The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, September 25, 1921, Page 14, Image 14

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Jiim Lm Hessorial-Sort Winter
JrfrMn striata, ) T . Vlnon, pat
tor. ka-ular rr Tires will ' 1 held at
this charra Hanaar Haertaariter 25th.
M.indsr school will panrraa at : a .
Our srbool la ' wall areas isaw ami will
take car bf pp f all '. 8tra
frra and -visitor ' wrlcom. Pufti rr
vir Ja tha auditorium at It a.m. Tha plar tn tha world for yaaaf peo
ple. Plaa t t -thrra.. Kj) worth iragua
arvir at 6 Zd p.m. 'Vi, wt ansiawa to
ar aor young - pcopla. . Wa aaaara
yoa of a food tin. Kvaniaf srrir
p,Uw Wa . prrarti " tba cot art that
aa nwd tadarY All oar- imim ar
draifaad la aplift aod rasp int. Yo will
njor worshiping with a. ' Reearrtkra
of manber at tba saoraing rtr. Prof.
Kanfro, Willamrtt Unrrrraity, f wiN
prra-b. bolb ,aooring and availing.
Laalia V'thodhit Kp'ni-Opnl Ham- M.
Aldrleh' paator. t:5 as, ftaftda arhaot,
E. A. Rbotan, superintendent. WpH er
gsnraai -) fof alt i jv4 gradr
aadat th l4r)ia;j of rlf j lent tehr.
Primary department aaaeta in Leali Hall
Mlsa Itelew IngrrT, awprintaadant. I Hir
ing o'clock, serrk adrserr i
maintained wher mother m.ijr I.
mall children. II a.m, ptiMie worship
with aartaon hy the pastor. --: Taeate,
Counting the Coat."- The ehoir will
ting "Nearer Mf God to Toe,' Kxcell.
For tba offertory. Mint flarfi Pratt will
slng,"Mrniic and Erenlng,, Mas Rplo
kr .- t PJO., ianior. laajrne, "Minn Mamie
Htapletoa. auparintendrnt. d:80 p m.,
devotional meeting of th epwortk lea
gma, Miu Marguerite Ootaehowpreaid
ant. 1:30 wvenjng prayer and ser
bm by. th paator. Bnbjeet, "Mj
Kaagbbr.".i f rI'-- ;
Pint If. E. Oinrcn Oorscr Church
s Stat streets. Blaine E. Kirkpatrick.
miniate. - This Hands? will be faaarv4
as a plal .welcoao, day for tha atud
enu of Willamette irity. Th 8oa-day-
achoBl - awn a A4--4-tha claaa
meeting at 04l& Three, (prciat Monday
arbool - elajiitea ) bays bean i orgaiiiied for
atadanta: Misa Laara liaiat'a, for apper
eUas.girla; Miaa kabel Oarrett'a, for
freahmea girls; and' Mr. Aoardniaa'a, lor
college men. The movaiag aervlee, at 11
'alere, will b deaigned t eapociallj as
rordial walrom to. the ttadenta. The
aernioR will" ta on tha subject, ''Altera
aat thd Oaward ' Marnh. Hpaalal maaie
will be Tendered by largo e bona choir,
aadrr th direction Prof. Ilobaon, Kp
worth league aervine at :0, 1 to whlrh
Willametto taeat ara: eapaelally ' invit?
od. Intermediate league at tha eame
hoV .Kreniag servke at- T:30 oVloek.
There .will bo a rousing song aerrlee of
IS or 20 mlnntea at thw'openlnr. and s
brief errata on the sabjeet "The Su
pramary of tha Bpiritaal Life." Thia
aabjert la a of th aerivs n tha gen
eral avblert: "Tba Certaintiea of the
goal. All ore rora tally invited. Prayer
moating Tharaday. evening at ?:S0. .
-, Canter . Btreet - Methodist -North
toanth. and Crater atreeu, O. S. Roeder, tonndar ithotl It l.U II.
II. Oralapp, auperlDtandeat. . Preaching
I German morning and evening by Kv.
