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( "loill . pi o !a oi ; I ii ' 1 1 1 I it !:l
ill t Ik- lin'U ' n ' : i'i' I" ' -
tinli: 1 ; i K f I ate : olltliWe-lc ll
The Statesman receives tire leased
wire report of the Associated
Tress, the greatest and most re
liable press association in tho
h, I l l l ll I L
More Money Ss Subscribed to
Hope Held That Remainder
. Of $25,000 Needed Will!
Be Raised Before Night!
By Personal Canvass. !
Altitude of Growers Lends
Encouragement at Com
: mercial Club Session
'- names were an
nouueed at tli" ( '(iiiniMM'cial
clul) last niJit to the list of
aulmerileers to the $2,HH) loan
fund for financine; the logan
berry juice business of tin
Northwest Fruit Products com
pany tliat is salvav'iiif; the half
million-dollar national adver
tising - anset of the i'hez com
pany. v The names newly announced
; U. (I. Shipley.
. Adolph IJrotliers.
Kay L. Farmer.
O. IT. Roberts.
Claude Helle.
. The Iloth Oroeery company'
Statesman Publish in com
pany. Charles K. Spauldiiif? com
pany. Kach of these subscriptions is
for the maximum amount of
$T0O. On the previous nij;lit
$7,KH) was subscribed in the
meet iri Sr.
Strenuous Work Tenia y
These new names, and the first
list published yesterday, do not
nearly represent the work clone
or the capital in sight; It is be
lieved that the full iiota of $25.
000 will be, raised today, if tho
hundreds of men who do business
on the prosperity of the loganber
ry industry, will do their plain
' One speaker Bald last night that,
ft 'Would le money in any man's
rocket to put in $1oim and kis it
good-bye, if only the commun.ty
coald nave Its land valu-s and tho
vain,- of tlm national advertising
the loganberry- business had
brought. To lose, one crop of a
berry that has had such a fight for
its life, and let the farmers plow
Op their fields because thoy eon Id
not sell (heir crop, would mean.
In the estimation of more than
one speaker, the actual loss e-f
Bums many times greater than tho
total vain-: of one rmgle crop.
CanvMHM to In- IVrsonnl
No further meetings will be
held, jut some energetic personal
ranvassitiK will be done today.
,Th loganberry season begins in
full blast .Monday, when then?
Will j be many tons of berried
ready toj)irk and driver.
" One nco'iraglng report was
tnade, that the growers who nr.'
aaked to accept notes for the de
layed 2 cents a pound after th"
allowance of I cents for ric!inr.
ar$ ready to accept the proposal
most cheerfully.
. "ft makes us straight partners
With the grower, in that his fruit
tote and .our loan notes are on
exactly thib ame plan, and our in
terest are identical. It's th"
road to a perfect understanding
nd a permanent prosperity for
both city and ni'iirry," w;is the
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Fighter Celebrates IJirthday by Taking Complete Hest,
i iAsteninjj to Surprise Entertainment and Receiving Hun
i dreds of Telegrams Mother's Message (Jives Him Joy
"ATLANTIC ''ITY. N. J , June
ZWW'lth tho passing of his 20th
. Wrthday Jack Hi inpsev will re-
me training-, tomorrow to put j
1 tintshing touches on his on-j
w-kio f0r ,i,o d. of his titl.' j
f5t (ieorge s Carpentie r a w.-.-k '
rrn8'""rfIay' T,' Oiamp hasj
-actied tho peak of his training !
j., niKhly satisfactory manner,
thw iDd1erH Bay an(l Pu!l on
" gloves only four more times
ote crawling Into the ring to
Ordinance Placing Regulation
With City Council May be
Introduced Soon
An amendeil city ordiuani" an
thoriint, tin issuing of !i'-enc:: ;
all soft drink establishme-nts in
the it y i; held ;ky to t,e iiiirn
din-eil for consideration at the
next meeting of the council.
In the opinion of many the ae
tion i- necessary before effective
regulation may be made upon pool
halls .selling soft drinks uhn ii
have been the object of consider
able criticism lately.
The ordinance wiil no doubt
placo a tax of not more than a few
dollars upon the dealers, hing
lormnlated for the chief purpose
of bringing all of the establish
ments under the regulation of tin
council. It doubtless Would be
necebsary to include all e-tablish-ment.s
selling soft drinks.
