The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 22, 1920, Page 5, Image 5

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pother Grange Opposed
to Increase in Salaries
cation of which it not shown in
a communication received by the
public service commission. Las
adopted resolutions against the
increase of salaries of state or
the lo- I county officials, and also protest
against any increase in th
ser ice rates or utilities. A co.y
of the resolution has been receiv
ed at the office of the service
. r...i.aio Grange.
- t .8 '
iQift Suggestions
man and C. K. Hewitt, superin
,tcndent of the Sunday school:
Tiaoo Overture.
RFPnMMCMni4niTrBra lrM The Dereaa Clasi.
IlLlVUllllllLl " 1LLf ! Frimary Department Christmas
wwt i . , chorus. Ten little girl "Lls
D V fl CUT 11 A I C ten While I Tell You Dollie."
Ill llrrll .141.. Queen of ChrUtmas )liM Kuth
W. Meats
Mutual Motoring Regula
tions Likely to be Enact
ed in Four States
For the las minute shoppers who are out after values -we have some Xmas Holiday
5jeciai listed that are well worth your t'jne to look into.
All Neckwear Greatly Reduced
counting of their busJnes tran-
artinr. with C W. and. II. A.
1Or4i.AT. Or iw 21. I Writ, nrourietors of the Red Rock
4nii mr. filial livlir In rlrr llt rfairv r IIjrrT U. KOOlDUD.
court bf the Oregon Dairymen' j Joseph. Komalkl. J.
Co-operative league, naming tn-B,i Wilbur I Workman
Red RcwW dairy and four of its
patrons! as co-defendants in ac-
t... ft . .1 K 1...
gue's EiJling contract, a percent-.
Marrr I t ndrtnd
baDail at all; do j rT
MaWI Why. )os don't have
sndertUBd U- i:rjthlng ! dr.
rided by a man they call the vmta--
t pir: Star and Strip.
iter Court: Iove Mh Liuunagc or fine amount pat a by
inauibers: Joy iiiss luiu iairy iu na natron. ine iinruai,
' r " - - - rj
Unmolested Traffic Possi
ble If Legislatures Heed
Special 75c to $1.50 Neckties... ...... ..I...... J ;.50c
The secretaries of Slate of the
States of Montana. Idaho. Wash
ington and Oregon, at their an-
1 - - l
; nuai conierence neiu aionaay ana
Tuesday at the Imperial
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The .Exquisite
Tones of a .t
- -
Violin Resonator '
A rtrw vf the violin resonator in Th
Chtney, Supported free fromcabinet Weill
that it can vibrate and add beauty tf
teffc ThiM it enfy one of a eri of new
d exclusive inventions in The Cheney
EVEN a master of a violin
must have a Stradivarius
to get the utmost from his art.
An ordinary violin plays the
same notes, but the tones are
not comparable.
There is just as much difference
between The Cheney and an
ordinary phonograph.
For The Cheney is fundamentally
"different. Acoustic principles never
before utilized in tone reproduction
are brought into play and give The
Cheney tones of surpassing beauty.
"The Longer You Play It .
The Sweeter It Grows
Like a violin it improves with age
and becomes a prized heirloom to
be handed from generation to
generation 1
No other can imitate Cheney im
provemcnts. They arc found in
no other instrument.
Each Cheney cabinet is a master'
ful piece of furniture craftsmanship,
made in period design.
Wc Have Several Used Phonographs al a Bargain
N H1 Llj '
Portland among the many things
discussed, strongly recommended
that the departments in charge
of the highways in the respective
states pos such highways with
appropriate uniform signs and
road markers for the convenience
of the traveling public.
They also strongly endorsed the
Oregon law providing for a tax
en gasoline, deeming this method
of taxation a more equitable dis
tribution of the cost of road and
highway construction, as the own
er of the automobile by virtue
thereof contributes proportionate
ly as he may use the roads, wheth
er for pleasure or in, the pursuit
of his business.
Mutual Law Urged
The secretaries. Instead of pro
viding that a non-resident of the
respective states upon entering
another state register with the
nearest police department and
this department being required to
forward such registration to the
secretary of state for general re
ference and as a clearance bureau
decided that the necessary infor
mation respecting non-residents
for the proper policing of the
highways of the state could be
secured by a mutual exchange of
registration lists. This will give
the secretaries of state of each
of the states complete registra
tion lists of, the motor vehicle
owners in the other states, which
lists will be open to the public
at all times.
