The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, July 29, 1921, Page 5, Image 5

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Look In right hand column on
the clasHiried page for bargains
under "Just lor Saturday." Ad.
Hydrant Under Inspection
a Inspection of all or the city hy
drants U being conducted by
Chief "Buck" Hutton of the city
fire department. The hydratt-i
are inspected semi-annually in or
der that they may be kept in f!rrt
class condition for efficiency in
case of fire.
Card of Thanks
We wish to thank our friends
and neighbors for their kindness
during the illness and death of
bur father.! Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Shalt. AdT.
Jut for Haturday V
, Heads a column of merchan
dise reduced In prke.' This ' Is
made up of sereral-different ar
ticles and flrms.-i-Adf.
Two Doth Ticked V
Two boys who gare their names
as Jefferson Boone and Thomas
Freeland. both of Everett. VVa.h..
were taken to the police station
early yesterday morning by the
night , patrol officer to explain
. their presence on the street3 at
the early morning hour. The boyj
told ofricers that they Were "just
traveling around the country,"
having gone as far south as Weed,
Cal.. and were now on their way
north. As! they were considered
too young to be tramping, they
were lent to their homes.
nAr. .".moo i
f Douglas' MacLean
"One a Minute"
Fox News
Hartm&n's Glasses
Easier and Better
Wear them and ee
hOM 1255 Balem, Oregon
j batata al 16s H y. Oommrrtil timt
my, BMdlM sa4 AmarW It
H (w !, Im ciua sa4 attakailJ
3 5: Jjl'LazS:-
tegular $45.00 Thor Vacuum
v" (j Cleaner, Our Price
Ml $25 ; :
4 Ivtvopnin utrinm A
Court St.
rhone' 488
Salt Cleaned . . .i. .$ 150
Batta Pressed r
Salem Cleaners & Dyers
XlU 8. Coml 8L FHona 1818
wu --I.. Wutlif ftrimr rim
j ! 43S Orca Bufldlnf
Phone 17 CS
' K x .;
i iiniL tU all ell
1 buying your hardware and
furniture at me uapiiai nara--wtre
& Furniture Co., 285 N.
Commercial street, r none
We pay 2c abore the
market orice for ti
Home Builders
I Take Notice
We can save you money on
jour Plambtng Suppllei; It
will pay you to coma and
see us about price. ' W al
ways b4Ta a iripplx of all
ainda, , i , .
Tests, all sizes, prices
j low '
Bargain House
We boy and sell everything
Paona HI, v
, -'; ?1I ChemekeU PV'
Hill Military Academy
Portland, Or., is the only pri
vate military academy in the
northwest. Adv.
One Accident Iteirtel
Th3 only accident , reported to
the police yesterday was a colhp
ion between cars belonging to H.
Fl. Stanton. and Ray L. Stifflcr.
Stanton is said to have been going
east on Marion street and Stifflcr
to have been driving south on
Capitol when the two collided at
the intersection. The Stifflcr tar
hit the rear left wheel of the
Stanton car, breaking out two
spokes. The frame of the Stifflcr
car was bent.
A Classified Ad-
Will bring you a buyer.
Notice Is hereby given to tho
policy holders of the Mutual Life
Insurance company of New York
and the public that J. F. Hutcha
son of Salem, Or;, is no longer
the agent for said company. Any
and all moneys due said company
should be remitted directly to
Alma D. Katz. manager for said
company, Portland, Or. Mutual
Life Insurance Company of New.
York, by Alma D. Katz, manager,
Portland, Oregon. Adv.
I. 1-tii Vial to
Miss Florence Reardsley, who
last vear was DrinciDal of thn Sa
lem Heights pchool, wai a Salem
visitor from orvallis Thursday.
Legal Blanks
Get them at The Statesman of
fice. Catolog on application.
A Oreat Clearance Sale
Of millinery and dresses, the
smart styles which have been the
best selling of the season, now
offered at cost and below, to make
room for remodeling and for fall
merchandise. The French Shop,
Masonic Temple. High St. Adv.
Chicken Dinner Every Sunday
Tables and k counters. Jack's
Cafe, 163 S. Commercial St Adv
The funeral service 6f Albert
n. Maeers. who died vesterdar In
Dallas as the result of injuries
received when a truck he waal
driving was struck by a freight
train, will be held tomorrow at .2
o'clock from the Rlgdon chapel,
the Elka lodge being in charge of
the service. Interment will take
place In City View cemetery.
