The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 21, 1921, Page 8, Image 8

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Hefty Salem Fruit Man Has
Experience That Makes
Him Cautious !
1 It any one hpnld say to Fred
Kurtz, "Hare a'- chair and real
yourself," and he nhouJd reply
"Thanks, I'll fen letter tanding
i up," It would not necessarily mean
that he has been lounge-lizarding
long .enough to become tired of
sitting down. H e's as busy as
ever- but be has a story to tell
about this chair business.
, ' HI nephew. Frit Godfrey, Is
one of the busiest little amateur
ejectrlcians anywhere. Ho has
built a wireless outfit, and a doz
en or a hundred of other electrical
contrivances which he has
housed In the little den which he
built for the ! purpose. When f.'n
;fe Fred visited hfm In this lair
me" night recently, the boy had
inst secured a" big etorape battery
which he had Installed and was
preparing to demonatarto.
'Take this chair Uncle Fred,
and I'll show you something,"
said the lad. Uncle Fred took the
chair and then something with a
kick between that of moonshine
'and a two-ton Missouri mule hit
him and shot him across the room
like a man filliping an apple seed
or a match into the gutter.
"Why,, what's the matter "
ejaculated the surprised lad.
Uncle Fred really didn't know,
but the boy did. Hi3 only sur
prise was, whether It, would work
bo fast on so large a body! The
storage battery was hitched to
some kind of .an electric Jabber
and pllo-drlvcr, and not even the
Kttrtas solidity was proof against
So that's why Uncle Fred takes
his meals standing, and why the
boy grins a grin I hat yet has a
trace of "wonder-what-he's-going-to-do-a
bout-It" reserve.
Read The Classified ds.
ii put, i'o .
Shipment of Northwestern
Fruits in Carlots Has
Important Meaning
When the railroads made the
freight concessions for the ship
ping of northwestern fruits in car
lots to the Atlantic seaboard, they
put a lot of money into the pock,
ets of the flea-bitten, mosq'uito
pesteiefl. perspiring and ean't-Eleep-o-hot-nighta
It wasn't really a very large
percentage of reduction, bmt it
cuts about $200 off the price of
a car of Oregon canned goods on
the New York market- Possibly
come of this difference In price
will go to the growers. Hut one
thing U 'certain, it -brings thrj
' fruits. down to a point where the!
All Spring and Summer Apparel Must Go
, ; Regardless of Cost or Former Selling Price
I This remarkable sale is bringing ever-increasing crowds to Salem's greatest Wo
i men's Apparel Store .day after day. Consistent with our well established policies,
we are sacrificing many garments we might well keep for the coming season. Be
cause our koeping faith with the public means more to us, than it does to the people,
and until this sale is concluded, savings and values will be the paramount element
of our service. The women who fails to profit by this saving sale will surely regret
it. ' f
Waists and Blouses
Five hundred new and pretty Waists arid Blouses, this season's models, including
a manufacturer's sample line and three special groups just received direct from
NeW York, purchased for this ale, also many pretty models selected from regular
stock away below usual prices. :
Milonete '. and Trlcolette
blouses, charming styles, co
lon and designs in tieback
models, made with round
neck 'and , short sleeves, siz
es 34 to 46. Clean Sweep
Sale Price Y i:
WAISTS $3.95
This group Includes Pon
gees, Trlcolette Crepe de
Chine, Georgette, Tule Silk
and Minonette Waists and
Blouses, values up to $5.50.
Clean Sweep Sale Price
WAISTS $4.75
Remarkable values in
Georgette, Crepe de Chine
Trlcolette and Taffeta Silk
Waists, in new and pretty
designs. ' Long and short
sleeve models, round,
square, and V shape necks,
values up to $9. CO. Clean
Sweep Salev Price
Shetland Wool Knit Sweaters, various
colors and designs ; have them in all
sizes, $3.00 and $3.50 values, Clean
Sweep Sale Price i .
'vh ;$2.48
$7.50 SKATERS $4.95
Fine quality Shetland Wool Sweaters,
Brown Grey and Tans, Tuxedo style,
all sizes, special i
$4.95. -
Fine Worsted and Pleated, Silk one-piece
Bathing Suits, light and heavy weights,
all the newest styles including strap
shoulder effects. Bathing Suits, values
to $5.50, Clean Sweep Sale Price
Bathing Suits, regular values $7.50 to
$9, Clean Sweep Sale Price
Khaki Outing Togs
The ideal outfit for MissesVand Women's Outing Wear. Ours is conceded to be
the largest and most complete stock of Misses' and Women's Outing Apparel in Sa
lem. Everything needed for that trip, Suits, Coats, Dresses, Skirts, Shirts, Mid
dies, Knee Breeches, Hats, Leggings, etc., away below actual values
Khaki Suits, special f. . . . . ...... . .... $ i.73
Khaki Coats, full length . 4.SO
Khaki Short Coats, Special . . . .V. . . . 2.98
Khaki Skirts, nil sites, Special . r.7 ... . ,3.50
Khaki Drosses (one piece) Special .. .$3.05
Khaki Middies, all sizes. Special 2.50
Khaki Breeches; full cut, special 3.18
Khaki Outing Hats, Special 1.25
Voile Waists
. About 10 dozen new
, and pretty 7 waists';
some trimmed with
lace. Clean Sweop Sale
Price .
