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Tbe Statesman receive tbe leased
wire report of the Associated
Press, the great est and most re
jllable press association la the
Fair east, probably rain west
portion; fresh to, strong westerly
coin en
Aboard Ills Kiddy Kar, Utile
Son of Ray Lewis Decided
Jio Go a-Traveling
Deciding that ' he would go
traveling, the.'llttle 2 -year-old boy
X-Ray Examination Shows If;
Condition Of TranS-Con,- kiddy kar and Journeyed forth
lineiUctl HVIdLUI OCMUUi -I noon.
Clad In his coveralls and stock
ing cap, the sturdy little fellow
showed stains, of travel, when
taken in custody by Police Officer
Porter at the Oregon Electric de
pot, having made the long journ-
CAUSES ACCIDErTT bikiddy kar.
UWUU S . . C W V t tf. WUX
he was disagreeably muddy, he
was undismayed and. full of cour
age until taken into the police
station, when his courage failed.
His brown eyes filled with tears
and he. lifted his voice in strong
A taxi was called Into service
and the child was taken to his
home. ,
Fever is Developing.
Flyer Says Will Make Trip
Yet if Death Does Not
': , Stop Hint V
Soviet Authorities in Russia
Notified That U. S. Can
not Consider Resumption
Of Relations Yet.
NATCHEZ. Miss.. March 25.
Tbe following bulletin was issued
it the hospital late tonight:.
"Lieutenant Coney is suffering
from fractures of the third, fourth
fifth lumbar vertebrae. He
a naralyzed irom tbe chest down;
temperature 103. We regard bis
condition as very, serious."
NATCHEZ. Miss . March 25.
t . -9 S
SnaS'w, vrgZZ: uansonu: High Dignitaries From .Ail
neatal aviator who en parts nf . S. to Go to
irnvnTl 0 liH.. PLUUaT U1M.1U0CU I - , w . w .
tonight that hir back was Ira,c
.tured and that according to phy
iciana attendine him. he has
about one chance in ten of recov
erlng. He- was brought here to-
ntsht and is conscious and cheer
ful. ' Physicians said, however.
' that a fever was. developing.
BALTIMORE. Md.. March 25
The body of Cardinal Gibbons,
dressed In the robes of his office,
lay tonight in the upper room of
MONROE. kA.. ,arch 25. I the arcbiepiscopai residence on
Badly injured xhen. he fell with! North Charles street, which he
his airplane after sxrising a occupied SQ many years.
on the Mose Lanier farm near
Crowville. 'ln the swampy, section
of Franklin parish.' northeast
Louisiana,, Lieutenant W. 'D.
Coney trans-continental flyr,
lau today was en route to. Nat
chet, where he will be given mad
Ical attention.
Lieutenant Coney, who was at
tempting 4 . return flif ht from
Jacksonville. Fla., to San Diego.
Christian brothers relieved
members of the cardinal's house
hold early this morning as watch
ers and omy high dignitaries of
the church and the cardinal'
grand niece and grand 'nephew
were allowed In the death cham
All others of the multitude who
called at the residence were told
City Attorney Smith! Directed
to Act With Other, Towns;
in Phone Rate Case j
No Indictment Made Against
Bolshevism as Politi
cal Body
Cat. attempted to land near Crow-j tnat tne cardinal's body could not
vUle, when engine trouble aevei- Tiewed until it was placed In
oped and la so doing, crashed into cathedral , Sunday night or
-a tree. He tell about 75 feet. The earT Monday, It waa planned to
lieutenant attributed, the cause to haTe guard of honor begin Its
eaglaa. trouble. . first watch at 8 o'clock Monday
Falls In Swam pjr Section. morning and continue until, 9
' Crowville. 11 miles from a rail- o'clock Thursday morning, the
road, and la the midst of a sparse- day of the funeral. Except for the
ly Bottled, swampy section, gave announcement of. the cardinal's
every assistance to the flyer. The death and requests for prayers
two village physicians rendered for the repose of his soul the ser-
first aid soon, after he was pulled vices in all the churches today
from the wreckage, hy a farm- were unchanged. But at all the
hand. Although not-prepared to masses tomorrow and until fur
state definitely, ' the doctors exr ther notice, where rubrics permit
pressed the belief that his spiae the prayer "pro de functo cardi
wa either broken or severely in- nali" (for tbe dead cardinal) will
Jured. An X-ray evaminattoa will be said by the. clergy in all the
be. necessary, to J determine accur churches in the arch-diocese. Sim
rately, they suted . ilar orders were expected to be
In talking with physicians, issued by the bishops of the other
Coney said he would yet make tbe diocese in America,
transcontinental flight it death While the cardinal's last words
does not stop him. He expressed were blessings upon those of his
. the, conviction that he would have household, he sent a message to
done so this time. If it had not the pope on Tuesday through
been, for, the, fog banks. Monsignor John Bonzano, apos-
"tf bad a fair flight until I tollc delegate to., the United
struck the fog banks along the states.
