The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 11, 1921, Page 5, Image 5

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    IglT Y MEWS
ROT Huffman and Dorothy
Whtteman . both of Salem, were
sited la marriage at the Evan
".Ilc4l parsonage on Seventeenth
gSei last night by Iter. O. F.
Laiaer, pastor of the church.
rtey -will make their home near
gjlem on Mr. Huffman's ranch.
Form Meti Tonight
Th regular monthly forum
meeting of the Salem Commercial
eJsb scheduled lor tonight.
To tfOtiire at Kimball
Dr. Bert E. Smith will speak In
assembly of Kimball School of
Theology thi afternoon at 3
, i'dock. .1. V. McAdoo of the Cen
tral Labor Council of Salem will
gpeak tomorrow at the same hour
ipoa the subject "The Church and
tie Labor Problem." The public
It cordially invited to attend both
feet area.
jwwe Tonight Dallaa
McElroy'a orchestra. Adr.
r- - v
Here From Eee
C. P.'Dewatix of the firm of
Dereraax Tripp. Eugene, and
A. R. Gray, proprietor of Cray's
Cash and Carry Store, also of Eu
gene, were in the city yesterday
transacting business.
llcdroy'e Orchestra
Dallas, tonight. dancevAdTg 7
r.ihrai Birthday Din
The birthday of Charles Rice,
bo lives at Pratum. was cele
brated Sunday with a dinner at
IU Rice home to which all of the
family liring in this vicinity
gathered. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rice. Mr.
It The Electrle Sign -SHOES"
Kev &o Repairing- Shop
Onr (lasses fit yonr eyes. Our
bus your purse
, Jewelers and Opticians
1 Phone 125$
Salem. Oregon
173 N. Com. St.
f I V ' )V"7m
W Wa-
Better Goods For
Kuou Perfect Liquid PalnU
; r Eaasonable prke
Capital Paraltare'A Hardware Co.
Istts Ceaaed M.......f LSO
V-1U led..,M.T.'.M...-80e
fsa Qesners & Dyers
(111 a Coal 8L Phone 1111
SW Si..l. Matlaa fWMmr
. - OS Onsa BandlBf
HUM it Ollf OI
" 1 Serrice
- FBmltar Store
' Tat Home of the Vlctrola
'a It more for. yonr money at
- ' moore
V a tt. Tracy Ifood Co.
,Z V for all kinds of.
' ' " dry wood
,rroaW aTtnr Phoat 120
"orThor Washing Machine and
work and Supplies
I I r Shirley Mason
I THe IpUgnicr"
I ;v Comedy -
I V Scenic ,
I I ; Magazine
and Mra. Gljn Rice. Mr. and Mrs.
Kugene Eikerlin Jr., Mr. and
Mrs. Arthtur Swarta. Mrs. Roy
Rice. da nrio Paw tvt j -i
, M ,wniu, vuir-
lie. Delbert and Tommle Rice and
uai in oigi.
VWU Fniia Los Angles
.Mrs. aiay c. Bliss of Los An.
geles was & guest at the home of
Dean and Mra r.r,m ti im..
over Sunday and Monday. She has
bwuq uu, to foruana.
Mill -bod
Five, loads 16-inch wood, $20.
prompt delivery. Order now and
fft afe e&1 nf fh ttmma. pn.1i
" " - W . ... V- I M 0 U
SpauWing Logging Co. Adr.
On IVuHlnffw In Eagene
ueorges Paulas, owner of the
Rex Shining parlors in this city.
penx tn week-end in Eugene
looting after his parlors there,
also known as the Rex Shining
Parlors. He recently ram in Sa
lem and entered business here.
Hot Dor!
"Toby" i Coming
Vnle IlirycJ ClaJnMd
Adrian Loom is. 150 South
Thirteenth street called at the po
lice station yesterday and claimed
the Yale bicycle which was found
Monday night by Police Officer
Porter at the postoffice.
Eawtman Kodaks and Supplier
Commercial Book Store, 163 X
Commercial. Adv.
Cat IMntarbes Chicken
Last night sleepers in the Baker
apartments were disturbed by a
racket In th-a hen house In the
rear. Police Officer Victor went
to investigate and located a big
cat In a tree" in the chicken yard.
