The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 05, 1921, Page 5, Image 5

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if Issued
Unrriaes licenses were issued
nsterday in the office of the
intr cleik to Edith W. Lucas
nd DanieJ C. Schinnan of Sa-Aftowledgement of his appreciation
Dortljey Whiteman and Roy
it Hnffman of Salem; WHhelmina I
Torrer and Victor H. Collins.
- ?
Vnf Sal'
Good lot on paved street In
jCorth Saleau. Phone 271. Adv.
Escape Frown Htate School
rwo boys named Winifred
Owens ami Frank Swintson, es
caped Tuesday night from the
,tate institution for the feeble
Chicken Dinner Every Sunday
Tables and counters. Jack's
Cafe, 163 S. Commercial St. Adv
jUd I Considered
The only bid received by the
county coiirt in response to a
call for tine sale of a piece of
property In St. Louis owned by
the county was takeo under ad-
''The Furnace"
Theodore Roberts
Agnes Ayres
Milton Sills
At The Electric Sign "SHOES"
New Shoe Repairing Shop
Our glasses f ii your eyes. Our
bills your purse
Jewelers and Opticians
Phone 1255 Salem, Oregon
Wa.Sk at
max u. uiucn
DRY "PASTE. 179 N. Com.'St.
Better Goods For Less
Nuoni Perfect Liquid Palnti
Besionible . prices
Capital FamltsT ft Hardware O.
285 si, commercial most vi
Medium Uacie Jonn Syrup.. 63c
11.00 Brooms 9c
10 lbs. Dairy Salt 7Bc
ti bars Lauadry Soap $l.oo
I eaas Milk ..91 XX)
1 felts Cleaned .fl-SO
(ilea Cleaners & Dyers
Ulll Com! 8L Phone 1III
fm tpriaf Plaatlag Ordr Trm
m 4)1 Orta Balldlat
, ,ak your grocer for
t r
. i 25e doten
)il Court 8U Phone 064
. Farnltare Store
The Home of the Victrola
lot get. more for your money at
Can O. H. Tracy Wood Co.
lor all kinds of
, dry wood
frompt dellTtry
Phone S20
"or Thor Washing Machines and
aaecirie Work and Supplies
1117 Jle
vlsement yesterday by the court.
This property was deeded to the
county last fall by the owner.
Charles Kerghauser, as an ack-
tor the assistance which the
county has rendered him
Fitted at Tyler's Drag tore by
an expert In the business. (Adv.)
Wife Get Divorce
Judge G. G". Bingham of the
circuit court stated from the
bench yesterday, after a hearing
given the case, that he would
grant a divorce to Ilermina
Schroeder. Charles T. Schroeder.
dt-fendant in the action, will hi
required to pay the plaintiff $500
toward maintenance.
Apartments for Kent
Furnished two or three-rooms.
120 to $30, including phone,
lipht, water. Phone 743. Adv.
Two Hair iratlon -
Mrs. I. McCannon and Mrs. J.
II. Daugherty submitted to oper
ations yesterday morning at the
Salem Ieaconess hospital. Both
patient" are doing as well as
could be expected at this time.
Kodak Developing, Ftc.
Commercial Book Store. 163 N.
Commercial. Adv.
Son 1 Horn
M r. and Mrs. Al Shepard ar-
the parents of a boy born to them
yesterday at the Deaconess hos
pital. Big Sale on Hats
Trimmed, tailored and sports
Thursday. Friday and Saturday.
Miss Larsen, at Fullerton's. Adv.
Shepard Ixiaves Salem
M. L. Shepard. who has been
employed by the 11. L Stiff Furn
iture company for the past two
years, is leaving in a few days to
take up work with the Sherman-
Clay Piano company. He expects
to be traveling to various points
in and around Portland.
Estate Orfcr Filer
An order appointing E. J. Lally
administrator of the estate of
John C. Lally. deceased, was filed
yesterday in the county court.
lh court appointed George Wit-
te. James McClelland and E. A.
