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The Statesman receives the leased
wire report of tire Associated
Press, the greatest and most re
liable press association la the
Tuesday, rain or enow; moderate
j : , southwesterly winds.
salem, Oregon; Tuesday morning, February 15, 1921 f f
Major Walling Conducts Examln
at Ion of Former Lieutenant
On Germany Experience
Charges of High Crimes and
Misdemeanors Brought
Out 'by;' Judiciary
Committee "
l WASHINGTON. Feb. 14. On
charges of high crimes and mis-
PORTLAND, Ore.. Feb. 14.
Lieutenant Peter Lauritzen, for
merly ot the A. E. F., who recent
ly made a public statement to the
effect that while located in Ger
many last summer, he learned of
the nresence there of G rover
AdaihSt Federal Judge inl demand Bergdoll and was or-
HOUSe Dy UnlOan. I attempt Bergdoll's capture with-
r . i oui specmc oraers, was toaay
questioned by Major Walling of
th IntnivtAr rpntnl'a Hpnartinpnt
BAStUALL fUblllUN I of the army, who came here from
. am . a iamo uwis. nun., id wane mo
examination. The purpose and the I
result of the examination were not
made public.
Indictment May be Thrown
lieutenant ot D company. 162nd
Infantry: After the armistice he
was sent to Germany and became
head of the criminal Investiga
tions ot the American forces on
the Rhine and had charge of the
Yankee military police in Europe.
In September of last year he
said he was informed that Berg-
demeanors. Federal Judge K. M. doll was living in Eberbach; a
Landis of Chicago was impeached small resort -some distance from
la the house today by Represent Coblenz. Lauritzen said he sent
tatlve Welty, democrat, of , Ohio, his two best operatives to Eber
because of bis acceptance of the bach, who located Bergdoll and
office, ot supreme arbitrator ot arranged plans tor his capture,
baseball, while still a Judge. When they reported back to the
Palmer Opinion Disregarded. lieutenant. Lauritzen started to
' The charge disregarded an opin-1 get ready to capture Bergdoll. he
ion by Attorney General PalmeT.I said. But before he could pro-
that Judge Landis was within the I ceed the lieutenant said, he re-
law, and. that there was no law I ceived orders from a'bieher-up
making sucn acceptance a crime, i stair onicer not to do one mms in
The opinion was rendered recently! the Bergdoll mater until direct or
by the attorney general on request J ders came.
of Mr. Welty. . , i
Before proceeding Mr. Welty re
fused a request by Senator Dial,
democrat of South Carolina, to in
clude in the general indictment
statements attributed to the Judge
ia refusing to send to jail a young
Otawa. Ill bank clerk because of
the belief that bank, officials were
responsible for the clerk's specu
lation by failure to pay him a liv
ing wage. .- ,' ,
Senator Dial then announced he j Amendment
wouia " iiie , compiaxai .
Judge Landis with the department
ot justice. - He characterized Judge
Landis' statement that the bank
clerk's' employers, were. In a
measure, responsible for the
youth's theft- ot IsC.OOO, "the
. most bolshevik doctrines I ever
Quarantine Measure Are Ila-ed
On Port of Boston by Surgeon
General Creel
Spain, Italy and France Are
- Included in Intrigue To
Overthrow "Bourgeois"
Communist Arrests Bring
French to Serious
Wastes in Production Are Meas
ured Mainly in Unemploy
ment In Declaration
WASHINGTON". Feb. 14. Fed
oral medical authorities will prob
ably assume charge of anti-typhus
work in New York by Wednesday,
Ewinp La port e, assistant secre
tary of the treasury in charge ot
public health, announced tonight
Transfer of the title of the quar
antine station in New York to
the government, he said, is ex-
pectid within 24 hours.
Additional facilities will be pro
vided for detecting typhus cases
nuionr incoming passengers there
he aid. and the present medical
Malt will be increased.
With th"? acquisition of the
New York station. Mr. Laporte
paid, public health authorities
were of the opinion that every
necessary step to pafeguard the
country aaint typhus would
have been taken. The Boston
station,' h-3 explained, is under
fprfprnl rnntrnl
By requiring passengers leav-I
Ing European ports to comply
with American quarantine regu
lations because clean bills of
health are given vessels on which
they traveled. Mr. Laporte de
clared the service was confident
no typhus carriers could reach
this country.
