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    LLLM.rur.T--.T- - II ' " ''' ' nn-iniP - . .
' " Tfltt ORBOOS STATESMAN. SALEM. OREGON ; T i -i . , ... . SATURDAY. MOttXlXC. OCTOREP. 1. 1921- ..'..'.... K -
; Issued Dally Except Monday by I
216 8. Commercial St., Salem, Oregon 1
(Portland Office, 27 Board of Trade Building. ..... Phone Automatic
' The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for repub
lication of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited
la this paper add also the local news published herein.
the second place, selling colonies'
to a; foreign power without their
consent is a decided form or ty
The fear that President Hard
ing may win some popular approv
al as a result! of the' disarmament
parley bids fair to engulf the es
teemed Democratic party.
R. J. Hendricks. . . ...,. ....... ... ............. Manager
Stephen A, Stone..... ......... ............ Managing Editor
Ralph Glover . ...... .........4. Cashier
frank Jaakosk Manager Job Dept.
Visitors are Invited to come
1 i
back to a bigger and better fair
This ' Invitation Is
full realization of
t is a large order.
written with
the fact that
DAILT STATESMAN, served by carrier In Salem and suburbs, 15
eents a woek, CS cents a month.
OilLT STATESMAN, by mall. In advance. IS a year, S for six
V months, 11.50 tor three months, (0 cents a month, in .Marlon t
and Polk; outside of these counties, 17 a year, J3.&0
for six months, I1.7S for three months, CO cents a month. When
not paid In advance, 50 cents a year additional.
TUB PACIFIC HOMESTEAD, the great western weekly farm paper,
will be sent a year to anyone paying- a year in advance to the
Dally Statesman. ;
SUNDAY STATESMAN, $1.50 a year; 76 cents for six months 40
cents for three months; 25 cents for 1 months i 16 cents for
one month. . j
VXEKLT STATESMAN, Issued In two six-page sections, Tuesdays
and Fridays, $1 a year lf not paid In advance, $1.26); 60
' cnts for six months;. 25 cents tor three months.
v.-( Business Office, 23.
Circulation ' Department, 5tt
Job Department, 682
; Society Editor, 106
Entered at the Postoffice in Salem, Oregon, as second class matter.
Salem has during this week taken care of the; largest
crowds ever assembled here . , v
i And she has done it very well. !
When -the State Fair was much smaller, and the crowds
not half or even a fourth as large, in former years, some vis
itors .almost went hungry, and walked the streets or slept
on benches, because they could not find rooms or beds.
i f ? This week, every one who has desired a room has been
I able to get one. The registering system, with headquarters
at Hotel Marion, took care of that matter admirably, and to
the entire -, satisfaction of rtall visitors. The best homes in
Salem were at the service of the -visitors, and in many cases
they, were called for with automobiles by our people.
There was no lack of food.
The transportation service.' was good.
This all shows that Salem is a fine fair city ; a splendid
convention city. . . - '
Our people will not fear m the future to undertake the
entertainment of any sized crowd. . ,
With the same kind or organization and preparation in
advance, Salem" could make room and welcome and provide
. food for four times the number, of visitors she has had this
week and it was some crowd.
Salem is the. City of Welcome, and she lived up to the
title this week. ." '-'Z. 'r
; There will ialso be more paved
roads leading to the state fair
next year. And there will be at
least one loute leading all the
way to down town Salem over
paved streets-.
Wisconsin ihas started out to
wipe, out all of the distinction be
tween men and women. Of course
this only refers tb the legal dia-
' " ; .i
National prohibit icn has not in
jured the California grape grow
ers. They are making more mon
ey, today than they ever did un
der the old order of things. L03
Angeles Times.
There are two men in- the
United States who paid an income
tax on $4,000,000 the past year.
John D. Rockefeller is one, but
it 19 not stated which newspaper
man the other one is.
Nothing succeeds like success.
It will be easier to make a j big
ger and better state fair next
year than it was to assemble the
one closing today. A lot of new
ground was broken in the last
twelve months.
