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Address by Governor Fea
ture of Norwegian Church
Session Yesterday
Pacific District Requires i
$1,250,000 For Work
Of Coming Year
SILVERTON'. Or , May 31. -
OuV.TfKl- Oll'Ott N.itH till- ctll'i
speaker at the aft' rnomi session
of the Norwegian Lullo-i-in
church of America synod in' tin
here today. The sneaker paid tr -
4iKatherine MacDonald"
An Absolute Knockout
- Comedy
1 11 I II II JI , I
in I
Amateur Night Thursday I
ii mi I"m " nu iniMimiiiHt fm.m ym mmmt I
Which are yon?
n . I- r. 'i i ices
IS your kitchen uncomfort
ably warm and does it re
quire constant effort to keep it
clean and tidy?
Or are you one of thethou-
sands of .happy women who
delight to work in a cool, shin
ing kitchen with a good oil
cook stove ?
A Rood oil cookstove is easy
to operate brings a stead y in
tense heat concentrated direct
ly on the cooking
Fotbeit results use Pearl
Oil-tTi4carijx:cornical ker
osene that h refined and re-
refined by a special process.
Sold by dealers everywhere.
Order by name Pearl Oil.
(Cfliforuia) i-
s I
;.:. if. U
bute t the loyally of th
wej. lu n-. itiz''fi " America. :!);!,
that ttM'V tiU'l collie from a 'uiu.-i
try w ti r p i..iia lil-i.t was the I
in1'.-' cri'i i.-tn it nf hun, an d'-s-:'.- j
ail'l ll'.H"- gIMII I" ll' l.'J all tll
pa :..-.n .nil i f f 1 1 1 1 ( - !;r I rt ' iiiii ;
l Kit I
I !, r
i .11 f iij a .
I'r. .l' iii K -i-oinK
I -if ll Ti '.. St'iti. .
i"-;ij...'Jli , pi - l nt i.l lip
' ll U I II f -.11 lll'l'd t .( Ill'
nii's a,'il li''
! . li I ! ' I'M in-.. V, i
M (ili'l.i V. Hi-' Inilti'iit
; Mm-
I n - pi r il. H i.illii.l;i'. : . i i J - - 1 '
ll -v , I. :nlal ol Th. ' m T:
fnn-rioon' wa.-. pent ;n rou-Hie
s;. noil i.Ti(.
Tri.- ji'in hud-., t . :' I' ;
:! .' il ' Wil I M 'lll'l! 'I II''
la v
I'M ' .ill' iii I li 1 I'M' It t '
1 1 III II 'I t ,; t,.f, I . I ': '' .! '"I.".
' iV" , i ; I il- I : i .' in I '' '
if tii- . 'hi ri li
. .t i I Divine Ileal!
I Tll":a "'.'lli...-. I'.'V lr II" '.
ilOieiJ fJiVil!" Hi I.O-: Armeies, 01
i , i w t 1 1 a - I mo a mi ' .-'' a ml on
li". Old. a- " .Hi ;pp- -I I" "l
! . h it 1 1 li li' I t.'i" li a 1 1 "li I " hold fat
l.i lli (la ilh of Hi" falh.'i-s w ;
i ha. I tin .It h"lli chu: ii iiiul nation,
i nil.- in t '' 1 ' ' ' ' '-' i a' ! " ' ' ! '
, (lay w ;i4 t ic .i ' ' nlaU'iii ot a s'l'.
i itanii i!, iii.'' "i ;, '!il K' v i-
f. KoKHII, l' T.ll'lll'l '. V.llU ll l
: mtv '1 I hi- ' :in'!i '!' ''' '";?'