PARIS. Feb. 14. The over
throw of the "bourgeois" govern
ments of Spain, Italy and France
is outlined in documents seized
after a search today following the
discovery of a widespread comniu
nist plot, ine aaie iixea was amy
a- .a. t .
, . . m . I swj w-'". a t w. a . ut
io M. Marrand minister of the Gener, R H , charge of
luienui, bctius iu "lu6"l nnaranfinp rPirnlatinns and Dr.
SYRACUSE, N. Y.. Eeb. 14.
Continuous improvement in pro
ductivity is necessary for the ad
vancement of civilization, national
progress, better human relations
and higher standards of living.
Herbert Hoover declared today in
an address before the convention
of the American Engineering
American industry, including
agriculture, he said, is running
from 30 to 40 per cent below ca
pacity produc'ion.
Co-oieration between industries
end with labor and government
was cited as a means for guaran
teeing an Increase. The speaker
added there is no such. thing as
"The commodities or services
produced by this nation," he con
tlnued. "are capable of absorption
by the whole nation if they are
i of the right character.
The absorption of increased
productivity lies in the conversion
of luxuries of today into necessi
Inaugural AiWrea and Special
Seion Likely Sabjccta
Of DiACuiutloa
ST. AUGUSTINE. Fla.. Feb. 14.
Final Droblems relating to initial I
iHjlicks of bis administration will
be reviewed by President-elect
Harding in conferences the next
r-:..-N0 UAinht Dnrlo onrl Harding in CO
riyuieuii nciyn uaoi .u , d wlth two men mott di
ry which brought bis elec-
TaWilfl On Roads rectly in charge of the political
- ?. . . ... , , I machinen
Highway Committee.
lnto?Account is Voted by tion.
Will II. Hays, or Indiana, cnair
man of the Republican national
committee, and understood to oe
in line for the pottmaster general-
-r n I ATvirr rP f-fl f-ll"T I r"'W. nine iu1(.. . . ---
I I C HUnCCIVICK I til Wednesday. He saw Mr. tiara-
CONFLICTS WITH IDEAS pelting toTI?end KveraThouni to-
gether tomorrow.
Harry M. Daugherty. of Ohio.
head of the Harding pre-conven-
tion campaign, and frenerally re
garded as the next attorney gen-i
rl. u to arrive Wednesday. It
is with these two that Mr. Hard
ing talks most In regard to the
patronage of his administration.
It is likely that such questions
Personal Desires of Chief
Executive Represented by
Measures Now Before the
State Legislature.
Chief lenkins of Portland
Urge's Members to Help
fcatch Thieves
i- -
Plan to Start Box Factory at
Pen Declared To Be
The schedule of revised license I as the Inaugural address and plans I The ctate penitentiary Is back
fees for 'automobiles, which is to I fnr th Twx-ia.l session of congress I in nnlitira and rr ih. nnMu
ties ot tomorrow. Wheat bread. 1 ko into fae general motor vehicle I wtn be considered. In describing I has been led by the executive of-
oiu, joitoaucea in ine nouse J I the purpose ot ine vwu, r. niu- nets to believe that, freed from
the jotnttcorumittee on roads and j ns be would talk with them I political Influences, the state pris-
mm . . m . . 4m h k . m m A h mm. I
nignwsyff as nouse om .o. , about "general Dosiness.ior i on is on the high road of efficien
was adopted at a meeting of the J gooi Qf the order." "I c y. Personal desires of Governor
joint committee last night. It re-I Today President-elect Harding I Olcott are represented by two
places; t scneauie emooaica in i igposed of a miscellaneous batcn measures broogbt before the pres
the bill s introluce. It is on j cf appointnients and found time I eat legislature that are inconslft
the wight basis and is founded I A Mn-Mrahl work on cor- I ent in their relation tu each oth-
theoretically on the tendency ot re5PondenCe.
ryes, good roads, electricity, tele
phones, automobiles and movies
were once luxuries. There is no
limit to. consumption except the
total capacity to produce."
He said that wastes in American
production were measured mainly
in unemployment, lost time due to
1. t . toWnaa
laoor conmci, losses in w j Hl.,al.t; ' ,rMt nf mntnr vehl
turnovers, failure xo cmtain maxl-i 'rv ; hI,hwa
Saves Naval
Bill From Former
the French to a realization of the
importance of the plot.