Evidently pussy had Intruded and
the cackling protests had driven
her to seek refuge In a tree. Mr.
Victor declares, that a roster
crowed as victor In the battle as
he entered the chicken house.
Leg! Blanks" -
Get them at The Statesman of
fice. Catalog' on -application.
Divorce Granted
A dec re" of divorce was grant
ed yesterday by Judge G. G. Bing
ham of thtr circuit court to the
plaintiff in the ease of Carrie
Gilbert vs. Martin Gilbrt.
Anto Radiator Repairing
Modern equipment, prompt ex
pert service.. Nelson Bros., S&S-
169 Chemeketa St. Adr.
Bicycle la Lot
Adrian Esch. 152 North Cot
tage street, reported to the police
department the loss of a bicycle
404 Ferry St Salem. Oregon
We pay 2c aboxe the
market price for eggs
and products
Do yoa take
If not. why not?
No other baths or treatments
can produce the permanent re
lief to the person suffering
from disagreeable eold or ail
ments of the flesh or body like
tha Turkish Baths wilL
Open t a. m. until 9 p. m.
Lady and Gentlemen attend
ants Investigate
The Mutual Life
of N. Y.
Up-to-date policies.
Lower net cost.
District Mgr.
271 State St Phone 99
Special Merchants1
Lunch 35c
HOURS 11 A. M. TO 8 P. 31.
n.nrinr nmtairs at Nomklnc Cafe
Tnesdar. Thursday and Sat-
urday nights. American and Chi
nese dishes.
lttft N. Commercial St.
; Call at
We buy and sell every
thing 215 Center St, Phone 308
'SALEMiOKffflfttt rry .t
which he said was Uken from
where he had left it barked on
Chemeketa street near the Y. M.
C. A. building.
A CUasifled Ad
Will bring you a buyer.
Property Title Quieted
A decree was issued yesterday
in the circuit court quieting title
to certain property In St. A'excie
belonging to Marianna Vandeleur.
Two Case IHamisNrn
Two cases were dismissed yes
terday ij the circuit court upon
motion of the defendants in both
cases. They were the case of
Ellen G. Lambert aaalnst Henrv
Glover et ml. and that of George
oiover vs. Henry Glover.
The Aladdin Itrady Cut IIoue Co.
ui rortiand is having a special
sale of the first 25 houses sold
during Homebullders' week in
Portland, starting May 9. at one
fourth (25 per cent) off regular
prices. I have been authorized to
sell in th s territory the first ten
nouses sold this week at one
fourth off regular prices. Art
quick if you want to save several
hundred dollars on your home.
Big saving In construction at reg
ular prices. Cha. F. Smith. 409
Oregon bldg.. factory representa
tive. Adv.
Son l lioi
A Hon was born to Mr. nd Mrs
E. H. Conklin. who livf fenr mils
south of Salem, yesterday morn
ing. He has been named How
ard Ray Conklin.
Get Bonn Information
George Claxton o Shaw was in
the city yesterday securing infor
mation in regard to the American
legion bonus bill cimpatgn. Mr.
Claxton is manage- of the cam
paign in his district and was se
curing tn'orraatjon from Capital
Post No. 9.
Will Go To Hntm !!
Bryan Conley. a junior In the
law school at Willamette univer
sity, will leave within a few days
to live on bis homestead in south
ern Oregon.
Three flirt h Recorded
Three births lust recorded are
those of a daughter, Mabel Grace
born to Mr. and Mrs. K. Page
Stevenson May 5; a son. George
Elvln Van Santen, born to Mr.
ind Mrs. George Van Santen, May
5; Edwin Gottl eb Zahler. to Mr.
and Mrs. John Zahler. May ft. The
Zahlers reside at Silverton and
the other two families live on Sa
lem rural routes. '
Visita in Eugene
Mrs. Bryan Goodenough of Wa
conda was a visitor in the city the
fore part of the week on her way
home from spending the week
end in Eugene as the guest of her
brother. Carlton Savage, president
of the student bodv at the Univer
sity of Oregon. While there she
attended the ceremonies attend
ant upon the dedication of the
new woman's building Just com
Beautiful Lilac
An unusually beautiful lilac
tree stands in full bloom In the
cottage yard of Mrs. M. E. Brookt-
of Salem. Mrs. Brooks has nor
been able to carry on her flower
mission work this year, as she has
been ill all winter: but she wish
es to thank good friends for help
to her in this work.