The Associated Press reports
that the sultan of Zanzibar has
gone on a vacation, taking bis 87
wives, is Incredible. He may have
gone on a vacation, in which event
the press report is in error about
taking his wives, or he may have
taken his wives on a trip, but It
la certainly not a vacation. A
great news-gathering concern like
the A. P. should be more careful
What it sends out. .Statement:
like the above are frightfully mis
leading and may lead to drink.
Mexican Posti
money, to purchase food or .lodg
ing and everywhere they were un
desirable. Colonel House points
out that there are more than 1,
000.000 of them in Constantino
ple alone and that they have not
the 1 means either to secure the
necessaries of life or to pay for
the necessary transportation else
where. Even if they were able
to pi the cost of passage to this
country -they conld not embark,
for they are provided with no
passports and the governments
where they temporarily reside will
not furnish passports to foreign-!
Yet they represmjit the be?t
among the Russian peoples. .They
are educated and refined, forming
a class especially desirable as im
migrants. These refugees are of
the type that did not emigrate
formerly: but, under the tyranny
of the Bolsheviki, they have been
rendered outcasts on the face of
the earth and death to them is a
boon. "It is doubtful," say3 Col.
House, "if history records so
tragic an Odyssey" If they had
been carried away as captives by
some conqueror to be sold in slav
ery they would at least secure
food and lodging from their mas
ters. But in their present de-
plorab'.e condition there secme no
hope for succor.
It is tantamount to the massa
cre cr the intellectual elite un
Russia, the result of application of
the ;indufitrial gospel of jKarl
Marjc. But it is not the elite alone
who have suffered. Gpstave Le
Bon, noted French mas&r of po
litical psychology, wrftT that, in
addition to wiping iftthe intel
lectuals and the middfe classes.
the result of the Communist ex
periment has led to the "reduc
tion to slavery of the working
classes, the total , ruin of indusr
try and finally, the return to bar
barism such are the results of
a doctrine which, according to its
defenders, should secure to peo
ples a terrestrial paradise."
Perhaps the power that directs
the destiny of humankind con
sidered this example necessary to
afford a lesson to future gener
ations of the follies of the Marx
ian creed. The Russian failure
has been the debacle of Socfal-
Ism. But the horror of it will
lve until the present generation
passes. f
I ml. -v" A f. I'l !Q
been file.! here by the Consolidat
ed Securities company of Portland
icapitalized at $5.o0.oao. The in
corporators are F. W. Voffer, H.
jG. Gunther and William Cava
aaush. ; "
Articles have been filed by the
Central State Terminal & Hotel
company of Salem, capitalized at
150,000. The incorporators are J.
E. Lewis, L. R. Applegate and
ilohn IL Carson. ;
rmniover Where's young Bin
Bessie Bloom, Silver-ton ;
Has Grand Championsh
jgot back from hia summer vacation.
ifanagcr Yes, that's just it.
tie has had to take a week off to
i-ecuperate from his vacation.
Rea& The Classified Ads.
TJessIe Bloom oT'Siltertoa,. aj
14, a ; member of the Coolidge &
McClean pig club, carried off t io
state honors In the boys and gir J!
pig club exhibits at the state fujif
grounds, being awardwl the gran4
champion - prise : for net , exhlb t$
of Poland jchlna -.Pigs, Z'.-fZ I
Between the United States Np
tiohal pig club of Salem and Clf
Silvtrton pig club, Marion conn y
fared fairly well, - having ben
awardel at the slate fair flM
first prizes, four second, five thilri
prizes and a couple of fourth
prizes.. This refers of course. 14
the boys and girls pi cluS.
5 1
Mrs. William B. Hamilton, head of the Women's Vigilance Commit
tee, organized by San Francisco club women to assist District Attorney
Mathew Brady in his inquiry into the tragic death of Miss Virginia Rappa
and to prevent a repetition of such parties as took place la the film come
dian's suite In the St. Fra&cis Hotel, Labor Day.
