The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 06, 1921, Page 9, Image 9

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r 1 "" If1 no nS - - 1735 J - i 7
fL Margaret Lovelace has re-l
ttrted from a fortnight's sojourn
VjIj, CUdys Harberf and Miss
VirJoria Harbert left Thursday
Jo, California where they will re
tails to everal months visiting
tiM ,n Oakland. San Fran
cisco. Hollywood and Riverside.
. nr. and Mrs. Milton Meyers re
turned last of the week from
Portland wncre they spent seve
ral daya. i
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Wal
ton were dinner hosts Thursday
sight, at tbelr Court apartments.
rniern were laid for ten around
a table centered with blue hya
cinths and other spring flowers.
Mrs John II. McXary will en
tertain the Hrldfte Luncheon club
tt Its next regular meeting on
Thursday afternoon. t . .
' ? 1 -
U will Interest the friends of
Ilss Helena Willett t know that
the is now domiciled at the Judge
Henry J. Bean residence.
. I-
The approaching day of St. Val
entine wis suggested "in the din
ner which Mr. and Mrs. L. W.
Cleae'oa gave Friday, night, bid
Aln as guests a group of eon-
genial friends. Narcissi centered
the table, hearts and valentine
sore! ties further suggesting the
nearby date.
Covers were laid for Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Daue. Mr. and ir .
U. Scott Page. Dr. and 3drs. O. A.
Olson and the hosts.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Littler har
as their guest3 the former's
brother. C. A. Littler of Forest
Grove, who is dividing his time
with his sister. Mrs. A. A. Un
derbill. Another guest who ar
rived this week is John McDonald
president, and Mabel Dot son sec
retary. Enjoyable features of the eve
ning were a piano solo by lUanche
Rowley, and a vocal number by
Mr. Rowley Games rounded out
the evening's entertainment after
which dainty, refreshments were
st-rved. " , :
A Valentine party on February
IS is being looked forward to with
of Plymouth. Ind., who will re-'mueh Interest by the club mem-
turn to his home by way of Cali-
Mrs. F, L. Purvlne will be hos
tess on Wednesday afternoon,
opening her home on the occa
sion of the regular February
meeting date of the North Salem
Woman's club. A musical pro
gram will be featured.
! Hal HIbbard auxiliary of the
Spanish War veterans held a de
lightful social afternoon in their
tooms in the armory Thursday.
January 27, with Mrs. Charles O.
Wilson as r hostess, assisted by
Mrs. F. A. Adams and Mrs. Joseph
F. Smith. 1 Miss Alice Adams
played . several piano selections
during the tea hour, when Mrs.
J.' H. Wilson poured. About 25
guests enjoyed the afternoon.
The monthly meeting of the
Fortnight Musie club was held
at the home of Miss Blanche Row
ley on February 1. The new
officers elected were Joy Hills,
president: Mildred Sandberg. vice
I - Extraordinary price reduction r
Agency just opened at 442 State street, room
No.' 2, represents the largest distributors of
Quality Woolens in the United States. The'
Commercial Tailoring is equal to, the best
and every, garment is guaranteed as to fit
and workmanship. To introduce our line we
will during .February sell suits or overcoats
at actual cost, from $21.25 and up. 'Nothing
free but atf actual cost; Over 1000 samples
now on display.
bers and their friends. .
Mrs. C. W. Soutljworth was a
delightful dinner hostess last
night, entertaining for the pleas
ure of her son. Ward, and the
members of his debate team,
which was successful in carrying
off honors for the high' school
this week over Albany. Covers
were laid additionally for Ken
neth Perry, Ralph Bailey. Ralph
Emmons and Robert Littler.
The Monday Bridge club will
be entertained tomorrow after
noon at the residence of Mrs. A.
H. Moore.
The, Three Links club will en
tertain with a Juvenile Valentine
party.-Friday night. February 11,
a,t the home of Mrs. W. A. Cum-mings.
The "Valley View- club Is to
be entertained at the home of
Mrs. Ray McDowell next Tburs-
day afternoon.