President Cunningham Of
Montana Life Will Talk
Monday at Noon
Commercial club members are
to have two pleasures at the Mon
day noon luncheon - the regular
dainty lunch prepared by Steward
John Iiundberg. and the excep
tional literary bill of fare set forth
by Manaeer McCroskey.
This time it is to be a real
treat, for Mac captured Harry
Cunningham. president of the
Montana State Life I nuraii' -company,
of Helena, who was
driving through Salem on his way
for a visit to Klamath Falls. He
is a fascinatng speaker, a good fel
low who can say the things that
need to be said but without pois
oning .them and whoever misse-the-luncheon
is a w ho'll
never catch up. .
K I Ml
SILVKUTitN, Or.. June I -(Special
to The Statesman I - The
Silvertoit Community cluli is
working hard to make a siu i c s . o!
the Fourth of July cc !!. ration it
has planned. The main feature
will le the picnic dinner in the
city park. The community club
will furnish free coffee, cream
and sugar to all thv picnic people-.
The paraeie will start at ti ::!
in the mornifg. l'tic s will ! ot
fei:d for the three: best, deeoraied
motor cars A prire will al-o b
givn ti the organization having;
Things are expected to pop in 'of the Wit --on admin .-1 rat ion. t h i -Salem
within the next few weeks , ' a a presidential otrice wotiM
when the Salem post masters hip have- been cntirelv at tie- discre-
falls into the hopper and the
whe-els begin to grind.
The i eg ii la r term of the pres
ent pistmaitir. Augu.-t llixke
stein. expire- in August, it is un
derstood. Cnder the conditions
that prevailed until near the close
meet the- Kuropean title holder.
Ilempsey celebrated his birth
day by taking a complete rest as
l.i r as routine- training is concern
ed. Five h'Mielrcei or more telet
grams i-xteneling birthdiv greet
ing and wishing him good luck in
his coming championship contest
were received.
Mother Se nds (Jreetinjr.
Carpentier and his manager.
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Ashurst and McKellar. Dem
ocrats, Protest That Too
Much Power is Extended
To Secretary Mellon
Thorough Inquiry Will Pre
cede Report on Bill By
Finance Committee
WASHINGTON. June 1:1 Cnt
'ism ol the adm i list rat ion bill:
!or refunding the $ l ii.inio.iHMi.oeo
allied de,t was voiced today in .
tie- senate.
Senator Asdiurst. Democrat. Ari
zona, protected Jagaiiist giving the
Miretarv authority to extend pa
ments of interest. Senator McKel
lar, Democrat. Tennessee, a.-sailed
provisions which he said would
j permit the secretary to "swap"
j America's good credits lor
! worthless German. Austrian, or
I Turkish reparations bonds.' and
Senator Smoot, Republican. I'tah.
!.-aid the bill would confer ' too
1 much power" on Secretary Mel
lon. ! McKellar Lends Attack
The principal attack was made
! by Senator McKellar. who said,
i the prov ision authorizing the ac
ceptance from debtor nations of
1 their bonds or those of any other
nation, in the refunding process,
irhould be stricken from tho bill,
i Senator Smoot declared tint
; "nobody .but an insane man"
; would trade American credits for
'reparation bonds of Germany and
.her allies. If such an attempt
' were made, he- added, congress
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the largest number of members
participating. Charles llartinin
will be marshal ot Hie day.
Although the program has no!
vet been worked out in detail a
general outlin" has bee-ri made
which is follows:
!:::'. parade': DLIIO. pragram
in the city ;; t k under the auspic
es of the- Trinity and Si. Join::;
chinches: picnic dinne-r:' -
liices and oilier sports on Mail
stl e-e . ::, lia.)il II n;i me
In th" evening the Siiverton file
epn rl nient will demonstrate! It;
1 it'-fighting ability. There w'H
a Iso be a water 1 1 v h t .
t ion oL l In- p: e.- id. iit -jtiid t h'
local conge os-men Now. it is
under cjil service- rule.,, that the
'new administration has not seen
In to iibrogiiie so tie- ,' st man
. iio.v be expect-d to win
Lillet Have- ll.ll bob s.
j A clo-e iii'iuiry into these clvd
' MTVic r II however. re-Veals
-onie- curious ra'hcd'-s that will
l-'.ir investigation. The rul--.-eiii
to say that the examination
I will b" given and t hen tin- jiosi
'.i.o'i i general selects a winner
1 1 nit! the tht'i-e men adiild--e( by
the examining lio.ird to stand tli
highest in th" examination This
:t. slid. nd of ex'-elif-n-e may a -parently
be as variable as to sav
that a man i- a "king " He might
In- king of ap or He-ll.igime i
il.tiid. an. I have- no followcis !u:
a veller purji or a oin--ved t;ir
tot: or he might be king of Kng
, land and have three, hundred mil-
'ion people- paving h'tu a salary.
