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Fair Grounds 'Taken Under
City's Wing by Big Vote
Halvorsen Has Heavy Mar
gin Over Mayor Wilson
Attendance at National Con Tent Ion
With Senator W ill Ue One Di
version of Jannt
Yerden Moffit Claims Lead of
300 for Marshal With Two
r Precincts Out
riuci: five am
Attorney John H. MeXanr will
Jeave Salem today for New York
city to take deDosition in a fm ha
lias in the federal courts In Port
After finishing his business in
New York. Mr. McNarv will m m
Washington. D. C to visit hi broth.
er. senator Charles L. McNarv. and
will accompany the senator to Chi
cago wnere they will attend the Re
publican national convention.
At the close of J re convention the
senator will ccme to Oreron with
his brother for a six weeks' vacation
and it is expected that he will spend
a good part of his time in SalemJ
, Uohn H. McXary attended the na
tional convention in 1912, when
President Taft was nominated.
Figures at Midnight, 60 Per
Cent of Vote Counted,
Johnson 37,428, Wood 35,-
669, Lowden 12,908.
On the basis of returns complete
from 12 of the 18 Salem precir.rts
the people have chosen to annex
the state fair grounds as a part of
the city by a vote of 1127 to 758
; These returns show that both the
proposed charter amendments arc
carried. . One of them increases the
salary of the chief of police from
11200 to'$lS00 a year. The other
provides that the cost of improving
all streets and alley intersections
hall be paid by tho city; that the
cokt Of street Improvements to tri
angular and small irregular blocks
ihall hot exceed the average super
ficial area rate of assessment upon
regular blocks within such improve
ment (district; that the cost of ex
cavations, tills, grading, etc., shall
be distributed pro rata over the im
provement district;,, that property
butting - and adjacent to a - street
improvement shall be divided into
three equal parallel sones, and the
eost of su-h an improvement shall
be assessed by cones, instead of by
lots. . - . - -
Earl Race apparently will retain
his post as city recorder, leading W.
D. Evans by a vote of 1180 to 851.
Halvorsen's lead over O. J. Wilson
for mayor is to 883.
For chief of police, Moffit has a
core of HI. .Welsh 62, Morelock
, 383, and Patterson 257. Moffit, who
has canvassed .the polling places.
Anybody's Victory Until Fi
nal Inning When Score
Stood 3 to 2
Constitutional Amendments
Seem to Hare All Car
ried by Safe Margin
CORVALL1S. Ore.. May 22. Ore
gon Agricultural college won the
final game of the- college baseball
season from University of Oregon
here today, 3 to 2. It was anybody's
victory until the final inning.
Score: r r. h. E.
U. of O. .. .... . .... 2 8 5
O. A. C. n. 3 6 1
Batteries Berg and Leslie;
Keene and Gill.
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Argentine Rinses Ban On
Sugar and Fixes Prices
i -
1 1 ,.
BUENOS AIRE3, May 22. The
ban o nthe exportation of sugar has
been lifted for 90 days and with a
lmit of 100,000 tons by a decree is
sued by President Irigoyen. To pre
vent an undue advance in the domes
tic price through lifting of the ban
the decree fixes the maximum price
at the equivalent of 11 cents gold per
pound. If this price Is reached, ex
portation must Immediately cease.
PORTLAND. Or.. May 22. At a
late hour tonight. Johnson was lead
ing Wood for the Republican 'presi
dential preference In Oregon by a
plurality of 1.755 with approximate
ly 60 per cent of the vote of the state
counted. These figures were based
on complete returns from 383 of the
413 precincts of Multnomah county
and partial returns from the others,
and on complete 'returns from four
and partial returns from all but two
of the remaining 31 counties of Ore
gon. Johnson's lead in Multnomah
was 1638 and in the outside coun
ties 121. The count stood: Johnson
37.428; Wood 35.669; Lowden 12.
908; Hoover 12.205.
Flrat of Retire of Dinner Given by
Domestic Science Department
of Willamette
The domestic science department
at Willamette university la planning
a series of six dinners to be served
to groups of the faculty by members
of the cooking class. The first of
the series was given Thursday eve
ning by the Misses Mildred Clarke.
