The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 11, 1921, Page 8, Image 8

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President of American Med
Association Age
Bootleg Quacks
cheese week
! pound during the week, or re-
iduced even further. ,
! ruder the direction of the do
mestic science department of Or- I''
and the stressing of trade fca- denre over th? right of the child
tures. ; to be Sell born
iffittal libit ion Xerevtry. -t 1 rot mture w:irs betw
MOSpilallZatlOIl Is MOW the l!TM tiviln fii.htiin m -ii uliirli uo
thought Tf.r the sick, partly f' I l,ave lo fear, it is the il.t-nori
pro'essional, c hief I for e. ..n :nie fjon of n,,n.'1. jmd tlie inevitable
reasons. We rhould hne the hi t ,,Ss ,,, le-pe t lor our in 1 1 v t '1 ti !
tauuht to see the future lios.tal rights, our ttaditmns and our
88 a PO'-ioloeiral institution, a hiKhest ideals. ltiroHi;li a Mil'iu- r ;-
nlace n f rfiii?.. rfisttiti r. rh t.. . .... .... .t-,iin-
.-- III.l -III' iiiaitii . . ...... r. i .... .-jr.
! 1) for phophyianv an-i n ,. . ,.,,, OlOM PfOtlllCt Will bC
foal AccnMni; a Li, . " I.;;,,.,, education and mt U.K. n.-.-. ami
oouuiauuii Hyamsi i : "V . . , ' "- nie,,talP ttlr. ., n n;, rm ,,nf. , durum chew week, earryinc fo
available t. all ,h.',n' P"rnut the importation o - , housewives of the state first hand ;
i lnlomiation relating 10 t He use
7: tJXJmsmi
gtn Agricultural college appeti.-' f
lllg recipe-- for dices-' dlsnes will ' u
. 1 . j ... 1 1 1 1 1 y .2.
oe piepareu ana mese win dp in-
eluded l the council in laily -rlieevo
menus to be published by , ?
...... f. if ft... ul itn !
lonstr.'itors sent out l.v the ' ;
B -,,.-.. I l.-i Pirn n linn Rn domestic si lent e lepa It men t of "r 1
ousted m Lampamn Be- ie (.oU,.p(i wm lol th), Ptate $ i
i ""The multiplying c.iisfriiK : prduce their kind and soil th"
1 those who mature in body but "''t life str-ani of American cht
! in mind, and so are always !;'- riicn''"
DOIiinmi r- .-. . "
rninUirLt lb UrntLD:"1"0" m-ntaliy. are mak.tiL then
Relveu foil r l.n U- - nti-l.'.l
. I younu women, poverned onh ov AN I IH IsK .;i.M IIKI.PI-:i liie,
thoughts or sex attraction, i-r-a- council
HlinOPt Mfrlf !r rnM -J T tures of a dav t,i nerUli thrfoi'h Cal!ipa!C
w erionr. ir.l in ttw 1 nmliKil m .. 1 , ...1.
. 1 . 1 1 k More Cheese" will be I
-t.'te motto 01 Oretou lor on
wei-k bemi'ini: June L'o. during
. i r(iiuuir, jnu in me i iniiuiai 1 r-
immigration That Opens !ar,H " .v,,th- commim-., by N t;,
; iih ai n wit- til f.i 1 11 1 11 , 1 1 1 ri K ' I'l I
-:,f 2
4 1
t 11I 4 -ri- r. r
; ;v ;V
-v -Hi
nit n
f AM I""1--. fa T !'.! I " ,
i r-
y. 1 I!iie:i:i
Gates to Half-Wits
i.m. ;i.
St , Vahi!iKt"ii. I'
' I. 'isi winter my o-yeai-
approved methyls. These cr.nst:- ,,1,1 Kirj c.utrht a bad cold whirh work,d out by oflicials of
left lir with a dry rough.
I tute the m nace o th- hall-ma
-' pr-!"nt 1 every community.
