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Wednesday, fair; warmer west por
tion. Moderate westerly winds.
The gtateetaaa recefve laa
wire report of tbs AocUld FTewa,
the greatest aad st reliable arras
iMwuuoa ta the veri.
General Board b! Rockefeller
Foundation Makes Total
Offer of $385,000 and
Terms Are Accepted by
Trustees . .. .
Senior Is One of Nineteen Stu
dents Selected Through
out United States
After years of struggling under ad
Terse circumstances,' Willamette uni
versity is now a million dollar insti
tution. ; It is also the recipient of a
distinctive academic honor in that
the French Republic has bestowed a
membership upon one "of this year's
graduating class. Miss Freda Camp
bell. ,
- This was made known atthe an
nual meeting of the board, of trus-
" tees of Willamette' yesterday mora
lng. .
- -The general board of education of
the Rockefeller Foundation has of-
: fered $330,000 towards au addition
al endowment of.a million dollars.
At the same meeting was read an
offer of $17,300 each year for two
; years for the salaries, of professors
1 and their current expenses. The of
fer came by telegraph from' the tarn?
board of education and is to hold
good provided .friends of the institu
tion match the gift of $35,000.
By motion, the board of trustees
Instructed President Doner to ac
cept the offer.
Vi As soon as the present campaign
lor-$100,000, for the, rebuilding ot
Waller; Lall and completion ot the
new. .Lausanne hall is completed a
formal acceptance -of the additional
$330,000 gift ! will be taken up. dis-
. posed ) of and plans, fornfulated tor
the $850,000 campaign to meet the
million dollar endowment. ;
I , The, employment of a man to have
supervision of the work for she rals
"ing of these additional amennts was
.also authorized by action of the
board ot trustees. , -, .
! Yesterday's meeting was character
lzed by those 1n touch with official
circles to be epoch-making, and it Is
' said to be the beginning of the narg-
er growth and development of the in
According to dans now in the
- hands of the officials of the nnrver-
sity, Willamette will be more than a
two million dollar institution within
the next two years.
The other distinct honor that was
bestowed upon Willamette univer
sity, as announced at the meeting, is
- the selection of one of the graduates
of this year for a - scholarship ot-
fered by the French, republic to Am
erican university students.
Under a reciprocal' arrangement
- between the , two republics scholar
, ships are offered to 10 students of
each country. The prerequisite for
this scholarship Is a fluent know
ledge of the French language, dili
gence as a student and exemplary
- The fortunate student from Wil
lamette university is Freda Campbell
': or Independence. She is the daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Willamette
Campbell who now live at 360
- North Twenty-first streetSalem.
1 Miss Campbell will sail from New
York In company with the other 18
1 successful American student about
September 15. All expenses under
this scholarship will be provided by
the French government except the
The report also comes from the
meeting that the university faculty
will have new faces next fall. All
of the members of the present facul
ty are to be retained, save four who
" are to leave for other colleges or
That Willamette was growing was
revealed by the action of the .trus
tees in adding three new member
as assistant instructors In the var
ious departments for the coming
year. They will relieve burdens that
- have been shouldered by the present
corps of instructors.
Also the salaries of the instruc
tors were raised, by the vote of the
board. . The salary of the president
was raised to $5000, the dean t
$3000, and those- members of the
: faculty whose salaries are now $1600
to $2200, of those drawing $1700 to
$2400. Minor improvements about
the campus were approved by the
KANSAS CITY, Mo., June 15.
. An increase of 10 cents a pound for
fio. 1 loin and No. 1 ribs on the
Kansas City market today was ac
companied by the highest prices for
grass fed cattle nuoted since last
December. Choice live animals
. brought $17 a hundred, which shows
, n increase of $4 in a week.' Short
a$ rges of this class of cattle is given
as the cause.
Airplane Will Shortly Take Oi l Man
to M) Mtrrtou Mine Where He Will
Regain EnormouM Lost Fortune
PORTION!). Or.. June 13.
"Death Valley" Scotty. who won nation-wide
attention about 13 years
ago by chartering a special train
from Los Angeles to New York for
which he alleged he paid $30,000.
today quit his pick and shovel Job
with a gang of street workmen here.
and left for San Francisco.
