The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 25, 1921, Page 7, Image 7

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dcfcmoHfe, Society, Sptdd Fczizrcs c3
Central II czi s ' -
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Paclfi Highway
.Portland-Oregon City Regu
lar route of Pacific highway, via'
west Ride, paved and ope to Bol
ton; nder construction and closed
from .Bolton to Oregon City. Traft
fie should take the Miiwankie
street or 82nd street routes on the
east tide oat ot Portland, both of
which are paved to Oregon City
."With no detours. .. " ,
' Oregon Clty-Canhy Paved. C
V CaBby-Anrora Pavement un
der , construction and highway
closed; necessary to detour over
the old road which is graveled
and In fair condition.
s Aurora-Salem paved entire
fUstaace. i ) -.. .- - - v v. '"v
Salem-Albany I Paved.
Albany-Junction City Either
west or east tide routes can be
traveled. The east tide route is
considered the most desirable for
through traffic 3 as It is several
miles, shorter.
; East tide route Detour around
Kraumg operations between Al
bany; and Harrisbnrr. starting at
1 '.' v Meet Us ; - ' ' ' ?
r . . . . . -.
; Wc invite you to visif our exhibits at the Fair this week. We wUt
have the largest display this year that we have ever shown. There
will be something of interest to everyone in our line of
, . .u .''wit ' - - I . V
tsiomobiles, Trucks
k , J-
Oakland 5
Oakland 4
A complete line
; .
r m L-.-f . V ilJ
v ( Sra:ca Model 15 one ton truck
, ' Samson Model 25 one and one-hali ton truck
Samson Farm Implements.
SOUND TIRES will be manufactured right on the, .Grounds -You
have never seen ' tires ; made : from the raw material into finished
tires. Here is an opportunity to see something worth while.
You have not
jr. ' . .
, . -.
nnttth of eitv limits of Albany, to
the rights following signs via the
east side Albany-uorvaiiis roaa
through f Peoria to Harrisburg;
cross the, Willamette river at Har
rlBburg by; a power ferry. Good
graveled roaa tnrougnoui.
West side route Albany to,
CorTallla, good graveled road. At
CorvalHs cro3t the Willamette
river and follow the south side
Corvallls-Albany road for a dis
tance of one and one-tenth miles,
turning thence south and follow
ing road through Peoria and Har!
rlsburg to Junction City. If; de
sired, travel ma cross Willamette
River by ferry at Peoria, travel
ing thence west to main west side
highway, thence south; on pave
ment through Monroe to Junction
Junction City-Eugene Paved.
Eugene-Cottage Grove Paved
to Goshen; highway closed at
Goshen, detour east at Goshen,
following detour and "temporary
road" signs through Cloverdale,
coming back to the west side of
. Our exhibit will include
, s - . , , -- ' i
Paige Lakewood 7, passenger open model (a special job)
Paige Glenbrook 5 passenger open model
Paige 6-66 Coupe . '
Paige 6-44 Sedan f , f. ' "li
' Paige Daytonna Roadster. The classiest car made.
r- t ',
' -i "
passenger open model
passenger sport model
of Stephens cars including
models ot the very latest
Samson Model 11 Tractor with new tmnrovements
seen the whole show until yon
line , on display
Mi 1 Brothers;
.5-r- w -r. v r"-w .
High Street at. Trade V
ment begins one mile south of
Creswell, continue due west io
new concrete pavement turn
nnh an A fntlnw navement t n
Cottage Grove. (
Cottage Grove-Divide Pave-1
hAirlma Aria mlltf! QHri t Vl tt 9
Divide-Oakland At a point I
about two miies south of divide,
and also at a point approximately
one-half mile north of Drain, ow-
. . . . i ,1
' uu uetour available, it is necea-
sary to close the roaa except Be
tween the hours of 5 p.m. and
7:30 a.m.; a few minutes at 10
a.m.; between 12; noon and 1
p.m.; and for about 10 minutes
at i p-m. Pavement la being laid
at two points between Divide and
Drain. Excellent macadam, from
Drain to a point 3.T miles souta
of Yoncalla and from there U is
paved to Oakland.
