The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 22, 1921, Page 11, Image 11

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' SUNDAY MORNING MAY 22, 1921 .It I 5
Manager of Valley Motor
Company is Enthusiastic
Over Outlook
production For May, This
I Year, Completely Over-
Shadows Last Year
Valley Motor company. Is Tery
enthaslastic over the Ford and
Fordson outlook for to season,
and, in discussing the generally
better conditions throughout the
country, cited an official state
ment just received from the fac
tory which shows that Ford is
building cars at full speed. The
demand for Ford cars and trucks
still exceed the output, despite
the fact that a new high Jevel or
production has been reached.
May Schedule Fnlarged
By the first of May th rigures
representing daily production
were In the neighborhood of 400'J
a day, so the May schedule was
act at 101.125 cars and trucks,
not including the output of the
Ford Canadian plant or any of (be
foreign assembling plants. Th
output mount-d daily. May 12
brought forth 4.092. the greatest
number that have been produced
in one day so far this year. Sinc
the month has 25 working dayj.
present Indications point to a new
high record.
A comparison of Ford produc
tion flguresfor 1920 and 1921"tlis
closes ths fact that for April. 1 92 1
the output was greater by 35. 5H
than for the corresponding month
of a year ago. The output for
May. 1921. will probably over
shadow May, 1920. by between
fifteen and twenty thousand cars
and trucks.
Thousand Fmploj rtl
Approximately 43.000 men are
at work in the Detroit plant of
the Ford Motor company. The
factory is operating on full time,
six dajs a week and three shifts
a day.
"Ve were never in better con
dition than we are right now,"
said Henry Ford recently.
Lead Taken by Famous
Pennsylvania State
Police Followed
1 With the new Bosch' fitting, I
' we can install a Bosch 53 rf
i Magneto oa your Ford and Ptt f I
eliminate&ll. ignition -I frr
I troubles. Sm V ' "III I
The engine will te more ls?5i v II 1 j
r i powerful, and economical, V -i 4r
too running smoothly and A VSS)) MBOSCHjj
developing less noise 77fffL 'I
and vtbratioQ yfai
DENVER, Colo.. May 21. Fol
lowing the lead ta.ken several
years ago by the famous Pennsyl
vania state police in the adoption
of motorcycles, and the subse
quent motorization of similar or
ganizations in Michigan, New
York, Maryland. West Virginia
and others, the State Rangers of
Colorcdo will henceforth be moun
ted on fleet motorcycles of the lat
est type.
At the official demonstration
held here recently when the mo
torcycle equipment was installed.
Governor Oliver Shoup and Col.
P. J. 'Hamrock, superintendent of
the Colorado rangers, gave enthu
siastic expression to their senti
ments regarding the acquisition
of motor conveyances by the
state's crime fighters.
Besides vhe enforcement of
criminal laws, the Colorado rang
ers do forestry' duty, etc.. In thy
great forests and game preserves
laid aside by the state.
.v.. . . vr . Automotive Electric Equipment
KnlSouffi'aimaerciSl St TPEone-1107
"What you need." reiterated
the patient editor, "is greater
flexibility of expression."
"Ah, yes. I see." said the aspi
rant. "I'll have rubber type put
on my typewriter." Farm Llfe.
Electrolytic Charger
Charges Battery From
Ford Magneto
Emilr attached and Knranted
to: Keep atorage battery chared;
raaka motor ran better; help m.g
Bfto; raaka better headlighta.
Hood reds in ate. Price 910. Bead
money order. If you hare no
battery, we furowh complete out
fit for 934.85. including battery,
complete wiring euipment, twitches,
globes and attachments and Wiz
ard charger.
171 S. Commercial 8t Salem
Diatribotor for Marion County
m :
I !
Your Battery Should Never Fail You
Dependab'ility is more necessary in your battery than in
almost any other unit of your motor car. If you break a
spring you can get to a service station. You can hobble
along with half the cylinders misfiring but if your battery
goes dead you are powerless to make even a temporary,
repair to get home.