Scotty asserted at the time of his
sensational exploit, that the money
which he paid for the train came
from a mysterious mine in Death
Valley, lie said today that he in
tended to charter an airplane In tue
near future to make another pourney
to his mine in Death Valley, where
he declared tie could recoup his for
Not Enough Conveyances Yet
lasted for Shrine Excur
sion Up Valley
Salem citizens who are plannln;
to make the trip to Portland Wed
nesday, June 23 to help bring 'he
Shriners up the Willamette vallay
are expected to notify the Jsaletu
Commercial club at once so t fa
Shrine committee in Portland may
maCe reservations for accommoda
The Portland committee lias
agreed to find roefms for the driv
ers of the Salem cars, but as it la
extremely difficult to secure sleep
ing quarters for any one in the city
during the week a list must be sent
in at once.
It was thought that every Cher-
rian would turn In the names of 10
car owners who would be will in
to take their cars to Portland for
the drive. Up to date, however, very
few members of that organization
have riven their list to the club and
It Is urged that every Cherrlaa make
special effort during the next tew
days to complete this list so that
those In charge of the drive may
know where they stand and what
arrangements need be made.
Letters were sent out yestsrdiy
by the Commercial club to car own
ers who have signed for thj trip
asking that they notify that organi
zation at once whether or not they
have arranged for accommodations
while In Portland. - :
European Steamers to Stop at
City Making a Ten Day
Service Possible
PORTLAND. June 15. Hereafter
all vessels of Williams. Diamond St
company's European-Pacific fleet
wlll.tall at Portland, giving this port
a 10 days service between Europe,
New York and Roston. Frank A.
Hooper, general freight agent of the
company.' announced here today, sir
Hooper is conferring with officials
of the Columbia Pacific Shipping
company, representative of Williams.
Diamond & Co., on the Columbia
Vessels of the fleet sail from the
Pacific coast to Europe and return
by way of New York and Boston.
Crowds Hear Trial of
Alleged Husband Killer
SKATTLK. Wash.. June 13.
Crowds jVu-ked Judge Itoyd i D.
Tallman's' department of the super
ior court here todav when Madge
Anna Sawyer. 21, alleged slayer or
her husband. Howard I. Fawyer. was
placed on trial charged with second
degree murder in connection with
his death May 10. A jury of lour
women and eight men had been se
lected when court adjourned this
afternoon, and actual trial of the
case waa eipected to begin tomor
row. Mrs. Sawyer, the sta'e alleges
hot and killed her husband as he
was leaving their power cruir
moored in Lake Union here, follow
ing a long quarrel between the two.
She has entered a formal p!ea of
not guilty because of temporarily
insanity at the time of the shooting.
Johnson May Go Oat
On Independent Ticket
WASHINGTON. June 1 5. Notifica
tion that 5.000 persons In Oregon
had signed a petition asking Sena
tor Johnson of California to repud
iate the Republican platform and
make an independent coiifst for
the presidency as coctaine-1 In a
message sent by W. P. Adams. Port
land attorney, had not reached the
senator's office when it closet for
the day.
Senator Johnson, who returned
from Chicago last night, did not ap
pear at the capltol today, and at .i!s
omce it was said he was resting at
his home at Kiverdale, Md.
Statement of Dr. Nicholas
Murray Butler Vicious and
- Malicious Falsehood Says
Would Be Candidate
Campaign Committee Com
posed of Finest Men in
CHICAGO, June 15. Major Gen
eral Leonard Wood in a signed state
ment tonight characterized as vi
cious and malicious falsehood" a dec
laration by Dr. Nicholas Murray But
ler of New York that a "motley
group of stock gamblers, oil and min
ing promoters, munition makers and
other like persons" backed the gen
eral's campaign for the republican
General Wood said that he regret
ted to make the statement, but that
it was necessary to "brand a faker
and to denounce a lie."
Declaring that the men who man.
aged his campaign were of "extraor
dinarily high character." the general
said that the attack upouj them "is
Infamous' 'and that Mr. Puller's ac
tion was an "attempt to Ingratiate
himself with certain elements which
exercised a determining Influence at
the convention." '
The statement follows:
"I have just read the statement
issued in New York by Nicholas Mur
ray Butler to the effect that a motley
group of stock gamblers and others
tried to buy the. presidential nomlna
tion for me and that the foices who
were defeated in their Insolent, at-
tmept to buy the nomination repre
sent alt that is worst in American
business and political lite.
