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lication of all new dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited
In this paper and also the local news published herein.
several other small fruit product which was at that time the best
unless Salem provides r. cold stor
age plant and warehouse? You
tell. ! And if any of our crops go
to waste, this, great fruit district
i going to get a black eye at a
Jims Tvhen it deserves ail the pocl
fortune, forehanded co-opcrtiOii
snd intelligence' can sive It.
K. J. Hendricks...
Stephen A. Stone. .
Ralph -Glover.
Frank Jaskoski. . .
...... .. . . . . .Manager
.... . .Managing Editor
i Cashier
. . . . .Manager Job Dept.
DAILY STATESMAN, served by carrier in Salem and suburbs, 15
' . cents a week. 65 cents a month. -DAILY
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- side of these counties. When not paid in advance, 50 cents a
year additional. 1
THE PACIFIC HOMESTEAD, the great western weekly farm paper,
wi be sent a year to any one paying a year in advance to the
, Dally Statesman.
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Tell The Etalesman Saltm eIo
gan editor about the blacbrry
industry and its advantages In
this district, if you can. That I
the Rtibjtct lor the slogan Issue
cf next Thursday. j
ccting place there. I noticed a
ptars and apples and Mack ia;p
btrries and evergreen blackb?r-
dish of sickly loosing prunes i ries. anu our loganoernes arm o
there day after day. with no buy- Lydrstted fruits nd vegetables,
crs at 10 tents a dish, and I and oar lest productions gener
d:dn't wonder. So I a?ked th jUy. lr will not bo lorg till land
proprietor one day hy he did! around Salem. Oregon, that may
not get some pood puhes. Ik; now be had at $i0 to $150 an
v as surprised and t-aid he bought j acre, will be returns on
the let he could get of 'Califor- j higher valuation's than are now
Sail t a Claus never grows old.
lie is always the same age to the
nia French." 1 gave him the ad
dress of Wad hams and a few
others and In due time he got in
a hundred pounds. H-- raised tlio
piice to 2T cents a dish end that
winter old S00 pounds against
formerly o0 pounds ct 10 cents
a di&i!.
Iut on the average of California
fruit laudt and that is pretty
'We have the land end oil and
climate, and what amoirots to a
franchise on many products, and
all we need is to keep on keeping
Ion. and let the wide World know
Now. this is nothing to me. I vhat we ran do
Business Office, 23.
Circulation Department. 583.
Job Department, 583.
Society Editor 106. I
Entered at the Postofflce in Salem, Oregon, las second class matter.
U t
tk cttocTrinn ? tint informed as to how the Phez Com-
. ) "V. -'"-'" . A it- a. S. 1
pany is succeeding in selling its preierrea siock inai b iu
been offering - .
- Puf flmro i nnp thinsr certain
a i And that is, that the great loganberry industry will have
to aepena ior us greatest uevewiuucin ouu -
marketing of the product in the juice form
" And, in case there is a bumper crop in 1921, the caji
Iteries and the other users will not be able to take care of all
the surplus, unassisted by the juice users in full operation
j And in 1922 and thereafter if the juice plants are not
in full operation there will surely be a large surplus that will
cither go to waste on the vines or be sold at very low prices.
This is the opinion not alone of this writer; it was
voiced yesterday in the presence of this writer by a man the
mention of whose name and connection would carry convic
tion to any one at all posted on the situation. ,
A considerable new acreage'of loganberries in the Salem
district will come into bearing next year
And a very much larger new acreage in 1922.
' There is literally millions in the loganberry industry for
this district I ! .
r U Millions annually
If everv Dossible care is taken of the industry. r
' The canneries and the jam and jelly plants and the de
hydration and. cold pack concerns shipping loganberries can
not alone take care of the crops that are coming on in future
And could not find a market for all the surplus if they
could get then! all in shape for marketing. . . .
So the rapid growth of Salem and the highest prosperity
of the surrounding country are very closely bound up with
the fortunes of the Phez Company; and The Statesman be
lieves that the growers of the Salem, district and the people
of Salem could afford to join in taking all the preferred stock
. i t re i i ii ni r"i " I
j,nai is Deing oiiereu uy uiu ruw vMiuywy ....... rr
Months ago the Turkish Na
tionalists, crk-d ta high heaven
r.gainst the terms of the peace
treaty presented to the Sublime
Port? by the allies. Sooner than
submit they went on the warpath.
with Mustapha Ivemal as leader.