J. Saotbaff of Kimball Srhool of Theology
. .v.. II a l i CUXlBTULa - 'i ' r
' Conrt 8tat Sort SeventecntW and
Coart streets.' Tstn is promotion day I
tba Bible trhooL . Everyone in tba school
wanta to be oreaeot for thia event, a
that yon will know wherw yo t neat
time 1 tt yea are? ptamana- ow lev
vi lira ant todav. Kamamber to be
niantlv .at 0:45 .m. . HU th mi
iLn.rf aiore hv ana ef th chool. th
Bally day information, the aarmo to the
, child by th paator. "SacrUie ItiU
will be tha anblect of that aermoa. Janior
failowinc eoamaaiea serrie. At niorn
In wonhltt hoar w will tlno out
nl f erertla. It la lntereatinc. To
day 'we will sJve . a, analjai . of the
itialaa ereed. , Coma and aee why it
ahonld b Our al weed. Intennediat
K ;ao4 nm. ' Tonnr pl C.B.
A: SO. Song servic sad sermon 7:30
p.m. Don't forget th change of tim.
Hrms:'Ta ospel of l'wolom." This
i. u. tmir wank and there will be n
ajlJ wetk tervic. Ivery membr ttsi
la do to it vrged to he!c tt th Btat
fair reataarant thia, week. . Let Xrs. Ed.
Tenng r paator' wif know "- whether
em can helo or not. Th pnbli it
ta wonhin wit n. Ton Will
always find av welcome. Students in th
ity ar invtted aleo Tea will find aa
Invltin church kom with a. B. L.
Ftnm, pastor. ? , .
1 1 .1 ,- .
Tirst Christiaa . Th moratng and
evening sermons at th first . Christiaa
chneeh Center and llirkj atreeta, will be
givu py th paato, J. J. Evn. "A
Oraat Deaire" and "The Sapram Cam-
' a. ' ' are tba twptra rhwsea tor prAa1
ducaaaiew. Edward Wolfo will a - tha
liat i to the Karaing worship. ' "Re
qneint," by tiknay- Mofac.- m tha tU
of the ael. A lad'wa'i iaarte will, give
tha aparial m astral nuaibera at the ev
ening hear. Especial weleona xtendd
t - t'aiaersity aad other 4 of-toir
yg pOpl.wh ar member of thia
ream en toe elaewhere. AanoonpaaMata of
Importance eeaecnviog : thhr foeare en
tertainment by the caerrh wihV bo made.
Dr. Kpley ha retaraarf front hi varatioa
and earaeatly argea s laxce attcadanea
at the Hiale rWol boar. A new
spirit is man ti act r the programs of thia
important , . dvrtasat Alt age, will
fn4 - s welroane and eongesisl fcIUtw
ahiav. , Th yg people, intoratediat sad
samr soeictMat meet at 6:30.
''C; .Z"' ' EKSCOPAJt
St i Paal'a Chnrrh arhoal at 9;4S.
, It am intr prayer ear II. tWviee i rkarao
of tba lay reader. - No other aervire.
First Congrerational Cber.Jr Liberty
and Center atreeta W. C. JCanterr min
ister. - A chnrrh with a welcome fr
all. 10 s.Bm Snaday srhoot with, clas
ses for all age. W. I. Statay, snperia-w-adans.
It .m "I narne; aad Kiadiaj
3od." 6:30 pjav Criatin endeavor,
p.m. 'l Voice utr( IXcaven."
Com worditp with .
' st & jut
., ... mswDi - . ..
Highland Friends f'hnrch street and
flighland avenue. Bib I school at 10
a.m, Clifton Koss, superintendent. Clas
ses for all age under the rare of com
petent teaches. -4' Morning t worship at
Is. -C, E. Meetiag at :3U aad preaching
at 7:30 pjnir Prayer meeting Thurs
day at ItW yjs. 1. U., and Id J.
Lea, pastors. '. - j
Ronth Sslem Friends South Commer
cial and Washington streets, Hnnday
rbool 10 a.m., Walter S. Wrifht, super
Bitendent. Morning worship at 11 a.m.
