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nev pj;ay?mte for little jhis C? A?J?
co, playing for the first time this
season en eastern Courts, was car
ried to three .tseiy coatested
sets ia the second Srouad by A. H.
ate s
Details of Plan Are Made
Public in statement by
War Department
5S. ga
; inati
: Stanf
i Thp winter of the toumampr.t
j will meet Wiiliaii M. Johnston. !
of ?an Ptahcisco, former national :
i champion, in the hallenpe round
1 '
on Saturday. f
i - n in w sa ' ii ii ' v : .
is iii snwisi i i i ii r , u . w w - ...
in. Jr.. of ricgfield.. for-ifiarTrrjT-- "T.r.i K W 11 tU .. - ?4M "
New England inter-collegi- 7 M -V isi V' V: 's W -IJ'.'.-V Ul'1
ingles champion. Both are ; utX I .,SV "ft wVCfvT
bitters and; their terrific 1 AY ' Vt4- eff'o Stv?;' " ?'
s and ; severe lover-hand play i E 5y A - " o'. rt 1 V ' V" Sfvvi-J- " ',?r,,-CTvT i.
the feature match. i -,1 -"V r ' T '.V Vi
. Biddie qf Philadelphia ' Q i v - r t .Vi y J . ,C 1 -"Hr-, V 1 y " - A ItV
compel! to play a total of i h c .-?Ct J wet t?-.V'4f - -rf "V-.: : VA h
aies in three Jets before elim- f 2 1,-- ff; J.'J V T , - " V , V -i III.
tfg James 0avieS, Leland H -- - A h.SV'.rrgX. -'V,., ITt' 1
or-j star. i i Br-v , , - w r' j,,,. : vs? iiif- ; -r f 11
Lease for TOQ Years And
Annual- Payments! Of
$1,680,000 Included
lallg bf Henry Ford's offeij to pur
chase the . government nitrate
plant at Muscle shoals, Ala.," for
000,000, and for a lease for
100 years v on completion of the
Wilson and No: 3 dams, provid
ing power for the project, at an
. annual aggregate payment of $1,'
686,000, were. made public today
by the "war department. No act
ion has been taken by the gov
ernment, although It was an
nounced that no bids hare been
1 received. ,
. Government Keep Righto.
The dare lease proposals lnr
elude provisions to amortize in
94 years . the government Invest
ment! In the Wilson dam, taken at
$40,000,000, and In 97 years the
98.000,000 la the dam No. 3.
; The" offer- Is made subject to
complete right of the government
to plant, processes and personnel
In the event of war and for the
purpose of determining whether
"the application of electricity and
Industrial chemistry," to agricul
ture, may not do '"what they have
economically accomplished for
other industries."
Profit Limit 8 Per Cent,
Profits of the operating com
pany would be limited to 8 per
cent, a board of farm organiza
tion' representatives to check up
the i books and also to supervise
territorial distribution of fertili
zer i produced with the federal
trade commission as final aTblter
on distribution disagreements in
the jboard.
Local Bath House Real '
I Vacation Right at Home
...;-. i.. :
What's the use of paying rail
road fare, wasting 'wages, getting
a sun-burned back- that would
' make a lame rabbit bit the neck
off la burly Bengal' tiger, taking
a cold that snuffles' like a dia
phragm pump, and mlllilg up with
' a lot of deadly Jazz vacationists
, who have to do it all in only about
four days though' it kills 'em, and
trying to ' swim - up the whole
Pacific , ocean . -withi. A .acraAchy
bathing suit yhei tone can get
all i the good .of swimming and
bathing and' rest, and none of its
,: evils, right at .home?
' Salem really boasts of perhaps
the! most complete both house in
the state. - Qne can get all of the
comforts of home, all the Joys of
a hilarious vacation except the
exorbitant bills, at the Oregon
- Bath house.' where Manager Pur-
dy has laid himself out to give the
city the best service there is. It
' is enough of a credit- to - deserve
' extended . mention. , There Is a
fine plunge, and shower baths and
Turkish baths free bathing suits,
and expert cassenrs for Turkish
baths and for medical, treatments.
There is a facial massage and
manicure department, and swim
miflg teachers: -Nothing; has been
cycle G
The first boy or girl who secures a total of 23 new 6-months sub
scriptions to The Oregon Statesman will be awarded a magnificent Harley-
' . Davidson Bicycle. j
. -f J'ay No Money Collect No Money!
Secure 6 months signed contracts and the
cures a Total of 25
It .