river he said, "and then L lost "please give to the pope my
raj way to some extent and from I message of allegiance. Tell h:im
the Mississippi river until I hit 1 1 am giad that it is not he who is
the rronnd 1 was firing low. I
was preparing to make a landing
because ot engine trouble when I
struck a tree and went down. I
do not ! remember much about
coins: intead of me.. He la needed
bv his church."
This message was sent to the
pope at the same time that news
of the cardinal's sudden turn for
what occurred after I struck the! the worse was sent to the Vatican.
tree until I found myself in the! Nearly all the archbishops and
arms of Mose Lanier and bis good i bishops ot the United States nave
wna, who; conveyed me to tnetr sent word that they expect. 10 at
noma. I guess It Is all. over. I tend the funeral.
Paralvsls Is Feared. I .ArchblsbOD Glennon or oi.
Drs. C. M. Darrell and. W.I Louis will preach the funeral ser-
Winn. who. attended ' the young mon. Further details of the fun-
fiver throughout the dav were not I ral were not completed today.
Prepared to sav tonight as to 1 Reverend W. Carroll MUbolland
whether be would live or die. "If of St. Mary s. seminary will do
he doesn't die," said Dr. Darrell, master of ceremonies. Messages
"I fear he will" be crippled or 0f regret and sympathy continued
paralyzed for, life." The pnysi-to pour in, throughout tne aay,
Ciana lata lwliv tanned the fol- I
lowing renort tf hla condition: BOSTON. March 2o. Tbe
"Llentenant Coney Is Daralyzed fassachnsetts bouse of represen-
ln his lower extremities, where tatives today initiated a Joint re-
'here; Is loss of sensation and mo- solution on the death of Cardinal
tioa.' Hi temperature is 102 1-2. Gibbons. The resolution, which
Pulse, 100, : respiration 26. He Is -m gQ before the senate Monday,
conscious and cheerful but does "reads:
not talk much." "Ordered, that the members ot
The Injured man late this aft- tne senate and house ot represen-
rnoon sent a telegram to Miss tatives pause in their duties to
Siary. Morgan, San Diego. CaL, rec0rd their sense of the great
aid to be his fiancee. The mes- iogs that as befallen the nation in
was hrief, merely stating the death ot bis eminence, Cardi-
'ffly plane fell this morning and r.ihhonn. who for many years
fcr spine was seriously Injured." has hen BO potent a. force in
The -lieutenant's mother made everything that has made' for a
i-antlc efforts to get in touch with nobier jus'ter and. purer national
uer on by telephone this after- mmA reat dualities as
toon, but was unsuccessful. Mrs. I unP-).m.n. citizen and patriot
Brunswick. Ga., j ....i.-, o serve as an in-
The -American gotTrnment noti-
II ed tbe soviet authorities in Rus
sia today that resumption of trade
between Russia and the United
States could, not be considered un
til, fundamental changes had been
made in the economic system un
derlying the soviet regime.
Safety of human life, guaran
tee of property rights, free labor
and observance of tbe sanctity ot
contracts were, among the re
quirements laid down in a note
by Secretary Hughes as essential
if trade relations are to be re
newed. The communication add
ed, that "convincing evidence ot
the consummation of such hang
es" must be furnished before this
government even cared to discuss
the subject.
The commun'cation was made
public at the state department in
tbe form of a statement by Sec
retary Hughes with the notation
that a copy should be sent
to tbe American consul at Reval.
Estbohia, to be handed to Litvin
oft, soviet representative there.