Short sermon for the children st th
closcof Himdsy srbool. ' Christian eadea
vor at 6:30 and- preaching service at
7:3ff p.m: Prsyer meeting at 7:3 Thurs
day -: evening. ' Nathan Bwsbh, paator.
j Cotttral' rngregatknnl fioulh Kin
teenth and Perry streets, II. O. Stover,
minister, Snndsy aehool at 10 a.m. in
eharro of Mrs.- B. K. Rdwards. Hpecial
ainsic and sermon follow Sunday school
hour. Christian endesvor st 0:45 p.m.
Sacred concert- at 7:30 p.m. I'
I ClirUt Lutheran East Stat and
Klgnteenta streets. " Suttday school at
:4s a.m. Itivino service at 10:30 a.m.
HMeeU"The gucMioa, What lK I lKi
to Inherit Kternal Life! and tha Anawer
af tba Bblo.M Everybody welcome. No
vnlng service. Geo. Koehler, pastor.
I First1 United Brethren Twelfth and
KUaion streets. Sunday aehool st ' 10
S.m., Mr. Theron Knsaell, superintend
ent. Always room and a welcome. Jaa
mc ChriUisn. endeavor at It. W have
two division. ! Junior Chrsstia endesV
r - few the little folk., and Christian
endeavor collars for tha older boy a -and
girls-i Parenta . are cordially Invited to
visit our junior meetings. Church ser
vice at 11. Rev. W. 11. VcLaiw will
deliver taw sermon. Senior ('hriatiaa en
deavor . at . .3Q. Topic. , "Misaionary
liaelta htfloui a America.7 Aa intereat
iac proxram will be given. . Keening
snnon-at 7:3. Mid-week prayer meet
it Wednaaday evening at 7:30. AH
aye welcome. Rev; C. W. Corby, Paator.
' First Preubfteriaa Ckorch be-t"-
Ceetet CcnU. Ssl.bath
scbeol anetr at t:3 am, C. A. Kells,
tf, ..ii-MMt. Prea'-bing by the paster.
Ward Willis Lone, at 11 a.m. and 7:30
pxm, Memiag topic, "Why I Ilelicv
the Bible." Evenin tonic: "(od's
ratallaaaa t Youth." Jaaior C. E.
meet st S p.m. At S p.m. in the ekon-h
Parlors there will be a get-together meet
isa.ef alt the Preabyterm people in
the citv for a social boor, to be followed
St. 6:30 pjsw be tha rasntlar senior and
intermediate ah. services, frayer meet
ing on Tharaday at 7:30 p.m. Kaily
day will be observed the second K-
rUy in Ursoar. There ta bemc punned
very interMtiag program far. the e
First Chnrch 440 CJietr.etct street.
At 11 a.m.. Bible lessen, subject : Real
ity." Monday srbool at :45 a. o.
Wednesday evening testimonial meeting
at 8 o'clock, lading room, 209 Masonic
'fern pie, ope) eter day except holida
ami Handays from 11:42 to 5 All
are cordially invited : to our services
and to oar reading room.
Chareh of Joaaa Chrtat of 1 -alter Day
8-tmtft Sundav school at 10:1:0 a.m
Snbiect: Th New Witness for Gd.
l.eetinr at Yon ar welcome.
At tba Armory.
Christian and Missionary Alliance
There will be no acrvice this coming
j n x short time, necording to plans
anoance4,ar?: .
I Cratc Late aNtianal park Is
t SCCPKsible from all lonr cities and
d i tbp fev.rcmt:n w.H wt.rk also fr
i . . : r -
. ; ' ' I".-, TWvlf eOinnl P.Qth Mr. A1. rCaa3 to lQP PrK aDd
- - I ln and Air. CeawicL if6 employ.
J. aa w
The Maiesr.ian.)
Ko:-n. inr
Mr. znl Mrs. Job"
First Baptist William T. Milliken,
DD, ' paator. Bible school at 9:45, Ed.
Srhonke, superintendent. Morning wor
ship at 11. - "Is IHvin Healing Part
af the Ooenel Mcssafet" Eveniac wor-
shin at 7:8; sermon. "Can the Well
Run Irv!" B.Y.P.U. senior and second
division meet at 6:30. Topic; "Th
B.V.P.C. and Missions." The pastor
conducts a Bible ' class for everyone
above - B.Y.P.C. are at 0:30. Visitors
cordially welcomed at U service.