Organdie Dresses
Half dozen Organdie
and Voile Dresses;
slightly damaged.
Clean Sweep' Sale
Price 5 ,
Smocks 75c
Broken lines in smocks
and middles; values
up to $1.75. Clean
Sweep Sale Price .
Middies $1.48
New white Jean and
Galatea Wash Middies,
some with Navy or lied
collars. Clean Sweep
Sale Trice
t i-- '-''?'',. ':.-
" -. -. -v - .. . . . ( . . f . . ......
Salem's Greatest "Women's Ansarel Store
y i ...
-' r ' J, rr-' v-v JTcV VavW
at the cfflce of the ilarloa Couri-
- lieaitors' association ia tbe
Masonic temple.
a uionta ur two ago the associ
ation placed an advertisement in
tbe Iowa Hon:estead. a magazine
with large circulation in Iowa and
surrounding states. The ad called
attention to this part of the Wil
lamette valley as a farming and
fruit section, with the suggestion
that those who might be inter
ested, should write the associa
tion. As a result, inquiries are being
received every day and the office
is now busy informing farmers
of tbe Hawkcye -jta- nd others,
of the various advantages the Wil
lamette ofte!.
University of Oregph
Little Mary Pickford, Jr.. child motion picture star of the Pacific
Coast, has already climbed the ladder of success and prominence in the
motion picture world. Her first salaried part will be in Little Lord
Fauntleroy. now being filmed in Los Angeles. Mary, Jr., Is a niece of
Mary PkUford and is the adopted daughter of Mary Pickford's mother.
This prettily posed picture shows the youthful star blowing bubbles
into the air.
Who will borrow the chewing
tobacco of Chier Justin? Tafl of
thp United States supremo bench
when toe assumes the toi:a in Oc
tober? William always carries it
I Sir-
The College of Literature.
Science and the Art.
The School oi Architecture
and A!bJ Art.
The School of Business
The School of Education.
The Extenaion Division
Tbe Graduate $ch
The School oi Journalism.
The School of taw
The School of Medicine.
The School of Mui
The School of Physical
Education.! j
The School of Sociology.
Fall Term Opens September 26
A liifk tr.drd oi cultural mni efeiol cSolrKip.: f ecew
one the outtndin mrl ol tKe S UtiTty Foil qatalofw.
Mdrri on the variou ool. or lof any informatioa. wit
' 1 . : .... l - -
buyer can use them, and make the
market steady where it has in the
past year been as freakish and
fickle as a pampered baby with
the colic. Many of the high-priced
fruits of last year's pack simply
wouldn't sell because of the price;
they have had to be worried out
into the trade this' season, ped
dled and cajoled and browbeaten
into the shelves or the retailers at
ruinously low prices after every
body had lost heavily on them.
But selling on this year's Iov.-er
fruit-price schedule, and with the
freight concession which brinpc
northwestern fruits down to
where the common person can buy
them readily, tfainloads and mi let:
and hundreds of miles of fruit
cars will be going eastward after
the new rates go into effect on
August 23. Approaching one-hal!
mile of freight cars loaded with
fruit and vegetable products will
go from Salem alone, during the
week; much more than a half mile
if the four cars of King.'s dehy-
drated materials were reduced to
canned or fresh-fruit weight and
bulk. The King company will ship
four cars, which have been dehy
drated to about one-twelfth their
original weight; they'd make al
most half a mile of fresh or can
ned fruit cars from this one ship
ment.! The Producers' company
will ship eight cars or more, and
all the factories and associations
will contribute.
Salem food stuffs are selling
readily at the new-crop prices..
sitions, and announcement is made
that no women will be appointed.
Applicants must be at least five
feet five inches in height and
must weigh at least 130 pounds
with shoes or boots removed. They
must also be free of all disease
and must be residents of the state
where they take the examination.
In the rating, th'e following per
centages will be allowed: Spell
ing, 19 per jent; arithmetic, 2
per cent; letter writing, 20 per
cent; geography, 20 per cent, pen
Si&nship, 10--per cent, and copy
ing from plain copy, 20 per cent.