Inasmuch as Kathleen Parlow,
noted violinist, appears in con
cert in Salem. March 4. under the
direction of the Salem Musical
Bureau, he following item which
was published in the January
number of Musical America will
undoubtedly be of interest
"Returning to merica after, an
aosence or almost five Tears
Kathleen Parlow, one of the most
distinguished violinists of the
Auer v school, will reappear in
New York In recital at Aeolian
hall on the afternoon of Friday,
January 28. Miss Parlbw was the
second of Leopold Auer's artists
to be heard in America almost 10
years ago, following Mischa . El-
man, who came a few years be-
fore. Her success was instantan
eous and she toured here several
seasons thereafter, appearing as
a soloist with all the leading sym
phony , orchestras, and in recital
from coast to coast. . i
"She -returned to America and
played, another successful tour in
iit jsince tnea sne nas oeen
abroad and concertizing in Eng
land, Norway, Holland. Italy and
France, where her playing .has
won her the highest praise.
"Always a discriminating cham
pion of modern works Miss Par
low has most recently interested
herself in the Sonata by llde
brando Pizzetti, one of the mod
ernists of present day Italy. His
sonata she played last year ' in
Holland with the noted pianist
Ernesto Consolo. . She also played
it in London this season with
Charlton Keith, where it aroused
much discussion among the cri
tics. , . :
"Following her New York ap-
MRS. W. S. Kinney, representative ,to the legislature
from Clatsop county, for whom a large reception
was given Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. P.
Bishop, under the auspices of the Marion County Wo
man's Republican Study Club. ' Mrs. Kinney spoke to the
assemblage on "Woman and Citizenship."
I . I testify to its unmtcmipted service
Iand its low cost 01 operation.
You will find that they are usually
n i; progressive merchants with a ' II
name fnr rarsful management. II
II ti . :
a j . j
n DAMccTmFMftTnRrn h
i J , ' Marion and Polk County Distributors Jl
I Ferry and Commercial Sts. Baiem. uregon jl
pearance Miss Parlow leaves for
her tour of three months through
this country and Canada."
- -
Passing over interesting dis
cussion concerning Industrial Art
in an article written under that
heading by Mrs. L. B. Sheldon,
art supervisor In . the Salem
schools, which appears In the
January number of the Oregon
Teachers' Monthly, the esthetic
aide is entertainingly treated:
"The aim of teaching color In
the schools is to aid the child to
see and conceive of color in, re
lation to form, also to name and
classify color as to tone. Intensity,
and the separation of the warm
and cold colors. Also to be able
to know effects on color, as to
the time of day or season, or the
atmosphere or the kind of day.
To be able to analyze color in its
composition: to observe color In
its recurrences under certain: con
ditions; to learn the normal col
ors and their attributes; and there
can be no more fascinating study
even in its elementary form. How
similar to music is color feeling:
The child gets in time susceptible
to inharmonious colors a well as
sound. He soon discovers for
himself that certain colors, like
certain discordant notes.' Jar on
the eye and ear alike, and It is
through study and close associa
tion with color study that - the
mind gradually becomes - refined
and the imagination quickens by
thinking in color and tone -relation.
"Did you ever ask your children
to see a picture with closed eyes
while you describe a scene? If
by vivid colors how quickly they
painting and music
are closely related, even In their
technical terms of tone, rythym,
harmony, and. above all, order,
which is beauty.
"Who has not looked on some
wonderful masterpiece, and felt
the thrill of listening to almost
divine music or in listening to a
grand composition has not seen
all or more than the composer
intended? One cannot stand un
moved before the series of Abbey
pictures in the Boston library,
look In r at the rich harmony of
color nor have gone with Sir Gal
ahad in his search for the-Hoiy
Grail with, unmoved hearts. How
the colors soften and blend as one
relation of tone follows another;
the beauty and joy carry one
away from this old prosaic, prac
tical, calculating woria. lor a
breathing space. That is a little
of the happiness that the stuay
of art. even m Its elementary
form, may bring to our boys and
girls of today, who. in' a breath,
will be the men and women of to
Mrs. W. W. Savage of Portland
arrived Friday to spend the week
end with her daughter Miss Joyce
Savage, who Is here during tne
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Barbour en
tertained the Thursday "500
rlub this week at their home on
Chemeketa street. Inviting as out
side guests Mr. and Mrs. L. S
nnwianrf. Four - orizes were
warded, being given to Mrs
Charles Farrell. Mrs. Carl Nehern,
Mrs. G. W. Ekeeles and cnanes
Farrell. '
Mrs. Charles Bozelle will be i
club hostess entertaining in a tort
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Loftiss of
Portland are in the city visiting
at the home of Mrs. Mayro Mc-
Kinney. dividing tlieir time with
relatives here.