; ...... . CHTJBCH OF GOD
1S48 North Church street, J. J. Oil
tespie, pastor. Sunday arbool 10 a. .
preaching service 11 a.m., young peoples'
aieeting 6:30 and preaching service fol
Towfng at 7:34 p.m. Prayer meeting
Wednesday evening 7:30. o are in
titrd to attend th services.
' L B. S. A.
j International Bible Students' Assc-la-
on Meets every Sunday in Derby Bid
for Bible stutlv. Pnblle welcome. Hours
from JO to 13 a.m.. Court and High
streets, upstairs. Sunday, September
l at 2:30' p.m, in this ball, K. G.
Kylant of SoatUe, Wash, will deliyer a
free pnbHc lecture on "Millions Nw
Living Will Never Die."
? Full. Gospel Mission 187 S. Commer
cial. Service Sunday 2:S, evening
t:43, Thursday ewninj ' 7:4V. Prayer
affsssd-Uu. aklc uj . dX. . Hall Open
11 a.m.
Boston and Middlebury Bea
; ten- Other Football Re-
I v ;f suits' Reported
By Rew J. R; Buck ' -
Th T.M.C.A. drew upon "th Bib)
for its moral principles, snd th w
good as wall aa effective ' Lsrs-e- bus
iness corporstions, heads of college nd
naiverttitea, th chiefs of govrnmat d
partmeats, of th army and navy, aaw
the practical results of It effort and
! Mkin.p.twin In trminine and
keeping their young employe -I habits
: . CAMBRIDGE, Mass.. Sept 24.
Harvard started Its football sea
son with a doable victory today.
In the first game the Crimson de
feated Bostoii university 10 to U
and In the second won from Mid
dlebury college,-16 to 0. Harvard
sent approximately S 9 players in
to the two games.'
TJ A tTJMflTTVn W Vs. Conf 24
The West Virginia tjnlversity
football team defeated the West
Virginia Wesleyan eleven ' In the
opening game of the season today
Invited Ita eo-ooeration tn traininc and
ef ordar. economy, rood conduct ana
intelligent docility h promoting their
corporate Interest.
. aalve la conscience obliged to certain
' represented" among th employes of the
various bodies, oar young men earn
mtnrell under th influeoc of th wel
fare activities of tha association. Th
Y.M.C.A. disavowed ' any sectarian char
acter. It claimed that it Was not op
posed to any faith. It was Christie
in th m brotd nt a th common
wealth of th United Rtatea, wnica t
gnis th Christian faith as fundamen
tal to ita constitution, though, declaring
it entire separation from any particular
creed. The rules and ' statute of 4k
V.M.0.A, aa opened t inspection,
firmed this attitude. So did- the x-
? rested declaration f it manafer.
ho lectures fives under tha a asp ices
of th saaoc.iatio were confined appar
ently ta what tended t ba professional
and cultural improvement of tb hrarers.
Th moral lastruction avoided all , con
acioua reference te dif t erencea of re
ligion opinion. Catholic were free ta
attend. They war under obligation,
though they might enjoy all -th thar
advantage opo. to the member ia gen
ersl. . ?? . 'V'
Thara la on clansa la th eonatitatioa
f th Y.M.C.A. whieh appeared t dia-
eriminat againat Catnolwa. it proat
Bite tha election of a DTof eased ' CatholiS
to any of th superior or directing of
fice of th organ iiatio. This departur
haa bee explained aa baaed oa tha
k . alaes (VibaIIm hold tnam-
tsa Rathalla venth was aad ia lara-ely
observances whichuld aot b shared
by th majority of member, thir pos
itions aa - director of - the Assoeiatioa
would aeeoasarily handicap thosa. ia
fulfilment of th office. Jus tie to th
member " wh did not ' accept Cat hoi e
beliaf and. doctrine as a rule of life de
barred aoy direction whirh' h the -
esaary result- eti on a t.Uotia. aoncr-
' Tb1 ' aiaoclatloa aimed - at merat as
' call aa eoeial .. aad . meatal improvement
meant to employ Christian' principles!
