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f - Issued Dally Except Monday by
2i5 S. Commercial St., Salem, Oregon
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Whether this would be any in
ducement to a budding physio-
has accepted newspaper Style, the style that says things in
the fewest possible words compatible with accuracy, and
makes words the servants of clarity and thought. Thas style
has its advantages. Grant had as much use for style as he therapist remains to be cn. j
had for face powder, yet his "unconditional surrender" was1'"1 J.
easily understood, both by Robert E. Lee and the world, - " -
Washington borrowed the most of his style from Alexander AiovnivBUL woitns.
Hamilton, in fact, the claim is made that Hamilton wrote the .
Farewell Address. Lincoln was a -Ifucated inan yet hisj X'ZT.
Gettysburg address is the finest example of style mall our jvocabularV of mo!e than 120rt
American literature. J words.. Tha kid win be writing
With Col. Bryan iivi:i; in Flor
ida it need excite no surprise to
see that state heel inti the Re
publican column.
Tell the Salem slogan editor
of your fine crops of wheat and
cats and other grains. He want3
to tell the world in The States
man of next Thursday.
. -! i
Business Office, 23.
Circulation Department, 68 1
Job Department, 68S
Society Editor, 10
It may yet require the service
of an Einstein to determine the
relativity of the agenCa to be
presented to the disarmament
Entered at the rostoffice in Salem, Oregon, as second class matter
The wives or widows of forty
seven former Austrian ministers
of state are taking in sewing a?
a means of livelihood. At last
they arc doing some real work.
The sight is encouraging.
The soviet government has
kindly agreed to allow the Am
erican government to distribute
the food it is about to furnish it
to starving people of that coun
try. Such condescension is most
President Hardins Invited Sen
ator Itorah to call at the White
House and it is understood that
the Idaho senator gave his views
of the disarmament conference.
Of course. President Harding did
of the American com-
A few motorcar dealers in the city by the Golden Gate
decided last winter that business was being hampered by the
inaccessibility of the peninsula on which Sah Francisco is lo
cated; for only from thesouth can it be reached by land.
, Direct communication, as all the world knows, is by
ferry." .' .
These men of .vision conceived the idea of focusing popu
lar sentiment upon a gigantic engineering undertaking the
building of a bridge, five miles long, across the bay, to elim
inate the ferry trip. .
They got their heads together, and they saw that the
m . . i ' , j j i ik. n ::. t
only way 10 put ineiaea across in a nurry.auu, m uic spun t tell him anything; he
of the west, these men were in a hurry ; for they wanted the couldn.t. There mIght be strang
.. ...rliift lkr urfira rrt AfirtVi and nnf cnlolv fnr rw I ...
uuiiciiLa wiiiic taicjr nuv vu v v . uvv i-- tr twines than to see Boran a
teriiy - .
; Was by newspaper advertising.
So thev subscribed $50,000. and raised $50,000 more, for
i fx campaign ui wieuuaiu prupurtiuua.
Pf ' About the middle of May the project was launched
in lull page announcements.
By the time the third ad. appeared the public was be
hind it.; "Bridge the Bay" was the slogan and San Fran
cisco has already decided to bridge the bay, and eminent en
gineers have been engaged to report on methods, sites and
probable costs. f T i r ,
i ; San, Francisco Wflf undoubtedly have? a bridge across the
bay, and it wzs made possibleUhrough newspaper advertis
ing. ; .
. , Newspaper advertising will build bridges or Sell safety-
. And if your business comes anywherfe within this range,
you need the help of the newspapers.' . .