Discoveries made by the police
of Barcelona and Milan show that
the plot Included the three coun
tries. Transmission of funds was
effected through an American fi
nancial organization with Euro-;
pean . headquarters in Paris, and
branches in Berlin and Vienna.
W. M. Bryant of the public health
service, who is in charge of the
quarantine station on Gallup's is
Vessels which cannot show a
bill of health certifying that all
passengers have been deloused
at the European port of embar
kation, must be deloused here and
vessels whose passage has occu-
muni production of the individual,
poor co-ordination ot great indus
tries and failures in transporta
tion, coal and power supplies.
Stabilization and standardiza
tion of industrial output by agree
ment, eliminating overlapping ef
forts and .seasonal activities were
cited as one mens for bringing
greater production. Utilization of
natural resources for power was
urged as an additional help.
Soviets have been organized in I risd less than 12, days must be
There was no comment when
Mr. Welty. concluded the reading
of his IndictmeLt On bis own mo
tion, as Is customary, the indict
ment was referred to the Judiciary
committee. Less than a third of
the members present voted, and
scatering "noes' were heard. Rep
resentative Sherwood, democrat ot
Ohio, clapped his hands. .
The next - step will be by Mr.
Welty who will appear, possibly
this week before the judiciary
committee, with witnesses. The
committee, has the power to dis
miss the charge and so report to
'the Soupe, and adoption of such a
report would . exonerate - Judge
Landis of the -charges,
Belief was expressed In house
circles that the case would be
thrown out by the committee, in
new of the or In ion by the attor
ney general. In that event, the
end would corae before adjourn
ment March 4. Adjournment
. however, would not stop proceed
ings should the committee find
enough evidence to send the case
to the bouse.
tiearil and addd that If thn ar. I naval anoroDnation bill, carrying
tlon taken In paroling the clerk approximately $395,000,000. was
amounted to encouragement of I passed today oy me uu .
such acts as those of the clerk, "it I U had been defeated l j0.30'
Is striking at the foundations ofan amendment which would have
I r.rprsntod the exoendiiure o: any
part ol tne ,v,w
for battleship construction until
an international disarmament
conference shall have been called
hv the nresldent. The amena-
mpnt was offered by Representa
tve Brooks. Republican, Illinois.
The house also retusea xo cm
the amount for work on the navy
building program during the fis
cal year to $50,000,000 as pro-
l-osed by Rcpresntative uicainsun.
Republican, Iowa, ana oy is
9 defeated a motion to recommit
the bill to cut the appropriation
for construction wora to i.vv,
000 and to eliminate a . section
which prevents the use of stop
watches in navy yards and arse
nals. - ' .
The measure, as it goes to tne
.onato however, carries an am
endment that no part of the $90.-
i.nn nnn carried for new craft
shall be used on ships on which
construction has not started or
for which contracts have not been
tt. . 1J1.J X, mm
Although soniewnat naaira uj
rints of order, the bill, as far as
its main features were concerned.
was approved by tne nouse prac
tically as it was reported by the
committee. Re-
r r - m
France with Brest as headquar
ters, according to the police.
ready to take over railroads and
all civil services. The plot ap
pears to have . been organized
without the knowledge ot M
Cachin, leader of the French com
munist party.
Discovery or checks emanating
from Berlin and paid through an
American transportation com
Danr. aDDears to have caused a
revulsion of feeling lin tTench
political and official circles and
also among the work ing men's
The French communist press.
departing from its menacing at
titude ot the last few months,
expresses surprise that repressive
measures should come from Pre
mier Briand, "a former comrade."
Lllumanite the official organ
of the -Trench communists, ap
pears to be upset by the arrest
of its city editor. AJ. 1 Dunols. a
cancelled check for 20.000 francs
Issued in his name at Berlin be
ing held by the police, j
The opinion in the chamber lob
bies is that the government has
struck a knockout blow against
the communist .propaganda.
held in Boston quarantine to com
plete a 12-day quarantine from
the time of delouping. the order
said. Ships deloused at this port
must be held here for 12 days.
it added.
GIVEN 1 16
Developments Centering On
Tariff Come Fast in
1 SH
Deer Shooting Season
Changed to Sept. 1
'To October !