Governor Urges All Who Can
to Attend Concert at Fair
Grounds Sunday
The brutality indicated by some
(Los Angeles Times) ' - j
In the show-window of a business house in Los Angeles
stands the stuffed hide of a dog, a Great Dane. His lips are
drawn apart in a vicious snarly displaying keen, white fangs;
His huge body has been posed in. a way to suggest that he
stands 1 guard over a prostrate .victim under his' massive
paws. A ne orute is so dangerous ana powertui, so loreDoamg of our hard-boiled husbands is
in aspect that he -arouses a feeling of terror and repulsive- perfectly fieniish. No wonder our
ness. ' ' f' : ' ,V 4 : ; V ' 1- -"M gentlewomen i are compelled . to
giHuman nature instinctively t recoils -in the presence of disassociate themselves from the
. such a brute. It is controlled by no law of God or man and malevolent wretches, in a recent
once its nate is iirea oniysome overwneiming power can mas-; divorce case the wife hesitatingly
ter, its madness.-' . !;--.-''T-sK-
disclosed the
gruesome fact that
husband had on oc-
However fervently the world may pray that lasting re-her heartless
suits, insuring peace to man, may come from the conference casion turned: her breakfast toast
to be opened in. Washington m November, yet there is a dis- before taking5 his bath. Naturally
quieting feeling of apprehension in the mind -of every he is charged with extreme and
thoughtful person. , i I repeated cruelty. It could not
in tne vague ana snaaowy oacKgrouna ox itussia sumcs be less than that, a man who
a man with a face from which has been torn every vestige of inks so low as to enter his wife's
humane feeling for his kind. His name is Lenin. His coun- presence or minister to her wants
terpart is not to be found in all the tales of the world's master before washing his hands is ai
criminals. He is neither Jew nor Gentilej he is the Mad Dog J most beyond "the pale of compan
Of the North. , , I lonahip i with civilized beings.
Thfl Rlauo-ritered millions of Russia, the violated, nrosti-l
tuted girls and women of that vast nation bear tragic, horri- nurtured woman at beholding her
ble evidence of the fact there can be no abiding peace while husband in ail the vulgar indecen
SUCh a monster IS permitted at liberty. ; v.. .: ;y of an unminicured fin! If some
Disarm5 the world and Lenin .from his place of vantage of these husbands do not briehten
will send hordes across the frontiers of Germany, Poland and Qp a bit they jwiii be shunted into
Rumania. Would ne do it? Has he not slaughtered thou- outer daikness. There is no room
sands and hundreds of thousands of his own race his own I in human society for the un-
rrrt . t j. I 11 l. lt.ll. 1J J .11
mere is nommtj in nis maKeup 10 niuicaie mat ne wuuiu uci
ioreigners, proscriDea Dy. mm as enemies, more nuraaueiy i new
than he has treated his own people. . - . :
XT -if o vtawI ha Mima . f mm tnut !( nf hft?w thot
lohn Drlnkwater's Lincoln is
characterized, as a "fletiferons
hypocrite" by a writer in the. Lon
don .Times. Of all hypocrites we
despise fletiferous ones the mo3t.
It would have been bad enough
if Drinkjjrater had made Lincoln
out a hypocrite. But to make him
out a fletiferous hypocrite that
is beyond the limit. He might
as well have pictured' him as a
Byzantine logothete or In other
sesquipedalian term 3.
City: Star.
; ; 4
Last day of the fair.
Better see it, if you have not
seen it.
You have never seen -ajj line
or as big a fair in Oregon; though
you will have the chance to see
1 finer and bigger next year.
With the public schools open
ing Monday, Salem will, get back
to normal. j
The prune men who are yet
in their harvest wilt appreciate
some more of the same kind of
fair weather and likely get it.
The rains of last week and the
week before helped out the late
.Lenin desires peace or aught else tor whicn civilized man isi coionei House nas written a
struggling He soldhis nativoland to Germany and became a 1'graphie account of the poignant set broccoli. The eaMy set plants
IT. nwu.l.lx.J 1.:oAir Gyuialist, rVmtnnniot aairinr 1 nfrr nr nf fnnrn than a milllmi "c,c uu,u-' " c" uiuitj inc lam
btaibux. tie pivnuUltlCU llliui9cu uuvuuub) vwuuuuiuob o - 0 w v " ..........
of mankind, and forthwith began a career of crime, repudi- refugees of the middle classes who
ating the doctrine he had preached and murdering those who fed from Russia to escape the
had raised him to power. ! s i afoitiea of I the Bolshevik! and
Nobody knows what he wants, unless it is a continuation are now dying of starvation in
of his brutal tyranny. -It may be greed. He has proven him- half a dozen European countries.
