The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 02, 1921, Page 8, Image 8

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fSltOMINENT club women In Su-,' regulating presentation in the
1 Jen thin week are Mrs. George The bit pmv
. - . . i t e lls uadcr 1 and boys undor IS
i. vtjiiiams. n memDer m me
executive committee board oC the
State Parent-Teacher association
and Mrs. George V. McMatb. both
of Portland, who are In the city to
attend the leginlature, and. work
againat Senator Staple's bill for
the abolishment of an appeal com
mission for teachers.
' Two other bills that are arous
Ing much interest nmong club wo
men of the state are House P.ill
No. '138. -Introduced by Uepresen-
shull nut be permitted to ee ho-
I lion picture! contains n? any rep
resentation of crime in anyof its
various torms.
Another bill widely discus-!
among women. is that introduced
by Representative Childs from
Ilrownsville.' Mr. Child.s' bill"
would provide for a state censor
board consisting of three mem
bers to be appointed by the jnr
ci nor. one t serve one year, one
to serve two years and one to
. I 1 ' h II. .-.,1 1M..M lAlMllli
and designed with the purpose of "serve three years. In case t
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death or removal of any member
of the board, a buccessor nball be
appointed by the governor, which
apposite fball serve the unex
pired tt mi of the member ht suc
ceeds. Duties of the board of censors
would ! to examine and censor
all motion picture films to be pnl
lidv displayed Irs the state of
Orti'oa. .such films to be submit
ted to the board before they are
delivered to the exhibitor.
An error was made in the an
nouncement of the meeting of the
Piety HiH ciub in Tuesdays
Uutesman. The - club will meet
Thursday afternoon at the resi
dence of Mrs. C. I. Lewis, T.24
Xoitb fanitoi turret. Mrs. Lewis
I.tid Mrs. E. T. Karnes to serve
jointly as hostesses.
Mrs. Walter L. Spaulding was
a dinner hostess Sunday night, en
tertaining in honor of Charles K.
Spaulding who was celebrating a
birthday. A charming color motir
of yellow was employed, with can
dles, daffodills nmT a large birth
day cake lighted wi!h tiny yellow
tapers, ornamenting, to table.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Spaulding
and their little daughter. Jan
Marie, of Newberg, Miss Ha
Spatildinc and Lewis Oritfith of
f). A. C. all came to Salem for the
event-, additional covers being laid
for Mr. and Mrs. Charles K.
Hpaulding, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mills
and their small daughters. Kober
ta und I la. Miss Ava Miller and
the hosts. 1
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Scott enter
tained as their guests over the
week-end, Mr. and Mrs. V. M.
Hartman and children. Hazel and
Karl of Silvc-rton.
- -
Following the Elk's entertain
ment Saturday night. Mrs. Ken
neth Urown and Mrs. Harold
Mauer were joint hostesses at the
home of the former on Bellivue
street, to a gronp of congenial
friends. Daffodills and ferns were
attractively-combined in the table
centerpiece, covers being placed
for Mr. and Mrs. Eberly Howard.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wiedmer, Mr.
and Mrs. Ardee Wallace, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Humlock, Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Page. Mr. and Mrs.
Mauer and Mr. and Mrs. Brown.
466 State Street
Phone 877
Mrs.' Fred Buchtel is entertain
ing as her honse enfsts this week
her slater. Mrs. N. I. Curry and
little granddaughter Florence
Currv. both of Portland, who ar
rived Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Canfield and
Mr. and Mrs. U. Scott Page were
among Salem folk spending the
week-end in Portland. . ;
Mrs. James E. Godfrey is enter
taining as her house gnests for
several weeks her brother-in-law
and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Leon De
Mers, of St. Marie, Idaho. The vis
itors are also being entertained
by Mrs. Godfrey's son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Mr. De Mers is president of the
First National bank of St. Marie,
and is taking his mid-winter va
cation, while here attending the
sessions of the state legislature.
Mrs. Royal A. Nadon arrived
from her home In Harrisbnrg, the
first of the week, going ou to
Portland for a brief stay, after
which she will return to Salem to
spend the .remainder of the week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eu
gene Eckerlen.
Mrs. W. J. ICaerth was hostess
Saturday night, entertaining the
members of her card club, the
X. S. Hi, and their husbands, at
her home on South Church street.
Five Hundred filled in the hours,
a jight repast following. Card
trophies went to Mrs. Robert L.
Ybkum. Mrs. Williamson and Fred
Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. K.jiiil Donaldson. Mr. and
Robert Yokuta, Mr. and Mrs. Karl
AndreKon, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Bernard!, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Iter
nardi. Mr. ami Mrs. Fred Kriesel,
Mr. and Mrs. Williamson, Mrs.
Margaret Montjiojuery.. Mr. and
Mrs. Kearth and Joseph lt.-rnanli.