UOHTO f it tk ! Oilll yirt IHkIiI.
mi-cou. presrriber of c hot 1- "T"'r r'r'"u" ' unr'- ' ' sh
censed ,hv.i.i.. t... "tricted. and they are purveyor- hoop i nt: . ou-h
would r.uiKti until five voin:'- ,... A ,,ri(... , ... r.. . ,.,,i,,n(1 manulac-
must have had
I saw an adve-
of di.vane
in contra'. tis-mnt tor l-"ole's Hone and
ethical KPnto rmiM 1
fendr th- MJr-..- ...I .... " hn- hiRh-r in the rociaT ?.al - Tar I tried it and bought two
kt nri ntr tnor uj Lr r :i :i l . . 4
- - . l I ' I I 1 I Willi I" t'Vfl il 1 I'M III . . m
. Wiv-ii M'lvu nfnc' I ri II r"
taken Foley's Cathartic Tablets
and I recommend them to every
one." Thev banish biliousness,
The aid of hotel, restaurant and headache, bloating. Sold every-
m . ' i m l ninn and mrniruie I t- nit unn mt niiirn le'l Mer ne- ....... .... k .. nn'-.
formlnc dVuttann .r a , h-lh. fore she furshed the second - 'te '' Pl-'lP 'i 'he roun-
criminal. 7 .i!i eauc'eJ ; "There ar - no riehts of paren'- tie She had gotten awfuilv thin. r in its catnpaltn ynd nianufac- It is useless to areue that paint
nfiiinr a. nwvllui.B. tfc , . . noou vnirn nouia inroiiKn ;n.v rmt now ;s as rat as ever. uri n'p- u nv mt? pm-f m ni;ui?-- mt- t- n .mui .1
he. . p i 7 vi.V-' . .T" . - FT. I 1 1 1 1
(.(ki. kk homkx. too g r ',!i-fj'; w'-r v.ib f cr- - "I
,lme , Oie.on I,:,: Foley Cathartic Tablets toli ,v LrW' ' ZKih - '
will conduct a Mate wide nUi. u,.on ;1 favrite physic withlpn fl - 'STW. 'T
t" 'Ufiea,e the use "f.,ncn. Women suffer as much as ' " V2U, ' i'V jJPf Jt
- a loud, accordinu to in- ; m,.n j,, from indigestion and con- I & 1 I -1- ' TZ ; 'iU, i- f
r.achinB Salem. sMnation and hv also require a! m?-Z b-r.St . ,Vsa Ti - '-4, " I
stomach sweet, the liver acti ve l fl 7 rstJ - t f v 1 ' I
and the bowels regular. Mrs. i ? I Jt z-ri'" " ' M. JL'Z'l'i '"'! I
fM mation
Iietails of the rainpaien haio
the council, working in collaboi-
Cieorco Powers. Wlnthrop Ave
Work of Pueblo. Colo., president
Mia me American Medical asso
ciation, convention here.
"These physician are tolerated
by the public," he continued. 1 "be
cause of the Integrltr, efficiency
and slf-abnesation o'f a majority
of medical men ao great that
theae derelicts almost escape no
tice. Horn lYivtletcm Itrtrafetl.
"I sometimes fear tout we re
gard ourselves as dictators :n
medical matters, when In reality
we merely meet the demands or
the public. We should remember
that numerically we are as one
In 800 among the people and thtt
oar calling has already been grant
ed many privileges, some of which
are being betrayed.
"Physicians are Indifferent to
quackery as a competitor in all its
phases. Charlatans have no place
in 'rational medlc'ne. They are
adventurers, supported by people
who court deception for the ex
( cltement of It, anC who are lured
by the mysteries of ignorance.
Principles Threatened.
"Thoughtful men believe that a
crisis threatens established prin
ciples, and that .physicians must
now earnestly address themselves
to the caus? and the prevention of
disease and d'rabllity as the pri
mary concept of medicine, safo
- guarding- its principles. lest the
profession lose its esplrit de corps
and iu place in public esteem.