Miss Florence Eteln and Miss
Mollv Schwabbauer went to Port
land Friday, going down to be
members of a house party over the
Mrs. Verner C. Shafer left Fri
day for Re-no.. Nev where she will
remain for about two months wMb
her mother.
. w
The Enslewood home socia
rlrcle met with Mrs. E. R. Schrsm
on North Twenty-first street this
week, IS being present.- The time
was sDent very pelasantly with
needle work and dibcustsing some
Boeschen. Floyd De Harpport.i
neula,h Robert9, 11a Campbell,
Helen' Hertzog. Phyllis Day,
Frederick Blatchtord. Virginia
Sisson, Dorothy Maxwell. Audrey
Mock and Norma Robeits.
Yesterday Mrs. Lee entertain
ed the Senior King's Herald so
ciety. Miss Vivian Isham had
charge of the games and the story
hour: Arthur Hollenberg the
question box. The hostesses were
Wllma Ansman. Leon a Neal and
Wendell Gilbert. Dorotha Ma ra
ters' division is gaining on Ron
ello Lewis.
A wedding oi yesterday was
that of Miss Grace George and
David Morton, which took place
at the home of the bride's mother.
Mrs. F. George. 610 South Four
teenth street. Rev. Mr. Corby of
the United Brethren church offi
ciating. Only a few close rela
tives and friends attended.
Mrs. Morton is a graduate of
the 1918 class of the Salem high
school, and for the past year has
taught at a school near Marlon
Mr. Morton is a former I Texas
resident, seeing service In the late
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Baker were
dinner hosts last night, enter
talnlng for the pleasure of their
nephew. Philip Beal of Vancou?
ver. Wash., who is here to enter
Willamette university. A red
color scheme was used, with ear-
nations centering the board. Cov
era were laid for Mr. Beat and
Messrs. Lloyd Miller, Floyd
White. Frank Caspell and Jay
Mildred Roberts entertained a
group of her young girl friends
yesterday with a pretty luncheon
at the home of her parents, and a
line party at the Oregon theater to
see Dorothy GIsh afterwards.
Acaccia ana pussy willow torn-
of the bills that have come before I blned with valentine novelties
the legislature. ornamented the table, around
iwmcn covers were laid for uoro-
The seventh trade elrls of Ihy Keezar. Leolyn Barnett. Juan
Washington Junior high will give I Ma Jarman. Winnifred Gamble,
Physical education exhibition at I -rynai muis, Kovena Eyre. Eve-
serve It. A representative from
each of the societies is asked to
meet at the home of Mrs. J. B.
Littler. 635 Chemeketa street, on
Monday at 3:30 o'clock to plan
(or the meeting.
Bill and Sam met for the first
time In several months. It was
the conventional greeting, in
which each "asked after" the
health of the other, and they
drew off to one side of the street
to have a few moments of con
versation. "Where've yon been all these
days. Bill?- Sam Inquired. "You
haven't been laid np. have you?
"Yep. been laid np for a time.
"You aren't looking awful good.
Hope it wasn't anything serious."
"Not so very serious, but lt'a
the first time I've been out in
three months."
"What was the matter with
you?" . .
"Nothing at all, as a matter ot
fact, but I couldn't make the
Jadre see it that way."
8 o'clock Friday eveninr. Febru-1 lyn Johnson. Frances McKinney
ary 11 in the lower hall of the I ana tne nostess,
Washington school building.
Friends and patrons of the
school are cordially invited. -
1 . ir w
The East Central circle of the
First Methodist church will en
tertaln all .the women ot the
On February 16 the following I church and congregation Tuesday
group ot women. Metdames Harry I evening with a valentine party In
Jones. Joseph Kaster, Floyd Klb-lthe lecture room of the church.
bie. Chris Koffed, Frank Peyton,
Frank Perry, George W. Skeeles
and Paul Tragllo, who were enter
tained on Wednesday afternoon
by Mrs. Carl P. Nehren, will meet
with Mrs. Harry Jones. 665 North
those directly in charge to be
Mrs. H. H. Vandevort. Mrs. R. R
Jones and Mrs.' B. E. Carrier.
The marriage of Miss Clara
Martin and Glenn Seeley was sol
al church. Rev. W. C. Kantner
Th9 young folks are at home to
friends at 1870 State street.
Friday. February IS, has been
set' apart (as a day' of "prayer lor
missions. The Woman's Mission
ary societies of Salem will so ob-
Winter street, to select a name for j emnized January 25 at the par
the aewing club which they havejBon,se of tne First. Congregation-
jusi organizea.
