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The Oregon Statesman
Issaad Dally Except Monday by
116 8. Commercial St., Salem, Oregon
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and also the local news published herein.
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Business Office, 23.
Circulation Department, 6 S3.
Job Department, 6SS.
Entered at the Postofllce In Salem, Oregon, as second class matter.
it is to furnish us an opportunity to develop, purify, elevate and
make active and dominant our spirits.
This life is like a school for the education and development of
the spiritual nature in each man, in order to fit him to take full
advantage of the new opportunities and larger life to come. This
life is the primary school in which are to be learned tne lessons
that fit man for the higher department to follow. Without taking
the fullest advantage of the opportunities offered in this primary
grade he is in no condition to understand or to take part in the
work of the next department, or to share in the development
which it is intended to bring.
. The man who has neglected the-needs of his spiritual nature
has not only overlooked the main purpose of life, but he has
missed its greatest rewards. The beast of the field, if supplied
with food and warmth, has physical content, but he is incapable
of happiness The man who follows the desires and impulses of
the flesh and is wholly absorbed with the things of the physical
world may, like the beast, sometimes have a kind of animal con
tent and satisfaction, but he is incapable of feeling real happiness.
The intellectually developed mart has a higher enjoyment than
i x i i .ul j i
uu, uut reai nappiness is reserved ior me man wun a devel
oped soul. His spirit is attuned to the melody of the spiritual
universe. He feels the thrill of the inspiration that comes from
the Great Center Life of the creation. . The unselfish love of
God is swelling in his heart, bringing its priceless blessings. Every
moment brings a joy which the unspiritual man can not know.
And while enjoying the present he can look forward and upward
with hope aye, with certainty and trust in his God, and know
that all is well here and now and always. Whatever the world
may think of it, his is the successful life. It is the only truly suc
cessful life there is.
s , (Copyright by San Jose Mercury)
Our ideas of life change with our development. Each succes
sive stage in the development of the individual brings its ambitions
and interests and changes its. purposes and viewpoint, until ma
turity comes, when the so-called frolics of childhood and youth are
left behind and the man is absorbed in the avocations and ambi
tions of the average normal man. But how much better is the ordi
nary man employing his time than does the child or youth? He
spends nearly all of his time" in his business, in the making of
money, in solving his professional problems or in the prosecution
of great industrial enterprises. He measures the success of his
life in dollars and cents, 'and gets his satisfaction largely, if not
entirely, f rorft. the purely physical results he is able to accomplish.
Rarely indeed does man spend much time in thinking of, studying
or striving for those finer, deeper, diviner things, without which
the most active, prosperous and influential life is little better
than a miserable failure.
. But there is here no attempt to belittle business or any useful
occupation by which men make an honest livelihood or work the
modern business miracles. All of these things are mightily im
portant to society as well as to the individual. "He that provideth
not for his own household is worse than an infidel says the very
highest authority. He that does not discharge faithfully and con
scientiously the physical and worldly duties that life brings to
him is in no attitude or condition to properly discharge any higher
ones. No person, neglecting his first dutysto himself and his fam
ily, to go into the world in an effort to reform or regenerate it,
ever amounted to much as a preacher or reformer or got much
satisfaction or reward out of, life.
. - )
Most people have not learned that man is endowed with three
, distinct natures, the physical, the intellectual and the spiritual;
-and -that symmetrical and harmonious development of the individ
ual is impossible unless all three of these natures are given proper
. action and attention. Without this symmetrical and harmonious
' development no one can become as efficient as he may and should
be and accomplish what he might accomplish industrially, intel
lectually or spiritually. ;;;' .
The nhvsical nature is the first tn rlpwlnn nA if ttw-1 -n-i
trolled and-directed will become the foundation to sustain the other
LA A W : a - .
iwo natures, u can not, nowever, Decome such foundation if it be
wholly neglected, as it is by the great majority of American busi
ness and nrofessional men and pdnratoH and w-llf..
' generally. That regular habits of life, good, wholesome food, reg-
--- 1 a m. m
uiar, active Docuiy exercise, ana plenty oi iresn air are necessary
' t- i ) : i ut. . . -
-o uuuuy neann, sirengtn ana. vigor, most men win readily agree;
but When VOU tell them that these thine are inf aa ....-. i l f-
intellectual and spiritual development, strength and achievement
Al A L ! 1 . . .
uiey are apt 10 iook puzziea or sneer in aension. it is true never
theless. . . - . .
