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iir Breeders Have Produced
nrnn hp
i : " i .'!-.
ties in the High Merit Classes of the Breed, or 31
Per Cent of the Total; and It Has Been Estimated
That:This State Has Only About Six Per Cent of Al!
the Pure Bred Jersey Cows in the United States.
New was, given in !the States
man of. Thursday morning of the
lest world record Jersey cow,
:rena of jAshwood. belonging to
(Arthur & f'.taufr of RIckreall.
pautiful Norena of Ash wood pro-
hoed 1 13.36 pounds of hutterfat
May, and she beat the cow of
banectlcut that; had ' the world
:ord before by a good lead. The
nnecticuit tow produced 110. 7o
bunds of butterfat In one month.
; " Oregon Is la The Lead.
Few people realize the standing
Oregon 'Jerseys from the stand-
tint of official production when
impared j with the rest, of the
orld. It is not a matter of opln-
n that the Oregon Jersey ranks
Igh. b'lt of cold facts.
The American.. Jersey Cattle
ub,' head office 323 'West 23rd
reel. New York,) lute arranged
tr authenticating the. production
cows placed on text. Authen-
jcatlon teats are testa Supervised
a ; representative or approved
kent of a state, provincial or
utional experiment station or sg
cultural college who certifies as
the weight of milk and per-
tntage of fat that It contains. The
fual test! among , the Jerseys has
on for a period of 365 days. The
rst test accepted by the club was
ountess Matilda 74928; owned
Henry S. Redfleld. ! New York.
his was a seven-day test made in
line, 1898, and she produced
HJ.&G pounds of fat. ,
The first' seven animals official
tested "was for a period of seven
yys. The . first" yearly test of ti-
ally made was of Figgis 2nd of
ood Farm, owned by C. I. Hood,
owell. Mass. She (was tested
om February 22, 1903. to Feb
iary 21, 1904, and produced 332
founds, lt ounces of fat during
ie year. . From that ton the of-
fcial test has become the popular
m i
know well the art of bak
ing nutrition and deli
ciousnes into every tas
ty loif. i i . ' i ;
': i';nf;vV ..
They don't trust to luck.
But day after day give
you ; Bread of uniform
Their j spick-and-span
white3 uniforms are just
another evidence of the
fresh, clean sweetness of
your Bread, Y
. :. ! ' v.;: .-'v'v -
Ask 'your crrocer for the
loaf that brings you Big-1
gest Food Value in
tempting forni.
mi mi i
: 1 ' '
irnnru nnmr .
25 Out of 80 of the Beau
wiy cf determining the produc
tion, of the cows. If a row pro
duces a given amount she is ad
mitted to the "Register of Merit."
The minimum requirement for a
cow that enters test at two yearn
or less of age is 250.5 pounds of
fat. For each additional day the
cow Js 'over two years old, one
tenth of one pound shall be added
to the initial requirement; and
this Increase shall apply until the
age of five years la reached, when
the required yield will have be
come 3C0 lbs.
The common practice in deter
mining the yield is for the owner
to carefully weigh the milk pro
duced, then at some unannounced
t me, cnce each month, some per
Hon authorized by the agricultural
college of the state in which the
test Is being ..made, visits the
farm, weighs the milk to see that
the claimed yisld corresponds to
their weight; also they sample anci
test the milk to determine the
amount of fat that it contains.
(This practice is almost universal
in all states and all breeds except,
ing that where a seven day est is
being made the test supervisor is
present at each milking during the
entire time. The expense of this
supervision Is borne by the cattle
owner. )
From th's star: in making of
yearly tests in 1904, there are to
day several thousand Jersey cows
in tho United States with official
records, and a large percentage of
the higher .yields have been com
pleted In Oregon.
, For the purpose of comparison
the records are divided Into eight
classes according to age. Of these,
Oregon holds ' the leader in five
classes. Of the total of the ten
highest in each class, Oregon holds
25 out of SO, or 31 per cent of the
The following is a 1st of the ten
highest in each class, together
with their records.
(Those cows with anrx before
the came are thfl Oregon cows. )
Class 1 t'owi I'nder Two Years
x Lulu Alphea of Ashbucn
375710, J 3,668.7 pounds mill?;
$00.08 pounda fat.
x Oxford s Flower Girl, 418079.
11.695 pounds mtlk; 667.37
pounds fat. '
x Silver Ch:me s Gwendoia
404304. 10.798.8 pounds milk;
$44.20 pounds fat.