Closing out sale starting
Highland Grocery
Webb & Clough
Funeral Directors
Leading Morticians
whzs a. aaxEX, oaxaosT
sua st
A nnt. Away Frra Ham
Btrtrtly Mdr Sl.OO pr dy
100 rooms of Solid Comfort
Oaly Botol ia Buti atu LSatrkt
Best Range in America
For wood only and the only
steel range ma'de with a 26
inch oven.
patent draft construction al
lows no eold air to enter range
while baking. The fuel burns
from the top and consumes
nearly all the ashes. Cuts your
fuel hill in bair. Burns saw
dust, bark, green wood and
la a perfect bsker. ,
.Send for Catalogue
271 N. Commercial Street
GGasoline Is Stolen -
Profc John R. Sites of 1237
Court street, reported to the po-.
lice yesterday that someone had
entered his garage and siphoned
the gasoline from the tank of his
automobile. Entrance was gained
by prying open one of the windows.
Bicycle Is Found
A bicycle was left In the yard
at the home of William Moir. 694
Church street. The wheel was
tak?n to the police station where
It awaits identification.
Mrs. O. L. Curtis has moved
into hef new home at Meyers and
Commercial streets which she re
cently purchased.
E. C. Cross is reported as being
quits ill at his home at 11S5
Chemeketa street.
Miss Clara Warner, proprietor
of- the Xeedlecraft store, is re
ported as being very ill at the
Deaconess hocpital.
Frank Davidson of St. Paul was
ia Salem todav on road business.
Judge W. M. Bushey and W.
J. Culver went to Wood burn yes
terday looking after road mat
ters. William Einbler of Mehama is
isitine; in the city with Judge W.
M. Bushey.
W, J. Trudcen of Liberty was
a visitor in Salem yesterday from
that section of the county.
Charles Hartman of Scotts Mills
was a business caller Tuesday in
Jack Richles of Silverton was
in Salem yesterday.
Mrs. J. C. Savage of Waconda
was a business visitor in the city
BLIGII J. H. Ctilp. Albany:
E. G. Osborn. Jacob Miller, E. Tlt
fany. C. E. Dienny. B. PiJJotnl. I.
Castill and wife. 8. L. Albaugh,
Clara B. Ferguson. A. W. Smith.
F. Elmann and A. A. I:SO,ue.
Portland. H. L. Blais. Engetre; H.
P. Keok. Albany; C. E. Powell.
Valsetz; Mrs. W. E. Powell. Falls
City: Mrs. I). Haldwin. Tono,
Wash.; J. V. Steiner, Jefferson;
Mr and Mrs. W. C. Weele, Oak
land; F. S. Talbott, Valsetz; Alice
M. Ma berry, Dallas; C Zimmer
man. Mt. Angel; Clara E. Feller,
Donald,- J. T. Merritt. Salem;
Oave Patterson. Parcel!. Okla.. K.
F. Porter. Roseburg; C. I. Small,
Grants Pass. Roy W. Uhl, Gold
son. ARGO Anna Wlndher, Arthur
Morgan, Cincinnati, Cloid Miller,
Dallas; Emma Smith.
MARION E. J. Dunklee. M.
Llpman. B. L. Schiff, E. R. Schiff,
C. B. Masterson. E. S. Winetront,
L. H. Felix. W. R. Ellis. San Fran
cisco; Oscar Sykes. Los Angeles;
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Morris. W. E.
Robertson. Clara Miller, J. A.
O'Neill. Mr. and Mra. A. Wise,
Mr. and Mrs. Harvay Barnes, M.
Plant. S. C. Northrup. W. II. Am
bler, M. C. Hatton. W. D. Parian
A. Winn. T. E. Allen and wife. N
F. Sutton. L. E. Liljequvist, I. S.
Watson. E. N. Strong, A. E. Hef
ner, C. A. Speer and wife. S. L.
May, Mrs. A. Johnson, J. N. Dom-
nissee, F. J. Hoffman. D. G. Han
ehell. Scott Kent, G. A. Leysen,
J. E. Drummond. Abe Ruben, N.
o. Oliver. Ben Elletson and wife
R. H. Clark. H. E. Randall. V. F
Slater. Ben Mitchell. Portland: C.