At The Electric SYgn "SHOES'
New Shoe Repairing Shop
404 Ferry St., Salem. Oregon
Phones 1177 1211
We pay 2c above the
market price for eggs
I and product
Do yoo take
Ii not, why not?
No athar baths or treatments
can produce the permanent re
lief to the person suffering
from dlaagreeahle cold or ail
ments of the flesh or body like
the Turkish Baths will.
Open I a. m. until p. m.
Ladjr and Gentlemen attend
The Mutual Lite
Up-to-date policies.
. Lower net cost.
j. f. nirraiAsoN,
District Mgr.
271 State St Phone 99
Special Merchants
Lunch 35c
HOURS 11 A. M. TO 8 P. M.
Dancing upstairs at Nomklng Cafe
every .Tuesday, Thursday and Sat
urday! nights. American ana cni-
nese dishes.
1(2 N. Commercial St.
JL V a -
Call at
We buy and sell cvery
I thing
215 Center St. Phone 398
Cooloney as appraisers of the es
tate. An order was also filed ap
pointing Fred DeVries adminis
trator of the estate of Herman
DeVries. deceased. Peter Bisc
lioM. Fred Ling and John Ho
tller were appointed as appraisers.
Ranging from $1.50 up. Miss
larsen, at Fullerton's. Adv.
Meld in California
A man named King, who is
charged with violation of the blue
sky law, with T. IV Handley,
state corporation department, as
the complainant, is under arren
in Los Angeles and will be re
turned to Portland for a hearing.
He was connected with the Guar-
unty Securities corporation.
St. Andreanheru HolkfR
" The canary with a college edu
cation.' New shipment. Hear
them today. K. It. Flake, 590 S.
17th. Adv.
I Mocafion II
A delegation from Clackama-i
county yesterday conferred with
members A the state hishway rel
ative to th" type of br'dpe whic;
the department will build over
the Willamette river at Oregon
fity. The type has not definitely
ln determined by the commis
sion. The cost will be in the
neichborhood of $22r..(tO0. Data
procured liy the delegation yeF
ferday was to be presented at a
joint meet ins of the city councils
of Oreuon City and AVst Lynn
last night. The members of th--(lelecation
were K. K. Ilrodie. M.
I). Latourette. L. L. Porter, Wal
lace Caufield and Dr. Hugh
For the ellt Family Flour
Br ne your wheat to McAllister
Flouring Mills. Pratum. Adv.
lleronN Ktudietl
The city of Portland has had
an engineer in the public service
department of the state here for
several days examining exhibits
that were used in the hearing
which resulted in an order from
ths service commission granting
an increase In rates to the Pa
cific Telephone A Telegraph com
rany. The engineer. Mr. Wil
lard. was Joined yesterday by H
M. Tomllnson. deputy city attor
ney of Portland.
A Clansl fled Ad
Will bring you a buyer.
Clothinjr Is Needed
A plea has been made to the
Red Cross by a family living
southeast of the city for all pieces
of clothing for grown-ups and
children. About a week ago fire
destroyed the home and practi
cally all of the possessions of the
family. The children are three
gins, aged 3. 7 and 13, and two
boys, aeed 7 and 14. Anv nr.
sons having clothing to spare aro
rrxen to leave It at the Red Cross
Bicycle I Taken
Donald Dixon. 1925 Fir street
reported to the police station yes
terday the loss of a hlevrlo Ho
raid it was taken from where he
had left it narked at the Lincoln
Son I Ttorn
An S'X pound bov was horn r
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Shepard (for
merly Hazel Klderkin) at the
Deaconess hospital Tuesday mor
"House on Wheels" Vil
The first "house on wheels-' to
visit the auto camo grounds thl
year drove Into the canin last
night from Seattle. H. M. Col-
Iett and A. Hall, owners of the
CROCKETT In this clly. May 4
Samuel Crockett, age f3 years
brother of Mrs. M. T. Freeman
Mrs. Nina Foren and Mrs. Liz
zie Ward of Albany. Mrs. Dave
Slater of Mill City. Mrs. K. C
Henderson of fetroit. Or., Mrs.