Oakland-Sutaer:;n, Paved.
Sutherlln - Roseuurg Pave
ment completed from SutherUn to
iWilbur; no detours; graveled
from Wilbur to Roseburg witn no
detours. . ,
Roseburs-Myrtle. Creek: Paved.
Myrtle Creek - Canyon viUe;
South of Myrtle Creek, take de
tour via. Riddi to Ganyonvllley
Sedans, Coupes and open
have seen our complete
, ,
which is rough andi alow, .!
CanyonviUe - Galesburg: Good
Galesville - Wolf Creek: Pac
ing in progress at two points.
About seven miles south of Gales
ville detour via Gleadale to stage
road. Pass is used from a.
m. to 5:30 p. la. At sUga road
pass a short detour is necessary.
Wolf Creek - Grave Creek:
Grave Creek - Grants Past:
Good macadam to Pleasant val
ley; paving operations have now
started about two miles north ol
Grants Pass. Short detours are;
provided around luoat of this
work, bat where no detours are
available, traffic la allowed to
pass through with only short de
lays. .- t;a;
Grants Pass, through Gold Hill,
Medford and Ashland to the C
itornia line: Paved.
Colun.bUi Kiver Highway.: -Astoria
- Portland: Paved ex
cept about one mile through city
of Rainier, whieh is graveled but
ouite rough. r -
Portland - Hood River: Paved.
Hood River - Hosier: Five and
three-tenths miles paved; bal
ance good macadam. Open at
hours. (About September 28 pav
ing operations will be transferred.
fwest of Hosier, at which time the
road will be closed during work
ing hours with the exception Of
half an hour from 12:30 to 1 p.
Mosier - Mayerdale, 2.5 mile:
Road closed on account of paving
operations from 8 a. m. to 5:3
p. m. Turn to right at Mosier
and follow old road toward The.
Dalles for half a mile, turn shars
left through cherry orchard and
over hill one mile to finished
pavement half a mile west of
Mayerdale. Follow detour signs.
Mayerdale - Marsh Pit: Paved,
(2 miles.) ?"
Marsh. Pit - Rowena, 4 mliet;
Fair graveled road.
Rowena - Gooseberry Springs,
4 miles: Fair graveled- road.
Paving operations will be, under
way west of Gooseberry Springs
about September 30, at which
time .when detours are not avail
able, traffic will be routed over
Seven-Mile hill from 7 a. m.;to
& p. m Open at other hours.
Gooseberry Sprinja-The Dalles,
3 miles: Paved. :
The, Dalles - Seuferts, t niilesi
Paved,. ,
Seuferts, Deschutes River:
highway, open ; read for 309
yards past Cape Horn is only 12
feet! wide. - Contraetorv are still
working at this point and travel
era are cautioned to arjve sjow.
Balance of- road t new gravel and
still kHse on the aides.! Cars are
warned to drive slow, and keep
on gravel tn passing. ;
Deschutes River-Heppner Junc-
tion:.' Good gravel or crushed
rock road entire distance.
Heppner Junction, through Um
atilla and Echo, to Pendleton:
Good' graveled road entire dis
tance. Standard state highway
West Side Pacific Highway
Newberg-Dundee Closed on
account of new concrete pavement
detour via old road which is
graveled but rough.
Dundee-Dayton New pave
men completed and open to traf
Dayton-St. Joe Graveled and
in fair condition.
St. Joe-McMinuvllle Paved,
McMlnnvllle-Amity Use old
road which Is graveled but rough.
Amity-Holmes -Gap Paved ex
cept short graveled stretch near
Holmes Gap.
Holmes Gap-RIckreaU Un
der construction; Impassable in
wet weatherj rough.
Hickreall-Monmouth Paved.
