The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, August 20, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

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1 (Brcciftl to The Statesman.)
J Madeline and Oretchen Kreamer
pvere rails; cn friends In Salem
' J tunes Carhray of Eureka. Cal..
dropped in on his brother George
-JCarbary by surprise and will re-
main here lor about 10 days.
This is the first time they ha7e
, tern each, other a r, years.
Miss-' Margerlo Iteynolda, who
has been making her friend Ger-
;trnde Snapp, who lives on route
1, north of town, a visit of about
'10, da j; "left the first or the
week for her home near Bucna
' Vera Fenton, who has been a
jxneniber in Iho United Htaten cav
lry, has returned from the east
where he has been stationed for
Several months. J
j Mrs. V. O. Parker and family1
"will leave next week for a two
weeks' vacation. They will spend
a greater part of the time with
relatives in Portland and St. Paul,
li Marvin Richardson, who re
cently was graduated from the
Journalistic department of Oregon
Agricultural college, was in town
several days this week making a
tlslt with friepds. lie formerly
laved here, but now lives In Port
land. 1 Mrs. F. O. Parker received a let
ter today from her son, Hugh
Miller, who is a wireless operator
on the steamer Frasch4n the mer
chant marine, that he1 is schednl
cid to make a long voyage, his first
stop will be Hamburg, then Nor
way and Finland.
i W. n. Huggans, who recently
eciaired the Sayles Motor Car
company, was a business visitor
at Alrlie and Salem yesterday.
! Mrs. T, D. Pomeroy and two
children of this city, and Mrs. Sue
Orttke of Hoskins, motored to Eu
cene Wednesday where they spent
the day with friends.
S There will be preaching services
at the Methodist church Sunday
ovenlng at the usual hour. Sub
ject: "The Power of a Liovable
Personality."' Rev,, F. S. Clemo,
thepastor, will preach at Huena
Tlsta Sunday morninf? and the al morning preaching services
will be dispensed with here.-
j Fred Wiltshire and wife of Cor
vnllis were calling on friends
here Wednesday. They lived here
for several years.
1 Mrs. (X A. Kreamer is visitln?
with her mother, Mrs. Rlchard
, BQn in Eujseno this week. She
" was taken there by her daughter,
Mtes Gretchen, in their sedan.
. I Joe Eaton, who before the
World war made this city his
home, but when the big Bcrap was
on in Europe enliBted as a mem
bcr'ln the a-viation department,
maklne a record for himself, is in
town this week visiting at the
Pearl and John cooper home on
First street.
1 The usual morning and evening
services will be held at the Bap-
tist church Sunday. The morning j
subject will be "The True Church"
and the evening subject "The Re-
V -
I w " "
markahle Conversion of a Bus!- j
nes3 Man.' Uecause of the sick
ness of Rev. Mr. Waehite, who
was to conduct the Bible con
ference, it was decided to post
pone the conference until Octo
ber. I!r. Waehite became sick
at San Francisco and had to give
up his trip north for the present.
He will be here in October.
T. J. Alsii and wife who live in
the vicinity of Monmouth heights.
attended a meeting of the Oregon
Growers' association in Salem on
Will u:id Clem Fishback and
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Douglas of
Salem spent Sunday with fhe for
mer's brother, Pearl Fishback,
who lives near Monmouth heights.
Mrs. Itlttner pi Pedeo spent
Sunday with her sister, Mrs. A.
Z. Tedrow, near the Elkins neigh
borhood. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Harman
r.nd C. W. Price received shucks
during the electrical storm wheil
lightning strnr-: in three differ
ent places in Mr. Harman's grain
Mrs. A. Sejinour of Centralia.
Wash., was here last Friday and
Saturday visiting friends and
looking after her household goods
at her bom in the vicinity of El-
truders broko into her honse and
stole a number of articles and in
their search for money scattered
what thev did not want over the
j rooms. She is contemplating liv
ing in a tent house wiiicn sne win
erect, on the school grounds dur
ing the school year.
Mrs. Jack Eakm and son of
Dallas visited today with her Bis
ter in thi3 city.
Al Whitney and wife will con
duct the restaurant and butcher
shop on the Wigan-Richardson
hop ranch during the irop picking
season. Hop picking will start
Thomas Hart and wife will look
after the hop pickers on the Ruph
ranch and supply them wiro. their
Hugh Hanna and family, wno
have been spending about 10
c'ayB at Cascadia, arrived home to
day. Mr. Hanna Is one or. the
big hop growers in this section.
He expects to begin picking about
the first of the month.
Mrs. Sherman 3. Hayes, who
has been spending a month or six
weeks with her son and his wife
at Tacoma, arrived home Thursday.
