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David Goldstein of Boston to
Expose Bolshevism
In Address
Business Office, 23.
Circulation Department, (S3.
Job Department, 633.
- , Society Editor 10 1.
Entered at the Postofflce In Salem, Oregon, as second class matter.
Former Socialist Leader Now
Defends Christian
An interesting and instructive
explanation of that perplexing
problem "Bolshevism" will be
given at the armory, Saturday
night, March 5. by David Gold
stein of Boston, under the aus
pices of the supreme council.
Knights of Columbus. Mr. Gold
stein is a lecturer of national
reputation, having several times
The! lime when Salem will be a mining center is drawing
nearHundreds of millions of dollars in mineral wealth are un
derneath the mountains in the Santiam region, and there will
likely bej commercial ore shipments from at least two of the
mining properties in that district during this year
From the Lotz-Larsen property and the prospect of the
Silver King Mining company
And there will be a survey of the district this year by
the Bureau of Mines and Geology, State of Oregon, this with
a view to giving accurate information to men able to enter
the field and get out the ores under approved modern meth
ods. .--'!' 4
This is good news for Salem
Wonderfully good news.
From the time -when, forty to fifty years ago, there be
gan to be mining excitements in the Santiam district, and the
whole of the Little North Fork of the Santiam from Elkhorn
to the mouth of . Gold Creek, and above, was staked out in
placer claims, some gold has been coming out of that dis
. trict -considerable sums in the early days from the placer
claims K . '
And there have been many rushes and excitements.
Bat a great deal more money has been put in than has 1
ever oeen taicen out -
By prospectors, companies that have done development
work, and have built roads and erected mills, etc. ,
But the companies that operated in those days were fore
doomed to failure. , V
t The reader may find the reasons in the' article in this is
sue of Arthur M. Swartly. consulting mining -engineer of the
! Oregon Bureau of Mines and Geology. Mining on a large
scale could not be successful under the methods known to
the pioneers in .that .district., , .
There have been later discoveries, however, as explained
by Mr. Swartly, in the ways to treat such ores as are found
in the Santiam district; '
And now large capital may be employed there with an
assurance that it will yield good returns.
The gold is there, and the silver and lead and copDer and
zinc. It has all along been only a question of getting out the
mineral wealth.
So Salem is now on the very eve of becoming a mining
center. ! The sure beginnings will be made this year, and it
is reasonably certain now that there wilV be progress every
year, hereafter in the constructive work that will render this
city more and more, a center and supply point of a great min
ing district, pouring out increasing millions of wealth annu
ally as time passes.
And mining development in the Santiam will be sure to
bring other great things for that district and for Salem and
,the Salem section one of the most important of which will
be the use of the great and comparatively cheaply developed
water powers of that region. -
"I was affected with pains all
over my baric and kidneys."
writes Chrrles McAllister, 1 Clark
Ave., Kearney, N. J., "After three
or four dozes of Foley Kidney
Pills I became all right and my
pain is all gone." Foley Kidney
Pills relieve backache, urinary ir
regularities, rheumatic pains, stiff
joints, swollen muscles and other
symptoms of kidney trouble. It
is a splendid medicine, prompt In
paction, and always helps. Con
tains no habit forming drugs.
Sold everywhere, (adv.)
out the country, free of charge,
hundreds of thousands of pam
phlets giving the Christian-American
view of sociological prob
lems that vex the national life.
Muiral Prelude Arranged
The Knights of Columbus is
thoroughly committed to this line
of and enlightenment.
Kvery man seeking admission in
to the order is obligated to s!gra
an application pledging his atti
tude of Socialism to be that taken
by the Catholic church expressed
in the Kneyclicals of Pope Leo
XIII and Pope Pius X.
As a prelude to the lecture sev
eral musical numbers featuring a
harp solo, will .be given by the
girls string orchestra of Sacied
Heart Academy.
Mr. Goldstein's lectnre "Bol
shevism What It Is The Reme
dy For It," will be entirely free
to everyone, there being no ad
mission charged, nor any collec
tion taken up among the audience.