. The enterprising business men of Salem are 'extending
the business field of this city constantly by advertising. The
"l , i . , J t' -T f i 1 . .
aaiern newspapers are wiaening ineir iieia oi circulation over
the 'whole Salemn district; and widening the potential field
Of Salem concerns, cohstantly--ahd intensifying this field
f r And mostf the Salem business concerns could afford to
' "i - 1 A.Si.i- L . - f ., . 1
piaxe meir newspaper advertising campaigns larger in voi
time; The whole trade of this city is helped by the live ad
Vertisers. They are missionaries, and they help the business
even of those who refuse to advertise, or advertise indiffer
ently, and thui' refuse tor help carry the burden4-a burden
which in justice ought to be a common and equalized one
destroy what these clever mas
ters tell him to destroy,, thinking
co more of what he is doing, and
why, than he ttid in the eld days
when he negViCted to inform
himself when the Information was
fairlv thrust into Jus hands. !
All that polities needs is the ;
Jionest, sincere attention of the ,
whole people, for evtf one elec- j
tion. Outside commission leech-j
es can not supply either the hon- I
est intent or the judgment neces- J
pary for good politics. '",hat la j
a personal matter arrl no j
thoughtful land owner in Onvon. j
whose land was once low in pi!Ce
but now rates as of high valine,
ought to subscribe to the Non
partisan campaign against "mid-i
dlemen" and "monopolies," with- i
out thinking out that this creed,
it honestly enforced, will ruin
him first of all and if not en
forced, i3 a lie that the public
will not stand.
seed catalogues before he gets tn
be an old man.
; One of our admirals offers to
j bet money that ue government
will never start to build another
$4r..ftOO,000 battleship. If all our
admirals bad talked that way we
might have saved a lot of moncv.
France is a bit wary auout the
disarmament conference, fearing
that the United States is trying
o strengthen its diplomatic po
sition. rossiVj , Jean, possibly.
Tn't it about time that the na
tion that has to be the big broth
er to the world should take its
proper place, at. the Uble? Am
erica has entered upon a new era.
Tt might be well to remember
It is reported that Ko.iprt 1'
Skinner, in the diplomatic nervtee
since McKinley's time, is to be
sent as ambassador to Belgium
Quite a rise from the wet sum
raer back in the early nineties
when "General" Coxey led the
army" to Washington, and Bob
Sktprier, who was tlicn employed
on a paper in Massillon, Ohio.,
accompanied the ragamurnns as
The spiritual ruler of Zlon City
forbids his following the use ot
the diamond ring as the seal and
token of a matriiuonial engage
ment. He says it is a usele ss and
costly symbol, lie insists that
the girl wears it chiefly for ad
vertising purposes to show thai
she has captured a man. For
that use it is too expensive. He
suggests that the engaged girls
in his flock wear a sunflower in
stead. This would be much more
fchowy and cost practically noth
ing. A sunflower can be Been
for a block where a diamond
would pass unnoticed. The trou
ble with this idea is that some
of the girls might take to rais
ing their own sunflowers and
have a new fiance every week.
If sunflowers were engagement
tokens Oregon could supply the
world we raise 'em here to fill
silos with. Cut what is the matr
ter with the wall flower or the
ose? Is the sunflower the only
good advertiser?
upon all who benefit.
The farmer who believes he
should endorse the Nonparitsan
League, now being organized by
out-of-the-state organizers for
One of the greatest of America's business experts is just
now; telling the people of the United States that what this
country needs to put business squarely on its feet and give
employment to the idle millions and set all the wheels of com
merce in motion is advertising srreat campaigns of adver
tising, changing the psychology of the whole people until the ward- l!&ht do wcl1 to consider
atmosnhere tinirleswith faith and hore and couraee and ten lUB Vson siaie laws oeiore ac
j j; in ii. . li it.1 : i i i
ana go, aissipaung an me ctouas oi me pessimists auu gioom
sters who have recently had their -day.
profit of from $4 a head up-
new po
ceptlng this strenuous
litical taskmaster.
Take the road laws. The
present system ot highways is
built mostly by bond issues; but
, President Quezon of the Philippine Senate is here to
rtWrl for thn indenendenef of the islands. It is .'honed that
Brer Quezon has had a pleasant trip, but that will be about the maintenance, and the sinking
nlT an roi. no inrlanarwlanoa Jo nrmi ortn.fl IrtnV mnv hn in hfr luuu lul eneaiuauy pays inc
tcr shape when General Wood spends a year or so over there.