' bat; aot to1 the full -extent t ta Cath
li eharch. Thua.. to cite a xampte,
m far Catholsra . obligatory- oh-
ervsncea of ft sday, -fasts, worship
regulation, obedienc lo local authority,
whieh would nrevent a director.
If, a Catholic, from acting with that
freexlont which ioflirh In -tfc-lirtreat
of theentir body 4 tos which th
vnaiorltV f th member had last claim.
Tha YJICAi for th-amo reaao ex
cluded orthodox Jews from office, a i
i4i...-a . tha vera nam Chsiatiail
Ithough it ne that- to th wide
as only la. which tt applid t th Mmmon wealth. IU It Wat
plsnsibla bald, th higbest ffic f th
government ar not actuauy i
Cetholie or Jaw, they ar praetie!!;
waleaa the incumbent insisted hdj
right at th rick of disturbing th puh
lie peace or else ignore them aV-th
risk of lsrnoring th divln Uv, at kit
'profession of fsith interpret tt. -
, Y. with all thl the Y.M.C.A. -founi
'! ta hseasanr with it' priacfcllet fr
'.cuently to enrage tha nervlee of Prof
Seatant minister - who . could hardly fsB
;to expren their peculiar- toterprotaUoS
e ctnatiiMMtw site htil 4 Ceptd
Catloli doctria.
, 4Cen;auc4 sexl guaJ7) '
Sani Francisco, 6-3, 9-7, 8-10, 1-6,
Rain fell almost continually
and numerous slips on the wet
court counted for points for the
The match score now stands 2
to 2. Tomorrow Willis Davla of
San Francisco will meet S. How
ard Voshell ot Brooklyn, M. T.,
lik the singles and William Tilden,
world's champion plays J. O. An
derson of . Australia, while Carl
Fischer and Frank Anderson will
meet Marshall Allen and Clifford
Herd in doubles.
The - silk hat Is coming hack.
The next thing will be the long-
tailed coat with silk facings. Not
to speak, of pantaloons that the
wearer has to be run Into red-hot
in a more or less fluid state.
Father Melanle is 15 years
old. I don't think it is decent of
her to appear in public in such a
short skirt.
Mother Don't worry, dear; she
put on one of mine by mistake.
Vienna -Muskete.
i bta-j'j&l- to
Miti ; la ra
. . . i m i .?
itoien, ana uiai loseuu werei
married at the home of Mr. sd
Mrs. Kirfen Wednesday at 12
o'clock noon. Iter. J. C Rose
land read the weddinjf ceremoHj'I
After the wedding a luncheon was
served to the. guest, who in
cluded only the nearest relatives
and friends." Mr. and Mrs. To
stad left immediately after the
luncheon for Astoria where they
will spend a few days.
Honoring Mrs. Amy Dewitt and
her daughter, Mrs. Ciena Green.
both of San Franciseo, Mrs. Lu-
cretia Davenport entertained at
her home Wednesday evenin?.
Those present were Mr- and Mr&
fc. E. Taylor, Mrs. Mac Cooley,
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Anderson, Mr.
and Mrs. I.. O. Harvy, Mr. ?.nd
Mrs. John Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Gourli, Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Scott. Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Riches, Mr. and Mrs. Clay Allen,
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Allen. T. D.
Allen, Miss Faye Allen, Mr. and
Mrs, John Goodnecht, Mr. and
Mr ST D. C. Davenport, and Mt-!
and Mrs. Roy Davenport. 1
Miss Imosene Shimmon and
Ramon Roberts were united in
msrriag by Rev, C. Tibbets at
Philomath Tuesday afternoon at
3 o'clock. They were attended
by the bride's brother, Clarence
Shimmon, and by Miss Lois Ral
ston. Mrs. Roberta is the oldest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shim
mon, former Silverton residents.
During the past year she has
been employed at the telephone
office at Corrallls. Mr. and Mrs.
Roberts will live at Mill City.
