in his yard last night.
Police ascertained that the car's
number was recorded in the name
of E. T. Foster, 1577 Chemeketa
Xeimeyer Pharmacy
Ready to serve you at 175 N.
Commercial street. Adv.
Lives in Canal Zone
Sergeant George W. Williams,
now of the regular army, station
ed at Fort Davis in the Canal
Zone, has written the American
legion headquarters asking for
information regarding the bonus
act. He states that his preference
is for the cash benefits, as he is
now in the regular army-. While
in Marion county, he worked at
one of the T. A. Livesley com
pany hop ranches.
Slake Your Own Omifoiters
We have cotton and wooi bats
at Hamilton's. Adv.
Will Go To Kansas City
Col. George A. White, attorney
general, Dr. B. F. Pound, com
mander of Capital American le
gion post, No. 9. and Oliver V.
Matthews, formerly in theh ser
vice, will attend the third annual
convention of th-e American leg
ion, to be held at Kansas City be
ginning October 31. They will
leave Portland next Wednesday
morning nt 9 o'clock, traveling
over the Union Pacific.
See Our East Window"
For wool and cotton bats.
Priced from $1.50 and up. C. S.
Hamilton, Good Furniture. Adv.
Gd4Jng Ready For lousiness
The" West Side Lumber com
pany of West Salem, a company
recently organized, is now putting
up its sheds, and completing the
erection of a bungalow office. The
company is also erecting ware
houses for a stock of cement, lime
and other building materials.
Xeimeyer, Drugs
Moved to 173 NT.
Com'l St.-
Proof of Labor Filed
Proof of labor done on a mine
in the North Santiam district was
filed for record yesterday in the
county recorder's office. W. H.
Lotz files affidavit that at the re
quest of Luke Potter, owner of
unpatented mining claims on
Bouled creek, he performed labor
orf the "Daisy" and "Mabel"
claims of what is known as the
Potter group, the value of the
work amounting to $200.
Oscar Steelhammer went to
Portland yesterday to attend a
session of Shriners.
Miss Marguerite Cook of Wil
lamette university, is In Portland
for an, over-Sunday visit.
Ben Sheldon of Medford, fruit
grower and legislator, was in the
city yesterday, appearing before
the state highway commission.
Z. J. Riggs and F. G. Brock
went to Portland Saturday eve
ning to attend a session of Al
Kader Shrine.
C. H. Grossett of Portland, a
member of an engineering firm
of that city, was in Salem yester
day. Closing Hour Discussed
By Business Men's; League
The closir.g of retail stoics in
Salem at 6 o'i'ice every business
-.:iv in the --.ek was advocated at
a recent meeting of members of
the Salem Business Men's league.
In order to secure a general ex
pression of opinion, a eommittee
was appointed to interview mer
chants- This committee consists
of P. B. Keawey, S. K. Kaf oury
and J. W. Chambers. Jr.
The special object in bringing
up the matter ot closing 's to se
cure uniform closing among re
tail stores for Saturday evenings.
As to the hour of opening stores
it is understood, this will be Mt
to each individual merchant and
no effort made to secure uniform
opening hours.
The Question a to whether re-
tall stores will close Armistice
day, Friday; Novemher 11, was
discussed at the meeting but no
definite action taken. The day is
a legal holiday declared so by the
last legislature. This closes all
banks, state institutions - and
county offices, v No school will be
in session in the county on Arrn
isiice aay.
Read eassITiea TOsV
mi urn nrnnirn
u im: r i.n n
Leader of Zion City Asserts
That Earth Has No Mo
tion and Is Flat
Instances Cited by Religious
Head in Effort to Sub
stantiate Views
CHICAGO, Oct. 16. The story
of "The Village that Voted the
Earth is Flat" has an earnest ad
herent In Wilbur Glenn Voliva.
overseer of Zion, the religious
community that Alejrander Dowie
founded at Zion City, a little to
the north of Chicago.
