The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 15, 1921, Page 4, Image 4

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    ' 4
i&ze&on statesman
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Society Editor 108.
EnUred at the Postofflce in Salem, Oregon, as second class matter.
ik so other sure and safe way. It
will cost money; great sums of
money, but this must be provided
if we are to see a fully developed
fruit industry.
Germany says she simply won't
pay the indemnity demanded by
the allies. If sono of the col
lectors we know in Los Angeles
were cent with the bill, the chanc-
es are mat uermany woum
change her mind. Los Angeles
At the special session of con
gress, with a large majority in
both branches of that body, it
will be up to the Republicans to
make good their promise of ex
empting American ships from the
payment of toljs at the Panama
canal. The platform at Chicago
declared that all American coast
wise ships and all vessels in the
American merchant marine
should have free access to the
canal. That plank is as plain as
obligation upon the party as any
declaration in the jlatform.
the slave of a good master has
the advantage in many ways of
great masses of people in soviet
They at least are not doomed
to starve to death.
people come to know the differ
ence, between a government and
a fishing pole or a wheelbarrow.
Just fill 'em full of prunes.
TTnn J TV Representative from Multnomah county-
has Introduced only, one bill in the Oregon Legislature at the
present session
Ham oa RH1 Kn. 1
Though it has teen followed by the introduction of some
fit mnr. kill in that, hraneh of the Legislature alone; a vast
mass of largely undigested propositions, many of them of lit
tle or no consequence, and some of them vicious
Until it appears that there will have to be a sort of
wholesale referendum movement, in an attempt of the over
hiirdoTied tAmflvera to tirotect themselves.
Mr, Lee's bill sought to provide for an Oregon State
Commissioner of Promotion and Industryworking under the
' State Board of Control, to assist chambers or commerce ana
l cnmmtrciA clubs and countv agricultural agents and all such
societies and all individuals working for the upbuilding of
the whole state and all its .industries
A concrete scheme for eivinz prospective investors and
settlers the information and the help they need in getting in
dustries established and in getting people onto the land.
Mr. Lee's idea was to furnish practical help, in the way
of statistical facts and other information, and in the way of
actual personal service, looking to the larger development of
this very generally undeveloped state.
His friends assured him that this was a very much need-
- ed work, and it looked like easy sailing
But when his bill got to third reading it was plain that
the other schemes had elbowed it off the boards, and so it
was laid on the table; and it is probably too late now to have
it taken ur.
. The Vacific Northwest Tourist Association, for instance,
is asking for a larger appropriation, though it has its of f ices
in Seattle and proposes nothing for Oregon in a concrete
; ; way ' ' ' 1 .
!f In fact, is a hot-air proposition, furnishing nothing but
1 that article, appealing only to the tourist who comes and goes
ind does little in a practical way, excepting to pay his bills
St the first class hotels and to contribute to the gasoline;
shortage. v - - .. .
, This,, hot-air proposition may be worth the money it
costs ; and so may all thcother hot-air propositions ; and their
name is legion. : 5
But even their work would be made of a great deal more
practical value if some agency were committed to get down
to brass tacks and do something to help capitalists and set
tlers get their bearings.
There is no literature provided for now that deals in any
thing but generalities; no way for one to find out, in plain
figures, what Oregon's productions in all lines were last year,
' and where there is a demand for activities of various kinds
; in the way of industries, and for men to go onto the lands
and, produce greater and more varied crops.
That is what Mr. Lee's bill proposes to supply. It pro-
poses an appropriation of $45,000, and directs that its print
ing shall be done by the state at cost.
Hot. air is good; fine; but you cannot build up a great
state or a great city on hot air The basis of all solid pros
perity is the production of things in and on and under and
above the soil, and the preparation of these things for the
markets pf the world, and the manufacturing and handling
and storing and dealing in and shipping of them on the way
from the soil to the consumer. If we would grow great and
greatly prosper we must keep our feet on the ground
And that is the Duroose of House Bill No. 1. now ouietlv
sleeping on the table of the House of Representatives, ajrfl
r mn..ij uwuicu iu ciccy uii, utciiuse ui me great activities oi
the hot-air artists and beneficiaries and the feverish rush of
tne closing hours of this session of the Oregon Legislature.
' This is prune week. It all comes down to the buying and
eating of prunes. And the more you eat the better for your
self and the prune industry. j
The Democratic national com
mittee is planning a meeting of
the faithful to be held in St.
