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- ;
ri Spenders." liiiijumin IV luail hiring ami v. in t.-aid a
Iton'S photoplay '( Marry wtll as l.un:h.
isWHw11'8 famous uov.1. I.-.
featured attraction at tU- Tll..r , w Wlirll,7,.r
nrfda theater today, ll U a , , ,., ( . a) n,,. r. ;i today . o.u-
.Vtimlece. llh aS P""l,l"-' ;lt t. j., all,
a mil lu r at 7 : :!o
"Girl of My Heart." "Flame of
Wuth." "Wing Toy." and "The
Lamtfllghter." In "The Lamp
lighter" she will appear at the
Orfoii theater
Alius Mason Is five feet tall. ! Ye Liberty theater. FtartiiiK to
welKhw 9.". pounds, and is devoted j day.
to; athli-ticH and the f ral out-
duors hut rimlH her neatest j Coifing and violin playing would
pli-auure in music, i hardly seem to go hand in hand.
, I but Mhh.-al Coscia is first dis-
When the filming was completed
and the result was projected in
the Kay studios, it wait found that
; not one nl ii k If fuh-title was neces-
b-f inning next ha r to explain the action or the
motive of the story. Showing at
a dramatic tale that David W.
C.riffltb has batted bis latest pho
todraina on for United Artists'
relfaiM, and tn a wooderrully dra
matic production, "The Love
Flower," which will be a feature
at the Liberty theatre bepiuning
next Sunday.
first; Burke. Idaho and Roberts. 1 hent in each cylinder uniform. XfAXFXXfAXfA CTAIUXVAVA
W. ri. C, tied for second. Height iThe-y nop the leak and will make "'fft' 'ti T
5 feet, ten inches, j old engine as efficient as new jjjj rPARTNtnO Or
Two-in. le run Howies. W. S. ones. That Is why so many own- J f u TinC" RS
t. first ; Gill. Idaho, second; ! era of Fords. Overlands. Dodges, Ht I lUtZ J
Van llosen. third. l ime, two ' Itulckn. Ken and oi her makes oi ! !' , f nil ri'rtrel
flat. ' popular ears install Ix.isble Seal ' tfe ,1 ,, ., . )
....Liwti t iKJ lllllllll'l f 1 I Villi k '
Hroad Jnmp JJenne, W. S. C , I'i.-Ikii mi;s-
lyt anu u in. i ins nves its patron:; from
beet. A pei
the noel t
rtion and
the creen i!
ill if the noei in stoty. rhar
trfttion and setting, it ar-
.1 it. screen the well known
"Jfin Wilson hn
-i . comedy drama that will np- unguisnea ny tne tact ne is
fouiitrv. who ranmit .i in I 1 l""'' iers or ail apes - .......
A perfect reprodiic- , (
ilnriiir the week, a chame to he;,
the Kood music.
iinor. llliex-
iiie. nians'.Reiii.'nt of the 1 1 1 i k tl
theater wishes to aiiii(uiii
enxaf., inent of the Soiiora Grand
Opera SinKers. for three days com
mencing Tuesday matinee' com
posed of the principal singers oi
the Soiiora Grand Opera company,
and is evoking genuine entlnisl
asm ami. tig the promiuent people
of Salem.
HtuJand unhi
Tni prominent role?, ai- inter-
Jtel by ca-1 of lh" r''s
ih.raeter stars. Joseph J
- i.LAa tlm rol.i of 'iiel
LAg the masterpieees of Sol
""tI. II onl V II Pram, in
hlmiical humor and huinane
"i j Robert McKim plays "Ku-
J i it w I K Vila tiuiiftl iirwi.-.
ITanl TlrllUy. Heautiful youiiK
ClairelAdanis demonstrates onee
nre Ihtt Bhe Is a coming genius
M " 1,. MMhrv " Niles Welch
tb4 Weal romantic hero as
"Pertiyai umes.