self to be the irreatest thief of all time. If not. where are the I Their condition is as much to
$700,000,000 of Russian gold and the uncounted millions of be regretted
firems and nrecious stones stolen from violated churches and! meniana. To
Now, is a climax to 11 the depravity to which a once no
vation, i Dep
as that of the Ar-
remain in Russia
meant violent death by slow star-
oring their cruel
perial race has fallen, comes the report that the soviet sol-Jfate, he writes:
diers of Lenin are stealing the bread sent by America to res-
. cue starving, dying children. Such a thing, however, should
be no occasion for surprise; they are doing only that which
they have been taught to do by their chief The soul 01 Kus-
sia seems dead. h --' ?yy-'t-'"
' The Mad Dog of the North i3 a sinister menace to the
, peace of. the vrord,ti2''jTj "''
.In the disarmament conferenc
lTncle Sam will, of course leave
his revolver in the" anteroom.
What has become of tie "seit-
ate oligarchy" of which we heard
so much' In the last presidential
campaign ? , '. . Z- - . . ;. A
Germany Is nnderselling : the
world In Its manufactured arti
cles. It may be necessary to have
another war to make Ove world
IS m Octobe 1 Orccoa
cm mir.
October 1. Stordy Marten CoaBty
tchool plan dT.
r.o-to.r R W.dnMaj VTorld SriM
l).b1l mmw b.fln. .
KnT.mHiw 21. 22 d 23 Marion tnn
ti Tcber Intitul. -- -
"Of all the children of mis
fortune none has suffered
more than! thee exiles and
wanderers,! made homeless by
those whof rule In Russia.
Their story has not been told
;;ta a way to touch the sympa
thies of other peoples and
they, have buffered and died,
neglected jy their own race
and adequately cared for by
none' : ,
Their only offense consisted of
being members of the middle
classes; merchants, land owners,
manufacturers, professional peo
ple, i artists and those who lived.
Statistics show a small increase j on incomes hat the Communists
In tha price of foodstuffs. ! That J classed as unearned. They were
makes the cost of gasoline more first deprived of all thelrfprop-
of a burden than ever befofre. Jerty, Including their personal be-
i'l 'Ongings; then theyJ were driven
The Antilles will haraiy ne irom tne cities ana villages as
transferred to the United States j undesirables. Fleeing with, their,
in part payment of the war debts I families, they made their way
of France and England. In the j across ! the frontier into the sur-
flrst place, we have all the black-irounding states.
!and-tan countries we care for; In I But 'they Carried 'with Ihem no
.. - -
iafe for inefficiency. The Ger
mans certainly understand how tod
:et the most out of little.
A man who had attained prom-
'nence by his lecture on ; "Why
Worry'! committed suicide ' by;
Irlnkftig poison. ;i ..
This will make for a long harvest
in February and March.
A strange nocturnal object is
terrifying the natives of Kowloon,
China. Probably Roy Gardner.
Evergreen blackberries are
crowding the loganberries in the
markets of the east. The Salem
district has nearly all the tver
green blackberries in the world.
This has become the great pie
berry of commerce. A cannery
man i told the writer yesterday
that all the available help in the
Salem district might be employed
In . setting out more evergreen
blackberries and then there
would not be enough.
, Wth the . use of cigarettes by
women 1 there is a reported de
mand from the ; same source for
safety razors.
So impressed was Governor Ol
cott with the concert rendered
by the Whitney Boys' chorus in
Portland several weeks ago that
he is urging all who can possibly
do so to attend tne concert to oe
Staged by this organization at the
state fair grounds Sunday afterr
noon. .
