The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 25, 1921, Page 5, Image 5

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.,K.h Reconknl
A number of births? were re
corded this wek, among them be
ing a daughter born' to Mr. and
Mrs. Karl j A." Lundenberg, who
jjTa' one mile east ot Salem.' on
March 22. ' She baa been given
he name of Hope Karin. A
daughter was born to Mr. and
lira. Frank; T. Deein. route 8, on
March 20. March 21 a son was
born to Mj and Mrs. Paul Lip
art, 1148 Norway street. Mr.
tad Mr8. Roy Rae are the par
ents of a girl born March 21. She
nas been named Nina Loraine
Rae ' A boy was born to Mr. and
Mrs! Jesse F. Prince. 1980 North
Liberty street, March 18.
Welty Musical Trio
r: At the Bligh today. Hippodrome
attdeTille. (aav.) -..
The Iteftt' Style''-
Are none too good for the Eas
ier season, and we furnish yon
tha best In cut and fabric. Mo-
iner, the tailor, (adv.)
Woodburn Ium1 Sold-
; -Mr. and Mrs. Bert J. Byers sold
10 acres of improved land near
Woodburn for the sum of $6500,
to Hans E. BJelland.
Fme Vaudeville
Four dandy acts at the Bligh to
day and tomorrow, (adr.)
State Buys Land
The state has added to its hold
ings 71 Jacres of land lying east
of the Mate 'automobile shops
near th penitentiary, from Rus
sell Catlin. Twentv-two thous
and five hundred dollars was the
price paid by the state for the
property. ' -
Fritter Italtit lO Cents
The Ace. 127 North High,
(adv.) 1
Dance Tonight
Old Company M dance, Dream
land rink. (adv.)
Divorce Complaint Filed
An action for a divorce was
filed yesterday in the circuit
court by Anson V. Jacobs against
Addle M. Jacobs. Desertion is
cited as course for complaint, and
Loganberry Growers
Meeting will be held Commer-lalso that the sale of real estate
cial club room March 26th, 2 p. m. I may take place,
taav.j ; . .
Jut. Arrived
Car load of 7-foot split cedar
fence posts. Spauldlng Logging
Co. Adr.
Women's Krlief I rj
Will hold a rooked food sale
Saturday at Davies Shop, 3H7
State street. All members are
expected to contribute. Adr.
w. n. ri win iicm cooki Food
kale Saturday.; March 26. at
Davies Shack and every member
Is expected to, respond, (adv.)
Legal Blanks
Get them at Tne Statesman .of
fice. Catalog on application. (Ad)
Staley Buys Property-
Mr. and Mrs. w. I. Staley have 1 sltion to furnish you the best of
Easter Style
Kaster is proverbially the time
of new clothes. We are in a;t
purchased lots 1 and 2 of block
19 in Falrniount Park addition.
from Ri B. Fleming. The con
sideration- was $1500.
Buit-ft. the latest patterns.
sber, the tailor, (adv.)
Announcement i
. ine work or remodeling 1 my
new optical parlors lis now pro
gressing rapidly. 1 expect to be
ready to take care, of my practice
again in a iew aays. iur. u. K.
Hnrdette. New location 325
State street. (adT.) r
Couple to Marry
A license to wed was issued
yeRterday in the office of the
countycirk to Gladys Oddie and
Charley K. altman. both of Ger
Wheel Broken
A broken wheel on his automo
bile was the result of a collision
occnring yesterday when E. A.
Aegerton. route 8. attempted to
pull out from the curb on Court
M reet. and was struck by an au
tomobile driven by L. V. Polk,
234-" Myrtle street: In making a
report .of the accident to the po
lice department. Mr. Polk claimed
that Aegerton failed to give a Flg
PricJH Are SU11 Jxm (
ThereTihts been no advance in
our pricWras th Easter season
approaches. In fact they have
dropped. Mosher, the tailor.
County Realty association at the
Marion hotel.
W. F. Gilliam, a .retired far
mer of Portland, is in the city
this week.