A )va story. ,s fu" of
hi aid sweetness is played hy
SlitTlBrice a "Psyche Hlnes."
Harry Holland as "Lord Man-I the following film plays for Fox
boral Bo1" characterizations "Her Elephant Man." "Mollv and
irti'tfprem bits of art which oc-J I." "Love's Harvest." -The Little
etglonillly ascend to grip the Wanderer." "Merely Mary Ann,"
The Little Clown" the latest takes up toif and in addition he
Mary Miles Minter release, which j's a violin player of Huipassini;
conies to the Oregon theater on 1 xcellence In fact "Mike." as his
Friday ami Saturday. ! friends affectionately call him.
Theie Is love interest In thni shakes a mean bow not only with
""'Islorv- of course, but the nicture ! classic, bnt semi-classic and jazz
is happilv lacking in any of the aM well. Me carries a bag of golf j
To Charles Kay, star of "The
Old Swiinmin' Hol." now at the
Liberty theater, fa'N th-r honor of
elng l if tirst to ;ell a story on
the screen without words. In the
whole six thousand feet of film
where ordinarily there would be
at least from sixty to n nety sub
titles of an explanatory nature
there is not one.
Shirley Mapon was horn in
Brooklyn in 1 i 1 . and made her
first professional appearance at
the ane of 4 in support of Wil
liam Faversham. She received
her early screen training with var
ious producing companies before
Joining the William Fox forces,
in which sh? Is now a brilliant
Miss Mason has appeared in
Ixi s W lson
role in William
has a delightful
De.Mille s new
rBLIGH Theatre, 3 Days
Next Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
World's Greatest Singers
Principal Stars of The
SinffiiijT principal arias from famous operas. Also
hear the John McCormack successes
inq many others you have heard on the phono-
.: ' ' graph
Matinte 25c. Evening 25, 50c
to the Hligh theater today with
the team of t'oscla and Verdi, pre
enting one of the most unusual
acts in vaudeville.
A clever versatile monologist :s
i.'alph Se;'i'ry who captions hi
proach on many of the most ! Tour te violin bows. He is cominK
sunijitnous motion picture produc
tions of the last year or two.
All children love motion pic
tures, and parents may well be
giateful to Kealart for the clean,
wholesome stories in which they
present Miss Minter.
The Little Clown" is full from
beginning to end of delightful
comedy situations which will
please the most blase picture pa
tron, yet which are perfectly suit
able for a juvenile audience to
A real circus, one of the few
wagon outfits left in this coun
try, was hired to put on the cir
cus scenes, which are so realistic
that probably every daddy In
town will make an excuse for see
ing this picture. Just as dads
habitually take their youngsters
to the circus so they can see It
Woman Knows.
that of a young
first; Ferrlne. Idaho, second; Irv. down.
ilifc. Idaho, third; Dishtance 2t;
feet. 4 inches.
22n-yard low hurdles Fox. W.
S. ('., first; l-oomis. W. S (' . sec
ond; I'errine, Idaho, third. Time
Javelin Irvine. Idaho, first;
McCarthy, W. S. C. second; el'r
r ne, Idaho, third. Distance 1 06
feet, SI, inches.
Relay Won by Idaho - Graf,
Williams," Harsh. Katon. Time
jgoj enisling oiilu the
O. .1. Hull who is distributor for 't?Mls: see llie hurtling ;
the Double Seal rim's in tliis ter- "T fei SaiL.tluT vessel at sea 4
litory Hiivs ttiat be has never t s S?l 5
handled any article that has give,, ,g Rlul a KM I M li'M oK- res- N
such universal sall.fact.on and "Hjl t't' ,ut' ",aM K'"
wiio have used tli" rings havej Ujves
nothing but words of praise in JlVTAYT iff. HT A JW A tf A Tf A
their behalf. The ring while ne w VAYfJi VAVAtAYATIY1
n this s-ct'on has been on t he " ;
market for several yea is and Is i :B i -reiogniz-d
to be the beat ring on! HCaCI I lie LlaSSIIieCl AOS.
the market to(l:'y. if?:
I'HINCKTON, N. .1., Mav
Knglish girl who has a unique v ni,t1M,w' ' ' "
love affair. It all comes out right: Yal alh,(-tps defeated Princef
in tho r,,i i,u.a,r tk ', i a track meet today afi to 4
in the end however. The picture i
will be shown at the Grand thea
ter next Sunday.