Lucky i Farce 298177,
535.70 pounds fat. ;;
Lass 44 th of Hood
266735, 8330.3 .pounds
506.50 pounds fat. -
The Jap's Fernleat Queen 413,-
J13, 10083.5 pounds milk; 598.04
pounds fat.
x La Creole's Amy's Darling
130823, 97C3.8 pounds milk.
10.01 pounds fat.
x St. Mawes Beauty 295047.
10239 pounds milk; 586.8o
pounds fat.
x St. Mawes Susy Olga 34130X,
976.1 pounds .milk; , 571.27
wind fat. '-. . -
Combine Rustlque 406998,
)887 pounds milk; '563.32 pounds
at. . V
"JIm S -Cows Two and Under
-: Two and One-Hid f Years
x Pearly Exile iSt. Lambert
05101, 12,345 5 pounds milk;
116.10 pounda fat.
Sooh'.e's Bertha 313238, 13.-
142.8 t)6unda milk; 771. 0
raunds fat.
i Sonhie's Emllv 352291. 13792.1
)ounds m lk; 722.56 pounds fat.
Lass 66th of Hood Farm. 271,
?96. 14,513.1 pounds milh; 720.
0 pounds fat.
X Birdie. Owl of M. L . 415,
1i27. 11626.8 pounds milk; 714.
II pounds fat
Benedictine Maid 421264. 13.
18 pounds milk; 714. 4
pounds fat.
x Old Man's Darlln 2d 319617.
10431.1 pounds milk; 694.43
"ounds fat. -
Owl's Mildred B.. 414639,' 12.
tlO.S pounds milk; 692.03 pounds
Sonhie's Dolly Dimple 348582.
10813 pounds- milk; 689.6
pounds fat.
: Llpso 323967. 509 3 poundJ
nilk; 684.32 pounds fat.
CIahs a iVnva two and One-Half
Ami Under Three
Irene's Cherry 285828, 12.
62. 7 pounds milk; 749 87 pounds
at. .. - ..
Walklkl's Frances 360175. 11.
050.6 pounde milk; 735.81
rounds fat.
; Chieftain's Flora 389619. 13 -178.9
pounds milk; 689.03 pounds
Konet's Lady 2d 396741. 11.
85.2 pounds milk; 688.74 pounds
' princess Xenia 356699. U-
V Matinee
MU 10 a. in.
If Mary wcKroRj-t-
I "throvqh - ""
936.6 pounds milk; 687.21 pounds
fat. !
Lad's Lady Riotress Irne 279
715; 12,307.8 pounds m Ik; 660 -81
pounds fat '
Lass 73rd of Hood Farm 2 T 7 ,
540; 10,953.4 pounds mlm;
6G9H0 pounds fat.
Bonnie's Financial Loretta
397486. 9980 pounds milk; 6S5 -18
pounds fat;
Manns ield Queen of the Roes
3627S, 11,225.4 pounds mi. a:
649.62 nounds fat.
iba Queen 333655. 11.239.?
pounds milk; 647.37 pounds fat.
t Ini-H 4 CVm'it Three and l'ndr
Three and m-Hlf
x Poppa's Dortha 378520. 17.
804 1 pounds milk; 994.25 pound-j
X Vive La France 319616, 12.
744.8 pounds milk; 892.63 pounds
x Diamond of Fair Acrs 34 7,-
743 17.373 7 pounds milk;
79 pounds fat.
Sophie's Bertha 313238. 14.
954.2 pounds milk; 829.54 pound
x Clara Lettie of A?hbu'i
368366. 13.747.9; pounds milk;
797.12 pounda tat.
x Countess Stella of Ashburn
355367, 11,002.5 pounds milK;
783.32 pounds fat.
Hoph'e's Charity 314359. 11.
850.2 pounds milk; 751.69 pounds
at. ! I
x Ooldie's Nehalem Beauty
283330, 12.367 7 pounds EuMU;
750.51 pounds fat.
x St Mawes Beautv 29J.047.
12,al5.6 unds milk; 747. !2
pounds fat.
Lass 7 4th of Hood Farm 2 81.
203, 13,713.8 pounds milk; 747.
60 pounds pounds fat.
. .Class fr Cows Three and n-
; Half and Under Four Yearn.
Lass 66th of Hood Farm 71896.
17793.7 pounds milk; 910.60
pounds fat.