OTTAWA. I1L, Feb. 14 (Lan
dis) There were circumstances
connected with thn caKA nf Fran-
els J. Carer, the 19-rear-old re-l...t(nn f the enlisted personnel
cHvinc teller who confessed pec-Kf h marine corns from 27,000
niaiions totali ng ' I90.00O wmcni. n nno men was arreea iu t-
were not known to Judge Landis dar as was the decrease in the
whea he released the youth. ae-l.nii9ad streneth oi the navy
cording to C. B. Cbaoman of conn-1 rm 142 000 to 100.000
tn wl for the National City bank otl rh Brooks amendment pro-
uuwa. lt that alt nations wouia nave
'The bov was advanced ranidlvl k, invted to a disarmament
la the bank becmM of unusual I ..Mnn to be held in the
conditions In the working staff of united States, before work on the
m institution" Air. cnanman 1 ,.'. hniiriins- nrograni
"id today. "He got $90 a month. J Droceed after July 1. Opposition
which was hlrh tn -view of wares li . Am, that it would be nn-
. and salaries here generally, and j wIao for congress to tie the hands
iew 01 living costs ana nis ageioI tne incoming presiaeni,,
" experience. .
' "TtanVa a. m mnlaf nav Isaa than
other commercial 'institutions. 1 1 ROCKWELL BILL IlEJKCTED,
teadr damans r- . tttmL ni.vMPIA. W ash.. Feb. n.
nil nmi.... . iiti.. i n.. u'athin rton state senate to-
t small salaries to obtain the val- day rejected Senator Rkwc"'8
"Die training." r . bill to regulate race -J---
1 Inermit the us oi iuc
Suspected Safeblowers
Rniinrl Hior in Rein rl fiieulinrit reanired for passage. The
M,,u wwm-j miiiu rfui j va -11 moneys Te
rm pruV V 'ia ka
Former State Biologist Sug
gests Increase In Fish
ing Licenses
Max Wallace and Ceorge
"trton, who were arrested recent
w. I': r7nr ' the sute treasury de-
If in Portland charged with being Vm "enl.
! 's.
Partlclnant. t hnr.!. l. ron- riculturai aeim.n -
Beet Ion with th a fa rrthherv at
JJe tuberculosis institution, were
J11" a hearing yesterday before
-age u. E. I'nruh and bound
over to the grand Jury
TrtrTT. AND. Ore.. Feb. 14.
in the federal district court ere
- It is possible for the state to
realize a revenue for the general
fund of from $500,000 up every
year from the commercial fishing
industry and thereby ! solve in
part at least the problem of in
creasing the annual revenues to
meet governmental expenses, de
clares William L. Finley, former
state biologist, in a letter to Gov
ernor Olcott. The letter was -writ
ten after Mr. Finley had read the
report ot the special committee
on new sources of revenue.
Mr- Finley contends, ! that the
fish of the state belong to the
reople. Instead of giving away,
the fishing privilege to some cor-?
poration. Mr. Finley suggests that
Oregon follow Minnesota and
som other states and let the
fishing privileges to the highest
bidder. He admits that this
would raise a great cry from the
commercial fishermen and that
they would not release tlreir hold
without a big fight.
Mr. Finley suggests that an in
vestigating committee 1 be ap
pointed to report to the next ses
sion. As an Immediate remedy,
however, he suggests 1 that all
commercial fishing licenses be in
creased "so the people who reap
the cieantic harvest of salmon
will at least pay tne yearly ex
pense of keeping up the supply.
velopments centering around tar
iff legislation came fast in con
gress today. They included:
Declaration by Senator Under
wood that he had received assur
ances that President Wilson
would veto the Fordney emerg
ency tariff bill, not by, withhold
ing his signature, but with a com
prehensive statement giving his
reasons coupled with a final at
tack upon Republican congres
sional policies.
Announcement by Senator mc
Cumber, Republican. North Da
kota, that a vote on the bill prob-
jably would be obtained tomorrow
W DIOlLIUVTUt VJ V-1.'M ..-.. .
ney of the house ways and means
committee, making definite the
intention of Republicans to press
legislation revising the perma
nent tariff through the extra ses
sion before attempting consider
ation ot taxation.
The Fordney bill was pulled
out of Its pigeon hole for several
hours of debate. Nothing came
of it. however, although It had
been expected a vote would be
With Senators Strayer and La
Follett voting in the negative, the
game code bill, house bill No. 100.
introduced by the committee on
came, passed the senate yesterday.