Funeral services for Wayne C.
jJackaofty killed la action at Chat
eau Thierry, France, will taae
place Sunday. July 31, from Rig
don's, under the auspices of Cap
ital nost No. 9. American legion,
Rer., Lee ; of f iciating. ; Interment
In City View, cemetery, ' The body
arrived in Salem yesterday af
ternoon:;! .-u't ',,(. 'V;
f V; M r W
Tha fnnpraJ services' nf the late
Albert G. MAger?; Dallae, and fori
merlv of this city -will be neia
from the Rigdon chapel Salem.,
Friday, July 29, at 2 p. m. No.
336 U. P.-O. E. will have enarge.
Burial will bo at City View ceme
tery. Adv.' ' - : i
Leadings Morticians
Webb '& Clougb
Funeral Directon
Weatherly Ice Cream
Bulk 30c pint; Brick S3c pint
1090 Center St., corner 12 ta
Do yon take .
It not, why not?
Nd other batha or treatmanta
can produce the permanent re
lief to ' the person suffering
from dlitgreeable cold or ail
ments of the flesh or body like
the Turklan Baths will.
Open 8 a. m. until p. sl
Lady and Oentlemen attend
ants Do not confnse ISH KA
DIBBLE cleaning with any
other method of carpet
cleaning. There Is no other
method of cleaning that
does the work aa good or as
thoroughly as ISH KA BIB
4ng is done by hand, and not
by a machine. . Being done
by hand and done by an ex
pert cleaner it. eliminates
the guess work or imper
fection of any machine.
Ish Ka Bibble
Cleaning Co.
Ira Mercer, Mgr.
420 Ferry St Phono 1177
Baled Clover
Eight bales of clover were tak
en from the Charles Mumpers
farm north of Salem Tuesday
night. Complaint of the theft has
been filed with Sheriff Oscar
Bower but no trace of the last
clover has been reported up to the
present time.
The French Shop
Remodeling sale, disregarding
cost we have taken one-half and
more than half off on every price.
Here is a real opportunity to get
style, quality and value in mil
linery and dresses and all our
summer merchandise is included.
The Masonic Temple, High St.
Quayle Visits Son
tjeorpe Quayle of Portland, ex
ecutive secretary of the state
chamber of commerce, was a Sa
lem visitor Thursday on publicity
business. H's son, Wayne Quayle,
is a resident of Salem, engaged in
battery and electrical repairs on
North Commercial street.
Save Money
By looking at the bargains in
column "Just for Saturday,"
please tell these merchants that
you saw the ad in The Statesman
under "Just for Saturday." Adv.
Hot a Han Lunch Today
Walter Jenkins, Portland sing
er, who is to 1m? one of the Clta
tauqua progTam today, will be an
honor guest of the Salem Rotary
club at a luncheon at the Marion
hotel at 12 o clock noon. All Ro
tarians who are able to avail
themselves of the opportunity are
expected to be present.
Alabama iuct Here
Guests for the week at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Lew
Is are Mrs. W. K. Andrew and
children of Haleyville, Ala.
Notice to Irrigatoi
Irrigators on flat rate will
please observe the following rules,
All houses having even numbers
are limited to irrigate on Monday,
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday;
odd numbers n Tuesday, Thurs
day, Saturday and Sunday. Hours
for Irrigating, 6 to 8 a. m., 5 to
9 p. m. Salem Water, Light &
Power company. Adv.
Xoran Improves Residence
John Noran, foreman of the
state asylum farm has finished
paintings and improvements cn
his residence on the Garden road.
On Buying Trip
Special Pay
In right hand column on the
classified page you will find un
der the heading "Just for Satur
day" several firms that are of
fering articles at a very low price.
Mrs. Esther Solof, of the Peo
ples Cash stores left Tuesday for
Seattle, Tacoma and other Puget
sound points where she will in
vestigate market conditions with
a view to making, purchases tor
the Salem business ; firm she tep
resents. ' ln ,
Full Line IngersoU' Watdhcs
Tyler's; Drug Store.Adv.
John Hyatt. Silverton banker,
transacted business at the Marlon
county court house Thursday.
Attorney Virgil Massey of Stay
ton, was a Salem visitor yester
day. : -4
MARION Guests registered
from Portland were: C. E. In in,
G. A. Bye, George N. Cosmus, W.
S. Baker, Mary E. Raker, William
R. Hughes, G. W. Johanpon, Ruth
P. Adams, F. A. Ford, George A.
Cable, E. L. Melton, J. T. Green
and wife, E. J. Condon, Ray E.