Monmouth - CorvalHs Paved
except 7 miles just South of Mon
mouth, which is closed to traffic.
Tratfio being detoured via Mon.
month and Independence and
Saver--.-- - ..,,... .....
v;orvaius-juncuon uity Cross
the Willamette river and follow
the south side - Corvallis-Albany
yoad for a distance of one and
one-tenth miles, turning thence
south and following road through
Peoria and Harrisbnrg to Junction
wuy. it aesirea, travel may cross
the Willamette river by ferry at
Peoria, traveling thence west to,
the main west aide highway,
thence south on pavement through
wonroe to junction city. .
Coast Highway.
Astoria-Seaside i Astoria
Miles Crossing, paved: Miles
V'ossing 10 eeastae; as long as
good weather continues traffic
I A fm . . . .
nouid take the roaa irom Miles
Crossing by way of Melville.
Miles Crosmg by way of War.
renton cutoff: Highway under
construction i through the War;
r en ton entoff ; open but subject to
aeiay. ,. ..
riom SkiD&non oy
TVarrenton Pavement comnleted
o Gearhaxt 1 1
I Gearhart to Seaside Unde
conttraetion; open from 6:30 p.m.
to : 30 a.m. and 12 m. to 1 p.m.
Waiting. Mght traK will bq
passed over the paving operation
at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and 5
p.m- Trock, Walflo paased onlj
from 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.
I Seasido-Tillamook County Una
Graveled and in good condition '
to Cannon Beach Jufction ;
tow singla" ' traclti ravla4
rronv Cannon Beach Juncuoa
to the Tillamook County line; new
reck road in fair condition.
Tillamook County Line-Tilla-mook
Rocked or graveled to
Hobsonville, fair; newly graveled
between Hobsonville and River,
dale and old road ia better going
until new gravel is compacted; un
der construction and rough, but
r-asable, between Rtverdale and
Wilson River; paved from Wilson
River to Tillamook.
. fiun
imamooK-Beaver Paved to
Pleasant Valley; under construc
tion from Pleasant Valley to Hem-
requiring use of old road
whkh is graveled and fair; paved
trom Hemlock to Beaver.
oeaver-nebo Under construe-,
tion and rough; passable.
Hebo-Cloverdate Graveled and
Tair. I
Cloverdale-Neskowin Rough '
and narrow lint 4
" . tfutanum.
houtkern Part of Vomt Highway.
North Bend - Marshfield - Co
iume: Paved.
toqmne-Bandon: Fafr
road, narrow in nlaces:
cuies; soit after rains.
Marshfield - Bandon: (Alter
nate) Seven Devils Route, fair
t-arth road.
Bandon -eled
Port Orford: Grav-
Port Orford-Gold Beach: First
eight miles graded and graveled;
standard state highway construc
tion. Gold Beach - Brookings: Fair
earth road, narrow and sharp
Brookings - Crescent City:
Graveled road. In good condition.
Mc.Uinnville . Tillamook Highway
McMinnville-Sheridan: Paved.
Sheridan - Willamlna: Under
construction and rough but pass
able. ' Wlllamina - Hebo: Good ma-
caaara to rnarp Quarry; under
construction and rouah but nc.
able from Tharp Quarry to Bent
ly Junction; good macadam from
uenuy Junction to Bee Ranch:
fair macadam from Eee Ranch
to Alder Creek, with some Im
provement work under way: ma
cadam in good condition from Al
der Creek to Hebo.
Hebo - Tillamook: Tinder wn-
tfrUction and rough to Reaver:
paved" from Beaver to Hemlock;
nder "construction ffom Kemlt
to Pleasant Vallev. rfifiuirin? visa
af Old road Which ia eravelAH nn
in fair, condition: r.averi tmm
Reasant Valley to Tillamook.
,n our special
II4 Ask
1 ..