Captain Kirkpatrick Victor
Over Rigdon.For Com
pleted Series
Killtfhat ColdxWith
. A. TA.-..r-
I roa yAWrty AND
I, . - , Neglected Colds are Dangerous
Take no chances. Keep this standard remedy handy for tb first an.
j Breaks up a cold In 24 hoora RIirc9
'I' Gripp in 3 days ExclU&t for Hadach
i Quinine la this form does not affect the head Caacara la bast Tonic
r - '. i I 1
i '
I 1
THE bank deposits of the country
measure the wealth of the people in
dollars and cents. From 20 to 41 bil
lions has been the increase in the past
six years. This doeat not include other
assets indicative of the growth of pros
perity, either.
Does YOUR account at the United
States National Bank seem to be going
ahead in like proportionor backward?
traversed the - United States,
speaking upon subjects relating to
the maintenance and perpetuation
of the American ideals of home.
Industry, labor and patriotism.
The Knights of Columbus as an
order has been fighting radical
Ism, and socialism for many years,
before the war. during the war
and since the war. High tribute
has been paid to the Knights of
Columbus during the war by the
leaders of thought not only in the
United States but in the Euro
pean countries.
There is yet another feature 01
its work, distinct from its efforts
in war and after war, and yet ly
ing at the very foundation of Am
erican progress in social Justice,
that marks of the Knights of Co
lumbus as being in the fotefront
of America's sociological organi
zations. Christianity Defended '
This public activity was estab
lished years before the war, for it
was quite natural that this organ
ization of Catholic American citi
zens should be more sensitive to
assaults, from whatsoever quar
ter upon the foundation and the
fabric of Christian civilization.
The Knights of Columbus was
not found napping, and It took
the best means of practical de
fense against the open and secret
propaganda to turn over the na
tional Inheritance to Socialists
whose world-wide movement Is
now popularly designated by its
Russian nick-name Bolshevism.
Tears ago when the danger of
Socialist activity vas noi so evi
dent as it is today, the Knights of
toiamoai resoivea 10 iconaaci
free lecture courses on the fornm
plan to exhibit the fallacies, Ir
rationality, injustice and i immor
ality of Socialist principles and
practices. .
Campaign Begun
To members of the order ex
perts on the subject were selt-ct-ed
to tour the country over, set
ting before public audiences the
true sociological doctrines in con
trast with the false teachings of
the enemies of God and country,
and thus meeting the exponent
of socialism face to face in Intel
lectual combat. Peter W. Collins
then international secretary ot
the International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers, a fearless
fighter for the cause of wase-
rarners and a strenuous opponent i
ot socialism and . David Golc
steln once a leader in the ranks
of the socialists, who quit the
movement in 1903 when- it re
fnsed to repudiate its advocacy ot
violence, irrellgion and free-lov
were selected to conduct this
educational campaign. Beside
the work of these men. which has
won international commendation.
the order has distributed through-
Mr-k 4 ni1 S. Frulay ant PtnrdT
BaKkMtxIl, WUlnnrtte t . U. of O. mi
March 10. 1! and 12 Iatrrx-bolastK
basketball toarnament.
March 12. Saturday Trianete 4rat
monK illanwtl. JicMinnvil'e aaj l ac
- ilarrk IS Herbert Lean Cape, lecturer
at Sateut Armory.
March 13 and 19. Friday and Saturday
State rMr,niB af D. A. R. kail ot
March 20, Wednesday Dual i'hur
hiwccn Uorn':nrwe College f hieoi
Cite, Iowa, and W illametie.
March 27. Sandac Eaater THy.
April, ft. Friday THfal Wotaea'a debate
between W. H. C. and Willatnctt.
April 15. Friday Baseball, Willam
ette ti. I", ef O. at Salem.
April IS, Saturday Baseball, Willam
ette s. l . of v. at toirne.
April 22. Friday lsl Debate be
tween Willamette and Whitman.
May 5 to 8 inclasiTe Annual confer
en'e ef Evangelical Association.
I May 2ft. 21 and 28 Baseball. Willam
ette vs. w Bitiraa, at Walla Walla.
October 1. Katartlar (teatatieet
Feetball, WUlameu vs. O. A. C tt Cor-vallia.
NoTerober 24. Thnndae (tent at ire)
inanrivine aay, toot ball, WilUme.U
m ine monthly contest of the
Business men's class at the Y. M
C. A. ended last night with one
of the stlffest biffball games of
ine season. The game was won
uapiain Klrkpatrick's team,
which put him far In the lead
and gave him the victory of the
It was a hard fought contest
irom start to finish, and Captain
1. t f a . ...
n.trKyairicK ana ills men were
greatly elated over their victory.
