The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 01, 1921, Page 8, Image 8

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Oregon and Washington Fir
, District is 42 Per Cent
Below Normal
Most Buying This Year Will
- Be East of Mississippi,
Is Prediction
; Lumber production In the fir
district of Oregon -and Washington
' continued 42 per cent below nor
mal for the week ending March
26. Actual production was 49.
99.935 feet.
t .During the week several mill
which had-resumed' were again
compelled to discontinue operation
i by reason of restricted markets,
comparatively high costs, and
tales returns which are below To t.
It becomes more and more ap-
aarent that any lumber buying" of
rousefiuence for 1 I1 will be from
east wt the Mississippi river aud
.iorth of the Ohio.
Wi-kt t'ast Hard If ;t.
This forecasts interi'uUt;it wes'
roam, operations on a pro. I notion,
level considerably -helow normal,
until surh time, as freight rate re-'
adjustment restore the competi
tive relationships wufeli frxiated in
aatttern markets prior tu August
2C. last.
Eastern roads have not aban
doned the ileU of reduenje west
ern ImnWr rates. It is reported
that the western line have only
offered the eastern trunk lines 18
pr cent of the rate division, or
what eastern line consider to be
25 per cent of the transportation
Another retarding Influence to
readjusted eautern rates, is the ap-
plication of Southern Pine.assocla-
. i . .
t on . to soutnern roaus ior n-uui-
tion in southern lumber rates to
meet west coast lumber rate re
ductions effective March SI. It is
understood the southern roads will
give their answer to the southern
manufacturers within the next
two weeks.
Shipments of lumber from Pa
cific northwest for the week enr
ing Mavch 26 totaled 56.430,319
feet, of whicb 50 perecent moved
either by water or by auto truck.
New Bulne Estimated
New business for the week to
taled 51.1S6.419 feet, of which "0
per cent was for movement by
water and automobile truck.
In the rail trade, new business
represented 1.17 cars: shipments
l.i.'i ars: unshipped balance 3,-
44" ears as against a normal of
! 13,000 cars,
' ,ii tlt- . aler trade, new Palllor-
nia und Atlantic coast business to
italed 7.ft61I!3 feet; export or
ders, 4. COS. 000 feet.
Cargo shipments wre repre
vented in 11.1:12 .Hfi lI lor .ill
fornia and Atlantic crtast. and
570.223 feet export.
The unshipped balance in the
domestic car:o trade was S8.73H.
944 feet; in the export trade 19.
713.069 feet.
Invalid Chairs
To Sell or Rent
, C. S. Hamilton
A day Vet aside by us for exhibiting the newly acquired purchasing
.- j power of the dollar bill of today
I Watch for further "ads."
AH The
It Will
Pay Vou
To Do
are here ready for your selection. We shall be glad to play them for you
whenever you find it convenient to stop in. Or send today for the illus
trated booklet describing these Victor Records.
Sophie rtraslau
Knrk-o fsnum
Alfml Cot-tot
Ciulseppe IV Lua
Ilrniamtao Glgl!
Mi Iouie Homer
Just a Little House of liOre
Hereaatfa '
Hecoad Honjcarian Rhapsody rati 1 (Lisrt piano)
Iteaa Soir (A beautiful even iaK)
I, Ulorond 4'ilo e Mar (Heaven and Ocean)
O MbraJac Xaiid Mme. Hraer aad
O Cease Thf Hlngfnjc Maiden Fair, J oh a McOmiark and Fritz Kreteler
Barrbaaale (from "Samson et Dalila") lhUadHplila Orchestra
Study from "Th ChUdrrnV Comer"
(No. 1 Poctor GradnN m! l'rnsum) Piano Kernel Rarhmaaiooff
Munaaterlo (The Monastery) Titta Raffo
The Merchant of Venice (1) Sli lurk's Hperrh
- 2 The Marry Speech K. II. Hot hern ami Julia Marlowe
Gagliarda i Arturo Toscanlnl and IjiSrala OrcbeMra
Kfrem ZlmhalKt
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Klsie Raker)
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Serenade Violin
Hush-A-Rye. II by Mine
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Aid O Pair la Mia (My Native Land)
Carry Your Oom With a 8mlle
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nd His OrrheMra)
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Jo-eph '. Smith's Orrhetra)
Joaeph C. Smith's Orchestra)
64937 10
88623 12
74170 12
64934 10
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87574 10
74671 12
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74672 12
64936 10
45241 10
55135 12
18720 10
18728 10
18720. . 10
18730 10
13731 10
18732 10
18733 10
18734 10
18735 10
35706 12
: : : " - - t .