8t. Mawes Boise Rosaire 341,
312. 14977.0 pounds milk; 891.54
pounds fat.
Lady's Silken Glow.
13305.0 pounds milk;
pounds fat.
Eminent's Foxy Belle
14920.6 pounds milk;
pounds fat.
Sophie's Tormentor's
376896. 14093.3 pounds milk;
807.97 pounds fat.
Ualeigh's Corrlnne 346148. 13.
895.6 pounds milk; 773.61 pounds
I .! 83d of Hood Farm 289023.
14524.2 pounds milk; 760.9b
pounds fat.
Figgis 97th of Hood Farm 273.-
502, 14796.9 pounds milk; 750.60
pounds fat.
Lass 40th of Ilood Farm 223.-
642. 15362.1 pounds milk; 747.30
pounds fat.
Pilot's Model 314765. 16076.3
pounds mllkj 746.86 pounds fat.
ilim 6 Cow Four and Under
; Four and One-Half Year.
Old Man's : Darllnar 2d 319617.
14631.0 pounds milk; 983.68
pounds fat.
Sophie's Adora 299594. 15852.2
pounds milk; 888.00 pounds fat.
Jap Sayda's Baroness 321895,
14438.3 pounds milk; 866.78
pounds fat.
Mlnnetta of Ashwood 330962,
16872.4 pounds milk; 860.36
pounds fat.
Successful i Queen 278743, 16,
389.3 Bounds milk; 852.72
pounds fat. I
Princess Xonia 356699. 13841.0
pounds milk; 840.94 pounds fat.
Lass 64th; of Hood Farm 266.
735, 13444.6 pounds milk; 817.71
pounds fat'. '
Gwendoia Olga Chimes 325849,
15958.2 pounds milk; 812.44
pounds fat.
i Interested Jap's Santa 296028.
13308.5 pounds milk; 805.72
pounds fat. ; '
You'll Do's Favorite ,206632.
14007.7 pounds milk; 804.81
pounds fat. '
Cku 7 Cowi 4i and Und-sr 3
i Years.
ix Vive La France 319616. 14.-
925.7 pounds milk; 1031.64
pounds fat. .
i Olympla's Fern 252060. 16,-
147.8 pounds milk; 937.80 lbs.
j x Goldie'a Nehalem Beauty.
283330. 15,323.5 pounds milk;
940.91 pounds fat.
i Sophie's Bertha 313238, )16.
102.1 pounds milk; 875.41 lbs.
Sophie '19th of Hood Farm.
14,373.2 pounds milk; 854.80
pounds fat. 1
j Rosarie's Olga 4th's Pride 179.-
509, 14,104.8 pounds milk; 836
90 pounds fat.
I Gillsland Lass 331795, 11.856.8
pounds milk; 836.65 pounds fat.
! Sophie's Agnes 296759. 14,-
149.7 pounds milk; 834 88
; Sayda's Kissam' 325433.
266.9 pounds milk; 804.09
ibs. tat.
x Sunlight's Glow 296336, 1 4.
345.3 pounds milk; 801.85 pounds
Class HIowh Five Years and
i Over. '
1 Plain Mary 268206. 15.256.1
pounds milk; 1040.08 pounds
x Vice La France 319616, 15.
271.8 pounds milk; 1039.29 lbs.
i Sophie's Agjies 291759. 16,-
212.0 pounds TOilX; 1000.07 lbs.
! Sophie 18th of Hood Farm 189
748. 17,557.8 pounds milk; 999.
10 pounds fat.
j Epermfleld Owl's Eva 193934.
16.457.4 pounds milk; 1993.30
pounds fat.4
J Eminent's Bess 209719. 18.
782.9 pounds milk; 962.80 lbs.
! Oxford Wexford Spot 289464,
16.361.0 pounds milk; 95S.85 lbs.
j Dosoris Park Uly 2337S3. 16 -
726.1 pounds milk; - 957.43 lbs.
j Maiesty's iris 365701, 17 469.7
pounds milk; 956.68 pounds fat.
I Joba Irene 146443, 17.253 2
pounds milk; 952.90 pounds fat
"I u"t served on a jury with
0 other men and a woman." an-
ci"d J Fuller Gloom.!
Did yon arrive at a verdict?"