Mildred Stevens. Ardys Doughton
and Ethel Fogg. The faculty guests
were professor and Mrs. Gustav.Eh-
wn. Dr. and Mrs. Carl G. Doney, who
acted as host and hostess; Deau
Francis Richard, and Professor Lid a
Fake, head of the domestic science
The next dinner will be served at
6 p. m. Monday. May 24. by Misses
Fern Wells. Gladys Gilbert. Freda
Heck and Ruby Roseneranx. The
girls who serve the meal plan It and
prepare everything themselves, from
the baking of the bread to the freez
ing of the ice cream. The guests for
the Monday dinner will be Professor
Alice Dodd. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Clark,
and Professor and Mrs. W. E. Kirk.
Alleged to Hare Been Ami
sinatcd in Cowardly Man
ner by Col Herrero of His
Own Body Guard
' PORTLAND. Or., May 22. Com
plete returns 'from two of the 33
counties in the state; Incomplete re
turns from 27 counties and complete
returns from 246 Multnomah (Port
land) county precincts, listed the
presidential candidates In the follow
ing order:
Johnson 21.447; Wood. 18.741:
Lowden 8.341; Hoover 6.508.
Johnson was leading Wood la
Multnomah county by 807 votes. He
was leading the general upstate by
1.899 votes.
, Senator . George E. Chamberlain
appeared to have been renominated
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Retiring: From Business
Goes Down Saturday, May 29th
Next Saturday at 8 o'clock the curtain, at Barnes' Cash Store, goes
down for the last time, - , T - . -
For, more than twenty-eight years we have endeavored to faith
fully serve the people of Marion and Polk counties by giving the
best posshle values for the money received.
For extra good measure we now offer the remainder of our mer
chandise at a further reduction of 33 1-3 per cent or exactly
This Is
The Last
Don't Miss
Your Last
.The fact that we have disposed of one
of the largest stocks in the valley, without
ostentations- advertising, in a comparatively
short time, makes us feel that the people
have taken us at our word. Much of our
merchandise has been greatly reduced from
prices that never reached the top; to reduce
them one-third more means tremendous sav
ings to be, realized during the last week.
Ton may safely take us at our word to the
At Very Low Prices
Many have been sold and delivered. We
still have some good glass cases, plate glass
counters, tables, revolving racks, triple mir
ror, cash carrier system and numerous small
er, pieces of store fixtures, all at very reas
onable prices.
Shelving, made of wide spruce, to be
knocked down or sold in sections at the op
tion of purchaser, any quantity at 8c per foot
. a
:on s bOTcrnor Accom
panies Lieut Kelly on Hop
Blab to Stockton
SEATTLE. Wash.. May 22. Ac
companied by lien W. Olcott. of Ore
gon as a passenger. Lieutenant R. M
Kelley. 9th aero squadron, who to
morrow will attempt M one-day flight
Prophecy of Aged Nun Re
called by Accurate Fulfillment
INTO MILLER HOUSE ixtiu'dkk c.uhilh
inpleahaxt DisTt'nruxci:
Roc Hhatlrrs Pawe lUit XothJng lb-aid-
fa laaagd llaUnaawf,
Eoo-aalrra Prowler
Paul Miller, who lives at Norway
and Fifth v.rels. reported to the
pellr- jesteiday that at he was en
tering b!s Lome Friday alcht a ban
came from around the corner of hi
boa in a crest harry, and that hit
wife aid alter she had retired she
had heard a commotion la the treat
part of the Louse, bat that she dll
cot investigate the cause.
Mr. MllUr said that apoa lavestl
Latlnjc yesterday ucratar they found
that a reek had been hurled throagh
a window in the house, making a
large hole, hut that nomine. IniHs
the bouse had been disturbed. The
man Mr. Miner saw is dnrniwl as
being fully drvssed. but hatlcss.
With Two Precinct fMuing
ia Marion County General
Has Margin o f 3 1 Over Cal
ifornia Senator
WASHINGTON. May 22. Venus-
tlano Carrania has Joined the long
line of Latla-American dictators
who have ended their stormy car
eers in flight and death.