Lydia Craft of Portland, and
John Crockett of Iehanon. un
cle of Mrs. Joseph K. Maddlson
o' this city. A sister. Mrs.
Nora B. Hannah died a week
ago In Lebanon, another sister.
Mrs. George Jory a year ago.
The1 remains are at Rlgdon's.
Webb & Clough
Funeral Directors
Leading Morticians
is the tomorrow that you
dreamed about yesterday.
You were going; to do a
number of things "tomor
row." This is yesterday's
tomorrow, and if you do not
do the things you have
planned for today, those
things may never be done.
Act now! Do the thing
that you planned to do
A business training be
gun now will have a great
deal to do with your future
success and happiness. Let
us tell you how we can help
Write or call for informa
tion. Capital Business College
car and commercial photograph
ers, are on their way to Califor
nia. They plan to go as far south
as Los Angeles. The car is fitted
up with many conveniences.
Cae Is DUmisfted
The case in the circuit court
of the First National bank of
Albany against E. L. McCallum
has ben dismissed upon motion
filed in the court yesterday.
Elks Attention
Initiation and Johnny Jones
feed at Elks temple tonight.
Tnnivrnre Speaker Coming
Hon. Oliver Wayne Stewart of
Chicaco. representative of the
flying squadron foundation of the
national prohibition organization
will speak in Salem May 9 at S
r. m. at th First Christian
church, on "Our Tart in the
World's Crisis." Mr. Stewart is
a personal friend of Rev W. T.
Milliken, pastor of the First Bap
tist church.
IMntio Kecitjil
Frank K. Churchill will present
pupils in recital Tuesday evening
viay 10, at the First Christian
church, assisted by Lena Belle
Tartar, vocatist; Lola Schulz,
reader, and Kvelyn De Lone, piap
ist. The public cordially invited.
We Can Supply You
Promptly with that good 16
inrh mill wood, even lengths, at
f .1 per load. O. H. Tracy Wood
Co. Thone 520. Adv.
Stop on Way to Kugene
On their way to Eugene to visit
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Baker of
Bend stopped over last night at
the auto camp grounds. They
came from Bend up to the Colum
bia highway, the pass over the
mountains being Impassable now.
They may go on to California
Attention. Klks
Big Elks meeting tonight. Ini
tiation and Johnny Jones supper.
Will Talk on Fire Hazard
Horace E. Sykes. deputy state
fire marshal, will be the speaker
at the Monday noon luncheon of
the Commercial club next week.
Mr. Sykes will report on an in
vestigation made of fire protec
tion methods in Salem.'
Into Radiator Itc pairing
Modern equipment, prompt ex
oert service. Nelson Broa., 355
159 Chemeketa St Adv.
Called to Victoria
G. Ed Ross was called to Vic
toria, B. C. last night by the
erious illness of his brother. H.
Ross. H. E. Ross made many
friends in this city when he was
here for a summer two years ago
recelving medical treatment. Mr.
Ross is expected to return to Sa
lem the first of the week.
We Can Supply You
Promptly with that good 16
'nch mill wood, even lengths, at
$3.73 ner load. G. II. Tracy Wood
Co. Phone 520. Adv.
llig Sale on Hats
Trimmed, tailored and sports
Thursday. Fridav and Saturday
Miss Larsen, at Fullerton's. Adv.
Ak ProiMTty Possession
Jesse W. McCormick has filed
a complaint in the circuit court
against John Harris. Mr. Mc
cormick asks the court for a
judgment for the possession of
personal property, consisting of
a team of horses, harness and
wagon, or In event of a failure
f deliver same, a judgment for
Ihe sum of $5C0 and $50 dam
ages. Mother's Day
Is May H. Why not buy her a
Roller? His song Is always sweet.
oft and charming. She'll love
him. A deposit will hold one.