"The statement is a vicious and
malicious falsehood. I would Ignore
It if it were directed at me alone,
but I cannot remain silent when my
loyal friends and supporters are vilified.-
"Colonel William Cooper Procter,
who was chairman of my campaign
committee. Is a man of extraordinary
high character, known throughout
the length and breadth of the land
for his absolute Integrity and hon
esty. His associates were men ot
like character, most of whom re
sponded ot their country's call dur
ing the war. They typify a group ot
progressive Americans. The attack
upon them is Infamous .
"The forces which brought me be
fore the convention with preponder
ant forces were hundreds of thou,
sands of patriotic men and women In
every walk of life who have Indorsed
me at nation-wide conventions, nation-wide
state primaries and in a
nation-wide poll ot unprecedented
"This action of Nicholas Murray
Butler Is an attempt to Ingratiate
himself with certain elements which
exercised a determining Influence at
the convention and possibly to ex
plain his own political weakness. It
Is a self seeking cowardly attack,
made under the cloa of an alleged
public service, which was never in
tended or rendered.
"I regret to make a statement of
this kind, but it is necessary in this
instance to brand a faker and to de
nounce a lie."
Harding Against
Rowdy Campaign
WASHINGTON. June 13. Sena
tor Harding the Republican candi
date for the presidency, indicated In
a tonierence ioaay hu nrN'i"
men his opposition to a ' barn
storming" campaign. Hi preference
on the other band -would be for
somewhat or a "front porch' cam
paign from his home in Marion.
Ohio, with a limited n'imber of set
speeches on specific occasions.
The Republican nominee alo
made It clear that there would oe
no delay in opening th" rampalsn.
announcing that it wou'd not await
the official notification of his nom
ination. The notification, he id.
would not take place lWor- ,Jiily 13.
Friends of the senator delated he
believed the office of chief execu
tive was too high and to- Important
to be sought through a caatinnom
series of whirlwind campaign tours.
Senator Harding also announced
today that he would not resign his
seat in the senate prior to the term
ination of his term on March 2.
Mr. Harding received b'tt f "w vis
itors and he continued hi efforts to
clear away the vast amount t let
ters and telegrams congratulating
him on his nomination.
Leslie M. Shaw, former sretary
or the treasury, was one or his few
callers. Other callers weie Senator
Chamberlain. Oregon, and Walsh.
Montana, Democrats.
.i:m. icMi( ui:imiv moiimm;, ji
Fair of iHtbinsky Still t'nknown I hi!
Officer Claim New Klrarr
Eight Meat Heh-aMil Not Guilt)
PORTLAND, June IS. That de
velopment In the investigation of
the mysterious dlapiearanre of
Harry Dublnsky. for-hlre automobile
driver, who Is believed by the police
to have been murdered, would be
forthcoming within the next 21 hours
was predicted tonight by Lieutenant
of Inspectors Goltz.
He ossed his prediction on n-aw
evidence obtained. the nature cf
which he retuMd to diiteloc. f
Eight men. arretted In various ac
tions of the city, were Uken to the
police station lor investigation In
ronnection with Iuhiaky's disap
pearance. AH were freed a'ter be
ing questioned.
All surrounding cities have been
asked by the Portland authorities to
aid in the search for a man suspected
by the police of being Implicated in
Dublnsky'a disappearance, and de
scriptions of the suspect have been
telegraphed to all sections of th?
Oil Companies Assure Mayor
That Contention Needs
Will Be Cared For
PORTLAND. June IS Mayor C.
L. Itaker of thin eity waa assured to
day by representative of the oil
companies that there would b-
enough gasoline conserved in this
etty from the amount allocated to
Portland to rare for the Shrine Im
perial council session, which meet
here for three days next week. The
oil companies have been rationing
the citizens' cars to 20 per rent ot
the car's tank capacity and permit
ting the commercial trucks to have
73 per cent of the tank rapacity.
Every attempt is being made to rare
for essential Industries an food pro
duction wltL the normal supply as
allocated lo the districts throughout
Oregon. I.