The Filipinos have some distance to go. Independence would
be the most disastrous thing they could possibly have, short
of a plague toAvipc out the whole population. And, the con
stant talk of independence is the next worst thing for them
They should be made to forget it tor a thousand years.
bonds, is not a direct land tax
but a tax paid by the automo
bflists or the state. The lands
benefited, by these splendid new
highways, are not specially taxed
:or the unearned increment, the
accrued value; this is paid by the
road users and that's some bill
ic pay: Tens of thousands of
E t
Woodrow Wilson finds fault with the English.of his sue-
. m m 1. ft m A
pMenr i hnf eoomi rn ha nnnnr mo. nniv criticism so tar inat
w v v n v . a&Mv p w- - - - - " - - j , .
hchas entertained or expressed towards the new administra- l-" "ave n r,noslPd m va,u
lion. A for WarrrnG . Hardinjr. he is a newsnaner man. He l,t"? lTom Zi lo an aert
...... - - ' - I ft. . 1 A 1 ....
j iiicsb ruttus vnai ine oiner
fellow" paj-3 for. This legisla
tion takes money from the other
man and puts it into the -farm
er s pocket, without even a "bv
your leave." This is not an iso
la ted case; the code is fall o
laws mat iavor the farmer at
the expense of others. , If there
are others on' the other side, 1
ia no more than a (air balance
there is small excuse for class
The state prints a booklet
trior to every election, mailing
it to every voter, giving: the full
arguments for and against every
measure, every candidate. The
citizen who does not inform him
.j ...
sen on tnese subjects, and act
according 'to bis own intelligence
is risking a lot to turn his money
and his hope over to these out
ride organizers ! He may have
been only thoughtless before; in
the hands of these agitators he
is a fool in financial suckerism
and he may be a firebrand in pol
itics, rushing like a mad dog to
IN school you are taught lessons in
Arithmetic, but at the United States
National Bank your playmates, who
have savings accounts are learning their
practical application.
You will never make a success of life
until you know how to manage your
money efficiently, and to be self-reliant.
A savings account here will help you
both directions, and we-' invite you
open one.
17, Skturdar ConstitHtron
to October 1 Orffop
Mute rir.' : -
A'ith aid rommUioB to onen bidx aa
i -..oiiu.iHwi nnntia
ntnhr 7J, 23 and 23 Marioa rtrnw
ry TrrTi int:nti,
Seen the fair' grounds?
V "
They are all dressed up.
The flowers out there never
were so beautiful.
The detourists south are still
iunting the day only IS left
he. Douglas county folks are
mad' because their judge was tak
en off the Brumfield case oh ac
count ft alleged prejudice. Judge
"Jimmy" Hamilton is one of the
fairest aidges and squarest men in
any maif's country. But it looks
from this distance that a charge
of prejudice might be justly made
against any man in all Douglas
county, as Jo Brumfield. They
all seem to sve red when the name
is mentioned. A well known re
sident of that county was in Sa
lem a few day ago, on business
that had no reVence to Brum
field : but he wuuld talk about
nothing else.
The bootlegger will pretty soon
avoid Salem. They get the boot
It will take more rafn than fell
in the short showers of yesterday
to dampen the ardor of the hop
If the United Railway line is
extended to Tillamook bay, as
seems in prospect, and the lum
bering business keeps on picking
np, there will soon be big doings
over in that region. They have
enough timber to keep a lot large
saw mills going for 1000 years.
That '"what's one rfnan s meat
is another man's poison." is shown
by the comments on the raia of
Friday aiternoon:
"Well I be doggoned It it isn't
goin' to taia after I hoped it -had
given up all that foolishness. Just
ihen my prunes are ripe and fair
achiu (or the pickers! A rain that
you could throw with a teaspoon
would crack 'em open as wide as
a barn door. Never saw sulh
prunes; never saw 'em with as
tender skins. A 10 minutes' rain
Wjill cost me $20 a minute!"