The prevailing thought of the
secretaries is to permit the motor
ist to travel unmolested as much
as possible and not require of
him duties which are not enforced
or rather exacted of others who
may travel from one state to
another, by other means of travel.
The idea was to make the recip
rocal privileges between the states
as broad as possible.
Unity Held Necessary
The principal subject and one
which has been unanimously ag
reed upon was that of uniform
traffic regulations and motor
vehicle equipment. Conditions
being different in many of the
cities and towns of the respective
states, it becomes necessary in
order to have an effective uniform
law, to include restrictions which
do not now exist in some of the
cities and again to exclude others
which exist at this time, but with
the experience of the traffic offi
cers believe that the suggested
regulations will meet" every rer
nuirment. so that the motorist
in Oregon, being fully acquainted
with the laws of the state when
motoring in Washington, Idaho or
Montana, by complying with the
laws of Oregon, will know that he
is not violating any of the traffic
regulations in any of these states
in which he may be traveling.
The light and equipment of
cars was also taken up and the
secretaries believe requirements
which will not be oppresive or
difficult t'o comply with should
be made. These suggestions will
be more specifically formulated
and embodied In proposed laws
which the legislatures of the res
pective states will .be asked to
enact at the coming sessions cf
their assemblies.
Licensing is Iiocal
It was the concensus of opin
ion that licensing of a notor
vehicle is purely a local regula
tion, as well as the fees exacted,
as some of the states by reason
of the high license fees exempt
the motor Vehicle from the per
sonal property tax. while in others
where the fee is reasonably low
a personal property tax in addi
tion is exacted. j."
Further, it, was the unanimous
nninion of the swrretarjes that
privileges accorded motir vehicle1.
dealers under dealtrs j nrense
should extend only to the states
iu which the dealers reside.
It was unanimously recom-
mended that the license ears be:
made uniform, that is. , that tne
license year should correspond
with the calendar year .in all of
the states, which is notj the cae
now in many instances.
The operator's license, law was
strongly endorsed and it was the
in.-inimmiK tinion of the secre
taries of state that the age limit
for driving automobiles should not
be made less than ifiJyears cf
age. as the Oregon la now pro
vides. Some of them were strong
ly in favor cf raising tn ge to
18 years, but 16 years wf.s agreed
upon as the minimum agr.
It was also strongly i recom-
At-A that chauffeurs r be re
mit red to cive bond. , arnyne vt
iu i ..f thi- states now make
such exactions of persons engaged
in driving automobiles for hire
and carrying passengers or
freight. i
Heiser; Faith Miss Mabel who
lironcusio: Courage Miss cue
Kuth Tibbitts.
Chorus by Mrs. Gamble's class
"Young Soldiers." ,
Cheerfulness Alice Hace.
Chorus Mm. Milliken's class
"Earthland Ferries;- sing
"We Greet You."
Gingerbread Boy Harold Soco
Chorus-:-Mrs. Hewitt's class
"Woodland Fairies."
"Hrownies." sing "Chrhdmas
Candies" Miss Eva Robert's
Busy Bees" Mrs. Elliott's and
Miss Moo res classes.
The.Gltt Giving Time."
hotel j"The Christmas Star" Alice
llace and ltuelia uaiiey.
The queen; fairies, busy bees.
brownies, gingerbread boy and
all meet and tell of what they
are going to do for the people
of the earth for their Christ
mas, j
Closing Chorus t "A Band, of
Faithful Reapers We."
y ft t
ar a
andf a
alo members of the !-
re cited to render an ac-
rhurxoiay, Friday, Saturday
Golf - Christmas
Give Golf Presents for Enjoyment Thrtjushout
the Year
' ' irli'""
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Fatty Arbuckle
"The; House Furnisher
E - v : ruU 1
to Have Holiday Program
Tho following Christmas pro
gram will bo j;iven at tin- Frst
Baptist church. Liberty and Mar
ion streets, tomorrow night, be
ginning at S o'clock. ' The. assist
ant directors are Mrs. K. C. Gam
ble. Mrs. U. E. Hewitt and Mrs.
H. s. Gil. The rommittre in
charge i Mi fcTji Hobtrt4-Uair-
Men's and Boys' Gift Things
You can't find any that are belter than onrf.
alem Woolen Mills Store
1111 ' ?
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i . ' ' -Siirr ' il
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