Approximately '.' per cent oi
tlie -cale of 100 points is to be
'awarded on executive- ability.
.One' man might i-xcctH-- a piano.
:. tiether Tii-ht be a crackei aek
'ialesman. a third might be an
c rat or who could make the lard
words croon lullahyes and tlie
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Km ma J. Cole lrotnht From
Albany to Salem for Oper
ation to Save Her Life
A 1.15. A NY. Ore . .Inn.- 2 I - Will,
:ui open ia'kknife in her stomach.
Mi?'- I! mi ma .1 Co!.-. In -ais.
eo-Mity rliartf wax today lak'-n
to Salem to undi'i Jo an op. ration
Mi - Cole has leen an inmate o,
Ihe .-late Home for Keehlo fiiuli.,i
Hit had been parobvl to her rela
tives 'who live near Stayton. Ore.
'I lo- Unite a:id li!;i. are 5 inches
lion-. M . -i (die ,vas "ported to
i have swallowed the knife yester
j As Tar
la t Mi glit
is could lie fs'ert a in-d
Miss Cole was not op.
eiated on here at a i. of
hospitals or at any stat
the ijty
instil ii
tion. Local in format ion is that she
was a patient at the state hospital
for the insane as a drue addict,
not the feeble minded school, and i
v..i'- disc barged about two years
:"o. She was committed fror.-.
I. Mill lolll'tV.
Aid Commission A n no u nces
Part of Pokey After
Aster ia Conference
ASTOKIV. Ore. June 24. In'
a scries of meetings here today
the World war veterans state aid ;
commission perfected organization
and look the first steps toward I
selling the law in motion. The
commission prepared formal
statement of its first actions, audi
outstanding feature of which are!
that there are to be no preventa-I
ble delays: that the interests of all I
concerned are to be safeguarded'
by careful and painstakinc admin
istration of the law and that the
'x service men are to be protectee!
from loan agents considen-d cr
tain to follow in the wake of bo-j
nus administration.
The entire commission was
present throughout the meetings;
Ciotemor Olcott beig elected
i h; il Mian of the commission. The
other members are Secre-tary of
State Kozer. Adjutant General
White. Arthur C. Spencer of I'ort-'
land, and Lyman (I. Hice of Pen-1
After spending last night at
Fort Stevens, the party started
late today lor Olympia wbe-re the
operation of the WasMngton bo
nus law ill be sttl'hed.
Ground Cleared for New
Siiverton Postoffice !
"Special to The- Statesman l
The- ground whih the new post
oMice building is to be ere-rled
on is b'itiL- cleared The Ihtoe
- ho;i w hic h now ociupv the space
,ite bem- moved. J. I I'isli
voi.d' htriHss shoti. the birge-t
of t h t !i i -. i being mo d to
in hot i.. on Oak street ut'tll his
lleW bi o I, building K i omt'1' ted
The piisinlli ! b iibhiiL- w-i .
Tin med b Coolidie A Mce'l.'l'l.
I liters
De Valcra Held Briefly
And Is Then Released
DCHLI V. June i -.v The
sscM-iated Press i n official of
the llail i:ireani tated thi- after
noon, that during a i;i'd Wednes
day evening. Liimoun d- Valcra
was taken hv I'.ritisli t row n i.oi i s
to the l'ertobello barrack--, where
If w;is defi'inecl until 1' " !o k
Thursday afternoon, lb- was then
"The- motive of the British an-'horitie-
m otderinr' hi-- release is
not known." said the official but
the situat'oii rem.. in ; on. nan-- d."
