The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 31, 1921, Page 11, Image 11

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Mrs. Matfe Flint Is visiting
relatives in Seattle. Her stay will
brt of indefinite length; :;
' " -Mrs.
Geor"ge Gerlloger of Dal
las -was hostess on Thursday at a
lunebeoa party entertaining four
Salem woman, who motored oer,
returning the same evening. The
ladies who went were !. Clif
ford Brown, Mrs. William Burg
hardf. Jr., Mrs. Willam Lord and
Miss Elisabeth Lord. ,v ,
a . - - '". .
Mrs. F.'ltr Leonard of Hoaqufm,
Wash. a former resident of Sa
lem; ia the gnest' pT Mrs. J. J.
Nana. .Mrs.-Kuan has been much
feted during her two weeks visits
her. Bhe will be here for a few
days more. . ; :
, . - .s
: Tlie' employes of the Ladd and'
Bush bahlc, with' their : families,
enjoyed a picnic party on Tuesday
at 8ponga landing. A picnic din
ner followed by sports - passed
the evening. Early in the after
noon a group of women motored
Out,! and spent the afternoon pre
paring for the evening festivities,
and la playing bridge! Mrs. Harry
Wtfnderoth. Mrs. William Walton.
Mia Flo Bushnell and Mrs. Claire
Vlbbert were Included among the
party. , v :;t
,-. v ,
t Dr. and Mre. C it, Robertson
and Mr. and Mr. Thomas B. Kay
left Saturday: for Neskowln, to
spend the week-end.
' j ,v ;f A
James Young-and Carl GabrleL
son left Friday Jay' motor for Can
non Beach, where they will be the
guests over the week-end of Mr.
and Mrs. Oswald West.
.. .
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Needham re
turned home from- a two .weeks
vacation spent at Breightenbush
hot springs, Friday evening and
report, a most enjoyable time.
They- made some good catches of
brook' trouti'and thoroughly en-
Joyed their outing : near the base
f old Mt. Jefferson. ;
" t ' - '
Miss Vets Ausman of Portland,
Is spending Jb weer-etidln , Sa
dism i as' the guest of her "cousin":
"Miss Gertrude Hartman. . - . ,
: a -a , - Jy-'--:-
' - Mr. and Mrs. M. JL Redman of
Chicago, left for their home Wed
nesday after a weerr usir at the
noma oi jnr. ana irs. j.. iju ssiur
kin, I J.175 Ifood street they rls
Ited several of the large hoi yards
near Salem and other places , of
interest. They were very much
pieasea witn tae winamette vai
: ley. ,.v;.- w-'--'!V''
Mrs. Frederick1. Brock wIH en
. tertaln on Monday afternoon With
a Kensington, and six tables of
bridge In honor of Mrs.' H. K
Gillon and Miss.Ros&le Gil Ion of
Duluth. Minn., who ate visiting
guests at the' home of Mr.: and
Mrs.; Robert J. Gillon. Miss Gil
lon is a talented vocalist and
. 'graduate of the Moody Institute
, or Chicago. - - v ;
- On Thursday evening at 7:30
.o'clock occuiTed the marriage ot
'Miss Harsl Bradshaw, of 'BryanT,
-S. D., to Byron D. Wells, of 8
Jem. The ceremony was .per
formed in the presence of rela
tlven- SYid friends.5 by Rev. H. C.
Stove V pastor ; the Ventral
Conire&atiOTia! cburta; The- bride
was dressed in a. navy bhie. trico
tlne uit and wore, a white -georgette
hat and: carrfed a large bou
quet of sweet " peas "' and' fern
leaves. Tha bride recently ar
rived from South Dakota anl is
a' stranger ia our midst, while the
groom is very well and favorably
knovn. They will maktt,; their
home in Salem." "
- Mr. and Mrs. JCL Crlmley and
family of Seattle are guests at the
home of Mrs. Crimlcy's sister.
Mrs, J. H. Cradlebaugh.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hoffiiell
left for the Coast this week end.
