The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 06, 1921, Page 8, Image 8

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Hi 8 ;
State Commission Contem
' plates Big Expenditure
on Crater Lake Route
Five Bridges Will Be Con
structed on Stretch From
Agate to Trail
Improvement or thw Medford
Craler Lake highway et an esti
mated cost of $530,000. is in
cluded in th"s immediate program
of the atatf highway department.
This Imorovement will all be cn-f
the 14.3-mile stretch of the high
way from Afate to TraH. Bridge
and trading on this section r.f
the road are now under contract
and bids for the macadam work
will be advertised for In May.
This Improvement is all that
ia immediately contemplated on
the Med ford-Crater lake highway.
Highway department officials say
there is a ?ood macadam road
from Med ford to Agate, a dis
tance of 12 miles. No work has
been done on the road from Trail
lo Prospect, a distance of 22
miles. Grading and bridge con
struction was done on the road
Troni Prospect to the national
park boundary last yer at a cost
of $1S6,000, the state and the
federal forest service each pay
ing half.
War Department Active.
The remaining eight miles
from ih" boundary Is a graded
road built by the war depart
ment. The war department also
has built a graded road around
the lake, a distance of 33 miles,
and also to the lake from the
Klamath Falls entrance to the
park, a distance of eight miles.
In May, 1920, Jackson county
Toted $200,000 bonds to be ap
plied to the Crater lake highway,
tut up to the present time the
bonds have not been salable be
cause of a requirement that they
cannot be sold below par.
Kovaral Contract Let
Relative to the Agate-Trail sec
tion which is slated for immedi
ate improvement, the records of
h- highway department give the
following information:
; A grading contract tor a unit
l-Hginnlng at Trail and extending
2.44 miles toward Agate was let
to William von der Heilen of
Eagle Point, the estimated cost
being 148,650. The next unit,
7.22 miles in the center of the
project, a grading job, was award-
j.u io rihodfs k Price of Medford
at $121,100. The next unit of
' 4.69 miles, covering the reniain
Jing cost of $103,600 Contracts
covering four of the bridges were
awarded to Albert Anderson of
Grants Pa?s and the contract for
the other was awarded to the
Portland Bridge company. The
placing of a macadam surface on
j the road, which has not yet been
Icontracted, will cost an estimated
i $193,800.
The total cost of $.".30,000 will
be divided $132,800. or 25 per
cent to Jackson county, and $198,
750,, or 33'i per cent each to
the state and the government.
Thursday Friday Saturday
Synopsis of the Annual Statement of tlie
Southern Surety Company
nf Imi Moines, in tnr Hit" of Iowa, on
the Slat day of Im ember. I'J'.'O, made to
th Insuranre Commissioner of the Stat'
of Oregon, pursuant to law :
Amount of rapital stork paid
P oo
Net premium reretved dur
in Ihrynr , .03 1.403. Cfl
Interest, dividends and rents
rereired during the year l1.56.i22
Income from other sources
weired during toe year 153.::6 69
Every Indication Points To
Excellent Crop in Oregon
This Year
III Effects of Cold Spell of
1919 no Longer Felt,
S?.ys Mr. Lewis
Dedicated to children from nine to ninety, starring
Where The Public Knows, It Sees Good Shows
Mnnou Extraordinary!
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
'APRIL 10,11, 12, 13
1st. " . . - --I
Tfc fiunoui Tcnentais,,,irv TT
r- j r i i
Direct From the World's Record-Breakinsr Presentation at
' ; ! the Capitol Theatre. New York
The screen's mightiest epic took two years to produce
Total income $326 ; j7
.. Disbursements.
et losses paid during the
year inrludinr adjustment
f-K paid on e.p.l,MC90" 91
v&r:!i 'Varies l2 ""
paid durinf the year 1 JO Him ut
Taxes,, jd l bJ0'8W 8
4 darin, the ,,,, . . P
Amount of .11 other expends 1437'5
Total expenditure. $4..Jw.8l2"o9
... , Assets.
