The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 16, 1920, Page 4, Image 4

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The Oregon Statesman
Issued Dally Except Monday by
2 IS 8. Commercial St., Salem, Oregon
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-it all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited In this paper
anaajso tne local news putusaed herein.
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Frank Jaakoski. : Manager Job Dept.
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Fiidsys, 1 a year (If not paid tn advance, 11.26); 60 cents for six
-months; 25 cents for three months. "
Gabriele d'Annanzio is now said
to be too busily engaged in a lore
affair with a beautiful Venetian
pianlste to look after hi3 personally
conducted empire of Flume. The
town is liable to read a lesson from
the life of Senator Knox and make
a peace of its own withont the con
sent of its guardian angel. Gabriele.
When an Italian poet Is in love be
has neither time nor Inclination for
anything else.
Business Office, 21.
Circulation Department, SIS.
Job Department, SIS.
Entered at the Postoftlce In Salem, Oregon, as second class matter;
These are great days for "Willamette University.
At the annual meeting of the trustees yesterday there vras
brought up for action an offer of the General Education Board to con
tribute $35,0000 of a new million dollar endowment fund, and also a
telegraphed offer of $17,500 annually for two years for the Ralaries scanty means for the bednn
of teachers, conditioned upon the raising of a like amount by friends PJUTniw Wer bulld,n!
of the institution. This offer was also from the General Education
Board, which was created aj few years ago by John D.-Rockefeller,
with headquarters in New York City.
' The board of trustees took action by authorizing President Doney
to inform the General Education Board that the offer of the $17,500
annually for two years would be accepted and matched by friends of
thfc institution : also, that the wwk of raisins $100,000 for the comple
tion of Lausanne and Walter halls was proceeding, and that upon its we"erdaUyseverff
completion the contract for the raising of the additional $650,000 to lhe dlffeVence being that these lat
' complete lhe new million dollar endowment fund would be entered ter were killed, in fact, Chicago is
; Steps were also taken to organize for the work of raising all thU
money. .''; ..
This consummation need not be doubted by friends of Old Wil
. lamctte and the people of Salem.
i . - It will take time perhaps two years after the completion of the
$100,000 fund. ,
But it will be done.
Watch old Willamette grow.
The students will carry away
mighty good news to their homes.
The old school will haTe 135 000
a year more than heretofore for expenses.
It will have two splendid new
buildings for next year's work.
It will have the beginning of a new
million dollar endowment fund to
keep up the standard for all time
that Is now set, and to improve ani
expand it.
In fact. Old Willamette is now on
the map in large letters, to stay for
ever and a. day.
Tbe little band of missionaries on
tbe Lausanne, bound for a hostile
wilderness, three-quarters of a cen
tury atco. who "provided from thetr
ing f
g wiser
than they knew
If the oulja board could communi
cate with the spirit of Father Waller
now. a message of cheer and satis
faction would surely be received.
Chicago is becoming noted for
lightning strike. Senator llardiag
that the bids represented the market ,
price of bonds and existing contracts
eX the commission make it impera
tive that the commission have mon
ey. Other bids received today were:
Lumbermen's Trust company. SC.5S;
R. M. Grant A Co.. St. 52 for 1500.
000 and S7.54 en lemalninr two
thirds with 30-day option; Kalph
Schneeloch and others. 87.57; Kree-
man. Smith & Camp company. $6.28.
A Chicago citizen who wanted
some theater tickets telephoned the
box office and asked, "can 1-get a
box for two tonight?"
A i u xz led voice answered from the
other end of the line. "We don't
have boxes for two."
"Isn't this tbe theater?" he asked
"Why no." said the puzzled man
at the other end. "you are talking
to an undertaker.