The note was in reply to tbe ap
peal recently addressed by the so
viet jegime to President Harding
and congress asking that trade re
lations, between the United States
and Russia be restored and pro
posing to send a delegation to tbe
United States to negotiate. :
"Whole . Administration Agreed
Prior to making a, final decis
ion, the Russian trade question
was discussed by President Hard
ing and his cabinet. In & state
ment after tbe note had been
made public. Secretary Hoover de
clared the conclusion reached
"shows the - complete agreement
ot the views of tbe whole admin
Unlike official pronouncements
of the American government's at
titude toward the soviet regime.
Secretary Hughes note dealt sole
ly with the economic aspects or
tbe. -problem and made no at
tempt to discuss the. political
short comings ot the unrecog
nized Bolshevist government. It
set forth, in a few words the rea
son why the united States con
aiders it poor business to trade
with Russia under existing con
ditions, but making no indict
ment against boUhevism as a po
litical system. x
Wilson Xbt Yet Modified
It was pointed out. however,
that there was nothing in the note
to reverse or modify the coramun
nication to Italy in which the Wil
son administration set forth last
August the unwillingness ot the
United States to enter into politi
cal negotiations with a govern
ment "based upon the negation
ot every principle of honor and
good faith.
The manner In which today's
note was made public had none
ot the air of usual diplomatic ne
gotiations, being contained in this
official announcement from the
state department:
The secretary of state made
the following statement today.
copy of which, transmitted by cab
bie to the American consul at Re
val, will be handed by him to Lit-
"The government of the Unit
ed States." says the communica
tion, "views with deep sympathy
and grave concern the plight Of
the people of Russia and desires
to aid by every appropriate means
in promoting proper opportunities
through which commerce can b
established on a sound basis. It
is manifest to this government
that in existing circumstances
there is no assurance for the de
veloment of trade, as the sup
plies which Russia might now be
able to obtain would be wholly
inadeauate to meet her needs and
no lasting good can result as long ;
Mayor George H. Halvorsen of
Salem yisterdav directed City
Attorney Ray L. Smith to pro
ceed in. collaboration Iwlth -City
Attorney Tomlinson of! Portland
and the city legal advisors of
about eight other Oregon cities
and townsvln demanding a rehear
ing of the-service rate case of
the Pacific Telephone Tele
graph company by the public ser
vice commission. j
The mayor's action was In re
prnnse to a . telegram I received
yesterday from Mayor" fceoxge L.
Baker of Portland, asking that
the action be taken if Ihs Salem
authorities were so disposed.
At the meeting of the Salem
city council Monday night a epe-J
rial committee was appointed to J
inquire into tne xeasiDiuiy ot tak
ing such action and the district
attorny was instructed to work
with the committee. I
While the committed has! not
yet made a report. Mayor Hal
vorsen said yesterday tkat he-felt
justified in instrnetingj the city
attorney to co : ahead with! tae
oth?r city attorneys and that, he
felt sure the council wpuld bak
him up.
Socialist Leader Returns To
Atlanta After Secret Jrip
To Washington to Discuss
Case With DaughertyJ
Discrimination in Favor of California Exists and Public Serv
ice Commission Puts Up Fifcht for Restoration in North
west of Limit Prevailing Prior to Federal Control
Urging the contention that dis-'U TOO or 750 bales. A bale
crimination in favor of California
now exists in regulations govern
ing the shipment of bops, thf
public service commission and
representatives of the hop indus
try of Oregon and Washington art
attempting to have the carload
minimum limit restored to 15.000
pounds. Instead of the 18.000
round limit that was fixed while
the railroads were under federal
control. California has the 15,-
000 pound minimum. ,
T. A. Livesley of Salem, repre
senting th"9 growers, conferred
with members nf'th errlro fnm.
FeelS Department Of Justice m,S8lon yesterday relative to the
cesirea cnange.
The basis of the movement for
a reduced minimum is tbe size ot
the ordinary order ot hope, which
Forty Acres Actually Pledged
To Launch Hew Industry
And Figure May be Doub
led in Few Days,
Fair and Square
With Him
weichs about 200 poands. The
result Is that when an Oregon or
Washington shipper consigns an
ordinary order of bops it is neces
sary to pay freight on 3000 or
more pounds in. excess of tbe act
ual weight of the shipment.
The soft ice commission, acting
in behalf of the northwest grow
ers, has docketed the case with
the transcontinental freight board
at Chicago,
In addition, because of the
number ot shippers ot hops whose
Interests are common though they
may be located In different sec
tions the service commission is
taking tbe case up with the can- Score of Farmers Sign An
what action tbe California state
cfficials will undertake in defenss
of tbe lower minimum.