'"" real estate owned
v umrkr Tlo,, 4'2 039 -1
hie of storks ,d Uond, ,J-
owned (market value) . 99.'. 933 03
Loans on mortgagee and rol-
n.jtTZX 2.319 08
. ,n va.s aIla on ftanj 1.00:1,045.06
- " in ronrse or eo.
Icftwai written since Hep-
t em her ao. 1920 1 049 797 04
Interest and rents due and
aernied 7l.939.9rt
inner ntsrellaneous assets 27't,02.V13
Total admitted assets t4.067.299 35
Oross claims for losses an-
. - I841.321.9fl
Amount of unearned premi
ums on all outstanding
riska . l,757.9o.o
Wu for commission and
brokerae. 2fi2.449.4H
All other liabilities 227,777.53
. Total iiahilitiea. exrlusive
of rapital stork of $1,-
O0tt.00O.00 $3.0X9.739.09
Buainata ia Or(on for tho Taar.
Aet premiams receired dur-
tn tho rear 18,402.1.1
'-ses paid durhif the year 9.839 25
C. H. Cobb. IVeaident.
E. O. Daia. 8eeretair.
Statutory resident attorney for aerricc
George f. Hchalk. Portland.
Thrills 7
- Mystery
a IL, IE. ,
Now Showing
Today Tomorrow
Blight Theatre
Vaudeville Friday,
Shipment Arrived
Imported Spring Voiles
In this lot is included some very late designs in flowers
and silk stripes that will surely please every one's taste.
Priced at
19c, 39c, 49c, 79c
Bungalow Aprons
Made of very pretty designs in percales a nd fine ginghams, full cut and well fin
ished, a special at
Grocery Dept. Offers Specials
131-4 pounds Pure Cane Sugar at $1.00
10 bars Crystal White Soap 50c
6 pounds bulk Coffee, regular value 30c, per lb.. .$1.00
5P25eLi N0TI91? : 0ur Suit saIe is on n full force. Come and get your pick while
the static is complete
, Shop
i Where
. Crowds
We pay
More for
Eggs. Can
Use Car
load of
Growers of apples Hti western
Oregon should feel greatly en
couraged orer the general favor
able conditions of apple trees and
the prospecst of a big crop this
coming season.
And while the indication! are
for a good crop In Oregon, re
ports from the east show consid
erable damage from frost, espec
ially in Michigan and the Ozard
apple section of Missouri, Arkan
sas and also Oklahoma.
IUrord Crop Kspected
A general agricultural report
"Growers of apples in the north
west anticipate a record crop for
1921. If there is no extremely
cold weather up to the middle of
April, the crop tehould run to
large, sizes and be of a fine qual
C. I. Lewis, of the Oregon
Growers Cooperative association
with 15 years experience as a
horticulturist in Oregon, says
prospects now are for a good crop
of apples, as it generally happens
that a good crop follows a bad
one. And this will be especially
true this year as apple trees have
largely recovered from the freeze
of December, 1919, and the heavy
rams or the past winter have glv
en additional vitality to the trees.
Rata Reduction .ex-onnary
The 1920 crop of apples in Or
egon was 4,280,872 bushels and
the government figures the aver
age value a bushel was 75 cents.
Also that the average yield was
88 bushels an acre, and that on
this average basis, the returns to
the growers was about $66 an
The charges for freight alone
of a box of apples shipped from
Oregon to New York ts J 8 cents
a box, and the Oregon 2rowers
cooperative association is working
with other northwestern and Cal
ifornia organizations to secure a
reduction in rates.
OresTon Yield Shown
In western Oregon, the apple
acreage or the 1920 season was
as rouows:
Benton countv. 1.3 3 fi acrss-
Clackamas county, 1,630 acres;
Douglas county, 3,2 8 7. . acres;
Jackson county. 5.091 acres; Jo
sephine county, 400 acres; Linn
county, 225 acres; Marion coun
tl, 2.417 acres; Polk county, 1,600
acres; Washington county, l500
acres; Yamhill county, 1,550
Hood River county leads in
the state with 11,770 acrlf. Was
co county ranking second with
5,660 acres and Jackson county
third with 5,091 acres.
who are clad only in meager rags
or newspapers were announced rev
cently by the American Kea Cross."