A Dependable Battery
The RAY is a dependable battery. Its dependability Is
based on a special process of battery manufacture, made
possible by the famous "Lavier Formula." The plates in
the RAY BATTERY, made by this formula, will keep on
taking in electricity from the generator and delivering it
for starting, lighting and ignition under . conditions far
more severe than are encountered by the most constant
driving. They will not suddenly buckle to short circuit
the battery. They will not wash down (harmfully sul
phate), another cause of short-circuiting. If the water
evaporates to lower the level of the electrolyte in the bat
tery, there will be no harm done, and you can't overheat
or overcharge the RAY in your car.
No other battery will stand the tests of the RAY. These
' are not claims; they are assurances, because every pur
chaser of a RAY BATTERY is given a written, uncon
ditional guarantee for two years from date of sale from
T, MM our service station to you. This really revolutionary guaran-
't Volt U-PUts), 2 tee would not be possible if the RAY BATTERY was not
6VoIt li-PUu, S3 a more dependable battery, a more efficient battery.
12 Volt 7-PUu, J9 Come in and see the RAY.
f. o. b. Free water and tests on any make of battery.
TptUantU Mich.'
Maaruf Uaeoro
Ray Battery Company
YpoiUnti, Michigan
The Home of Ray Batteries
291 North Commercial Street
Phone 787
Sweeping Reduction Delight
To Those Whose Incomes
Are Shorter
dlers in
"bo are
the Hun-relatives.
With tue purchasing power of
farmers, mechanics and the public
in general reduced because of de
creased income, the recent sweep
ing reduction made by the B. F.
Europe, save
their blood
not tired out.
Pasha ii coH vi
irt organizing the rabble or an
army l(.ft over from the armis
Wce and which was defeated by
the Greeks 10 months ago lie
-un nis oattle by letting the
fnemy think he was going to re
treat, then he about-faced and
counter-attacked. He has stated
that he used the tactics of Joffre
at the battle of the Marne.
The victory rs of vast Import
ance for the Turk Nationalists,
and its political importance may
be such as eventually to drive al-
iea troops out of Constantinonle:
them be replaced
ernment whlcn assign3 living
Special barracks have een as
signed to persons from America
as soviet authorities consider
them unreliable rebels that mutj
be kept apart from others. Every
body knows these "Americans ' by
the r sad faces and dismal silence.
They do not answer if Epolcr-n to
in Russian,' but their faces brjib.t
en if some "one appears yfho
knows English; and especlalyhe
American vernacular. r f
' Don't you speak Engllsht is
thMr first question. fotllred
quickly by the inevitable seefchd:
Is there any way to get bac8 to
America?" Put thre Jr no ?ay
out, for
"Ah, H'm!" said the able attor
ney. "So naturally you want os-
"I don't want no such a thing!"
jelled the uncouth client. "I want
l t .
luwuence by Moscow, and also en
couraKe the Serbs and Bulgars to
Goodrich Rubber company in tire j take advantage of a weakened
prices was heartily welcomed by
motor car owners.
The public's endorsement was
almost immediately reflected, re
ports from Akron say, in in
creased production at the Good
rich factories. The company is now
working on a schedule of 15,000
tires a day and with bigger pro
duction planned for the near uf
ture. Business is running heavily
to cord tires.
Like all other merchants, tire
dealers have not been stocking as
heavily as in the past. When the
full weight of buying as a result
of the 20 per cent price reduction
is felt by dealers, stocks in the
company's warehouses will be
calaled on to replenish their sup
plies. This, of coure, calls for a
sharp rise in the production curve
to keep warehouse stocks ample.
With June. July and August
the biggest buying months of the
year facing them. anJ with the
"buyers' strike" collapsed because
of the recent reductions, tire deal
ers are looking forward with more
optimism than at any time during
the past nine months.
One local Goodrich dealer points
out that car owners may now buy
five tires for the price of four or
get his spare tire free of charge,
since the 20 per cent reduction.
uiewe. u is pointed out here
that those nations responsible '
not preventing the Greek offen
sive appear to havebeen so con
fident of the success of Greek
arms that they did not stop to
consider the consequences of the
Greek defeat.