They will visit Astoria and Sea
side and return by way of Tillal
mook. They wll be away about a
- Mis Prances Richards, dean ot
women at the Willamette univer
sity, who submitted to an opera
tion at the Salem hospital last
week, ia reported as recovering
Professor E. C. Richards, pro-fesr-or
of English at Willamette
university, has returned from a
stay of five weeks at Berkeley,
Cal. Profesor Richards is now en
joying -a visit from his sister. Miss
Mary Richards whose home Is in
&ou City, la.: Miss Richards has
been hare since June and will re
main the rest of the simmer.
Professor Robert ' -Gatke's par
ents recently h)6ved here and have
purchased a house at the corner
of Twelfth and State streets and
ara remodeling the house, which
wll have. 11500 to $2000 in Im
provements put on it.
While Mrs. George H. Alden
was visiting her husband in Eu
gene recently, she and the dean
had the pleasure of seeing Miss
Dorrls Sykes, who expressed her
self as being lonely for Salem and
The Statesman office again.
Dr. and Mrs. B. I Steevea. Miss
Muriel Steevea -. and . Paul Morse
returned Friday from a sojourn
df'two'weeks at their 'delightful
cummer home at Seaside. They
entertained' also while there Miss
Helen, Hunt and Miss , Pauline
Remington of Salem.
Aboui 15 friends of . Mr. and
Mrs. John Btter gathered at their
farm south of Salem one evening
lastweek, and spent a delightful
S0CJ4I time with them."0" Games
and music were enjoyed, followed
by a, welner'. roast. . , . " i
Mrs. Jessie . Marion Sharv,
daughter of Mrs. N. E. Gunnell,
left for bar home In Denver Fri
day' morning. She" has been vis
iting her mother and sister in Sa
tern the past three weeks durlns
which time she has been the In
spiration for many informal parties-
aad motor trips. , i
Tuesday evtning a- number ot
couptes en joy e a aancing, in ine
studio Wednesday evening. Mrs.
F. L. Stockton and her daughter
acted a hostess for the line par
ty at th Chautauqua, followed, -by
a delicious supper served,; at their
home. Thursday evening Dr. and
enteriainment w. r picnic - supper,
andr three' automobile loads drove
to a., location - among the coot
shsrt trs overlooking th'cty.
Mrs. Shaw together with h--r
brother. Dr. Jay J. Gunnell have
the Shaw Dental Infirmary locat
ed1 in Denver. Colo. V i
4. v.) v-'
3rs. Virginia McVay Wilkinson
of Long Beachv CaL, la a' guest at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. II.
Lindsay of Center street. Mrs.
Wilkinson Is an aunt ot Mr. Lind
say and formerly resided at Sid.
ney, O., bat recently has been liv
ing with her mother, Mrs. Bruse
Holcomb of Long Beach.
Mrs. Ben W. Olcott and sons.
Mrs. O. D. Hutton and Mr. and
Mrs. IL W. Olcott of St. Peter-,
burg, Fla.. left Friday for fuit
land. en route to Cannon Heacn
where they will spend the remaft
der of tha summer.
Miss Esther Anderson of Brem
erton, Wash., is the guest ot her
aunt, Mrs. Walter Fisher, who
uvea at Hollywood. She wll be
here for ah indefinite : visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Raum
sartner and Miss Josephine
Baumbartner left Friday for Bay
Ocean for a week's outing. Join
ing MLss Lenta Baumgartaer
Miss Frances and Miss Mildred
Post, who have been visiting: in
Salem for several. weeks, as guests
ot their Bister. Mrs. J. R. Detee.
left Thursday to return to their
noma in Tacoma, Wash. They ac
companied Mr. and Mrs. Carl
wiedman and Mrs. A. P. Broes
oule, also of Tacoma, who have
been'on a. motor' trip through Ore
gon. .
Mr. and Mrs. S. McEInea and
Mrs. Delia Hamilton of Everett,
Wash., leave soon for the Tilla
mook beaches where they will
spend a two week's outing. Mrs
Hamilton is a sister ot Mrs. Mc
EInea and plans to return to Sa
lem for a longer visit after their
stay at the coast., .