Dr. F. G. Hewitt is driving a
fine Ookland coupe, purchased of
Vlck Brothers in Salem yester
day. Airs. Jason Uyers of West Sa
lem is visiting her son and other
relatives here this week,
Mrs. Fatima Baldwin and her
daughter, Gaynell of Portland
were over Sunday visitors it me
; f-'i: -y "uc?
; t-lrl ' .
't-tr lbl. . Al W T V
f s. . , . 'till
1 y I .4 ' w n I ; a n 5 s
; i I ' ii.Wl IT. - '1 '1 :i A i A.fl
W'HM'i - - ni 8 J
1 f .
1 ' '
' li " 3
b?vc purchased ths grocery etock
of the Farmer's Cash store which
t. longed tot. Burton Durban be
fore he wnw bankrupt. The
i t. r? i? heing put in order for the
CAMJ LF.WIS, Wnsh.. AtJg. 1. j
Uecriits aro asklngrf garding
bean, storied
i-'.-t-d to fiiij tue gooa in a i ,n me paM..- .jhw ' --,-
.... . . rMnri 1 1- iiLlnwn rtr, I14VA IWHn ill
them. j encamptnent here Ibis sumiucr r-
lUnt-on vill have f hargcl thpy lim uui una WaM
cf the ftor.- on opening cliy. , . u
Pboto by Underwood A Underwood.
Full military and religious honors were accorded Marquis Naobiro Nabeshima, warrior, diplomat and member of the House of Peers of
Japan, who died recently in Tokid. The picture shows a Buddhist funeral car being carried on the shoulders of professional mourn arm, won
5v jtgh oflSclala of the army and navy are forming a guard of honor.
heme of Mrs. Lucinda Baldwin or. !
Second and C streets. Miss Bald-!
win is a musician of considerable j
ability and on Sunday afternoon ;
rendered a number r,i selections 1
.on her violin, being accompanied i
by Miss, Mabel Johnson ol Mon-
mou;h. ;
5da Bertholtzer is ill at her :
Mrs. Job McLoid was called toi
Surer the first ot'the week by ;
the serious illness of h r nephew.
Carl Iarson. He was taken
the Albany hospital- where an;
operation was pertoimed Wednes-j
day for acute appendicitis. The
young man is a former graduate
of . the high school here. Mrs. j
McLoid rt-iurned home after hav- j
SILVEKTON, Ore.. Aug. 19.
(Special to The Statesmun)
Mrs. Eva Booth has srtld h?r prop
erty on First street to Mrs. aMry
Freeman. The deal was marie-'
thnjtieh the Hasmer asenry.
Mr. and Mrs. T. i'reston were
t i business callers at Fulem Tuuro-
A baby son was born to Mr. anj
Mrs. A. B. Meyers Wednesday
Attorney Cusiter E. Ross ha?
gone to St. Louis, Mo., on a busi-
a 'f''mmti mum
m "'.i1r1IIitl,Iu? Jjfcwm
ing accuranca from the attending i nos
physician that" her nephew would
;ret along well.
' M. J. Prather and wife, after a
sojourn at Crater lake for several
weeks, returned home the first
cf the week, and after a day or
f.o locking after a number of de
tails that needed immediate at
tention, left again for Tillamook
and other coast' cities to complete
their vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin, Bernic-o
and Howard Baldwin and Miss
Iela MeCann'of liarrisburg at
tended services at the li hall
church last Sunday ne;r Bucna
trip. He will also go to
Washington, D. C. and to Bloom
ing Grove, O., before he return?
to Silverton. He expevts to re
turn to SHverton about Au
gust 27.
O Jergenson, a Decorah, la.,
bapker who has been visiting Sil
verton relatives for some time,
has returned to his home. While
here Mr. Jergenson made the re
mark that in none of the states
I through which he had traveled dkl
their Lid being ?3,54'.16.
j The next olwest bid w:ts by Ward
Maya r. This was ?::,765.
j Thp l-pctiiip plant contract was
j awarded to tho Lebanon Plumb
ing Heating company, i he bid
was fS.TllO.
Tlie Contract for the building of
the Central Howell school war
liven to William Jones of Silver
William Zosel and Cooley of the
Siherton Woolen Mill store have
purchased the interest of It. Axley
of the Club Pool parlors.
Mr. and Mrc. Wilfred Loomia
went to Portland today to enjoy a
few days vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Haaland have
returned from a two weeks camp
ing trip at Newport.
r Mr. and Mrs. E. Johnson. Miss
Sylvia Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. M.
PL Solberg and Miss Hilda Solberg
have returned from itockaway.
Mrs. M. 'Van Valkenburg went
to Portland today to visit her hus
band. Attorney M. J. anValken
burg, who is at St. Vincent hos-
At Chicago
New ,York .
W. ollins,
c'jon and
Hodge and Schalk.
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Rush Thormahlen, Karr and
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and Bassler.
Second Game
RoKton 0 4 2
Detroit 10 1J. . 1
Myers and Rucl, Walters; Colo
and Woodall.