A fugitive in the mountains of Pu
bla. the old man who qept the United
States ana Mexico In a broil for tha
last five yesrs was killed on Thurs
day by some or the troops which had
protected him as a loysl bodyguard
In his flight from the Mexican capital.
Will Arrive at DeiOnation To
day For Ad Men's
No Chin j e in Legulatite
Slate, But Rim Presses
Martin Hard
SACRAMENTO. Ca. alar 55
I Irro-nn a linvfrnnr Arrnm-I his flight from the Mexican capl-l Promptly at t o'clock tonight the as
I I a 1 I InmnXlUa atf V. VaH V a mw
Whether he fell fighting or a vl- elation of Ad clsbs. nearly 10s
tim of the celebrated "ley fgua." strong and escorted by 20 machine
which made dead men of Madero I fros Sacramento, entered the city to
and Snares, or actuallr was murd- h blowing of boras.
ered In a coup d'etat. Is obscured In I Tne visitors were met at Del Paso
such fragmentary Information as has bT officials and members
come out of the tropical fastness of I ol w" Aa cibd. aeaaea T
Tlaxcaltonca. where ha died, nreaum- I Coghlll. president.
ablv surrounded be a r.w tovl At a a, m. io morrow ib raraeaa
from Blaine. Wash., to Stockton. I friend. 1 lr Stockton to attend the
Cal.. hopped off from Kent. Wash.. Early dispatches todsy from Met- pc,f AA Men's coot eat ion. Many
between Seattle and Tacoma late Ico Cite aald ih rnrmr hr..i..i saeramenians wiu accompany mem.
this afternoon for lUaine. Governor! w klllwl in an iiir. ia k r..n. I W. P. 8 1 rand berg, director of the
Olcott. it was announced, will accom-leral Herraro. who had gone with Portland Ad ! charge of the
nanr Lieutenant Keltev on the fl sht r.rr.m. n t,nt i.t ...i I caravan, ia tBiowuuc OTr lorn
to Stockton. to the revolutionists. The announce- N?"' "4 4Ur1 ,l dmi"!?r.t5
Lieutenant Kelley arrived last
from Kugene, Or. Governor Olcott
joined him at Salem, Or- on the trip
TTT 1IVP r..K Vf.v 4 ' Tl.n. M.. , I . , m Tt I
tenant R. M. KtUey. artffy aviator. I Paso Indicated that Carrs
and Governor Ben W. Olcott of Ore-1 been made prisoner and assas
gon. arrived Here this afternoon ai i in a "cowardly manner and
from Kent in one hour and one mm- him at the time had sent a protest I t
i . . . - . . - I UBIirv. a.vaaiu w sa r w
, C v, 7vin'r , . ,0TB Uon" . . terumed by the local Ad dsn sod
uuiovKvre ij "in. ivr I ue inn iui j mf nui w immru- I . w . lint ir
ki.wBiwu, u. iviuviiwi.. Min; pv uv u sou nrn ima tnmj v
m mm " m a I a a fx a . a. a .
Ljeuienani iveney saia lonigni i me snoject or aispute. in any evect
that be expected to reach Eugene. I It adds one more drop to the river of
Ore., at 7:30 d'clock tomorrow morn-1 blood which hss flowed over Mexico
Ing and Stockton. Cal.. by noon to- I since Porforlo Diss signed his abdi-
morrow. Two stops will be made, ac-1 cation in tears and died a heanbrok-
cording to his schedule, one at Eu- I en man in Spain
gene and the other at Montague. I Hut It does bring to mind a pro
Cal. Among the messages he will I phecy raid to have been made by a
deliver Is one from Governor Louis I nun. which Is now being talked about
F. Hart of Washington to Governor I all over Mexico. She prophecled. ac
W. D. Stephens of California. I cording to report that sfler Mexlro
Lieutenant Kelley has been direct-I had seen three Kraneiscos in public
ed by Major General Hunter Liggett lire sbe would have for president an
to deliver Governor Olcott at the l old man with a beard who would
meet a violent death and that h
would be succeeded by ap resident
who mounted his horse from the
With only two pre tacts. East I! ab
ba rd and Sale a Heights. oOsalsg
from the complete returns on Mar
ios county's prefsrvatlU sate for
preside at. Leonard Wood has a lead
of 31 vote over HI rasa Johasoa. The
vote Is Wood !ll, Jshaso !.