' Rain til you -wam to, o!tl fel
icr! You rainrt scare me a little
bit; never, nohow! Th.t pasture
was about as dead as a billiard
baU. and I was clean out of green
paint to paint what looked like
grass for cow feed. This rain
will bring, me $10 a minute in
the next month's cream checks.
Come a-whoopin' and soak 'cm
tp till the cows come home!"
"Oh, dear me, that roof isn't
finished yet. and it'il soak off tha
plastering and fall down and kill
us in our sleep! Johnny, Johnny,
run down town and tell your
father to come out right away and
do something! I don't care what
he does just p's he conies this
instant and docs it! Oh, dear; oh
You can't print n bird's whistle,
but here's about what he said:
"Oh, joy; here's a drink right
at our door! We won't have to
fly clear across town for a drink,
and dry up like a salted codfish
before we get back. And a good
rain brings out all the juicy lit
tle angleworms and we'll have a
Christmas dinner inside the next
15 minutes! Joy!Joy! JOY!"
"What a jolly little rain cloud
that is coming up the valley!
We'd better scoot for cover, since
we haven't a lid over this darned
machine, but say won't it lie
ge-lorious when the rain settles
that dust, and a feller ran then
lieathe once more? Wonder
rherc all those tramps come from
Oiat stir up so much dust on the
rvads? Wish the Mate would
sprinkle its condemned, roads and
nake it decent driving. Who.
in?? Pay for sprinkling the roads
1 travel "over? Not on your life;
ran while there's a whrel turnius
t 's taie me away. L' them that
owns "era. sprinkle 'em it's all
I can do to drive over 'em when
they're dusty!"
And there is one more:
, "Oh. lord, we thank Thee for
tv mercies which Thou hast be
scowod. m We in our weak way
ntay not know the things Tor
w?iich we should as-k, nor how or
vrhen they should come; but
Thou, oh Lord, knowest and doest
ajl things best. We thank Thee."
A Mississippi dairyman declares
that his cows aTfe genuinely sus
ceptible to music . and .will give
much more milk after they hava
teen listening to a few bursts of
harmony. He has a barn dance
at his place every now and then
and he has noticed that his cows
always give much more milk im
mediately following one of these
azz festivals than before. He
expects to put a phonograph in
his barn and do his milking to
the accompaniment of Kreisler
and Sousa's band. There is a
possibility that certain compo
sitions and certain Instruments
might have a soothing effect upon
tho bovine mind, but it won)
seem that unpleasantness would
follow some of the explosive stuff
that docs duty for th9 dance. Be
cause a heifer shakes her hoof
is no sign that the milk supply i
being augmented.
fouM Hardly !rrai;m-i Vp
When the kidneys are over
worked and fail to throw out
wtvsto matter from the system, it
causes aches, pain, lame back,
swollen ankles, sore joints, dlxxt
ness. floating specks, etc. J. W.
Sabock. Chester, Ta., writes: "My
kidneys and bark hurt rue so when
I got out of bed in the morning I
could hardly straighten up. Mad
to rub the small of my back be
fore 1 could walk. 1 could hardly
button my shoes. I haven't felt
the soreness since I took Foley
Kidney Tills. Sold .everywhere.
Extradition is Denied
For California Man
Governor Olcott yesterday de
clined to honor a requisition from
the governor of California, de
manding the extradition of M. I.
Jones, wanted in Contra Costa
county on a charge of failure lo
support minor children. A police
officer named W. M. Wood was
hero to take Jones to California
fcif priSM
f 300.09
. Cask..