Agreement to Devote
Ground to Vegetable
ATLANTA. Ga., March 23. Eu-
eene V. Debs returned to the At
lanta' federal penitentiary today
to resume the routine of prison
life after his trio to Washington
where be discussed his case with
Attorney General Daugherty
' The socialist leader, who ii
serving a 10-year term on convlc-
j tion of violating the war-time es-
i ninnnro nri waa im in ni
tr . - I l - .....
rUIDM MUST f?.y Large cheanul as he alighted from the
A rM Dlr rB,a "a in me Drier ume oeiore
Hiuuuiu iu raiicu ucuiisine met the warden and was
whisked away to the prison, an
uiE coin
Local Firm to Ship Lumber
For Construction Near
- Oroville, Calif.
MEDFORD, ' Or., March 23.4
One of the largest money verdict
ever rendered by a jury in Jack
son county was that given at
Jacksonville late today in a suit
against Chester C. Kubli, a stock-
swered, every question except
those about his conference and
his chances ot release.
Appreciation of Confidence
I appreciated 'the confidence
shown in me by letting me go
k) S
man. tor $42,202.72 alleged to bet alone and on my honor to Wash-
due on overdrafts, drafts and
checks cashed by tbe Bank ot
Jacksonville before it failed, the
action being brought by F. C.
Hramwell. state superintendent of
banks. The verdict was tor the
full amount sued for, and this will,
now be made a part of, the assets
of tbe defunct bank,,
'and I
ington," said Mr. Debs,
enjoyed the trip.
"ies, i m going tack to be a
good convict again." he said smil
ingly a moment later in answer to
a query as to whether he was go
ing directly to the prison.
The socialist leader feels that
the department ot Justice has been
"fair and square with him so far,
no matter what the final decision
Is." according to Samuer Castle-
ton, attorney for Debs.
LOS ANGELES. March 25. I Mr. Castleton joined him at Bu
David Leffler, 65. and his nephew I ford. Ga., this morning and dls-
The Charles KJ Snaulding Log
ging Company has been awarded
ine contract ior lumber to be
used in constrnction of the plant
for the Hutchinson Lumber com
pany near Oroville. Cal. Prelim
Inary shipment of 4 00.000 feet of
Douglas fir for the mill Is no
being made.
The plans o: the Hutchinson
company Include a new townsite
known as Adelaide to be located
Just west of OroVUle.
In addition to tbe various nn
its ot the manufacturing plant.
housing accommodations for em
ployes will be built by the com
pany at the new townsite.
Frank J. Pearrlng, 33, were killed
today when an eucalyptus tree.
uprooted by a high wind, fell
across an automobile in which
they were riding. .
Week Awards
Statesman Classified
Ad Contest
Each week the Statesman
will give three cash rewards
for the best "stories" about
Statesman Classified Ads.
The awards wilr be announc
ed each Tuesday morning;
1st reward. $2.50; 2nd re
ward, $1.50; 3rd reward,
Contestants must see that
their "stories" reach the
Statesman, office before Mon-
day morning of each week
in order to be considered.
Last Veeks Awards. -
A number of very Inter
esting "stories" were receiv
ed last week; and tbe judges
have decided upon the fol?
lowing as the winners:
1st reward. $2.50, Tearl
Brown, Lynch. Neb. (
2n.d reward Miss Gerald
ine Davidson, Brownsville,
IL F. D. 1, box 5, Or.
3rd reward. Leona Neal,
1055 South 12th.
Out ot the large number
of stories received, the Judg
es have decided that the fol
lowing should have compli
mentary mention and will be
published in future Issues.
1st. Eugene T. Prescott.
541 Mill street.
2nd. Miss Olive Smith,
1815 Trade street,
3rd. Ruby Jayne Allen,
290 South 21st street.
The story winning second
complimentary mention is
published in full below; the
others will be published In
futre Issues of The States
man. Watch for them.
1 Til
cussed tbe status of the case
'I think his chances are good.
said Castleton.
Deb" left here Wednesday
morning, his departure shrouded
la secrecy on orders from W ash
ing ton, but there was no special
effort to prevent his return be.
coming unknown. warden
ItPi-hiit declined to sar wbat train
he would come m on but arter More nan 1UU Arrests Are
ueos arrival ne maue no euun
to prevent Debs talking to any
one who cared to question mm.