Vice President Arrives for
Convention Almost Thru
With Politics
Thomas Riley Marshall, vice presi
dent of the Fnited States, arrived
here today to attend the Democratic
national convention as a delegate
from his home state. Indiana.
One of Mr. Marshall's Hrst state
ments to Interviewers who greeted
him was that he "wouldn't accept
the nomination for president on a
silver platter."
"I am an old man who has torn
his hair for Hryan. slaved for Par
ker, and done his hardest for Wil
son, and I am about ready to retire
from politics." the vice president
"Tlio Republican are making the
mistake of their lives In thinking or
the Noveml-r election as a foregone
conclusion and of the Ixwiocrats as
a disorganized, defeated party. They
are going to rind us very much alive
in November.
Asked his opinion of the Republi
cans selection of Warren C. Harding
as standard learer. he sa'd:
"The Republicans are pot no well
pleased now a they mere on Satur
day night. Personally I have blth
retard tor Senator Hardinr. I would
do anything for hint cc pi vote ror
As a de'eeate. Mr. Marshall said
he would not work ror a wet plaak
In the Democrat's ilattorm. In con
nection with the prohibition amend
ment he sid:
"Nothing is so detrlmen'il to the
country as the pui of lawr ani
the Ignoring ot thoe same laws."
"President Vilon would not want
a third term. I b. iee." he said,
"lie could hate It. Huieh. if he
desired it."
Regarding the league or nation,
he was noncommittal.
Questioned regarding the probable
action or the convention on the I rith
'lueMion. Mr. Marshall said: "Tkert
I no Irish iuetion so far as the
contention i concerned. Perhaps
93 ht rent of American are in srm-
Lpathy with the ratine ot Ireland, but
'm than 1 per rent would willing
to bear arsns to help her win free
ropKNHAC.KN. Jim 1.".- Kmtd
RasmnsM-n. Iranlsh explorer, and Pe
ter Frenchen. Ms cartographer, are
preparing an expedition to visit the
northernmost! America F-jiaimaux..
tiasmustien declared today the expe
dition probably would ie the tonge'.t
one he ever made, he f lans to take
provisions enough to last for five
years, but considers it more llkel-'
ae trip will last seven. Fourte'n
men will comprise the party.
nf, ib. ihou.
Liquor Question Causes Open
Disagreement on Conten
tion Floor Harmony of
Meet Threatened
Republicans Charged With
Evading Vital Issues in
LKWISTON. Idaho. June IS Un
expected Injection of the liquor ques
tion Into the deliberations of the Id
aho democratic stale convention here
tonight precipitated the only open
disagreement on the convention floor
that had to that time arisen, and for
a time threatened the apparent har
mony which has marked the conven
tion's sessions.
The question came up on a mo
tion by Harry Keler of Uoiae to
substitute fur a declaraiion In the re
port of the resolutions committee In
favor of enforcement of the Vobtead
act. a resolution which had been pre
sented to the resolutions committee
and tabled by the committer. He
waa warmly seconded by a a urn her
of speakers from various parta of the
state who demanded a more sweeping
declaration by the party on the ques
tion. After a viva voce vote had failed
to determine the Issue aad a motion
for a roll call on Mr. Kesaler's mo
tion had been carried, he modified
his substitute to the" apparent satis
faction of a majority of the dele
gates, and It was adopted by aa aye
and nay vote.
The resolution on the questioa as
adopted by the convention read:
"The republican party la Its na
tional platform cowardly surrender
ed to the selfish liquor Interests by
evading all expression on the great
est moral question of the age. the
adoption and enforcement of nation
ah prohibition. That the democratic
party may speak la no uncertain
terras on that Issue, we Instruct oar
delegates to the Saa Francisco con
vention to stand ancompromiaiagly
tor a clear and positive declaration
In the democratic national platform
approving the lOllh amendment to
the federal constitution and pledging
the party not to countenance the re
peal or emasculation of the Volstead
enforcement act.