! :
Rearrange (ha fiur ia tha atxa
aquara ia mch a manner that they will
eoont 1 erfr way and aa4 tta jrnr
aiikwer. toother with your naraa aoj
adurraa. and it it ia rorwt, im will at
one mail jea; a mamUirrnt thmmlor
.vito mad v aad 1S20 renaaa f tho
atata ft Ouiton. and foil particalara f
on aimple condition that yon aauat ful
fill tpfclhcr with aa nhtatratod prla
list. This ndttioB ia Terr ay and
ar(l not rout ion one vent of your own
money it ia merely a mattar af aevariaK
two annual aiharription ( 00 ear)
to the TACiriO HOMESTEAD, tha Id
eal and beat weekly farm Diamine pub
ltahed ia the j Tartfle KorthwcaU -
How to Send Your Solutions
Uae only one aide of the paper that
rontajna the addition and pot year aaaia
and addreaa 0b the upper right hand
corner. j
Three independent judgres, having no
connection with thia firm will award the
prinea, and the anawer raining: 250 r-ointa
will take thejfirat pri. lew will art
100 point for ailrinf the punle, 40 will
be awarded for general appearance, atyle,
apeMing. pnnrlualton, etc, 10 nointa for
hand writing, j and lOO points for fulfill
ing the conditkina of the contest, ,.
The announcement of tha priie win
ner and thej correct solution will te
printed at the etoee of the eonteat. and
a copy mailed to each : peraoa sending
in a solution - i . , :
Thia splendid offer will only be good
for a limited j time, ae aend In your so
lution right away now to
I '
Ptrule Contest Edn&r
See What Governor is
Going to Read Children
"Perspicuous Demonstration of
the Practical Utility of Adequate
Knowledge of Syllogism and En
thymeme," is the subject of a
Complimentary copy of a neat
booklet that has been pre
sented,.' to, Governor Olcott.
The donor, is Jacob French
of Washington, D. C, the author.
The' governor will read the v.ork
to his children.
Opens epf..G ,:
Will carry a complete line of plumbJnj supplies
We sell to everybody. We buy direct from the fac
tory in carload lots enabling us to quote you low prices.
Estimates given free. Get our prices before you buy.
No job too big for us to handle. I ,
North western Pipe
219 North Commercial Street
Salem, Oregon
187 Front Street
Portland, Oresroii
The men who compile our
building statibtics note some
curious things. For instance.
they find out that we are build
ing more garages than we are
homes. Last year we housed 20
per cent more autoa than we did
families. In the 200 largest cities
of the country we put up nearly
100,000 garages. We are going
to keep the paint bright on Lizzie
even if the baby has to sleep with
the dog. It also appears that
we spent almost twice as much
in building theaters as we did
in new churches. Hut look at the
hours a movie house keeps, while
a church may only be in use for
a short time on Sundays.
A delegation of club ladies
waited upon President Harding
and asked that women have a per
sonal representative on the .dis
armament conference. What do
women know about disarmament'
They havo taken 50 years to get
rid of their corsets and they arj
still carrying hatpins. Los An
geles Times.
There are civil service examin
ations called for the benefit ot
those who wish to serve the coun
try in the capacity of associate
silviculturist at a salary of $2000
a year. The incumbent must be
able to stew prunes by candle
light and gifrss the number of
quarts ot wild oats tn a peck.
The govern men t also wants an as
tistant reconstructor in occupa
tional physiotherapy, tut is only
New Price
Roadster with starter and demountable rims $555.87
Tourings with starter and demountable rims 587.11
Coupes with starter and demountable rims 738.08
Sedans with starter and demountable rims 805.77
Trucks without starter and demountable rims 572.30
All prices are Salem Delivery
Qld Price
1 909. 90
The Greatest value per dollar in the automobile world
Quantity production alone (as many as all other makes com
bined) permits this THIRD big reduction
Better select your model and place your order at once because
the demand at these prices is going to make it difficult to take
care of all orders promtply.
Valley Motor 6b,
260 North High Street
Opposite City Hall
Phone 1995