Information rollpcted bv the
Red Cross In Europe shows that
Ikors la instant nMil of 250.000
layettes and L.Ooo.oo garments
for children up to the age of H
and that an infinitely, larger num
ber of garments can be used be
hiidron would be even
decently clothed. :i is estimated
that the 2.000,000 garments asKeu
tor will suffice barely to cover
500,000 children.
Whilp th anne-i: is directed to
the women who served in Red
rmca wnrlrrnmm fUTiUX. the WIT,
all women interested in the cloth
ing of these children are inciuaea.
Tho i.rnfprf will not be launch
ed on anything like the war time
scale when each community had
its chapter workroom wnere
mo ouAmhieil daily to turn out
surgical dressings and countless
nihor artiflpB needed for the Am
erican expeditionary forces Un
like the same service in war wm,
there will be little purchasing of
materials but the women will be r utillzA anv cast-off arti
cles of clothing which by the use
of specifications of the Red Cross
can be converted into useful gar
ments for these deBtuuie cnnureu.
Nettie Why Is tue hour glass
mad- small in the middle?
Hetty To show tiie waste of
time. Cartoons Magaztne.
Commission Receives Num
erous Estimates On
Polk Delegation Asks That
Road Route Be
Srnopsis ef the Annual Statement of the
American Eale Fire Insurance
of New York, in the State of New York,
on the Slat day of Deeember. 1820. mad
to the Insorsnre Commissioner of tne
State of OrefOn. nunmaat to law:
' loeoma.
KtrirrrM.".,ri .d!r;.2.sP3.22s.
Interest, diridecdi and rents , ,
reeeired during the yr 220.243 2
Income from other ourre
reeeiTrd during the year CO.. 7
Total income 42,918.532.98
Net looses paid during tha
year ineludmg adjustment
Dividends paid on capital
stork daring the year
Commissions and aaiariea
paid during the year
Taxes, licenses and fees paid
during the year
Amount of all other expendi
tures ;
PORTLAND, i-pril ,r. Bidd
ding was brisk at the first session
of the state highway commission's
monthly meeting today. Not only
were there numerous bld for the
,1obs considered today, bttt the
bids were close to estimates and
in Borne instances below the fig
ures of the state engineer. Rids
opened Inclded two paving Jobs,
two grading jobs, two surfacing
Jobs and four bridges.
Tomorrow the commission will
open bids for paring 9.8 miles of
the Pacific highway in Lane coun
ty, on the Walker-Goshen ec
tion. Four other projects also
will he considered tomorrow.
County Judge Robinson headed
a delegation from Polk county
to ask that the state highway
north of RIckreall go over Clark
hill Instead of around It. While
no action was taken, the com
missioners declared that it is the
policy to cat out all grades pos
sible on main highways.
A delegation of residents liv
ing along the Albany-Crabtree-Lebanou
road. In Linn county.
oifered to iatch the state 50-50
on macadamizing this highway.
The commission recently selected
this north road for the etate high
way between Albany and; Leba
non. At that time the county of
fered to pay one-half of the cost
of macadamizing this road, but
according to L. O. Lewelling of
Albany, spokesman for the dele
gation, the county will not be
able to meet its share. -
Lewelllng said that the prop
erty owners along this road were
willing to form a highway district
and that they would match the
state's funds if the county was
unable to do bo. This tentative
offer was accepted by the com
mission. i
Forest Grove received the tid
ings that 606 feet of road on the
highway within the city limits
will be paved if the city will bear
cne-half of tha cost. This le
what they offered to do.