I for hi. in- than ': y ar--. ainl or
j . ', .-ar.H t: - s I." 'II I li" ' I l' '.' li!
pi i
il. nt of the I'.i' ilu tr;i t
SC'HHI'I I'll ' I'lMllk
The wmK of -iJn--iia . !i"
flosinii d : v lil !' '" '" " "!' ":'
roiilni" vrnrk if Hi.- symnl. aiol
scl t a in :iii pl.K' 1 fi-r I h"
next annua! on: r n"'- It
li hai lif l.liat S.ia I ralH'.M 'I w.'l
lie fliosi'll
Tin- V . sl.ii!)'; ' If.alt'?', :;lnr'-t
1 oho in r '.u.ii ' i. will It-avo to.lay
for th-ir lini!i".i, all th way tro'ii i
Uritlsli t'ol iml'ia to th" Mi'X. can j
I, orijer. '
- - - - 1
Air IVhil Offici?.! is
Relieved After Inquiry
CIIICAOO, May I'.l.- K. W. Mi
'( rs, superiiiti'jMlcnt o' the Ch -cano
division of the ai.r mail ser
vice, wa r'licvid from duty 'u
( idTj Iron) Uishiiit;ton today.
I f illo iiitf a months invest. Ration
ly postail mvp' tot f. Assisiai i
Superintendents W. S Moore and
linl V. ki"K and MM Manage,
Paul Ouriias also were relievl
from duty "(emlinn lartlur in
1. 1 riict.ii ,ik." C. A Parker was ap
point' ri temporary ciref of Hi
divis'on ja Maiots' place
I n)uo:i Displays of Tr out
(,.iiisf Olii Aivleis to
.,. no
lark!" 'toii't' sol'I alinoHi
oath'-, .- ipj l.v of fi.-hinjr iara
rrrilia 'Im-'-'lay. :i.i:wink tin'
. la. .if itniit in Ho .vinil'iw of
-in. ,! Hi" ii.'-al - l r -r . .!
I mi a. 'i .ii, i wii". .noi llaiolil Mil)-
i aim v.' !. hi il i -. t -1 1 Ti i la i. look
iiiini ll.i ilav li - fi r - ami lain
h".n,' I'i'hU-iI ilnu ti willi lorii,'.
will . i! p. Ihiil;, (hiihhv trioi,
tl. it I i.: v o".il tl -: talili- fa!-!'--s
'!'!.' tti'hi'-- "ii' on thi
I i! nil 'liii'.iif: imi-'t ii'i tin- ilay. ami
I. .:i:iv a in. in V. Inn li'-ur - ill
i..n?ht l!i" I 'i'a.-'i'N or IIm- ill li or
Ml'- honk HI 'll. K I I! L'f-t I i up to i In
i i 1 1 ii I r a in! haw l-il
.i. wlo ii'il ',u Lil Vm? H' '
I ill ii ain't tlii-y; hy? What
'n. ii-.- lo k ti ll Vtn on. ?
Spin ro-r.- '.' fi iniiii' a loa-n th"
I i,-i'i"' r-' m rot how
miifli !i" " Just vol watch ln
mimi':" w h"!i ymi want to soiiih
; i a ! i 'i' . (loi!c I know how
In !-:- ' i f is-'li all
li-ere I e.. for
th'- liU tlilili'-r
lli-'s toinj; as fa sit as th" law
wi'l "iin i f him to vo. and liiaylx
In 'II 'in as hf says -"kftch '"in
iin tin- tniiit ar lii:iiie M"ii'i hs
:i .l-rs"' mosiiito or a I i II
lio" with corns to tiiakf him
roou aim cross. ,noi every, mil
rut in I ti coast streams. Iloi'ns
fishing parties were out over
x'-mor'al dav. ami many fine
.. ' 'UlcheF have heen report !.
I though nnl many of th" fih have
! . i I,. ,..-l :i ::
"I"'- i . ,ti '! oil Jlllllll II ! i ! i ion .
j i, is L,,diTrf.m.i that one io. ai
Jtioll fisherman near Pacific City.
Tit beyond Mebo. hooked a 40
poond Kalmon. I hat Inad his eyes
tick out like p;ffts The salmon
re said to P taking the hook
well, and a Hi-pounder on : litrfit
nek!' would keep most anvone
' iihv as a one-lei jjed man in a
The Santiam is still - hiuh
'tioiirh to he poor fishiiiL'. Ttiere
is still much snfiw on the hills
n'.ir Mill Citv. anil it will inr
hap" he a number iH ilavs befor
Oje stream, now hank-full, wil1
'orter su f ici.-n 1 1 fr lh- best
niKliiiK. The riffles that kI;oii.)
be the very best flv-fishins spo's
re hidden and now .drowned nn
Vr a flood of water that will
have to chase itself clear down
r the .cen before it's of any us
'or ahy kind of fishing.