Tbe two shook hands In hearty
fashion as Debs alighted from tbe
train. Debs greeting the head of
tti. minltpntlan r with "I'm mlKhtv
rlad to see tou again, Mr. War
den." '
Arowt-rs Few Question
Immediately there was a pop
fire of questions from newspaper
-Oh, I can't talk to you about
Made in Miland Dis
aster ,
There waa a gathering of farm
ers and fruit growers that com
fortably filled the auditorium cf
the Salem Commercial club roorss
at 2:30 yesterday afternoon, re
sponding to a call for a meeting to
consider putUnr In motion a
movement to establish the broc
coli Industry la the Salem district.
White Slave Case Originat- Organisation ot the Salem Broc-
- - - -w-. .wvmt w w M Acaa4W Vfc
tne meeting. -
K. J. Hendricks was chosea as
temporary chairman. and tterfe
was a free dlseasston con cere In r
all the matters concerned with tbe
starting of the Industry. movJr
from the point of view of securing
me proper seed and psrsuinr ilm
Branr mathvia nf a
Federal Judj-e R. S. Bean la ' ,,,., An '
Portland that it . had hopelessly Tht, ,nv. t...
disagreed, so the court discharged I around the information th.
, ing in Salem May be
Tried Second Time
After an all night session, the
Jury In the Charles J. Cameron
hite slave ease announced to
the Jurors, ,
Cameron was plact-d on trial
Satirday . lasf on a charge of
transporting 17-ycar-old Mary Al-
vls, inmate of the feeble minded
school at Salem,, from Oregon
into Washington: Trial was con
cluded last Wednesday, the Jury
being given the case about 4
p. m.
The government subpoenaed 27
witnesses and Cameron was al
lowed to Call nice at the expense
of the government, after he filed
a pauper's oath. Witness fees
and their mileage cost the gov
ernment more than $1200.
Tbe Jury could not agree as
to whether Cameron took the
girl across the state line for Im
moral purposes or merely to aid
her In escaping from- the state
Institution. Assistant United
States Attorney Flegel represent
ed the government and James
Slapleton the defense.
Meanwhile Cameron will be
held in the county Jail pending
permission from Washington to
retry the case.
MILAN. March 23. The gov
eronment has offered a reward of
20.000 lire, and the proprietor ot
the Diana theater in which a
bomb explosion caused the death
ot 31 persons and the Injury of
100 others recently, has offered
1A AAA fftp Information mA.
that." Debs said to ' almost ; every , R to the arrest of the bomb
question regarding the conference ,hwer
in Washington and tbe chances ot
& pardon as a result of it.
Motion picture cameras were
erindinr awar as he passed down
the station and for a time he
would not pause to permit special
pictures but he finally yielded and
with a brief apology to the warden
for his delay, faced the battery oi
Warden Zerbst drove tho car in
More than 100 anarchists al
ready have been arreted In con
nection with the outrage.
After the explosion, according
to the police, a cab containing
four persons was seen driving in
tbe direction of tbe office ot the
socialist newspaper Avantl.
A patrol of royal guards tried
to halt the cab but the driver
was ordered to whip up the horse
Former President Suffers
From Sudden Return
. Of Indigestion .
, I v. V. n .wl fVoKa and fastletnil
went to the prison and passing by and the men .escaped
the postoffice halted a rew min
utes while Debs went In to mall
some letters. Halt an hour later
he was back In the prison again.
23. "While I am heartily against
allowing men who have been con
victed of crime against the Unit
ed States government sucn as
Dehs is to wander about the
country without escort as though
they were free agents, i am not
In favor of making a fuss over
this particular case." said Iemuel
Bowlse. national edjutani oi mw
American legion, in commenting
tonight on the protest of.the Geor-
rla Heoartment of tne legion
against liberties Known r.uene
V. Debs by the government au-
Self-Styled Jehovah ,
Goes to McNeil's
tho fit ies. " t
"I think It would be far better
mtfwm Im ii rrv the
CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Ueturn of th- traitor Bergdoll to
the United States to siana iriai or
In Need of Help a Classified in securing the release -of the two
Will Solvo the Problem. . Americans who tried to
him. and who are now being held
Coney, waa at
where she went from Jacksonville
Wt morning after witnessing the
eutenanfs hop off.