Wenger, Tom Gorman. J. M.
nrugn, and wife, C M. Milan,
Harvey Jones, Thomas Lynch a:.d
wife, Cleo Montye, J. T. Wallace,
H. D. Olsen, William Cavanagh.
Others registered last night were
J. S. Williams and family, San
Jose; C. W. Wiedr, Albany; W.
H. Campbell and wife. Tillamoot;
W. IL Wllborn, San Jose: II. T.
Engraved Cards
Wedding Invitations and Visiting
Prompt, Satisfactory Service
163 North Commercial
ONE! of the greatest Joya
In this Hie comes to a
man through his ability to
read. When It becomes ne
cessary to strain your eyes
to take in what is on the
printed page it becomes Just
as necessary that you con
sult an authority on op
tometry. Have us build tor
you a pair of glasses that
will give your vision the
proper accommodation.
Mil!lfd:UiH i HI
PO YOU 'l Vv
I enjoy yiSPi
Wald, Seattle; J. Dutton and wife,
Iseattle; C. A. Danatiul. Chicigo;
C. F. Hensel, San Francisco; v.
A. Ferguson, Vernor. B. C; Mr?.
L. P. Junk. Seattle; E. A. Clack
more, St. Louis; A. J. Mercier, S
P. Comapny; H. O. Her?1or. S. '.
Co.; R. W. Lead, San Francises:
J. J. Reibel. Chicago; .M. R. Eak
ins and famUy: Peter Smai!
John Gayskl, Henry Kryroricn.
Thomas Gorup, John Plese. James
Peruslck. all with the Elliscc
White Chautauqua.
BLIGH E. L. McKinley, G. E.
Winterileatham. G." M. i?ullard.
G. R. Broe, J. J. Robinson. V.
H. Opdemyer. Jr.. A. G. Reach,
Charles F. Eennett, Delia Mullin.
M. W. Armstrong. H. I). Olson,
A. I. Piaison, C. F. Miller, A. J.
Wheaton, all of Portland. David
Walkiem, San Francisco; R. VV.
Taylor, ScottsMuff. Neb.; Mrs. M
Muth. Centra! Point: R. F- lh
am and vlfe. Seattle: C. L
Stamy, Pendleton; M. B. Wood
ruff. Los Angles; H. Gooslitig.
San Francisro: J. M- Moore. Stay
ton; C. A. Barnes, Goldndale; A.
Wiedemon, Scotts Mills; T. O.
Leary. Seattle.
Claude Clayton Sharpe Suc
ceeds in Having Transfer
From Clackamas
Alleging that his wife had filed
her divorce complaint in the
wrong county, Claude Clayton
Sharpe has' succeeded-In having
the suit transferred from Clacka
mas county to Marion, upon ordc
of Circuit Judge J. M. Campbell.
Sharpe, as defendant in the suit
filed affidavits to the effect that
defendant, plaintiff and the main
witness involved in the action
were residents of Marion county.
In allegations embodied in her
complaint. Goldie May Sharpe as
serts that herself and husband
vere married in Salem on April
7, 1917. and that he went to work
in the shipyards at St. Johns dur
ing the war period. There are
two children, a son 3 years old
and an infant daughter of about
18 months.
The wife's complaint holds that
f;he husband possesses a "dan
perous and usly temper," and
that upon several occasions
Sharpe cursed and struck her and
that at other times he failed to
provide a comfortable 'home for
herself and children.
In a signed affidavit Sharpe
refutes his wife's assertion; that
their "mountain .home five miles
south of Salem was a veritable
hell." asserting that at all times
their home was attractive and
supplied with the necessities of
life. "; i . :!
BAJfi) concert;
t Popular numbeiswill agaia.bj4
tfi feature of tonight's band coiwJ
cert inWillson park. Mrs. Wi W
Priink will be the soloist. v'
The program announced by Di
rector Oscar Steelhammer yester
day follows:
March, "National Emblem". . ..
Bagley '
Overture, "The Golden Scepter"
"Wedding of the Wind'?(by re- !
. quest) Hall
Popular numbers
Vocal solo
Mrs. V. 11 Prunk.
Overture, "Jolly Robbers". .Suppe
"La Roge de Castello". . .Rciter
Overture, "Life a Dream"....
March. "Hostrausers' . ..Chambers
"Star Spangled Banner"
Contracts With Teachers
Are Covered in Opinion
I. H. VanWinkle, attorney gen
eral, in an opinion yesterday, held
that, when a vacancy is declared
in the office of a school director,
the remaining directors have au
thority to enter into valid con
tracts with teachers. Also that the
board, after the election of two
new members, has no authority to
invalidate such contracts.
The attorney general held that
the board is a continuing body and
in contemplation of law is always
the came board although its per
sonnel may change from, time to
time. Hence, it is bound by prev
ious contracts.
