The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 28, 1920, Page 8, Image 8

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Tne ' ofifenoN statesman, salem. Oregon
TUKSDAY MdnNlKG, DECEMnEIl "25, 1020
Judge Bingham Takes Mat
, ter Under Advisement ;
yfirtef to be Filed
4ndge G. C. Bingham of the
circuit court for Marion county,
yesterday took . under advisement
the case if Leslie W. Murray, oT
Portland against ' Herbert Gor
tfoa of Portland, a quo warranto
proceeding in which Leslie seeks
to prevent Gordon from sitting as
member of the legislature. His
' in
in His Latest
grond is that Gordon's election
-as illegal for the reason that 113
was running for mayor of Port
end in the same election. that; be
was running for - representative.
and he seeks to have himself de
clared the le?al representative, as
having had the highest vote of
the defeated candidates in the Re
publican primary, !i
Paul Dormitzer Murray's jat
orney, was given until Friday, to
He a brief. s
The argument centeied on the
constitutional provision that ithe
legislature Is the sole judge!; of
the qualifications of its own mem
bers, behind which Gordon's at
torneys took rsfuge. In retali
ation Dormitzer sought .to show
that it was the duty of the court
to prepare findings of fact and
conclusions of law and submit
them to the legislature for that
iirrnco T 1 1 f i era ninli4m o e raA t
Dormitzer what position the court ffturnln from, oversea! dut y with
would be in it the legislature re- "c v,uYl"V aZ. w , f. 1
fu.'cd to accept his conclusions. " us" MllB?' asins
I could not punish the 90 mem- ,ru; pprupr,a0.
hers for contempt of court," he The r,TpT ows that this was
declared. I accomplished in the face of a
ueavy increase or expense, mcitid
I in ii ww. wnui1. i
WaM Hill 1 A A U
State Military Department
Comes Through Bienninm
With Surplus
Instead of a deficit which it
faced last spring, the military de
partment of t ha state will, finish
the two-year period with a sur
plus, according to the biennial re
port of the department which was
filed yesterday by Adjutant Gene
ral George A. White. The report
confirms the statement made by
Colonel White last April when he
resumed his state -duties after
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V i
Ing camps, schools, reorganization
work and the establishment of
an official bureau -for war rec
ords, all funds being applied for
essential purpose? and additional
federal aid being secured for the
department. i ....
Xaral Militia C"nt Out.
Fire thousand dollars will be
turned hack to the state, in lien
of a deficiency appropriation, al
though no part, of this will come
from the national guard funds
which were . just sufficient to
bring the guard through to the
fnd of the year. - The money to
revert will be from the naval'mil
itij arpropriation. Col. White's
report showing that he put an end
to naval militia activity last July,
after finding. that it was main
tained as a purely state force.
without recognition or support by
he navy department.- He recom
mends the dismissal of the pres
ent naval mtlitla, made up of a
mere handful of men in Portland,
saying: "I - recommend that the
naval militia "as constituted at
present be dismissed, as I am
unable to convince myself that
such a force. - maintained as. a
state force, is able to serve any
useful purpose so far as -national
and state defence, is concerned
nnder existing laws and the pres
ent policy of the naval depart
ment." - V - .
At the same - time lie pays a
tribute to the naval militia as it
existed at the time of the world
war outbreak, saying that these
men responded as a unit to the
first call and served throughout
th navy and In every kind of
arduous service.
Guard Xatton Defence.
Importance of the national
guard as a part of the first lin?
of land defence is emphasized by
the report, which says that the
burden of national defence .has
been thrown back upon the na
tional guard under the new de
fence law passed by congress last
June. The national guard is sub
ject to call, day or night. In event
or invasion or war abroad, the
report states.' and it Is the citizen
soldiery of the national guard
who again must stand the brunt
of the first buttles, holding an
enemy at bay while the country
goes inrougn tn process of get
ting ready..
His final repcrt as adjutant
general,, made in 1917, when he
left his stale position In order
to volunteer for service with the
army overseas, is Included with
the statement that it was omitted
Irom the biennial report rendered '
' . . A .1 (..... -1 I
ral Beebe.
Soldier Relief Urged.
The 1917 report shows that he
left 190,000 of the national guard
appropriation after completing
mobilization, the war census and
organizing the draft. His recom
mendation at that time, as showa-v
l y this report, was that $76,004
of that sunt be nsed for relief
rases of Oregon soldiers in the
army and their ' dependents, and
that all purely stnte military ac
tivities be brought to a standntill
until after the war. or until the
r.ew military policy of the L'nfTed
States, following the war, bad
been shaped.
Tentative establishment of a
lureau of war records has been
undertaken In conjunction with
the federal government, the rer
port shows. The aim Is to set up
tin accurate and official record
of the part played by each of the
35. 000 Oregon men In the world
war, including an official honor
roll ot Oregon's dead, a list of
the wounded and other details of
the state's activity in a national
way.' , k
Sale of Projxrty Advocated.
Recommendation is included
that large store? of N military
equipment now stored la Multno
mah county to sold. This equip
ment was purchased by the state
to equip the state military police,
which nourished during 1918 and
!919. and also to equip the first
units of state forces formed dur
ing the war.. It is shown that
the government furnishes better
equipment without cost to, the
state for the present federalized
national, guard and that there 1
no use at present for the state
military property.