for generations to
25. Mrs, E. F. Coney, accom
panied by an elder son. left here
tonight for Natchez, Miss., to be
the bedside ot her son. Lieu
tenant W. D. Coney, trans-conti-
ontai aviator, seriously injured
Emergency Tariff Bill
Will Not Be Changed
WASHINGTON. March 23..
rtoinpoH with requests for
todav wh. hi. -hin rrashed rhanees in the emergency tantf
Bcr Crowvin. Tj -
The news of the accident 'al
btOSL' fra PVwiev but
Jhe recovered sufficiently to start
" trip after receiving news that
probably, would .recover from
bill te be put before a special ses
sion cf congress, precisely as ve
bv; President Wilson, house
wars and means committee mem
bers reiterated today that the
moaanra would oe BUDmuiea
without modification ,
as the present causes of progres-J
slve Impoverishment continue to
operate. It is only in tne produc
tivity of Russia that mere is anv
hope for the Russian people and
it Is idle to expect resumption o
trade until the economic bases of
production are securely establish
ed. Production is conditioned up
on the safety of life, tne recog
nition of firm guarantees ot pri
vate property, the Eanetlty of con
tract and the rights ot free labor.
If fundamental changes are con
templated, involving due regard
for the protection of persons and
property and the establishment of
conditions essential to the main
tenance of commerce, this gov
ernment will be glad to have con
vincing evidence of the consum
mation of such changes, and until
this evidence is supplied this gov
ernment Is unable to perceive
that there Is"any proper basis for
considering trade relations."
Five long days. Mr. Brown had
passed in search ot a position, but
all in vain. He bad almost given
up in despair, when one morning
his landlord addressed mm:
"Well, my friend, haven t you
found employment yetT" "No. Mr
hv th Germans.
- ... . 1 .1 mm
Mr. Bowies stated empnaucaiu
thai he was not expressing the
opinions of his superiors In the,
legion and that he did not Know
what tbeir opinions were.
Jones. I fcuess that I am out ot LandlOruS TeSllTy
luck as no worit is to ixriouna. - a T.n.nie i Mn,,0
"Mr. Brown may I suggest
the Daily Statesman as a refer
ence. I know of several other men
who have found great consolation i
in times ot need by the reading of
their want, ads. He then handed
the morning Statesman to Mr.
Brown, who turned quickly to
page rive, where to his great joy
h found . Just the position .he
wished for.
To make a long story short Mr.
Brown Is now holding a good po
sition ami feels greatly, Indebted
to the Statesman.
Miss OUve Smith. -1812
Trade Street, Salem, Ore.-
Joshua Sykes and A. M. Dean, the
former the "self-appointed leader
of the house of David." "Jeho
vah" and the "ruler of Heaven
and Earth." and the latter his sec
retary, were started toniuht for
tbe federal penitentiary on Mr
Neil's island, where they will
serve 18 months and a year and
a day respectively, following their
conviction of blocking the selec
tive draft. Sykes was arrested in
Denver after he had started twice
for San Francisco, each time re
turning to Denver on accoount of
an alleged "vision" which he hald
foretold of the end of the world.
Former President Wilson was
said tonight to be recovering
satisfactorily from an acute at
tack ot Indigestion which he suf
fered shortly after noon today.
Admiral Grayson, the former pres
idents physician, said It probably
would be another day or two be
fore Mr. Wilson could be consld
ered as entirely recovered.
Mr. VSilson has been subject to
nervous indigestion for a number
ot years. Most of the afternoon
was spent by th former presl
dent In bed. Late In the after
noon he was up tor a little. and
soemed to feel much better.
given by C. C. Rassell. of the Wa
conda neighborhood, whose ad
dress Is GervaU. root 2. who Ls
been successfully growing brocco.l
for six years, and who has bee a
experimenUsg with seed growm.
Mr. Rossell had vls.ted the
Broccoli growers near Indrn
dence and Oswego La the rit
couple of days, and he was at'n to
give the prospect! re growers vti
were present a great deal ot prac
tical information.
. Ovtr0 Acres Aasxtred.
After the discussion the foJlom
lag men agreed to grow the ttaa
ber of acres named this year:
C. C. Russell. CervaJs, Route 2.
12 acres.
K. B. Kngel. Salem, Route 2.
three to five acres.
M. C. Petteys, Salem. Route 2.
three acres.