The bill was amended to meet an
objection raised by Senator Hare
so that the deer shooting season
is from September 1 to October 31
instead of from August 15 to Oc
tober 15. Senator Ryan, in vot
ing for the bill, said he might la
ter move for reconsideration be
cause of an issMe raised in Clack
amas county. Senator Strayer at
tempted to have the senate re
solved into committee of the
whole to have the angling and
bunting license fees reduced from
$3 to $2, but this failed to carry
alter a protest Dy senator urn.
'Other senate bills passed by the
senate were
S. B. 276. Moser Providing for
the incorporation of members
from several lodges of any frater
nal rganization. Introduced in be
half of the Masonic lodge of Port
land, preparatry to building of
Masonic temple.
S. B. 251, Moser To prevent
false advertising. Introduced at
request of Portland Ad club.
S. B. 253. Vinton Providing
for deportation by state insane
hospital of non-residents ,or non-
citizens of the state, requiring
residence of two years. Introduc
ed at request of Superintendent
and not
and not
and not
and not
and not
had on the amendment of Sena- j steiner of state hospital.
tor Smoot. Republican, L tan, I s. B. 291. Moser Prescribing
changing the Import rates on j undertaking in appeal from Judn-
BUgar from those accepted by "3;ment jn action for forcible entry
The hearing riven Wallace oc-l j rhrii R Wolverton
cnpied the greater part of yester- VLi I Petition ot Lee Roy E,
v.t .. . - . m
day mom in f In thn lnctlca cotirt
hlle th balance of the day was
en to the Barton hearing. Rail
for the former was fixed at $2500
nd the latter at $1000. Wallace
as unable to furnish bail and
as confined in the county jail.
Arrangements were beina made
't night to furnish ball for Bar
ton, i
t- i.r .n attorney, for a mandate
ordering the justices of the Ore
..nrme court to permit him
r n..M!rn law in the state. Kee-
ley'had previously fought the case
through the lower courts and su
' ,r.rat courts. Judge Wol
verton. held that the federal court
lacked jurisdiction.
Kpnatp finance committee. Mr,
McCumber, as well as Senators
Cay, Democrat, Louisiana, and
Smoot, discussed the amendment
and several other senators got
into the debate.
It was generally accepted that
as a result of the White. House
attitude the Democrats were
more than willing to let the
measure go to a vote. -
Senator McCumber did not
elaborate on his statement that
he expected a vote by tomorrow
night . ,
Plans of the Republican ieaa-
ers concerning revision of the per
manent tariff were made puDitc
in a letter by Mr. Fordney to
Representative Frear. Republican
nf wiacnnsln. Anv oroeram. ir.
Fordney said, which did not con
template immediate action on re
vision of the Underwood tariff
would not be in accord with the
"overwhelming expression of the
Deonle." in the election.
The house ways and means
committee, its chairman indicat
ed, will launch into the work of
framing the new tariff law im
mediately after the present hf-ar-Inss
are concluded, probably
within a few days. The bill then
will bo made ready for introduc
tion and consideration in the
hoiie early In the extra session.
After the tariff bill has
passed the house,". the letter Con
or wroncful detainer. Introduced
at request of Portland Chamber of
S. B. 292. Moser Providing
that landlords may have 20 days
notice of vacation ot property. In
troduced at request ot Portland
Chamber of Commerce.
S B. 311. Lachmund Remov
ing the statutory limitation on the
salary of the state prison waraen
by empowering the governor to
fix the salary. . .
S. B. 229. Hall Increasing tne
salary of the state superintendent
of banks from $4000 to ihuou a
year. The salary Is paid from
funds earned by the department.
S. B. 233, Moser To regulate
disposition of bodies of dead ani
mals. S. B. 288. Hall Granting land
settlement commission cash ac
While It he schedule for trucks.
based tn' total width of tires, was
not included in the motion. It Is
believed the schedule embodied in
the printed bill will be adopted by
tba comiautee.
Freak Cars Included
As ebinpared with the present
schedule 4ho minimum weight is
raised Jrpm 1600 to 1700 pound's
so thatiCvrlll cover cerUIn freak
types of amall cars slightly heav
ier thanthe ordinary Ford.
Following Is the schedule for
automqbHes: i
Weiihiiiz 1700 pounds or less.
is. i .,
Weighing ove 1700
over 2104 pound. $22.
1 .aTa St
weienjig ovrr iwu
over 20(f pounds, $28.