In the new William Fox produc-
. i ii i 1 1 i r ii limit ii miii iMiMiiainim m n i irii it n imij
The Oregon tiieater announces
as its featured attraction for the
week of May 15. "Partners of the
Tide," an Irvin V. Willat pro
duction. Mr. Willat, it will be remem
bered, is the man who gave the
screen "Behind the Door" and
"Below the Surface," those two
truly great sea pictures of the
past season. But it U: said that
In this, his newest production, he
has gone far beyond those pic
tures which have hitherto been
called his best. Many of the
scenes were taken under water.
with the aid of a new process per
fected by Mr. Willat, and many a
thrill is promised lovers of the
"The success of the picture
with most audiences is going to
depend on its 'human' theme, for
the atory of the horse holds in
terest only in those scenes involv
ing fact action. Among the lat
ter are some very good shots of a
fox hunt, and a thrilllnr hore
race at the finish which has been
admirably done, will be apt tf
raise them off their seats." Watch
for "Black Beauty."
Priscilla Dean in her latest bi
uDer-sDectal 'Keputatton win
ha hnwn at the Liberty this
James Whitcomb Riley's best
known noem, "The Old Swlmmtn'
Hole." tells itself In motion pic
tures an achievement due to
both the universal note of under
standing which the verses strme
ami in the manner in which
Charles Ray has pictured them
nunt as "snu'es and Sketches. t on Prairie Trails," starting
eat personality, sons, stories Thursday at the Grand theater,
and novelty cray.-n t. rawing ate Tom Mix surpasses all he ever did
listed in his specialty at the before in feats of daring. Appear.
Bligh today. ing again in the role of Tex Ben
ton who was the hero of "The
Many of the scenes in "West is 1Man " .which Mix scored a
West." the latest Universal pro- reat success recently the Fox
Cuction. starring Harry Carey Slar K,ves wni" cn best ne de-
which is to appear at the Bligh Hcriuea as a wnmwina perform-
theater on Tuesday. Wednesday an.-
ii. I Thursday, weie fllmid a i nere is action from start to
quarter of a mile below the sur- "nisn-oi rTair.e Trails.' and
face of the earth. The locations Mix as Kenton is always the cen-
were the 1400. 1700 and 2200- cerl u-
foot levels of the United Verde Tne wlory 8 'rom the popular
mines at Jerome. Arizona, and novel bv James B. Hendryx. au-
hundreds of actual underground 1 u,or ol 1 ne lexan.
operators took part in these
scenes. " "ai is it nai &very woman
Knows:-' Here s a mystery which
Gladys George, leading woman is explained only in William De-
for Thomas Meighan in "The Easy " reai paramount picture
Road," his latest Paramount p c- v""1 E.very woman Knows,"
ture. which comes to the Grand w.hifh will be shown at the Grand
theater todav, enjoys writing so theater next Sunday. It is a topic
much that she writes for her own tnat "hould prove intensely inter-
amusement. Miss George has " lu" women pairons or
stacks of mannaf rinta wrillen hv
that theater. Lois Wilson and
herself, but she has never attemp- l ""r"u iaKe' nave " leaning
ted to commercialize any of her roles-
work. The pleasure lies in the .