Oregon Statesman- Bicycle Contest Editor
V.' . . . .. - ft - 4 j" - - . i
An exceptional photograph of the polo match 1 ..vecn Great Britain and the United State3. showing
all the ei?ht playera in action. As far: as we know this is the only photograph taken of the match to sh .v.
both team In action.
omitted to make it a real public
Manager Purdy has given to the
people of Salem some rather un
usual service ip providing such
a "home-vacation" enterprise. The
season hasn't been hot enough to
drive people to the seashore to
save their lives, and a really ade
quate city bathing resort is such
a time and money-saver for every
body, that It fills a vital public
burnell ford tells
electrical wonders
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noon when the Roach-Freeman
ADuo takes the stage. The duo
will present a little of almost
everything that is funny; music,
story-telling, caricatures. r They
are vaudevilllans of the highest
type. ' Whose aim is to bring a
laugh and they are . said to be a
su re-fire success in this.
Htefensson Tonight.
Stefensson ' the rctic explorer.
comes tonight. He has been given
gold medals from almost every ex-
ploring and geaographlcal society
on earth for his northland travels.
StefanAsson has not followed the
plan of taking a trainload of, food
to clutter up his travels. Instead,
he set out practically without bag
gage other than his rifle and plen
ty of ammunition and the fact
that he' lived through the years of
wilderness : exploring in the far
north proves both his sublime
courage and his daring thought to
do what no other explorer ever
thought of doing. Stefansson is
rated as one of the greatest carda
on the American lecture platform
today, and to hear him is to hear
one of the rarest characters and
philosophers of his age. M
The sale of tickets- has been re
markably good so that there la
hardly a chance for a failure on
the week's guarantee.
LONDON, July 25. The wool
auction sales were continued to
day with offerings of 11,001 bales.
The tendency was irregular, good
wools being steady, while low
cross breds declined from 1Q to
20 per cent.
-Oh. "soft drinks." what crimes
are committed in thy name!
any time since the beginning of
V 9 J?mV.
After Wandering Two Days
He Starts to Wade River
1 i And is Drowned
EUGENE. Or., July 25 George
Emerson Miller, the 7-year-old sor.
of I Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller,
fruit growers of Eugene, who
wahdered away from the camp at
Belknap springs Friday was
drowned in the McKenzie river,
near there, Sunday afternoon, ac
cording to word received here to
day. The boy had been lost, and
seeing a man about two miles
above the springs and on the op
posite .eide of the river, started
to jwade over to him. The man
motioned for him not to try it
as it would have been Impossible
for; anyone to wade such a tor
rent. The boy kep on and soon
was swept off his feet. His re
mains were found later near the
Campers who returned to Eu
gene from the springs today say
that the boy became frightened
when a man playfully threatened
to cut off his ears. It Is said the
boy hurried ran Into the woods
and was not seen again until the
moment before he was drowned.
Two Severe Accidents
Reported to Police
f - .
' - Two accidents, both of which
reeulted In injury to those in
volved were reported to the police
ovr the week-end.
iOn Sunday Mrs. Edith Grebe
o'1906 Sixteenth street, Spokane,
reported that while attempting to
pass a Portland bus on the Port
land road near the aVlley Pack
ing company she had been forced
"loj gt between the truck ana n
Dodge car. In doing so she had
hit tlr driver of the truck who
was repairing a rear tire and
knocked him against .T. R." New
ton of Salem. The driver's ankle
candidate that se
the contest wins this
r5LT VV-
i "
was broken and he was seriously
injured while Mr. Newton su.
fered slight injuries. The Doi&3
car was driven by John A. Kaker
of Hood River who was travelii.g
Carl Meaty of 872 North Com
mercial street suffered minor in
juries as the result an accident
in which he was knocked from his
bicycle by a northbound Commer
cial street car. Beaty was report
ed to have been riding on tre
tracks in front of the car. When
he came to D street he is said O
have slowed down and attempted
to turn west. In doing so he v., is
knocked from his wheel. Bruisws
were the main injuries.
Dallas Man in Jail
For- Bicycle Theft
DALLAS, Or., July 25. (Spec
ial to The Statesman.) Richard
Wright of this city was arrested
Saturday evening by Sheriff John
Orr on a charge sworn out by O.