Vp to 11 o'clock last 't-l com
plete returns had tea received at
the county clerk oflice f rota If pre
cincts giving Johasoa a lead, the fig
ures being Johnson stiff and wood
2211. A caavaas of the poll: a c U
however, by leading sspportars of the
two tats breught returns from Raieta
precinct No. 1. No. 4. No, 2. No. 19.
No. 11 aad No. 17. all except No- 1
of which shoved a prefer see for
Wood, la No. 1 Joh&soa was two
ahead. These retaras gsve Wood a
lead of 31 votes la the cousty. Hoo
ver polled 771 votes a&4 Lowdea
Fraak Wrtghtmaa rolls HrwvOy
With C precise is roasted com
pletely there is ao chaage la the rw-
I la. t ai
ment. made at the headquariers of k i A 1 . It mnAnr trnm iiri IrL Ki; r7
i lairarT Kin iimv. i j y idi wm tfw a mi Mai i.a vita
R. Morgan, manager of a de-chasre to aoe hiss csL Weeks.
ales behlad
.l partmeat store t Seattle, said IhatS however. Is only 21 v
a. "J CallforaU must bee41r herself If she tR!f ga.
7id"T Is to keep pacw with Ore so a. which K oxer's Msrloa county
1 .'? by Christmas wlU have a paved high- auteal lth his miTf.m
tead Is eos
th res host
the stale. Marfoa cos sty retarms a
t rem end out vote for Frisk T.
fCoatlaued oa page II
By Rev. J. R. Back
headquarters of the weetern depart
ment. U. S. A. In San Francisco af
ter the stop is msde at Stockton.
The Paraclete. I he Holy Ghost,
whom the Father will aead la
My Name. He will teach you all
thing, John. xiv. 2V
Clubhouse Burns While
Forty days after Easier, oa Aren-
-wrong- side. The prophecy also 9iva "'
added that thereafter Mexico would sscenslon of our Lord lato heav-
Ion- Its independence.
Therj have been thrro Prmnriiroi
Bluerocks Are Smashed ,nv Mfo pbc the pro-
purcy wis miae. in re mere r nn-
mlmt rr 1 s ttaivrA strttar a M a 1 1 P- ei .
MAT.-! a ar a ft S I w -was a e uvw w m.r 9 s sesu
I WHH-A.MI. Ur., a. I M.H.r Ih. ranrrf..
.nrlKO Villa.
vu well
Obregoa. I
or .. Msy a--My pIllCo I. Msdero. the murd,
trapshoc.ters gathered from all over yf rnnf
the nor hwet and as Tsr east as Salt and1 , d VmntA
laikeclty. blaxe.1 away at 200 targets know f fc whhePB
en. Ten Oars later, or -9 aays auer
IUter. we rorumemoraie the feast
las the rhurrh terns all such great
(rraIon. I, of Pentkost. which H
really the birthday of Christianity,
tor It was the beaianlnc of the Chris
tian church Thocn the Apnetle
were to "preach to all nations. they
wvre aa yet inactive. They had been
In lh opening event of the annual I h lm. Ik. r..Aii vim t. .... i. .j i.