E. Nelson, Boston: Fred Wilson.
The Dalles; Oscar Huddleston.
Manila. P. I.; E. O. Wells, Spo
kane; John Crass and wife. Den
ver. Colo.; B. II. Rhodes and wife.
inniaaa. Colo.: Dora Read. For
est orove: Charlotte Walker,
nuisDoro, . L.. Campbell. T.lla
mook. J. E. Bonmen. Tacoma: J.
F. Steiner, Jefferson. H. J. Tubbe.
l.. J. launders. Cleveland: R
Moore. Medford. Leslie Contain.
Salem: U. P. Savage, Tacoma;
Mrs. R. E. Morris and daughter.
Coburg; R. V. Wililam. New
i ora.
Polk County Growers
Will Hear Reports
Members of the Oregon Glow
ers' Co-operative association liv
ing in Polk county and who were
unable t.- attend the annual mat
ing held in Saiem April 2, will
be given an opportunity to bear
the same reports at a special
meeting fo be held at Dallas.
This meeting is announced to
be held on the afternoon of May
13. at the Polk county court
hoa?e. beginning at 1 o'clock. C.
I. Lewis, Mniittant general man
ager of the association, will read
a condensed report .f what has
been done the past y?ar.
W. i. Staley. secretary sr.d
treasurer, will tfve practically th
fcame report read at the annual
meeting, telling In detail of the
finances of th association.
The meeti-.p will be tne of IV.
niost important eve- held for
McEIroy's Orchestra
Free Matinee
Bligh Theatre
Saturday 11 a. m.
Former Salem Man is Taken
In Raid of Resort Occu
pied by I.W.W.
W. 11. Costley. declared to be an
organiser of the "One Big Union"
in the North Pacific state, and
Floyd Ramp, alleged I. W. W.
leader, were arrested by the police
here Sunday when what wag re
ported to be an I. W. W. meeting
was broken up.
The two men were charged with
having) violated the criminal syn
licalism law and are to be held for
federal investigation. Costley
was addressing the meeting an
calling for contributions "to start
a revolution when the meeting
was broken up. police asserted.
Floyd Ramp of Roseburg. 'ong
a prominent member of the social
ist party of Oregon, was arrested
In rout hern Oregon in the fall of
117 for utterances against the
draJt law. His case was one of
theJrst tried in Oregon for vio-(
la'ionkof the espionage act.
Heas tried in the federal;
court iuW Portland, according to
Harnett irVOoldste'.n. formerly as-
s'stant I'nnTU States attorney,
and was sentenced to serve a
term of two years on McNeil's Is
land, as nearly as Mr. Goldstein
could recall. Ramp was sntencd
in the year 1917 and served his
foil term.
Kamp acted as his own lawyer
when his case was brought on
trial in 'ederal court. Costley is
not known to Mr. Goldstein, and
it U thought that he has never
appeared In federal court here, at
least during the war period.
Ramp formerly lived in Salem
where be is well known,
members of the association living
in the Dallas district. In addition
to reports thers will be a gencial
discussion of i.lans for the com
ing season.
Transfers Recorded
In Salem Real Estate
A number of real estate trans
fers were recorded yesterday In
the office of the county recorder.
Though some of thte transfers
were signed some time ago, they
did not become effective until
placed upon the records.
William Edward Pulse has sold
to A. B. Gardner, lots 11. 12. 13
and 14 In the, subdivision of block
19 of the Ewald Fruit farms, the
consideration be ng $3500.
Memorie Law and E. M. Law
sold to Ezra C. Hart about 30
acres of land for the sum of
Viola T. Wilken has sold to Er
nest Latourell a small tract in the
Ewald fruit farm for $1000.
i Paul Valerius transferred prop
erty valued at $400 to J. A. Bew-
Hepry Hocket transferred to
Altle E. Hocket lot 1 2 of the Snn-
nyslde fruit farm, consisting of 10
acres. This was a gift.
Frank B. Sonthwlck sold to C.
N. Laughrige block 1 in the
Knights addition to Salem for the
sum of $5000.