At St. Louis R. H- E.
Washington 6 14 2
St. Louis 2 11 3
Zachary, Acosta and Gharrity;
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Lack of Houses at Silverton
Deplorable, Says Real
Estate Man
the crops look as cood as in the
Willamette valley. Mr. Jergenson i pilal. Mr. Van Valkenhur
ali o said that taxes were no high- j re ived a broken leg some time apo
er in Oregon than in Iowa or while on a motor trip to Portland.
Minnesota. : !ln i- reported as doing well. How-
The contract for the huildinr , ever, it will be some time yet he
for the heating plant of th new i fore he can be removed to hih
school was given tr Anderson &: ' home at Silverton.
SILVEItTON", Or.. Aug. 1!.
(Special lo The Statesman ) J.
E. Hosmer of the Ilosmer lieal
Estate agency, has completed the
erection of a beautiful little cot
tage on his South Water street
property. The houso contains,
besides the bath room, four rooms
a living room, a dining room.
Dutch kitchen and one bedroom.
There is also a large basement,
which contains the laundry and
wood. The kitchen and hath
rootoi are finished in white enam
el. The remainder of the rooms
are done in old ivory, with cor
responding light fixtures.
French doors open rroni the
living room to a spacious veranda, j
A feature of the living room is :
the large' br'ck fireplace whlcn I
was built by Mr. Wolfe of Salem, j
v ho Ih now doing the brick work j
on tne new o: tne trtee!
h:;r.'.mrr drug store. Glass rlccr
knobs are featured
Mr. llo.-iiner says the lioiii" w?s
rented to Mr. and Mrs. liholin
f'coley before the rafters were
vp. He went cm to say that the
!a"k of houses at Silverton is de
plorable. Every day, Mr. Hos
mer s3itl. the Hosmer agency ha"
calls for fropi 10 to 1T houses in
lown which cannot be supplied.
At present nearly every house at
Silverton is occupied.
V.'h tloek of Silverton was recent
ly nnov.need.
The guests present at the fhow
er ,. re. Aliss Mi?h, tt.oy
"'hiiiock. Al iss Lois Zimmcrmap,
Miss Faye Allen. Miss I-etha .'av-iii!-r,
y 'as Hertha Merley, -Miss
!.'s Ames. Mrs. Ouy Sanders,
MrJ. Le-ter Whitiock, Al-p..Sar.i
Anus,. Mrs. L. Whitiock. .Mrs.
lohii Whitiock. Mrs. Wi",l llerig
statl. Mrs. A. llerigatad. Mr. ami
Mrs. C. 1. i'.arr, Mr. and Mrs. I'.
At Brooklyn K. H. K.
St. lx)uis 0 17 0
Brooklyn 4 13 4
I'i'efter and Ainsmith; Miljui;,
S. Smith, Sch u pp and Kieuger.
At New York it. II. E.
Cincinnati 3 12 0
New York 8 12 0
Kixey, Donohue and Wingo,
Hargrave; Barnes and Snyder.
At Philadelphia It. II. E.
First Game
Pittsburgh . 14, 20 0
Philadelphia - 11 2
Morrison and Brottem; Mea
dows, Bctt8 and Bruggy.
Second Game
Pittsburgh 1 7 0
Philadelphia .' 4 12 0
Zinn and Schmidt; Hnbbfll ami
brings to you ite recorded mane of th world wilh
overwhelming advantages different snd belter.
1 H.i-iHi l ...... r
McGinnis-Allen Marriage
Takes Place in Salem
Salem Girl Honored
At Silverton Shower
SiLVKIlTON", Or.. An?. 19
(Special to The Statesman 1
Miss Alene High of Sal?m wa3
honored at a miscellaneous showr
ed Wednesdav evening at the
hme of Mr. and Mr?. J. P. . m
merman, north of Silverton.
Miss High'- engagement to Ky
j (Special to The Statesman) L.
i Clay Alien and Miss Sylvia E. Mc-
Ginnis were quietly married at the
parsonage af the Congregational
church 'at. Salem Wednesday. They
vere attended by Mr. and Airs.
Floyd Allen. Immediately after
the ceremony Mr. nu Mrs. Alien
left for Seaside. On their return
to Silverton Mr. Allen will build
a home on Fine street.
The wedding was a surprise to
Silverton friends.
Durdall Stock Bought
At Silverton Location
(Special to The Statenun)
.. Tasker of the old Bcntson
ft ore and Mr. Neushim of Salem
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Basement of Masonic Bldg.
State .
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' "" JTf rir. TKfX -... 'f-.t -WS
Moscow baa become. terror stricken vith the news that thousands 'V U?m-fKl PSS5.?9S
Tea mUlloa peasants are dying from starvation, according to reports
women that havq beca forced to .labor under the -Soviet ruje la Bus?u
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