Silverton quests at - the weddias
were Miss Flossie Conbear and
Miss Norma Rjce.
Henry , Schroeder has been
g ranted a pension., by the govern
ment. Mr. Schroeder is a Spanish-American
war veteran. ,:.T
Mrs. A. S. Johnson, a sister of
Mrs. Carl Stamey, and Mrs.
Gene Hoskinson, aunt of. Mrs.
Stamey, are visiting at the Stanl
ey home. Mrs. Johnson is from
Moro and Mrs. Hoskinson is from
Kent. Or.
Manley Haskens, who returned
from Diekerson, N. D., recently,
reports that the cropat in that
section of the state are nearly a
failure this year. Mr. Haskens
also reports that money is tight
there and that many are placing
the blame on the Nonpartisan
lea. sue.
. Rev. and Mrs. Georse Henrick
sen entertained at a party at the
Trinity parsonage on Second
street Friday evening. The eve
ning was spent in playing games
nd with music. Refreshment!
were served by the. hostess. Those
present wore Miss Mamie, II. Hu
man, Miss Clara Holman, Oliver
Holman, Miss Emma HatteBiirg,
Jalmer Refsland, Miss AMna
Ilamre, Alvin Legard, Otto Le
gard. Miss Esther Larson, Har
old Larson, Jack Larson, Harry
Larson, Miss Esther Towe, Miss
Sophia Brenden, Miss Clara Brefl
don. Miss Jerdis Cloister, Hiss
Ruby Shenannder, Miss Hazel
Phennander, Percy Shennander,
Elmer Shennander. Miss Rath
Ormbreck, Theodore Ormbreck,
Miss Mabel Johnson, Miss Marie
Corhouse, Miss Carrie Qualset.
Miss Eva Rue, Amos Eenson, Jliss
Ingaborg Gopierud, Miss Lulu
Gopierud, John Gorderud. Chester
Gopierud, Melvin Reviness, Chris
Halverson, Alfred Johnson, f Mr.
and Mrs. Chris Johnson. Miss
Elsie Eklund. Walter Toft. Ed
ward Olsen, Edgar Olsen, Victor
Sather, Mrs. Marie Buness, Miss
Alice Jensen and Alfred Jensen.
Dewey Allen and Burns Sen-
wick are at Portland attending i
g of the Depot gara-ge.
olu--st I , The r-rcDrietors of the Central
. -l r . . ,fl.i,rir,Il!j I il ( fr-ie
to provide more room for the
storing of cars. .
Scenic Loop Highway is
Southern Oregon Scheme
; KLAMATH FALLS. Or., Serft.
J4. A scenic loop highway which
will include Ashland. Grants Pass,
Bedford. Klamath Falls, is one
of the projects that will be tqken
bp by the Federation of Soulhern
Oregon Cltamberg or Commerce,
which will bo formed in Ashland
dtavox to bring tourists to see ths
krk and visit-all the scenic poiiiti
on the loop.
Astoria Will Celebrate
Completion of Highway
ASTORIA, Or., Spt 3. Com
pletion Of jif aside-Tte Dalles sec
tion of the Columbia Riter high
way will be celebrated Saturday
and Sunday, October S and 9, ac
cording to plans announced here
today. Governors of our four
western states will be invited to
participate. President Harding
will be requested to open the cele
bration in Astoria by pressing a
button in Washington. D. O. Ded
ication of the highway and new
Young's Hay bridge find, automo
tilA race oa the Clatsop beachea
will be features of the celebra
tion. " J
..r-aa RtatsMnsavia CUswIlled AtU
,"' It Is' bow declared that
If they inerely wiil to do so.. But
whaUtnlil'onit Is jlhat bin '
few have the nerve to show- mcs,i
detenninlnatloB Some-people bow
lite too! long. Exchange. j
IiTestock, 3rerchand Rcai Estate
Phone 511 for Sale Dates l
Salem, Oregon , n ,
50.00 Piano Lamp.
" 1 TT Ywl''UiU
; V-
i r ' :
. .
t I -- "
a A
In Used
Piano Buyers Read This
With each of the first five new pianos sold
during lair week we will give a beautif ul pi
ano lamp and stand complete, valued at fifty
dollars. This offer is open to cash and time
buyers alike. j
Your choice of many of the world's best
makes of pianos to select from arid we guar
antee our prices to be as low as any dealer in
the west. ; 'j
Only five lamps to be given away and you
must be one of the first five purchasers this
week to be entitled to one. j
Better be one of the five
; NEWHAVBN.'Cosm., Sept. 24.