Move on Foot to flecall
Circuit Judge J. A. Eakin
Sam A. Kozer, secretary of
state, yesterday advised J. L. Fin
ney, secretary of the Columbia
River Fisherman's league, that it
would be necessary to obtain the
signatures of 1464 of the qualified
voters of the 20th Judicial district
before recall proceedings could be
instituted against the circuit Judge
Mr. Finney's letter to the secre
tary of state was 6aid to be the
first public information that a
move was on foot to recall Judee
lames A. Eakin, according to Mr.
Kozer. s
Reported by Union Abstract
Albert and Katherine Basrh
kewskr to John J. Red well. 13.H
acres Eli Cooley die. 5-lw, $6500.
J. J. Kramer to George Grlmps.
lot 4. block 12, Hubbard. J29M.
Laura L. Townsend to J. C
and Lydia F. Sturkin. part of
block 73, North Salem. 11500.
L. R. and Jane LeFurgy to I.
F. Shirley, 70.96 acres, section
12-8-3w. $1.
J. R. Miller to Luunda B. Mil
ler, lots 1, 2 and 8. block 6, Whit
ney add. to Stayton. 11 0.
W. E. and Etta M. aPul t T.
NT. and E. Boyd, lot 12, block 2,
Durllngton, S1Q.
- - . . -
Freeze of Two Years Ago
Has Surprising Result
In Orchard Belt
Many Can Be Nursed Back
To Health in Opinion of
County Agent
DALLAS. Or.. July 28 (Spe
cial to The Statesman!- Paul
Carpenter, agricultural agent for
Polk county, has made the dis
covery during his trips throughout
the county in the past few. weeks
that a lare number of fruit trees
of all varieties, and especially
:,prunes. are dyinc in the orchards
in great numbers.
Mr. Carpenter was greatly in
terested in the reports given out
by fruit growers to the effect that
the trees were dying and made a
thorough examination of a num
ber of orchards and found that
the freeze of the winter of 191 i
was responsible for the destruc
tion Just becoming felt in the or
chard belt of Polk county.
1020 Crops Heavy
Last year the trees were appar
ently in fine shape and bore big
crops of prunes. This spring they
blossomed and leaved out and the
prunes grew to be quite large
when the trees suddenly began to
wilt, the leaves to turn a (teep
yellow" and the trees finally died,
all within a few weeks time.
Nearly every orchard visited by
Mr. Carpenter bore the same tell
tale marks of the big freeze and
it afected the older trees aS well
as the young ones.
Salvage Work t"r" 1
Mr. Carpenter, during his visits
to' the orchards found trees that
had been bearing large crops for
from 15 to 20 years badly infect
ed with borers and having loose
bark which had turned black cn
the inside, the result of being
frozen. He states that' the fruit
growers should not become
alarmed over the situation but
should give their orchards better
attention than they have ever had
and nurse those trees that were
health. '
by the freeze back t
Beautiful Tributes of Respect
To Mrs. J, S. Vandeleur '
- . Of Aurora .
"fleicur, held on Sunday afternoon
at Butteville, was attended by
many more of the sorrowing
fiend3 of the saintly woman than
could find room inside the walls
o the church that stands by the
side of the road leading down to
the old town.
In another respect the funeral
was a notable one in respect of
the sermon delivered by Rev. O.
C We'ter of Woodburn and Auro
ra. The regular pastor of Mrs.
vande'eur was away, and tele
graphic and telephone messages
uiifd to reach him; and at the
last hour, almost; Rev. Weller
was called to conduct the ser
vices; and so his address was ex
But it Was such a finished ser
mon touching on the issues of this
life and the continuing life of
the spirit after leaving the dust
of its temporal home, that the
words must remain in the memory
of all the large crowd of people
who heard them. No preacher of
old or modern times ever painted
a word picture more true, more
simple and direct, more under
standable, concerning this life,
about our living in our present
temples of dust and about the
continuing life of the spirit when
Now $9.50
tween North Mill Creek and Mission Street 12th Street and
theRiver. ' -r-
Don't wait too long before laying in your winter supply. There
is apt to be another shortage this fall. .j ?;
237 North
- '
this dust shall have returned to
its original elements.
And the tribute which Rev.
Weller paid to the saintly woman
who had moved among the peo
ple of that community for over
30 years, and claimed each and
every one for a friend, for she
radiated friendship and good will,
and harbored no unkind thoughts
for any creature, was made
doubly eloquent and touching be
cause each one who knew it kne w
the words were literally true.