Many Teachers Apply
From Other Section
School boards ail over thf
"ountrv are receiving applications
teach from teacher-, In otitaide
"Hies. In many cases the aup'I
tnt offers to teach at a reduced
-ate in order to get a foothold in
'he profession in this part of thf
Mrs. Marv F,. rulkerson, county
-tiperintendent, sneaking of the
tnusual number of such applica
tions that are being received
irgfl caution on the part of the
Hoards in hiring teacheia with
-horn they are not acquainted for
'he sake of a small monev con
Ideration. when they thereby let
o a teacher who has done satis
'ac'orv work
It is considered that nearlv half
f the school teachers In Marion
"on n't v have already haen engaged
'or the nxt school year.
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hour. Construction and sec
tion foremen are reduced 10
cents an hour.
Kiiirineet-M Are I "lit.
PasM-nter and freight engin
'rs who were fiven increases of
'o cents am! I :: cents an hour by
he lic'o award are Ut be cut '.
lid cents an ho ir. respectively
"assener and freight conductors,
vho receivnl increases of 12
etits and 1 :: rents in lH.o, are
lit i and s cents, respectively
Train i! i.- patchei s and yard
nastcrs Iwh monthly earnings
ver.'.'e $L''.ii to ll'TO, are cut
ents an hour.
The smallest reduction will an-
ly to oflice boys and other em
- loves under 1 v years of age. who
.vill receive cents an hour less
b-lks .Ufcrteal.
Clerks jr. re classiliei) M, that
nferiui: cl rks, usually young
u-n ami women of 1 to ."o years
f age. will rwi'iM' a mionlhlv sal
ry of S'.7 .'.it for the first six
notiths and $77 ".n lor the sec
tid six months 'li-rk.' with less
'Inn ope viar's experience now
"i cei e J 1 20.
A ti"w monthly niiedule for
r i a t i n eiiiipmetit eimploves on
''lies ti-s and steam lighters
ivi s captains $Loo. engineers
"l!'i. firemen and oilers $110 per
"onth. ():i liL'h'ers and barires I
amain-; will receive $12o to
l.-,n. engineers $1 In to $ir.n and
nates $lm.
I'lron Will Meet.
The attitude of he railwav
"i'Tis toward the decreases or-
'ere r-Minins to h,. determined
1 lie brotherhoods
are ex-1
.11. .1 i .st 1 . .
-- -' - - - . - - V 11 - IT- ,PIJI I 11.
oiisjdr the hoard's decision.
CI limine thev were hard lrt
' v the winter s'umn in business
-Hlrorol managements have been
"laieorinsr for lower Waces and
Oi decision will mark the firs;
'elief gr nifed bv the board since
:t s f th advanced wag scale
more than In months ago.
hH'-r Mviric Claim-,!.
j The decision tomortow will say
! that since tln 1 !20 wage award
j there has be. n a decrease in the
'cot 'of li-.'pi' ;i;id "the scale of' s for similar kinds of work
,1'n other industries has in general
j been decreased " These two points
tre tue chief contention of the
inilroadH Tt stiiiioii v was offered
j in th hi-arnu', which Ix-au April
'is aod -inl il May I 1!. t' show
j i ( il in tioas ot 20 to p-r ci'iit
in tin- ii- I i.f Iiviiii; Vul vitis If
d'Hli'iliS Hi watii-r. liio-lly tor
i i,!iiMinii l.ihor. wit" ai-o cil''l hv
I h, (illll'lrt "Thi' ho,! id hi-;i-vi
-." th" il'- i loll r.l'.s. "lhal
I. a-i il on Iin- i I' lin iit shown tin
! r-a- Mx' .l ai- ju-tifi"d an. I
i j i . 1 1 i ! .
i oiisijntt r Si ill I'a v-.