11 i . 1 Mimiui,, -aas 2SSSSSS
jlfflf BID
A dele Garrison's New Phase Of
'Police! Help! I'm sinking!
Will nobody throw me a rope?"
Dicky'plped the words in a high
falsetto, throwing up his hands
in a ludicrous- pretence of being
overwhelmed by the weight of
his mother's remarks.
- "Rlchard!"llis mother uttered
his name as if she had just
flicked it from the end of a whip
lash. "Stop that nonsense at
once. I never permitted such
conduct from you while you were
a child, and I shall certainly not
begin the practice now."
Can't help it." he returned,
unabashed and, indeed. 1 had
hard work to keep back a smile
at her assertion, for I had guessed
lonj? befores that my husband had
always been a spoiled child "if
you will persist in forcing the
dictionary down my throat, moth
er, you must not be surprised at
any kind of) exhibition from roe.
Itlg words always affect me that
way, and I'll bet you had more
polysyllables to the square inch
in that last spiel of yours than
even Madge here can manage, and
sh usually takes the cake, the
king and the chocolate filling in
lhat direction."
Ills molher rose with drawn
trows and flashing eyes.
Mrs Graham's Suggestion.
"I will not stay here to be In
sulted," she began, but her vola
tile son had reached her side be
fore she had fairly gotten away
from her chair, had put his arm
tenderly around her. and was
look in e down into her face with
laughine. audacious eyes.
"Don't be mad at me. Mum
sey." he pleaded, giving her the
old pet name which I knew he
had used in his childhood. "I
didn't mean to be bad. But they
were awful whoppers of wordii.
now weren't they?"
He pushed her gently Into her
fhair. watched with dancing eyes
the little smile that evidently
against her will crept around her
grim lips. Then he kissed her
again and went back to his seat.
"There seems much wisdom in
the mater's suggestion,'' he said
to me. "Is there any decent place
for eats In Uayvlew?"
"Oh. yes. there Is a very good
little inn abodt a half mile from
the school. It's called the Rose
Garden, because in summer the
roses in the grounds are wonder
ful. Any one can tell vou where
it is."
"All riEht." Dicfcv returned
nonchalantly. T11 blow in there
a little before noon, order lunch,
and send a taxi over to the school
house lor yon. No. ma'am, 1
won't be in it." He answered the
involuntary question In my eye?.
"As I remarked' before. I won't
appear at that thre 'fkewlhowse'
until I'm escorted there by me
wedded wife. What time will you
be ready?"
"At ten minutes of twelve." I
answered promptly, "and-1 must
be back at twenty minutes of one.
so don't order too elaborate a
"Well. I'm doing to feed my
face If all Rayview stands on its
head." Dicky grumbled, "so you'd
better be on time."
"I'll be at the door." I promised,
and excusing myself, sped away
to ray train, happy in the thought
that Dicky, meant to attend the
fnnctions planned for him. but
uneasily wondering what he
Tells Rheumatism Sufferers to
Take Knits and Oet Rid
of I rk Acid
Rheumatism is no respector of
age. e. color or rank. lr no: the
moat dangerous of human afflic
tions it is one of the most painful.
Those subject to rheumatism
shonld eat less meat, dresa as
warmly as possible, avoid 'any un
due espoaure and. nbove ail. drink
lots of pure water.
