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Leaders of Various Organ
izations Demand Ballot
On Health Nurse
themselves as to whether or not 1 the June election and thereby al
they with the work continued. It low the-taxpayers of the county
is not considered the extra cost ot the privilege of deciding whether
such an expression would cause or not they wish to continue the
unfavorable comment
( In a statement resardlnR the
j proposat, n. F. Pound, commander
of the American Legion. Salem
post No. 9: Mrs. Walter Winslow,
secretary of the Salem Methodist
Home Mlss'onary society; V. B.
Morse, of the State Board or
Health; Mrs. E. E. Kisher. of the
work of the health nurse without
Jn putting forth every effort to
secure for Marlon county a public
health nurse, active health work
ers In the county are publicly re
qaestlng Judge Bushey to call for
a vote of the people for informa
tion as to whether or not they
favor continuing the work of the
health nurse.
This follows a hearing given by
the county court Thursday, when
a large delegation met and urged
that an appropriation for the
n arse's salary for the rest of the
year be made.
The appropriation was denied,
on the grounds that no provision
lor .the maintenance of the nurse
was made In the financial budget
for the year. That money from
other sources might be appropri
ated was the contention of those
Interested In the work. Should
the people be given an opportunity
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automoi.ile of O. E. (Jardner ot
Stavton was taken Torn where he
had Darked it at the circus
Child Welfare Bureau; Mrs. Mary grounds, but was later found at
u. rumerson, county supennten- Twelfth and Waverly streets, n
dent of Schools, and Mrs. W. E. appeared that the car had lc'n
Anderson are those who have driven about 'l' miles and is
signed the request, which is as thought to have been used by joy
follows: riders.
"In view of the statement of
Judge W. M. Bushey that the
county court will not appropriate
money lor the support of a public j
health nurse (or Marion county
without such an appropriation be-
ing first approved by a vote of the j
people, and further,
"That constitutional restrictions"
prevent the submission of an ini
tiative law authorizing the em- ;
ployment of a health nurse by the !
county court previous to the regu
lar biennial election in November. 1
1922. and further.
"That Judee Bushey has the au- !
thority' to call for a vote of infor
mation on the proposal at the ,
June election, therefore.
To the Editor: As a voter.
We. the undersigned, hereby head ol a famlly and a taPaer
licly request Judge Bushey I 1 wi8 to express my commenda
the county court to call for,1 tion of the county court of Marion
uch a vote of Information on the i ( unt - Oregon for routing the
Established 1868
, . General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
Former Member Illinois Legislature
Subject :
Mr. Stewart succeeded Ex-Governor Hanly as Presi
dent of the Flying Squadron Foundation, and has a
message for young and old.
High and Center Sts.
MONDAY 98 P. f.L
All Are Invited
Admission Free
at the SDeclal 'election tn Amrpu Mimtv h..nh nnPOA - i bootleeeer and his ilk from Mar
i ion county. May the Rood work
! continue so that the clan of this
j worst enemy of society may even-
: tually become extinct.
Judge Buishey and the county
commissioners should pay no at
tention to that element which is
' attempting illicit manufacture.
. sale and use of alcoholic bever-
1 j ages by befogging the issue with
j much baseless talk about whether
i or not we shall continue to have
a county health nurse.
I will vote for the county nurse
proposal when opportunity arises
and dare say that fully 90 per
cent of the advocates of law en
forcement will do the same. It Is
UHeless to say that 10 percent of
the bootleggers and their defend
ers would not support a county
health nurse, law enforcement or
any other movement tending to
protect the home, the community,
and produce an environment that
will protect the health and morals
of the young.
All of thla talk about stopping
innocent persons on the highways
without warrant and searching
houses without warrant, etc., is
spurious, without any basis of fact
or reason, and is used for the pur
pose of screening the persons who
are seeking to profit off of the
weaknesses and vices of- many
members of society.
The wise will heed not and the
foolish are not numerous enough
to make any difference, so I say to
the county court of Marion county
and the law enforcement league,
or whatever it may be called, to
keep up their courage and go after
the bootlegger and his kind until
they are exterminated.
(Old White Corner)
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Oregon Ap&ies Make Hits
When Needed and Shut
Out Willamette
A strong battery combined with
timeiy hits in the becond and
eighth inning?, with a home run
in the sixth, gave the Oregon Ac
tries a victory by a score of 4 to
when they crossed ba!s with the
Bearcats on Sweetland field es
terday. The Bearcat nine twice
placed men on third base.
The pitching of Hughes, Aggie
twirler. was largely responsible
lor the visitors' victory. "Tuffyv
Irvln. Bearcat pitcher, showed up
well on the mound.
The 0. A. C. men won their
first tally in the second inning.