W. Bishop, a i bop buyer, of
Portland, is in the city.
Fred llelding of Kstarada- is
registered at the Argo hotel this
Pete Freres of Stayton was In
tne city yesterday in the inter
ests of road business In district
No. 33, of which he Is road pa
trolman. John Porter, a retired farmer
of Silverton. was in Salem yester
Mike Clarget of Cbemawa was
transacting business at the court
bouse Thursday.
Ralph Gilbert of Haiel Green
was a visitor sln the city yester
day from that section.
If. It. Jones of Ankeny was in
Salem yesterday.
Just Keceived a Carload -
Of cedar fence posts. Are go
ing fast- Falls City-Salem Lum
ber Co.,1-349 8. 12th St. Phone
813. (adv.)
Anto Rati Lai or Repairing
Modern equipment, prompt ex
pert service. Nelson Bros., 3"5-
359 Cbemeketa St Adv.
Johnnon Divorce ase-
Tbe Statesman of Wednesday
contained a news item concerning
the granting of a decree of di
vorce in the case of Mary A. John-
Red Cross Course in Home
Nursing and First Aid
.j. Completed f?
from Medford to Butte Falls for
the operation of a motor car for
mall Carrying purposes. The rail
road some time ago went Into
the bands of a receiver atd re
cently has b en old. Kdsall has
been operating bta car for some
time, bat has now been told to
desist from the use of the tracks.
It Is said the people along bis
route have no other adequate fa
cilities for mail service.
Uruquay Considers
. Credit For Germans
Uruguay is considering an exten
cion of credit to Germany to per
mit the purchase of Uruguayan
wool and other products, said
report today to the state depart
ment from Montevideo.
Eugene O'Brien
: In
"Worlds Apart
"High and Dry"
Coming Sunday
"Forbidden Fruit"
Final Account. Filed
Final account of the estate of
Peter Dasett, deceased, was filed
yesterday In the county court,
l&e court has set April 25 as
the date for hearing of objections
to Its approval.
Saturday Story Hours
Tho story hours for the little
folks at the public library Satur
day will be held at 9:30 and 10:20
o'clock. Miss Gibson will enter
tain by telling the stories of "The
Selfish Giant" and "How The Ele
phant and The Whale Were
111 CUDS
Miss Shiach, Instructor,
Finishes Work and Will
Leave Today
Forty-five women of Marlon and
Polk counties who completed the
classes In home nursing and emer
gency care of injured or sick giv
en under the direction of Miss
Mary Shiach. Instructor nurse of
the home service section of the
f EGGS i i ,
Friday and Saturday we will pay
' ( 18c Cash 1 ; ' ;
For fresh ranch eggs
son and lliram Johnson. In which Season pr0ves Exceptional- Marion county Red Cross. hae
. 7r Bprlag FUmUn Order ttvm
- 43 Owro Bnainf '
I i L 1 M :: O O O
. t Fiona 1763 .
A aamifled Ad ,
Will bring you a httjer.
Dance Tonlsrht ;
Old Company M dance. Dream-!
land rink, (adr.)
Easter Sale
Special 10 per cent discount on
all millinery until Saturday
niht. Come and bny yonr new
hat at Mrs. L. G. Curtis. Masonic
Bldg. (adv.)
Mrs. Johnson was awarded the
custody of their adopted child.
Leo Delbert Johnson, and $40 a
month for the support of the
child. That i the record, as far
as the decree is concerned. But
the findings make h much dif
ferent tdiowin?. The case was
tried before Judg-e II. II. Belt of
Dallas, sitting at Salem. He
found that the plaintiff. Mrs.
Johnson, failed to sustain any of
the allegations as to the cruel
treatment of the defendant In
fact, that she failed to; maintain
any of bar allegations at all, al
ly Favorable for Growers
At Independence
Administratrix Appointed-
Clara.! L. Pike was appointed
yesterday by the county' court as
administratrix of the estate of
Isaiah D. Pike, who died intestate
March 1 0, 1 9 2 1 . The value of
the property is estimated at
Easter Liliefu-.