James of the Janes Bicycle shop.
charging him with larceny by
bai!ee. Wright, it is said, rented
a machine from Janes, stating
that he was going to tide to Falls
City. That was the last heard
from him for several days when
Janes claims he found out that
he rode to Albany where he sold
the bicycle. A warrant for his
arrest followed, and he was
caught by the sheriff upon his
return to this city..., ,
This morning he had a hearing
before Justice of the Peace Ed F
Coad where he pleaded guilty and
was fined ?50 and costs'. ' Kot' be
ing able to pay the fine he was
sentenced to serve a term of 25
days in the county Jail.
beat nam
Score is 8 to 4, With Visitors
Taking Lead in Early
Part of Game
By a score of 8 to 4, the Salem
Sonators added another scalp to
their colection Sunday when they
defeated the Silvtrton nine at Ox
ford park.
Uettle was the star witness for
rSilverton, keeping the local bov
guessing despite sme grandstand
work by the little Chemawa twiri
er. The visitors scored early in
the game, running two men -before
the Senators knew that there
was anyone on the biamond.
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
McKenna, 2b 5 1 1 2 1
Reinhart, 3b 5 1 1 0 6 1
Hayes, rf 4 2 2 1 1 0
Nelson, lb 3 0 111 o 0
Knudson, c 4 10 10 0
Edwards, c 4 118 3 0
Miller, ss 4 0 112 0
Holmes, If 4 0 112 0
Dishop, p 4 1 0 0 2 2
37 S 7 27 15 3
AD. R. II. PO. A. E.
Olsen, If . 4 1. 1 1 o 0
Stranahan, lb 4 1 Oil 0 2
McMorris, ss 4 0 0 2 1 o
Latham, 2b 4 1114 0 1
Strachan. cf 4 0 0 0 0 0
' Meyers, rf 4 1 2 0 O'O
j Choat, c 4.01710
I Huchart, 3b 3 0v 1 1 4 1
! Kettle, p 4 0 L&- f 2 3
'Hamilton 10 10 0 0
Batted for
4 7 24 12
Buchart in
Summary: Tlome huns, Hayes;
two-base hits. Olsen. Hamilton.
Edwards. Meyers; strnck out, by
Bishop 7, Bettie 6; base on balls
Hettle 1; pass ball. Choats;'
dropped third strike, Choats;
stolen bases, Strachan. McKenna.
Reinhart, Hayes. . Nelson, Ed
wards 2. Miller. Bishop. Time of
game, 1:40. fmpire, Davis. "
Favorites True to Form
In Annual Tennis Games
nOSTOX. July 25. Favorites
played true to form today, in the
opening matches of the annual
singles lawn tennis tournament
for the Longwood bowl. Not
withstanding the heat. t"he first
round and all but two matches in
tho scond round were completed.
Willis E. Davis of San Francis-
U& 7
Epworth League Session
Draws Salem Attendance!
A number of Salem young peo
ple are spending this week at the i
Jejferson Epworth League insti
tute, held In the' cam) ground
near town. 1
Rev. Blaine E. I Kirkpatrh k is
one of the Bible instructors for
the week and Mrfe. Alfred Bates
has charge of the children's teach
ing work Alpbetis Gillet??,!. su
perintendent of the First Metho
dist church Sunday school, is to
present teaching met hods. His
success as a Sunday school leader
isi said to have hardly a parallel
in the state. More than a score
of young people from Salem are
attending, many of them going as
an inspiration for itheir life work
in some form of missionary ser
vice, f
The laguers harve a complete
tent city, under Careful chaper
onage and kept upj in perfect con
dition. Ah attractive line of
games and social pleasures is be
ing provdied, so that whilt it is
mostly a week of ?eal study there
is still enough social enjoyment
to spice it up to tafte.
Grand Priv is Won by
American Auto Racer
LE MAN'S. France. July 25.
(By The Associated ' Press)
"Jimmy" Murphy of Indianapolis
won the Grand Prix of the Auto
mobile Club of France today with
two other American cars, piloted
by Andre Dubonnet, French mil
lionaire amateur driver, and Al
bert Guyot; another Frenchman in
fourth and sixth (places respect
ively. Ralph De Palma and Julea
Goux in French cars were second
and third.
Murphy led in af major!tyof the
30 circuits: of the course, making
323 miles in fcjur hours seven
minutes and ten feconds, an av
erage of 78 milek an hour. Mur
phy passed e Pahha early in the
race and fought f$r the lead with
Chassagne, who drove a French
car. until the Frenchman was
compelled to drop
enteenth lap.
out in the sev-
Geers Wins Th
rd Race
On Grand Circuit Tracks
COLUMBUS, O., July 25.