Declaring thatthere is -no proof
whatsoever of the sphericity of
the earth or that the earth has any
motion, Overseer Voliva says he is
"prepared to refute modern as
tronomy, scientifically as well as
from the standpoint of the Bible."
Here are some of the Doints he
All standing water is level.
Let any one disapprove it if he
can. They cannot disprove it. This
is conclusive . evidence that the
Pythagorean-Copernicon system of
the sphericity of the earth is
. Light Visible Many Miles.
"A man stood at Kingston, Ja
maica, and saw the lighthouse at
Havana Harbor 82 miles distant,
which is another conclusive proof
that the sphericity of the earth is
a fake.
"The midnight sun has ; been
seen hundreds of times, but it
would be absolutely impossible to
see it on a sphere. You would
have to look through hundreds of
miles of earth and rock.
"There is a railroad in South
America 2000 miles long which is
almost perfectly level. The Suez
Canal is a hundred mile3 long
without locks and with scarcely
any rise atall. Where i3 your
curvature of the earth? There is
Flood Story Supported
"No wonder higher critics and
modern believers in the Coperni
can system of astronomy laugh at
the flood and say that such a
thing as a flood could not occur
on a globe ora spherical earth
and I agree with them. They are
perfectly right That is what the
Devil intended when he invented
the modern astronomical theory
to destroy the Word of God.
"They say that eclipses are
caused by the earth passing be
tween the moon and the sun,
causing the shadow; but how can
?jou have an eclipse with both the
sun and the moon above the hori
zon? It is a matter of record
that there have been a number of
eclipses with both the moon and
the sun above the horizon. No one
knows what causes eclipses.
"They tell you that the sun is
92 million, miles away. I faugh
at that, not only as a mathemati
cian but also as a student of Ood
Almighty's word.
Defies Scientists
"Did God Almighty create the
earth and then create a light to
light It up and put it 92 million
miles distant and make it a mil
lion times larger than the earth?
hit kind of a fool would build a
house up in Kenosha and erect a
light a hundred miles from it to
light up the parlor?
"Tney say that science Is not
speculation; but if science is true,
then there can be no conflict be
tween it and the Word of God
but when it comes to the Word of
God, they have not a leg to stand
on. I will take the Word of God
and down any modern astronomer
on the face of the earth and dis
pose of him in less than 30 min
Church Workers to Give
Home Products Banquet
SILVERTON, Or., Oct. 22.-
(Special to The Statesman) D.
C. Freeman, manager of the Ore
gon Products association, of Port
"ioke Bearers class of the Chris
tian church to give an address at
the banquet to be given i nevt
Thursday . evening from 6:30 to
7:30. The dinner will be! com
posed entirely of Oregon grown
' Cold Tablets
That Cure
Schaef er's Cold Tablets
are noted for the way
they break up those dis
agreeable colds and for
the rapidity withwhich
they do it. '
A 25c box will convince
you of ; their worth.
;. ! Sole Agent
Garden Court Preparations
"'135 X. fcom-L PhoM 187
1 '
prod victs "and all the foods served
have been &iien. ihrough th lo
cal stores. . iThft proceeds of the
dinner will gt toward the pea
ces of the new'patsSuae for the
Christian church, j
i i
j !
Third Market Day at
I Silverton is Success
SILVERTON, Of., Oct. 22.
(Spec?al to The Statesman) The
third Uuarket day at Silverton oe
cured today and was as much of
a suoicess as tte: second. The
streets of Silverton : were crowded
with scars and tha stores with
Dallas is Defeated by
i Silverton High School
SILVERTON. Or,, Oct. 22.
(Special . to Th'e Staesman) Sil
verton high school football team
won a game over; Dallas today
with a score of 2 to 0. The game
was played on the local gridiron.
At ithe school examination the
examiner asked one child:
"What are the products of our
Indiah empire?"