All kinds of potted plants, cnt
flowers will be sold at Fletcher &
Byrd's Feed Store, 233 N. Com
mercial I from Plants i Green
Houses. (adv.)
Two Are Arrested
G.-C. Brundridge and Ernest
Brundridee were arrested last
night on a charge of disorderly
conduct while in the Otto Wilson
garage on South Commercial
street yesterday. They were re
leased after putting up bonds of
$25 each for tbeir appearance be
fore Judge Earl Race today at 2
The broccoli crop of Independ
ence will amount to nine car lots
this season. Already, through
the Oregon Growers Cooperative
association, shipments by freight
nave been made of four car lots
to eastern points, and two car
lou by express to Seattle. Spo
kane and other northwestern
points. There are three more
ieging grounds for divorce; but I car lots to be shipped by the as
been granted certificates as re
ward for their work. Many mors
ihan this number registered for
the courses but either dropied
out or were unable, on account
of sickness or inclement weather,
to attend a sufficient number of
the classes to secure their certif
icates. '
The coarse included, in addi
tion to lessons on what to do in
an emergency for a burn, cut or
acute illness, valuable infotma-
ti-m about the care of children.
especially in the prevent!oa of
communicable diseases, and more
230 So. Commercial SL, (Marion Hotel Block)
"Forbidden Fruit" -
Prices will be, adults, 33 cents
children. 20 cents: afternoon or
evening, although it is In tbe 50c
class. Adv.
Dance Tonight
Old Company M dance. Dream
land rink, (adv.)
awi ,
I .
Divorce bjr Refaolt
A decree of divorce was pr ant
ed yesterday td Margaret Mont
gomery from Samuel Montgom
ery The defendant failed to ap
pear and the case went by'jle
faulL -T. r
'f Ask your grocer for;
,;dixie doughnuts
23c dozen -
J3I Court SU , Phone 954
Cheaper and Better
, Than Cloth
179 N. commercial si.
The Salem Sewer Pije Co.
Has just finished the delivery
of about S000 feet of sewer piie
'or sewers for the city of Salem.
This. will practically wind np the
sewer business for the city tnis
winter. The plant expects to re
sume, work on drain tile, sewer
pipe, and reinforced road pipe
about April the lOtu. (adv.j
Two Autos Damaged
Automobiles " driven by W. E.
Compton. 1660 Fir street, and by
an unidentified driver, were dam
aged Wednesday night in a colli
sion at the intersection ot Com
mercial and Washington streets.
1 soclation td eastern twiint before I oartUularly in the warding off and
defendant on October I. 1913.the season closes. Icare of the common cold. The
This last season has been a fa-1 lectures, nuxber is. iiave coverea
vorable one for tbe Independence I a period of about five n'onths.
and had continued such desertion.
Therefore a dere! of divorce was
made in the case. The decree of
divorce, therefore, trss really
t ran ted to the defendant. Mr
Johnson. ,
Alaska Pink Salmon (2 cans
Tor 2-t
Canned Peaches (large
cans) 2c
Canned Apricots (large. .
cans) .....,13c
Grape Preserves, per can 13c
Men's O. D. Cotton Gloves,
per . 10c
Men's Heavy Leather Work
Gloves, per pair 7Se
Men's Good Leather Gaunt
lets, per pair f 1. 10
Men's Reclaimed Khaki
Pants :..$1.23
Men's Assorted Colors Dres
Seeks.-per pair SOc
Wool Suiting Blankets,
Best O. D. Wool Army Blan
kets ai.i3
Men's Tan Army Shoes. p?r
pair $-V0
lien's Tan Marching Shoes.
per pair tCJhtt
Our $9.00 Navy Black Shoes
(now) MJtri
Men's Good Army Work
Shoes f-1.0.
Men's Black Leather Auto
Gloves 33
Men's Leather Puttees, per
' pair ai-K and
Men's Good Blue Cnambray
Work Shirts Oc
Don't Mi Hearing
Monte Austin. Grand. Sunday.