writinar itself Coincident with Not eTery J'oung IxDchinvar
this is the fact that Miss George. came out ot the west." Some of
portrays, in the new picture, the 'h,"tn fayed there notably Tom
role of a wealthy girl who falls in ,,x- the famous star of William
love with a novelist. r esiern productions. Ana
Now what could have milted lno motion picture public is a big
me better than to fall in love with ner thereby. Any one who
a novelist?" asks the pretty lead- t0 be convlncetl of th's
ing woman. uomu see me aasn ng. oaring
In the supporting cast are Ml ,n frane i rails. ' which will
Grace Goodall. Llla Lee. Arthur "l lne ran meaier next
Carew. Lura Anson and Viroa 1Dur8aay-
Dan if!
i nomas Meighan is the big star
."The Jolly Dick Lonsdale" in ai in rana today, in "The Easy
a dandv new larte comedv Play. oaa, aaaptea trom the famous
will Bhow a one day engagement lur' c.ay ssireet.
at the Bligh theater Monday.
It was one of the hardest lotighl
meets held here, the result hein.;
in doubt until the last event, the
220-yard dash when Felman oi
Yale won in 2 2 eeconds.
LINCOLN, NVb., May 7 The ,
University of Nebraska won the;
annual track, meet from the lni-i
versity of Kansas 64 1-3 to 53 2-3
here today. !
IOWA CITY. Ia.. May 7. Iowa !
won the dual track meet with j
Northwestern today, 100 to 40.
LA FAYETTE, Ind.. May 7.
Purdue defeated Indiana in a
track meet today 85 1-2 to 40 1-2.
SOUTH BEND. Ind., May .
Illinois defeated Notre Dame in
track meet today 73 1-2 to 52 1-2.
CHICAGO. May 7 Wiscons.n
defeated Chicago in a track meet
today 10 to 30.
Michigan 00, Ohio OH.
COLUMBUS. O., May 7. First
place by Stipe In the hammer
throw, the last event of the day,
gave Michigan a 69 to 68 victory
over Ohio State In a fast field and
track meet today. Local records
fell right and left as f rst one,
then the other team took the lead.
TJT ; .... u JT j ;
- I
See the thrilling leap
from a flaming
airplane j
In Universal' Strange
and Startling i'l j
Adventure Serial ;
f 1
The Most
and Daring
In a
Starts Next Friday and ! Saturday
'si i
"Love" is coming.
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At The
let p res
Come On In, The Water's Fine, So's The Fun
She didn't love
him; for his hand
springs, but
his music
charms another
savage beast!
Everyone seems to agree that
next to perfection In production,
the chief requisite for a perfect
motion picture is a real honest-to-
goodnesB story. It's that type of ington. first; Pratt. Washington.
second; Hathaway. Washington,
third. Time, 53 flat.
FoKter Taken Two-Mile Event.
Two mile run Foster, Wash
ington, first; Ulackburn, Oregon
econd; Walkley, Oregon, third
Tlnie 10:14:03.
20-yard hurdles Hurley,
Washington, first; Anderson,
Washington, second; Kuenhausen,
Oregon, thfrd. Time. 25:02.
880-yard run Beall, Washing
ton. first; Davis. Washington
second: Pelller, Oregon, third
Time, 2:03.
Pole vault Linton. Washing
ton, first; Jensen, Oregon, sec
ond; Hergman, Washington, third
Height, 11 feet. 3 Inches.
High jump Frankland. Wash
ington, first; Blackaby. Oregon
second; Bergman. Washington
third. Height, 5 feet, 8 inches.
Discus throw Pope. Washing
ton. first; Tuck. Oregon, second;
Bergman. Washington, third. Dis
tance, 145 feet, 4 inches.
Broad jump Blackaby, Oregon
ttrst; Metlen. Washington, sec
ond; Bergman, Washington, 3rd
Distance, 20 feet 4 inch.
Javelin throw Tuck, Oregon
first; Metlen, Washington, sec
ond: Jensen. Oregon, third. Dis
tance. 192 feet. 4 inches
Mile relay won by Washing
ton Hathaway, Laudy, Pratt and
louglas. Time, 3:30
She was fickle and
faithless to Ezra. She
took his candy, his ap
ples 'n' everything; 'n'
then she turned him
down! TheWamp!