Woman Held Not Guilty
By Jury in Astoria Court
A ST III J A Or . .lull" 'J t
b"inK out but i 1 niinute-s i
cn I e oil it in- this a 1 1 1 Tin
i u rneel a venl t t of not k "
I h" e as.- ag.i ins! M rs Lula
wlio w :i - i-'iar'id with man
ter f C-r llllin" tic- late- , .)
ho Wi' - ' a i ;: H .- hot here
c ir-
,oii i"
':i u'i
Jiilt n ;
on t 'e
::-,et o!
II el a 0 t
II -e
e-,e !!
WOMAN .NOT f.l ll.TN
CCA(i(. .Jun.
L-ab'-He Orthwe-in
guilty by a jury
tr'al cm a rhnrge
: I Mr: ' 'or.j
was tciunel mi!
tonight ;tt h'-r
of bavin:: inur-
dend Herbert I Zitgl.r.
Lewis Claims Gain Over
uompers, But Snlit
Miner Deleaation Mavi
Lose Him Many Votes.
RS w-i--
Color Line Stays After Ar
gument Relative to Ne
gro Union Labor
DKNVLK, Colo, .Inn
'"'h candidate: John I. Lewi
and Samiol Gomper.- were
cciuaMy certain tonight that thv
would win tho presidency of tlm
American '"e-ierat ion ot La '..or to
morrow Throughoi't the day electioneer
ing raged cm (he floor of the con
vention. T'lnc and again I tie rrn-
jceed'ngs were- 'iiteiruptid iy
caucus;!!-, th gatherings of dele-
I rre8idcMi!,7;!rmm.rr tmu'L I','-
taken to l-eo, order.
,Sdif .May Hurt Icivis
Th" l'wi.s suppc rt rs c laimed
mat they had mace gains and
! ic-ic-nt
votes to elect the
worker;-' chi
by s -veril thou
while Gompers
and majority,
boomers asserted
an leader "would
that the veter
vvin rasilv."
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IlKNVKi;, .lime L'l. Tiie action of the executive council in
re-riliating- ami sc-ve-ring relations with the International Feder
ation of Trades Tuioiis was sustained tonight by an overwhelm
ing vote of the American Feeleration of Labor.
I'ropo-snls made K ylhe I nt ernat ionl Association of Machinists
ami the Firemen and Oilers' union lliat the executive council
;.nd President (!oniieis be immediately instructed to reaffiliate
the Amerie-aii labor movement with the European organizations
were almost unanimously defeated.
A spirited ve-rbal combat took
place betwei- i Jerry Sullivan, of i
the Hotel oid Restaurant Km-'
ploye.s and Scl-oe-nherg. Sullivan'
alt" nipt 1 to one tion the machin
j..l d!e,tt- reg.ini,ng details ol
e oriespoude lice lie h;ol Willi t he
i n tern ii l ion a !.
Le'ijamin ,-:'i!e -.-tiuger. pre-si-ib
l'l ol t lie 'nie: Ladies
Gaimenf Workers. ceclare( thut
t here was- "ii" good I ii -en hi I h-
oi'hl ior t'i- v in' i i' iin federation
Hot being ,t. il at'd with tie- ill
ti l liii t ioii;e-l
I ii I i r u g t a ! 1 1 ba t ton wit h
tin- nt' i n.i iiona I meant l-ndun'
a i'p l ov
! to
; a - ia n i
111. Vice l'l'.
V "lit
. a -.s .
t loll. I I m
William I'lin- '
bill' ' I - s i ii'
hi stand.
Then lie b- g
r- nia r(-. ma b-
. o', 1 1 1 M ; i Y
an t,
. Mil
.n I
a r i
'i : er
I c-
girding coin
g - r 1 1 1 n t w o
ii cf d and a
! ii
i ii s;. i t he
-. lb II t o'"
, e. l-i-rg
ruled that
1. i
of i i marks I'm- i Ii,
1 1 i nc.i n m u -l i on I i r
to tin
In- iol d i e- .s
tiio i meuf
Tl.e i'es' ic-l. oi I i; t II :
w i t i th Intel n a t i on ii I I
i r Trail e ii n cms pn-ei pi
of the si " I ill i' 'St S-'illl
i-iim vol . i n t on i g Ii i v. i ii
m i ' t ee on international
ri ci i m m etnl d t h i r
t 1
I.. I '-"Us
el' t a t un
,ite! oil"
o! I to
ti. mm
i - l, ,OU -
I "n .l id'-n -
l,oee-rs and III' . . 1 1 l V e emri
cil in w II heir. i w nr-g a I ' 1 1 i.i t ion ,
from Ho- Lurop an oriraniatlon
be- approve. e.