More BnmKt Certified
The state Irrigation securities
commission yesterday certified an
additional bond i'ie of $10,000
for the Talent Irrigation district
of Jackson county. The money
is to be used to complete con
struction work.
broccoli growers. According to
Sloper brothers, the f heaviest
shippers, the price this t year av
erages 25 cents more a Crate than
for that shipped last year, even
when all food commodities were
selKng at a top figure.
Through the Oregon Growers
association, the Independence
growers have been receiving from
$1.23 to $1.6a a crate, with an
average of $1.30 a crate for car
lot shipments made by the asso-
II.r Monte AuMir
At the Grand Sunday. Adv.
- 1 -
Salts Cleaned ...fUSO
Suits Pressed. , . . . . ....... 60c
Salem Cleaners & Dyers
i 121S a. Com! 8L Phone 1S68
up at
A Tloiti Away From IT am
Strirtly Modrrn Sl.OO per dy
100 rooms of Solid Comfort
Only Hotel in Buaineaa liiatrkt
ninv 0 nATirrOCAV
III Court Street
Phone 409.
18 lbs. Prunes......... ...f I-00
Onion Sets, oer Ih
1 package Cornflakes .... . . . . 9e
i nickaee Post ToasUes. . .He
No. 5 Lard .... . . . 5c
1 Tl V.mnM rn rnvr ar. 746 Highland Ave. Phone 496
. lbs i q.i.uiAAA vum
r ' - - a
AIM) p I
CVHJLi cas
f-'-'t 1
Better Goods For Less
H. A. Keene Of Shaw was a vis
itor in the city yesterday. j
J." D. Henry. Raymond, Wash,,
was in the city yesterday on bus
iness with the state highway com
mission. '
Henry C. Porter of Auraeville
was transacting business in-tho
citv Thursday. 1
M. EL Lee. a realty dealer of
Portland, was in the city yester
day in j attendance at the Thurs
day tuncheon of the Marion
During the. past two or three
weeks Miss Shiach has substituted
the longer course wit, out two-
hour lecture in each of a numbet
of surrounding towns, touching
brictly on the topics covered more
fully in the longer course. Amoni
the places visited were Oak Crove,
Siivertcn. Mahama. Mt. Angel. In
dependence, and Jefferon. At the
latter place 6he appeared before
the Women's club and at Silver-
ton about 15 towns cmen. high
echoed and seventh and eigh'h
rrade clrls heard her lecture.
MLis Shitch is leaving today for
PRTY TO RPVIPW fiASF her home in Seattle, having con.
I w I to I to w w I . . . . i i t.A w i m
pieiea iue Tim. uuu uc -
sent to Salem by the Northwejt
Division -of the Red Cross to ac
compliofc. She has been in Salem
for a little more than five moath.
Following are the names of the
women who received certificates
for their wrk:
Salem Mrs. Rose R. VorU,
Mlis Dora Walker, MJss Louitej
cu-hreider. ilUs Freda Beck. Miss
raullne MtClintock, Miss Helen
Hardy. Miss Marion Linn. mu
Esther Roller. Miss Elsie Schulxe.
Men's Hip Rubber Boots (first grades) per pair S35
Men's $12. SO
Men's All Wool O. D. Long
Pants 4.73
Men's and Boys New O. D.
Wool Lace Breechers
Men's Reclaimed O. D. Wool
Lace Breechers.. .. .$3JV
Plaid Mackl-
naws. now $4.oo
Toung Men's Wool O. D. Ar.
my Coats f 1.T3
Men's Red and Blue Hand
kerchiefs IOC
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communicative, nor did he evince
any desire to talk either before or
after his conference.
The attorney-general told news
papermen that tbe calling of Debs
here did not mean the adoption of
a policy ot general amnesty to
ward political prisoners, but was
merely to facilitate the investiga
tion of the Debs case.
Just received a lot of Army tents, folding cots, trench,
shoes, reclaimed hats, wrap leggings, mess kits, canteens.
.Prices reduced en. maay articles. Come In and look througn.