In Jurt thre m'nntes. We
asked her how she was goinr to
Vote, and she ea'd for the defend
Iht; and we all changed our midsi
anr coneurre-rcansa3 -City
Nearly 700 Pupils Register
ed in Four Divisions,
Gillette Reports
Alphus Gillette, director of the
Daily Vacat cn Bible schools ex
presses himnelf as delighted over
the success of the series, which
pome to a close today noon. The
services have bn carrUd on for
! three wet-Ut with a constantly
growing -n. ailment, until tre
are now almost Too pupils in ihe
four school d vit'oas. of children
not higher in the public schools
than the sixth grade. School has
been helu daily, beginning at 9:20
ana closing at 12 o'clock, noon.
A vacation was given for tho
Fourth and tor Saturdays.
While thf1 study course cloies
today, a public xhi bit of the
school's work is to be given Sat
urday evening a: the First Pres
byterian church at 7:30. Some
of the handiwork taught in the
school will be put on exhibition,
so that It can be seen all through
the evening. A program with
much delightful music, three Bi
ble dramas in costume, and other
literary numbers will be present
ed, showing part of the Kibie
course covered during the past
three weeks.
Much adult interest has been
manifested dur'ng v the corns?.
Upwards of 100 visitors were reg
istered during the past few days.
Fifty visitors inclnding most ot
the rural and city pastors and in
structors attending the summer
school at Willamette university,
inspected the work Thursday and
expressed themselves delighted
with the re?u'ts being accomplish
ed and the interest shown.
The Saturday night program is
free to the public.
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tested matches of the first round
play were the Frohman-Lantis
match in the men's singles, the
Walsh and Thielsen vs. Gabriel
son and Young, and Lewis and
Lewis vs Dewey and Lantis in
the men's doubles, and the Miss
Bishop vs. Miss Ettinger in the
women's singles.
All players are urged by the
schedule committee to co-operate
with their partners and matched
opponents in being at the courts
at their scheduled time for play,
In order to minimize confusion
resulting from delayed and dev
faulted matches. Play will com
mence at 9 a. in. today and con
tinue until 7 p. m. in the second
and third rounds of the tourney.
Results of yesterday s play
first round:
Men's Singles.
Stevens defeats Garrett, -1,
Crawford defeats Barnard. 6-2,
Percy Lewis defeats Wright,
6-0, 6-1.
Olin Lewis defeats Sardam 6-1,
Crum defeats Descuza, 6-0, 6-0.
Gabrielson defeats Small, de
fault. Knickerbocker defeats Stolz,
6-0, 6-0.
, Dewey defeats Ramstead, .4-6j'
6-3, 6-1.
Doney defeats Fletcher, 6-1.
6- 0.
' Frohman defeats Lantis, 7-5,
7- 3.
Qufsenberry defeats Griffith,
Young dereats Jamieson, 6-2,
4-6, 6-2.
Webb defeats Alden, default.
Young defeats Webb, 6-1, 6-0.
Men's Doubles.
Knickerbocker and Bates de
feat Crum and Jamieson. 6-1, 6-4.
Walsh and Thielson defeat Ga
brielson and Young. 4-6. 6-4. 6-3.
Lewis and Lewis defeat Dewey
and Lantis, 6-4. C-4.
Women's Singles.
Mrs. Jacobs defeats Mrs. Rob
erts. 6-3. 6-1.
Miss Campbell defeats Miss
cooper, 6-0. 6-1.
Miss Bishop defeats Miss Ett
inger, 7-5. 6-8. 6-3.
Mrs. Huntington defeats , Miss
McBride, 6-3, 4-6, 6-0.
9:00 a. m. Bates vs. Dewey;
Lewis vs. Lewis.
10:00 Mrs. Jacobs vs. Miss
Campbell; Gabrielson vs. Knick
erbocker. 10:45 Miss Ettentrer and Olin
Lewis against Agnes McBride and
Mrs. Huntington.
I'OO p. m. Aevens vs. Craw
ford. 1:15 Miss Campbell and Mr3.
McBride vs. Miss Bisby and Miss
Ettinger; Mrs. Cooper and Rob
erts vs. Mrs. Huntington and
Mfs. Jacobs.
2:00 Winner of Stevens
Crawford match vs. winner of
Lewis-Lewis match.
2:00 Quisenbury and Small vs
Gri fith and Stolz
2:45 Chenoweth vs. Doney;
Mrs. Riggs and Crawford vs. Miss
Bishon and Lwis.
3:30 Crawford and DeSouza
vs. Rams' ead and Bernard.