Wednesday an exhibit of sew
ing, of the. seventh .and ninth
grade girls of the. Washington
junior high school will be held in
the school building in the domes
tie science rooms. There will be
no admission charged. The 8th
grade, cooking class will serve
tea and wafers. Everyone inter
ested in the work is cordially in
yited to attend.
A group of friends ot Mrs. Glen '
Fox assembled at her residence,
2645 Pacific avenue, Friday after
noon, at the invitation of .Mrs. C.
L." Wright, who planned the af
fair as a towel shower for the
honoree. . Those participating
were Mrs. C. L. Wright. Mrs. L.
C. Marshall and daughter. Mrs.
O. F. Vlck. Mrs. H. D. Carver.
Mrs. Ollie Dow. Mrs. Lottie Gen
try ot Anmsville. Mrs. E. E. Roth
acer of McMinnville, Miss Ava
Flegel. Mrs. McDonald. Mrs. S.
McElnea and Mrs. Fox.
Misses , Fannie and Kathryn
Morrison, who have been visiting
friends near Albany for a few
days, returned yesterday.
A Chinese party was given by
the members of the J tin lor Stan
dard Bearer society ot the-First
Methodist church at the home of
Mrs. A. A. Lee, 1515 State street,
on the evening of January 24, the
Oth anniversary of the organ!
zation ot the Standard Bearer so
ciety, by Miss Clara Cushman.
On this evening the members cel
ebrated with a birthday party
which took the nature of a Chin
ese social, as its founder. Miss
Cnchman, is still at work in Tien-
Tsin. China. The Standard Bear
er girls, garbed In Chinese cos
tumes, with hair in braids and
flower-trimmed, enjoyed Chinese
games, under the direction of
Esther Lisle and Ocie Brown.
Marion Clark told the story of the
life and call of Miss Cushman
Then a large birthday cake, on
which were 20 candles burning
was brought in. and the guests
sitting on the floor, were served
with rice and cookies in the shape
of Chinese mice by the hostesses
Mary Peck. Uinta Kirk and JIrs
Lee. Later, after" the rice had
been eaten with chopsticks, cake
and salad were served. Those
present were Misses Ocie Brown,
Esther Lisle. Edith Mickey. Mar
garet Barqulst. Isabel Newton.
Bessie Weod. Dorothy Van Ors-
del. ,Ethelwynne Wilson. Mary
reck. Marion Clark. Eugeina
Savage. Faith Trlday, Irene Lind.
Arbutus Rudie, Elroy Maxwell.
Claudia Lws. Capitola Allen.
Uinta Kirk. Florence Clutter.
Opal Hinsdale. Lois Allen, Laro
York and Lolo York.
Last Saturday, from 2 to 4:30
p. m.. the Junior King s neraia
society met at Mrs. A. A. Lee's.
Mrs. B. H. White entertained the
boys and girls with games. Later
during the lesson hour the atory
of Robert Morrison, pioneer mis
sionary to China, was told by
Mr. Lee. A contest is creatine
much Interest under Captains
Helen Woodward and Brenda
lavage. The hostesses. f Elolse
Whit. Helen Woodward. Edna
Clark and Viola Crozer were as
sisted In serving by Mrs. B. H.
White and Mrs. Day. Those pres
ent besides the hostesses were:
Detpa and Delphine Savage. Fern
ColweU,--Lavcrna Lind, Arthur
Long Lasting Power
You are entitled to abattery that is not
only powerful when new, but that keeps
its power through a long life of service.
This means so much to you in econ
omy and convenience' that it fa worth .
some attention on your part. Call and
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. We repair all makes of batteries with
a care that aims to live tip to the
nameExidc. .
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fill- ,1; Ik :p-
. ...... . -- . . .
Ught-Slx Sedan
' $m Masterpiece of the-Stadebaket . -:
SflSs . Body BaUders'. Art . . V-
r" y .
: fTlEAUTYand comfort are 'combined in flie Lsnrx.
I r Six Sedan with stability, and correct den
I J J Studebaker's long experience in body buikkntf
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I ) In its quietness of power and freedom from ribratioo
this Light-Six Sedan sets new standards in closed cp
comfort. Distracting noises and discomforting body
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. Think of getting this fine, light-weight enclosed car
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Light in weight, yet tjffordJnt tmpU
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F. 0. B. Salem.
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AO y. h