" i TM I fori Irt !-. I tn-4 J." AJ 1 "
V pered by a weak, Sickly or . pain-racked body. Many a student
as roaue nimseu a nervous wrecK ior llie, deprived himself of
ine euucanon tnat ne yavea or Drougnt nimsell to an early grave
by netrlectincr the demands of his hodv. A frail and
frame, a pallid and solemn visage, and big hollow eyes are not
iiecessaxy accompaniments oi a saint. '1 nose who ere informed
know that these thine are Ant tn he tKo m.r., -.f
nyDocnondriac and mlsanthrnne. The real livo ;nt k-..-m v,-
bounding health, a smiling-face, bright uplooking eyes and en
durance of body as well as of mind and spirit The ideal life
xne truiy successful one, the one that means the very most to
the individual and to the wnrlH i th
of the nature harmoniously developed? strong in body, quick and
.amaA 4kM AT 1 . a . . r
jwueuaunK oi mina, ana a regenerated, active spirit guiding, di-
rvf inT Hnmini(in- Jf all . -
: The soul, the spirit of man, is the only thing he takes into
& Mm mtr mm ' " V. . A. - -
curiuiijr. aue great, purpose oi nie nere, tnererore, is not to ac
quire riches or influence or power; not simply to enable us to
grasp and enjoy the rood thine of the earth arA ffxrvm rl-w- 4i
the grave at last with our hands and hearts still clinging to the
perishable things of the world and empty of everything else; but
j -Cox, after his White House Inter
view, said he and Wilson were "ab
solutely one." And that "one" was
The Salem slogan pages on next
Thursday will tell of the great ben
efits' this city and section are re
ceding through the national adrer-
tislng campaigns.
The bishops of the Angelican
Church, at their meeting at Lambeth.
England, defeated the resolution to
abolish sermons. And we had hoped
so much for relief in that direction.
EL Louis shoe manufacturers an
nounce a cut of from SO cents to $2
a pair for shoes. A clothihg manu
facturer says a 20 per cent cut Is
coming, and employes in the latter
trade are being laid off. Wheat la
down, flour is down, and sugar Is
oft another notch. That all sounds
good and healthy. The peak has
passed. In many lines there should
be reductions, and In the lines men
tioned further reductions. Paoer
ought to sell for less than halt.pree
ent prices. It would be a bad thing
for the country if there were a
panic In prices. But gradual re
ductions in almost all tines will
be a blessed thing and they are
coming ,
Why Do; People Choose
Friends as Executors?
Yea, why do they? dften through sentiment,
though rarely do sentiment and balnefia mis mh!
the settlement of an estate is a delicate busine
Often because men so chosen hare been snc
cejwfur in their own affairs, flat why. If m man Is
a good retailer, or wholesaler, or manufacturer may
we conclude that he will be a good InTestment
speelallt, family diplomat or estate conservator?
There is reason In aU thing. Call and let onr
Trust Officer explain why a bank is the best exec
utor. ' .
Capital National Bank
the most flagrant violation of it was
when a florist opened his shop for
a minister who wanted some Easter
lilies to complete the decoration of
his church. Now the clergymen ad
mit that complete observance of the
Sabbath Is difficult.
Norwegian Merchants
Blacklist German Firms
CHRISTIANA, Aug. 5. A black
list of German firms who are al
leged to have broken contracts, jrlth
Norwegian merchants is being pre-
pared by the Christiana chamber of
commerce and will be published as
a warning to Norwegians to "be care
fill of closing deals In Germany."
The Christiana chamber of com
merce now has under consideration
names of 70 German firms against
whom complaints have teen made
that they broke contracts, a-t
pally bees a re or aa friur
of exchange.
It Is understood Cera.. -.
bers of commerce sre ro-o pen rT
with the Norwegians to foW
Germsn firms to fulfil their e
tracta. V"
Once more It has been demon
strated that the pen Is mightier than
the sword. ' . The editors beat the
generals in the tight for the presi
dential nomination.
The federal nephews, at the San
Francisco convention who were film-
flamed into the notion that Cox Is a
vote-getter are due for a rude awak
i never got by excepting on a
rain check.
Oils toasting as a runner is cam
ouflage; .Mexican built rpringes for
Ule first wormed Into the execu
tive chair in 1S12 on account of the
Progressive spilt.-
For the same office he was licked
in 18H, by 2S.2.9, though the Pro
gressive candidate that year got
60,904 votes.