Tale defeated Bates college
! the. opening football game ot the
season today 28 to 0.
Berkeley, Cal., Sept. 24. Uni-
rersity of California 21, SU Mary's
college, .0.
Other Footnall Itrraits
At Hanover. N. H., Dartmouth
34; Norwich 3.
At Cleveland Case 14; Hiram
At State? CoUege, ; Pa., Penn
State, 63; Lebanon Valley 0.
At Pittsburgh Carnegie insti
tute. 42; TMaf college 0.
At Easton. Pa. Lafayette 48 ;
Muhleberg 0. ,r.
At Bloommgton Indiana -;
Franklin 0.
" At Philadelphia University oi
Pennsylvania, 89: Delaware eoi-
lege 0.
At Syracuse Syracuse 35; ho-
bart 0. . .. ' " ' ''"
At . Providence Brow c;
Rhode Island State 0.
At New Brunswick. N. J. Rn
ers SSi TJrsinns 0. r .
At Springfield, Maas. Sptlng
ileld 26: Amherst 0 '
- At - Lancasterr- Pa. Franklin
and XIarshaU 7; Albright 0. '
At Hamilton, N. T.-Col;ate J;
St. Bonaventure 7. '
At Beaver Falls, Pa. Geneva
0; Pittsburgh TJniveraity 28
' At New York Fordham 23;
Maine 14.-";- 1 ' l9
At ; Cendar Rapid Coe 12;
State Teachera 6.
' At South Bend, lad. Wabash
7Aurtista 0: : ; " ' '
u . At. St Louis st. Louia TJniver
Ity 7; Cape Olrardeau, Mo., Nor
mal p. "t','i-
, -,At Evanston-.-BeloIt 7; North
western' University 0. .
At "Washington Washington
and Jefferson 14; Bethany 0.-
At.Reno Nevada 54; Agnetian
0. -
- At Athena; O Ohio University
40; Morris Harvey ,(,W. Va.) 0 .
East Evens up With West
,, t ; In Tennis Tournament
-. aaaaaaaaaaaasBBaaBasaa ,. t.
r. CHTCACO. Sept. 24. The east-
ternera evened bp xnattera witn
the western tennis contingent in
the, second d.v' nlay,of, the est
vesti championship series today.
when Frank; T.-Anderson of New
I Ygrk. deleate4 Robert JOxiBeT ot
Xiiv "':' Y-Vi.r r" -?" i'E ' I - - mmm
- - jtg? iW'Jihr VA -JV-i VJ-tUn 'A k lJ II
At ir s '' 'v -V -
ft:. , . ' .
for the FAIR
Should be of the New Designs and Leathers, such as you may see in The Bootery's
wonderful big windows and in the splendid big stock of Salem3 Biggest Exclusive
Shoe Store. .
In The Boys' Dept.
You may select the proper shoes
for dress or school wear and feel
secure that you are getting the
most W4ar for the money inyested.
The Ladies? Dept.
With its many line and .patterns of
beautiful shoes Qjcfords and
Pumps in the prevailing colors of 4A
leather and Satin You. know are
for the lady who needs the larger
ankle measurements are there in
really GOOD looking shapes.
The Men's Department
ft; M
COMBS' provides for the latest in style, the best fitting and
thecost to suit the purse. : v.
11. 2JZZAnd:You .WW be Satisfied." ; , '
Shoe Laces :
All colorsand lengths7
and' special lengths made
; to order , . v.
, ; Cleaners and Polishes
i4' ,F?r every kind of sW material.
The biggest stock outside of the
' - largest cities. . - l-
hi The Electric Sign ?SH0ES"
:. . . i , -t ,. . . . .... 1
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