An agreement was recorded be.
tween J. O. Beardsley and wife
and Louis Lachmund. C. O. Con
stable. John A. Carson. Julius
Pincns and C. L. McNary for the
transfer of 156 acres of land
northeast of Salem for the sum of
$20,000. The agreement was
dated November 16. 1912.
A contract of sale was made by
Mrs. Lou A. Roy to Jennie T
Chapman for property on Church
street, the valuation of which was
$1600. The instrument was dated
March 14, 1914.
Iowa Association Hold
Interesting Meeting
i ne lowa association held an
interesting monthly meeting last
night at the borne of Mr. and Mrs
I. L. Mc Adams on D street. During
tne business session one of the
most important matters which
waa presenter lor d.acussion was
that pertaining to the annual
meeting and picnic to be held at
the state fair grounds on June 17.
A committee consisting of Mrs.
John Rayne. Mrs. I. L. McAdams.
Mrs. H. E. Pemberton. .Mrs.
Slaughter. W. T. Rigdon, W. J.
Hagedorn and Rev. G. S. Roeder
were appointed to make the neces
sary arrangements for the event.
A program was rendered by
members after which refresh
ments were served.
The next mating of the associ
ation will be held at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. John Bavne 414
Bellerue street on the first Tues
day in June. All former Iowa resl-
: dents are welcome at these gath-
j erings.
National Park Opening
Delayed Until July First
MEDFORD. Or, May 10. !n
the opinion of Alex Sparrow, ?n
nerintendent of Crater Lake Na
t onal park. It will be July. 1 the
day set for the official opening if
the season, before the first auto
mobiles can reach the Crater lake
This is because at the first of
this month there were 1-2 fe 1
o' mow at the rim. whieh i afiont
two el more than last year at
the same time. The snow depth
at Anna Spring ramp, five miles
lower down, was eight and one
half feet on May 1. Iast yeir
the first automobiles wre all'- to
reach the lake rim on June 26.
It is not in good form for a
bachelor to hold, a baby for an un
known woman She is likely tn
forget .to come back and then the
ituatlon is cmbafrarsing.
Can You Pick
Out a Good Ad?
If you think you know a
good Classified ad. here's
your chance to win one of
the three cash awards the
Statesman will give each
week for the ene who picks
out the five "best written
ads" on the Statesman clas
sified page, May 12, 13 and
The best selection, 1st award
The second best selection,
2nd reward $1.50.
The third best selection, 3rd
reward $1.00.
The first awards will be
announced in Tuesday's is
sue of each week, the first
announcement Tuesday May
17th. Contestants must see
that their selections reach
the Statesman office before
Monday morning of each
week in order to be consid
ered. The Statesman wants your
selections of the best Clas
sified ad. Please clip the
five ads that you consider
are the best on the above
dates and mail to the Clas
sified Ad. Manager. Ongon
Statesman, Salem, Ore.
A number o.- very interesting
"storks" were received last week
and the Judges have decided to
give f rst reward to M. Cooper,
242 South Nineteenth street. The
story is publ shed in- full below;
the others will be published in
future issues of The Statesman.
Watch for them.
It I were in business I would
use classified advertising because
I consider it one of the most ef
fect ve and least expensive ways
of putting bargains before the
public. I am sure nearly every
body reads the classified ads and
by using them I would not have
to pay for the large amount of
space needed to make display ad
vertising prominent.
Of course, if my business were
large enough to afford It, I would
also use display advertising: but
in no case would I neglect to use
classified advertising regularly.
If I were in the grocery bus!-
ness. I would use at least 10 lines
of classified advertising everr
day. In this way I would be able
to place my bargains for the day
before the busy housewife to her
benefit as well as my own.
I would give a brief descript'on
with the number of pounds or the
number of articles and the pr ce
in tnis way the housewife would
not need to guess in regard to the
articles or the price.
