The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 09, 1920, Page 3, Image 3

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Score in Seventh Was Tie, but
Kenworthy Lost Game for
Seattle in Eleventh
bourne took 'third and scored when
1. .t : ! a mm.
uuiugiou eingica 10 ten.
SEATTLE. May 8. Portland won
JU fifth straight Rame. from Seattle
UxUy,:6 to 5. Kenworthy's failure To
best the ball to the home plate cinch
ing Seattle's ueieVt in the 11th In
ning. iThe Beavers- scored in their
ttalf of the frame, and the Seattle
rlibt fielder attempted to tie the
icore by stretching a three-bagger in
to a home run. He was thrown out
at the paa,
Kallio and Selbold pitched good
v.n throaehout. but Kallio -wviA
the seventh, letting in three Seat-
i m nrl rvlnv ttia mam e r
. ran w e ivuic iu
; Score: R. H. E.
Portland . .. 6 14 2
Seattle! .i ............. 5 11 4
Batteries Kallio. Juney and
Koehler; Seibold and Baldwin (11
Vernoa 2; Oakland 1.
,LOSi ANGELES. May 8. Bill
JVrey.F signed yesterday by Vernon,
pitched and won his first game of
tba season an eleven inning con
test, 2 1 to 1. and broke the winning
itreak of Holling. Oakland pitcher.
Mitchell, opened the eleventh with a
ingle to left and went to second on
Oadbourne's hit. Both advanced a
bus on Fisher's sacrifice. Mltcneii
tu eanght -atr the plate on an at
tempted squeeze play while Chad-
Ia Angeles 4; Seals o.
Couch's Wlldness and San Francisco's
errors enabled Los Angeles to blank
the beats today 4 to 0. Los Angeles
scored its four rounds in the fifth,
when Couch walked the first three
batters, two of whom scored on
Griggs' single. Errors by Agnew and
Connolly permitted the other two
Score: , R. II. E.
Los Angeles.. 4 2 4
San Francisco : .......... 0 5 3
Batteries Aldridee and Bassler:
Couch. McQuald and Agnew.
Sarctmento 11: Suit Lake o
SALT LAKE CITY. Utah. May 8.
Airtight pitching: br Penner and
heavy stick work by his team mates
enabled Sacramento's Senators la
score a win over Salt Lake today 11
to 0. .Salt Lake made numerous er
rors and ' Pitcher Leverenz was re
placed by Refger in the seventh inn
iirg. . Scort?: R. H. E.
Sacramento 11 1. 1
Salt Lake 0 4 5
Pennr and Cook; Leverenz, Reis
er and Jenkins.
4 '
I t
J. C.
the rirst s t was 7-5 la Iau.-ol ilUi
Findley; second set C-2 In favor of
MNs Kay. and third pet -3 in favnr
f M.e Fladley.
Nonie Mood he plaved C M. Hrown.'
northwest champion tennis player
irom the Fniversity of Ore rod. a!
very close same. The score for the!
flr.t .-11 n I- -- . '
second set. 6-3 In favor of Brown,
I bird sei s-6 in favor Brown.
Harry Wentermann from l of O.
defeated Hugh Ikney in the nrt
two sets. 6-3. 6-1. The third sot waj
not played.
Canby High School Girl
Hit by Auto and Killed
x-SJi :mcunr-d n the r"-n i- nj
show here with the sanction o.r M.-'Jorj
Genaral Clarence S. Edwards vl the'
ordnance department of the army.
The special 300 h. p. army motor
is built around a 37 millimeter can
non, which Is boused In the crank
caxe of the motor. It fires an inch
and a half armor piercing shell. th
cannon muxzle projecting through
the propeller base. It has a 14-inch
For ground-strafing of tanks.
breakinK up of battle formatters of
airplanes, and destruction of helium
dirigibles the shells will be loaded
with buckshot, according to John M.
Rogers, aeronautics: encTaeer of New
Brunswick. N. J.
'! ' a-
Marshall and Gram WUl
Study Safety Standards
To iudy the system of safety
standards in California and methods
of enforcement of the law, C. II.
Gram. Ktate labor commissioner, and
y. A. Marshall, chairman of the
tate indestrial accident commission,
left last night for Sacramento. The
trip is preparatory to placing Into
full effect the safety standard law
enacted at the legislature of 1919.
The new Oregon law, which is simi
lar to the California statute, pro
vides that ' the Industrial accident
commission shall fix the safety stan
dards and that the law shall be en
forced by the labor department of
the state.'
J. C. Perry, a druggist and for 30
years a resident of Marion county,
has become a candidate for represen
tative. Mr. Perry has not been a candidate
for any office previous to this time.