W 1 1 I AJ 1 I
Mowers, Separator!, Amsco Drills, Ensilage Cutters, Wood Saws, Oliver Plows; Roderick
to our exhibit where our representatives will be pleased to give you any 'details, desxre4
and discuss the many phases of power fanning with you. ' v i , vt
The Low First CostThe Low Upkeep Cost The Nominal Depreciatxoir-The Perfect
Service Back of it Makes The Fordson I---..
260 North High Street
nar I
to I
Mu Hood Loop.
Portland - Sandy: Paved to
Gresham; take Bluff road, which
is graveled and in good condition
from Gresham to Sandy.
Sandy - Salmon River: Under
construction ; road not yet closed
but through traffic to points east
of Salmon River is requested to
take the Marmot road, which will
ovoid bad sections of highway
and probable delays at points of
construction; soit in wet weath
er. Tualatin Valley Highway.
Portland - Gaston: Paved en
tire distance and open tor traf
fic. Gaston - McMinnvllle: Paved
entire distance, except approxi
mately 800 feet south of Gaston.
Corvallis - Newport Highway
Corvallis-BIodgett: Good grav
eled, road via Philomath.
Mod sett - Toledo: Road Im
passable since rains.
Toledo - Newport: Road im
passable since rains.
Willamette Valley - Florence
, Highway.
Fair to Horton (over High, Pass
road) : Rocked and in fair con
dition from Horton to Blechly.
(Low Pass road closed on ac
count of construction.
HoeburK-Oxv Bay Highway
Roseburg - Coos Bay Highway:
Closed on account of construction
between Remote and Bridsrj. Coos
county. Open from Roseburg to
Remote and from Coquille to
Bridge for local traffic. Through
travel takes old Coos Bay wagon
road. Myrtle Point to Roseburg.
Also road via Allegany, Scotts
burg and Drain open and used.
Both rough and slow and very soft
after rains.
Medford-Crater Lake Highway
Two routes being used ore via
Central Point. Bvbee Bridge, Trail
and McLeod to Prospect; the otht
er via Eagle Point. Reese creek
school and Derby to Prospect.
Traffic advised to take one via
Alsea Highway
Corvallis- Waldport: Good from
Corvallis to Philomath and grav
eled most of way to Alsea. Beyond
Alsea. better road is arounn point
of Digger Mountain instead of tne
hill road; construction under way
east and west of Tidewater: -fair
to Waldport. Care should be
taken between ilaen and Wald
port as this is, in general, a one
way road and unsurfaced. Im
passable after rains.
at the State Fair, September 26th October 1st
exhibit of Ford Products and
Voem Are QoFdHally
Logical Choice ot
Vdlev Motor a
The Ull-CalUoraia Highway
The Dalles - Dufur: Dusty and
'rough from wheat hauling.
Durur - Madras (through Mau
pln. Bake Oven or Criterion and
Antelope l: fair. ,
Madras - Bend: Newly serfaced
road in good condition.
Allen's Ranch - Sand Cree:
Rough and dusty.
Sand Creek - Klamath Agency:
Good to fish hatchery and from
there, rough and full of .rocks,
Klamath Agency - Lamm a Mill;
Good dirt road. .
Lamm's Mill Barclay Spring;.
Newly graded but not yet surfac
ed: quite rouffh.
Barclay Soring- - Klamath
Falls: Newly macadamised,
Klamath Fallf-Californla State
Line: Macadam to Merrill, balance
good dirt road.
John Day River Highway .
Arlington - Condon: Road or
Shutler and Olex badly rutted by
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Disc Harrows
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wheat hauling and wry dusty.
Beft road via Rock Croak, Ml
kalo and Clem,, ;,
Copdon - Fossil: Fair except six
miles between ,30-MUe and May
ville; still necessary to 'user' old
road. New roid uder construc
tion. , - , : '
Fossil- - Butte Creek Summit:
Fair; road being macadamised
but no delay to traffic
Summlt-Tilley's (Mouth of Sar
vice Creek): Unimproved; . very
rough and slow. :
(Contlttued on ptrw C)
and Rim Part for all Car
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i JL. ....
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