Satisfaction guaranteed. E. B
Flake, 5 '.Ml fl. 17th. Adv.
IKal Rlankw
Get them at "The Statesman of
f'r. Catalog on application. -Adr.
Talk on Tu lerr ii To!
Mrs. Sadie Orr-Dunbar of Port
land, h"ad of the stale ttihr
fiilosis association, who has been
in this city for a number of days,
went to Jefferson yesterday to
Heak before a Parent-Teacher
n.eeting in the afternoon. She
has ben making addresses in
numerous localities in the county
during the past few days.
TourUtM Iteg1ier
Registration at the autn camn
iM-ounds yesterdav included H. M.
Collett and A. Hall. Seattle, on
their way to California; Mr. and
Mrs W. B. Baker. Bend, on their
way to Eugene; Mr. and Mrs.
Charles McCormack. Los Angeles,
to British Columbia; Mr. and Mrs
L. M. Lantz. Sunnyside, on trip
through California: Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. Boy lan. Cleveland. Ohio, on
their way home from a winter in
Tunnel Through Elk Rock
Is Announced by Company
ORTLAND. Ore. May 4.
Flans were announced here to
day for the boring immediately
of a tunnel through Elk rock. ic president of the board of dir
near Oswego. Ore., for the 'am- j rectors, and many other promin
hill division line of the Southern ent Salem men and women will
Pacific company. The tunnel will take part in the committee work
he 1 400 feet long and with cost j and soliciting. j
1265,000. according to the an-j Prizes to the persons sHiinc
r.minoement. Elk Itock is at pres-jthe most taga, it is hoped, will '
ent traversed hy means of a tres- stimulate the sale of tags. For
llo built on a narrow shelf along-i first prize a silk umbrella has
side and overhanging the Willam- i hoen offered and for second prize!
ette river. !a five pound box of candy. The j
! third prize is a two and a half
ritOF. IWJELOW DEAD, pound box of candy. j
i Miss Harriet Lien has been :
Melville M Kigelow. former dean
of the faculty of Boston univers-
iti and author of standard legal
tevthonks. died tonight after a,
long illness. He was the lat sur
vivor of the first P.oston univer
sity faculty.
Assessor Says Few Taking,
Advantage of Law Allow- j
ing Exemption
'TIMET i-v-rr-iio i o i ...r
Beneficiaries Given Until
June 1 to Fill Out Blanks
Few union soldiers and sailors j
of the Mexican war, the War o I
the Rebellion or of thc Indian1
wars, living jn Marion countv.j
have availed themselves of their;
privileges under the act passed at I
the last legislature to exempt j
from taxation property to the val
uation of $1000.
According to Oscar Steelham
mer, county assessor, there may
be many who would be glad to
take the soldier's exemption oath
were the opportunity called to
their attention. He further sta'
ed that an extension of time to
June 1 will be granted that even
one entitled to such exemption
may have ample time to fill out
th exemption blank provided b
the assessor. is Quoted
In order that there may be no
misunderstanding as' to the mean
ing of the law, excerpts are gtvtn
"There shall be exempt from
taxation property, not to excee-J
in taxable value $1000, of any
uouoraDiy discharged union sol
dier or sailor of the Mexican war.
the war of the rebellion or tho
Indian wars of the state of Ore
gon, or of the widow remaining
unmarried of such soldier or sail
or. It shall be the duty of every
assessor annually to make a list
of such soldiers, sailors or widows
and return such list to the coun
ty court upon forms to le furn
ished by such court for that pur
pose, but failure on the part o'
any assessor so to do shall not ar
fect the validity of any exemption.