Darima IWllfu!:y and Rntom Its
Natural Color and LuMre
t Oace.
known to
have several kinds of
State Highway Bonds
Soli Far Below Par
The state board of control yrster-
riiv mn.1A CI ftft AAA ! hT.hvt
. ... ... 1 1.1! ' " '-.--'.-- - - .....-.,
IfllS Will mane tne most imunci auvance ever inaue in me worn bonds to Henry Teal of Portland.
of buildine Old Willamette into a great institution, doing a very highest bidder.. at S7.. This rep-
broad work that will endure throughout the ages to come T" 1 spproiim7
And from this day forward Willamette University may be point-L ..7. i aaa aaa
cd to as the foremost institution of learning devoted to Christian edu-lis $ i.700 less than that highest bid
cation west of the Rocky Mountains. : r . onted on May 11 when
w vw nnn aha l l js
T)it . .,? Aannin '"- la "uui were oiu.
v vw. . S. Benson of Portland and R. A.
It is a-consummation worthy of the sacrifices of the fathers : of I Booth of Eurene. members of the
the founders of Old Willamette along with our commonwealth. I highway commission, were present at
tmaHa irn rm v with its OTal faTO .onHmc-mont fniirli aniline meetltt ana Doth advised the
- i ii aaa aaa v w . v a 0 j m wv aaa s-s w w w v muv a msw mi .
-ati rvw i .mi: .jn i- isaie. Air. ne n son s comment was
And it will be a two million dollar institution plus when the
present projects are completed.
Common garden sage brewed Into
heavy tea. with sulphur and alco
hol added, will turn gray, streaked
and faded hair beautifully dark and
luxuriant.. Mixing the Sase Tea and
Sulphur rclpe at home, though, la
troublesome. An easier way is to
get the ready-to-use preparation im
proved by the addition ot other in
gredients a large bottle, at little cost,
at drur stores, known as "Wyeth's
Sag and Sulphur Compound.' 'thus
avoldlnr a lot of mufs.
While rray. faded hair is not sin
ful, we all desire to retain our youth
ful anoearance and attractiveness
Br darkening your hair with Wyeth'a
Sate and Sulphur Compound, no one
can tell, because It does It so naiur
ally, so evenly. Uu Just dampen
a snonce or soft brush with it and
draw this through your hair, taking
one small strand at a time; by morn
ing all gray hairs have disappeared.
After another application or two
your gray hair become beautiiuuy
dark, glossy, soft and luxuriant and
you appear years younger.
a . rS " " ti
President Doney, in his annual report to the trustees yesterday,
said a good many fine things and said them well. The following are
some of the high lights m very brief outline:
"We mention with gratitude the generous expectation from the
General Education Board and the two or three friends of the Univer
sity whose deliberate confidence in religious education leads them to
place faith in Willamette as the great center in the Northwest of
Christian scholarship,' character and citizenship. "We have dreamed,
planned and prayed for this day which appears now to be "breaking.
It has been in the heart of all; but only those who have tried to make
ends meet which were far apart can know the sheer joy that comes
when relief' appears..
.lf It is my judgment that both Lausanne and Wallershould be
completed for use by September loth. f
' The enrollment of students has been encouraging, though it is
to be regretted that we hate not had the facilities to care for them
as we should. In the College of Liberal Arts the enrollment is 3D9
as compared with 29o last year. The students of the Law School
number 42 in comparison with" 9 a year ago. The School of Music
has enrolled 73, an increase over last 3car of 22.
! 'tl am hopeful that the students will soon desire to accept some
lorm or self-government.
"Of the eight intercollegiate debates of the year, Willamette won
seven. : - r r-.-r; t
The General rducat ion Board has not generally given more than
SO per cent of endowment funds for institutions. It has departed
from this rule and offered 35 per cent of the proposed million dollar
endowment fund ; and it has gone further and offered an additional
$35,000 towards the salaries of teachers, because it is the conviction
of the managers of that great fifnd that Willamette University should
be made the outstanding rallying point for Christian education on the
raeific Coast, for several reasons. Among these are its splendid his
tory; its fine plant and campus; its ideal location, in a clean city of
size ueiow a great metropolis, antl the spirit of the great forces o
Methodism behind it. .
; 'f Hon. Itobert A. Booth and President Carl Gregg Doney arc the
outstanding. lignrrs deserving of the credit of directing the leaders
; of the General Education Board to this splendid recognition of Wil
lamette University as deservuig of the position of leadership to which
this great benefaction will raise and keep it. Thine men have leii
long at the task, and they have been unremitting in their splendid
endeavors. , .