'W'e find that th- e-V'i-i! I - .- o
the International I ' '! era t ion e,t
Trad- - unions. " -aid tin- 1-0111111.'-
f. e'w I pot ' ' ' -l V. 1 1 Mi 1:1 It I I I h - '
trade union, t prim pi's a tn! 10
ped'i'iC". whieh :u 1 .id uriilely il"
scribed hy our e-.-ci.t 1 ve- coino ii
as 1 e-, ol ul 'oii.e r . central; to t h '
i, oie- e, 11 1 1 the -,i 1 iosoph; or o'ir
movrm'Mit and in conflu-t v;:ti th
pronon :ie ' 1 1 - ii 1 - of ilo- M o' 1 1 r 1 -ii I
ii. iivi liti'-ti ot the Ann rican l-' d-e-1
a t ion e 1 1 I ,., Iior. ' '
Amid eonfusion ami t'-rtiioil the
convention jidopte-d a .report con
demning th" Kuss';;n seivii't gov
ernment as "an enemy of labor"
and with "d.-Ktroying the seH-gov-
industry ADjiral CONCEDES
Fishermen So Busy Talking
About July 2 Bout They For
sake Trout Streams
One weul. hardly expert that
the .ler-ey t'itv r i n l: , i , I e . where
Mhe't(. liii.Viii: more than :i m:!-"
non dollars worth of tickets to
- ' (' fli t ..mi
on .Inly 2. v.ould ha
til" lie
irperitier light
ive am elle-t
i "" 'he li.'-lnn' in fa
r oft Ore-ison.
Hut it does;.
Fishermen who ordinarily
would be on: about .". o'clock in
the morning, 'whipping the
streams for trout or dragging .th"
sloughs for bass, now congregate
to talk th" great light.
"I getch Hempsey breaks the
parby-voo in two with one lick,"
sivj one beli-ve-r in brawn.
"a, he ean't do it- ne ve r in
i thousand ;ars. Voii can't licit
them Krencil sec- what they done
when they lo'iitht G-rmany, and
thiii Gorgeoiis Carpenter was one
of the best o 'em all!" says the
heliee-r in the rpiritual sid- of
lUhtins; th.. kind that nlle-H cn
soul and n -ive.
"I bet on Jack lo win
me rouno--. say the h-hovcrs in
thicl; nei-l;s and " never rais'-dt
my boy to be a soldb-r" training!
to keep a body from stopping I
troublesome bullets. i
"You can't hit a man who
am t there," say tin- admirers l
the e-lunive. wildcat Ivpe that is
never cowardly 've-n if not 'to
loolharily in trying to meet hull
stiength on the bull's own horns.
Actually, nccorcng to some of
the Salem d 'aTer's. the big !ight i.i
affecting fishing h re around Sa
lem. They'll lying awake night?,
wondering bow it's gc ing to come
out. They aren't b-tting much
but th" bass and the trout are be
coming; fat ard lazy from inaction
and the flivvers and rubber boots
are rusting in their stalls, while
the fishermen talk about the big
ernment of the Russian peoplv
and impohing a vicious tyranny "
Opponent of the committee'.;
action atl'inpleil t-t prevent tin
matter from going to a vot- ;ind
hurled c-ries ol "machine- rule." ;. t
Vr'-siilent Gompcis. when th'-y
I. S. Smart of Chicago, with
drew his accusation of "gag rule"
wlr-n thre-ateneel evith I'fcfe-rmenr
of charge against him by the
i hit i rma n .
An mit iiiivi- ami n-i e rend u m
tor pr -eposa!:'. brought before the
conv' tilion v. a ' n jee tee) todav
Th" measure was propose-d by the
Seattle- ('e-ntial Labor union.
A Mew i-itnmittei- to be known
as the committee on bg isla t ton
was provieie-(,t making I.'! eonv'ii
I lo:; i o ni in ' 1 1 '"s.
The Shepba i d-Tow ii r niate rn
ity bill in congress v. as endorsed.