Weighing over zsuo
over 20? pounds, $34.
Weighing over zuv
or-- ti& rounds. $40.
Weighing over 3300 ana noi
over 3$0 pounds, s.
Wei ah ing over 3 tow
rver 4100 nounds. $55.
Weiafnine over 4iu ana ni
over 4104 Dounds. $C2.
Weiehinr over 4oo ana not
over 4 9D i sounds. $71
Welehrne over 4900 and not
over 520( Donndrf. $79.
Weighing over $ 30U ana noi
A a moo
over iiUO pounai, oo.
Weighing over 50 pounas,
$97. j
The schedule for trucks based
on total tfre widths, now appear
ing in the bill and which It Is be
lieved WUVbe adopted, follows:
For Solid Tire.
Less Uhan 14 Inches and not
over 14 Inches Trucks. $35;
trailers and seml-trallers. $17.50.
Over 14" inches and not over 17
inches Trucks. $42; trailers and
semi-trailers. $21.
Over IT Inches and ncover 22
inches Trucks. $55; tralers and
aemi-trallers. $27.50
Over 22 inches and not over 26
inches-4Trucks. $65; trailers and
nemi-trailers. $32.50
Over 26 Inches and not over 3U
inches .Trucks, xios; trailers
and semitrailers, $52.69.
Over 30 incnes ana not over o
Inches Trucks, $126; trailers and
semi-trailers, $63.
Over 36 Inches and not over u
Inches Trucks. $140; trailers
and seml-trallers, $70.
For Pneumatic Tire.
Less than 20 Inches and not
over za jtnenes irucas,
trailers and semi-trailers. $17.50.
Over 30s Inches and not over 24
inches-Trucki. $42; trailers and
semi-traefs. $21.
Over 4 inches and not over 28
Inches jTCUcks. $49; trailers and
semi-trailers, $24.50.
Over 2 8 inches and not over 32
Inches iTpicks. $56; trailers and
semi-tratlers. $28.
Over 32 inches and not over 40
Inches fTjrucks. $70; trailers and
seml-trallers, $35.
Schedule Experimental.
The fee-schedule was aaopiea
Reapportionment May Not
Be Considered At
This Session
er. though they will serve the
purpose of the governor.
The history of the prUon shows
that politics has always been an
Oregon boot that fettered efficient
management whenever political
Influence has hovered over that
insulation. With the appofnt
ment ot Dr. R. E. L. Steiner as
temporary warden of the prison,
and the later appointment of Lieu-'
tenant Louis Compton, Governor
Olcott caused word to go out that
the warden would be unhampered
in his management. Steiner wa
capable and Compton la recog
nized as having made good In a
position where the state needs
one ot IU beat officials. Bat It
now looks as If the governor Is
ajaln going to lock on the Irons.
Because ot the nearness ot thekr T. of - i.
end of the legislative eesalon and I clothed by law with certain re-
the Impossibility in . the short sponslbUities concerning the sute
time remaining of actln irith In- Prion. And herein is tnconsUt-
. , " A. ency and conflict in the two
telllgence on the subject or reap- 5I1U that h4Te m before the
portionment of representative and present legislature, one of which
senatorial district. Senator Thorn- has passed both bouses and been
M ,.,t.rd.r --" Tif.XTorr.T.
resolution to have the special re- . . board cf control to a tree
appointment commitee continued. I on , prison policy, the legislature
to investigate in the next twolof ltl7 removed the penitentiary
irom tne nanas or ine wna v.
control and placed It Into the
hands of the governor alone.
Now comes the Da vey bill of this
session, an administration bill
asked for In the governor's tnee-
years and report to the session of
The resolution points out that
at the time the special Joint eom-
t . . AA' aa nnnintM it VU Tin-
.'"rr.. nnm..ln.i u. deslmed to eliminate the
UtlHUUU luai. m m- . " " -I " . .v ....
district would be created In we hk p . .mh,. . TC;
state, but that this is now impoe- d placing "tjorltf to J
sible because of con gressional ac- P"hjn ry to to the band, of he
tlon. thereby obviating the necea- - t
sltyotthe spectai eommmw -- nA'thm mtt of ijit.