'That the national guard is an
important . payroll Industry, as
well as a national, defence force.'
is made clear by the report, which
shows that each man attending
drill receives pay from the fed
eral government. It is estimated
that the distribution of federal
money in Oregon Is larger than
the amount required from, the
state 'for support of the national
State Treasurer States Ob
jections to Direct Par
chase oft Securities
O. P. Hoff. state treasurer. yes-H
terday Issued a statement reiter
ating the recommendation con,
tained In his biennial report that
a commission be created by legis
lative action to handle the state's
bond purchases. Advertising for
bond he believes would result la
purchases on .a competitive basis
and orfer the least chance for
criticism. The statement points
out his objections to direct pur
chase of bonds from the Issuing
The statement follows:
"Information concerning mu
nicipal offerings ts acquired
through circulars and from rep
resentatives of the various bond
houses in the state, who call from
time to time.
"When funds are available for
Investment the Mate treasurer se
lects from the offerings toms eli
gible bond, giving particular atten
tion to. first, the security aiiord-
ed. and second, the interest yield-1
A letter Is required showing
amount paid by bond houses for
the bonds. Request of municipal
ities for this Information Is rare
ly complied with. He then re
quires a written transcript of all
proceedings together with the
opinion of the attorney for the
bond house, which are submitted
to the attorney, general, and the
purchase is completed only on the
written approval of that official
as to legality
"Concerning the suggestion
that the state's Interest would be
sdvanced by buying direct from
the issuing municipality, there are
more considerations than appi
at firsts
"For the plan it may be said.
the margin ot profit paid . the
broker oa the resale would be
eliminated. ,
"Against It, would arise the ne
cessity fr the maintenance ot a
spsclallzed and highly deveiopea
bond department with Its purchas.
Inc. valuation and office ends.
The additional security bow af
forded by the Investigation of the
bond bouse as to security and le
gality would be missing. Again,
tunds are available for bond pur
chases at no very regular periods.
When the balance to the credit of
any particular fund. M available,
ecxedea a eertaln amount, the-balance
Is Immediately Invested,
should the state buy direct from
the Issuing municipality, there
might elapse months when there
would b3 no satisfactory offerings
and the slate would lose 3 1-2 t
4 ner cent on thee moneys, ana
when securities wer offered the
state might not hats the money
"These are all tnauers which
should enter Into a consideration
of this question and the very ser
ious queatlow If y material ben
efit would result should be pre
sented to the bond commlssloa
when formed for the opinion of
that body.
"Mr. Hoff will suggest to the
bond commission, if formed as be
hs reeommewded. 1h advUaHl-
Ity of advertising for desirable of
ferings of mualctpal bonds when
the state has money available for
porchatiag. In this msaaer
believes a competitive basis will
b tabhd In buying scurltle
as ia other rraers! n,rtfe,t f
the state's arrovat. as1 ttst 1
practice, especially vfcta nt
are three on the psrtu.j.
board, tfrf la least c&t&ce .
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Oil Syndicate Seeks to
Make Mr. Handle j Art
Chief Justice McBride of the
supreme court yesterday , issued
an alternative writ of mandamus
against T. It. Handley, state cor
poration commissioner requiring
him to appear January 10 and
show cause why he should not
pass on an application of the Su
perior Oil &. Refining company
Comanche. Tex., for permission
to sell stock in Oregon and either
approve or reject the application.
A petition on behalf of the com
pany was filed by A. M. Crawford
and J. G. Richardson, attorneys
of Portland.
The plaintiff, a common law
concern, made its application No
vember 29. Corporation Com
missioner Handley refused to ac
cept it. on grounds that it hhould
operate as a trust company, until
he had submitted it to the attor
ney general. Attorney General
Van Winkle sustained Handley's
contention and held that the com
pany should come under the state
banking department. On the basis
of the opinion . Handley . refused
ta pas3 on the application.
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m 4a I
' a
Booth to be Renamed
on Highway Commission
Governor Olcott announced yes
terday that R. A. Booth of Eu
gene will be reappointed as a
member of the state highway com
mission when his term expires on
March 31. . Mr. Booth has been
rhairman of the comininsion fin re
the resignation ot Benson.
Booth was appointed on the com
mission by the- late Governor
Wilhycombe April 1. 1918. to
succeed K. J. Adams of Eueene.
"Because of the fact that the
legislature Is soon to meet. said
he governor, "and, I think It
proper that the members of the
legislature, as well as the public,
should tnow what th- personnel
of the highway commission will
be. I wish to state that It Is my
intention to . reappoint H A.
Booth of Eugene as member of
that commission when his term
expires on March 21 next
Crook County Bank Fails
at Prinevitte Yesterday
A telegram was received at the
office of Will H. Bennett, state
superintendent of banks, yester
day, announcing the failure of
the Crook County bank at Prine
vllle. The board of directors vol
untarily voted to place the bank
in charge of the state superin
tendent and await an examination;
to determine the exact condition
of Its affairs.
The bank has been nnder sur
veillance by the state banking
department since (he last exam
ination in September. At that
time the bank was solvent, but
Lwas in a weakened condition.
When the telegram was received
jesterdav an examiner of the de
partment was already on his wsv
to make- another investiration of
the bank. It Is said the failure
of the firm of Morris Bros. Inc..
of Portland had nothing to do
with the failure of the bank.
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