A letter was received by the
commission from the Multnomah
commissioners stating that the
1922 county budget will contain
an appropriation of 585,000 to
apply on the cost of the Mount
Hood loop road. This is to match
the state's appropriation of . . i
enm fnr thtii rnari :
How would you ;ike to be itJ
tn Haiti they are artyin'
cycles there with the native t$
loss ofjppS
PimpUs, Boils. Eruptions, aJ
Mental and Phygicat Wialowi
Are all very prevalent Jutt J
and are positive proof thai k
blood is wantirrg in tho doL j
defend the body against eon''
and infectious diseases. They!?
conclusively that the- blood tL1
thorougrh cleansing, enrtchln, .1
vital Izitvff. A
Do not put off giving attentio. J
tkese xlangerous symptom,,
Oet Hood's Karsanartiia. il
and begin taking- it at ones. - i
Remember, this gnedlctog'" J
given satisfaction to thre iL
tions, as a treatment for tha fc'
stomach, liver and kldneyg, J r,
catarrh, rheumatism ana -lr
common diseases. It build
system, makes food tasto gool ,
helps you to eat and DttpM
For a gentle laxative or in. a!'
.1 . I 4-1... T T i . t I
rainanii:, xiuuu s rut
will like them.
687.503 30
401.43 19
Total eipenditurea S2.517.057.41
Value of atoeks and bonds
owned (market ralue) 3,012.034. 50
Cash in banks and on hand 423,137.92
Premiums in eourse rol
leetion written sine Sep
tember 30. 1920 830,585.70
Interest and rents due and
arrrued 13,417.69
Appeal Made for Garments
For Children Of ,
SEATTLE. Wash.. April 5.
Plans for mobilization of its chap
ter workers in a nation-wide sew
ing circle to furnish garments for
the hundreds of thousands of ba
bies and small children in Europe
Synopsis of the Annual Statement of the
Michigan Fire & Marine
Insurance Co.
of Detroit, in the State of Michigan, on
the 3 1st day of Deeember. 1920, made to
the Insurance Commissioner of the State
of Oregon, pursuant to law:
Amount of capital stock paid
"P 400,000.00
Net premiums received dur-
tag the year 1,420,025.01
Interest, dividends and rents
received during the year 95,734.95
income from other sources
received, during the year 3.090.71
Total income l,518.8.r0 67
Net losses paid during the
year including adjustment
expenses 651.445 91
Dividends psid on capital
stock during the yesr 4O.0OO.00
Commissions and salaries
paid during the year 448.814.15
Taxes. licenses and fees paid
during the year 68,613.31
Amount of all other expendi
tures ., 113.337.81
Total expenditures 1.324,411.18
Value of stocks and bonds
owned (market value) ....$1,218,640.00
Loans on mortgages snd col
lateral, etc . 679.870 58
Cash in banks and on hand 64.600.95
Premium in roorse of col
lection written since Sep
tember 30. 1920 347.012 39
Interest and rents dne snd
accrued 32.54S.S7
Other assets 100.00
Total admitted assets 12,342.769 59
Gross claims for losses an-
paid .. 161.617.12
Amount of unearned premi
ums on all outstanding
Due for commission and
nbVr 730.60
All other liabilities 42.075.55
Total liabilities, exclusive
of csnitsl stock of
im.0OO.O0 81.475.137 97
Business la Oreeoa for tho Tear.
et premiums received, dur-
ing the year H.oVVtl
ixm paid diinnx- the rear 1 5, 41
loa incurred during the
year , ,
"ni BA.HB CO
w 2 trTrr' Jr- wident.
. . . " h ETWt Secretary.
Stafntot-r resident atterr for srvi-
T,-,TbT,t,M1- Wileoa Bids..
rertlaao, Oregea. " ,
Total admitted assets ....4,279.175.81
Gross rlsims for losses un
paid 409.399.55
Amount of unearned premi
ums on all outstanding
risks 1,885,717.16
Due for commission and
brokerage 18.245.51
Ait other liabilities 67.286.77
Total liabilities, exclusive
of rapital stock of 1,-
000.000.00 2,360.648.99
Basinets la Oregon for the Tear.
t premiums received dur
ing the year O
lAsaes paid during the year
Losses incurred during the
N. T.
K. T. Robertson. President.
Ernest Sturm, . Secretary,
ptatutory resident attorney for service
P. V. TV Bsnrs.
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