We can save you money on many things you need.
230 South Commercial Street
medal !
I I It Paye to Trede at The
Cc Burton Dnrdall
147North Commercial J 47
- ITnsiairs . -
at NomkinsT Cafe, every Taesday.
I Thursday and Saturday nignu.
inriMB and ' Chinese aisnes.
162ft N. commercial u
At The Electric SIfn "SHOES
W. W. M00RE
Furniture Store
The Home ot the Vlctrola
Xou get more for your money t
; - Moore ; . r
Can O. H. Tracy Wood Co.
r for all kinds of ,
j. dry wood !;--;'
; phone 620
We pay 2c above the
market price for eggs
and products
Prompt delivery
for Thor Washing Machines and
; I , Electric Work and Supplies
' 117 Court St. ; Phone 488
For Fine Jewelry
! i , . ' . :
Jewelers and Optician .
Newj Shoe Repairing Shop .
V arn perfect Llauld Paints
Beasonable prices
Capital fnmitore & Hardware Co.
s Commercial Phone 947
WW. -w
404 Ferry SU Salem, Oregon
- Phones iht a ,
Talking Macnlnes ana
Player rianoe ana ; j
The Mutual Life
of N. Y.
Up-to-date policies.
Lower net cost.
District Mgr.
271 State St' Phone 99
Our mission in
life is one of re
sponsibility. Our
professional wis
a'om and our tact
ful politeness is
assurance of the
superior charac
ter of our services
What jHave You?
We buy, sell and exchange
haw - - . m J ...t
tare. Btnv.a nnrM. rncs.
tool, etc I We will buy you
OUt. , ! . :
col. w. f. nucirr .
71 N. Com"! St Salem, Or.
List your sales with M
People's Furniture v
Store ;
"'t T 104T phone 784
J Do yon take
If not, why not?
No other hatha or treatmenU
can prodnce the permanent re
lief to the person suffering
from disagreeable cold or all
menu of the flesh or body like
the Turkish Baths wllL
Open 8 a. m. until f p. m. ,
Lady , andGenUcmenj Iteixfr
Stop! Look! Listen!
Just as dozens'of people pay
no attention to the sign at
the railroad crossings, so are
young men and women ev?
ery day Ignoring the very
plain warnings In the bus
iness world.
Success almost invariably
comes through some partic
ular knowledge. , some spe
cial training. There are more
marked successes made In
the business world than In
all other lines of endeavor.
Give yourself a special bus
iness training that will help
you successwaxd. ' Write or
call for lniormauon as
how we can help you.
ATLANTA. Ga.. March 24.
The departure from the Atlanta
penitentiary yesterday of Eugene
V. Debs, who discussed his case
with Attorney General Daugherty
in Washington today, was shroud
ed In secrecy.
Tbe fact that Debs had left the
prison was the subject of rumor
here last night, but not even his
attorney. S. M. Castleton, knew
anything about it. according to his
own statement. F. C. Zerbst. war
den, avoided questioning by keep
ing his whereabout concealed and
late today when located for a few
minutes, declined to discuss the
matter. '
The unprecedented trip., as an
nounced by the attorney-general.
was the first time Debs had left
the penitentiary since he was sent
here in 1918. His trip to the sta
tion was understood to have been
under guid of department of Jus
tice agents. It was understood tnls
was a precaution to forestall pos
sible interviewers.
Debs was scheduled to return
here Friday. He has been regard
ed as a model prisoner, according
to a recent statement of the war
den and so far as known has only
once been disciplined.
That was on the occasion of his
criticism of , President Wilson
shortly before the latter retired
from office.
Mrs. Effic Ratcllffe. Miss. VeOna
Williams. Mrs. L. W. Weber. Miss
Lizzie Haines. Miss Mary Fake.
Miss Alice Handle, Miss Francis
Wlederkehr, Miss Ruby Wieder
kehr. Miss Mina Riggs, Miss Hen
rietta White.
Woodburn Mrs. Molly Hunt.