Merchants Busy Preparing Frr Big Trading Festival
Unprecedented Crowds Indicated by News
From Surrou nding Towns
Will, S.,! m'.
I'.l rs.- 1 in I a b
.1 w a y nn t ' h.e 1. 1 s
pi c-pa t'iti", 'T ti'
' rs which the
l'i!th Annual
than a wi'k
,1 re- "L-.i t 1 1 n cr I'U
onrush of hu -iiav
will liring.
Cb-rks are- m--marking price- tags
'ti m-rc handise and artaiming
ti. ni : e as -e. facilitate shopping:
in! writers are sharpening tlie-rl
p-'i.'il.- lor th- j,i -epa t'a t ion of!
ik-w sj per ;oi v e-t't ise-nn-n t Jo,
make- known the bargains Mi-y;
v ill of r; anel winclow decora mr? '
are planning cb-ver scheme's fori
the artistic display of merchan
dise. Friday, July 1, is l'.argaiu Day,
WASHINGTON', .June 2. Se-ct etury Denby today "pub
licly" n-pnmatieleel Hcat-Aelmiral William S. Sims, as a result
of llie sH-ec-h of the ;iel m i fa I jnade in Lemdon June 7, in whicL
he cril ie ieil Sinn Fein sympathizers in America.
In the ic-jii iinariel Mr. JM.ihy jointed out that once befort
llie navy depart ment liad faiund it necessary to take similai
action acfainsl the officer foi an address elelivered in London
in 1!M1, and referring to theliext of that reprimand, added:
"Your remarks on the occasion now under discussion, thcre
fore, constitute a flagrant Hijd deliberate disregard of specific
nisi I'uet ions.
While llie
naval secretary
Admiral Sims was calling onM 'President Harding at the Whltt
Mouse. It was explained that the admiral called to leave hit
card, as is the custom Avbeit jiigh naval officers return from B
trip abroad, but that, the 'Vsident invited him to chat foi
a few minutes.
I "pon leaving the White ijouse, Admiral Sims, referring tc
1 he reprimand, said : i
"I got what. 1 deserved, tliie same old thing."
II.. ...I.I... 4l... 1. 4 ..Ii -i i' t r aticA.I u1 m !tllctff irtn
lie iiii' ii lorlt lie I cms 'I Lveii
I any inconvenience, but saut null
j ,.ose.. !i
I .. , i :
So far as could be leariuL the reprimand was not men
tioned during the Admiral 's -visit to the president. Upon leav
ing the White House the offiejer was asked if his conversation
with the executive had been pleasant. He replied:
"Of course it was." I;
Admiral Sims left tonight fur Newport, R.I., where he will
resume his duties as president bf the naval war college, j
LONDON. June 2 4. A dispatch
to the Ixmdon Times from Berlin
repeats reports from Itiga that H
state of war has broken out bei
twfn 1,-tvia and Russia. The
trouble is sa;u to have been du?
to the execution of 17 communists
with the consent of the Lottisb
government. .
So Close is Rowing Duo)
Open Water Vere Shows f-
Between Shells If
NKW LONDON. Conn . June 2 4.
In a titanic battle of blades the
j Yale "Varsity crew" defeated the
Harvard c rew on the Thames
I liver his this afternoon by a scant
three-epmrters length in a gruel
j ling' tour-mile race in which open
'water imver once showe-d between
jthe she lis. Onl " 1--"' seconds 8Cp
jarated victor and vanciuished at
I the end of mm of the closest and
; most .spectacular aeniatic duels
jeve-r staged by the two ancient
Uollei-iate rivals. The official
I t inn-., we-ri-;
i iib 20 minutes, 11 sriynb.
Harvard- 2n minutes. -Ul-",
i seconds.
and ne w.: re e-e-ived from all sur
rcjti iil in tosvns indicates tlmt
tin-re will li- ii very large attend
ance of out-'ef-tOWIl people.
In speaking or l'.argaiu Day.
one of t he- ic iding merchants said .
"I tie-;e-r si-v so many cut ot-town
shoppers as were- pr-sout last
Margain ha; ami I liope that we
wiil e,. i-;e-n ii laii-.e-r number next
Kiidii; 1 am sure all t Im Bar
gain day stores will do their ut
most to make the day a profitable
one for all : hoppers.