A second paragraph, withdrawn by
Mr Keakler at the succestlon of
United State Senator John F. Nu
eent. waa the center ot somewhat
warm debate, la the course of which
Mr. Kesaler named Governor Ld
wards of New Jersey and Governor
Cog of Ohio as aspirants for the dem
ocratic nomination for president who
he declared had the backing of the
linuor Interests. The paragraph
eliminated sought to Instruct the Id
aho delegates to the national ro
ventlon to vote for no candidate tor
the presidential nomination "that is
friendly to the liquor interests or
w -. ill inwofn In anv war the re-
pealing or weakening ot the national
nrnhthltlon statutes
Stale Chairman Jerome J. Day ad
vied against the Inclusion ot the
substitute motion aa submitted, de, iht It waa a delicate matter
best left alne.
former Governor James II. Haw
ni rA in the running for
the vice presidential nomination over
his own objection whenithe conven
tion adopted a reolutlnrf Instructing
the delegates to San Franrt-o m
...n,rt him fr that office. He org
ed its withdrawal, saving be helieve,r
the delegates should be unlnstrucle,!
on vice president as on prestJent. but
objections were ralrd. among other
by Senator Nucent. who sa.d trtt
while sentiment In Idaho wss divid
ed on presidential aptrants. there
was no division cn the vice president-
I.I .atltkle.
.k,c isolations adopted endfTv'
r. President Wilson' administration NKWAKK. X. J. Jnne 1VJees
and the Versailles treaty i'h It Nurent. New Jersey's rpreeta
league of nations, endorsed Hetiator f ,jt th, rfemorrs'lc pisiform mm-
Nu rent's record and pleiei en
support for re-election; rnni'mnni
the record of the present mnirrs.
recommended a nsttonai pi
plank for "hUhrr stands of mu
legislation for momen and children
and the creation of a separate na
ttonal department of education, arnu
ravored recognition of me tnio,
ot ex-servie men "by ocb proper
legislation both state and national
shall be in accord with their wishes
and the public welfare"
Another resolattoa adopted pro
sided for the election of twenty four
delegate, to the national
each with one third vote, and the
cnVrntion on motion of ''.'l'
Committeeman Robert ',d;r;
named by acclamation as four f the
12 delegates at large Stale t-halrmaa
Day. .Senator Nngent and former
Governors Hawley and Most Ab-s-
"iV' Elder was re-elected nallonal
committeeman without opposition by
(Continued on pa )
i:.MitTT are vi:dif.i
After Alc44W mr)MMa S"ti
unit Will Make Home at X
North Libert j Mrrrt
Verdn M Moffitt. traffic offkr.
and Nellie Kndkott. both ot .Un.
ere married yesterday nooa at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. CtrU Moore.
131 Center strrt- with only Im
mediate relative and a few f rlwu J
Rev. N. Atdrlcb f tb Lell
MfthodiM F.pUcepal rharrb cffc"
rd uniBg lh nag crrvtnony. The
brl-1emaid was Mr. lUary ullaxr.
a slater of the bride aad the grooms
man was Klmer !.. Terrl'l.
Mr. aad Mr. Moffitt left lsam4-
lately after the cremoy on a motor
trip to Portland and l"aradU here
they IM Uit with relate for sev
eral day
t'l-n their retara Ihry will make
their home at : North L4erry
Street Cars Raise Rates to
Eight Cents Cash or Serea
and a Half In Books
PORTLAND. J" U Portland
car larva today went on the increas
ed basis recsaili ordered by the pwb-
llc service remmisioa. The rate of
(are are: Cash, right reals. la
strips of rls tickets prrba&l oa
cars. ? reals: la le ticket books.
Tickets fold la. book on tk old
basis of 12.73 a bcrna were accepted
by conductors o all line.
Medical Authorities Estimate
100,000 Deaths Dorxss
1919 From Disease
NF.W YORK. June U.-Udtl
ft peril' estimates of the number of
deaths from cancer la the I ailed
Stales la ttl placw the Hears- at
1 Oa.s as. and the a am bee of persosjs
afflicted at present at lee.eee. Dr
Frederick Dwcdale of liostoa. a vfcrj
president of the allied medical ism
rial ion ot America, declared today a
the organltatloa's aiath aaaaal coa
Sufficient evidence has bei gath
ered, he aald. to support the theory
tnai ia aitease ongiaates la a row
rtltatkmal or blood ailment, that the
Individual has within bis body the
pre-duposiat cause of li and that
it r-q sires only certain "eslstiag
causes- to develop. Cure Is possible
a mm . . ...
e saij. it me ttritiag tutei are
removed and th prw-disposlag fac
tors properly irrated.