Hubbard had struck out and Som
iiiers had knocked a neat two
bagger out to right field. Duffy
sacrificed and put Somniers on
third. A two-bagger ay Hartman
brought him home. They made
their second score in the sixth
inning when Duffy knocked tiie
sphere over the fence, scoring a
home run and bringing In Noonan.
In the eight inning McKenna.
uided by two sacrifice plays,
brought in the last tally.
The liearcatx played their best
.aiiie in the fifth inning when
Kirk went to third and Davies
to second. With men on second
and third. Willamette failed to
convert the opportunity to score,
when Hughes fanned Ganzans.
The nearest which the locals got
to the home plat" for the rest of
the game was third base, Towner
placing himself therp by a clean
three-bagger to right field.
The game yesterday wan called
by a last minute arrangement af
ter Gonzaga university with whom
the game was originally schedul
ed, canceled Its southern trip.
Score by innings:
Willamette ooo ono 000 0
O. A. C 010 000 201 4
W. S. C.. 15; Whitman, 4.
At Pullman, Wash. . . ....
R. H. E.
Washington State ....15 IS 3
Whitman 4 7 4
Golfers Go To Eugene
Today for Tournament
Near two dozen members of the
Illinee country club will go to
Eugene today for the first of the
three cornered tournaments which
will be played between the Eug
ene. Salem and Corvalis golfers.
At The S
tj n
i y w
With Its Thrill and
Mr. H. C. McDonald
At 2:15 and 7:30 p. m.
Wedding Bells
Out of Tune"
Schedule Today
2 4:15 p. m.
and 9:15 p. m.
nosed of F. D
Thielsen, Ercel Kay, Dr.' H. H
Olinger, Arthur Hutcheon, J i
Farrar, K. L. Baker. Dr. L. r
Griffith. O. P. Locke. P. II. Vofe
Chester M. Cox. A. A. Kerne and
(ieorge G. Brown, will pl.iy teams
of 12 from each of the other two
valley towns. The invitation is
sued to ih.; Falem club included
an invitation to all member of
the club and their wives to attend.
Entertain men' is provided in Eug
ene for the visitors.
Chemawa Beats Prison
Team by 13 to 1 Score
The Chemawa Indians defeated
the state prison baseball team yes
terdav in a one-sided game 13 to
1. The twirling of Hetties for
the Indians was too much for the
state men and he fanned them in
one. two. three tashion, allowing
but one hit;
The Indians played stellar ban
with but one minor error and
showed good training. Chemawa
gathered in 11 hitr. Chemawa
has a team of young players
whfch is the making o( a fast
nine. So far this season they
have copped four out of six games.
Score by innings:
Chernaw ..0 1 3 3 4 0 0 1 1
U. S. P. . . . ' " 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
Constitutionality of Food
Law is Challenged By
Corvallis Concern
The Corvallis Creamery Com
pany, distributor of Nucoa butter,
manufactured in New Jersey and
Michigan, has instituted suit in
the Marion county circuit court
against Attorney General I. H.
Van Winkle and . L. Hawley.
state food and dairy commission
er, alleging that the act of the
'ast legislature prohibiting the
ise of the words "milk." "butter,"
cream." etc. on substitute foods
is unconstitutional. An injunc
tion against enforcement of the
law is asked.
The complaint declares that all
the federal food regulations are
complied with by the company rel
ative to labeling, shipping, selling
and advertising, but that because
the word "butter" is used in the
firm name of the Nucoa Butter
company, the Oregon law prohib
its the sale of its product in this
state, although the label states all
the ingredients used.
A further assertion is made that
the new law is an attempt to regu
late trade between states in that
the Corvallis creamery procures
the substitute product from the
Nucoa company's San Francisco
house. Another allegation of un
constitutionality is made on the
grounds that the law is class leg
islation. The new Oregon law will be ef
fective May 25.
Sealed proposals, addressed to
the Oregon State Board of Con
trpl, Salam, Oregon, and en
dorsed "Proposals for Building 'A'
and Building 'B' Industrial Build
ing," at Oregon State School for
the Deaf, Salem, Oregon, will be
received by the Oregon State
Board of Control at its ofTice in
the Capitol bailding. Salem, Ore
gon, until 2 p. m. May 24, 1921,
and not thereafter, and at this
time and place will be publicly
opened and read.
All proposals must be upon
blank form to be obtained from
Charles B. Martin, architect, at
Ms office. 42S-29 Railway Ex
change building. Portland. Ore
gon, and from ft. B. Goodin, sec
retary of the Board, Salem, Ore
gon; must give the prices pro
posed, both in writing and fig
ures; and must be signed by the
bidder, with his address. Plans
and specifications may be ob
tained at the office of R. B.
Goodin, secretary, Oregon State
Board. of Control, Salem., Oregon,
and from the office ot the afore
said architect.