4:14 Paulus vs. Crum; Froh
man and Stevens vs. Chenoweth
and Fletcher.
- 5:00 Quisenbury vs. Young.
Winner of Dewey-Bates match vs.
winner of Doney-Chenoweth
s:i W'nn-r of Crum-Paulus
match vs. Kn'ckerbocker.
6:00 Knickerbocker and Bates
va. winner of Quisenbury nd
Sinali-Grif'ltb and iiz match.
6:00 Fordam and Wright vs
Walsh and Harbison.
6:30 Lewis and Lewis vs.
winner of Crawford and DeSouza
and Ramsden-Bc rnard match.
$10,000 IN CASH
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i ' I. .
la the case. At this time 32 wit
nesses have testified in addition to
. ..: n ... -
two depositions being submitted tn
presenting plaintiff case.
The following named witnesses
testified during yesterday's pro
cedure: i i Otto Huppes. J. J. !Mc
Donald.jDr. C. B. O'Neil. Ci B.
WebD, 'Eric Butler t statistics)
Dan Langenburg. U; G. Holt an 4
T. T. Crozier. i !
Mine Offer Tkl About, j
,C. B. Webb, another of the pit
nesses to testify in Todd's be
half, gave Information as to Car
los Byron's offers to "protect"
investments made by tialem (citi
zens by Byron .turning over a min
ing property located fn Snoho
mish county, Washington. He tes
tified that be was a member cf a
board representing fthe investors
and to whom the property trans
fer was made. ; f ,
, Speaking of the mine, Mr. Webb
reviewed statements by Bron
that he at one time could have
bonded the property for $$Q0,
OoO. "Is it not true. Mr. Webb, that
this-' mine is under suow so much
of the time as to render investi- j
gation into its value exceedingly
difficult?" queried Attorney Wins
low. '
The witness replied that an ef
fort had been mae to havei the
property appraised. Testimony
was not admitted as to witnesses
version of what the investigators
had reported.
Faith in Mines Dim. :
"I am asking you, Mr. Webb,
to state how much you will say
that this mine is worth."
"Personally speaking, I would
not give one cent far the best mine
ever opened," said the witness.
Burial Treasure Reported.
In testifying. Mi. Webb told of
an interview with; Byr"on afc Mc
Neill's island at which time the
land promoter had stated that a
sum of money known to him was
buried along a lonely trail in
Washington and that he (Byron)
dared not recover this sum at
that time due to the "watchful
ness of federal officers." j The
witness said that Byron promised
to repay Salem Investors with this
buried treasure.
Regarding his visits to Wash
ington cities. where he met Byron,
the witness stated that he had
not made the trip especially for
the interview but that he was at
tending conventioa at the time.
"Were you surprised when; your
wife, threw the oiuja board out of
the housr??" s
"No," replied Mr. Mocktoh. "I
knew what was going to happen
as soon as I saw i the way jt al
ways managed to have the last
word,' Washington Star.
We were compelled to continue this sale for another week, but today and tomorrow are absolutely
the last two days. Prices have been cut even lower than those recklessly slashed during the previous
days of this sale, j Bold type never before told such a story of wanton and deliberate sacrificed. This
is the one Grand Opportunity. It may never occur again. Your common sense and good judgment :
will enable you to see
You Can Save
More in Two
Days Than ;
You Ordinarily
Save in a Week
11111 L .UJ" ""' " wiJiniui'iiiiiiii.- nil "i ii iiuuui.ii mi in iiiiii ii.ii... iii.uiiii .. hi i ,1
Men's ; Wash Ties Men's $45.00 Suit, these Men's Ribbed Unions,
last two days for regular $2.50, Sale Price
; 24c t $1945 98c
Men's Fine Dress Shirts, fine Overcoats, regular $25-
Sa!ePr,Ce! regular $7.50, Sale Price $30, Sale Price
29c j v $238 $4M .
pQl,0 -Lior Ladies fine black Dress -$5.00-$6.00,
Sale j Price ar $2 25 price price
$U8 I 78c 98c
of This
Salem's Husky Vocalist Will
Help Things Along at
Club Banquet
Dan Langenberg will lead the
Singing at the big Commercial
club banquet at the Marlon to
night at 7 o'clock.
Mrs. A. J. Rahn will sing two
or more solos.
The banquet itself is to be a
culinary triumph with the Ore
gon substantial that make men
flad to be alive and in the midst
of the good things of life.
