The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 04, 1921, Page 8, Image 8

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    Tilt Or.K(r()! STATLMAN: SALKM,' QFECrO!
ALT avenues lead to the arm-i
ory tonight, where Kathleen!
I'arluw, nut only conxide rd
the greatest" woman violinist, but
i Camteift, and in San Francinm,
1 their former home, they were
claimed b numerous ,frind.s. A
j tTniverit' tt Kansas f ri-id of Mr.
j Gilbert's. ChaileM Halifax. wan
! thHr ho.u in S;w ram-ntt. From
j there north. Flops were uiadn at
1 Iteddinj:,. Montagu. Ashland. Ku
I pne and -Albany,
j TlMTt? is Very lit 1 1 tourist, tra
j el as yet. accord iut: to th iil
- j b.Tt. but from the amount of
; questions iisked by sojourner in
California, cunci rnhifc Orrgon. it
is quite probable that tli- state
when members of the Oregon
White s?hrSn. Jerusalem. No. i of
Portland, will attend. A lar;e
ha n ut at the Ilou-I Marion will
be a notable detail.
Mrs. Harry J. von llus-n of Al
bany, ha returned to her home af
ter spending several days in Salem
this wn-k as the fcuesl of h-r sis
i r, Mrs. Charles K. Klgin.
one of the great cut Violinists or i
the present age. will appear fori
the first tinte. betore a Salem a:uli-
ence. : j
Music lover from up and down;
the valley will attend and many
musical clubs will bo represented, j
The following program will b '
Concert In R Minor Salnt-Sncns
Salem School of Expression
Lulu Rosamond Walton. Director
147 ,H. Commercial
rton 692 1484J
- j i . :
Special Coarse in Public Speaking
- i" , -
Glass Ware
Wmi Gahhdod
The I Store of Housewares
135 N." Liberty St.
i I treppo ellera
" amlaittino. .
tat Itomaiuf-- G Major Beet
(hi Value. Sentimentale scbu- f will witness a larger influx of
bert. - i travelers this summer than ever
(ci Variations on a theme by j before.
Condi i Tartlna-Kreisler.
tal Indian Lament Dvorak. ! a delightful afternoon was
b Two Hungarian I'ances j sp.nt by the members of the "Pul-
(at Hymn to the Sun frora nfn they were entertained by i '
'"The Golden Cockerel." Him- x. George Skeels on Wednesday
sky-Korsakoff. afternoon. Spring flowers were
(bi Zieguenerweiisen (Gypsy effectively used about the rooms.
- Airs) Sarasate. After spending the afiemoon with
: -r needle work the hostess served a
r? .,-,, It, r tn. Saim inst light luncheon. Mrs. Floyd Kihbie
(lair night after a six
tnrougn i;amornia. Mr. anu mis. j
Io Gilbert report a trip, that j
ability of the autoist. was wi.hal ! ." Tuesday to be the gu.
even more deliehtful than a mid-! ' Mr- - -s-.K,n "?'. nml M
.. . ; ' , Aila St ron r. Mrs. Kinney, w
suaimer juuriic). ituiiimiK i . - 4
that the weather l"1 ,or "r '"V" " ?
nesaay morn in g. sioppu 011 in
week's tour i wul "e lne ciuo s mw m
Oil it J.W.
:y ,,
'!( '
It Has the Flavor
H-ven nwav free a 40?
caW of Tiger Moon Tea
with! three pounds of
Tiger Moon Coffee
Friday and Saturday
30c Rising Star Bak
ing Powder, lb;..22c
iN; .!-:.'
5 lbs. Best Peanut But-ter-i
the ISO-mile gale
man had previously predicted, t he j
Giilwirts fought their way foot bj j
fK)t from Gazelle to Weed. Cal.. j
the. distance covering a period of
hours from 11 a. m. to 7 p. in.
Returning home, a delightful
night drive was from Redding to
Dunsmuir, with the mountains. a
Hank of silver against the moon
lit sky. From Montague to Ashland,-
high banks of snow were on
either side of the road, which was
being worked by men of the hall
way through the very heart or t he
Siskayous. i
In Ashland Mr. and Mrs. Gil
bert were guests of the latter's
uncte. j. ii. Lumbers, noint on
from there to llureka. Cal.. where
they were entertained by Mr. and
Mrs. Clifton . Walker, owners of
the famous Caledonian ranches.
which cover an area of over 12.000
ine motorists spent a wees in
Berkeley, where a University of
California friend of Mrs, Gilbert
Mrs. Fannie Nelson, made the stay
pleasant, in han Jose tr.ey were
with the former' father. Joseph
10! lbs. Best
Prunes .