that respect urtner. tne i nomas - --Bonia serious
resolution points out that a tre- J-nd er this act, Jould
mendous amount ol indisposed ot t?l
business is pending before both the ",IJ,rkI otl t tbe board of
house and the senate. control. ThU bill, now having
opportunity for adequate consid- governor's signature attached,
eration of whatever report may be dlrectiy in conflict with the
made by the reapportionment com- Cordoil blli aiao aa admlnlstraUon
mittee. Time will be further cut mea8are nrged tB -.ffect In tbe
down, it is said, by public hearings KOrtrnoT; message, which propo--that
are demanded on many of f9 fo appropriate $30,000 with
the pending measures. which the governor not tb
Should the Thomas resolution board 0f control may estaiun
prevail tbe committee would be In- a new tndtry at the state prls-
structed to have a bill prepared OI1 tni la In the hands of
for the 1923 seccion and to .pre- tn, jolnt ways and means- com-
sent It during tbe first week ot . - . .
that session. fContlnned ol nage 2)
..if- ( a ' --.'"
a imnr antvirpntlv emanating from a irood source, has
it that It. A. Booth of Eugene is expecting to be appointed
m . . .1 YT A ..klntl an1 fnr' nof
without! much debate, though the secretary oi tne interior m uibuu u v w;ThI
schedule it considered experiraen-1 reason WR1 not accept iwjwiutunuk oa
tai. Members oi the committee state highway commission by Governor uicott wnen nis
freely expressed the opinion tHat term expires March 30. . ,
the schedule is good enough to iifo, further to the effect that the high-
wav commissionership viU be tendered by Governor Olcott
by the' next legislature, a more to Ed. Cusick of Albany, and that. if Mr. Cusick does not ao
scientinr basis is ciaimeo. lor i"iCept James Stewart oi tjorvams wui De tne neAi. tiiuitc
new scnevuie (uuiimcu
While the gossip is still remote
that onltlje weight basds now in
effect. ;7Tb fees are not chang?d
to a ereat xleeree.
M. O jAVilkins. representee the
I n i-i 5mith Ttponirlne motor tehicla dealers, objected
S. B. 14. Smith Keqninngi h0nia
i pnysicai aim iuruii
ot persons apyijiu., iui """f-
S. B. 201. Ryan Creating state
OTTAWA, Ont.. Feb. 3 4. The
board of railway commissioners
announced todaythat from Feb
ruary 14 to 28 the rate of ex
change In connection with sbipr
ments of freight between Canada
and the United States would be
t - The nrcharre on
tuch tralfic will b S per cent. I . Pago 2.).
bond commission and giving state
nrpferentlal riKht.
S. B. 268. LaFollett Giving
state board of control authority to
fix salaries of state institution su
s :
S. U. 25. Staples i ruuuius
that branch foreign banks can
lake drafts and bills of exchange
up to 10 per cent ot tbe capital!-
(Continued pa page 2),
ripclarint She tire wiitn scnemc
would encourage narrow uri-a .uu
tend 1 -dtroy roads. This wa3
rt-'iited br W. B. Dennis, who has
from authenticity, there Is much
about it that Is plausible. Ever
since the election of Senator Har
ding last November there has
been a clamor In the west for tne
selection of a western man for
the cabinet post of secretary ot
Interior. Further, the claim ct
" ""I.. . . .V .. ...... v..
Bad a great ueai iu u uu . nnAn Mr. Ilardlni
i ...: i V, a tmrn near fUhon f IP.. I ' '
I II II fU.: IW' " " - .
end wno - Qfciartu 1 ... v. .v. lti fo at-
" and" ofLVi
"I3 i1 tb di"Cf Particular man. A scanning of
by numerous men of Influence,
ence in tire aidths.
Aciwraenta Stand ia Way.
The committee is now np
against the-danger of conflicting
XqQaiinned, pa pacq 2),
the field does not show any mat
better Qualified for the place than
Mr. Booth., and his long service in
the Republican party and the sev
cral honors that have been accord
ed him by that party in his home
ttate are considered strong ar-
gumeuts in his favor.
Furtnr plausibility is contrib
uted to tbe report because of tb
close friendship that exists be
tween President-elect Harding
and United States Senator Charles
L MeNary. Booth would be
ery lo ileal man for Senator Me
Nary to recomnrend to the na
tion's next chief executive, either
from tbe political an-le or on
the basis ot ability to fill th
pOFt. ' '
Should a vacancy be created on
the state highway commission, rn
the western Oregon representa
tion, both Buslck and Stewart an
I la line for appointment, -
. i ;