Louis about March 1. The Dem
ocratic party is in about the same
position as the historic mule that
was being shipped by rail from
Missouri with the name and ad
dress of the consignee written on
a tag dangling from the animal's
neck. When the train reached
the end of the line the freight
agent noticed the mule and asked
his helper where the animal was
going. The darkey was unable
Ito. find anything but the rem
nants or the string and after
scratching his head, remarked:
"Dis doggone mule ain't got no
place to go. He's done gwine
et up his destination." Poor old
Democracy seems to have no place
to go. It isn't even dressed up.
The advocates of complete in
dependence for the Philippine
islands are preparing to renew
their efforts during the special
session. Congress has already de
clared that it is the purpose of
the United States to withdraw
from the islands at some future
time when the peace and secur
ity of these possessions are se
cure. The establishment of some
fctm of territorial government.
until the country is fit for inde
pendence, might serve the pur
pose well. Justice will be done,
whatever the outcome. Los An
geles Times.
They have "some form of ter
ritorial government" now. And
probably as good a form as could
be devised; though its adminis
tration could be vastly improved
upon', over the Democratic brand
that has caused all sorts of criti
cism, and that has been ineffic
ient, prodigal and foolish. The
present form of territorial gov
ernment is about as good as the
Filipinos can absorb for the pres
ent. Call it colonial instead of
territorial if ytfu want to. It all
comes to the came thing.
What the" Filipinos need is an
honest. Republican administra
tion of their present form of gov
ernment; and that is what they
will need for a long, long time
until the great majority of the
Say it with prunes.
Prunes made a good valentine.
Combining the beautiful with
the useful.
There are hundreds of ways to
prepare prunes and they are
good for the palate and good for
what ails you in every one of the
different ways.
The historical section of The
Statesman is nearly ready for the
pressmen. It is hoped to have it
a part of he paper of Friday. It
will contain about eight paws of
matter and pictures; all of which
should go into the records and be
a part df the history of the coun
ty and state.
John Mlnto held the plow when
ground was broken for the Capi
tol. Can any reader tell the edi
tor of The Statesman which John
Can any reader tell the editor
when the old court house was torn
Can any one tell him the date
of the dedication of the present
court house? The bids were
opened Feb. 6, 1872.
Does any one know the contract
price of the old court house? The
bond of the contractors was $18,
000. All sorts of rulings by tailors
as to what men's fashions shall
be for another season, but none of
the guild has yet been able to or
der that pants bagging at the
knees shall be considered the real
thing. '
Fill 'Em Full of Prone.
Editor Statesman: Enclosed
find answer to Miss Dorothy
Whitney's poem, I published in
your Sunday paper:
. G. Damon.
You sin? a song, a Bandon song.
Of Rolling waves and beaches,
I ping a song, a, dandom song.
Of juicy prunes and peaches.
If in your strolls on Bandon beach
In morning or at noon.
You run across a Bandon peach.
I y
Apply Sulphur as Told When Your
Skin Breaks Out.
Any breaking out of the skin on
face. neck, arms or, body is over
come quickest by applying Men-
tho-Sulphur. The pimples seem to
dry right up and go away, declares
! a noted skin specialist.
Nothing has ever been found to
take the place of sulphur as a pirn
pie remover. It is harmless and
in expensive. Just ask any drug
gist for a small jar of Mentho-
Sulphur and use it like cold cream
the sound of
We do , not bear
So no moral do they teach us.
We're ever alert, ana, yea, we
To serve the Bandon peaches.
. . ..
So, Dorothy.
So Dorothy, .
Down by the sea.
Don't sing of crags and sand
May your song of the present
. Of Mellow Mlstland Prunes.
899 North Commercial street.
Salem, Oregon.
Al-t Xaturr. There are times
when you thonld assist nature.
It is now undertaking to cleans?
your system if yon will takt
Hood's Sarsaparilla the undertak
ing will be successful. This great
wuitinc puriiirs sua Dullaj BB
as nothing else does Adv. -
DID you ever stop to think that pros
perity passes from hand to hand?
When the factory wheels are turning,
payrolls. as well as products are being
made. 'When YOU ask for Oregon or
Salem made goods you increase the sale
of those products and the size of those
If you want YOUR bank account at the
United States National to grow, help
make your neighbor's increase in size.
A Frenchman says that Social
its never understand one another
when they get together to talk
about it. That seems to be the
trouble. Every man has , a pet
little brand of, Socialism of his
own and it is hard In matrh nn
Jwith his neighbor.- Kirhanr
There are, in fact, as many
kinds of socialism as there are
But every single kind leads
tack to communism, as advocated
by the father of all socialism.
Karl Marx, the German dreamer
of Impossible dreams.