There were no dry eyes, and there
were no misgiving hearts.
Mrs. Weller sang -Some Sweet
Hay" and "One Sweetly Solemn
Thought" most appreciatively.
The spirit of the saintly woman
passed from the frail body at
Aurora, at the home of her daugh
ter. Mrs. Diana Snyder, postmis
tress there, on Tuesday, the 19th.
hut the funeral awaited the arri
val of her only .son from Boston,
Mass. The interment was in the
Butteville cemetery.
Marianne O'Connell was horn
March S. 1S4 3. at Quebec. Can
ada, and, departing this life on
July lf, 1921. was aced 7-
years. I months and 12 days She
was married to John Scott Vande
Ipiir in 17 4 at Quebec, and they
moved to Renfrew. Ontario, where
they mad? their home until 1
when they moved to Portland,
Oreuon. and to Butteville in IM'ii.
where Mr. Vandeleur was ensase.l
in the general mercantile business
until his death in 190". Mrs.
Vandeleur went to Aurora to re
side with her daughter in 1911.
She left a sister. Mrs Diana Mc
Donell, Portland. Oregon, ami
two daughters. Mrs. Marian Grace
Johnston of YardJey. Wash., and
Mrs. Diana Snyder of Aurora, and
a son. .John Scott Vandeleur of
Boston, Mass. There are eight
Take Salts to Flush Kidneys If
Back Hurts or BlaiMcr
If you must have your meat
fevery day. eat it. but flush your.
kidneys with salts occasionally,
says a noted authority who tails
us that meat forms uric acid
which almost paralyses the kid
neys in their efforts to expel it
from the blood. They beconn
sluggish and weaken, then you
suffer with a dull misery in the
back or tick headache, dlzizness.
your stomach sours, tonguo is
coated and when the weather is
bad you have rheumatic twinges.
The urine gets cloudy, full of
sediment, the channels often get
sore and irritated", obliging you
to seek relief two or three times
during the night.
To neutralize these irritating
acids, to cleanse the kidneys and
flush off the body's urinous waste
get four ounces of Jad Salts from
any pharmacy here; take a tablc
spoonful in a glass of water be
fore breakfast for a few days and
your kidneys will then act fine.
This famous salts . is made from
the acid of grapes and lemon
juice, combined with lithia, and
has been used for generations to
flush and stimulate sluggish kid
neys, also to neutralize the acids
In urine, so it no longer irritates,
thus ending bladder weakness.
Jad Salts is inexpensive; can
not injure, and makes a delight
ful effervescent lithia-water drink.
Alice Cahoun
IUTI "Larry II
ool J$.
per ton on two ton
Liberty Street
Supreme Court Opinions 'y.
Will Come Down Saturday
Members of the Oregon Sa-
preme court, at a conference held
Established 1S6S
General Banking Business
Office Honrs from 10 &.' m. jo 3 p. m. ,
No. 10 KaroA...u .. .i.. ..u....: $
Corn Meal. .sack........... .
English Walnuts, pound ,.... .
f-oz. Vanilla Flavoring j
No. 5 Lard ... A. .
Inra Pwatal IVkiln in I 1
' . ' . V. .i I lt I tl 111. I
.Large package Sea Foam..
nnimHc Knit- Cffot
-' J 'U U.IV v.. . ... V. . . ....
O Yl.. ff .
- jariHgFs vwh runs
2 cans Salmon..:,.:
2 cans Peas
2 cans Shad
3 lbs. M. J, B. Coffee ... .......4...
Matches, per box .j....
25c K. C. Baking Powder.. j....
1 lb. Calumet Baking Powder.......
1 lb. Fresh Peanuts.................;..
2 9oz. glasses Jam..............
1 doz. Jelly Glasses.......... ....
1 lb. Best Creamery Butter
Solid Pack Tomatoes, can ..
Fancy Pineapple, can
Phone 496
You should see this
This furnace is built
sold for less money than
..' " l .
'''' fX$ - ---- - A .i .. 1 ,
Qt. f,t; y: j
' '-;-
f . t - - (X
I i ' I!
- .- M ' ; .1
orders delivered anywhere be
yesterday, dclded to adjourn tor '
the August Tacatlon-sometlme Sat.
urday.. It was said that a number
of opinions Fonld be handed down
prior to adjournment of the court.
The court will reconvene Septem-
her 1
- ' ... . i m.u 4V.f
.., 25
! trn.
.... ..... .... . .
i I
Grocell I
746 Highland Avenue
. (
furnace', before buying.
for western fuel and is
other furnaces of like
: Phone 85 '
9 I