If ita numbers become piece work
ers, it may fail of public appre
ciation as an essential economic
factor In the preservation of the
national wealth, because of a de
preciating national health. Our
medical outlook must then be
based on public wei'are; and the
function of the physician should
be not only to treat but also to
prevent disease in the families un
ler his care, and in the commun
ity of which he is a part.
. : Press Become Interested.
- "Years ago the general practi
tioner conceived his duty to be
that ot a healer only. He regard
ed disease as Inevitable, if not
Indeed providential. Later be ad
vised his clientele how to avoid it.
Both of these functions he con
tinued to exercise; but a new field
presents itself; medican men mast
ttow combat disease in the mass.
Within recent years our lay press
'has Indicated a welcome Interest
In matters pertaining to public
"Our people regard it, in a new
light, as a virile, organized torce.
(tutte Independent of the sick
chamber or hospital environment.
They see in the practice of medi
cine the possible application of
civil' morals by those skilled In
healing and more. They now
urge that it must include the
larger field ot civic service for
those whd are well; for social
morals should protect against dis
ease, as well as cure it. and busi
ness thrift has come to recognise
medicine as an essential in public
, Spiritual Tpheld.
"The practice or medicine de
tnonates some men to the exeju
alon of many things that broauer.
mad sweeten life. To boast of no
knowledge outside a specialty, to
Bmothr Inicrest in cultural arts
or collateral sciences, to Ignore
the spiritual distinction between
Knn and animals, is to Invite pro
fessional deterioration and exclu
sion from the highest concepts of
the profession.
"No thought Is ntertalned nf
minimising the Importance of in
dividual or Rotated achievements.
1 wish, rather, to deprecate tne
tendency to attract attention to
them to neglect of the larger
things in mdlctne so necessary to
retain public confidence in our
profession, and to secure eoopern
tlon of physicians Instead of ther
dlssasociatljn. now threatened,
largely through special societies,
which is tending to obscure medi
cine as a national asset.
Cities Healthier.
"The city now rears the health
iest children, and schools them
better, offering conveniences ant
attractions, not to he found on the
farm. Consolidated community
schools havs already come, and
with them must come readily
available protection to the heaPh
of rural itwellers. or we shall very
soon be compelled to pav famine
prices for our food, and the source
nf virile m?n shall fail.
"In aPMIAmfsl tt liAnltV. wrlttl 1
4 . .-IV v, U..IIH " .V..
governmental prerogatives 1 an
acute need ror this nation, for the
primitive purpose of producing
our own food and fabricating our
materials for trade and exchange.
"Clearly the stat5 or some unit
of government, should contribute
to Install at convenient points the
housing and apparatus necessary
to medical precision, making it
available to the poorest: but be
yond that an organized govern
ment should not go. Th intimate
relation between physician and pa
tient must be preserved whre l
xlts. and restored where lost. If
re would give our bt aid ana
avoid a whole time state service
w th . its .attendant commercializ
ing ot the profession of medicine.
process of reasoning, take prece- Sold everywhere Adv.
cheese set at about lid cents a woman or a motor car.
William ncldcn, a traffic policeman stationed In New Yorkclty to watch for speeders and Other l
iolatora, baa time to tend a beauty spot. Tho photographer snapptyl h'm at his work fixing up his patch,
- l;
antic Unloadie
l in Full Force
. . i ;. llliiij,-- . , ...
-;.;,;.T- " - ZdT
"'t - - cS V ZjL
mwms- -WW; Trf:, ;wwitri!
--. " " i i-JT": 1 - f.?i K -i ? 4- &. - ... Pi I t r-T
X - Jt 111 1 1 " . - tw''",',NY' IJ" """"''4: .
it'- ' ' -, ,,..ii..."rv"'i,,nr vf5- ' 5 ,'. i - if '
I 1 1 : t . i r.AN.r.ic.i I
K . r mj at ;-- ... .. v - " Km r- M.
Kit ,2 - ' ' (V'V Vs.-
- s -
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