Captain Rigdon of the opposing
team put up a hard fight, and
was In the lead for a considerable
portion of the series. The final
contest last night was necessarily
to aeciae me aeries.
The captains chosen for the
next series, beginning on Friday
night, are two of the veteran
nlayers, John Bayne and Joseph
H. Albert. Following the game
me men garnered tor a chicken
I Pie feed and an hour of good fel
iuwbuij), uurms wmcn Time me
new captains were chosen and
other business transacted.
O. J. Hull, the new physical di
rector, has been in charge for sev
eral eveninjrs and is proving very
popular with the men. Mr. Hull
served a portion ot last year as
physical director, and knows the
game thoroughly. He Is especial
ly stronr in conducting .the class
in calisthenics, and each evening
has the floor filled to capacity
with men.
During the feed last night Mr.
Hull reported that he had
learned that the business men's
class of the Eugene Y. M. C. A.
would like to pla7 a series of vol
leyball games with the local team.
The suggestion was enthusiasti
cally received by the members of
the class, and by vote Mr. Hull
was directed to negotiate with the
Eugene men and endeavor to se
cure a series ot three games with
them, at least one of which would
be played on the local kfloor, and
be open to the public.
Fruit Growers Sy Condi
tions Ideal For Both Old
And New Trees
Nursery Stock Supply Once
More is Catching Up
With Demand
Fruit growers In Oregon say
that weather conditions in the
west and northwest have been
ideal for orchards for both old
and newly planted trees. As a
result the bearing trees have an
unusual number of fruit buds.
The coming spring will de
termine the size of the 1921 crop
as the danger from late frosts
will be more serious this year
than In winters when it has been
cold and blossoming not so early.
The supply of nursery stock
n now beginning to overtake the
demand, following several years
of shortage. California will plant
12S.000 acre of fruit this year,
compaied to 150, out) acres last
According to j the estimate
mad by the federal reserve bank
of San Franrlwo. apple, pear and
.rherry storks an t oiaparatlvely
scarce in the northwest and pros
pective planting will use all the
atock produced within the next
year or fo. Peach, prune and
plum storks will be more plenti
ful next year.
A Warn Ins to feel tired be
fore exertion Is not laziness it'l
a sign that the system lacks vital
ity. and needs the tonic effect ot
Hood's Sarsaparilla. Sufferers
rhould not delay. Get rid of that
tired feeling by beginning to takt
Hood's Sarsaparilla today.
fiult Interests not only in Oregon
but la tlie east as well.
The secretary of the Interna
tional Apple Shlrrs' a'socla
tion of Rochester, N. Y., who i
one of the movt Influential men
In the fruit industry of. the east,
writes the Oregon Growers Co
operative association' as follows:
"We are indeed fortunate In
having such a close relationship
as eiists between yoar people t.,
Senator McN'ary. We bars
ways found him very ymptkrjj
and a real friend of the frslt at
vegetable industry. I have tti
and be has Interested him-If j,
every iiieasur which affected tie
fruit Industry."
Read The Classified Ads.
McNary Friend of Fruit
Men All! Over Country
Senator Charles L. McNary Is
known as a champion of the
for every Crop and Soil' requlre-
ment ,
North Portland, Ore.
For Easy Terms and Prices see or
clarence; s. bowne ;
1044 Marlon SU Phone 353
Mrs. Wm. Sager. Sol Nlchol St.,
Utlca, N. Y.: "I gladly write any
thing that helps a mother with
her children. My little girl had
whooping cough and I was afraid
she would choke. 1 gave her Fo
ley's Honey and Tar and It helped
her wonderfully. She could sleep
'most all night without coughing."
This good cough syrup checks
colds, stops coughing, cuts phlegm
and covers raw, Inflamed mem
branes with a healing coating.
Sold everywhere, (adv.)
Mother is Arrested
On Charge of Mayhem
QU1NCY. "llT. March 2.
Claiming she was trying to teach
her nine-year-old daughter to tell
the truth. Mrs. Effie Syrkel was
arrested here today for applying
a red hot stove poker to the
child's tongue. The humane so
ciety has preferred a charge of
mayhem against the mother.