All soldiers, sailors or widows
thereof herein referred to shall
receive a reduction equal to their
amount of exempt'on. the same
to be made from the homestead
of such sailor, soldier or widow.
if he or she shall ow n a home- j
stead of the value of such exemp
tion, otherwise out of such prop
erty as shall be designated and
owned by the soldier, sailor or
widow; such designation to be
mart either to the assessor or by
writing filed with the county
Wives Also Item-fit
The exemption herein provid
ed shall also extend to the prop
erty of the wife of any such sol
diet or sailor where they are liv
ing together and occupying the
same as their homestead and he
has not otherwise received the
benefit of this act; provided, that
FUCh exemption shall only extend
to a period during which such sol
dier, sailor or widow of any so1
dier Or sailor remains the owner
of such property, and upon the
sale thereof to any person other
than those of the class included
in thia act, such exemption KhaiT
cease and the property shall !
subject to taxation as other pro
perty. Section 2? The beneficiary of
the exemption allowed by secti)'!
1 or this act shall rile with the as
sesr.or a statement under oath
that he is the owner of the rel
property on which such exemp
tion ts claimed. Such statement
shall be returned by the assessor
to the county court, and Jf no
aiich statement be so filed, no ex
empt'on shall be allowed by th
Field iN'putleH fo Finish
The writing of the 1J2I tax
rolls is under way In the office
of the county assessor and it I
expected that they will be mm
letd about the middle of Jul).
This Is about six weeks earlier
'ban usual, the work lelng has
tened that more time may b- Riv
en to the making of corrections.
'iout nine field deputy assessors
have completed their uork of as
sessing and nave made tn ir re
turns. May 14 Tag Day For
Albertina Kerr Kome
Saturday May 14 has leen de
signated as Tag Day for the home
less and name.-ess babies of Ore
gon by the board of directors of
the Albertina Kerr Nursery home
where these babies are cared for.
Although the nursery is located
in Portland but one third of the
two infants care for in the home
are from Multnomah county. The
other two thirds come from the
various part of the state and con
sequently there is no part of the
state that can ignore the appeal
for aid from the home.
Endorsement of the nursery
and the tag day movement has
been given by Governor Ben W.
Olcott and Mayor George E. Hal
vorsen, who have offered to be
of any service in which they are
needed. Mrs. Hen W. Olcott. who
: named chairman of the high
I school girls, who will take an ac
live part in the sale of the tags
Why doesn't King George hand
over the Island to David Lloyd
Georce? He seems to be the whole
If you think you know
how to write a good classi
fied advertisement, here's
your chance to win one of
the three cash awards the
Statesman will give each
week for the best story en
titled "How to Write a
.Classified Ad."
The first awards will be
announced in Tuesday's is
sue of each week, the first
announcement Tuesday.
April 2C. Contestants must
see that their "stories"
reach the Statesman o f.ce
before Monday morning of
each week in' order to be
The awards will be as fol
lows: first award, $2.50
second award, $1.50; third
award $1.00.
Thc Statesman wants your
ideas as to how these adi
should be written to get the
best results. Tell us what
you would say in your ad
and why you would say it. I
Don't forget the why. For j
example, do you think it
should contain pric of the j
article offered for sale, or j
the price you are willing to j
pay for an art cie you want
to buy? If you think the ad
should contain the price, tell
us v hy. If you think it bet
ter to leave Jhe price out of
the ad. tell m why.
Should it contain descrip
tion? Why?
Should it contain location'.'
Should it describe quality?
Tell us about ads for
"help wanted" and "work
wanted ", etc , etc. Also
about any and all other
kinds of classified ads.
Write your stories' plain
ly on one sido of paper only
and mail to Classified Ad
Manager. Oregon Statesman,
Salem. Oregon.
Tills Week's Award.
A number of very inter
esting "stories" about how
to write a classified ad.
were received last week;
the Judges have decided up
on the following as winners:
First award, $2.50, Mrs.
Nettie Graham, Gen. Del.,
Second award. F. M. Mil
lie 517 N. Capitol st., Salem.
Third award. Mrs. F. W.
Allen. 625 N. Winter St., Sa
lem. Ore.
The story winning the 3rd
award is published in full
below; the others will be
published In future Issues of
The Statesman. Watch for
In writing ads to get the best
results I have often thought 1
would like to tell The Statesman
that to my positive knowledge
many would get better results If
they gave their address as well as
phone number. Why?