' liiiiru-r in;i ! -aid aH to
II, , i, i., i'i i.r i oil 1 1 i hit 1 1 n r fans"-,
lin-ii- ln-i n and is a inalk"!
il.ji.- 'nri in inln-irv ." tin- hoard
s- -,
, . i i
A- a r' -nit (navy linan
haw tif-ll si
ffenil and h.,i,.,.-d t.( thousands lr l-rankiin Is to leave in" a -Ihrown
.ml of einplovm.-nt atid'tiv teaching in the department
,1,; I.. ,.r ,.,ltr;nv i.i.w.-r hv ! of social scivlne to devote JlMliSelt
il,... , h... :.,...:.r ,lwl I I"- ir-nerMl .
fl, i,: . ion l y r il ucint: th' d"
luami for til" llUls I hey would
ntherwis. iia.e piiichas-d While
it has l.e -n a r i- i ! that the fall
in prices lias not reached to any
tan'e x t i , f th" consumer, it has
without i;u."ti"ii nio-'t i! isast roiis
l iriii lii'il and afli'dt d tin- pri-
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IN lllps-ey amp (fillet.
.lack I)enipse's training camp
W; t"''t today. the Iirst Ot a
four-day lav oil prescribed mr
th" champion before he begins his
intensive training grind Saturday.
Witli "Mike" Tiant. a Chicago
detect ve sergeant, who acts diiinu
oi th" champion's camp, Oempsey
motored to Camden. X. J., CO
mile; distant
In l'tu with bis policy to take a
rest. Iiempsey did not work today,
lie will suspend all training actlv-
itie:; for th'rei- days.
Kin lie . Suirisel
1',' f'ore leaving for New York
tonight for a conference with
"romoter Tex Itickard. Manager
lack Kearns expressed surprise
that the New Jersey boxing rom
nission has made an announce-
netii concerting the selection of
i referee. Kearns said that the
hone for the third man rested
'vith the two principals and the
in'.v action the state commlsison
ou'il take concerned grantinir the
iceii-e for the match. While
Kearns ha's displayed reticense fn
locussing the referee .situation,
t became known today that he is
ot altogether in favor 'if Harry
''rtle of Jersey City, who is said
to be the man the New Jersey
"om mission has selected.
Camp gossip developed a strong
-umor that James Dougherty of
''hiladelphia will be the referee
'earns. will attempt to have
Salem Water Company
Presses Property Suit
An application wa$ filed yes
erday to place on the motion
ook ol the circuit, court Xa-Aia.
tearing or me ueienaants motion
) require the plaintiffr in the
ase of the Salem Water, Light &
'ower company vs D. C. Minto et
il to accept or reject an award.
The case was decided in the cir
uit court several months ago.
vhen the plaintiffs brought action
or the purpose of obtaining prop
erty on Minto island. The land
vas found to be necessary for the
ise of the company in providing a
inre supply of water for the city's
ise. The court set $18,000 as a
reasonable price to be paid for the
Foreign War Veterans
And Legion to Meet
A joint meeting, in which the
merican legion and the Veterans
f Foreign Wars invite all other
military organizations to join
hem is to be held at the armory
n in i t h t . to go over the bonus and
.oldier refiel bills now betore the
people of Oregon for their votes.,
All soldiers and all citizens are
urneri to attend and hear the mat
ter authoritatively discussed. (
happened that both these named
organizations have called meet
ings tot thi, same night, but
when the coin lii t:ng engagements
were not'eed. the two meetings
.vere merged into one. it is a gen
uine mass meeting, which it is
iope 1 will pack the hall.
Big Improvement Made
At Penney Company Store
The department store of the J.
C. Penny company is undergoing
some extensive improvements
through a readjustment of the
fixtures an added tloor space of
practically .".o per cent has been
made possible, hi addit'on to this
the present balcony will be widen
ed and made to extend riar across
the back part of the store.
I. li. .larman. manager of the
store yays that when the improve,
inetit is complete the firm will use
the balcony space exclusively for
ready-to-wear goods and fitting
Ileneath the balcony wi'l be fit-
t"d up the Khoe department,
Albert Receives Thanks
Of American Association
A letter IhankiiiK T. t; .Albert,
superintendent of the Salem auto
imp ground, for the informal inn
I-..,.,. .. .,
. .. i, American
utomohii. association regarding
the Saleni camp, was received yes
terday by Mr Albert. The materi
al will be used in a pamphlet on
auto camo sites all over the
i'nited States.