People Notice It Drive Them
Off with Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets
A pimply face will not embarrass you
much kxiirer if you get a parkace of
Dr. Edwards Olive latleta. The akin
should begin to dear alter you have
taken the tablets a few nights.
Cleanse the blood, bowel and Brer
with Dr. EdwanU' Olive Tablet, the
successful substitute far calomel; there's
do sickness or pain after t&kinz them,
Dr. Edward Clivs TsblcU do that
which calomel does, and jut as c.7ec
tively. but their action b gentle and
safe instead of severe and irritating.
No one who tak Ohve lablcu w
ever cursed with a "Asrk tro n taste."
a bad breath, a duH, listes, "no good
feeling, constipation, torpid fiver, ted
dispositioT or pimply face.
Otive Tablets are a purely vecetable
compound mixed with ciive oil: you will
know them by thdr olive colcr.
. Dr. Edwards spent years amoo; pa
tients afflicted with Lvcr ?nrf hnift
complaints, and Olive Tablets are the
immensely elective result. Take one or
two nightly for a week. See how mud
better you tel aad kxJL. 15c and 30c
80-90; 50-60 Prunes
can use about !
5 tons.
Immediate delivery. Call
Hack hurt you? Can't straight
en up without feeling rudden
pains, sharp ath?s and twinges?
Now listen! That's lumbago,
sciatica or mayb, from a strain,
and you'll pet btessed relief the
moment you rub your back with
soothing, penetrating "St. Jacobs
Oil." Nothing else takes out
soreness, lameness and stiffness
so quickly. .You simply rub it on
and out comes the fain. It tt
perfectly harmless and doti&i
bum or discolor the skin. ,
Limber up! Don't suffer! Get
a small trial bottle from any 4rr
store, and after using It Jort one
you'll forget that you ever kii
backache, lumbago or.sclatxa. fc.
cause your back will never kert
or cause any more misery. It utt
er disappoints and has been rec
ommended for 0 years. (4t)
1773 State Street,
1 Estey orcan; new Colonial white enamel polished top C
bole steel range with nickle trimming and base, this sure
is a swell range; heater; store board; 2 Vernus Martin beds;
2 steel springs; 2 mattresses; birds eye msple Princess
dresser; large oak dresser; fir dresser; oak library table;
kitchen cabinet with top; golden oak extension table, round;
f 6 diners; china cabinet and buffet to match; oak rockers;
mahogany stand table; baby's rocker; sanitary coach and
pad; high chair; 8 day clock; 7 pictures; 6 window shades;
nursery chair; vacuum carpet sweeper; 3 new 35 pound silk
floss mattress; 2 new 40 pound cotton mattress; 3 new
fibre rugs; 3 used rugs; baby's bed; drop head sewing ma
chine; dishes; kitchen utensils; half cord dry wood; garden
hoes; boy's wagon; washing machine; clothes basket; broom;
4 large crocks; 2 wash tubs; wringer; empty fruit Jars;
wheel barrow; 344 quarts home canned fruit; copper boiler;
spade; rake; 2 forks; sad irons; wash board; baby's cart; 2
axes; lawn mower; shirt waist box; 3 small rags; and many
other articles. TERMS CASH.
The Auctioneer
"Don't Forget Dig Horse Auction, Club Stable on Saturday,
10:30 a. sa"
T o n i g h t T o m o r r o w a t u r d a y
An Epic of The Screen Portrayed by America's Most.
Dutlnguished Actor in which is Shown the Mental and
Spiritual Transformation of "Two Ace Artie' Card
Shark. Bad Man and Unbeliever. Into Raymond Cha-1
pelle, the Devout
Special Oran iand Vocal Concert by
Accompanied by Misa Giles
1 "111 Build k World In The
Heart of a Rose"
2 "Sands of the Desert"
3 "Spirit of the West"
4 "Love's Old Sweet Song"
f Light Cavalry Overture
Von Supp
. Concert at 7:45 p. m. . 4 0
4P ji.
rmy b"
NOTE . . lif ;
.! ' f "SNOOKY" - : P'S' " ; R'.
The Humanzee nlYv iv ' E
"You'll Be Surprised? ifiki ' : v
V On Friday and Saturday Only 4 tfr' ' ,f
i l ' . : h . v
; yh; K I
III W3f!i
" . j r v.
r-.JV i. iv iv Ti
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- I - I II II . I II. ' "" " " . . . Ill -