And. wherever and whenever
tried, in a small way, in the com
munity ownership of property, or
in the collection of all taxes from
land; or in a large way, as now
under the soviet system of Rus
sia, It has always proven a fail
ure; and It always wilL
In the very nature of things.
it must, for it presupposes that
all men are alike in ability and
industry; while no-two are alike
and more than two leaves in
the vast forests are alike, or two
snow flakes, or two drops of
water In all the great oceans
And socialism In action always
has, always will, and always must
lead to greater injustice and op
pression t.han its adherents imag
ine are imposed by any other
form of society above the con
dition of human slavery, and even
If the old newspaper habit con
tinues tto. hold President- elect
Harding he will give the Marlon
TVbraarr IS. Wedneedev ' Baalaeea
itrn' Icara r(nlr meeting.
braarjr IS,- Friday 8rmphBy er
thrrtr emcrt for mcnabara Commer
cial club.
Vbnry 13, Sarrtr Lector at
rrr. Dr. -Waa. E. WI4. on Health.
rbrary 14 to 21 Pruna week la
Oregoa. ' -.
February 14, Mondar BeetetbaH
Willaaaett rt CaireraKj at Idaka, at
Febraary IS an 4 IS, Tn4ay and
We4ae4ar Bakb1t Wi'.LantatU va.
Whilnaa. at Wal'e Walla.
Febmery IT. Tlrarertar BaiketbaH,
WUUmMte va. Walla Walla T. U. C. A
I Waila Walla.
February IS. Taeeday -Debaia, 8a!ia
Sifh acbool. affirmative va. albaar. ar
ativa, at bfrh ectool SaUa. argativa va.
Albany,' affirmative, al Albany.
February 1 ! Friday a ad Pat
arday BatketbaU, Willamette va. Gea
era. at Bpenane. - .
February S3, laeenar HaaaetDail,
VTilUn.tia va. Idaho, at 8!em
f TVaaaisftoa's
February S, Taaiay-
fahruarv St'ead 3l Tiaraday and Frl
Jar MatkalbmU. Willametta va. Whitmaa
at Heletn. ,
U,k 4 and S. Friday sad 8aeHar
BaakelbaU, Willamette vs. U. at O, at
nEa, - - --
Irril 15, Friday BaaebaH. WiHametta
va.. 0. ht o; at Salem.
- April 14. Saturday Baaebali, WtUam
' tr f fi at Enreae.
May S". IT and a Baaebatl, Willaiav
! .i .. n'hitm.n at Walla Walla:
October 1. Setnrday (teaUtive)
' FaAthail. . Willametta vs. O. A. C at
' Kalvemlar 11. Friday ,f tentative1)
i Faatbalt, ' Willamette . WkiUaaa, at
i Wslla Walla. - : t a- ; ,
Nnvember J4. Tburaday (taBetva
Tbanbeyiviaf if "tbtU, WUlamette
. tu Mali Mr kA. si Salaam,
Star an exclusive Ion his cabinet
one Harding cabinet is good
until another is announced.
Potato men. stand up for your
spuds. That is the Salem slogan
subject for Thursday, and the
slogan editor wants your help.
It is proposed j to confer ex
tinguished service medals upon
Secretaries Baker and Daniels at
high noon on March 4.
If the price of ! cement would
only come down, there might be
a rhance to do something toward
sticking the parts of the Demo
cratic party together again.
Miss Alice Robertson, the new
Oklahoma' member of congress,
will have, a man as her private
secretary. This makes it a cinch
as to who will def th dictating.
In some way or other. Salem
must have a vast amount of cold
storage spare, in order to be sore
to be able to market large sur
plus fruit crop and this district
cannot attain its full stature as
a 'great rmit distrjet without am
ple' cold storage facilities. There
Eye Talks
It is always better to
' look ahead and prepare
than to look back and
regret. Apply that to
' your eyesight.
How about the man
- who knows a good
thing when he sees it
and then doesn't seize
Seize the first opportu
nity and have us ex
amine your eyes. That
will ,
Eyesight Specialists
204-211 Salem Bank of
Commerce Building
Men's Suits at $30 to $65
MenV O'coats at $25 to $ 75
Boys' Suits at $15 to $25
Dress Shirts at $2.50 to $15
All Men's Heavy Underwear
and Cut Silk Neckwear
For the Price of
Men!s-HafeT$6:00 to $12.00
Men's Shoes, $10 to $16.00
Men's Suits, $35:00 to $85
Inclnding Heavy Worsted and Blue Serges
All Underwear, Hosiery,
Work Clothing, Etc.
At 33i.Of f
Y n
$1 JO and $2.00
All Styles Men's
liishop's Special HLUEIJIIJ
$22 JO and $25.00
Bishop's Fabric
$12.00 and $14.00
Heavy High Cut
MORRIS Psa : $1S W
&Hd)lii: W fm fni fl mi " fii il n fl fl !!Wra