S. C. x. WHITMAN' 2
31-- Wash;ngton S'nfe college
today de eate, Whitman college
-n baseball H to2. This end'.
Whitman's s ason. The s ore:
R. H. E.
' C S 9 r,
Whitman 2 ..
Roberts and Sandberg; McDow
ell, S. Rich and WaltUer. .
franklin of Willamette
o (jive Full Attention
To Libra y
Willamette will havo very few
changes in its faculty next year
etirel to the duties
of librarian.
The reference woik of the univer
sity has grown so that such a
change is necessary, and Or.
Franklin's scholarship is expected
to make tin sdepartment of the
university especially strong. A
riiiccessor will have to he found
for his social science work.
Coach Mathews has already left
and there is debate over his suc
cessor. A formidable list of capa
ble applicants is understood to be
before the athletic committee for
consideration, so that the place
will be filled without too long a
Commencement exercises
will i
bevin Sunday. June 12. when Dr.
Doney. president of the university,
is to deliver the baccalaureate ad
dress. Following that will come
the class day exorcises on Tues
day and the graduation exercises
proper on Wednesday. Other ex
ercises' incident to the closing of
the year, however, will be occur
ring during this week and' next.
On Friday night will be given the
annual concert of the musical de
partment, and last night saw one
of the senior recitals of the class
in dramatic expression. Various
class picnics and society programs
are to he given to fill up most of
the evenings between now and
June If,, which close the year.
At New York-- H. . K.
Philadelphia 1 o i .", ?,
New York .",
Meadows. Ilubell and Bruggy;
Haines. Sallee, Perritt and Smith.
At Cincinnati H. II. K.
St. Louis s 2
Cincinnati t; 1 :', 2
Walker tnd Cleinone; Luque
and Wingo.
At Pittsburgh R. 11. K
Chicago 7 15 1
Pittsburgh C 14 2
Vaughn. F-eman and Dally,
Carlson. Hamilton, Cooper and
At Boston-- K. H. K.
Brooklyn 4 10 0
Bopton ...2 10 4
- Crimes and Miller; Fillingim.
coit and Gowdy.
At Philadelphia First game:
R. H. E.
Moston 5 10 1
Philadelphia 3 8 3
Myers and Walters; Harris and
ficond game R. H. E.
Boston S 11 1
Philadelphia 4 10 6
Pennock and Rh el; Hasty, Nay
'or and Perkins.
At Washington
New York
R. H. E.
5 13 2
12 17 1
Hoyt, Sheehan and Schang, De
vormer; Zachary and Gharrity.
At Detroit R. H. E
Cleveland 7 12 0
Detroit 4 8 0
Mails and Thomas; Dauss and
At Chicago
-t. Louis .....
Kolb. Palmero.
R. H. E.
. . . . S 1 4 1
... 7 1 1; .".
Shocker and
Severeid. P. Collins; Mulrennan.
Davenport, Hodge and Yarvan.
Interesting Address Given at
Willamette by Mrs. Eva
. Emery Dye
A wonderful tribute to the ear
ly s-t tiers of Oregon, who placed
education as the mnftt precious
goal lor their development and
endeavors, was paid by Mrs. Eva
Emery live, Oregon historian, in
her addresses before the history
classes and at th chapel service
a.t Willamette university Tuesday
The speaker reviewed appre
ciatively the ambitions of the mis
sionary pioneers who laid the
foundation for the splendid ser
ies of church schools in the Wil
lamette valley the I'nited Breth
reti church at Philomath, the Ba
tist college at McMinnville. the
Fr ends school at New h rg. Pa
cific university at Fo.r'st Grove,
and the Presbyterian college a'
Albany- besides the pioneer oj
them all, Willamette. The ur':-'
o' hetfr schools has made th"
northwest great, was the conclur
ion of the npaker.
Mrs Dye talked very interest
ingly of her work as a historiar.
She has made the acquaintance of
all pioneers who she could meet,
and gathered from them every
srran of pet-Fonal history they
could give her. She has read and
studied on every subject that has
to do with the hictory of the
northwest. She has crossed the
continent several times in search
of material that bears on the
story of Oregon. The original
manuscripts ef George Rogers
Clark, w ho found , the Columbia
river for the white man. have
been read by her, with painstak
irjg care.