Now they have forced Armenia
to sirn an agreement that rela
tively is just as severe and unfair
as the Moslems considered . the
other pact to be. How can they
expect modification of their own
sentence when they mete out so
cruel a future to the unfortunate
Armenians? The peace makes the
little country smaller and practi
cally defenseless by taking away
most of its armaments. Under
these conditions the word peace
is indeed a mockery for the long
suffering people. They can only
hope that President Wilson,
throueh his personal .mediator.
will Vni Qhla trt fvcit iTiAnt unmt
n.easure of justice frosx their con
querors. With Turkey exacting its pound
of flesh and with Russia forcing
Soviets on her. unhappy Armenia
may be said to be bttwten the
devil and the deep sea,
A semi-official statement de
clare? that "a soviet administra
tion has been organized In Erl
raa and complete accord exists
between soviet Russia. Azerbai
jan. Armenia and Turkish Nation
alists." This is the same kind of
accord as exists betwe?n the wolf
and the lamb. It really seems
that if Armenia is ever to be res
cued from Its miserable plight
it must be through the good offi
ces of the United States, t The
European powers have failed in
all their attempts in behalf of the
detracted country.
have my own business to think :
upon a time and there must be 1 1 BITS FOR BREAKFAST j
dm of that old Portland spirit ! 4
there somewhere about me; any- Today is the big day
way it hurt my pride to run ..,"
across this slam continually. , ..u .an, uu
I have heard at diftercnt times
that fhe California bunch know
Lt us hope for a green Chrlit-
a got4l thing when they see it and mas.
t!cns ieronied on the police re-
pott.- .; Possibly the rah i.f the
Chrbtiuas reason Is larpely re
ponU;le for the haete. However.
Tratrie . Officer Moftit doeii not
bp;eaf to mnider this sufficient
r-ajoa; or eciM for ei;dangerin
liven, icd yesterday ptt-ferreU rtv
chzri. for speeding aglot au
tomobile drivers.
It. 4V. ivtree was arretted for
ptfdljig at th rate of 30 utiles
an hwur on North Capitol, b
tweenj! Union and I streets. He
put. up a bond of $10 for bis ap
pears uce at l o'clock today to
answer to the charge.
K. N- Hurress was arrested for
rpeedfatig In the same locality at
the rale of 22. miles an hour. A
dfpo.-rt of $10 was made for his
rpp-:i.inre at 2 p. ta. today.
K. & I!e. for rpeeding at tL
rate 2Z miles an hour on North
UanitOl street, will !- appear at
2 p. tn- to answer to the charge.
He. too, made a depmit of S19.
and Clifford Vil,oti Is scheduled
to appear at the same time to
ansve'jr ta a similar charge. His
speed was reported as being at
the rte of 52 miles an hour.
that ihev come up and buy -the
i;ood4crop, ship it down to Cali
fornia, box and lalx 1 it and send
it out, advertising themselves.
That's fine and dandy for Cali
fornia, but where docs Oregon
get off?
A lot of money Is Fpent for
promotion work printers Ink
and talking but you don't get
down to the most vital thing of
all, as in this case. What about
Fresno raisins. Diamond walnuts.
Sun Kit oranges? Are they
bringing in settlers and raising
the price of land? As what the
price of land is now around
Fresno and what it Is getting to
he around Santa Clara. Maybe
I am crazy and this letter may
be in the waste paper iaket by
now, but I do know that the sell
ing or commercializing of Oregon
prunes 13 not keeping pace with
your Mr. Riley by about 10,000
Make Enjoyable Christmas
Egg Rollincf. Covcr'em Vp,
Frap Shot, Pitch, Sambo, Hir.
the Pin, etc.
War Game, Ping Por.g Sets,
lxtto, Pollyanna, Kock, Pit
Picture Puzilc?, Checkers,
Special Prices on Everything
Salem -Albany Eijene Con allis
" No one in the larse audience at
the armory last night was disap
pointed in the grand old man of
the American stare. Frederick
Warde. He bears hi years like
the stalwart he has always been.
The Salem hospital is again out
at the end of Center street. May
tt grow wun tne years, rilling a
long felt want.
It is a critical time in the great
fruit industry In the Salem dis
trict. Salem people must do every
thim possible to stabilize it anl
Keep u growing including tie
providing of a cold storage plant
and warehouse. This Is a vilal
matter that must not be ne
glected. A friend at the writer's elbow
says it peeves him to bear the
man who combs his hair over h'm
bald spot criticising the grocer
who puts the biggest potatoes at
the top of the basket.
The Increase In the number of
bathtubs shows that the world is
getting, better, to that extent at
.kast.'; , v " '
The public debt of Germany is
over $60,00000.000. Hut wasn't
It worth that much money to get
rid of Dill Hohenzollern? V -
speed soon
and catch up with
Wllsonlsm and all.war luxuries
harerhad their day and all -will
be dropped by the American peo
ple. "They were mighty costly to
the. taxpayers. '
Many folks would be happier
If they had the backbone to say,
"1 can't afford it," when tempted
to make an expenditure beyond
their means. , Rut there are so
i many of us who are not honest
enough with ourselves to say it.