Contractors will be required to
deposit check for $15.00. payable
to the Oregon State Hoard of
Control for each set of plans as
a guarante that Faid plans and
specifications received by them
will be returned to the office in
good condition, op or before the
date agreed upon. Upon return
of said drawings the money will
be refunded..
Each hid is to be presented nn
der sealed cover, and shall be
accompanied by a certified check
made payable to the Oregon State
Board of Control. Salem, Oregon,
for an amount equal to at least
five per cent (.".',, ) of I ho amount
of said bid, and no bid shall be
considered unless certified check
is enclosed therewith. Such cer
tified chvck shall be delivered
upon the condition that If said bid
1 accepted the party bidding will
propeily and promptly enter into
and execute contract and bond in
accordance with the award.
Should the successful bidder to
whom the contract is awarded
fail to execute the same within
ton days (not including Sunday)
from the date of notification of
nch award, such certified check
shall he forfeited to the Oregon
Srate Board of Control, and the
same shall be the property of the
state. All olh-r certified checks
will h,i returned to the unsuccess
ful bidders, who submitted same.
A cood'and sufficient bond with
a satisfactory surety will be re
quired for the faithful perform
ance of the contract, in sum equal
to r0'.; of tho contract nric".
The right is reserved to reject
any or all proposals, or to acxppt
the proposal deemed best for th
Dated at Salem. Oregon. May
6, 1921.
R B. GOODIN, Secretary,
Oregon State Board of Control.
er Li
Mrs, Iva H, Haye, Insane
Patient, Leaps Three
Stories to Earth .
In an insane attempt to escape
or to commit suicide, Mrs. Iva H.
Hayes, a patient at the state hos
pital for the Insane, leaped from
a third story window to the
ground yesterday afternoon and
received a broken shoulder and a
broken back. It is doubtful if she
will recover.
An attendant was washing the
windows in the third floor din
ing room and necessarily had
opened the guard. Mrs. Hayes
was eating lunch In the room. At
a moment when the attendant's
back was turned she ran to the
window and leaped to the ground.
Mrs. Hayes Is 4 2 years old. She
was committed from Multnomah
county last February. Her hus
band lives at Fort Jones, Calif.
Mrs. Hayes had been making en
couraging progress toward recov
ery and the hospital authorities
had arranged to send her to Cali
fornia in a few days.
of putting the finishing touches Visitor (to Johnaiej l4 i
on his training camp hereof upset a bottle of ink over
He was out on me oeacn eariy carpet) iui. tut. mvhs. -i..
todaj. playing golf in thes alter- . Use crying over spilt milk.
noon, and, after spending half an
hour at a banquet tonigfit, re
tired early. 5
The champion will start; train
ing In earnest Monday, -
Johnnie; Of course not. jflj'
have to do is to call the
.1- 1.
lick it up. But this happed
be ink, so mother'U do the lir?
axs . jJ" ill a a rem i 'S -
Biooa-ieansing, Mppeiiieiiajn2
Strength -uiving
County Saves Money on
Wood Cutting Contract
A saving of several hundred
dollars to the taxpayers of Mar
ion county has been made by the
county court through the letting
of a contract for cutting wood to
be used by the court house and
the county poor farm next win
ter. Tho contract was reported
completed yesterday and consists
of 24 5 cords of wood cut from the
property of the county at Hop
mere. Iast year the county court
bad 220 cords cut off the farm
and a saving of about $900 was
made in thlc way. Previous to
th k letting corvacts for both sup
plying and cutting the wood had
been the cugtom.
Are tha Effects You Naturally
Want from Your Spring Mdicin
And Hood's Sarsaparilla 4ltIsfips
these needs as nothing ettfe can.
This marvellous restorative tonic
and blood purifier has been ;reco
nlzed for nearly fifty yearSsns the
best spring medicine for restoring
the blood and circulation t6 their
natural richness and vitalitJr.
Hood's Sarsaparllla is more thaa
food, because it create n
all focd taken. ihu securlai ,!
per cent, of nourishment'"
Thus it contributes to mV, I-1
red blood, which carries vltalit.
all parts of the body and ciii V
strength and nerve fore iT
nature demands day fcy J1
Hood's Sarsaparllla. smalt
after each meal, and you wm rJJ
note how much refreshed ryaiH
how good your food tastes, ttAiH
cheerfully you do your wort
Hoods Pills relieve heads i
biliousness, constipation. T0
Mood's iSarsapanlld
Dempsey Supervises Work
Of Finishing Quarters
Jack Dempsey, hearyweight cham
pion, today supervised the work
"The Little Clown"
knew all about jump-
ing hurdles and thought
nothing of the flying
trapeze act, but she
found that leaping soc- 5
ial barriers was a pret-
tv hard stunt.
With warm weather coming
you will want your new Hat
for Summer
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mi - ; .
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ports Apparel For
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