Hi !-.
10 'bars I Laundry
Soan...i .. ..39c
i .
i rib.
Star Ilorshoe CH
i i j max Tobacco !
$i.00 Piags............82c,
4 lbs. Silver King Cof
fee .. $1.00
5 ?ans Tomatoes....45e
5 cans Sugar Corn 53c
Come and Save Money
at the
Today and
Another 100 p-rcenf
With - ; V
SeKsue llayakawa
"The l.yln Tanu-f'
Some comedy
. latest Xcws Kvent
morn in
Portland to be the guest of Mrs,.
Iiell for several days.
Mrs. Carl Gregg Doney invited
the members of the home mission
ary society of the First Methodist
church to her home Wednesday af
ternoon, about 50 being in atten
dance. Servine with Mrs. IKiney as
hostesses were Mrs. M. C. Findley.
Mrs. B. L. Steeves. Mrs. George
W. Kyre and Mrs. Hollingsworth.
An interesting program marked
the occasion. Mrs. S. J. Uurdirk
led the devotionals. Songs were
given by Miss Veona Williams;
Mrs. lionald Glover Kavo a read
ing; Mits Leisla IJuby contributed
violin i umbers, and Mrs. V. E.
Kirk gave a paper.
J ' .-3-
Mrs. John Itayne has returned
from Portland Where she spent
several days this week as the
guest of friends.
Preliminary work of organizing!
a White Shrine was begun in Ma
sonic temple last night, and it is
expected that this branch will soon
be instituted in Salem. The organ
ization will be perfected shortly.
Mr. and Mrs. James Teed and
thW-r young son James, have re
turnetLttt their home in Portland,
after visiting at the home of Mrs.
Twii's parents. Mr. and Mrs. F.
G. ttelano.
Mr:s. John Savage of Portland
is expected to arrive today to re
main over the week-end as the
and Mrs. I-ster
Monday afternoon a number of
friends of Mrs. Frank Farlow as
sisted her in celebrating; her birth
day. Luncheon was served, places
being arranged for the following:
Mrs. W. It. Beamer. Mrs. I. 1).
Hutchinson. Mrs. Polette. Mrs. It.
H. Davis. Miss Kdna Laury. Mrs.
George Smith and Mrs. Farlow.
Messages of felicitation are
finding their way to Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Niemeyer. who are rejoic
ing over the birth of a daughter,
who nrrived Thursday morning at
the Deaconess hospital. She has
leen named Patricia F.thel.
Mr. and Mrs. Niemeyer recently
came to Sah'in to take up their
residence from Alberta, Canada.
Mrs. Niemeyer is a young English
woman. m
Mrs. R. L. White and Mrs. Hor
ace Sykes, returned yesterday
morning from Portland where
Hiev went to alt end a convention
of the Oregon branch of the Na
tional soeity of dancing teachers.
Fletcher Saneerman. accompan
ied by his little daughter. Betty,
has returned to Portland. Mr.
Saucerman came up to be the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Vance.
Salem Patrons Hard Hit By
New Charges Allowed
Pacific Company
two-party " residence ttlcphont-s
will be sub)ertecl to 2 per cent
higher r-ntJl rlnrges: the COS
tlonally ! work tbi year. nd
made considerable of a musical
if putatlon for the unlvrltr whll
tour. it was
the flab, by th qi
individual ftoioitfc. inttri
Corporation is Disappointed
Because Full Demand
Not Allowed
r. i . rt i. r i uDun t ne recent
iH-r rent Increase; the ZZZ one-1 iieeltied oy in- muirrmrU
party line rub riU-rs. 23 per cent I the Hub that It would be much
liu-reafe; the 3JS one party 10 noiu r--i' - i
i .. i.. '. i: r.'. ir ihfatfr than In the armory be-1
cent Increase, and the two party j i au.' ol the advantage the ror
Pne business tojbscribers. 1 4. 3 finer has over the Utter la the
iht rent increase in rates. Appart- I n atter of acoustics, although it
iiient houses, hotels, rural aub- will not be possible to accotnmo-
scrlbers and outer-state communi- dattv nearly as many p-opie.
ts are affected similarly In vary-! The program thia year la ruad
ing percentages of Increase. (f voni strong numben by
Following is a list of the ex-1 .,
cange In the state gtvinr compar-
with a variety of hnmoroas Z
rores. In addition Iter vtT
InatrutneBtal miIu work tJ
piano by the arrompaaUt j tv
rlub. aome dramatic reatfiitI
tne huutoroM vandeviiw .k.
ralletl- "Squirrel Food."