; lavcn't you noticed often that
c ulAmiy after calamity is predict
ed tha). never happens? No simu
lation is att bad as we are sure It
will hi. That is one consolation
jin thlsjvale of tears. .
It is claimed Ly some lawy
ers that sections of the Volstead
act upset the rules of equity
that have been in operation 400
years. ' And again we hear it ar
gued that they upset rules that
have been followed for 4000
years. There is quite an oppor
tunity for an argument here.
'': When that commission consist
ing of .Messrs. Jankovitch, Dayld
ovltch, Draschavitch and Pribit
chovltch get really together
things ought to look distinctly
better for Siberia. I i.
We. care not who makes the
tongs of the nation so long as
eeuthei-n California has the con
tract teurnlsh the wa!nuts.--Los
ngclep Times. Rut it will neve
te an exclusive contract. Oregon
has a good start, with 8000 to
'10,000 acre, and Oregon will get
The latest patterns of airplanes
are 60 constructed that they will
glide for miles wlthcit the use
oT gasoline. One traveled 19
miles in that condition, The man
who. owns an automobile would
be glad to get such a contrivance.
Now. when the gas gives out in
his engine, he stops.
The-ranneries can take care of
all the gooseberries, red and
black currants, sour cherries,
black raspberries and rhubarb
our farmers can raise; but what
is jroing to happen to the sweet
cherries, the strawberries and
SPOKANE, Wash.. Dee. 10.
(To the Editor.) -What is the
ruatter with the prune growers of
Oregon? ' The other day I went
Into the 'table supply store here
and asked for some Italian prunes.
They showed me feme 40-30 and
I asked what they were. The
clerk answered rather chestily
that they were California Santa
Clara French prunes and the price
was 40 cents a pound. I asked
him if he did not have some 20-
0 Oregon Italian prunes and he
answered In a rather disgusted
manner, "No." sir; they are not
good enough for our trade."
Having stopped at the Hotel
Portland years ago, when that
hotel put up prunes, four of
which made a Hah. and they were
the finest thing that was ever set
on a table, gaining a national
reputation and one of the biggest
advertisements the Willamette
valley ever had, as weii as Port
land. I got Into a frame of mind
that the least said the better, and
I However, now my wfe tells me
that she receives the same treat
ment. At all the stores they
laugh at her and tell her that if
s.he wants good prunes, she cer
tainly displays ignorance by ask
ing for Oregon prunes.
Some years ago' I was in Salt
Lake and ate most of the time at
a." place called the Vienna cafe.
The above appeared In the Ore
gonian of a few days ago.
Mr. Reinhardt deserves praise
for his patriotic spirit and credit
for his intelligence and good
For the Oregon prune is the
best prune grown
And the very thing is happen
ing which he" advocates.
: The Oregon Growers' Co-operative
association is juft now
fpending $50,000 in advertising
Oregon prunes in the east; most
ly in the city of New York and
its vicinity.
The trade name "Mistland" hai
been chosen for the best Oregon
prunes, and, in due -course, all
the world. will come to know that
there is only one kind of prune
that is really good for those
with educated tastes who know
what a really good piune is like.
Oregon has made a beginning
in the exploitation of her own
products that have t outstanding !
eualities that are peculiar to thU vui uniy a ueginninx.
If ihis course is persisted in.:
with refer?r.ce to our prunes, our
. Cut out this slip., enclose with
5e and mail it to Foley & Co..
2835 Sheffield Ave.. Chicago. 111.,
writing your name and address
clearly. You will receive In re
turn a trial package containing
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
for coughs, colds and croup; Fo
ley Kidney Pills for pains in
sides and back; rheumatism back
ache, kidney and bladder ailments
and Foley Cathartic Tablets, a
wholesome and thoroughly cleans
ing cathartic for constipation, bil
iousness, headache, and sluggish
bowels. Sold everywhere.
Many Speeders Arrested
and Bonis Are Deposited
Automobile speeders are being
brought to time. Judging from
the number of arrests for this
violation of the. traffic renula-
II li H
li si
The word dyspepsia means lit
erally bad cook, but it will not be
fair for many people to lay ths
blame on the cook if they begin
the Christmas dinner with little
appetite and end it with distress
or nausea.
It may not be fair for any to
do that let us hope so for the
sake of the cook!