. V-x il. mm t- v as pv" ' " aa sa ea - I 1 1 tj t M y. a M it wsw-f w. til s v es . r ) mm
"sun i rnnu.M im iuurn- -.fw.jwt k l -f ik. -. ik.i I 1 ...
ment which held the boards here l&-1 .,.a .n mrm I rm..t .in, m
day. Iepiie the fact that the club thm Katt! r ri.'.r. n.nnt. h.r ,r. r tt.' nirf.i .n
hou-e was burned to the ground dur- I htm ,- frnn, , ,, .m. I i..... in .Kn. nt ii,. rt
Ing the shoot as the result of an t arranxa's death and the manner oiln-es of Ibe world for cooverlon.
plosion of an oil stove the entire pro-I i, r.rr,.i,iw m k.v. in.lrt..i Iik. i rni v
rram of the siring of ten evenla of 1 i,...!., nrt lhjl f i'-if.ilih ih ni Km- Ktw
rrana Tempieion. iormer wrernw .,der recotnt,on of ,hc KOvernnient not h-tn taasht by Him tor three
Male trap-th-wllng champion, and Ie-. whrh mnrril him. : bn Pr-i- ' Wa. thU three ear of Ihe-
ii. Kie-i. cattle prntemonai. nea iori drnt sulMtn va. lo r-r.s. cl.fy under Ihe grratei. IS- ,n?
nign nonors earn snauering i- o nixe Huerta he baw-d action ci M'm-Kl tracher of ChrlUlan r-rleece
it targets.
discouraged rae-a who had followed
Christ to His r.aal coadessaatioa.
bt a bold, learleea band. laetlri
aad empowered to plaal the Chris
tian faith.
Aad Just as the Apostles felt the
power aad strength which waa pro
mised them, so too do the people Ct
today feel aad realise the help ef
Ihe tame Holy Choat It they. are
earnest aad i latere, aad faith, with
out which no one caa be saved, grows
la one according to the co-operatlai
given to th spiritual Impulse era
aaatlag from the I loir GboeC Every
saa man is relictoasly lacllsed. It
may Indeed take bt a fores of su
perstition, or a tn may be a fan
atic. Ht religion la ia
maa's nature. He realls-a sub
roariouIy ofttme. that the one
thing he is striving eteraaHy far Is
hsrpiuesa. sni he also realitea that
It is wnobtaiiable la this world. The
things he imagiaed would give hln
that perfect happinees when he was
s child a top. a marble or a kite
were no nir la hts poaeioa
than I hey li-Mtnm tlreeoene aad sose
IMnc ew attrartel bla atteatkas
wbieh la he thought would g1v
the untimely doath of Madero ari he world eer ww not u(f:rknt for: htm thle happ.n-M, And so It went
it. I.. I.arey ot wens nr.. ana a- suarex and announced a broad i-II- tbetr work?
ner itialr. veteran Portland amateur. c , ,h. .. . (h , .-,.-; All th!. ma I- nwred tn th
placed se-ond with a score Of 191 would be recognlie.l whirh d!d no'
out of 2.. re,t on r0nlitutional election, and
J. H. Troeh of Portland, bad thirl wh,ch Wfi( (aMH, on forc of arm,
nlace to himself with 13. Hugh K. alonf,. A, ,t Kener.r recognlxed
Poston. Ssn Francisco profesMonsl. ,hllt no lfI Mico cou!j
placed fourth with 192 out of 2w hopm , ,Und wltho,lt rojajtioa
while tl. II. Newland of Portland: C. by ,ho ynitf State the death of
empieton ot e' "a t'arranxa and what reponlhllity the
hiddall of Astoria bunched for tiflh
money with 191 out of 200.
Mexican Ambatsador Is .
Reported Safe By Diaz
rolution may share In it ia regard
ed by officials and diplomats here s
certain to become a large element a
the government's action.
. lruited It than Mem.
EL PASO. Tex.. May 22 V. Car
ri.nza. president of MexUo and head
WASHINGTON. May 22. An of- of th- 72nd government that country
ficial dlopatfh received tonight by ahas had sinrr 1S2I. aeainaiel
member of the diplomatic corps said i at 1 a. m. Friday by Colonel Ro-lolft
Ygnacio Ilonillas. ' former Mexican hllerrero and his eolditr at Tlaxca!
ambasssdor at Washington waa ssfe. tenanco. I'uchli. according to me
The recipient was an intimate friend , sages received here from General
of the former arabasaador.