Rheumatism is caused by jnrlc
acid which is generated In the
bowels and absorbed into the
blood. It is the function of the
kidneys to niter this acid trom
the blood and cast tt ont in the
urine; the pores of the skin are
alro a means of freeing the blood
of this Impurity. In damp and
chilly cold weather the skin pores
are closed thus forcing the kid
neys to do double work, they be
come weak and sluggish and fail
to eliminate the uric acid which
keep accumulating and circulat
ing through the system, eventually
settling in the joints and muscles
causing stiffness, soreness ajid
pain called rheumatism.
At the first twinge of rheuma
tism get from any pharmacy
about four ounces of Jad Salts;
put a tablespoonful in a glass of
water and drink before breakfast
each morning for a week. This
is said to eliminate uric acid by
stimulating the kidneys to normal
action, thus ridding the blood of
these impurities.
Jad Salts is Inexpensive, harm
leas and is made from the acid of
grapes and lemon Juice, combined
with lithia and is used with excel
lent results by thousands of for
iUwbo are subject to rheumatism.
J' n '-
meant to say to the children when'
ih'e time cam for him to make
the speech he had planned.
For with the new 'light of ilie
morning had conie t,he realization
that Dicky was perfectly right In
his strictures upon the phrase
ology of the speech 1 had written
for him. however unjustified h
might have been in the rude
phraseology in which he couched
his criticism. The language I
had used, was that which I would
myself employ, and I could see
was utterly different from that
which Dicky would naturally use.
The indignation I had, felt at
DlckyV rejection of my written
efforts was now. curiously
enough, swallowed up in the fear
tha: in his repentance for ,his
rudeness he would really use the
manuscript which he had pasted
together after I had torn it.
A Troublesome Thought.
The thought troubled me all
the morning, stayed with nie dur
ing the otherwise enjoyable lunch
of which Dicky and I partook at
noon, and increased intensity
when, after returning to the
schol, and introducing Dicky to
Mr. Stockbridge, who promptly
took him in charge, I assisted
Miss Holcombe in marshalling the
pupils into the big assembly room
and arranging the trophies which
Dicky had permitted me to bring
as a background for his talk.
"I give you fair warning," Hess
Dean whispered to me in a
snatched interval of marshalling
marching children. "I'm gOinj
to flirt desperately with that hus
band of yours if I once get a
chance. He's the handsomest
thing I ever set eyes on.-'
(To be continued.)
Dealers in Candy Mjist
Make Show-Down to State
und measures have begun an In
vest igutitMT relative to the mark
ing of boxes and other containers
I used in the enndy trade in Ote-
Recause of complaints ' that gon. Manufacturers, wholesalers
have bfPii received, tlie officials 'and .'retailers, are iidvisod that J
Ihe net weight of the contenti Lf
plainly and conspicuously inrt!h
on the outside, of the packiyZ
terms of net weight or nmrkli
count. X"r , ,,'-.r
of the mate department of weights ; there is a legal requirement that ' -1'sa Ktateman Clawtftefl aibl
Spring Weakness
Im OYercom and the blood purlfled
Hood' O parilla
! I i
The most cjomplete stock of Figured
Voiles in th0 city. Patterns come in all
the neat,Uiiht and dark backgrounds.
This season, as never before, Voiles
wilt be worn because of the fact that
they are so -smart in fabric, so becom
ing and so girlish. For afternoon frocks
it cannot bei; excelled. '
The vidthk are 30 and 40 inches. The
prices are right.
49c, 69 c and 75 c Yard.
Oar Prices Always the Lowest
Commercial and Court Streets
. - ' - ;!! : 1 i
Fresli Crisp Sodas, pound
Fresh, Crisp Grahams. . .
Snow Flake Sodas, pek . .
Large X.B.C. Sodas. . . .
Small N.B.C. Sodas.....
Small S. F. Sodas..
S. S. Butter Crackers..
4 lbs. net Cottolme
8 lbs. net Cottolitie
4 lbs. Snowdrift
8 lbs. Snowdrift
9 lbs. Crisco
6 lh. Criseo
lbs. Crisco
No. 5 Cascade La nl . . . .