The unhappy infant began
nervously to reel off the list she
had jjtot by heart:
"Please, sir, India produces
curries and pepper and rice and
citron and chillis and chutney
and-4-and and and "
"Yes, yes," said the examiner,
impatiently. "What comes after
all that?"
Another Infant's hand was
"Well, you tell her what comes
after that?"
"Please, sir, India-gestion." -
The recent advance In prices of
Liberty bonds is pleasing to the
holders of the government secur
Itiesj And it is tppraaching the
point when the declaration that
he "could get it back any time he
wanted," employed in the bond
selling campaign, is about to be
made good. Until tl ey reach par
the investor can get back only
part of the money he invested.
Applied Science.
Miss Perkins, the Sunday school
teacher, besides having little Wil
lie Donn among her pupils, is also
a friend of his mother. One day,
while calling on the mother, Miss
Perkins asked why William had
not attended Sunday school for
several weeks.
Much to her astonishment, the
mother replied, coldly: "I have
kept him away from your class.
Miss Perkins, because he learns
wicKed things there."
"Wicked!" gasped Miss Perk
ins, j "Why, whatever do you
mean?" i
'Well," explalriedr-Mrs. Donn,
Special Chicken
Dinner Sunday
I $1.00 Plate
I Cream of Chicken a la
; Dutchess
Potato, shrimp or fruit
Fried chicken with country
I gravy or roast chicken
with cranberry sauce
Creamed new cauliflower or
j sweet corn
Mashed Potatoes
Choice of: home made ice
; cream or cake, or home
; made apple, mince
huckleberry, cocoa
nut cream, or cus
tard 1 pie
! Tea, Coffee or Milk
OCTOBER 23. 1021
"the last time Willie went to Sun
day school you taught him that
we are made of dust. . When he
came home he. nearly frightened
At The Oregon Theatre Next Sunday
Established 1SC3
General Banking Business
Office Hoilrs from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. ,
Farm Land and
At my farm, fotir and a
on Facific highway! at Millersburg.
Wednesday, Oct. 26, 1921, beginning at 10 aan.
Land consists 06 sixty acres, divided into three tracts,
of one forty and tofo ten acre tracts. ; All; improved 'and,
near the paved highway and 'railroads. ; I
Personal property consists of three tractors, one llax
well truck, one Forfl bug and;gencfal line of 'farm imple
ments. Twelve head of cows and heifers, 28 head of
young ewes, four dozen pullets and hens, of Barred Bock
and Rhode Island, stock. .1
i ; j
j 'AlbynEssonrQwne
I . ... " ' . ' i
Ben T. Sudiell, Auctioneer , . i
Hi' nl 'Imi'." 11 HI' ill ' 1 il'i'-'itiif In . 1 I n 1 f 1 1 ' 1 I
1 -.-... -
r 1 - " 1 -
Jewelry Gits
TMit Ilast
Enduring satisfaction marks
Jewelry isn't something that is bought today, and forgot
ten tomorrow. It is usually as lasting as life itself land
frequently more so.
One never maes a mistake in buying gifts here for, the
confidence we have built up is one of the assets of this
business. 1
Remember alwavsi Reaxonahlv Price rl Hon'rls T
. u..ixLfaa. . W -2a.ijZ
I Hartman
! Jewelers
Qualityf-Service Price
Salem, Oregon
the life out of hla father' and my
self by trying to draw-his baby
sister into the vacuum "cleaner.
Exchange. 4 i -J . s . - !. I
half mile north .of. Albany, ,
. v- -
For aHardiWiriter
$25 to $50
What's , your .. choice f 'A
hfisky greatcoat for , motoring .
or general outdoor wear; an
Ulsterette with the proper de
gree of smartness; or a ' staple
Chesterfield or dress coat? We
can suit your state in and style
and 'materials. . Prices, let us
add, are one-third lower than
yast year. ; 7
426 State St. Salem, Ore.'
the Gift of Jewelry at this