Four class races fwere contested
today in ihe opening jprogram
of the Grand Circuit meeting. A
slight rain kept Peter Manning
2:02 from afteiiiptins to break
the 5-year-old', gielding trotting
record of 2:2 j held by Uhlan
1:58 and made on the local track
in 1909. j
The C. T. Dunkle sweepstakes
for 2:08 pacers wias declared off,
but two horses being on the
Ed. Geers won his third race
of the year wheh he put over
Wiki Wiki in the! 2: 06 trot after
Arion McKinney ! had won the
first heat and then wa3 distanced.
The 2:18 trot wa split In two
divisions. Baroness Hanover win
ning the first division in straight
heats and Edna Forbes the sec
ond after losing he second mile
to Great Excitement. Jay Brooks
won the 2; 04 pace.
Heavy Fines Imposed For
Aiding or Selling to Liq
uor Smugglers
HAMILTON, Bermuda. July 23.
The Colonial parliament has just
passed a special (law to prevent
liquor smuggling! from Bermuda
to the I'nited skates. Anyone
putting intoxicants aboard a ves
sel bound to American ports in
curs a fine of 5(. Local dealers
who are found to be in connivance
with the law-breakers are penal
ized and may be deprived of their
licenses. .
This law, which is now in ef
fect, was broughtjabout thanks to i
the reckless mariner of carrying
on illicit operations during the I
past year. Not only were hiding
places for booze! in all parts of,
jJie ships utilized but the smug
glers went so far as to open up
barrels ,of potatoes in the hold
and insert whiskey bottles.
Discovery of this practice led
to an outcry from local produce
shippers who forefeaw interference
with their deliveries entailing de
lay and money losses. The Ber
niudians were concerned over the
possibility of having the liners
held up at New York by Federal
agents to the pefil of legitimate
trade and the interruption of tour
ist traffic on whih local prosper
ity so largely depends.
The recent capture, off the Car
olina coast, of al schooner with
4." barrels of whiikey loaded here
at St. C gorges, also had its ef
fect in hastening! legislation.
There are 3C2 jiigh priced em
ployes of the league o nations
at the headauarers in Geneva.
Wonder what they are doing
these days? Exchange.
8 f r-' r J" mi Ta 1 TIB- v " '-- WM-" : -i, , ii, n i ) I I I I - II
I fi iiHii" i i -' ' ' "" " - r i if " "
,m MiMii nil Pir WT--nnn III r 7 f i i IT ii1 -TTfc iVIimi r ""
A lie:? tnrtnisn hv
Aster ws promptly appropriated by
clt! and hrs a mild disposition.
Three Business Establish
ments Unfortunate in Sun
day Morning Blaze
This city was visited by another
fire early Sunday morning, when
the buildings occupied by Smith
& Son as a pool hall and confec
tionery store, Mallie & Watkins.
barber shop and E. E. Tripp, real
estate, was completely destroyed
by fire.
The buildings were all frame
structures and through the he
roic work of the fire department
all adjacent buildings were saved.
For a tim the entire business
section of the city was in danger
of being destroyed and men were
stationed on the roofs of all build'
ing3 in immediate danger and
with buckets and small hose kept
water flowing.
Those occupying the buildings
sustained a complete loss of their
stocks. Smith & Son being the
heaviest losers, entailing a loss
of about $4000, with insurance
of about one-half. The fire is
supposed to have started in the
barber shop and when discovered
by the city nlghtwatch, had
gained considerable headway.
Funeral of J. H. Moran
Is Held at Monmouth
25: (Special to The Statesman)
The funeral of John H. Moran
of Monmouth, was held Sunday
afternoon from the Baptist
church, Rev. Mr. Pace officiating.
Mr. Moran had lived in Polk
county since 18t2 and lor over
30 years was constable and an
Influential business man, being
actively engaged in the real es
tate business up to the time of
his death, which occurred on
Thursday evening at his home in
Monmouth. For several weeks
he received treatment in Salem,
but later was removed to his home
in Monmouth.
Mr. Moran was born in tho
state of New York, December 24.
Sir Rjistar TlAnns Governor-General
her small son a z a playfellow. The
1S4&, his parents being of Irish
descent, and he is 'survived b'
three sisters. Mr.- Mary Stine and
Mr:. KHen Thorpe of Monmouth,
and Mrs. Kate lloaunan, of Spo
kane, Wash., besides a brother.