Dr. Alvaro Torre Diaz, confidential
agent here of the provisional govern
ment, tonight declared that the death
of Carranxa is "very much to be re
gretted." ,
ltUm-tNIi llltKtll AUVACHS
PORTLAND. Ore.. Msy 22 In
rreae of one cent in the price of a
I loaf of 1read w as announced today
by several Portland wholesale dal-
ers. effective Monday. Increased
i cost, of flour, sugar and labor, with
'no prospect of their going down, was
given as the reason for the rise.
dated at Mexico
alf lrr"atle. They had area Hire
give hear la to the deaf, tirhl In the
blind. a)e. even life to Ibe dead'
The had behald Him feed a taat
nnltttude of people with five loavej
and I hre fihes. Tber had een
Him walk upon the water Thy
had heard a voice from beaeo I w
ptoelaim!n Itim Sn of th K'er-al
Father. They bad reen Him trana
ftcired on Mount Tat-or. They had
een Him 'It on tse nt a&d rie
aicatn after three days, giving final
confirmation of all He had taught.
Hut the At-ovtle walteV. h eaaae
il waa the wi:i of Chnt. It war.
I a U e the Holy ".hot had But et
taken III part tn Ihe rele-'lo-r
or t'hnt knew that at knole.lre
Ikrongh kit life, and at ill beta no:,
n many a -. learned that all the
trMly j!re- and ambitWvts arw
a tr ere rhli..f rt. and that the real
bapptnea hirh be Ions for will
celt ti attained when he la uallod
to God.
The lr.!y Cbwt teach'S US that
we ere ereated for one asd owe
oaty irp- aed that te for the
a!atln of oir Immortal aowls. All
thisr mar te use! aa a means, bat
we ihiaM reer asfct of th-
nd in tfce rn-trsa. To tb- trwlv
rhMMtan r..B. hw footuh the lit
tle trinket aad ta ih'.ea ef Ihe world
ij,eir WHn f. rKl1. postiea.
horwr e;e . t.t a orJ4iy characttf
am- nnt t" at' r all
Ti.e Hoiv i:hol teaehef at alt
that (eoai J l hf un. getJ!ne Chrte-
all acienco and learninir poaalblej ttani'y l n t effeminate bnt manly.
aould Im of ro avail tb
inptralion of the Holy Ghnt in th
taith whlrh make a roan like anto
a little rhlid. la a word, the bod,
of Ihe Chmtian reiigl'to was ready,
but the so til had not yet Nn aent to
Alvaro Obregon.
City today.
"There were found six or seven
more bodiei of Ihe men in Carrania'
party." aaid one ni-eare from Obre-
Eon. "Il i not ulated who thee
men mich N."
Reports given r.nt by the re vol u
lionlsts said Carrania waa asaaasln-
sted by his own men. Herrero war
de-rribeaj ax an ex-federal officer
He vin one- an officer ia the Mexi
can army under IMaa who was forced
tt riata. Ua.lrn In tll
Carranxa was made . prisoner and ,l?a!.l"?pm,Bf?h .B. " !1
' tabled to speak different la & guar
(Continued on page 2.) d they went forth, aot the weak.
It moe rot o!f the ert and
tinient. hta" rrmmfei tb re a o a and
ill. and it i t h on thin f the r i
riw. man r-all atriee- a&d delre.
for It a null lt what the Hate
, tihot ha la-p!rd him t know wit.
It. and o the Ai-ot'e I o-tt fear of error to e'rrwai Laprv-Th-
arrounl of the denl i nw lut G-l doea cot arprote of
of the Holy :hoat Is clen in theit;,, h!f-way or Saadar fJin'.ai.
Act of the Apoatle. i. 1 -1 1 The! He n: care fr te f"rHlai
ApoHS wee- afetnble. when there
waa suddenly the aotind of a mlih
wind, and pj ri-tl limt'm of fir- d-r4-endd
and rtJd pon the head
of earb of t!.';ii. and Immediately
they felf the power and strength
who do- only Ma good ded a tb- .
Fharl- did that m. n talxbi
:rt He artd Ihe Holy Cto.t
t'arh n that ery tfcosSt. etery
word. ee.-y tdioa or d-4 whS'h i
done truly la the same of Christ
will product grace far the attain
ment of eternal Lapp Lars wiia God,
oir cnaly C-d.