The age limit is from 18 to 3.
years, and when old age coidch
and one has been continuously in
iiiu tei-vice, there is an old age
Middle Westerners Are
Attracted by Advertising
People, and especially farmers
living in Iowa, are really inter
ested in Oregon as evidenced by
the number of inquiries received
For Fall
Are Now Arriving Daily. Just a Word As to Style.
Sails have three-auarter Ienjrth jackets of conservative cut, straight line
gathered-in at the waist with narrow belts and deep collars for buttoning high' at
the neck feature the new suits. Many kinds of trimming are used In which em
broidery or buttons are the most popular. Tncotines, broadcloths and velours
strong material favorites, and plain dark colors take first place. . !
Coats in Full or Three Quarter Length
Regulation or Wrappy Coats, Straight loose lines prevail. Simplicity of cut isi
ten relieved with embroidery trimming, buttons and large shawl collars. . Narrow
belts are seen on many of the new models. Set-m sleeves are favored and the pop
ular colors appear to be Navy, Brown and Reindeer.
Coats from $11.75 to $45.00
Suits from $14.75 to $49.50
GALE & CO. !
Commercial and Court Streets
Nine Carloads of Product
Already Sold by Local
Growers Concern '
The comins crop or pruncr, con
tinues to sell :it the oppnin?,'
prices. Two ino're cats have ben
disposed of. making a total of
nine cars sold by the Oregon
drowns' association i:iro the an
nouncement of prices last Thurs
day. The.e results are' very gratify
ing to the association as the
prune are goinjr at prices which
are within a half cent of the open
ing prices on California' prunes,
which have brought several cents
a pound more than the Oregon
Italian for a number of
years past.
Advertising and standardization
of tira Oregon product under the
Mistland brand are responsible in
a laree measure for the increased
price that it is bringing.
The prospect is ninch brighter
this year because every indica
tion points to a rising market in
contrast to the sharp decline
which was experienced with the
1920 crop. The opening prices
are below those of las! year, but
with a strengthening market it is
probable that the returns to the
grower will be better than those
of the-last season.
in every
Coupons Riven on all purchases
department of the store Save
lluy a big Ice Cream Sandwich for 5c.
(Grocery department)
"Kabo" Corsets, rustless stems,
sale live model
. .08c
SLrvet ume
A Continuation of One Bargain After Another
Choice Blankets Ready for You
Now is the time to look over your stocks
of bedding and prepare' for the chilly weath
er which come.-? f?o soon after the first of
September. This is "Blanket Week" here
at th( store when sorr. warm, fleecy blan
kets in plaids and solid colors await you
in wool or c lion or wool and cotton mixed,
ju:.t as you like.
N.vp finish-d. in while, giey and tan, with
colored borders. $2.T va:ue
"Harlan Heather i'l.-Md" i'.Iankets, a Nash
ua product taped edge. $1.50 value
f $2.49
A special purchase 1 .000 all wool army
blankets, heavy gray wool, full size, former
$5 values, special sale price,
All Silk Georgette
$5.00 Values on Sale
Bin assortment of fine $
ties. A complete and handsome
arfay of colors pretty embroid
ered designs, specially priced for
the occasion
$5 Silk Pongee Blouses
Sale Price
$3.50 Fine Pongee Blouses
Sale Price
Test for Mail Clerks
Will Be Given in Salem
A civil servif-e examination for
mail clerks will be held in Salem
September 17. and all who may
be inferested in goin- Into the
f-ervice of the government as mail
clerks arr- invited to write hr
poatmastrr at Salem fqr applica
tion blanks.
Ths entrance f:iy is $lf,(in a
year, with nd'! nm pen Li
tton with years of a. ryicc The
government also allows $2 a day
to all mail clerk employta as ad
ditional money , when -they aro
away from home.
Both men and women may take
the "cxa mi nation, but women' are
act layered for mail clcrl po
) .
The New Styles In
Silk Plush Goats
The smartness and youthful appear
ance and the quality combined, have
won great favor by their first appear
ance in eastern style cen tern Cape
collars and cuffs of contrasting fnr
and plush, with rich, long wearing eMt
linings, priced incomparably low--
New and correct styles that depicts fashion's
foremost, is now here for your inspection. The
lovely woman whose heart longs for the beau,
tiful will find to her contentment all the rich
and rareness of beauty in these charming fall
modes. Feather hats, with long swaying
Plumes, Plush and Beaver sailors whose orig
inality marks another step in Vanity Fair.
Specially sold at very low marginal: prices.
Come now and visit our great displays : ;
New Vail Styles in
Silk Plush Coatees
All fdlk lining, very 'attractive, with
pretty shawl collars and new novel
belts. Big value, special price
k JL v