The study ot history leads into
curious bypaths,. Sacajawea, the
Indian woman who guided the
Lewis and Ciark party a. rors the
IlockleM and to the Pacific, disap
peared and the story of her pass
.nj? was not known Mis.
however, in tracing down some '
the events, loiinri that the devot
ed Miirie ha.l died and been ""
led .n Wyoming a fad that h'"t
almost slippul from the memory
of man Now th- la.-t resting
place of this most famous haliv"'
American woman is fittingly
marked i
A number of visitors ptteifrie.ij
the chapel i v.-iclsesT and mem- j
hern of the history classes, to hear j
the talks on Or-gon history. I
All-Western Water Trans
portation Committee Js
Called into Session
C I. 1,1'nls, ariistant manager
of the Oregon (Irowers Co-opert:-tive
association is in Seattle, at-
tending the organizaCon me- ting
of I he All-Western Water Trans
portation committee, cf which he
is a member.
This committee was named ft
the recnt c'nfernce of western
fruit growers held at Yakima,
when argum nts were made before
th"- interstate commerce commis
sion 'avoring lower Treight ratea
on fruit to the east.
The committee will take up
with steamship companies the
shipping of fruits via the Panam.i
canal to the Atlantic coast and
Kurope with proper refrigeration.
Also, with port authority's ft Se
attle and Portland, the subject of
cold storage warehouses for the
holding of lruits while awaiting
William Jefferson Hall
Succumbs to Injuries
William Jefferson Hall. "2
years old, and a resident of Sal
em from th time of his hirth in
1k."i9 until 19 years ago when he
went to Spokane to make his
Vw.r,-,,, Aia. in GiuiV.jiiu Satiirnnv
night'as the result of injuries
ceived in a railway accident i'
Adrian, Wash.. ebrFiiary 2. Mr.
Hall had been jn the railway mail
service for 37 years, having had a
run between Portland and Salem.
Nineteen years ago he went to
Spokane to take the run from
Spokane to Adrian, Wash.
Mr. Hall s father was a pioneer
of '4 9 and the son was born in
this city. He remained on a farm
in western Oregon during his
early life and then entered the
railway mail service which voca
tion he followed for life.
Mr. Hall was Injured when his
mail car broke looee while being
switched in the wards at Adrian
and. running wild, crashed into
another car. He was thrown to
the floor under a table by the
force of the collision, suffering .1
broken arm and dislocated shoul
der. The funeral was held at -o'clock
yesterday afternoon in
Loss to Farmers in Wood
land District May Reach
Half Million
WOODLAND, Wash.. May 31.
Flood waters from three to 19 feet
deep today had covered about
5000 acres of Woodland diking
district No. 5 as the result of the
break last night in the retaining
wall at the northern end of the
district. About 100 head of cat
tle were drowned.
The theory was advanced today
that the break was caused by seep
age of water along the pipes of
the Burris creek pumping station
and that the leak gradually loos
ened the pipes, which ran through
the dike, until the force of the
rising Columbia river tie away the
wall and washed out the pumping
All of the farmers in the low- ;
land district saved most of their
personal belongings and the ma- !
jority of the livestock also-wan
About 2a ranches were under j
water tonight and the flood was
still spreading although it was i
doubted that the whole of thu
7000 acres would be coveted. j
The crop damage was estimated j
at from $:',oo.(ioo to $500,000.
Most of the inundated land was
in grain and other crops.
Rebuke to Harvey Seen
In President's Speech
ident Harding's utterances at Po
l.ick. Va . Sunday, and his Me
morial day address yesterday
were interpreted in th3 senate to
day by Senator McKellar. Demo
crat. Tennssee. as "a rebuke" to
mbassador Harvey for his ad
dress at the Pilgrim society din
ner in London.
Drawing what he termed a
"deadly parallel" of the remarks
of the president and Mr. Harvey,
Senator McKellar asked that they
be printed in the congressional
record to show the "contrast." He
also urged that Mr. Harvey be
Senator McKellar declared that
portions of the Harvey speech
constituted a libel on the Ameri
can government and every .patrio
tic citizen.