Attorney f Frank A," Turner, ac
companied by his daughter, Mi3
Joy Turner, the musician, will
Jop .Turner, leave in the near fu
ture on a trip to Alaska.
They will i motor to, Seattle
where they wUl visit their son and
brother, Rex A. Turner and wife,
for ' a few days, who formerly
lived In Salem, from which place
they, wlU sail On the steamer Ala
meda for Sitfea, Skagway. Juneau
and-the final stop will be at An
chorage, -'the place where the' re
cently discovered, gold mines are
located. I ; '
The ocean voyage will occupy
about three weeks, and they will
probably be away from Salem in
all about four weeks.'
, Misa BeryV Holt has as her
guests this week Mr. and Mrs. N.
A. Winters, (Mrs. Winters .was
formerly Helen WaspelU who
were married on July 29 at San
Jose, Cal., at the home of Mrs.
Winters' parents. Mrs. Winters
is' a 1916 graduate of Willamette
university and formerly lived in
been in. Vancouver.
The young ?Reaame.
couple expecf to make their home
ley. They motored from Saa
somewhere in the Willamette val
ley. They motored from San
Jose. i
From there they will go
Mrs: Oa.Vn jobst planned" for bar Portland. Mr. Winters' home has
' ' '
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Mr. and Mrs. Frank navey left
for Saa Francisco Friday morn
ing. Mr. Davfy is a delegate to
the national convention of the
Knights of Colurabur which meets
there on August 1, 3 and 4. They
will also visit relatives and friends
there, and will go from there to
L,os Angeles and then ta Mon
Roria to visit Mr. Davey's only
brother. P. N. Davey. They ex
pect to be gone about thre
weeks. '
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Davey
were leaving Saturday by motor
for Portland where they will
meet Mr. Davey's sister and brother-in-law.
Mr. and Mrs'. Edward
Domogalla. The two couples will
form a camping and motor party'
to Baker, in eastern Oregon,
where they will visit another sis-'
ter of Mr. Davey and Mrs. Domo
galla. Mrs. Clifford Bowen (for
merly Miss Merle Davey) who Is
well knows here. They anticipate
a very pleasant trip.
The Girl's Reserve of the junior
high school, held a four-day camp
ing party, at the Weeks' camp:n
place about two miles north of
town, under the direction o' Misj
Eva Scott, secretarr of th,e- Y
W. C. A., assisted by Miss Joseph
ine Brown. All the usual camp
ing fun was enjoyed, the glrli
having marshmallow toasts, an1
swimming to pass the long, de
lightful summer days". The
young women present were: Mary
Cupper, Nellie Tibbets. Pauline
Knowland. - Mary Erlckson. Mil
dred Gilbert. Nafda Caldwell
Knth Ruckner. Violet Purdy.
Pearl Kapphabn. MUdred Pugn,
Josephine Brown, and Eva L.
j Jaiss cva Anaerson, a. sumuin
School student of O. A. C . who is
a member ot the Alpha Rbo sor
ority, is spending the week-end
as the house guest ot Miss Vivian
Marsters, her sorority sister.
Mr.n Mrs. Carl Miller Jave
gone to Newport for a two weeks
vacation. V
The Fritmds Christian Endeav
or convention to held at New
port next week will be attended
by the following people:
Rev. and Mrs. Nathan Schwab,
Hazel Keeler, Charles Towaaenci
and daughter Sophia, Donald Ed
mundson, Ruth Coppock and Wii
Uam Wright.
The Christian Endeavor socie
ty of the Bungalow churcht on
Court street; held , a meeting at
the home of Hasel LOng on South
25th street' on Friday evening
After the business meeting atsd
the short program the yOung peo
ple built a bonfire, toasted bacon
and marshwallowis and enjoyed a
social hour. . The chaperons were,
Mrs. E. L- Long and Mrs. Minnie
Baker. i
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Macy
and children, Isabel, Doris and
William of Pendleton, art spend
ing 10 days vacation here, with
Mr. Macy's parents, Mr. and Mrs
J., Macy, at the home of B. W.