His slogan is honest, economical, just
CANBV. May 6. Funeral services
for Miss Cora Keebaugh. high school
student of Canby, who died Tuesday
evening following Injuries received
when she was struck by an automo
bile, near Goode's bridge, a short dis
tance south of Canby. were held to
day from the Canby Nazarene
church. The interment was in the I.
O. O. F. cemetery near Barlow.
Miss Keebaugb was one of the!
popular students of the Canby high
school and took an active part tn the!
recent sohool entertainment. In ad
dition to ber studies she had been,
caring for her father's home and a ,
young cousin, wno maae ner nome
with them.
A wider Interest In the foreigners in
charitable Institutions of this coun
try with the object or Americanizing
them was urged by Mrs. Truman II.
Newberry, wife of United States Sen
ator Newberry of Michigan, in open
ing the 35th annual conference ui
the needle work guild of America
here today.
Mrs. Lucy Jane Sarcy Is
Dead After Short Illness
Mrs. Lucy Jane Sarcy died yester
day at her home. 2307 Maple avenue.
after a brief illness. She was 82
years old. She is survived by five
children. H. B. Sarcy of Portland.
Edward C. Sarcy of Juneau. Alaska,
Mrs. Addie M. Mackey of Salem.
Mrs. J. H.'Rice of Alberta. Canada,
and Mrs. V. S. Norton ot 8an Francisco.
The body was sent by the Tefwlll-
iger funeral home to Portland last
night and funeral and burial ser
vices will be held in that city on
Mary Findley Defeats
University Champion
liss Mary Findley, Willamette's
champion tennis player, defeated
Miss Marjorie Kay, representative oi
the University of Oregon, yesterday
in an excitinic same. The score tor
Service Commission Sends
Church to San Francisco j
J. W. Church, chief of the grain I
inspection dpartmnt of Orgon public i
irrvice conmisslon. with offices la!
Portland, has been assigned to go 19 (
San Francisco Tuesday to attend a
convention of the Foreign Commerce
association of the Pacific coasts The
meeting has been railed primarily
for the purpose of establishing uni
lorm and regulations govern
ing foreign commerce as they affect
imports and exports. The "conven
tion is regarded as donbly Important
for the reason that the standard of
weighing will be discussed. '
Cannon Motor For Large
Ah Battle Cruisers
.. r
SAN FRANCISCO. May .--Devel-opment
of a cannon-motor for high
powered battle cruisers of the air for
the ordnance department "of the
J United States army places America
In the van of military aeronautics
.and revolutionizes aerial tirhilnn. it
Are You a
The New Furl
Made From Coal Oil
No smoke, no nslie. no soot,
just heat
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Court Street
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1920 MaxweD Roadster.
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Cole 5650
Thoroughly overhauled
White $700
' -. Special body
Overland... $275
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Irg stock of Accessories and parts of all L!ui.
We ncrer close
, ...
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P?r Record?
We Carry the Complete Catalogues
Victor, Columbia. Brunswick
arid: Pathe Records
The records we are out of are the Records that
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your selection.
We send no records on approyal; therefore you
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'! Sacred Music .
For Ten Days
We have given our
friends and patrons un
restricted pick and
choice from our entire
stock and are grateful
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age .
' . . ' , . i ' -EE r
The People of Salem and vicinity are concerned, for every man, woman and child is
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are the only kind that find a place in this w:Il known stock, if they are" from Price's
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NdHTFTHF ph FMirMiiTh,inFinnir
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true economy tn the
language of dollars
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1586 Church in the Wild Wood ........ .Chaatauqua Preachers
! Boys of the Old Brigade Quartet
2389 Abide With Me
H . What A Friend We Have in Jesus.
.Henry Burr
.Henry Burr
24161 There i a Green Hill Far Away. Henry Burr
Alt Hail the Power of Jesus' Name ...Henry Burr
2487 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere. Oscar Seajle
Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand Oscar Seagle
0(74 In the Sweet Bye and Bye Columbia Mixed Quartet
A Thousand Years Columbia Mixed Quartet
5336 Where He Ieads Me... Gipsy Smith
Christ. My All. GP"y Smith
16008 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere Jarvls
Christ Arose............. najaen vjuarLci
35576 The Heavens Resound.. ...Victor Oratorio Chorus
j Prisoners Chorus from Fldelio Victor Male Chorus
' 15326 MohAr Pron Have Followed Me. ........ .Rodeheaver
J Great Judgment Rodeheaver
.14235 Shepherd Show' Me How to Go.. George Hamlin
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