Ismet Pasha is a man of 45 and
deaf. His deafness is cited by the
Turks, who love silence and con
templation, as one of the reasons
of his successful planning. He is
a product of the great war, hav
ing been cheif of the general staff
under Enver Pasha.
; :
First to Respond to Most
Alarms in Large Middle -Western
. ... . . H
a motorcycle rire engine re
cently received a tryout by th
fire department in a large tniddt$
western city and came through
with flying colors. At a recent
fire, the new fire fighting ma
thine with its crew of two mei
and equipment of eight extinrl
uishers reached the scene of thl
blaze long before the slow movt
ing apparatus. Witht the exjnt
uisners tne two men put out in
fire, which had it been permitte
to burn the few minutes befora
the apparatus arrived, might have;
caused considerable damage. An
other feature of the new "en
gine" is its ability to wash around
corners and snake its way tnrougk
heavy traffic and narrow alley?
ways. Veteran firemen and firf,;
fighting 'authorities predict bl
possibilities for the new fire xe
Russia is Locked From
Inside, Reports Assert
RIGA. .Vay 11 Choice of home
's not permitted in the land ot
the Bolshevik!, according to per
sons reaching here from Russia.
Everything belongs to the gov-
& Retreading
More tire users are having
their old casing examined
and repaired by competent
repair men than ever be
fore. They used to throw
away an old casing with a
blowout or small rim cut, be
cause of the fact that they
could not get a repair to
last. We guarantee all our
sections to outlast the rest
of the tire. Retreaded tires
are guaranteed to give not
less than 4000 miles.
Hoffman & Okerberg
Tire Repair Shop
Ismet Pasha Defeats Greeks
With Tactics Used By i
Foch at Marne
ANGORA, Turkey. May 11.--
Ismet Pasha, who defeated the
Greeks at the valley entrance beA
fore the city of Eski-Shehr.. hat
become a Nationalist hero second
only to Mustapha Kemal Pasha;
His victory has made foreign
ers remember for nine years, OA
a stretch, and are the only BOt
Fabrics 6000 Mile
21:1 non-U k!
:ux3 rmnftkirf
SOx:il4 nnnxkiri
.V.x3V notiKkid
31x4 nunokirf
31x4 notikkw!
l l..V
1 00
12 5r
I 7
J.i ihi
1 "
1 ! -.
2 -"
2 '."
Other Site in Proportion
CORDS 8000 Mile
a:n t S
:i 1 1 4 ' i
a.ix 1 ,
nonkk i!
nnitftk id
rtonsk id
nonnk tl
DOHhk tl
for C'nrd
f 21 2' I"
2HV. 2 (
ju fill
' 2."
:it 7 v
j '.'I
See a before jn boy
MalcomTire Co.
Commercial and Court
One of a Chain of Stores
The market's best buyl Smooth, v'
flexible performane such as
only the six-cylinper over- ' ,
head-valve engine oan give
the secure comfort f a roomy
and stoutly made tbdy the
satisfaction of reliable and
low-cost transportation all
these are yours in thl? Oalcjiand
touring car,
ii II 45
Come see this big valiiv today!
F. a B. Pfnrbu, htUMt
Trade and High Streets
1. m m w
i ? . . t: ' . ; .
JlL It I
New Price j
Model 490 Touring $809.00 Salem Delivery
Were Is possible to eliminate the War Tax, thf War Freight Ta and the advance in
freight from $3 JO per 100 pounds to $5.16 2 cents per 100 asplowed to Railroad
Companies, by the Interstate Commerce Commission, since 1918, the Price of the Pa
cific Coast on the Model 490 to the buyer would be $90 cheaper, or$719.
Advance in freight rates, war tax and war freight tax are government matters, over which
the manufacturer has no control.
We want every one that contemplates buying a 490 Chevrolet car tonow that the present
price of $809.00 is "the lowest mark ever set by the Factory since 1917. y.
Salem Automobile Co.
F. G. Delano
Salem Dallas ' A. I. Eoff