He Inched in In 10 16 by a thin
Ice plurality of 661S. rrofltlnr h
the duplieity and deceit of Wilson's
Slogan, -He kept us out of war."
Me slipped in br only 11.S41 nin.
rality In 1918. on a fluke, on account
oi Republican disaffection,
j That's the whole story in tabloid
j In 1014. whence was licked for
governor by 20.270 plurality. Hard
ing was elected United States sena
tor by a plurality of 102.573: and
Harding had to stand the loss of
47,500 votes to the Progressive
party candidate for senator.
Cox is a fooiler and a false alarm
as a vote-getter.
The federal nephews, when the
November returns are in. will be
htriag able bodied men to kick them
for being played for the rankest
Of rank suckers at San Francisco.
(Itj Lue P. Vernon.)
Mule, he done all dresa up.
Koah Is m ml,. . --1
M his feet go thump-a-thump.
-vumn on a gravel.
Jimmy- Cos upon his back.
A-coasln an -trivta'
Com In "lour the campaign track
Conju'in aa conaivin'.
Mahatah Hardinr wida awake
Don got on a wiggle.
Flyln' fo de wlnnia atake. .
main on a eagle.
Eagle bird he powful spry.
-- mz v w-i cvirn mm.
To d Whit Hons roos' he fly
laa v" ,-.! . m. ,
v ma wiicn mm. i
" Salem. Oregon
Boarders and Day Pupils
High Standard of Scholarshin
- S7th Tear
Conducted by the Sisters of the
Holy Names
For Catalog address; sister Superior
XX 'tie
r or progressive
Business Men
The Bicycle Has Long Since
Replaced the Streetcar ,
the up-to-date batiness man has come to realize
value of the bicycle in his titijd&j life.
The Bicycle gives him the wholesome, easy exercise which he so greatly needs.
The Bicycle saves his time, at the same time it gives exercise. No more time wast
ed in waiting for street cars. No more suffocating rides in the crowded cars. An
easy spin in the cool fresh air, instead. .
The Bicycle, from a business standpoint, more than pays for itself. Jmt fifcre cp
the amount saved on street cars, the time saved, and the -betterment of yocr
health. Every business man should own a Bicycle. See our display of
Lloyd E. Ramsden
387 Court Street "I
They have a strict Sunday closing
rdlnance in a Michigan city and
' B-W-
Anruat r A. . . "
n.Y,V;7 V K 11 n rroiler.
.Mui.nurr or American Um
I August to 14 Buyers week -.
rtntion In PortUnd. '
.L5"e,rl,-T?? -.rirst annual
iii-iiation. www Co-oper.U,e
JAuguat It. Wednesday Wlaeoaala
Plenie at state talr a rounds
St. i. Si.tTi.i a Convention of
- " Tl v ,"-ar lem hospital to
S.if wCiS,Bl3r hol b--ing.
August 1. Monday lieetinr of ..
elate members of Commercui elub.
'lAugust-gC. Thuraday ltabi eitote
tesu at Commercial club. T "
lAnruat 11. Tuesday First annual
Cap.ol atVeet 'VrTT' "5 No,:t
S . nt.M. K A 9 X
S5 wsawVS!? T-
ililfy feC .jus,
TU SnMso TrucU rem U used n tie form, it f m -..-.. ' "
Cu city toik equot tJfuMtuj. ll u,tU r ntYwurr. tt-" i
w i r 41 -v --
Will Soon Be Ready
for Delivery
mA Uea. !7 10 fUp Uio load ia lh ordurd or barn
nfUyer thet nrket-direct to comxuaer if yon like-without
imgle transfer in trt-nipcrUtion.
The SAMSON TON TRUCK equipped with pneumatic tires
and extension bues, on all four wheels, win ran through plowed
ground, stubble, sand, mud or mow-in the field or on the road.
.v l Y1?, n3rwhcrc for load and delirer it anywher-b7
the most direct route-in the shortest possible time. Nothing stops
it any day in the year.
It insures continuous transportaUon for your products. It
makes you independent of every other conveyance. It enables you
to pick the most advantageous market.
There are hundreds of other ways in whicH the exclusive Sam
son features distinctly benefit your pocketbook.
Let us actually prove how and why. Let us show you on your
own farm You have nothing to lose except by waiting-end ev
erything to gain.
- - -i-.l. , : . v'