Mrs. L. ('. llbson t Margaret
('ill I and smaUdauiditer Alice, of
Crc-swell. spent the week-end wflh
Mrs. Hobson's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. (J. W. GilL
Mr. and Mrs. E. Smith and
small son. Jack, have returned t
their home in Albany, alter speinl
Inj; several days in Salem with
Tr ir (
Mr. and Mrs. Terry ltFollette
will arrive tomorrow from Corne
lius. Oreson, and will spend the
week in Salem attending the leg
islature, visiting at the home of
Mr. LaFollette's farther. Senator
A. M. LaFollette.
The following interesting item
is taken from the Albany Demo
crat: "Charming in every detail was
the bridge tea for which Mrs. Fred
Ward was hostess Tuesday after
noon, at her S home on West Fifth
street, honoring Mrs. Rosroe Neal
of LaC ramie, a former Albany
woman .who Is visiting herel A
s'jsgestion of spring was provided
by quantities of daffodils and pus
sywillows arranged effectively
about the rooms. In the dinning
room where Mrs. Charles Know
land of Salem and Mrs. Neal
poured during the latter part of
the afternoon, the table was cen
tered with a bouftuet of fragrant
flowers around which were can
dles which shed a solf glow in the
darkened room.
The Misses Muriel Gilbert.
Mae Weisner, Mary Worrell nnd
Madelyn Ward assisted in serving.
The hostess was assisted about the
rooms by Mrs. Walton Worrell
and Mrs. W. V. Merrill.
"More than 35 smartly gowned
women attended this affair. In
cluding several from out of town.
"Mrs. Neal; plans to remain in
Albany for several weeks."
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Schramm
and. little daughter Patricia will
come, over from Corvallis tomor
row to remain over the week-end
as the guests of Mrs. Schramm's
na rents. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kuntz.
Mr. Schramm is called' to the city
by the meeting of the trustees 6f
Willamette university.
Mrs. Ernest Bowen returned from
Corvallis where ' she spent the
week-end with her sister. Mrs. E.
P. Pooler, who also entertained as
her.nest dirlng the time. Miss
Helen Curry of Silvertdiu - ir
. ' 7 ". . ' .
Mrs. George H. Alden spoke of
Home Missions and the annual
convection of ra'ssiocary societies
of Methodist churches, which she
attended in St. Paul recently, at
the meeting of the Woman's Mis
sionary society of the Teslie Meth
odist church, held last week at the
home of Mrss. H. X. Aldrich. the
talk belns followed by a social
hour. ;
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Yokum
left Sunday night for San Fran
cisco, where they will spent about
a month, i
Mrs. C. M. Epley will entertain
the Priscilia club tomorrow after
The Story of a Honeymoon
Wonderful I lo ran ore of Marrlel
Life Wonderful! Told by
'Don't ynu think so?"
"Decidedly. lint we can't Fay
anything yet. I don't think she
sn?tets. Hand me that bottle
again, please. There! She is
coming to. all right."
I seemed to be slowly rising
from abymal black depths, and
the voices of my niotlier-in-law
and Lillian sounded as if they
were miles away. I.ater I was
to wonder what they meant by
their puzzling references. Just
now I bad not the vaguest curb-shy
concerning their conversa
tion. I opened my ryes to pee their
face? bending over me. Anxiety
was written on each. 1 could
plainly see that, ami my mother-in-law
wore also an expression
familiar to mej the frown with
which she greets any unexpected
situation. 4
But on Lillian s countenance
there was -infinite pity and ten
derness. I pulled on her hands
feebly, and she hent her head to
hear my whisper.
"Cousin ' Agatha and the phy
pician are with Katie." she said.
"Don't worry, dear. Everything
is being done for her."
"But she is afraid
of Cousin Agatha.V I fal
tered, visions of the various nag
ging cruelties to which the wo
man had subjected my little maid
rising before me.
"She Isn't now," my mother-in-law
struck in. "Aeatha is re
sponsible for this accident, and is
so remorseful and afraid some
thing will happen to Katie that
she's as meek as Moses. And
she's waiting, on her hand and
foot.. But now that, you're all
rteht I'm going back to Katie,
anyway. Bat Margaret. I think
you ought to see a physician
The Awakening.
Her manner vras hesitant, far
different from her usual crisp
command. I felt Instinctively
that at any other time she would
have brought the physician to my
room immediately after such a
swoon, insisted upon my consult
ing him and following his direc
tions minutely.
And then, all in a moment, the
realization swept over me of the
meaning of my mother-in-law's
queer manner and of Lillian's ear
lier In the day. I cast a uick.
frightened plance t Lillian, then
threw my xhakiiiK bands mvr my
face in a futile ffirt to hiit
away from ni- for a moment the
V rnv b U" w hich once would
have transported me to tin pev
ejifh heaven of delixht.
IJllLin's firm hands trw.k mine
away trout my f:'-e. her kind
it oked reproachfully at me.
"This Is no good bits-lness.
Madge," she said firmly then she
added "And It if n't fair." -
I (-audit Iter thought. nd it
steadied me, enabled me to put a
firm rein upon myself.
"( know I hive been acting
like an idiot. Lillian," I said con
tritelv. but yott won't have to
comptatn about me again. And
pleas1 you'll understand I'd
like to be alone for a little
-Of course, child." she said,
and left the room immediately.