Xlr Helen f. pearo. secretary
of th vtvl-aertmn Investigation
league of New York, declared the re
nlta of vivisection did not warrant
its continuance.
Justice Benson to Speak
at Reunion of Pioneers
Jusitr Henry I. tVesoe of the
slate saprem cosn will deliver the
opealer address at lb aaawal ple
nlc and rriakoa or the Waldo 1 1 tils
Pioneer aoeutton nett Faferday.
The picnic will be held n the farm
of Mrs John A. Ilant 1 : miles east
of Salem S
Aa all-day prcrsw Is t ar-rsncr-d
sn. will K rnm!MH i a
Iji or Maic will l Imiilih'.i
? St r-r t h m mer's band
The p.rnlr Is one f he m(
looked forward to events t the St2
!amette valley earn samsner.
James N agent to Fight
Wet Plank in Platform
BK announced hre tonight that!
h mtt tttht to arrprte a
pUnk la th platform at the
national convention la Franrltco
lie will be backed p la his effort
by the orher members cf the Vw
Jersey delegation, according in Uar-
, or Frederick
Ionnellr of Trenton.
an. a h-r member of the state's big
SKW YOIfK. June I J Th su
preme rw rt tndsv denied tncorpw
atton to a Niriri y ttselt the
"Institute fur Industrial and Tecb
nical Aid li otirt iii
The arpiwsilon I r la'orprsiiou
tae as lh- ,ict of th sorter ih
mental, cul'aral and trbrat d
velopmeat ot the member of the
Roslaa ro!ny in the raited H'a'rs."
In refusing to grant It. Justice
Tleraey said: -We bars no colonies
in the United States, aad a sentiment
In the contrary i B0t to be e-cottragd
Daluth Scene of Hanjisj
When 5000 Citizens Stem
Jail and Drag Forth Ne
groes Accused of Assault
City Police and Fire Depart
ment Unable to Cope With
WlATir. Miaa, Jsa 11. Tkrs-s
aecroe-a were lynched kerw tea!rt.t
ty a mob estimated at tfS persoas
which overpowarwd tte police. tok
r-saloa of police kxeadaartert
ad setied the aefroe. who wsrw
he!4 la toaaertloa i: aa attack
oa a yowsc white girt.
Not a aovot waa fired la Ike attack
oa the poitc etatie. tae sem!Uer
of that so asiag wricks sad ettr
issulee aai la the Caal lUfrs ef lis
tUht streams ot water frcsa fire bo
taken from the police them!.
A mock trial waa katd ty Ike txA
ta the stat Vow aad three aegroee
were fouad gutlty aad three others
also held 'a rowaectUa w .th lao s
sault were acltte4 aad I a r4 tuack
le the police.
Shortly after laidaffat tk
till surrowaded tka poiire stfa
bat there waa tadiratica ef far
ther IrwubU. Tha ptcw beUrved
the snob weald upre ta a Jw
kewra without fsrttsr dissjrtf er.
Eight pdltcwasea aad a aewscpr
reporter rf fered caiaor U'anee ta
Ike attack oa the poiKe ataUoa. Tkr
were hit by TrrKka or ether salaclrt.
or were swept off thetr feet aad se
verely bum 14 ta tk water T-ckt
If waa rTrted Ikal tkrte or tc-sr
tracks aa aaloaMtea loaded with
tseaera of Ue rco5 k4 at
SBidstfit tevrarf Ylrgtau. where tt
waa amid, fear exaVar aegrswe Itai
b-w arreeie4 la eoeaecttoa w;i4 tx
sane raa.
The aerr were r9f.aWts wt:h
a cirrus thai a;pare4 tere yesJsr
day aad Ike aiJered attack oa the IT
y ear-eld wh!te gtrt tck ptare ow tb
cirrus crosads last aUb The ctrews
waa la VL-g-al today, aaj It was
aJ4 eight negroes were UJkra La '.a
rauody there bat oaly fsr a-tIS,
One report waa thai lie Ylrg-aU
aatborttlea aad Joka trjky. Oa
lath's chisf et police, ksd s.arul
back ta Dalsth U ttewe fear sas
powts before ike saeb troaile brol
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