Come, laugh and cry
through six reels of
youth in James Whit
comb Riley's famous
poem, screened as he
wrote it!
With Its Thrills and
Mr. H. C. McDonald
At 2:45 and 7:30 p. m.
Double Seal Piston Rings
Are Keeping Upkeep Down
Mr. Moor, factory representa
tive for Double Seal Ring Co and
who has been spending the last
10 days in and around Salem says
the demand for his rings are
greater than the supply. He says
everyone is interested in how to
save gas and oil and why should
n't they be interested when their
pocketbook is called on to cougn
up ro often.
Double Seal rings have now na
tional nse and endorsement
wherever metal piston packing ia
used. Their initial cost is great
er than any other ring but the
Dublic has learned that the initial
east is only a trifle when the sav
ing of gas. oil and upkeep is considered.
Double Seal piston rings tane
up the wear in cylinders automat
ically and keep the pressure and
,; i - m
The Violin and Cello lipys
in I 1
"A Musical Divertisement"
Smiles, and Sketches
JUSSI and OSSi i
Sensational, Versatile Eccentricities
Monday " 111
The Farce Comedy Specialists
l! Violin Solo
Meditation From Thais
Mary Talmadkje Headrick
in O
"Wedding Bells
Out of Tune"
Schedule Today
24:15 p. m.
and 9:15 p. m.
Olympic Men in Meet.
PULLMAN. Wash.. May 7.
Performance of two Olympic
games contestants featured the
dual meet here this afternoon be
tween Washington State college
and the TniverMty of Idaho, which
the former won. 79 points to f2.
Eldon Jenne. Olympic pole
vaulter.was the Individual point
winner for Washington State with
15 points. He was first In the
oole vault, the broad Jump and
the high jump. Elon (Pat) Per
rine. another Olympic contestant,
starred for the University of Ida
ho with 13 points. In the two
mile race Rowlee. W. S. C, made
the distance In 9:47. two seconds
under the Xorthwest conference
Davis Is Fast.
100-yard dash Davis, W. S. C
first; eHrman, W. K. C. second;
Moe. Idaho, third. Time 10:01.
220-yard dash Davis W. S. C.
first: Katon. Idaho, second; eHr
man. W. S. n.. thin. Time 22 01
. . TAKE FOUFl-2 ... i4-2
Pole vault Jenne. W. S. C
first: Raker. W. S. V. and Duboise
W. S. C. t ed for second. Height
12 feet six inches.
Mile run Howies, W. S C
first: O. Pen well. Idaho, second;
Cole. W. S. C. third. Time 4:C9-04.
first; Loe. W.shrdS .3 . mfhmf
Discus Hamilton, w s r
K first: Love, W. S. C. second; Irv
I ininf Irlnhn thtt-A ti... in.
feet. 9 inches.
J 20-yard high hurdles Loom
s. W. S. .. first: Perrine. Idaho; Fox. W. S. C, third. Time
Shotput Perrine. Idaho, first
Irving. Idaho, second; Love W
S. C, second; Love. W. S. C , third
Distance 41 feet, six inches.
Katon Winn Quarter
440-yard dash Eaton. Idaho,
first: Calder. W. S. C. second:
van Hosen, Idaho, third. Time
I Si V fi&jL
With Lila Lee filf
Gladys George if4 ll v : . - "
After years of toil
that had brought suc
cess, he found the lure
of playtime too en
chanting. So the Easy Road be
came the Primrose
Path, and he reached
its end to find himself
wifeless and broken.
Was there any way
back? Come and see!
A story that leads
through storm to the
rainbow's end.
Our Comedy
Full of Laugh
Our News Weekly Showing All the Latest News of the )VTorld
Starting Thursday Tom Mix in "Prairie Trails"
Where The Big Shows Play
jump jenne, W. S. C.,