Because many who would buy
l.ave no phone. Often when thJ
advertiser is called up. central
says, "no answer," and by this
time the would-be buyer has pur
chased some place else or changed
his mind.
Then asnin. th price should
be stated; many times those who
i-dvertlse have bargains to offer,
but unless they give prices one is
apt to think, the price being om-
ilted. the article is high; many a
would-b"! buyer scans the adver
tisements for bargains.
Then again, the ad should not
be too sparing of description, as
cutting an ad too short to save
on the price hampers its working
power as a classified ad. The
articles should be as described,
loth for individual things listed,
and those advertised by ths
Only thiH morning my husband
afUed for the morning Statesman'
I want to look over those bargains
offered, and he mentioned a well
known firm who advertises in
ur paper.
Mrs. F W. Allen,
r,2.". North Wlnt'-r St., Sab in.
Mrs. I. F. Kan eh man of lnd
pendente, returned to her horn;
yesterday after a several weeks
ftay in the city.
Mrs. .lanieK Kae or Newport ar
rived in the city on Wednesday
and will remain for sometime r
ceivlng medVal attention at th!
deaconess hospital.
K. I'.eil of Corvallis is in th
city During his stay here be will
receive medical treatment.
C. C. Wltzel of Macleay was a
visitor in the Hty yesterday.
Tom Little of Turner was ''i
Salem yesterflay on business.
F. M. Lick of Quinaby whf.
transacting business in th4 city
yesterday. '
Mrs. .1 N Chambers of Allen-
Get 9
town. In the city visitlnff
with friends.
W. H. Lerchen, formerly of Sa
lem, now with the Standard Oil:
company in San Francisco,
stopped in Salem Tuesday wnila
on h s way to Portland.
Sewell Shepard of North How
ell. a former resident of Saleir.j,
was in th'e city yesterday.
Mrs. L. H. Mars, wife of the
editor of the Jefferson Review,
was in th? city yesterday on busi
ness. Clarence D SmUti. field secre
tary of Kimball School of Theol
ogy, is spending a few days in
Koseburg in the interests of the
:.".iss Marie Sc:.wan of the state
department of education is ?t
Klamath Falls for a few days.
Some of these Cays the papers
will print pictures of tennis play
ers without a foot in the. air.
i. wu ii u. z in
"The Spenders"
the glory and majesty
of the Rocky Moun
tains and the wealth
and fashion of a New
York drawing-room
tJ A7AVA v-AVAfAVfci
IS ; A
: i
U - r
Business By
Long Distance Telephone
There seldom is a business transaction be
tween men in different places that cannot be com
pleted by telephone and, in many instances, in
less time than it takes to dictate the average bus
iness letter.
Consider the time taken by correspondence
and the unavoidable delays of the mails. Try the
lonp;-distance telephone in your out-of-town busi
ness transactions.
Kecent improvements ; in transmission have
made it possible to talk satisfactorily to any point
in this country.
Ixng-diHtancc service is the direct and ecp
nohiical method of communication and does away
with undue expense and delay.
- -j
Ask for Pacific Long Distance.
The Pacific Telephone and
Telegraph Company
i a i ii a i 1 1 1 i
We have just added this
line of world renowned
kodaks and supplies to
our stock.
Bring Your Films
to Us
Ail developing and print
ing' work absolutely
163 N. Com'l St., Salem
Phone 64
Read i Ire Classified Ads.
jClean Coal and
Cleanly Delivered
We have It for those wb
need It. Our coal la what wt
are forced to call unusual, ou(
"i ' e ordlujry grades becaust
nd f pays us better to car
ry it, and our customer! get
more real monetary satisfaction
by using it. It lasts longer and
saves you money.
Why O
:- !
i I
;-4 I
!;. f
f ?
v M
I ;
f '.
' .
-1 i
", i ;
' Til
' " '1 '' J
! I-.
4. '
MI Court Bt. rhon4S8