Macy. the attorney, a brother of
Frank J. Macy.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Patton and
daughter Luella, , arrived home
from California Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Patton. left here in
May. but Miss Luella did not go
until the first of July.
' '
Th Trl L Business girls .club
will hold a picnic party at
Sponga landing Monday evening.
They will meet at the Y. W. C. A.
at 6 o'clock.
Mrs. Bert Hewitt and son Hu
bert of Seattle, Wash., are visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. Chase. They will be here
about a month.
Rev. Blaine E. Kirkpatrlck and
family are spending the week at
jeierson. auenaiug iub -
league institute held at that place
this week. - '
, .
Miss Elena Clancey of Tacoma.
Wash., sister ot C. B. Clancy, was
a visitor at the home of h'er broth
er this week, stooping on her trip
to San Diego. Miss Clancy will
again be the guest of her brother
when she returns from San Diego.
Mrs. W. D. Clark and two chil
dren returned to Salem on Satur
day after spending a week in
Portland as guests of Mr. and
Mrs. D. D. Clarke.
A birthday party for the local
nost and corns of O. A. R- and
W. R. C. was given on Saturday
ftMnnnn f f tha hall Tha hOBOr
guests were those whose blrtn-
days occur in May, June and July.
Refreshments were served and a
program given, v
Laurence Hofer motored to
Portland Frldly to see "Irene,
which was at the Hetllg last week.
Miss Aline Thompson motored
to Agate beach on Saturday to be
the week-end guest of Mrs. Fred
erlo DI Thlelsen,-who has opened
her cotUge there for the summer.
A birthday dinner was given on
Tuesday night honoring O. A.
Hartman. at the R. W. Hartman
home. Additional gnesU at the
occasion were Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Calrley and Mrs. H. Hart
man. ' ,
. " : . - t
Miss Gtadys Clayton ot Wenat
chee. Wash. is visiting in Salem,
the guest of her cousin Mrs
David Wright. She. Is also visit
ing with an aunt, Mrs. Ida Gar
rett., - ', i ' .' " ' ,
Mr, and Mrs.A. p. ! Thompson
on .hJiftron imm the first of the
week for Spokane whemhey will
visit for. a month v.witn . Mrs.
Thompson's 'sister, -Mrs. JL H.
to Lake Newman . where Mrs.
Reaume has a summer cottage.
Miss Ivy Haimoc of ;altm is a
Rat of MIa Gladys Hays at Cei
tage Grove for the "e-a-ena.
Mrs. George' H. Aidcn spent
Friday in Portland.
Miss Clara Courtmlre, who has
been superintendent of the Metho
dist Deaconess Training school of
PeatUe. spent the day here on aer
way from the Epworth league in
stitute at Portland. Miss Court
mlre sails for China la September
to take up - mlsisonary work.
- ,
Miss Elizabeth Putnam and her
niece, Miss Bruce Putnam, and
Miss Margaret Alden are spend
ing the week at Bay Ocean.
Miss Mav Rowland of En
is visiting bere at the homo of
Mrs. J. B. Littler and of Mrs.
(Catherine Upmeyer.
Dr. and Mrs. F. GFranklta are
Planning a trip to Crater Lake
next week. Dr. Frankjia and wife
are both members of the Mazamas
and expect to be present wnen the
latter reach the lake on the 8th
ot August.
I heard you when jrou stie dowr-.
stairs. 1 thought at tirst you i
gotten buasry or something, " and
thought nothing aboul It. . Tbeu
I heard you tak? in the morning
paper and go into the library. I
waited for Awhile, -aad decided
I'd come down and tatV a sUuli
at this news myself. .And then I
hear this wild weeping and find
you like this.
"Something's doing that I don't
know anything about, but don:
make any mistake, I'm going to
know right now."
(To be continued)
Canon Case Appealed to
State Supreme Court
Adde Garrison's New Phase of
Boon Cason. father of Wayno
Cason. Portland youth who was
killed in the Portland police sta
tion about a year ago. has ap
pealed to the supreme court a case
in which he asks 3,u0 damage.