Th" Husmess Men's league is
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was making public the reprimanS
i ci t 111 toei.n u oveiiiiiniiiive
. , -1 t.l " 13 t "
lie now consjuerexi me incident
Text c-f IteiH-fmand , j
Tho text ot Secretary Denby'i
reprimand follows:
"On June 8, 1921. there" ap
peared in tbe public press throogt
tout the country a report ot cer
tain statements alleged to harr
been made by you on the occasion
bf a luncheon given tn London on
the previous day at which yon
were the guest of the English
Speaking union.
' "These public statements, , it
correctly reported, deal with mat
ters which properly should be the
subjesct for comment by no high
government official other than one
to whom the care of our foreign
policy is entrusted. , .
j! l'rc-HK Ile-Mrt Confirmed
"Your letter of June 22, In
which you furnish the department
with an abstract of the speech de
livered by you on the occasion In
question confirms in essential
points the aforesaid press report
and shows that on a public occa
sion in a foreign country you gave
Utterance to the following state-
M " 'I do Tint want to touch on the
irlsh question, for I know nothing
inoui it, ana nave not run serosa
phy-bo4y In England who does,
?jjt there are some people In our
Ciiu n try who technically are Am
ericans, gome of them naturalized
ii)d some native-born, but some of
them are not really Americans at
Sympathizer Called Enemy ;!
s:1' 'Some of these people are now
tj-ylng to destroy the good rela
tions between our two countrlees.
They are Americans when they
wjuit money but Sinn Feiners
when on the platform. They are
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." i'iKTI..V M. crt. Jnn 21. Ran
rriii'-iM-o u II htriielil freftn Port
ISiiel fur lie- season toilnv in a one ili
aejiie.. tlic Nerf eif enhi'-li wii 1 to 8.1
ityti le. tneik O-rril-U heatinc, 4Ot
hisi-n.ieirt m poor The HaTers have
tn lost 'l uf lln ir hint 2'J enmrm. .
1 K. fl. K.
S":,n lr;inias() IS 22
l"j.itl.-o,'l S 8 5
ISaUiTie-i, S.-ott anil Ve-llp; Kosi and
IH.-. Jierr. j ;
..i-i.vv. KKVSCISCO. Jtinr 24. Oakland
vf' ii i-ueirlv ,1 e-et irme from Salt Ikke
1 3 O. S Tlip Hi'i- knoi lei-il Hiedxjld Ottt
of (In- Pox en the' firnt ninine anel arored
Osier reiMH. while- the- cluka ffafft Ctnlfl
hitirtlHr ronsrli Ir'ntme-iit far fiy 4lli
in. Jln ir half of 1he leamc framr. Winav
wii) r'-plAe-e-a Sitliolil. wax hit hard but
lint; Me i eksfullv -neug!i for Salt Lak
li)'l'h ni. whit'- raced f i-ld ina; by tha
llcuie, a'pleet to tlnir Irouble-s.
: j R. U. K.
SKli: Lake 19 T
Cliik )n-ie! 13 14 3
i elte-ree-H Onulel. Kallio. BIeholdM
atie'i l.vnn ; S- iPoM. Winn and Koehlef.
iS AN; ILLS. Jun 21. Wrnoaij
oirime a feiiir run le-d todav and ne-i
f.-uieil K,rrmmlo .' to 4 Hyatt doubteed;
iecfii'- t'-nth and Shr-llpnliach ran for5
loiin; Se-hneidi-r sae-rif ered. Shellenbherll j
KOiiiJS to third: Hannah got a baaa on,
Mtlej and Shi-lle-nlea.-h rore-d when r'renxk :
fnr-fl Hannah at Sef-oiid.
innineo K. H. E. 1
S.(crjnirrte) . 4 8 0
V-rrton ..1130"
tJaltrrie-K--N ie-hauK. I'mne-r and Cook ;
ilrt'-)l' II. M'ir anel Hannah. !,
.time 2 1. In :
4 iio':
tli? it'
r-e)nt(.t Seattle I'PxttMt lyV8 AnfHr
llnlrn' homer in th affnh vil
-etm ioint. Crandall for the tia-(.-ai.-t'
lied Jae-obs. but was ""n
Pa k.
i; w. l.
.538 i
.S2 I
.378 i
.234 ;
. .; !
: i
Saii st'ranriaro
hi vn if-li-a ...
S?t il.ake
rortland i