Read The Classified Ads.
ll: SC1TI
Members of School Board
UIU " uu 11 wt
ii 1 mi!i. n :4i,,. ,( I
Meet With Committee of
Business Men
The Salem nchool board and five
business men of Ihe lty met yes
terday and outlined a piojisi d bud
ri ( for the city schools w hich calls
for $121,000. This amount is
considered as being absoiuiely
necessary for the use. of the
schools provided the present stan
dard of efficiency Is maintained
and improvements made as re-
luired by the laws of the stale.
The budget will be submitted
to the people to be voted on at
the regular school election to be
held on June 2.
It calls for a 10 mill levy, which
is 'A.i mills less than last year's
levy. It is gratifying to note that
the 10 per cent levy is the low
est school levy of all first class
districts in the state.
Members of the committee
which met yesterday to prepare
the -budget were H. O. White, Paul
Wallace, Dr. II. O- dinger, W.
C. Winslow, O, K. Halvorsen, T.
M. Hicks, Otto Harlmaii, 1' G.
Shipley, Paul Jlauser and X). K.
Price, j
A statement submitted by the
committee follows:.
"Last year the levy was 13.3
mills. This budget will nly re
quire. 41 10 mill levy. This is thft
lowest school levy in Oregon in a
district of the first class and is
necessary in order to retain man
ual training and domestic science
in the junior high schools, the.
school librarian, school nurse and
doctor, and to take care of the
natural increase in next year's at
raised without exceeding the six
"The, amount which could be
per cent limits tin law would he
$107,000. The amount raised by
direct tax on this budget is $12i,
000. The difference is practical
ly what the voters gave the teach
ers two years ago in the nature
re-Jo', a bonus which' has been re
tained in the salary schedule.
Even this gives Kalem a lower sal
ary schedule than mast other
first class districts in Oregon."
Disappointed Citizens
Meet Near Band Stand
Several hundred persons were
said to have gathered in Willson
park last night to listen to a re
ported concert by the Salem bnd.
Seniors Present
A Comedy in 3 Acts
"NothiHg But
the Tiruth
Seat Sale Tomorrow 9:30
- i-
Floor and Kalcony. $1.00
Gallery Not Reserved 50c
All Rugs
ataaaaV(. VL
Larj-e assortment and of very description
Successors to W. V. Moore
177 North Liberty St. J Phone 983
The. large gathering wax an eyi
detittJ of the pleasure the pjeopU
ot lite city are anticipating in tha
iiniiHier band concerts to be glTegV
lindfrr the able direction of Oscar'
Sleeiliain iiif r and management of '
Johli Oraher. ,
JUsl bow the report that a con- C
cei ti swoulri be given Lut night ba
canfe current is not known, as Dj.
lector Steelhammer "said he knev
r 11 ihW-'
nouiiiceiiierit in a newspaper It u
t i w .. . .." 1 w
ex per i en, nowever mat the con- -cerUi
will commence in about two'
W eelks time.
Tfye courtesy of the band boyt
In tit'slvting with the program audi
In U'ftdir.K the march ,,n Memorial
dav, Js gratly appi w iated by tha
citizens of Salem. The splendid
martini airs ;iiiU4 -miirh to thj?
spirit of the day.
Geisrge Washington is
I Damaged by Small Fire
liOBOKEN. N J.. May 31. .4.
smalt fire of unknown origin to-'
night slightly damaged the gteam-
Ship George Washington, which
twice carried former President
Wilson to France and back. Tha
steijiier is in drydock here under
going repairs.
The blaze, which broke out on
thef, hurricane deck, was extln-.
enifhed less than an hour aftar i
its discovery. Drydock Officials
said the damage conlde be re.
paired within two days.
PORTLAND. Or.. May 15 Mia,
Maev Norton, w ho hag been a mem.
ber, of the new staff of the Port
land Telegram this morning be-";
came the bride of Broderick -0'Parrll
in a wedding ceremony
performed on the uppr bridge at
Multnomah falls near here.
San Francisco
Not merely a Hotel, but an tnstttattaa
Founded on theta prlndplaa:
.;- P
, i - .
: f Ceorge Warran Hooper, lfr.
Figure 8
1900 Cataract
I 125 N. Liberty St.
One Night
Friday, June 3
I Price
i -