H. C Moran, of Brownsville. Or.
Mr. Mairan was a member of
'Lyon lodge No. 29, A. F, and A.
aiso a raemucr oi .u. o jiu.'ui
Arch Masons. At-tho age. of 21
he was raised to sublime "degree
of Master "Mason. !
In the death of-Mr. Moran Polk
county loses a distinguished citi
zen and one of the best known
pioneers In this section.
Keaney Wears New Hat,
And Forgets About It
When P, B. Keaney started to
the Commercial club luncheon
Monday, he said:
"Now, be Jarge, Oi'll tak me
new hat t him byes Is honest an'
they'd niver play a joke on a fel
ly." '
Well,' he did it, and they didn't
and still when the luncheon was
over, there was no hat left.
"What kind of a hat was it?"
Manager McCroskey was solicitous
for his guest.
"It was me ould hat that I've
thried an furled for manny's the
day," said the hatless one.
"Well, now, I wonder if this Is
it?" and Mac fished a fine new
Panama off the rack almost the
last hat In. the lot. Why nobody
took it, is one of the usolved mys
teriesfor good panama hats are
fair game all the year around.
"Well, now, don't that bato all !
Ol clean forgot that Oi Wore me
new lid! What'll ye's have."
. If anybody wants a' favor, he
might go and whisper Hat!" in
to the Keaney ar, and see what
he'd get.
Silverton Woman III,
Is Taken to Hospital
Taken seriously, ill at State and
High streets while preparing ' to
return to her homo in Silverton,
Mrs. C. A. -Hartley was yesterday
evening taken to the Deaconess
hospital. She is reported to bo
rallying rapidly frojn the illness.
Mrs. Hartley is the wife of C. A.
Hartley, manager of ; the Silver
ton Food Products company.
Which comes first, the- egfr .or
the henna? Ask the yong lady
who dopes her hair.
Printing Time
the hands of a competent printer at the
dull time is a matter of foresight for the
business man. Now the rush is over, the
printer has more time for your work
each and every detail of the job gets the
proper attention, and the satisfaction shared is
mutual. But there is no satisfaction to share if
your printer is a printer in name only. He must
"be there with the goods" and also deliver said
goods. '
Q This company has enjoyed a season of unprece
dented prosperity through being able to turn but
creditable printing.
(J Equipment, up-to-date composition and auto
matic press - feeding without the old-fashioned
finger marks, is the combination that makes print
ing. I Look over your needs; stock up during the "dog
days."- A phone call will bring a representative.
Job Printing De par t me n t
Statesman Publishing Co.
of the Seychllles Islands, to Lady
tortoise Is several hundred years
May Steer General Ec
onomic Ad
Dnxon'con icq b
i ii iiiiii i nil i, .ii .
T n Dr A nrRO y
I U UL VlflULliLU )
It. . .
i corporation ,
Broadening the po-ers of the war-. ,
finance corporation, matins it tne:
great government agency tor; -bringing
about Jh4 nece-sary cco-i
nomic readjustments, wni be
gested by President IlauHng to
morrow in a special communica4
tlon to oongress,! according to
forecasts tonight. V '' I -The
special letter, It has been ,
announced, will Heal primarily . ;
with the proposed jrinahcial settle
ment between the government and,
railroads. But. according to"
statements by j administration
leaders, it prohabjy will go-fur
ther and recommenced not only;
that the war finance corporation ;
take chaTge of the railroad .set :
tlement, but also that. It be placed
in direct and pj-actically ro5i
eharge of farni credits and export '
financing; , I
Secretary Hoover : said today
that he had recommended such a :.
plan and that hlfi recoramenda-i
tlon had been approved by Bee re
tary Mellon and Eugene Meyer ;
Jr., managing dlresctor of the war ,,
finance corporatlpfi. 1
" : ' i;
Brothers Get 10 Days
For Disorderly Conduct U
DALLAS, Or., jfily 25. (Spec-
ial to The Statesjman.) Charllat
and Albert WIlklerBon "were ari
rested- by Sheriff prr late Satur
day night on., a .c
drunk and disorde
large af belnj
ly. After fill
ing up on moonshine the broth
crs went to the home of a friend
in the west end jf town where
it is Raid they gat Into a. fight
Neighbors called
n ine orricers. ,
This mornlng thej
were given at'
hearing before Po
ice Juoge John
T Vnrrf nrlwi fikial tliimrttn
eacn rot being 4010 to pay the
fine they were given a 10 days
Jail sentence
Read TliR ClaksIHed Ads. If
' " S ' I .III" I
M to.
1 :
:T 1
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