And then I faced th. future.
the wonderful bewitching, terniy
ing future.
A little child was coming to
Dicky and me!
Mixed Joy and Doubt.
How I bad longed and p raved
for this boon. And now that It
wa:i vouchsafed ne there was
more misery than hanpi.iefs in the
thought of It-: granting.
For twq ml'-rablo. sordid facts
stared me in the face.
Dicky did not want a child. He
might hide his displeasure, al
though, knowing Dirkv. I wasn't
confident of that fact, but" he
would be sorely disappointed at
my news. . ,
And nnless my doubts concern
ing tviv tinhnnil'!i n.itriotism ami!
t t --- - I --- .
his faith to me were cleared up
I doubted Forely that I desired
motherhood either.
The child of a slacker! The
phrase secured to come from the
air around me to ring In my
ears. Every fibre of me revolted
at the stigma my fcaby mlr ht hare
to bear.
And then. lik. a clear, invig
orating breath of mountain air.
divpHling all lb mists of my val
ley of desolation, the great vital
joy of expectant motherhood
came to tut.
The little child I had longed
for was coming to me. I, tn.
would feel the touch of babv's"
hands upon my face, would bend
my neck for the holy accolade of
It itxn'l ralr." Lillian had faid.
With a flush of fhame my soul
echoed her words. The little ?ul
struggling to I, re Fhould not be
hampered by my fears or doubts
or saoness. The mystery of
Dicky' conduct, hi ' Inexplicable
treatment of me receded far into
the horiioc of ry vrsp:
tive. There was but one duty,
one thought before me now. to fit
my weak, unworthy self for wise,
loving motherhood.
(To be continued)
"He'd take "t ha Vatr"cti.i 4
voice from cue gaitery.
And why should he tak ti,
water?" asked the lecturtr.
"Because you would beat kj
to the beer." was the reply....
Kdinhitrg Scotsman.
A lecturer was talking on the
drink question. "Now funposi:r?
I had a pail of water and a pail of
beer on this platform and then
brought on a donkey, which i-t ihi
two would h taker" "
Salem School of Exprexths
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Oar Prices Always The Lowest
Court and Com'l Sts. Formerly Chicago Store
Whe trade
Rich flauored
full bodied
ature produced
the uacuum can
retains it
on the occasion of a regular
The Cherry City club will give
one of Its regular dances in
Moose hall tonighL
Five new members were initiat
ed into the Rebecca lodgo Monday
night,! the newly elected officers
and captain .of the degree staff,
Mrs. If. St, Helens being in
charge for the first time. Tenta
tive plans! were made at this meet
ing for the grand lodge tn Albany
in May. The depree staff has hem
invited to j participate in the pa
rade nt that time, and It Is quite
orobable that the invitation will
be accepted.
Pioneer of 1R53 Passes At
I Salem Deaconess
i Hospital
. . . , ;
Thursday, February 3d
O-J rpsa t
vera vry u it
DALLAS. Or.. Feb. 1 fSpecial
to The Statesman.) Thomas J.
Camobell, one of the oldest tw!n
in the state, passed away at the
Heaconess hospital in Salem Sun
day, after a lingering illness due
o old age. Mr. Campbell made
his home with relatives in Dallas
for more than a quarter of a cn
titry and it was but a short time
ago that, he was taken to Salem
fcr treatment.
Thomas J. Caratbell was a son
of Mr. and Mrsi James O. Camp
bell and was born in Illinois on
MarcWr 27, 1834. He grew up
to young manhood In that state
and afterwards moved with hi
parents to Iowa where they re
sided for a few years before com
ing to Oreirrm. He crossed the
Plains in 1833 and with his oar
nts Kittled on a farm in the Salt
creek community, . seven miles
north of this citv.
During the discovery of gold
in California. Mr. Campbell work
ed as a miner and also herded
cattle In that ttate. He made his
home in Monmouth for a num
ber of years before coming to
Dallas to reside.
Besides his twin brother. James
Campbell of this city, the de
feased leaves the following rela
tives to mourn his death: Mrs.
Hcbert Dashisl and Mrs. Charles
mack of thlf city, and Mrs. Clay
Kennedy of Iowa.
Funeral service Vill be con
ducted from the Dallas Christian
church Tuesday afternoon at 2
o'clock and the body Interred id
the I. O. O. f . cemetery.
, f
in 5nHia"n invHr lhc lem.,riib,ic lo vWl our PUnl U operation. 9 a. nu'tiU
inifV. anneDoc Df:- e.wlll do our utmost to entertain you and will give a Special meal-
cons wlU xv 8 P !- afteLihich a ,ancheon- includin- Castade 1Jrand and lla.
cons will be served. Ve want everybody to come and bring your friends.
Yours for the success of Duroc Day
Operated Under Government Inspection
W. H. Steusloff, Vicc-prciifJcnt
Curtis B. Cross, Secretary-treasurer
F. W. Steuslofi, President