The dlseas?, dyspepsia, indicates
a bad stomach, that is a weak I
stomach, rather than a bad cook, j
and for a weak stomach we know
of nothing el.e equal to Hood's'
Sarsaparilla. The digestive and j
tonic medicine helps the stomach, j
gives it vigor and tone, relieves !
dyspepsia, creates an appetite. '
and mak?s eating the pleasure it i
should be.
The b.liousness and constipa
tion found in so many cases of
dyspepsia are gently and thor
oughly relieved by Hood's Pills,
which act in perfect harmony
wiMi Howl's Sarsaparilla.
M. J. R. Coffee. 1 lb. can 40c
M. J. R. Coffee. 3 lb.
can lr?
M. J. H. Coffee. 3 lb.
can . $2.10
Tomatoes, per can l:c
Corn, per can . . . ; 15c
Fresh Peanut Rutter.
per lb ..11c
.Fresh Kippered Sal- -
mon. er lb 2!c
Trunes. per pound He
Onions. 15 pounds for.. 25c
Rest Spuds, per tack..! -GO
Walnuts. i-r lb. 15c to ic
Fancy Oranges, per dor. 4c.
Mistland Prunes in packages,
read' for mailing
Dressed Sprins Chicken ev
ery Saturday
Phone 303 173 So. Com'l
- - V4v
t 'v. -
It will please today
and for many to-morrows.
That's the ctjarm of electrical gifts they keep
right on serving and pleasing year after year.
Then what could tc more appropriate to express
a lasting regard?
What more suitable than a ladling gift?
The electric sewing machine is but one of many
"usable" gifts youll find in our shop.
Naturally, for anything electrical you have a
right to expect better sen' ice at an electric shop.
You'll get such service here even during the hol
idav rush.
Portland Railway Light & Power Co.
n I
i -
FENDERS as a rule go right on
spending until some good substi
tute strikes their fancy.
Well there's no better incentive for sav
ing than a growing Savings Account.
Join the ones who are going to open
Christmas accounts at the United States
National Bank.
SMM ' - . SSssssSSr. : OREGON
TWmibfr 23. S!uHy. frtM-
IVi-funlier 27. Monday. Sa!n club of
O. A. C to sir dncje at Dreamland
Janus'T 10. Mondar State Ir;ik!aturf
January , It, Fri-lar V.aHkrtUa'.l. Wil
lawvm . O. A. C. Pa'm.
January 19 ant 20. 'r-n4ar a"1
Thnrvday- Annual instituf Y. W. C. A.
-Jmiki arr-2'i nl 21. Thurdar aa Vri
day -aNkebaU, Wi!lamtt i. I", f O.
at Salem.
January. 2. Kridav Trianrolar intrr
;hol!lti'" e1at. Sa!m. Statnn and
Ora City high rho1roinnrtin;.
rVhruary 12. Sturlay I.u.roln
fVbmary 14, Mnlar BankrtbaTl.
Wil!ann-tte Ur.irrri.i'T o Idaho, at
Irbmury 15 and . 16. "1-aida and
Wnlnday I'.aiketb-ill. AViilalue'tr Tx
V hitman, at Ua!! at'a.
Krbruarj" 17, T'nur.-djv - I5jktlNi!I.
Willm-tt r. Walla W alia V. II. C A..
at WalSa Walla.
Krtruarr 18 aad 1. Vridar and Sat
riay P.askr-tbsll, J!l!ainrttr s. Hon
iM-a. at Kporana.
IVbmary "2. Taroday CaJkrtlalL
Winm-tt y. tdaH. at Salin.
rVhruary CZ. Tue-dar ViMBinton'a
- February 21 and 21, Tbtiraday and Kri
daj KiiKketbail. Wiltamrtto . Wbtlmait
at Ka!m.
Marrh and S. Kriday and Saturday
Kakriba't, Willamrtt t. I. f O, at
Eo s'n.
t April 15. Kridar BabaM. Willamette
V. at it., at Salpnt.
, April 1. Saturday Ba'lu!l. Witl.iu
rtl f. f .. at Kui.n.
May 2. 27 and 2i BabaH. U.Uam--tt
Tv Whitman at Wlla Walla.
(Mbrr 1, Xatorday (eutatir)
VtNttball. illaiu.-tte . O. A. V., at
Nvvfiubrr II. Friday (fi-NtaUrv)
KHtba!I. Willamette . WUittaan. at
Walla Walla.
- NatwnWf 24. Ttturtday - HrBti-Tr 1
I biikrtTiii dar rMtlaI, WtUauirlte
ta. lullnuuidU, at tratcut.
Will Be the Subject Matter of!
Tomorrow Evening at 7:30
Court Street Near
Mr. licfl will give an explanation if Ihc Crcattst Ilrophccy in Ihc I.iblc, and how that a child mnv understand where c arc
today on the stream of lime