While the railroad ae
raising rate, why dida't
think about railing tb vU4if
Anybody knowa that caaao( w
ison of the present and new rates
and showing the rate contained in
the company's application:
l'rfrnt rw Kalr
Starting Sunday
Wm. Christie Cabonne's
powe'rful play
Eight Big Reels
the big
Flaj :.
Any breaking out of the skin.
even fiery, itching eczema, can
be quickly overcome by applying
a little Identho-Sulphur. says a
noted skin specialist. Ilecause of
Its germ destroying properties,
this sulphur preparation Instantly
brings ease from skin irritation,
soothes and heals the eczema
right up and leaves the skin clear
and smooth.
It reldom fails to relieve the
torment and disfigurement. Suf
ferers from skin trouble should
get a little jar or Mentho-Sulphur
from any good druggist and nse
it like cold cream. Adv.
Word has been received by- Sa
lem friends of the change of resi
dence of Dr. Owens Adair of As
toria, who is located in Rend, go
ing there both for her health and
to establish headquarters where
slip will conduct a campaign for
popular ratification of her meas
ure passed at the legislature. After
her measure has passed the refer
endum Dr. Adair plans another
drive for national, legislation along
the same lines. Whether she will
establish headquarters in Wash
ington. D. C. w ill be decided later.
Mrs. Merle L. Prunk of Eugene
is spending the week with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Mofitt.
Miss Helen Woods of Portland,
formerly of Salem, is spending
the med-week here.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Campbell of
Independence were mid-week vis
itors in Salem. They removed to
the former place about the first of
the year.
The F. M. V. club will meet this
evening at the home of Miss Anna
Mclntyre, 1485 South Liberty
Dr. Carl O. Doney Is home from
Corvallis. where he was enter
tained as the guest of Professor
and Mrs. U. G. Dubach. Dr. Doney
went over to speak at the Father
and Son banquet, given by the
Methodist church.
C. Burton Durdall
247 North Com'lSt,
Three Bu$y Stores
Uv,..,- ..' -':
! ! Independence
Nearly lOO.uuO subscribers in
Oregon to the Pcific Telephone
ft Telegraph company's service
will be required to pay Increased
rental charges, averaging nearly
3 per cent more than prevaUi"K
rates, but slightly less than the
i ales applied tor by the company
last November. The new rates, aro
fffeciive from March 1. ana are
authorized by the public service
eommission in an order issued last
Salem IncreaxeH Are Heavy
The order granting higher rates
.... . . . . . 1 . .Atiiit.nv
is coimitioiieu uihu ma f--
rarrvine through during the next
two or three years a program of
line extensions and plant improve
ments designed to give more sat
isfactory service to telephone
patrons. These expenditures will
amount to between $5,000,000 and
Officials IHsapiKilntetl
Officials of the Pacific Tele
phone & Telegraph company are
disappointed with the action of the
public service commission in not
erautinc as great an increase in
rates as applied for, but they say
they will abide by the order aid
carry out the promised Improve
ment program.
In its ordjer the commission says
the revenue' derived from the new
rates is not expected to be suffi
cient to cover the construction
program contemplated, nor us a
return on money to be expended,
except as new telephone are ad
ded, although it is believed the In
creased return will attract the
necessary capital for proposed ad
ditions and betterments. '
Commission Finding.
In part, the findings of the pub
lic service commission follow:
"That the rates applied for, if
granted, would produce greater
revenue than required and should
be denied.
"That, the service connection
charges applied for are unjust and
discriminatory, and are denied.
"That the classification of ex
changes is arbitrary, and is re
vised. "That the practice of the com
pany to furnish free lnterexchange
service, with the exception, of
Springfield and Eugene, should
be discontinued.
"That the revenue of the com
pany is inadequate to meet operat
ing, expenses, depreciation and
taxes and a reasonable return on
the investment, and are not such
as to furnish a basis upon which
to predicate efficient service.
"That the rates named are con
ditioned upon satisfactory service
ana Dasea on exenange primary
rate areas as established in order
No. a57, previously entered.
"That under the law and in the
light of the record in this case, the
commission has no alternative
man 10 proviae additional reve
nue; otherwise it Is apparent that
the company -will be forced into a
position which will hinder the
growth of its business, impair ser
vice throughout the entire state,
necessitate a retrenchment in the
employment of labor and prohibit
the expenditure of millions of dol
lars of new money fcr the general
betterment of all telephone condi
tions, including to a greater extent
the development of te state."