"If the people generally were
advised as to the magnificent ef
feet secured from this mighty ar
ray of youthful voices I feel "cer
tain that the grandstands at the
fairgrounds would be packed to
the. limit .Sanday,' the governor
declared in a statement Friday
. "Plans are being- worked out
to organize choruses similar to
this one in ten of the northwest
ern states, training boys in separ
ate units under a general but spe
cific system with the objective in
view or bringing- togetner in
Portland at the exposition in
1925 about 20.000 voices to sing
there for a period. of eight weeks,
if such an accomplishment can
be brought about, I am informed
it will be the greatest number of
singers ever assembled together
at one time-in the history of the
world. These boys are getting a
magnificent training at such
ovefits as that which will be
staged at . the fair grounds Sun
day, and the greater number o"
people present, the better it will
be for the beys, I am certain."
alive to the lighting rates of the
Sheridan Light & Power company
and of the Enterprise Electric
ccuipany of Enterprise, Wallowa
At all seasons, of the year Pacific Long
Distance . telephone service helps to keep up
the volume of Oregon trade. The invitation
to "Buy Oregon Products" becomes a reality
when communication between distant parts
of the state & made easy. Business transac
tions between buyer and seller can be ar
ranged quickly, economically and satisfactor
ily over our long distance lines. '
! Usp all your business aids. Extend your
territory ifid increase your sales by jese of
long distance service, lit is the modern way
efficient prompt convenient. ! '
Consolidation Formed
By Security! Companies
Articles of incorporation have
Ask for Pacifijc Long Distance.
The Pacific Telephone
Telegraph Co.
Try Tills for Indigestion
Foley Cathartic Tablets are just
the thing for constipation. Their
action is wholesome and thor
oughly cleansing, without griping,
nausea or inconvenience. They
banish headache, biliousness,
bloating; gas, bad breath, coated
tongue and other symptoms of dis
ordered digestion. Mrs. H. J.
Marchard, 36 Lawrence St.. Sa
lem, Mass., writes: "I used Foley
Cathartic Tablets for constipation
with good results. I. keep them in
the house." Sold everywhere.
Body of Aubrey Jones
To Be Buried in Salem
Mrs. Frank A. Baker yesterday
received a dispatch from the de
partment of the government ser
vice having such matters in charge
that the body of her son. Aubrey
P. Jones, who was killed in action
in France while fighting with the
American troops, will arrive at
Hoboken October 6.
. -It Is expected that the body of
mis dtstb oaiem soiaier wno gave
bis life tor his cVmtry will have
fitting burial at the hands of hi.
comrades in arms who are resi
dents of this city and section.
'" , ' ,
. Jsckit Waffles: I
VI 111
Waffles are even better than you thought they vere!
They are better because they are more evenly cooked,
more easily cooked, more tastily cooked; and they are
now baked, not fried. Ail these things are true if
and vjrhen waffles are table-cooked on the new
Waffle Iron, which is, of course, another electric
household convenience. - .
3ou do not grease the Westinghousc Waffle Iron.
It cooks quickly enough to carefo? a large table, and
it gives you crisp pi" niirTy waffles, as you please.
See it at any of the.dtatirs' lifted below, and ask
about the many nc. ways of serving and using
yfetinghouse Waftes. H ' ; -
Five Fata! Accidents
Reported During Week
Five fatal accidents out of a
total of 37$ Industsial casualties
vre renorted to the state accident
commission for the week ending
September 29. The 7 fatal cases
were: Arthur Anderson,. Portland,
earpenter James Fielder, Brook,
ings, logger; C. Atterbury, Gresh-
am, air brakeman; Robert .Watt,
Tillamook, logger: John H. Hal
mehn, Portland, teamster.
Of the total number of accidents
reported 336 were subject to the
provisions of the workmen's com.
pensation act; 27 were from firms
and, corporations that; have re
jected the act and 13 were from
utility corporations not subject to
the act.
Five-Cent Fare is Safe
Until Jan. 1 at Least
Saiem, Eugene. West Linn and
Astoria will continue to njev 5
cett street car faros until the first
pi the year at lowt
To be effective July 1, the Port
land Railway, Light & Power com
pany relative to Astoria and the
Southern Pacific company relative
to Salem, Engene and West Linn
filed tariffs increasing street car
fares to 8 cents. Th. pnblic ser
vice commission suspended the
tariffs until October 1 to give time
for investigation.; The investiga
tion has not been completed ami
the suspension is continued by orders-
Issued .Thursday until Janu
ary 1. '
Similar orders were issued relt
Portland Railway, Light &
i Power Go.
Salem! Electric Co.
Welch Electric fixture Co.
: 1 "j ! Salem. Ore.
Fobes Supply
Wholesale Distributors,
Portland, Ore.
i .