I would write my grocery ads
about as follows:
12V. lbs. of sugar. $1.00
20 lbs. of Navy white beans 1.00
3 cans of tomatoes 25
4 cans of corn 25
2 cans of peas 20
1 broom 40
Phone 124 88 Fair Street
In in some other mercantile
business I would use the classified
advertising in the same way. I
wewld try to keep some leader be
Tore the public all the time, which
would cause the people to watch
'or my bargains in the classified
242 South 19th St.. Salem. Ore.
Witness Teta Committee
That Attempt is Made to
Whitewash Officials
charge that Colonel John E. Hunt,
former commandant at the discip
linary barracks at Governor's Is
land, was "whitewashed" by
court martial resulting from his
alleged failure to take proper pre
cautions to prevent the escape ot
Grover Hergdoll, was made today
1 efore the house . Investigating
Called to tell what precautions
he had taken to sa'ofciiard BerK
rtoll while on a gold bunting et
pedition to Maryland. Colonel
Hunt had been on the stand near
ly five hours when he was tal-en
in hand by Represen'ative John
son. Democrat. Kentucky, for a
erilling cross examination.
This Sign for Good
Salem's Best and Biggest
1 Sonora
C Grand
LlD Opera
! Q Sbgers
no Harry
uJ Ca"y
Mr.' Johlwon "quoted frtm'ifcef
court martial record statements
by the prosecutlng'offlcerldlrejet
ed at the good standing of the ac
cused. ! i
"Ir that a vigorous prosecuting
speech?" Mr. Johnson asked, 01
Hunt replied it was a plea der Js
conviction as he saw it. j '1
Extracts from the judgd advo
cate's address quoted bjf Mr.
Johnson st forth that the; prose
cution did not think or Intimate.
Colonel Hunt wanted Bergdolljio
escape or was in a conspiracy, atd
that it vat realized Hunt wo
"the sorriest of all," tht the
prisoner got away.
Sympathy was exiresed hr thS
prosecutor for the colonel, new
retired, and it was mentioned ttt$t
he had made "a ma:niricet rec
ord as an officer." but tbt this
was not the question at isstie and
that there had been a technical
violation of military regnlatioU.i
'n a . way to bring discredit upn
th? army. J
Appeals Made for Near
East and China Relief
Miss Marie Corner, a a:ujent at
Willamette university, spoke at
the Highland Parent-Teacher as
sociation meeting last night, mat
ing an apiwaf for the Nar Easi
i.nd China famine relief move
ment. Tonight, another WMam.
tte student. Miss Marjorle-Cablf
will makp the appeal to the Bu8i
ness and Professional Wpmen'ji
Mary Miles Minter wan
bitten by" the monkey
which U sU;ioMl to tte
the inseparable compan
ion and -t of the heroine
of her latent picture, "The
Little Clown." For three
days she nursed a badly
swollen hand and stifled
her feum of serious de
velopment. 1
The man who goes to his work continually snuffling
and spitting is not pnly causing friends and business
associates unnecessary annoyance but he is taking
chances of contracting a; permanent lung or throat
! disease j
A few doses of Schafers Cold Tablets will cure
2ScS6c$l .00 j
Schaefer'sfDrug Store
Sole agents tor Garden Court Preparations :
135 N. Commercial SL & Phone 197
There was an old person of Dover
Who rushed through a field of blue clover
But some very large bees
Stung his nose and his knees
So he very soon went back to Dover.
Wednesday Special
Children's Play Suits. ;1
Men's Shirts
Brooms X
Remember jihe Place i
373-377 Court Street I I Salem, Oregon
1 .
1 r
1 .. m
Dainty collars and cuff setftTpf tinted organdy will
do wonders to a dresjs; touches of frilly lace and
embroidery will form, the most attractive part of
some frock ! And o reasonable are the prices that
you can easily afford to hve several charming
sets for spring wear; :
Shipley's Pay As You Go Plan
Is one of the mo? t popular slogans in Salem
It has prove! its worth to the people
club al their regular mwUnr.'
W. P. Walter, executive seer:.
tary ot tne campaign, aua rraaa, j
. . . a W7 H m A
Hutchason will' go to LJhertr to-;
night to give a moving; picture..,,
and short program In the Com
munity halt. 'I
v. ; ,
For Wednesday and
Thursday we will t sell
Sugar Peas, 2 cans for
25c Also Special Peas,
2 for - - :.45c
We still have a few cases
of Silverdale Apricots at
5 cans for $1.00
Strawberries 20c per box.
All kinds of fresh vege
tables CARL &
383 Court Phone 409
j. :
To Add a
New Air
To Frocks!
IiWt. Phone 4IS