No. 10 Cascade Lard
So. 5 Compound
. .21c
. .25c
. 80c
. .80c
1 pound M. J. B... 44c
3 lbs. M. J. 15., lb 43c
5 lbs. l. J. B lb 41c
1 lb. fiolden 'West 46o
:i lbs. Golden "West, lb.... 44c
American Club 35c
:i lbs. American Club, lb..33c
Hill Bros. Red Can 46c
." lbs. American Club, lb. ...32c
2.-a lbs. IlilJ Bros. Bed Can,
pound 44c
Royal Club, 1 lb.......... 44c
3 lbs. Royal Club, lb 43c
Fancy Bulk Coffee 25c
Vein- Best Bulk 31c
English Breakfast 30c
Tree Tea, Black, V lb 33c
Tree Tea, Green, U lb 33c
Lift on 's Tea, half lb 40c
Lipton's Tea, 1 lb 79c
10 lbs. White Bcaus 50c
10 lbs. Fancy Head Rice.. 65c
5 lbs. Split Veas.. 49c
."1 lbs. Macaroni . . ...39c
." lbs. Prunes 40c
10 lbs. Prunes : . .75c
100 lbsv Prunes, lb.; 7c
Fancy Walnuts 33c
Bakers' Fresh Coooanut . . . 17c
Shredded 10, 20, 40c
Jell-O, package 10c
Jiffy-Jell . . 10c
Knox Gelatine 20c
Larpe Pineapple, X for.". ...97c
Xo. 2 Pineapple, 2 for. . . .59c
." large cans Peaches. .... .$1
large cans Apricots $1
Libby's Apple Butter . . . .25c
1 gal. can Prunes 25c
1 gal. rumpkjn 50c
Pint of Wesson's 35c
Quart of Wesson's ....... ,70c
'a gaL. Wesson's $1.35
Pint of Mazola -Quart
of Mazola
' gaL Mazola . .
1 gal. Mazola . . .
. . , , . .37c
...... 70c
: 40e-size Roj al . .
2i lbs. Royal.....
5 lbs. Royal
25c K C.
lc K.,( ........
10c K.'.C.
.... . .19c
.... ..13c
$1.2." Broom
$1.10 Broom ....
fi Broom . . . : . .
65c Broom
Mop Slick
5 cans Sugar Peas
5 cana Iowa Corn .
5 cans Standard Tomatoes tiOc
5 cans Clams Life
5 cans Oysters . . . . . J.Si
cans Shrimp ...... . .
5 medium Red f US
5 cans Pink I3p
5 cans Campbell's Sonpi,.C
2 cans Lihbyfs. Milk.
12 cans Libby's Mflk....fL(I
3 large cans IIominy....S
1 lb. Ghardellis .......... 33l
3 lbs. Ghardellis ......
Hershey Cocoa, in bulk, lb. Si
Baker's Chocolate, cake ...Si
California Star ...... 4.S3i
Half lb. Cocoa ...
1 lb. Cocoa ";'.45t
40e-pack. Nabisco wafers, sp
ial .MV.i5c
20- package ,...10e
20 bars Royal Whire......I
20: While Wonder TT......?!
10 Ivory
5 Clean-Easy ....V;..
5 Creme Oil ....
f Palmolive ....-.
Citrus Powder ......... . .'. &
i ' o r
Old D. Cleanser v1
2 Kelloggos Corn Flakes
2 Post Toaslies, ........
2 Gran Nuts .....
Roman Meal .......
Fnele-Sam's Food .....V-2
Large pek. Wheat Ilesrt,
Lafge pkg. Pancake .
Puffed Wheat 15t
Shredded Wheat '
I -'a
Lafge pkg. Oats ...."r
10 lbs. Cream Rolled OstsJ
10 lbs. Wheat Cereal ...-
10 lbs Graham i
I " ' " ' 1
Ralstons' Bran
Kellopg's Bran
Swan's Down Cake fW?5
Swan's Instant Cake Flour-
Large Log Cabin ....VT,--
Uncle John's '-"""".'Jl
1 gal. Maple Karo-j
Half Gal. Maple Karci
Haf Gal. Amber ',"
1 gal. Amber Karo..- " j
1 gal. Crystal White ' '
Half tl Ckytd