Eat Lcm Meat Abo Take Class of
Salts IWote Katlag
Uric acid in meat excites the kid
neys, they become overworked; get
sluggish .ache, and feel like lumps
ot lead. The urine becomes cloudy:
the bladder is irritated, and you may
be obliged to seek relief two or three
times during the night. When the
kidneys dog you must help them
flush off the body s urinous waste
or you'll he a real sick person short
ly. At first you feel a dull misery
in the kidney region, you suffer from
backache, sick headache, dizziness,
stomach gets sour, tongue coated and
you feel rheumatic twinges when the
weather is bad.
Eat less meat, drink lota of water;
also get from any pharmacist four
ounces of Jad Salts; ' take a table
spoonful In a glass of water before
breakfast for a few days and your
kidneys will then act fine. This
famous salts is made from the acid
ot grapes and lemon juice, combined
with lithia. and has been used for
generations to clean clogged kidneys
and stimulate them to normal activ
ity .also to neutralize the acids in
urine, so it no longer is a source of
irritation, thus ending bladder weak
ness. Jad Salts is inexpensive, cannot In
jure; makes a delightful effervescent
lithia-water drink whicn everyone
should take now and then to keep
the kidneys clean and active. Drug
gists here say they sell lots of Jad
Salts to folks who believe in over
coming kidney trouble while it is on
ly trouble.
The Japanese are reported to have
100.000 tons of crystallized sugar
ready for export to this country and
It can be sold in Seattle at a good
prorit at $15 a hundred pounds, al
though $17 la offered. About 50.000
tons of sugar from the Orient will
he Shipped - to New York at once.
The sweets of the world are avail
able for America and It would seem
that the home market should be sta
bilized at a reasonable figure.
he same complaint that labor Is
drifting to the cities. The world
will yet be compelled to find reliet
in the millions of capable and indus
trious agricultural workers of China
A million .ft them under contract to
American farmers would do more to
assure the future food supply of tbe
country than all' the legislation of
which con cress is capable. Los An
geles Times.
The price of lamb in the Chicago
market was forced down two or
' Herbert t Hoover Intimates that It ! three cents when some cargoes of
may yet be necessary tor America
to extensively import foodstuffs if
Trices are'io be lowered. The short
age of farm labor, la' making It hard
; for the United States to feed Its own
' ppopfeC Tliere are great resources
and . possibilities In South America.
tut from Argentina., already comes
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from the stockyards, a few blocks
away; It is needlms to say ihst tbe
packers had nothing to do with this
importation.. , - . ,
Jun13 to 1C WilUmetts com
nraMmrnt week.
Jime 1 to 17 Officers" schools for
Oreron National Guard at Vancouver
and rort Stevens.
Jun 17. Thuriy r;raf u aun r-
errie at state arhnol for deaf.
June. 17. Thursday lowa picnic at
fair around.
June 17, TnuriNiar miriii it hih
B trice ffhetona advanced pupila I
June IS. Saturday 1'ioneer picnic In
Waldo hills.
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June 21. Monday Annual school
June 22. Tuesday Counlr Tlepubli-
can Central committee meets.
June 12. It and 24 Imperial conclave
of Mystic Shrine la Portland.
June- tJ. Wednesday Imperial con
clave ef Mystic Shrife to visit Salem.
Junef 21. l and 2 rortland Rose
June 2C. Saturday Letter Carriers
convention la Salem.
July 2. Saturday Independence day
celebration at Stayton.
July 5. Monday Salem business
houses clone tn observance of Inde
pendence day.
July S to 24 Summer achool for ru
ral pastors at Willamette vatversity.
July S to 28 Annual encampment of
Oreaon National Guard. Infantry and
engineer at Camp Iewi. artillery at
Fort Steveaa.
Jtity I to -ft Salem Chaatauae.
July, 22. 23 and 2 State Claa coa-venlkw-ta
1 September 27 to October S Oregon
state, fair.
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