Mrs. Clara Bonn. Mrs. Ina Mills.
Mrs. Minnie L. Trudlinger. Mrs.
Nettie Simmons, Mrs. Dorothy
Klant. Mrs. May Hawley.
Marlon Mrs. Effle Barber.
Mrs. Lee Smith, Mrs. Virginia
Dallas Mrs. W. T. Hlbbard.
Mrs.'C. O. Tennis. Mrs. H. M.
Webb, Mrs. Ethel Mack. Mrs. LII
lie Vaughan. Mrs. Blanche Eakin.
Mrs. Clara Slngleterry Mrs. Min
nie Trafxer, Mrs. R. G. Balderree.
Mrs. Oscar Hayter and Mrs. Kate
P. Boyd.
Hubbard Miss Luclle St. Pier
re. Mlsn Vesta Scholl. Miss Velma
Scholl. Mrs. Charles Kinzer, Mrs.
M. W. Mayger.
f r
Capital Business College
Do you suffer from eye
headache? This is one
symptom of eye trouble that
should not be overlooked.
Tbe brain in sensing the
messages brought to it by
the optic nerve Decomes
overworked when such picture-message
Is obfeureand
causes brain-fag and head
aches that nothing will re
lieve except correct vision.
Let our optometrist exam
ine your eyes.
Mayor of Bandon Files
Application For Water
George F. Topping, mayor or
Bandon. has filed personally with
the state engineer an application
on behalf of the city of Bandon
for the apprppriation ot 10-nec-ond
feet of water from Willow
creek for a' municipal power
plant. It Is propowl to develon
795 horsepower, utilizing a head
of 700 feet. The power plant
will be located a short distance
south of Bandon, necessitating
the construction of a transmis
sion line. It Is estimated that
tbe development will cost S105.-
000. A small reservoir will be
b.nllt on Willow creek for tbe
purpose of equalizing the flow.
Other applications have been
filed as follows: By Edwin O
Morse of Amity covering the ap
propriation of water from an un
named spring for domestic use
and irrigation of a small tract In
Yamhill county.
By Louise Hoerlln i of Hood
River, covering the waters of an
nnnanied sorinr for domestic wa
ter suddIv in Hood River county
By Roy Conley of Buck i-ora.
Oregon, covering the appropr.a
tion of water from North -Myrtie
creek and springs for Irrigation
of a 10-acre tract and domestic
supply In oDuglas county.
Libel Filed Against
San Francisco Walnuts
Motor Car Owner Asks
Right to Use Railroad
Jed Edsall of Medford has ap
plied to the public service com
mission for an order allowing him
to continue to mo the tracks ol
he Pacific & Eastern railroad
Saturday, March 26th, 1921
at jny store, 404 Ferry street
New Mattress, not at any price, but at what you will
pay ; dining chairs ; bed springs ; brooms ; a lot of dish
es, new ones; rocking chairs, and a lot of other goods.
This sale will start at 1:30 p. m. and close at 3 p. m.
One hour and half of bargains at your price. I am clos
ing out my new furniture.
Come to this sale, be on time
BBBWK. f'.il III
404 Ferry Street
Salem, Oregon
i i ' . Auctioneer
Phone 1177
' PORTLAND. March 24. A II-
hel was filed in the federal court
here today, against five cases of
walnuts slflpped by a San Fran
cisco firm to a local candy factory.
The complaint alleged that the
Walnuts were decomposed and un
fit rnr human consumption. The
nrveedfne was broaeht under lie
federal pure food L -r,3
$7J95 to $12.48
These jaunty jackets, in
heather, blue and bright red,
are proclaimed the great ne
cessity of every sports outfit.
We could not resist buying
them nor will you be able to.
And to wear with them we
have purchased a very desir
able assortment of striped and
checked skirts in wide and narrow
pleated effects. The wide variety of
, colors and styles gives you an ample
choice. And the prices range from
$9.75 to $19.75
f r -3T fir
i - : -i i " - - r
h -. bt -km
f 'F 'I! - -f-ra.
U 1 A
.. .