II. E. Rideout. Independence.
Route 1, three acres.
gee. Salem. Route I.
three acres.
Savage Brothers, Salem. Gar
den road, three or more acres.
J. M. O'Nell. Salem. Route t.
one acre.
D. A. Hodge. Salem.. 1S8 North
Twelfth street, one acre.
Henry Lynch. Salem. Route 2.
one acre.
Albert Egan, Gervals, Route Z,
one acre.
U. J. Lehman. Salem. 217 Sonth
Church street, one acre.
Jacob Idlewlne, Salem. 212:
North Broadway, ane and a ha'.;
C A. Dowd. Salem, Route .
one acre.
C. C. Armstrong. Sales. Roate
C, one acre.
P. W. Woelke. Salem. -Ronte 3.
one and a half acre.
J. It. Bedford, Salem. Route 2.
one acre.
. Ross Hammack. Salem, Ro-jto
8.. one acre,
Q. W. McLaughlin, 2557 Leo
sueet. 8alem. one acre.
J. A. Crabb, Salem, Route I.
two acres.
The minimum tojal pledged, as
above Indicated, was 4 0 acres.
However, word was brought fcy
men present, from their neigh
bors, indicating that over 50 acres
will be put to broccoli In the Sa-
Burke, Nationally Known
Evangelist, Passes Away
GAINESVILLE Tex.. March 23.
Joseph Steven Burke of Kansas
City. Mo , nationally known evan
gelist, died here tonight follow
ing an operation.
Apostolic Faith Sued by Wilbur
Hughes Because, of Influence on
Wife; $20,000 Damages Demanded
OMAHA. Neb.. March 2.
Landlords testifying . before the
stale legislative committee Invest
igating rent conditions In Omaha,
declared they could not. knowing
ly, rent an apartment to a mem
ber of the Omaha Tenants leagun
"not because he is a member of
the league, but because ot the
methods, the league used to com
bat a tsitwation brought about
solely by economic conditions. The
i t t.rl.w Tnat r-nm-
mlttee will reconvene next week
.t Lincoln.
DALLAS. Or.. March 23.
(Special to The Statesman)
One of the largest damage suits
vver brought in this county was
filed this wee by Wilbur
Hughes of Dallas against the
A posts lie Faith mission and
various members of that organ
ization. The suit is the outcome of
alleged influences of members
or the A postal ic Faith with Mrs.
Hughes in causing her to Join
their church against the peace
and happiness of ber husband
and family. Mr. Ilughn state
In his complaint that although
Mrs. Hughes Is III and In need
of medical attention she refus
es to have the services of a phy
sician as it is strictly against
the practices of her religious
Trouble has be-n brewing "
between Hughes and the mem
bers of the mission for some
time. Not long ago he ap
peared at services one Sunday
morning and endeavored to in
duce bf wife to leave the meet-.
Ing. whereapon he claims he
was put out of the hall by sev
eral members and later on ar
rested for diftnrbing a relig
ious service. He was fined $10
and costs in a hearing before a
justice of the peace. .
The defendants named In the
suit are Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Holman. lrs. Frank Splawn.
Mrs, C. A. Rice and Clem Swan-son.
Iera district this year; with over
75 acres as good as assured, an l
much more than 100 acres likely
all to be grown with the Idea ct
developing the Industry on a com
mercial scale, with shipments la
car lota to the eastern markets.
Another Meetiai; hootu
There will be another meeting
within a tew days, to be called by
the temporary chairman, who was
instructed to find a temporary
secretary. One Is wanted who will
be able to give some time to the
work, and who may be easily lo
cated by any one needing Infor
mation or help of any kind.
Oregon Agricultural college au
thorities will be communicate!
with, and a request made for help
In several ways. ,
No time Is to be lost, for plant
ing time la only a little over a
month, away though Mr. Russell
found one man. near Oswego, who
put out broccoli in September of
last year, and is now cutting a
ery fine crop for the Portland
The Salem Broccoli association.'
was adopted temporarily as the
name ot tbe new organisation.
More Are later ated.
Senator Alex La Follette was
present, and be hopes to get one
ot his sons Interested la the In
dnsiry. Gideon Ftcli took part, and he
may put out fUe acres or more on
some nw orchard land.
Mr. Hines. of I lines Brothers,
Gervaia. is one of the men who
entered into te discussion. Tfcf
have been experimenting vli"
.(Continued oa Pg I.) .