He failed to collect damages in
the lower court In Multnomah
. The title or the case is the City
of Portland ex rel. Boon Cason.
as administrator ol the estate of
Wayne Cason. plaintiff and appel
lant, vs George U Baker, mayor
of Portland; Leon V. Jenkins,
chief of police of the city of Port
land, and others, Including the
surety company in which the offi
cials are bonded.
Young Cason was killed by the
discharge of a revolver folowlng
his arest on a minor charge. ' It
was claimed the shooting was ac
cidental, caused by the falling of
a revolver to the floor.
The long-drawn whistle of the
newspaper train brought me to
my feet, quivering t crossed hur
riedly, opened my dour with in
finite care that no one of the
family should be disturbed, and
stole downstairs to the hall, where
i nuauled uuo a high-backed chair
, one of - Dicky's treasures to
wait for the appearance of tho
paper man.
At last I heard the clump of
his feet in the driveway, counted
the ateps with feverish impatience
until they halted a little tfay
from the veranda. Then the thud
of the folded newspaper as it text
the Skillful band of the delivery
man and struck the door, told me
that my vigil was ended.
Relief of Tears.
A" . .
I waited nnti; I was sure the
man was out of. sight before un
barring the door and taking the
paper in. Then after fastening
the door. I took the paper to the
library tha most secluded room
downstairs -switched on the
light, for. the dawn outside , was
not yet strong enough for reading;-
and sat down to search fox
the thing I dreaded to find.
First page! second, third,
fourth, I went over them careful
ly, finally upon the fifth, my eyes
caught sight or an inconspicuous
headline: -
I read the brief news story fev
erishly, then turned back and
read it again, drawing1 a long
breath of relief when I had finished.
For there was nothing in the
news story save the bald tacts
which Alice HolcJmbe bad nar
rated to me. The cause of her
death was spoken of as a "mys
terious poisoning," the source ot
which was in doubt, and it was
further stated that an autopsy
was to be performed to determine
the nature of the poison, which
was evidently a quick and power
ful one.
; There was, no bint of connect
ing Kenneth Stockbridge with th
death ot h!s wlie, and no word
which could possibly lead any
one to conjecture that h:s marital
life had been anything but hap
py. I knew enough of newspapers.
to realize that if poor ililiy
Stockbridge's insane threat to fll.v
a suit for divorce, naming Alice
Holcomba and myself, had bean
published the news of it would
have connected with the atory
of her death. Nevertheless 1
carefully scanned every column
of the pape,- to assure myself be
yond all doubt that the horrlb'.e
thing was not hidden in. some ob-i
scure corner. Whn at last I hao
fearfully finished the last column)
ot the last page my overstrained;
nerves gave Way. The paper
slipped from my hands to the
floor and I buried my face in the
arm of my chair in a paroxysm of
hysterical weeping.
"Look at Me!"
I felt myThands drawn npwara.
and DickyS lace, mystified, an
xious, looked down at me.
"For the love of sanity,
Madge! he exploded, "whatever
Is the matter, with you?"
The room whirled with me.
How was I ever to explain my
emotion to my husband? I had
teen so careful to keep from him
any suspicion of the unpleasant
conditions surounding my teach
ing at Bayvlewj that I knew the
revelation ot it would not only
shock him, but anger him because
of the deceit he would justly con
sider that I had given him.
"II don't know," I stam
mered. "I guess I'm getting worn
out,' nervously. t awakened a
long while ago. and after trying
In vain to get back to sleep, I
I thought I would come down
here and read awhile." .
Tberef was a long silence. 1
did not flook at Dicky, but I felt
his gaze upon me. , ,
"Look at me" he , burst out
thickly at last. ,
I raised my eyes miserably to
his, met in them the old, angry
jealous look which I had not seen
In Dicky's eyes for many months.
That spiel wont go," he said
eoarsely. 'I happened ; to C
wakeful,'; too, 1 this morning, and
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