Prof. Stephen 1. Miller of the
University of Washington is to
t.e tne main speaxer, on the sub-
ject, Organtaation as a Business
Factor." He ,is ruU-d as one of
the keenest speakers in the north
west, and he has a subject that
ought to make a Commercial club
stand up and yell.
There will be other informal
talks by local and imported
speakers, on subjects that demand
attention from everyone.
Two hundred guests can be ac
commodated, and it is expected
that this number will be on hand,
though tickets have not yet been
sold assuring that number. The
club membership is approximate
ly 1200, so the 200, making-only
16 per cent of the total member
ship. Is figured as a safe expec
tation on a '"get-together" plea.
Several Hundred Tons of Big
Cherries Shipped Out of
. Salem Plants
Royal Annes are sliding down
the steep declivity toward ex
tinction in the local market.
There will be an almost negligible
quantity of Ihem left after this
But they've been mighty good
antic Price
the importance of the event
For Saturday Only
Two Carloads Just Arrived Saturday, per-pound
2 y4 cts.
History Never Heard of Such Low Prices
1373-77 Court Street t Salem, Oregon
Don't Fdrget The Time and Place '
j j 4-..
while they di4 last, They haye
been In' the greatest demand of
all fruit thus far ripened; every
body has taken a whirl on Royal
Annes. Canners. cryers, express
shippers. niaraschlnists, hand-
eaters, all have swoopea aown on
the royal Mary Annes-HSO, the
merry Koyai Anner anainey
couldn't last long under such an
attack. They have been shorter
than a normal crop, but the qual
ity has been very good, indeed,
and they couldn't help but sell.
The general price has-been four
cents a pound wholesale, and at
the canneries.- Some have sold
for more, at the retail stores and
delivered to the city homes, j
Several hundred tons in arl wjll
have gone from. Salem, barrelled
for finishing into maraschino
cherries that bring a, fabulous
price. They receive only" the
once-over pickliug here, and ar
barrelled and shipped to the mar
aschino factories for final treat
ment. The Oregon cbeiry has
been found peculiarly adaptable
to this treatment, and it opens up
e splendid market for the cher
ries in the future, a market that
must grow immensely. i
The question recently raised a a
; to the interpretation of the new
tariff bill, now before congress
for debate, in which maraschino
cherries are quoted as subject to
a tax which would be only about
1 cent a pound -on the cherries
as they are shipped from Salem,
is important for Oregon growers.
It would not be much of a pro
tection, if the foreign .cherries
are brought in at a valuation of
.say 5 centa a, pound, which would
pay only the 1 cent a pound dut;j
and the freight difference alone
between here and New York
would absorb all that tariff dlf
lerential. 1
King and Lambert cherries are
to be handled r& quantities by
the King's Products company as
soon as the Royal Annes are out
of the way, which wTTl .be prob
ably the last of this .week. The
black cherries are later than the
Annes; and the company Is pre
paring to handle them along in
succession. , ' t
Chief Justice Taft to
Be Sworn in Monday
mer President Taft is to be sworn
in Monday as chief justice of the
United States. The ceremony. It
was said. today, will take place. In
the office of Attorney General
Dauehrty. j ;
' .
- Slashing
in EEra :
Hundreds Seek to Start Life
Again in South
America, r :
Four hundred German Immigrants
came to Argentina few days
ago to seek their fortuneaanew
on" board the first passenger ves
sel flying the German flag which
entered this port since the begin
ning of the war. : The majority
of them were members of the for
mer German middle-class and
about 80 were officers . of tl
German army, but few are under
stood to have possessed any cap
ital with which to start ' lite
afresh. Most of thera were count
ing upon prompt employment to
provide them . with livelihood. The
same vessel landed about 300 Ger
man immigrants la Brazil and a
smaller number in Uruguay, , It
is understood that this was the
first of several steamers which
are to bring contingents of Ger
man immigrants to these shores. '
. Perhaps St. Peter will be chari
table enough to recall that Moses
wrote those ' commandments be
fore the Income tax blanks were
printed. s
Invite Your
Neighbors to
Town For This
Gala Affair. You'
Never Be Sorry!
Cfngham, per yard
Ladies' Vici Kid Oxford,
regular $7.50, Sal. Price.
$395 ;
Men's Canvas Gloves
Shinola ....:.3C
Men's Handkerchiefs 4C
Caps,....L .39C
Men's Dress Shirts 89 C
of This
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Event k
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5 !
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