Discussing the revenues, the
commission's order points out that
$265,000 is required monthly to
meet the payrolls and $35,000 ad
ditional for taxes. Cost of materi
als and supplies, repairs and all
other items of operating ex Dense
are disregarded in this calculation
of the company's revenue needs
In Portland the 2."..318 users of
Indiviilaat lin
Tw I'arly linr .
NuluMatt lin
Individual tin
'I ' :.rty linr
fr'onr-partj line
Sukurliao !
Bn ilncts
1n.liti.lual liiia
Two party tinr
Sutmrliait lim
Two parly hnr
lour party line
Hutiiirlian line
rate rale atae4
..' l (HI tl2 tMI
7H M IMI V ft
... 3.? 3 .". a 75
4 2.'
3 K
3 'i:,
:i a'
: : j a txi
3 2'.
'I .Ml
I ft
4 o.i
:i :.o
j I' "
2 25
2 oil
I 75
5. IMI
3 5
3 MI
2 25
3 25
2 75
3 25
Date is Announced For
Glee Club's Appearance
After having given 27 concerts
in Washington and Oregon, the
Willamette Clee club will, on the
night of Thursday. March 31.
l,ive its annual tlem concert In
the Orand theater.
The club, under the direction
of professor liobson. did excep-
5 Cents a Day
$1.50 A MONTH
Secures the best family medicine
treatment, which Is
Hoods' Sarsaparilla
For the blood, stomach, liver and
kidneys. Creates an appetite, aids
digestion, makes food taste good
More Thaa Thin
While it purifies, vitalizes and en
riches the blood, it eradicates ca
tarrh, scrofula, rheumatism,
makes the weak strong. Gives
you more real np-lift and help
than any other treatment for
three times the money. Get Hood's
A word to the wise Is sufficient.
For a mild, effective laxative
or active cathartic, take Hood's
Our display of the new season's
is such that the most particular
buyer will have little or no
trouble in getting just the hat
wanted here.
New Hats of Lisere
New Hats of Taffeta
New Hats of Batavia
Hie new showing introduces Roll Brims, Turbans,
Small Hats, and those of medium size
$38 TO $8.75.
Our Prices Always The Lowest
Commercial and Court Streets
' - 1
After thrfce weeks of a successful tour through Washington and Oregon, the Club
has arranged for its Salem concert to be given in
at 8:30 p. m.
Two hours of music of high standard, interspersed with humorous encores, read
ings and stunts. ',
Every day there is a number of people tell us they have tried other blends
of Coffee but always come back to M. J. B. Why? Try a cup' of M. J. B.
for breakfast and see for yourself why. '
.VolxNly (an Tell When You
Darken ;ny. Faded Hair
With SaKe Tea.
Beginning Today. March 4, and running until Saturday. March 12. . Yfe
will Sell Our Entire
Grandmother kept her hair
beautifully darkened, tlossv and
cttractlve with a brew of Sage
Tea and Sulphur. Whenever her
hair took on that dull, faded or
streaked appearance, this simple
mixture was applied, with won
derful effect. By asking at any
drug store for "Wyeth's Sage and
Sulphur Compound." you will
get a large bottle of this old-time
recipe, Unproved by the addition
of other ingredients, all ready to
use. ai very mtle cost. This sim
ple mixture can be depended upon
to restore natural color - and
beauty to the hair.
A wrll known downtown drug
gist says everybody uses Wyeth s
oage ana suiphur Compound now
because it darkens so naturally
and evenly that nobody can tell
u nas been applied it's so easy
to uie. too. You simply dampen
a comb or soft brush and draw
it through the hair, taking one
strand at a time. By morning
the gray hair disappears; atter
another application or two. It is
restored, to Its natural color, and
looks glossy, soft and beautiful
Adr. . ,
$ 14,000 Stock of
Hardware and Furniture
At Pre-War Prices Nothing Reserved Everything Must Go; We Neci
the Money v V
Nails, common, lb 7c
Fine. Bright and Blued,
pound.. ; 8c
Brooms, 25c; regular 65c
brooms; one to every cus
tomer purchasing $3.00
worth of regular goods.
Special V
Pure Aluminum Percola
tors JU9
Regular $30. One to
If you need anything in Beds. Springs. Mattresses. Chairs. Tables, Ran?,
Aluminum. Enameled Ware. Linoleum, Floor Coverings, Gold - Medal Art
"Congoleum Rugs," Garden Tools, Rubber Hose, Paint and "Everything b
Come in time, and get your Bargain. Remember the name and Ntnnber
285 N. Commercial St
Phone 947